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Aug. 17, 1914.
Mrs. I. T. Roads has been spending
a few days with friends at Greenville. '
Mrs. Ella Foraker and Mrs. Lucille
Horn spent Saturday with John L,
Gossett and wife.
Mrs. Orpha Upp is the guest of Mrs
S. M. Strain at Greenfield, this week.
Miss Mary West, of Columbus, has
been visiting her parents here for a
few days.
Mrs. Ella Garrett is spending a few
days with Mrs. E. B. Roads in Hills
boro. George Davis visited relatives at
Buford, the greater part of last week.
The Pythian Sisters initiated sev
eral persons into the mysteries of
their order last Saturday night and
then gave a banquet in their honor.
Ralph Clark and wife, of Hamilton,
were guests of her parents, Rev. J. H.
Davis and wife, the latter part of the
Mrs. Kate Redkey, of Paint, spent
Jast week here at the home of her son,
C. L. Redkey.
Wm. Frump and wife and Frank
Wattsud mother of Marshall, were
guests at the M. E. Parsonage last
We are requested to announce that
the Spargur Reunion will be held on
the Fair ground here next Saturday.
No admission will be charged and ev
erybody is invited to attend.
Mrs. F. A. Cameron and baby spent
Sunday with relatives at Cynthlana.
The last quarterly meeting of the
year will be held at the M. E. church
here at 2.30 p. m. on Friday.
Prof. Growdon, of Bournevllle, has
been employed superintendent of our
public schools and Roscoe McCoppln,
of Hlllsboro, for the sixth and seventh
grade The school will open Sept. 14. i
John E. Spargur has been employed '
as janitor of the' public school build-
lng for the coming year. I
Miss Ruth Barrett is the guest of
relatives at Hlllsboro, this week. I
The Epworth League, Gleaners and
n rjn. ,o m,t,i orrantro.
jiayyj liuobicio aio uianuifi wiiuum
ments to buy several dozen or the
Hymnals to be placed In the M. E.
church here.
Aug. 17. 1914..,
The funeral of James Barker was
held at this place Tuesday morning,
conducted by Rev. Foust.
Mart Allen, of Harwood, spent Sun
day with his sister, Mrs. Ervln Shaffer
and family.
M M. Workman and wife, Ervln
Leinlnger and wife, Miss Mary Gossett
and Hoyt Leinlnger were guests Fri
day of P. C. Robinson and family, at
J. O. Newton and wife spent last
week with relatives at Hlllsboro.
Mrs. Luclnda Walker and grandson,
Govle Walker, of Danville, spent part
of last week with her sister, Mrs. J. A-
, , T.T . . , ,, , mn
John Newton and family, of Hills-
boro, spent Sunday with Jacob Stults
and family.
D. A. Pulllam and wife visited
Thomp. Duncanson and family at
Lynchburg Friday.
Mrs. Luclnda Walker and J. A.
Young and wife spent one day last
week with Mesdame Eliza Farls and
Margaret Stevens.
Claud Gossett has resigned his
school and Alva Emery, of Lumber
ton, has been employed to rill the
Miss Nelle Wardlow has returned
home, after spending the past six
weeks with relatives atMlddletown.
Miss Bessie Davidson Is visiting
Miss Nellie Stultz.
Mrs. Dora Stevens and Mrs. Ruth
Hathaway, of Hlllsboro, spent Sun
day with Bert Young and family.
Misses Mary and Gertrude Whitley
and brother, Herschel, attended the
celebration at Bethel Saturday and
were guests of Edwin Redkey and
family Saturday night and Sunday.
Noah Young and wife entertained
about sixty-five of their friends Satur
day night, Aug. 8, in honor of their
son, Alva's birthday.
Robert McLaughlin, wife and two
sons spent Sunday with their son,
Willie and family.
Misses Grace Certler and Gertrude
Puckett and Willie Fender and
Dwlght Gossett spent Sunday at Kim
bal's Ford.
1 am a candidate for re-election on
the Republican ticket as Representa
tlve from nighland county In the
State Legislature. During my first
term I have served the people to the
best of my ability, at all times acting
for what I considered the best inter
ests of all my constituents. I would
appreciate an lnvestlgatlou-of my rec
ord and am asking your support upon
It. G. G. O. Pence.
If an automobile wind shield be
rubbed with dry, pure soap and pol
ished with a silk cloth less moisture
will accumulate.
(Continued from First Page.)
lie quoted "Let mo live in a house
y the side of the roid and be a friend
to man" from a poem by Samuel Foss,
, to show that love for our fellowman
19 the greatest asset one can have.
