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Hundreds of llill.sboro Readers
Find Daily Toil a Burden.
The hustle and worry of business
The hard work and stooping or work
men, The women's household cares,
Often weaken the kidneys.
Backache' headache, dizziness, kid
ney troubles, urinary troubles fre
quently follow.
A Hlllsboro reader tells you "what
to do.
Herbert Hllllard, 130 W. North St.,
Hlllsboro, Ohio, sys : " Doan's Kidney
Pills are all right, I won't be without
them. Heavy work caused my kidneys
to get out of fix. A few doses of Doan's
Kidney Pills make me feel all right.
Now, my kidneys are acting as they
should. My faith In Doan's Kidney
Pills hasn't changed In the least since
giving my former endorsement."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co, Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
Mellnda C , daughter of William and
Rachel Farls, was born March 12, 1859,
died August 7, 1914, aged 65 years, 4
months and 55 days.
At the age of about 17 years she
became a. member of the Church of
Christ at Pricetown, Ohio.
On Jan. 31, 1880 she was united in
marriage to John F. Smith. To this
union came 3 sons, William, Herman
and George.
Being a sufferer for two long years
she became resigned to her fate. Tak
ing the worry off her family she made
all arrangements for her funeral. She
leaves as near relatives to mourn, a
husband, three sons, one grandson,
one sister and one half-brother.
Will she be missed ? Go to the little
home and ask. The mother's council
will be missed, the mother's Instruc
tion will be missed. The mother's love
stops not oi this side of the grave.
The family did all that could be done
to relieve her suffering, but the call
came and must be obeyed. Is it any
wonder that she selected that beautl
f ul chapter ? She desired to reach that
home where there is no suffering, no
sorrow, no pain, no death. She has
moved out of this house into a house
not made by earthly hands.
"Stay-aMiome" Sufferers of Hay
Fever and Asthma-Get a
Bottle of Foley's Honey
and Tar Compound!
Restful sleep, relief and comfort
from choking, gasping asthma and
tormenting hay fever for those who
take Foley's Honey and Tar. Itspreads
a healing soothing coating as.lt glides
down a raw tickling throat, and stops
irritating coughs and summer colds,
adv Garrett & Ayres.
Ella Moore answered the call of the
Savior July 2, 1914, aged 3l"years, 2
months and 17 days.
Early In life she had chosen the fel
lowship of the Lord Jesus Christ Join
ing the Methodist church at Sugartree
Ridge, Ohio, in her eleventh year,
during the pastorate of Rev. Rollings
worth and. lived a good Christian life
until her death.
She was married to Augusta Ruse,
January 15, 1914
The funeral services were held on
the 4th of July from her. residence at
Hlllsboro, Rev. Smith officiating. In
terment at Dunn's Chapel cemetery,
"iweetand peaceful he thy rest,
Forget you we can never ;
Qod called you. He alone knows best,
His will be done forever."
Thirteen was the sacred number of
the Mexicans and, ancient people of
Yucatan. Their week had 13 days
and they had 13 snake gods.
Filtered (Gaslight
Acetylene Gaslight Is a natural light.
In fact it Is plain, everyday, world-old
Sunlight. But it is Sunlight muzzled
60 that you can use it as "sort" or as
brilliant as you choose, by tho mere turn
ing of a tap on the chandeliers, or by the
use of plain white glass globes.
Moreover, Acetylene is practically
filtered light from which all useless or
injurious color, soot, or excessive heat
factors are eliminated.
On this account an Acetylene flame,
one-tenth the size of that from Kerosene,
Gasoline or City Gas, gives as much
reading light as ten-teYiths pf these other
illumlnants. Which means that Acety
lene produces only a fraction of the heat,
alr-cdnsumpUon and Carbonic Acid Gas
poisoning which other lights produce.
About two days' labor will Install a
PILOT Country Home Acetylene Plant,
In Memoriam.
Charles Irvln Woller was born near i
Spring Valley, Green county, Ohio,
Jan. 25, 1840 and died at his homo near
New Petersburg, July 25, 1914
He was united in mariage to Mary j
Elma Grim, daughter or John and
Hannah Grim, March 28, 1871. To this
union three children were born,- Ella
Weller Overman, Joseph Newton and .
Frank Adelbert These with the wife, '
four grandsons, one brother and nu-,
merous relatives and friends are left)
to mourn the loss of one whom they
honored in life and whose memory
they will ever cherish and revere.
