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Hillsboro Chautauqua August 16-23 Inclusive
The Very Best Lectures, Music and Entertainments That Appear on Any Chautauqua Program
August 3, 1914.
Farmers Picnic and. Good lloads
Day at Illllsboro Chautauqua Mon
day, Aug 17.
Mrs. A. Garner Is spending the
veek with Dr. Srofe and family in
The teachers of our school are at
tending the Institute In Hillsboro
this week.
A large number of our people at
tended the funeral of Mr. Boatright
at Russel Sunday afternoon.
Misses Norlno and Nelle DeDaney
bliopped in Cincinnati Monday and
Mrs Sarali Charles returned on
Wednesday from a four weeks visit
with her brothers, Wilson and Wyatt
Graham, in Kansas.
County Commissioner Hiestandand
Mr. Lurch of the State Highway De
nartment, were here Tuesday in
search of suitable material for re
building the one mile of pike between
Lynchburg and Allensburg.
Mrs. W. A. Saylor and Mrs. Clar
ence Dean spent Wednesday in Cin
cinnati. W. A. Bird and wife and guest,
Mrs. Electa Glunt, spent Tuesday
with their aunt, Mrs Sarah Runk
snd G. C. Scott and family.
Susan Brewer returned Wednesday
'from a hospital, much improved,
where she had been for treatment.
Rev. A. C. Martin and wife motored
to Chillicothe Monday.
J. F. Decker and wife are visiting
Jiis parents at Camden.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kelly have return
ed home after spending two weeks
with relatives In Daton and Madl
tonville. Mrs. Josie Connel will entertain the
Ladies Aid at her beautiful home
north of town Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Mayne has retnrned to her
home in Farmersvllle after spending
several days with her husband, Rev.
Mr. and Mrs. George Smith and
two sons visited relatives In Cincin
nati last week.
Supt. H. B. Galllett and wife and
daughter, Hazel, C E. Haller and
Sylvia West returned home the latter
part of the week from Oxford
Horace Murphy and family and Miss
Vada Murphy left for their new home
at Delaware Friday. R. P Murphy
and family will occupy the house va
cated by Mr. Murphy's.
Harold Hodson has returned home
Vrom Washington C. II. much Im
proved In health.
Mrs W II. Hopkins received a
telegram Wednesday announcing the
death of her sister, Mrs. Jane Dell ass,
of Indianapolis
David Archer and wife entertained
Henry Dunselth and family of Dod
sonvllle, Sunday.
Mrs. Frank Lacy is with her sister,
Mrs. S. S. Puckett, for a few days.
The Home and School Association
will meet in the school building Fri
day afternoon.
Rev. Maddox, of Newport, Ky., was
calling on old friends at this place on
After spending the summer with
ibis family here, O. W. Roush return
ed to New York Friday to resume Ills
work as traveling salesman.
Lynchburg will have a norae Com
ing August 13-14.
Marvin McDaniel, Marshal Roush,
iewis DeLaney and Philip Hender
son left Tuesday morning for a two
weeks camping at Winona Lake, Ind.
For Every Living Thin? On The
Free ; a 500 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thin?
on the Farm ;" horses, cattle, dogs
irheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetinary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
np. Free by mail on application. Ad
dress Humphreys nomeo Med. Co.
Corner Williams & Ann Sts..N.Y. adv
August 2, 1914.
Farmers Picnic and Good Roads
Day at HIKsboro Chautauqua Monday
August 17.
H. M. Igo and wife and son, Wen
dell, spent Sunday with Mack For
sythe and wife.
Frank Miller and wife, of Hills
boro, were guests ot Mrs. Sarah
Hatcher and family Sunday.
John Caplinger and wife and Mrs.
Lewis spent Sunday with Wm. Gxp
linger and family at Sw.ine Valley.
Orville Gotherman and wife, of
Mowrystown, spent Sunday with the
former's parents.
Miss Susie Hetherington and Mrs.
Sarali McCormick spent one day last
week with Uucle John Woods and
Henry Capllnger and family, of'
Louden, spent Sunday with his brotli .
er, George. ' I
Isaac Larrick and wife and children, '
of New Market, spent Saturday after
noon at the home of J. C. Larrick.
George Temple and wife, of Sugar
tree Ridge, called on Jonn Capllnger
and wife Friday afternoon.
Howard Bradley, of Buford, and
John Stan forth, of Jessup, spent Sun
day with Uarley Stanforlh and wife.
J. V. Sanders and John Prlne are
attending the Ministerial Ilstllute at
Feesburg, Brown county.
When ths Trouble 8tarted.
