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J. A. Miller and family aro visiting
rolatives In Bellefontalne.
George Stevens spent last week at
the Point, returning home Sunday.
Mrs. A. Z. Farrell, of Columbus, Is
the guest of Mrs. Horace Elllfrltz.
Try the Bankable cigar and you will
want no other. adv
James Ramadan has purchased a
Studebaker 6 passenger touring car.
Vernon Hannaford, of Charleston,
S. 0., is the guest of his father, Thos.
An Ice cream social will be held at
the Fairfax M. E. Church Saturday
evening, Aug. 22
Hereafter the evening sessions of
the Chautauqua will begin at 7:30 In
stead of 7 o'clock. ' adv
Mrs O. C. Patton and daughter, of
Chllllcothe, Mo., are visiting the for
mer's mother, Mrs. S. F. Steele.
Mrs. Samuel F. Clouser, of New York
City, Is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. W.
C. Duckwall.
Miss Mary Buss was the week-end
guest of Mrs. HerronNewby, at Berry
vllle. Hereafter the evening sessions of
the Chautauqua will begin at 7:3a In
stead of 7 o'clock. adv
The Bankable Is Just the cigar you
have been looking for. For sale by
all dealers. adv
Mrs. H. D.Grlllith and children, of
Pittsburg, are spending the week-end
with Mrs. Escoe Ervln, east of town.
Hereafter the evening sessions of
the Chautauqua will begin at 7:30 in
stead of 7 o'clock . adv
Paul Wlnegardner, of Chicago, is the
guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Wlnegardner, Sr.
Mls3 Edith Higglns, of Norwood, is
the guest of her cousin, Miss Elizabeth
Mrs. L. B. Boyd and Miss Cora Bell
went to Columbus Thursday for a short
visit with Miss Nannie Parrott.
Miss Agnes Crone returned to her
home in Cleveland Friday, after a visit
with Mrs. Ernest Walker.
Misses Edna and Helen Callahan, of
Columbus, are visiting Dr. and Mrs.
C. D. Wright.
W. V. Watts, of Waverly, was the
guest of his parents, Judge and Mrs.
T M.'Watts, Sunday.
Ask your dealer for a Bankable ci
gar, if you want the best cigar for the
money. adv
Miss Addle Skeen, of Middletown,
was the guest of relatives here last
Misses Madge Farls and Lucille
Ridge way returned Monday from a
visit with relatives in Greenfield.
Miss Nellie Gosset, of Winkle is the
guest of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Gossett.
John McMahon, of Loveland, spent
Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Mike McMahon.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown and daugh
ter, of Hyde Park, Were the guests of
their parents hero Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Bennett returned
Sunday from a weeks outing at 'the
Miss Rebecca Mitchell gave a five
" hundred party one afternoon last week
for a number of her young lady friends.
Miss Shurley Larkln, of New York
City, arrived here Saturday for a visit
with her sister, Mrs. Dick Rockhold.
Is Dr. Cook a great explorer or a
great liar? Hear him at the Chautau
qua this afternoon and decide for
yourself. adv
Miss Margaret Millar left Saturday
far Davenport, la., where she will
'spend two weeks in Chiropractic work
at The Palmer Fountain Head School.
1 i m
Mr. and Mrs. John Harper, of Bar-
berton, returned home Sunday, after
a visit with the former's aunt, Mrs.
Higglns, and relatives near Marshall.
Dean Sumner has a message for
you, one which will do you good. He
will deliver it at the Hillsboro Chau
tauqua Sunday afternoon. adv
Miss JaneEvans has returned from
New York City, where she took a
course in the summer school of Colum
bia University.
Mr. ana-Mrs. William Richards, of
Indianapolis, Ind., arrived here Satur
day for a visit with the former's par
ents, mr. ana Mrs. j. u, mciiards.