In his death tin shadow falls not
alone upon home and family. The
community has lost an energetic,
public spirited, honored citizen. All
of us have lost a friend a friend gen
erous to our faults and appreciative
of our virtues
The church Is Indeed bereaved. Ever
since the winter of 1871, when under
the pastorate of Rev. W. H. Fitzgerald
he became a member of the Methodist
Episcopal church and has served It
faithfully In every lay capacity
For twenty years he has served al
most continually as Superintendent of
the Sunday School. So faithful has
he been that when It was known he
could come to nis accustomed place no
more, one child anxiously inquired,
"Will we never have any more Sunday
School ?"
Mr. Weller was a Christian in the
truest sense of the word. Faithful In
the performance of his church duties,
giving of his means for Its support, al
ways In line for the service of his
Master, an earnest defender of the
faith throughout his busy life.
"Thfc harp of life was tuned to charity ;
mind justice swept Its strings In harmony
With rare fidelity j and love of man
The theme that fllled thy soul with melody
True to thy God, thy family and thy friends
We shall not often see thy counterpart.
Halll And farewell I Bon voyage o'er the
A few short years and we shall come to
For Every
Living Thing On
Free ; a 500 1 page book-pn the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm ;" horses, cattle, dogs,
sheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum;
phreys' Vetinary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
jp. Free by mail on application. Ad
Iress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co.,
Corner Williams & Ann Sts., N. Y. adv
James L. Barker, son of Frederick
and Sable Barker, was born near II ar
wood, Highland county. Ohio, March
10, 1852, departed this life near Amelia,
Ohio, August 9, 1914, aged 63 years, 4
months and 29 days.
no WL3 lUdlllCil LU yillG oyi utilise,
July 11, 1902 He leaves to mouro their
loss a devoted wife, one son, one broth
er arid a host of friends.
He united with the M. E Church
when quite young and lived a devoted
and exemplary Christian life.
When he realized that he was near
ing the gates of death, he gave to his
beloved companion his last request,
and a short time afterwards passed
quietly from the sorrows of earth to
the glories of Heaven.
lie's gone, his work Is done.
His burdens are laid down.
This earth no more can be his home
Ills soul dwells In the Heavenly throne.
His Wife.
Don't endure the needless pain and
torment of rheumatism, aggravated as
it is by ttiehot weather. W. T. Hutch
ens, Nicholson, Ga , says : "I suffered
the aches and pains of rheumatism,
swollen feet, irregular painful bladder
action, but Foley Kidney Pills fixed
me up quickly." Foley's are the best,
adv Garrett & Ayres.
"You can't fool all the people all
the time."
"No. Still, the folks who get up
the sucker lists don't seem to have any
trouble about securing material."
Kansas City Journal.
For Rural Homes
and forever dispense with the disagree
able lamp cleaning, rilling, wick snuffing
and chimney wiping needed 365 days In
a year with kerosene lamp3.
''You can uo Pilot Acetylene too, as fuel In
your kitchen ranee clean, concentrated eos
fuel that will do away entirely with coal
and ashes.
Wrlta me today how many rooms and how
many barns and outbuildings you've cot then
I will tell you how little it need cost you to
Install a suitable Pilot Lighting Plant an
Automatic Pilot which will be good for many
years' steady use and pay for itself In tho labor
(t saves. Address me thus
Walton, Ky.
, Salesman for
Aug. 17, 1914. I
Albert Burton and family were
guests of Lewis Shaffer and family, at
Falrvlew, Sunday.
Harry Fenner and family and James
Hlxeon and family spent Sunday with
Homer Groves and wife, of near Wil
mington. Spar Glazapurchased a new Stude
baker touring car last week.
Charles Furry, of Altoona, Pa , is
spending this week with Wm. Weibley
and family.
Leanna Crosen is spending a few
days with relatives at Jamestown and
. Mary Burton spent the latter part
of last week with Wm. Newby and
wife, of New Vienna.
Frank Burton and son, Ulrlch, spent
Sun' ay with Steward Burton.
Miss Mary Overman spent last week
with her sister, Mrs. Arthur Fawley.
Clarence Kler and family spent Sun
day with Frank Kler and family, at
Lowman Goyens, of Lawshe, spent
Sunday with relatives here.
Nellie and William Johnson and
Charles Furry spent Sunday with Wm.
Weibley and family.
The Twenty Year Test.