Slagg bad lived all his life In tbo
city. Never hud be seen anything hi
(be vegetable line except factory made
grass Until be decided to spend the
summer working on Cousin Hirum's
farm. Not knowing mucb In tbe way
ofdrlvlng a boe or a bunow, tbe new
farmhand was put to woik whitewash
ing the outbuildings, while tbe rest of
the staff took to the- toriillelds. When
Cousin Hiram it'tuined to tbe bouse
at noon Slagg was sitting on the wood
pile looking as II he had been crawling
on bis face through ten acies of sand
"Give me my money, boss." said be
In a mournful voice. "I'm going back
to town."
"What have ye been dolu' ter yer
self?" asked Cousin Hiram, wonder
ingly sizing up tbe new band "What's
happened?" "I don't know exactly what happens
ed," was the dejected reply of Slagg,")
"but It started when I tried to whito-j
wash that thing they call u beehive."
Philadelphia Telegraph.
How. to Cure a Sprain.
A sprain may be cured in about one
third the time required by the usual
treatment by applying Chamberlain's
Liniment and observing the directions
with each bottle. For sale by Al'
Dealers. adv
August 3, 1014.
There will be no Sabbath School at
the Prospect M. E. Church next Sun
day on account of the Union meetings
to be conducted at the Belfast camp
grounds by Rev. Truman Scarff and
others. Rev. Scarff is well known to
all In this and adjoining communities
as an able and instructive minister
and preaches the Gospel in Its purity.
Let us attend each and every meet
ing. Meetings begin on Friday, Aug.
7, and continue all day Sunday.
Miss Kelley, of Illllsboro, spent the
week end with her sister, Mrs. Harry
Judge Newby and sister, of Hills
boro, spent Sunday with ills son,
Miss Ladora Reams entertained the
sewing circle Thursday afternoon.
Mrs Martha Eaklns and Mrs. Harry
Eaklns spent Wednesday In Hillsboro.
Miss Alice Lallerty, of Hillsboro, is
the guest of E. E West and wife. i
Miss Orpha Bates, of Kansas City,
Mo., v ho Is the guest of Mrs. Alta
Shannon, spent Sunday in Cincinnati.
Miss Lois West, of Barberton, is the
guest of her grandmother, Mrs. Lu
clnda West.
Miss Judith Spargur, of Cincinnati,
spent Friday with Henry Spargur and
Mrs. N. M. West and Mrs. S. W.
Spargur spent Wednesday with Chas.
VanZant and family.
M. Q. Turner and wife, of near New
Vienna, were in this locality Sunday.
Mrs S. W. Spargur. of Houston.
Tex., who Is here spent the week end
with Mrs. Reno and Miss Miller in
Mrs. Martha Eaklns is visiting in
Farmers Picnic and Good Roads
Day at Hillsboro Chautauqua Mon
day, Aug. 17.
, Drilling Holes In Steel.
When bolus are drilled and then
reamed in soft steel bars the metal
materially Increases in sUengtb, the
nverage limit of elasticity improving
12.3 per cent und tbe average tensile
strength 0 2 per cent This phenome
non is explained thus: In putting to
gether the parts of a test piece broken
under tension It Is found that the two
ends do not coincide and that, while
the edges make a good contact, the
central parts do not. thus Indicating
that tbe rupture begins at the center
and that the edges have a higher ten
sile resistance than there is along the
axis of the bar. Therefore, If several
boles are drilled so as not to lnjuro
the material too much, as might be the
case with punching, tbe average ten
sile strength of the section across tbe
holes per unit of metal will be higher
than before the holes were drilled,
since each bole creates, so to speak,
additional edges. London Mall.
Her Contribution.
A man, a new acquaintance, once
told Dr. Joseph Parker of London that
he bad put a Qve pound note in the
plate Instead of tbe half sovereign he
bad intended
"I hope you don't repent of your
charity," said tbe doctor
"Indeed, no," said the guest
"Because." said Parker. "1 remember
that one of my congregation once did.
It was a woman, and she came to the
vestry after service one Sunday morn
ing to tell me that a week before she
must have put a sovereign In the
plate instead of a shilling, because she
could not account for the loss other
wise. But she didn't get the change
from me," said the doctor, with a
smile. "I told her It was too bad, of
course, particularly as God would only
give her credit for the shilling "
To Transfer Printing.
Anything printed on paper with ordi
nary printer's ink can be transferred
to a clean sheet of paper in the follow
ing manner: Take three drqms of com
mon yellow soap and dissolve It in one
quart of hot water. When cool add
one and a half fluid ounces of spirits of
turpentine. Put oil in a bottle.' cork
it and shake well together. Take a
sponge or soft brush and apply some
of tbe solution to the printed surface.