Special Car on Traction' Saturday
tnd Sunday nights, leaving at 10:15
for benefit of those attending the
Chautauqua. adv
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rockel and
daughter, of Covington, Ky., were the
guests of the former's mother here
Sunday. Mr, Rockel returned home
Sunday but bis wife and daughter re
mained for a visit.
Hear Dr. Conk at the Hillsboro'
Chautauqua this afternoon. adv
Miss Mary Royal, of Dayton. Is a
guest of Dr and Mrs. William Hoyt.
Ova Boyle, of Iowa City, la., is the
guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
William Boyle. ,
Mrs. Joseph Townsend, of Lynch
burg, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel GrlQln Sunday.
Miss Jennie Bartley has been visit
ing relatives at Leesburg for several
Try a Bankable The best 5c cigar
on the market. For sale by all deal
ers, adv
Oscar Grant and family, of Cincin
nati, returned home Tuesday, after a
short visit with Mr. and Mrs. 0. D
Miss Mary Hilton returned to her
home In Cincinnati Friday, after a
visit with her parents, Dr. and Mrs.
L. R. Hilton.
Special Car on Traction Saturday
and Sunday nights, leaving at 10:15
for the benefit of those attending the
Chautauqua. adv
Bradford Murray, of Cleveland,
special agent of the Cleveland National
Fire Insurance Co., was here a few
days the first of.the week.
Special Car on Traction Saturday
and Sunday nights, leaving at 10:15
for the benefit of those attending the
Chautauqua. adv
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Mayrick and
children, of Dayton, were the guests
of Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Duckwall, Sun
A successful operation was per
formed at the Highland County Hospi
tal Tuesday by two Cincinnati sur
geons. Price's Premier Band of Greenfield
Is a great favorite in Hillsboro and is
certain to draw a big crowd Sunday
afternoon and night. adv
Why Is the Bankable cigar becom
ing the favorite brand of so many
smokers ? Because they know the
best. adv
Mrs. Lulu McGinn and daughter,
Miss Mildred, of Price Hill, Cincin
nati, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Will
Bennett.. ,
L. E. McCumber and Scott Worley,
of Cincinnati, were the guests of the
latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Worley, from Friday until Sunday.
Prof, and Mrs. Lawrence Boles and
daughter, of Cleveland, visited Mrs.
Boles' aunt, Mrs. Ella Duvall, Friday
and Saturday.
Dr. Henry Sch welnsberger, Jr., of
Alliance, who has been visiting his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schwelns
berger, returned home Wednesday.
Mrs.M.B. Yooman returned Wednes
day of last week from El Paso, Texas,
after an extended visit with her sister,
Mrs. Barger.
Mrs. Maria T. Rives, Mrs. Mary
McA. Tuttle and Dr. Henry B.Thomp
son, who have been spending the sum
mer in the Adlrondacks, returned
home last week.
Mrs. Lulu Barrrere and daughter,
Miss Margaret, who have been visiting
the former's sister, Mrs. S. W. Hles
tand, in Columbus, returned home
Mrs. Frank Benham and daughter,
Mrs. James Stewart, and daughter, of
Los Angeles, Cal., are visiting the for
mer's sister, Miss Eva Richards, and
If you have not attended the Chau
tauqua you have missed some fine
entertainments. If you do not attend
from now on you will miss excellent
things. adv
Mrs. Ella Duvall had as her guests
Thursday her nelce, Miss Elizabeth
Chaney, of Montrose, Col., and her
sister, Mrs. J. R. Donohoo, and child
ren, of Westboro.
Miss Rebecca Stevenson entertained
a company of young ladles Friday
afternoon for Misses Katherlne and
Isabelle McClure, of Columbus, who
are guests of Miss Helen Zink.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hiestand and
daughter, of Columbus, arrived here
Tuesday for a short visit with the
former's sister, Miss Margaret Reed.
They expect to return home today.
