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Both Phonti.In Office nd Rctldcncc
GRANVILLE BARRERE - - - Editor and Manager
One Year (In Advance)
.. .50
... 25
Offiok Short St., Opp. Court Bou
tennBlg. HILL8BOBO, .
forse 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone 14
Six Months....
Three Months
Entered at Post Offlce, Htllsboro, Ohio, as Second Class Matter.
Whitacre Takes
Congressman Whitacre, who is contesting with Gov. Cox for
the Democratic nomination for governor, recently made the an
nouncement that if Gov. Cox was nominated he would not support
him. . . . ,
This has brought a flood of bitter denunciation and severe con
demnation upon Mr. Whitacre and an effort has been made to read
him out of the Democratic party.
This seems absurd and foolish to us. Mr. Whitacre has done
the only sensible and logical thing he could do. He is opposed to
almost everything Gov. Cox has done and proposes to do. The
legislation passed b Gov. Cox he denounces as undemocratic and
injurious to the people of Ohio. He says that the Cox administra
tion has been wasteful and extravagant and calls Cox a czar. Hold
ing the opinion he does of Gov. Cox and his administration for him
to support Gov. Cox if he is nominated would brand him as a rank
impostor and demagogue ; a man who was a narrow hide bound
partisan ; a man who placed the success of his party above the
welfare of his state. If Gov. Cox is nominated for governor Con
gressman Whitacre should oppose him just as energetically for the
election as he has for the nomination and be the last man anyone
should ask or expect to vote for Gov. Cox for governor.
If the candidate of a party with which you have been allied in
your opinion is absolutely unfit and not qualified for the position to
which he aspires and you are opposed to the things which he will
do if elected, what should you do ?
A conscientious, courageous and honest man can do but one
thing and that is oppose his election.
Congressman Whitacre may have made a political mistake when
!, ,-ri ho mniH vnhp no-ainst Cox if he was nominated for govern
or, but he did the thing a brave, sincere, frank and good citizen
wi'll always do. It is refreshing to find that type of,man in public
We heard a woman remark recently that she did not see how a
woman could live with her husband unless she loved him and we
concluded that she thought it was hard enough to do when she did.
Before the war is over in Europe many writers will undoubtedly
tell what war is but none of them will give as popular or as good a
definition as Gov. Sherman.
We feel about the rains just exactly the same as the governor
of North Carolina felt about the drinks, when he made his famous
remark to the governor of South Carolina.
Aug. 3 1914.
There will be preaching here next
Sunday night.
Lida Edminston.of near Winchester,
is visiting her brother Raiph.
S. O. Gaymon and son, Clement,
spent Saturday and Sunday in Green
Held. Allen Rotrolt and wife spent Sunday
with Sam Shaw and family, at Bethel.
Anna Musgrove, of Columbus, is
-visiting friends and relatives here.
Misses Am Igo and Lillian Askren
called on Mrs. G. C. Emery amid.
Miss Faith Chaney visited relatives
in Hlllsboro last week.
Mrs. N. W. Igo called on Mrs. R. C.
Edmlnston Thursday afternoon.
L. 0. Hoss has been repairing his
Farmers Picnic and Good Roads
Day at Hlllsboro Chautauqua, Mon
day, Aug. 17. -
H. M. Igo and wife and son, Wen
dell, of Miller's Chapel, spent! Sunday
with Lew Igo and family.
Mrs. Homer Overstate and little
daughter called on David Temple and
wife, Saturday night.
Cary TIce and wife spent Sunday
with his parents near Danville.
Willie and Harry Smith, of near
Wilmington, have been visiting rela
tives here.
The sick are Mrs. R. R. Vaughn
and Mrs. Booth.
James Vance and wife spent Sunday
with R. R. Vaughan and family.
The Concord Township Sunday
School Convention will be held at the
M. E. church here next Sunday at 2
The fourth quarterly conference
will be held here Aug. 15 and 16. The
district superintendent, Rev. Vanpelt
will preach Saturday, Aug. 15. at 2
o'cloc. and Sunday morning at 10
Edwin Redkey and wife spent Sun
day with J. T. Beveridge and wife, at
Mt. Calvary.
Miss Charlotte Temple was the fu est
of her sister, Mrs. Nan Borden, Sun
day. Ms. Alice Eyre and daughter, Allen,
who have been visiting her sister,
Mrs. 0. W. Edenfleld, and other rela
tives, have returned to their home in
Seattle, Wash.
There are 461,008 goats and 698,880
horses and mules in Chill.
Made Known on Application.
Right Stand.
Aug. 3, 1914.
Alvin Taylor and wife spent Sunday
with his brother, James, at Hoaglands.
Joseph King and. wife were the
guests of Irvln fciiroup and wife, at
Lynchburg, Sunday.
George Dunseith and family and
Elmer Shatter ana wile were the guests
ot Mrs. Allte Henderson, Sunday.
James Phibbs and family spent Sun
day with P. F. Certier and wife, at
Price Lown.
Homer Bruce spent Sunday with
liis brother at .Norwood.