I He also quoted "Your Flag and Our
Finer" In alinur thn KRntlment of the
cing 0f other nations toward the
rjn,ted states.
He showed that our laws do not
originate In .Congress, but come from
public sentiment as created by the
home, school, church and press and
are only completed by the action of
the National House of Representa
tives The music of both Sunday and
Monday was given by "The Music
Makers", Messrs. Huff, Shaw, Garrett
and Roliner. They fully sustained
their high reputation. The marimba
phone numbers weVe especially well
received, although every number
showed much merit.
On Monday night a splendid audi
ence welcomed the brave, loving
fiithful "Little Mother" who has
been going in and out of the. State
prisons of our land carrying sunshine
and hope to the unfortunate ones
I within their dark, gray walls by
teaching that God's love is the right'
ful heritage of each ; that only walls
of ignorance and prejudice have pre
vented them from understanding it
before, but that it is not yet too late
to ask for and receive it. Not a state
but has felt her glorious Influence.
She has provided help for them
when they are sent out from prison as
well as while they are confined.
Homes are kept up for them through
her efforts, work found for them, pro
tection from prying questioning, until
they can stand alone, security for
'them till the time of parole has ex
predand they are free.
Theory after theory fails and only
getting at the "heart of the matter"
and using the eye that sees the "some-
thing precious in each soul" wins in
the battle for the eternal souls of
God'8 creatures that have gone .astray.
Shehas ever looked at the Individ-
ual and not at a congregate group, be
lieving that the "touch of sympathy"
unknown to many, will work wonders
In transforming their sin and prison
stained unfortunates.
Many incidents of permanent new
lives were given, also the changes, for
the better, In the prison treatment of
A universal God bless and ;God
speed you In the magnificent dedica
tion of your life to this great work is
the seutlment of all who heard her.
The "Maurer Sisters ' gave two
very enjoyable preludes on Thursday.
They are very versatile doing equally
well in the use of violin, flute, cello,
cornet, cello and piano, also giving
humorous readings, and whistling
with equal facility.
The "Imitative Recital" of "Peg
o' My Heart" by Miss MacLaren was
an artistic gem. A more typical
I Irish maiden could not be produced
Naturalness ease, grace and adapt!-
hlllf ma,kof1 ,.,, . rt .
I uuiiy marKeu eacn part ana it was
I easy to feel that not one "wee bit of a
girl", alone, was doing It all but rath
er that each character was present In
the living flesh. Bring her to the
next Chautauqua is the popular feel
ing Rev. A. A. Tanner In his "The Man
in Overalls" spoke from actual know
ledge of this man's condition, needs
and rights. f
The solution Is human brotherhood,
kindly attitude toward him, under
standing mind, loving heart, earnest
and persistent work to give him Just
wages, protection from Injury and to
look upon him as a man.
Successful Fair.
The first annual Leeaburg-Hlghland
Fair was held last week and was a
complete success In every way.
The new grounds are beautiful and
everything was In readiness for the
entertainment of the big crowds.
Thursday, as Is customary .with
county fairs, was the big day, the
crowd being variously estlmated'from
8,000 to 11,000.
The races were close-and exciting,
furnishing fine entertalnme.nl for
those who love the sport of kings.
The displays in the various depart
ments surpassed the expectations of
the most enthusiastic. Every depart
ment was full to overflowing ; fine
horses; fine cattle; fine hogs ; the best
I of all kinds of farm produce ; beautiful
needle work ; delicious bread, cakes,
pies, canned goods, etc.
The promoters of the fair are to be
congratulated on its success. Work,
hard work and lots nf If, wan nni-nuqjru
to accomplish so much and have every-
thing go off so smoothly. The people
of that community should get behind
the fair and help In everyway those
who are doing the active work as a
good fair is a fine tiling for a commu
nity. Roy A. Haynes Suffered a painful
lnjuryto his right hand Sunday after
noon. He was cranking the engine of
his automblle, when it backfired, the
crank being thrown against his right
hand with great force, dlsloca ting his
John Dawson May Have Meant to Be
Neighborly, or Perhaps He Thought
He Had Bargain.
Sam Showaltor was having a sale of
his surplus Btock. To start the sale,
ho led out a milk cow, one of the best
of his herJ. and told the auctioneer
she was four years old. John Dawson,
a long, leathery, weather-beaten fel
low with a shrewd eye, bid In the
cow. He gave Showalter a check for
the amount, and said he would come
for the cow the next day.