Price's Premier Band is so well
known in Hillsboro and Highland
county that it is necessary to tell the
people only when it will be here to
Insure a crowd. - At Hillsboro Chautau
qua Sunday afternoon and night, adv
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Junk and two
children, Ralph and Meredith, and
Bruce Junk, all of Mt. Sterling, were
the guests of Mrs. Junk's aunt, Miss
Nannie E. Buntain, at Floral Home,
Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Maud Fling and her guest,
Miss Dessa Dumbauld, of Cellna, and
Scott Worloy and L. E. McCumber, of
Cincinnati, spent Sunday at the
Point. '
Harold Chaney is at Buckeye Lake.
It suits the taste does the Bankable
cigar.' adv.
Edward Seaman Is visiting relatives
at Buckeye Lake.
Miss Elsie Hall is visiting friends
in Cleveland.
If you want a good smoke, try a
Bankable. For sale by all dealers.
Miss Tillle Trapp, of Cincinnati,
who has been visiting Miss Naomi
Roads, has returned home.
Mrs. Theodore Perln has as her
guest her sister, Miss Dorothy Daly,
of Balnbrldge.
Drs. Wlggers and Ena, of Cincin
nati, were here on professional busi
ness Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Keech, of Mid
dletown, who have been visiting rela
tives here, returned home Monday.
It has pleased many and it will
please you. What ? The Bankable
cigar. adv
Mr and Mrs. J. H. Grant and daugh
ter, Cora, of Taylorsvllle, were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Holladay,
Mrs. W. W. Davis and children, of
Balnbrldge, are spending this week
with Mrs. Davis' sister, Mrs. J. W.
Mrs. Willis Herbert Pose returned
to her home In Battle Creek, Mich.,
Wednesday, after a visit with her
daughter, Mrs. Blair M. Boyd.
Mrs. Isaac Cohn and daughter, Miss
Lillian, have returned from a visit
with relatives at Georgetown, Ky.
Miss HattleGUUland, of Ripley, has
been the guest; of her sister, Mrs.
Steward Klncald, the past week.
Mrs. Louis Nevln ana son, of Hyde
Park, Cincinnati, are the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. James Nevln.
Mack and Ruth Watts, of Peebles,
are visiting their grandparents, Judge
and Mrs. T. M. Watts.
Mrs. E. L. Ferris, of New York
City, Is visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. L. E. Shirley.
Mrs. R. H. Shoftsall, of Dayton, Is
the guest of her mother, Mrs. James
W. Patterson.
Mrs. J. W. Yeakle'and daughter, of
Bloomlngton, 111., are the guests of
Mrs. Yeakle's sister, Mrs. John Ben
nington. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Johnson return
ed to their home in Hudson Saturday,
after a visit with the latter's brother,
J. C. Woodrow.
Misses Mabel and Eileen Neurn, of
Norwood, who have been visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Eugene Stabler, have re
turned home.
Vernon Haines, who has had a posi
tion in the Casting Company's plant
here, has returned to his home in
Hillsboro. Wilmlngto n Journal-Republican.
Fifteen members of the Sinking
Spring Masonic Lodge visited the
Hillsboro Lodge Friday night, when
three candidates were initiated. An
excellent banquet was served.
Mrs. John S. Jolly and grandson,
John Jolly, of Dayton, who have been
vititing the former's mother, Mrs.
Russell Muntz, returued home Satur
day. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hoyt and
daughter left Monday for their home
in Mt. Gllead after a visit with the
former's parents, Dr. and Mrs. W.
Dean Sumner, who will deliver a
lecture at the Hillsboro Chautauqua
Sunday afternoon Is one of the finest
speaker? on the platform today. He
has a message and knows how to tell
it. adv
Mrs. Ernest Ashman and Ernest
Lamb, of Detroit, Mich., who have
been visiting the former's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lelnlnger, re
turned home Saturday. They were
accompanied by Mrs. Lelnlnger, who
will visit her daughter and other rel
atives in Detroit.