Urlen Roads and family, of Har
wood, spent Sunday with J. M. Roads
and family.
Rev. Dresch, of Cincinnati, was call'
ing on friends here Friday.
Mrs. Earl Stroup was the guest of
Mrs. Addle Aber Thursday.
Mrs. Cinda Ludwick,of Allensburg,
spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs.
Aaron Stroup.
Farmers Picnic and Good Roads
Day at Hlllsboro Chautauqua, Mon
day, Aug. 17.
Miss Mary Hart, of Russell, spent
Sunday with Miss Margaret Stroup.
Mrs. Sophia Stroup is spending a
few days with her sister, Mrs. John
Stroup, at Wilmington.
Chas. Wolfrom, of Hlllsboro, made
a business trip here Wednesday.
Those attending the.Teachers Insti
tute from here are J. W, Carroll, Cur
tis Aber aud Miss Bernlce McEinney.
- m i
The Case of L. L. Cantelou.
The case of L. L. Cantelou, Claren
don, Texas, Is similar to that of many
others who have used Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
Hesays, "After trying a doctor for
j several months, 'and using different
' kinds of medicine for my wife who had
been troubled with severe bowel com
plaint for several months, I bought a
25c bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, After
using the second bottle she was entire
ly cured. For sale by All Dealers, adv
, "The beauty of this great and glori
ous republic," said the American,
proudly, "is that any boy here may
become president."
"Fawncyl" exclaimed the British
tourist. "I was under the the impres
sion that the president had to be at
least 40 years of age." Cathol i c
Standard and Times. ,
Now is your chance to save ig money
and at the same time get one of this
season's best selling Suits.
Lower than you have ever
good Clothin. It will pay
in and pick out a suit now.
Auug. 3, 1914.
Mrs. Eliza McLaughlin, of Loveland,
spent last week at the homes of P. H.
Shaffer and P. F. Certler. .
Jim Stultz and wife and daughter,
of Hlllsboro, were guests of Jacob
Stultz and wife, Saturday.
Homer Emery and wife and Perry
Emery and family spent Sunday with
Frank Emery and family, at Danville.
Louie McMongln andlfamily and B.
C. Donohoo and family, of Sardinia,
spent Sunday with P. H. Shaffer and
E. N. Pulllam and wife were called
to Indianapolis, Ind., last, Wednesday
on account of the sickness and death
of the latter's sister, Mrs. T. W. De-
Moody Pulllam and wife and son,
Russell.spent Sunday with her mother,
Mrs. Crampton, of Allensburg.
Mae Shaffer spent Sunday with Opal
A number of the teachers from here
are attending the H. C. T. I., at Hllls
boro, this week.
Miss Velma Dean, of Harwood, is
the guest of Mrs. Henry Swearlngen.
Mrs. Joe Thomas and sons, Russell
and Adrian, spent Thursday and Fri
day with her father, Mr. Stevens, of
Brown county.
Mrs. Frank Glbler entertained her
father, of Allensburg, last week.
The body of Mrs. T.v W. DeHass, the
wife of Dr. DeHass, of Indianapolis,
Ind., was brought to this p ace Satur
day afternoon, the funeral was con
ducted by Rev. Smith, of Hlllsboro.
She leaves to mourn husband, daugh
ter, son, three sisters and ono brother,
besides a host of other relatives. The
deceased was 52 years old.
Ernie Ashman and wife, of Detroit,
Mich., Eddie Maha'nna and wife, of
Hlllsboro, Curt Lelnlnger and. family
and T. A. McLaughlin and family, of
Frogtown, spent one evening last week
with Ervin Lelnlnger and family.
J. O. Faris and family returned to
their home at Danville, 111., Thursday,
after spending the past week with his
mother. Mrs. Eliza Farls.
F. F. Stevens, of Hlllsboro, spent one
day last week with his mother, Aurit
Margaret Stevens.
' Rev. Weil spent Saturday night and
Sunday with Jess Cochran and family.
Matt Pulllam and wife spent last
week with relatives at Middletown.
Lady at the Door I believe, In my
heart, you are the same tramp I gave
a large piece of Christmas pudding to
a few days ago I
Tramp No, ma'am ; you're mlstak
en. He's dead.' Exchange.
For Congress.
To the Editor of The News-Herald :
Please announce that Ijam a candi
date for the Republican .nomination
for congress, subject to the will of the
voters at the August Primary.
I would like to meet every voter In
this district, but this being Impossible
It will be appreciated by me if anyone
who desires to know how I stand on
any public question' will write me.
Here I can only say that I am a firm
believer in the cardinal principles of
the Republican party and If nominat
ed and elected will endeavor 'to have
them made the policy of our govern
ment as in my oplnion.they will bring
the greatest measure-of prosperity to
all classes of people, farmers, capatal
ists, manuafcturers, merchants and
laboring men, as there can be no sub
stantial prosperity to one class unless
all classes prosperjand ,'are happy and
Soliciting your support ind assuring
you that if I am elected; I Will strive
at all times for what I bolleve is the
best Interest ofall the people, I am
Youru very truly
CnAKLKS O. Kbahns,
Batavia, Ohio.