"I tell you, John," Bald Showalter,
when Dawson rode up the next morn
ing to lead home his purchase, "I
made a mistake yesterday. I said that
cow was only four years old; but when
I talked It over with the old woman
last night, I remembered that she Is
eight years old. It was another cow
altogether that I had In mind. "
"I didn't want to let a mistake like
that go with a neighbor," continued
Showalter, whose word was not usual
ly accepted as entirely dependable
In the community, "so I thought the
fair thing to do waB to tell you, and
Just let you take your check back, and
I'll keep the cow."
Dawson squinted his eye approvingly
nt the cow she had every mark of
a .good milker and then looked ap
pralslngly at Showalter.
"Well, Sam," ho said, "turn about Is
fair play. You made a mistake yes
terday; I'll make one today, and Just
keep the oow." Youth's Companion.
Lizard Canary Has Well Been Given
Nickname of "Mayor of Birdie
The lizard canary Is one of the most
unique varieties In the cage-bird
world. Its beautiful ground color, so
nicely ticked, and pretty little "cap"
make It a thing of beauty and a joy
forever. It Is, however, the only va
riety that moults out Its plumage at
the end of the first season. By this it
is meant that, although the bird pos
sesses so beautiful a coat for the first
year, the plumago disappears alto
gether at the second moult.
Thus It Is a show bird for only one
1. e., the first season, and this Is
considered a drawback to its popular
ity. On account of Its wearing such
gay apparel for one year and then put
ting It aside, the lizard has been aptly
termed "Mayor of Birdie Land."
The little story oonnected with the
lizard and a mayor is well worth re
peating. It was a well-known bird-
cage show being opened by Sir Wil
liam Treloar, then lord mayor of 'Lon
don, that this celebrity, In a few well
chosen words, likened himself unto
the lizard canary, many grand speci
mens of which were on view at the
show. The stately robeB which he
wore were only for a season; such is
the caBe with the lizard.
Speedy Turtle.
"Look here, waiter I" shouted the an
gry, hungry guest at the restaurant.
"Yessuh, yessuhl" answered the
waiter, who appeared to be all out of
breath, as from some sort of violent
"I ordered that turtle soup an hour
ago and ypu haven't brought It yet."
"Yessuh, nosuhl Ah'm plum sorry,
suh, but it Jest couldn't be helped.
When Ah done cotched dat turtle an'
was a-takin' him ta de cook he done
slipped outah mah hands an' ran out
de back doah an' up de alley. YesBUh,
Ah had to chase him foah blocks befo'
Ah could catch him. Yessuh, he'll be
ready In er minute."
When Tailor Lost Customer.
Biggs, previously a comparatively
poor man, had come Into a big for
tune, so he set about doing things in
grand style. Ordering some clothes!
from his tailor, he told him he would
send round his coachman to be meas
ured for a llvory.
The tailor scented , good business,
and, thinking his customer would not
be proof against flattery, he said:
"Don't you think, sir, It would ba
nice to have your crest stamped on
your coachman's buttons?"
"Crest!" roared the indignant Mr.
Blggs. What do I or my servants
want witn crests 7 D'ye take us for a
family of cockatoos?"
Hookworm Easily Cured.
In some regions Jn Porto Rico it 1
estimated that not more than thirty
three per cent of the natural efficien
cy of any force of men can be exer
cised because of the terrible problem
of hookworm disease. Yet science
has demonstrated that hookworm dls
ease is about the most easily mastered ,
n FrW72mmmVamri b,llB
.,, i , j, . i
woo niiuyijr a uuse ui eyaoxn sails,
followed by a dose of thymol, and that
in turn by another dose of salts, Is
effective. Thymol Is made from the
common thyme of the garden.
How to Preserve Poor Wlrie.
A rich but exceedingly mean man. I
residing in upper New York, who had Leesburg and Highland Fair Thurs
an excellent wine cellar, but poor win., day and were accompanied home by
Sit BnnrBvPnntH0l1.t,, Tmy T, , their cousin, Miss Laura Lawhead.
ono of the servants was always steal ,.,,,-
ing It. He called his butler, who was ' Frapk Orebaugh and family, of
In a chronlo state of disgust at lila em- Shackelton, were guests of G. H. Mo-
ployer's stinginess, and said: "Thomas,
this has got to atopl It Is your busi
ness to attsnd to such matters. Now,
what would you suggest as the most
practical way to preserve this winet"
1 don't know, sir," replied, the butler,
"ualtaa you put soHietMnjr that's
Mr worth drinking tJatvAfa of iiT
fiiiifiiifiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiffiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiifiiiiitiiiiiiitiiiiiriBiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirii an
Hillsboro Chautauqua
Hear him fell of his experiences in the
Frozen North and decide whether he
discovered the North Pole.