"Some twentv years ago I used
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy,"iwrltes Geo. W. Brock,
publisher of the Enterprise, Aberdeen,
Md. "1 discovered that it was a quick
and safe cure for diarrhoea Since then
no one can sell me anything said to be
'Just as good'. During all these years
I have used it and recommended it
many times, and it has never disap
pointed anyone." For sale by All
Dealers. adv
Aug. 17. 1914.
Hester Snyder, of Columbus, Is visit
ing friends here.
Dr. Ford Kester and wife, of New
Carlisle, and Dr. Noble Pavey and
family, of Xenia, spent Sunday with
G A. Pavey and wife.
Silas Sparks and wife and son, Virgil,
visited relatives near Bowersvllle, last
Mrs. Joe Hohler, of Dayton, Is the
gufist of her sister, Mrs. F. T. Pavey.
Mrs. Ida Flshback, of Dayton, is
visiting relatives here.
Mrs. Lottie Bobinson and son, Fred,
and Miss Mary Purdy, of Hlllsboro,
attended the Home Coming and Fair
and were guests of the former's sisters,
the Misses Purdy.
Miss Ellen Hatcher, of Hlllsboro,
and Miss Myrtle Hatcher, of Wllletts
ville, were guests of friends here
Saturday and Sunday.
Rev. J. M. Bailey and family, of
Cincinnati, visited friends here from
Saturday, until Monday.
Miss Jennie Bartley, of Hlllsboro,
Is the guest of her niece, Mrs. Bessie
Mrs. Eflle Horst and family, of
Hlllsboro, are visiting relatives here.
Mrs. D. W. Roads received a message
announcing the sudden death of her
sister, Mrs. Ida Woodmansee, which
occurred at her home in Highland
about noon last Sunday.
After spending a delightful fort
night's vacation with his parents here,
Virgil Sparks will return to St. Louis
the latter part of the week.
The Leesburg Highland Fair was a
triumphant success. Immense crowds
were in attendance each day, Thurs
day being banner day in attendance.
Aug. 17, 1914.
John Sams and family spent Friday
evening with Mac Spargurand family.
Mrs. Tom McCall and daughter and
Mrs. Emma Spargur were guests of
Joseph McCall and family, Sunday.
Miss Maude McCoppIn, of Marshall,
spent Saturday and Sunday at home.
C A. Beavers and family, Dick
Beavers and family and Miss Jennie
Washburn spent Sunday at the Green
field Chautauqua.
Mrs. Mary McCall spent one day last
week with Mrs. Emma Spargur.
Mrs. Ella leaver entertained Mrs.
Beaver and Mrs. Nlcea Holmes, of
Rainsboro, Sunday.
C. A. Beavers and wife and daugh
ter, Margaret, attended the Leesburg
Fair Thursday.
Wm. Keelor spent Sunday at Rains
boro. Mrs. Ella-Beaver entertained several
of her friends Wednesday night.
Wrrl. Keelor and sister, Miss Alma,
visited their aunt, Mrs. Jennie Troth,
and daughters, of Rainsboro, one day
last week.
Miss Mary McCall spent Sunday
with Miss Ruth Eubanks.
D. T. Holladay, of New- Vienna,
visited O. R. Keelor and family last
Lewis Henry and family visited Les
lie Miller and family, Sunday.
Apple wood is the favorite material
for ordinary saw handles, and some ,
goes into so called briar pipes. '
Will Ruthlessly Murder Young
Moorhens or Mallards.
Bird That Has Figured In Many His
torical Incidents of the Past and
of Whom Many Fables
Are Told.
Lewlstown, England. Much Is to
be said in favor of the heron, but he
has his faults, for he will ruthlessly
murder young moorhens or mallards,
which are not his legitimate prey. He
Will carry this practice to the extent
of actually swimming out Into deep
water to catch the young birds, and
these when caught aro swallowed
whole, in the same manner as he
would treat a flsh, for the heron, like
the hawk and owl, disgorges the indi
gestible portions of his food In the
form of pellets. My two herons joined
forces one day and between them
speared a young mallard to death,
aged about bIx weeks, and as it was
too large to swallow whole, and not
knowing apparently how to tear It to
pieces, they were quite unable to eat
it. When about three months old they
could swallow whole a one-pound flsh,
a truly remarkable performance when
one considers that a full-grown heron
only weighs about three pounds! Fish
of any size had to be swallowed head
first, and I found that anything, such
as a piece of meat, not wedge shaped,
caused them considerable trouble,
oven though of no great size; flsh also
were not easily swallowed unless pre
viously dipped In water to further
their sliding propensities. Herons are
said to be long-lived, "but owing to
their inborn tendencies towards mur
der I had to give mine away, so I had
no chance of testing the accuracy of
that statement, though I must say I
can well believe It, as they seem to be
extraordinarily hardy birds.