Miss Ella Leslie and Miss Mary Dog
gett, proprietors of the Elite Mllll
nery Store, have returnedf rom a trip
to Cleveland, Columbus and Cincin
nati, where they attended the open
ings of the wholesale millinery stores
and purchased their fall stock of
S. W. Hiestand has gone into the
dry cleaning, dyeing and pressing
business In Columbus. His works will
be located on N. High street and are
knbwn as the Electric Cleanery. The
opening of the new business will be
held Saturday evening: The many
friends of Sam here will not need to
be told that it will have the latest and
most improved machinery and be up-to-date
in every particular as this is
the only way In which he does things
and they will all-wish him success In
his new venture.
To Whom Paid and for What
Purpose the Money of the
County is Expended,
D M Evans.bur. Jas A. Campbell $75
Robt Schweln9berger, nlghtwatch $2
W. II. Stanage & Co, supplies 50c.
Burch Ervln, livery treas. $2.
City wk house, mant prls. $71.06.
J A Plttser, Decoration day expf 10.25
City Water Works, water $17 25.
Hillsboro Ice Delv. Co , Ice $0.50.
Hillsboro Tel. Co , rentals, tolls$20 00
Central Un. tel Co, rentals, tolls$9.20
Hillsboro Dispatch Coupaud $7.50.
Chas M. W est, labor, $15 90.
Waldo Powell, labor $102.13.
A. O. Shlmp, labor $151:80.
Austin Haines, labor $0.30.
Greenfield Auto Cosup rd roller$1.55
W. T. Hodge, repairs $41.55.
Mack Lefevre, repairs $7.80.
Greenfield Hay & Grain Co coal$55.00
W. W. Puckett, repair $102.90.
D. M. Garman, repair $41.07.
Alex Fox, repair $0
Ben B. Vance, repair $9
Frank Wrlght.repalr $42
John Shaw, repair $97.80
Ben Copeland, repairs $8.75
Mrs. E. E. Harris, damage $5.
Geo Lelbrock, repairs $85.50.
Martin Denlnger, repair $121.09.
E. P. Carter, repair $289.
Waldo Powell, repair $9.
Chas. W West, repair $33 50.
Gallon Iroi Works, supplies $40.20.
O. F. Whlsler, lumber $14.38.
N. H. McKeever, repairs $2.
Dodson. Wardlow & Smith, concrete
masonry, New Market twp. $209.77.
P. F. Certler, pumping water Pul
liam Bridge $20 90.
W. N. Carr, repairs $20.
G. N. Alexander, damage $5.
V. R. Garrett, repair $5.
G. E. Roush, repair $5.50.
S. D. West, repair $12
Matthews & Hodson, con. of R. I.
No. 40 $835.
G. E. Roush, repair F. T. No. 73 $9.
Chas. D. Johnson, shortage made up
$43 64.
Opera House Announcement.
The Opera Season opens at Bell's
Opera House on Saturday, September
5, with big Cltv Minstrels, followed on
September 9, with The Third Degree
The next booking is "Freckles",
dramatized from the book of the same
name. The patrons are familiar with
the two first attractions but this is
the first chance a Hillsboro audience
has had of seeing "Freckles". Good
attendance helps the management to
secure worthy attractions and I hope
to see a good crowd out to start the
season off.
adv Frank Aykks, Mgr.
Probate Court Proceedings.
George M. Whlsler, exr of Mark R.
Willits, filed application to sell per
sonal property at private sale.
Will of David Ragland probated.
Anna B. Woodrow, gdn of J. Harold
Stout, et al, filed 2d account.
Silas Sparks appointed trustee un
der will of Charles Vanpelt.
S. T. McMillan, testamentary trus
tee of Clara Moler et al, tiled 2d ac
count. G. L. Todhunter, admr of James G.
Boyd, filed inventory and appraise
ment. J. J. Plttser, exr of Lewis S. Plttser,
filed inventory and appraisement.
Jos. V. Patton appointed exr of
Win, Countryman.