To the Republican Voters of High
land (Jounty :
I desire to respectfully announce
that I aim a candidate for the office of
county commissioner subject to the
will of the Republican voters at the
August primary.
If nominated and Selected I shall
strive to be commissioner in the best
interest of all the people regardless of
politics or location.
Any favors shown me in either circu
lating my nominating Jpetitions or In
support at the primary will be sincere
ly appreciated.
Ibvin R. Rousn,
of Union Township.
For Congress.
To the Editor of The News-Herald ;
Please announce my (candidacy for
the Republican nomination for Con
gress in the Sixth- District of Ohio.
I shall be glad to talk or correspond
with all about the issues before the
people. Mark Ckawfobd,
Portsmouth, Ohio,
N Announcement.
Ham a candidate for the Republican
nomination for county auditor subject
to the will of the voters at the August
Primary. !If nominated ..and elected
I will do my best to .give the people
an efficient and economical adminis
tration. Chaklks F. Rouenm
bought as
you to call
I will ba a ranrilrinfn tnr niorlr nt
Courts of Highland county, subject to
the decision of the Republican electors
of the county at ;the comln f August
Primary. Your support will be ap
preciated. E. C. Wibeoup,
adv Liberty township.
I am a candidate for the Republican
nomination for County Commissioner
subject to the will of the voters at the
Primary to be held on August 11. If
nominated and elected I will give my
best service to the duties of the office
and promise an efficient business ad
ministration of its affairs.
S. D. West,
Paint Township.
I am a candidate for nomination as
county commissioner on the Republi
can ticket, subject to the will of the
voters at the August Primary. If
nominated I will do my duty without
fear or hope of reward.
tf Fbank L. Chosen.
Not So Strange After All.
You may think It strange that so
many people are cured of stomach
trouble by Chamberlain's Tablets.
You would not. however, if vou should
give them a trial. Thev strengthen
and invigorate the stomach and enable
it to perform its functions naturally.
Mrs. RosleRish, Wabash, Ind., writes,
"Nothing did me the least good until
I began using Chamberlain's Tablets.
It Is decidedly the best medicine for
stomach trouble I have ever used."
For sale by All Dealers. adv
Aug. 3, 1914.
Harry Powell is erecting a new barn.
Emma and Madge MoDanlel called
on Madge Brown Thursday.
Lee McDanlel is visiting at Peebles
in the homes of his sisters, Mrs. Nellie
Kellls and Mrs. Ollle Stephenson.
"Hamer Michael was here Friday.
A baby was born to Sarah Houser
MlUer Wednesday.
Jesse Ford called on Leafe McDanlel
Thursday evening.
Corn Is looking fine after the rain.
The wind blew down G. V. Brown's
The veterinary was called to the
home of P D. Blotter recently. Ha
has a valuable cow that was thought
to be poisoned.
The queen of Denmark carries 25
hats with her when she goes on vaca -
uou tups.
Hlllatjoro, Ohio.
irno:-tn Holme Bu'iaing, North Htf
Ornoi Hoons: B to it a. m.,to and u
8 p. m.
otto 'Phones In offlce ana Retldence,
For Your Fl
Fuperal Directors & Embalmers
A F.ull Line of High Grade
Prompt Delltery. Courteous Treatment
Your Patroriage Solid tea
(Successors to J. C, Koch)
Otllcekear ot Traction; Depot
Home Phone 344
Frank' Ayres '"y.r.tg1
Representing six offlthe strongest
Old Line Fire insurance Companies.
Most liberal Farm Policies ever writ
ten in the Aetna Co. Also Live Stock
Insurance. o Insuring your horses
againstjdoath from any cause.
I represent theJAetna, Fidelity and
Surety Bond Co. Ono of the largest.
Also with accident policies. Terms as
low as you can get in high class safe
insurance. 9-6
CleuiMl ind betutlflef th lute
Promote a laxnrl&nt rrowth.
Never Tails to Beitore Ormj
jL&Air to iia xouuuui iwior.
Prevents balr faUlnfr.
Portland Cement
We have a large stock of
both the ATLAS and UN
IVERSAL Brand, the very
best made, at
- August 3, 1014.
Joseph Cooper, of Tulsa, Okla , vis
ited his brother, John, a few days last
G. O. Collins lost a valuable horse
last Friday night from foundering,
Mrs. I. W. Beets visited relatives in
Hlllsboro last Sunday and attended
church. ,
Ice cream social here on Aug. 15.
Proceeds for the benefit of the M. E.
O. H, Kelley and family visited rel
atives near Belfast Sunday.
Miss Leone Hopkins returned home
Sunday after a week's visit with rela
tives at East Danville. She was ao
t companled by her sister, Mrs. Bert
Walker, and daughter.
i Farmers Picnic and Good Roads
Day at Hlllsboro Chautauqua Mon
day, Aug. 17.
t f50,000 a year on unredeemed money
k il
&j -

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