Great Program for Next Sunday
. A man with a message. One of the best
men on the platform.
j Two Concerts Sunday. Everybody's coming J
j THURSDAY NIGHT--Edward Reno, Magician J
I FRIDAY NIGHT-Lecture by Dr. A. W. Evans I
EE ' ' . 5
I SATURDAY AFTERNOOIKecture by Dr. Stanley (
L Krebs, A Humorist with a Message.
I SATURDAY NIGHT-John B. Ratto. A real Enter-1
tainer, giving Character Sketches from Life. . 1
1 FRIDAY AND SATURDAY-Great Musical Entertain-)
ment by Aida Quartet.. J
Aug. 17-1914.
The recent rains have benefited tha
late corn and the pastures.
Charley Selph is remodeling his barn.
Carev Holladay, of Balnsboro, and
Jesse Holladay, of Blanchester, vlsit-
ed the home" folks last week.
Mrs. Kate Bennett, of Hillsboro, Is
making an extended visit with Mrs.
Anna Brltton.
Grace Ayres, of Clinton county, is
visiting her brother, Earl aad family,
Thomas Holladay spent part of last
week with Oscar Keelor and family,
of Carmol.
Harry Powell has his new barn al-
most CmPleted
lor a "K "'
AUg. II, J.U1.
Grant McConnaughey and wife, of
Harrisburg, spent Sunday with Mrs.
L. L. Eaklns.
nlnh and Nnta. Miller attended the
Connaughey and family Sunday.
Miss Harriet Eyler, of Cleveland,
is spending her vacation with her
mother, Mrs. M. H. Eyler.
Glenn Bell, of Belmont, -Wash., Is
snfindlncr his vacation with his oar-
A enta here.
' A., JO. Hunter was at Prlcetown
I -
Mrs. Lottie Robinson was the guest
of her sisters, Sarah and Margaret
Furdy, of Leesburg, last week.
Elsie Muhlback spent last week In
Mrs. J. F. Donohoo and son, Clyde,
C. A. Lemon, Jessie Harshbarger, A.
E. Hunter, 0. 0. Muhlback, Harley
Parshall and C V. Purdy and wife at-
tended the Leesburg Fair last week.
All reporting a good time.
Harry S. Illff, wife and four child-
ren, of London, and Isaac Larrick and
family and Josephine Hunter were
the guests of Menervla Eyler and
daughter, Hattie, Sunday.
Ellsworth Eaklns, of this place, and
Miss Jennie Funk, of Mowrystown,
lonvA linlfail Art mnlnn 4- Vff ....
town, Aug. e. They are making th'elr
home with Mrs. L. L. "Eaklns, at this
place. All join In offering them hearty
Aug. 17, 1014.
Mrs. John A, Moberley In spending
a few weeks at Martinsville, Ihd. She
was accompanied by her daughter,
Mrs. 0. F. Rosselott.
Mrs. Ella Sappeafield and children,,
of Kansas City, Mo., are visiting her
father, A. .J. Tolle.
Mrs, Margret Moberly, of Cincin
nati, Is the guest of Mrs. Wm. Mober
ly this week.
.Clarence Roberts, of Whlteoak, was
a business callerat this place Monday
Mrs. Sara Fox, of Hlllsboro, was the
guest of Mrs. .Santera Holer, last
Mrs. Oma Dlskete and children are
visiting relatives at Otterbeln, Ind.
George dinger, an employee of the
Western Electrical Co., of Chicago, Is
visiting his mother and grandmother .
C. F. Rosselott and wife attended
the Carthage Fair, last Friday.
Buford added one more lodge to her
number last week by the organization
of the Grange,
S. C. Moler recently purchased a
new tile silo.
A. A Davis and wife splint Sunday
afternoon at Williamsburg'.
Miss Mabel Matthews and Miss
Helen Matthews, pf Mt. Oreb, were
guests at the home of their uncle, Dr.
J. W. Matthews, last week.
The German Medicine show, left
here this morning after a two weeks'
stay, i They give .the' cleanest and fun
niest show for the money on the road.
The handsome silverware set of 27
pieces, the prize awarded to the moat
popular young lady, was awarded to
Miss Mary Moler.
Belfast, Saturday. Aug. 29
Refreshments on the
Everybody Welcome
. !.!
t.. "
Ak.. n

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