W. H. Pence appointed exr of David
R gland
L. C. McConnaughey, gdn of La
Verne and Eldon McConnaughey, filed
first account.
W. il. Woodrow, gdn of J. Harold
Stout, et al, filed petition to sell real
W. M. Krenzbury appointed gdn of
Wm. Krenzbury Sr.
H. W. Woodrow appointed gdn of
J. Harold Stout and Oakley Stout.
Nora Haas appointed admrx of Geo.
May Consolidate Courts.
When the Constitution was revised
for the State of Ohio two years ago,
by the few who took enough interest
in the special election called for that
purpose to turn out and vote, there
was a provision made by which the
people might authorize the consolida
tion of the Common Pleas and Probate
Courts in any county by voting upon
the question.
Clermont county Is one of the first
to propose such a consolidation.
Concerning the matter a Batavia
paper says : "The question of consoli
dation of the Probate and Common
Pleas Courts is now up to the people
of the county. About 1,200 signed the
petition circulated for submitting the
question for a vote and being no objec
tions filed within five days allowed,
Judge Davis put on the proper entry
submitting the matter to tne electors
for decision. It will be seen whether
farmers and taxpayers generally are
I ready and anxious to reduce tha ex
I pense and costs of running these two
I Courts."
Austrian yards are building war-
ships for China.
Where Quality Counts
The Million
Dollar Mystery
Four Reels SATURDAY, AUGUST 22 Four Reels
The Feature that all New York is Talking About
Highly Sensational and Thrilling. Climax after Climax.
Not a dull moment in the entire Four Thousand Feet.
With Florence Turner, a Favorite on Two Continents, in
the Title Role. Complete in Four Parts. An Absorbing De
tective Story.
The Balloon is wrecked and drops in the ocean with its
Human Cargo
What becomes of the $1,000,000? You'll be able to tell
The Million Dollar Mystery is Coming Thursday, Sept. 3
Read it in the Papers. See it in the Pictures.
There will be an Ice cream social at
the Christian church at Sugartree
Ridge Saturday evening, August 22
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Clarke, of
Hamilton, are guests of Mr. and Mrs.
C. W. Falrley and Mr. and Mrs. J. Ed.
Mr. and Mrs John Meyers and son
of Willlamsport, arrived here Monday
for a short visit with Mrs. Meyers'
parents, Dr. and Mrs. William Hoyt.
Rev. L A. Kerr and wife and little
son, Robert, of Mount Perry, and Dr.
Carey C. Kerr and wife, of Lecatnpton, i
Kan , are visiting at the home of their
grandmother, Mrs. Ell Templln, of
near Marshall.
August 17, 1914.
Mesdames Carey TIce and Nettie
Bloom, of near Miller's Chapel, and
Mrs. Rachel Burrls, of Taylorsvllle,
were guestss of A. Q. Landess and
family recently.
Rev. Blery began a series of meet
ings at the Brethren Cnurch Satur
day night. Everybody is cordially in
vited. Frank Custer and daughter spent
Saturday and Sunday with friends
Miss Nellie Marconette entertained
Christine Euverard Sunday.
A. Marconette and wife had as their
guests Sunday Mr: and Mrs. Earl
Marconett, Wm. McLaughlin and
family, and Nick Marconett.
Miss Hester Brow.i Is visiting her
sister In Sardinia.
Miss Bell Tedrick called on Nannie
Davidson recently.
Mjs. JoBle Ludwick is working for
John W. Bennington at Roush's
R. B. Davidson Is building ashed to
his barn.
Henry Tedrick and wife attended
the funeral of Mr. Barker at Price
town Tuesday.
Walter Groves,,of Cincinnati, visit
ed friends here last week.
Krell L, Bennington has returned
home after an extended visit with his
step mother, Mrs. Louise Bennington,
of Colorado Springs, Colo.
Mrs. Verna Landess and son, Othle,
spent one day last week with Mrs.
Noah Winkle, of near Mowrystown.