Let it soak for a few minutes. Lay It
face down upon the paper on which
the transfer Is required and press both
together evenly between the leaves of
a thick book placed under weights. In
a time varying from half a minute to
several hours, according to the new
ness of tbo printed original. It will be
transferred in reverse.
W. T. Greene, Hopklnton, N. H.,
writes the following letter, which will
interest averyona who has kidney
trouble. "For over ayear, Mrs. Greene
bad been afflicted with a very stub
born kidney trouble. Foley Kidney
Pills did more to complete her recov-
ery than any medicine she has takerV
and 1 feel it my duty to recommend
New Switchboard.
Tho board of directors of the Hills
boro Telephone Co. at a meeting
Tuesday night decided to purchase
and i Install a new switchboard and
other accessories to make the Ex
change equipment of the most com
plete and up-to-date style. Some three
or four months will be equired for
Its Installation.
Ths paving of streets with wooden
Wocks originated in Russia.
The Board of Directors of the Cen
tral Mutual Fire Insurance Associa
tion met Saturday afternoon and
elected J. 8. Kesler, of Sinking
Spring, secretary, to All the vacancy
occasioned by the death of Otto F,
Mrs. George Raines and daughter,
The! ma, have retur led home from an
extended visit with the former's
daughters, Mrs. James Shry, of Day.
, A Matter of Small Moment.
A local British official in India want
ed military protection against what he
considered to be the danger of an In
dian rising and traveled all the way
to Simla to lay before Lord Kitchener,
the commander In chief, the state of
affairs in his district and to urge that
troops should be sent to support tbe
civil arm. Lord Kitchener declined to
do anything of the 'sort
"But, my dear sir. do you realize
that I may be murdered In my bed
one night?" expostulated the official.
Kitchener eyed him over for a min
ute and then said coldly, "Well, what
of ur
Queer Fith.
Some curious lisb found In South
American waters breatbo with longs
as well as gills. During the dry sea
son tbe flsh curls up at tbe bottom of
n burrow, with Its tail over Its face,
and remains there until the rise of
water dissolves the plug with which It
stops tbe entrance to the burrow.
His Mistake.
"i understand you entertained a num
ber of people at dinner last night"
"That's what 1 thought," replied Mr.
Cuturox, "but my wife says 1 bored
em." Washington Star.
M F O R Die-
A,jffg BfP8
Buyers to Share in Profits
Lower Prices on Ford Cars
Effective from August 1, 1914 to August 1, 1915 and
guaranteed against arty reduction during that time:
- $490
Touring Car
Town Car
P. 0. B. Detroit, all cars fully equipped.
(In the United States of America only).
Further, we will be able to obtain the maximum efficiency
in our factory production, and the minimum cost in our
purchasing and sales departments if we can reach an output
of 300,000 cars between the above dates.
And should we reach this production, we agree to pay as
the buyer's share from $40 to $60 per car (on or about
August 1, 1915) to every retail buyer who purchases a new
Ford car between August 1, 1914 and August 1, 1915.
For further particulars regarding these low prices and
profit-sharing plan, see the nearest Ford Branch or dealer.
fotb fllbotor Get
Good Roads and Farmers
Monday, August 17
Hillsboro Chautauqua
State Director of the Good Roads Asso
ciation, of Ohio, will speak.
Good Music by the Music Makers
If an automobile wind shield be
, rubbed with dry, pure soap and pol
ished with a silk cloth less moisture
w in accumulate, w
Aug 3, 1914
Misses Lestie Blshlr,.MargineCailey
and Mattte Fouch took dinner with
Miss Mary Cochran, near Danville,
Wm. Ludwick and wife and II, L.
Hawk and family spent Sunday with
Mrs. Ludwick's paronts near Barretts.
Miss Margaret Hawk spent last
eek with, her sister,. Mrs. Q. W. Roler,
at Washington O. EL Robinson and wife.
John Bennington and wife, of Tay- Wm- nugglns and family spent Sua
lorsvllle, spent Thursday
Fouch and wife.
A. R. Ilawk and wife entertained
some of their relatives and friends to
dinner Sunday.
Farmers Picnic and Good Roads
Day at Illllsboro Chautauqua, Mon
day, Aug. 17.
John Vance and wife, of Union,
spent one day last week with A. B.
wltn J. A. aay w" relatives at Buford.
Chas. McKee and family spent Sat
urday with J A. Fouch and wife.
John Pfarr. will clean and press and
mend that suit until it will look u
good as new. I also do dry; cleaning,
Give me a call. Brunner'r Shot
Shop. tdy
' -"'fa',
'"y- i.ftrk.

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