The heron was .a bird that figured
largely 'in past days, and many are the
fables quoted about him, one of the
strangest being perhaps the follow
ing: It was said that if you were to
rub the fat fom the thigh of a heron
on to your bait you Insured yourself a
Young Heron.
good day's Ashing, for the scent from
Its legs was supposed to attract tho
flsh and thus enable him to catch his
prey more easily!
If you wish to tame a young heron
successfully It should be kept apart
from other birds, at any rate from
those smaller than himself, or he will
quickly become domineering and
quarrelsome; also In a place where he
can be often handled and see plenty
of people, otherwise ho will soon be
come shy and wild, for, unlike the
wild goose or raven, which when wild
are his equals in wildness and cun
ning but once tamed remain tame,
given the ordinary attention, herons
seem to show little or no affection for
their owner, but, however, quickly dis
tinguish him from a stranger.
In conclusion, I think the heron with
careful handling has great possibili
ties as a pet and when I say pet I do
not mean merely a pinioned bird, rest
less in captivity, but a bird which will
1 stay with you unplnioned and of his
' own free will. Why should not some
enterprising person attempt to train
tho heron to flsh for his master, like
I tho cormorants of the Chinese? la
any case, put him where you will, he
will always be one of the most orna-
mental of birds, be it in pond, garden
or lawn, and none Is easier to feed and
keep in health.
Curfew Law In New York Town.
Pathogue, N. Y. Curfew law, pre-
, vails here. In tho winter, children un
der ten must bo home by seven
o'clock; those under fifteen at eight.
In the summer the limit 'Is moved up
an hour and a half In each cose.
Is Champion Dog Catcher.,
Hackensack, N. J. Joseph Dalle,
twenty-three, has been hailed as New
Jersey's champion dog catcher. He
has caught and asphyxiated 1,025
Laborer Heir to Fortune.
Chicago. John Rezac, a laborer, re
ceived a cablegram from his old home
In Bohemia, notifying him that he was
the sole heir to an estate worth $160,-000.
Tourists Find Method of Putting Ma.-
hogany on Board Vessels Very
Now York. Tho Interior of
Nicaragua contains forests of ma
hogany, some of the finest grades
of that splendid wood being
shipped from that country, says
Popular Mechanics. Felled In the
dense tropical forests, roughly hewn
and hauled to the seaboard, these
huge logs are thrown In the water and
chained In large booms to await the
passage of an up-bound steamer. To
.'' 'f
- -. s;
Logs of Mahogany Being Hoisted on
Shipboard at a Nicaragua Port.
see them hauled up, glistening In the
sunlight, their grain showing up in a
brilliant red, Is one of the interesting
sights of the tourist. Some of the
logs weigh as much as two tons, and
are valued at a hundred dollars each.
White mahogony Is also shipped from
Nicaragua, and Is increasing in pop
ular favor.
Cheapest Service to Northern Country
Involves Trip Around the
Aleutian Islands.
New York. If a miner at Fairbanks
orders a boiler shipped to him by the
southeastern route, it comes by steam
er 1,000 miles from Puget sound up
tho inland passage to Skagway. There
it is transshipped to the(narrow gaugo
White Pass & Yukon railroad, which
climbs nearly three thousand feet up
White Pass, crosses the divide and
winds down on the other side 110
miles to White Horse on the upper
Yukon There the boiler Is handled
again, this time being loaded on a
little Canadian river steamer which
carries It 460 miles to Dawson. Once
more there is unloading and loading,
and the boUer Is stored away on an
American river steamer that makes
the last 1.000 miles of the trip to Fair
banks, But this route is so very expensive
that most of the freight goes by the
Northwestern route 2,700 miles by
steamer around the Aleutian islands
to St. Michael, the World's Work
Such Is the cheapest freight serv
ice to the metropolis of central Alas
ka, and the merchant who uses this
service has to buy a year's supply at
a time and pay interest and storage
on It. The freight rate on the neces
sities of life, which amounts to about
one hundred and thirty-five dollars a
year for every man, woman and child
In the interior, is what keeps down
the population.