Aug. 17, 1914.
Mrs. Ella Yarger and children, of
New London, are visiting here.
Will Matthews visited his sister,
Mrs. Dan Stelnmetz, Sunday.
Will Glaspy lost a fine young, horse
Saturday evening. Their son, now
ard, was driving it when It started to
run oil and fell dying In about 15 min
utes afterwards. This was quite a
loss to them as-tt was the only horse
they had and they had raised it from
a colt.
Mrs. Mary Gall is sick.
Mrs. George Milburn visited Mrs,
Will Rice, Saturday.
Frances West, of Ralnsboro, and
Mary West, of Columbus, visited
their sister, Mrs. T. M. Frump and
family, Friday,
Frank Williams and family and
Mrs. Ella Yarger and (children took
dinner with George Henry Williams
and family Sunday.
The whaling season of 1913 eclipsed
all records, the yield of oil (or the
world being estimated at 8000 casks.
for best solution
August 17 1914.
Rev. Pitzer, of Georgetown, filled
his regular appointment here Sunday
and Sunday night.
Misses Ella and Lillian Igo spent
Sunday with Miss Viola Ferguson.
Isaac Stanforth and daughter, Or
della, of New Market, and Bryan Stan
forth, of Jessup, spent Sunday at the
home of J. C. Larrick.
Everett McConnaha, of Shackleton
spent from Friday until Sunday with
relatives nere
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Radcllff, of
Hillsboro. were guests Sunday of Har
ley Stanforth and wife.
Tom Shaw and familv and v. n.
Gotherman and wife spent Sunday
witn it. a. iiotherman and family.
Mrs. Ray Winkle and son. Rnherf
of Mowrystown, are visiting her par
ents, Amos lgo and wife.
Several from here attended thn s.
S. Picnic at Bethel, Saturday.
M .
Aug. 17, 1914.
Branson McCoy and family, of
Cynthlanna, and Mrs. Jane Stults
called on Mrs. J. O. Stults Sunday
nenry Countryman and family at
tended the Chautauqua at Peebles
Mrs. Louie Butler and mother, Mrs.
Tillle Irons, of Middletown, spent
Wednesday with relatives In Sinking
Mrs. Blanche Cartwrlght. of Sink
ing Spring, spent Thursday with her
parents, J. V. Havens and wife.
Tom Countryman and Alferd Everett
were visitors in Waverly Saturday.
Mr. Countryman returned home Sun
day accompanied by Miss Editha Hoi
ten and Mr. Everett remained over
for a visit with relatives near Waver
ly. Fred Spargur and family, of Ralns
boro, spent Sunday with H. M. Eu
banks and family.
II. V. Matthews and wife accom
panied by Dr. Chapman and familv. of
Sinking Spring, Miss Nell Butler, of
Eimvnie, and Bess L. Butler, of this
place, motored to Greenfield Saturday
evening and attended the Chautauqua.
Mrs. Jane Stults spent Thursday
with her sister, Mrs Rebecca Stults.
Herman Cravens and daughter, Miss
Hazel, returned to their home in
Illinois Tuesday, after spending a
couple of weeks with relatives In this
vicinity They were accompanied
home by their cousin, Carlton West.
Manloff Reed and wife, of Sinking
Spring, spent Sunday with John L.
Reed and wife.
Minus Turner, of near Harriett,
spent a couple of days last week the
guest of his brother, J. B. Turner.
Mrs. Anna Deardotf and family call
ed on Mrs. Anna Rhoads Sunday after
Mrs. Louis Lawson spent a few days
last week with her daughter, Mrs.
Laura Johnson, in Beech Flatts.
Quite a number attended the ball
game at Butler Spring Sunday. The
score was 12 to 2 In favor of Cynthlana.
Many of the best things are still to
come on the Chautauqua program adv
Miss Dessa Dumbauld, of Cellna,
was the guest of Miss Maud Fling
Saturday and Sunday.

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