Two Americans Cast Ashore on Island
Live Seventeen Days on
Oysters and Clams.
Calcutta. Two Americans, J. P.
Collins and A. J. Dann, sole survivors
of the Glasgow schooner Marie Ellen,
tell a thrilling story of their adven
tures 'when the ill-fated vessel was
wrecked a year ago on Dutch Borneo.
They only recently reached Rangoon
from Singapore.
When In tho neighborhood of La
Ha Datu, British Borneo, tho cry of
"breakers ahead" brought all hands
on deck. In the afternoon tho ves
sel struck tho reef with such force
she carried away her masts.
"It soon became a case of every
man for himself, and we watched our
opportunity to drop over the side and
swim for a small island we could seo
in tho distance on the port quarter,"
said Collins. "The land we gained
we learned afterwards was Paul Bon
nio Island.
"For 17 days we lived on raw oys
ters and clams and then It was we
discovered Malay woodcutters cooking
a meal. Their chief, HaJ All, treated
us well and two days -later we were
taken to Taraknn."
Monstrous Mass Was Drifting Off the
Western Coast of New
foundland. Halifax, N. S. An Island of Held ice
more than two hundred miles long was
sighted to the eastward of Newfound
land by the Brltieh steamer Lord An
trim, which put Into Halifax for bunker
coal in order to complete its voyage
from Narvik, Norway, to Philadelphia,
. - ,.
i ;-.. . ,
. s . . . .. -K
-.'.? , " i
Safe. m$K?" -
illssilbyffisliF '. -"tf--'k t-
fl''ii ,,Li MHWfi vt,,f
T?rof91onal Qtrdt
Both PUnitiln Olflc and Rtiidcncc
Opfick Short &t., upp. Court I-i 15
D H. N T I x V
dlenn Bin H!T.L8BOEO,,
Home 'Phone 4u Bell 'Phone 141
t lllll.boro, Ohio.
Imoi-In Holmes HnUrtlng, Nortt B,rl
Or jio Hocus 9 to IS m.Sto nrt tj
8 p. m.
Doth Phones tn OSce and Residence.
For Your Flowers.
kiincaid;8: son
Funeral Directors & Embalmers
A Full Line of High Grade
Prompt Delhery Courteous Treatment
Your Patronage Solicited
(Successors to J. C. Koch)
Ottlcekcanot Ti action' Cepot
Home Phone J44
Frank Ayres '
nsurance Agt
Opera House Block
Representing six of the strongest)
Old Line Fire insurance Companies
Most liberal Farm Policies ever writ
ten in the Aetna Co. Mso Live Stock
Inburance.r Insuring, your horse-s
against;death from any cause
I represent the Aetna, Fidelity and
Surety Bonil Co. One of the largest.
Also with accident policies Terms ai
j low as jou can get in high class safe
insurance y-a
Cleuief and bc&utinel tb hLfc
I'romctei ft lazunitt prowth.
Ilever Falla to Beitore Ormyij
I'ittnt6 Imtr fHllfnir.
ffa nnl SI 00 nt lirnnH't
August 17, 19H.
The ice cream social was well at
tended last Saturday evening Total
receipts,:$35.27 net profit 19.47, after
the Sunday School had been treated.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shoemat,er
and children and Mrs. Allen Shoe
maker, of Sinking Spring, were the
guests of W. T. Shannon and wife
last Sunday
Misses Ilelen and Margie Hobbs, ot
Hlllsboro, visited at the home of W
F. McCoy a few days last week.
Mrs. Jane McConnaughey returned,
home last week, after a two weeks
visit with her son, Val, in Illinois
The Case of L. L. Cantelou,
The case of L. L. Cantelou, Clareu
uon, Texas, is similar to that of many
others who have used Chamberlain 3
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
He says, "After trying a doctor for
several months, and using different
kinds of medicine for m v w ife who Lad
been troubled with severe bowel com
plaint for several months, I bought a
25c bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. xfter
using the second bottle she was entire
ly cured. For sale by All Dealers.- adv
"I have dyspepsia, but you never
heard me growl about it."
"Never growl about It? Well, then,
you haven't got It." Philadelphia
How to Cure a Sprain.
A sprain may be cured in about one
third the time required by the usual
treatment by applying Cluraberlaln'a
Liniment and observing the directions
with each bottle. For sale by AH
Dealers. adv

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