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Almost every branch of the state
government will have an e-hlblt at
the State Fair.
This Is for the purpose of giving
Ohio people a chance to know more
about Ohio.
The Fish and Game Exhibit In
charge of General John C. Speaks will
be the first of Its kind In Ohio.
The Good Health Exhibit will un
doubtedly be the means of saving and
Aug. 24, 1913.
Mrs. Effa Horst and children re
turned Sunday to their home in
After a weeks visit with friends at
this place, Rev. J. M. Bailey and fam
ily returned Saturday to their home
in Cincinnati.
Dr. K. R. Teachnor was a business
visitor in Cincinnati last Friday.
Harry Ferneau and wife attended
the Farmer's Picnic at Lyndon, last
0. B. Cox visited relatives In Blan
Chester over Sunday.
Mrs. S. R. Ousley and son, Edward,
visited relatives in Norwood from
Friday until Monday.
The School Board metlast week and
employed Prof. Parson, from near
Xenla, to fill the vacancy in our High
School, cauted by the resignation of
Prof. Naylor.
Miss Josephine Huggins will leave
this week for Oxford, near which
place she is engaged to teach the
coming year.
Virgil Sparks left Thursday even
ing for St. Louis, after a pleasant va
cation spent with his parents, Silas
Sparks and wife.
Miss Stella Hodson has been some
what Indisposed the past week with
symptoms of fever.
C. W. Huggins and family had as
their guest over Sunday, his brother
from near Columbus.
Prof. Charles Lewis and family
moved Saturday to New Vienna,
where he will immediately enter upon
his new duties as district supervisor
of the New Viennaand Wayne Schools.
The best wishes of our people will
follow this estimable family to their
new home.
Our schools will open Monday, Sep
tember 7.
The Mite Box opening meeting of
the Woman's Foreign Missionary So
ciety will be held Tuesday afternoon,
Sept. 1, at the home of Mrs. Minnie
Sanders, on West Main street. A
special program is prepared for this
service. A silver offering will be
taken at the door. Refreshments
will be served to' all present.
Miss Llda Farls, of Dayton, was the
guest of her cousins, the Misses
Purdy, Monday of last week.
Wm. Wright had as his guest over
Sunday, his cousin, Frank Hockett,
from Indiana.
Leesburg's Chautauqua will open
Tuesday, Sept. 8, and will continue
for six days. The committee in charge
have been very fortunate in securing
a splendid array of talent for the
six days.
Not So Strange After All.
You may think it strange that so
many people are cured of stomach
trouble by Chamberlain's Tablets.
You would noho we ver, if you should
give them a trial. They strengthen
and invigorate the stomach and enable
it to perform its functions naturally.
Mrs. Rosle Rish, Wabash, lnd., writes,
"Nothing did me the least good until
1 began using Chamberlain's Tablets.
It is decidedly the best medicine for
stomach trouble I have ever used."
For sale by All Dealers. adv
Early history points very clearly to
the West Indies and the adjacent
mainland as the original home of the
yellow fever mosquito.
"I have been somewhat costive, but
Doan's Regulets give Just the results
I desire. They act mildly and regu
late the bowels perfectly." Geo. B
Krause, Altoona, Pa. adv
Decorate the Race
Past flowers and flags the winners
will race at Ohio State Fair. Visitors
will this year see top notch racing
over the finest race course In the
world. There is none other like it.
Special effort has been made to
make, this the most unique and pic
turesque racing course in the world.
The Infield is decorated with large
mounds fringed with flowers and flags.
prolonging many lives, by the hints
that it will give.
The Great Wooster Experiment Sta
tion Exhibit will In Itself be worth
a trip to Columbus.
The Mammoth display of the Dairy
and Food Department will be wortli
all the cost of seeing the Fair.
The Good Roads Building will In
terest every citizen of the State.
The other Official State Exhibits'
will likewise be worth while.
nenry Ollntnn Williams, a highly
respected citizen, of Bratton town-1
ship died at his home near Loudon, '
last Sunday night Aug o. after a ling
ering illness of valvular heart trouble,
aged 73 years.
Mr. Williams spent the most of his
life in Bratton township, where he
was engaged in the milling business.
He was a member of the Church of
Christ at Mt Zion. During the last
years of his life he was sorely afllicted
but bore his affliction with a fortitude
seldom equalled if ever excelled.
He was united in marriage to Sarah
Kelley Aug. 1861. To this union two
children were born, Mary Hill and
Charles J. Williams. He leaves a lov
ing wife, daughter and son, two broth
ers, four sisters, five grandchildren
and a host of friends to mourn his loss.
Funeral was held at the house Tues
day evening by Rev Charley Lyons,
after which the remains were laid to
rest in the Kelley cemetery.
Keep Your Liver Active During the
Summer Months-Foley Ca:
thartic Tablets for Slug- .
gisli Liver and Con
stipation. It does beat all how quickly Foley
Cathartic Tablets liven your liver and
overcome constipation. Ney Oldham,
Wimberley, Texas, says : "Foley Ca
thartic Tablets are the best laxative
I ever used. They take the place of
calomel." Wholesome, stirring and
cleansing. No griping. A comfort to
stout persons.
adv Garrett & Ay res.
Athletic games and general sports
are rapidly growing in favor in Aus
tria. Many societies devote them
selves to certain sports such as
bicycling, rowing, field and track con
tests, lawn tennis and the like.
W. T. Greene, Hopkinton, N. H.,
writes the following letter, which will
interest everyone who has kidney
trouble. "For over ayear, Mrs. Greene
had been afllicted with a very stub
born kidney trouble. Foley Kidney
Pills did more to complece her recov
ery than any medicine she has taken
and I feel it my duty to recommend
adv Garrett & Ayres.
Aug. 24, 1914.
Mrs. James Splelman and son, Will,
were called to Ogden, Clinton county,
Sunday by the illness of her sister.
John Holladay visited at Carmel
from Thursday until Sunday and at
tended the Spargur Reunion.
Addison Hodson was a business
caller at Hlllsboro Saturday.
G. V. Brown will hold a sale on
Friday, Aug. 28.
Thomas Holladay had the misfor
tune to have a horse badly snagged In
some way in the pasture Saturday
Madge Brown spent Sunday even
ing with Marjorj Powell.
Mrs. Lizzie Hodson has been quite
sick the last few day.
m m
Mow to Cure a Sprain.
A sprain may be cured in about one
third the time required by the usual
treatment by applying Chamberlain's
Liniment and observing the directions
with each bottle. For sale by A1J
Dealers. adv
In a new road making machine the
asphalt is heated as it is being mixed
by flames from the fire box of the
boiler, blown into the mixing drum
by a powerful blast.
Track at State Fair
"The Rainbow Comes Down in
Ohio" is the legend on largest mound.
A Horse Shoe and a Four Leaf Clover ,
are the flower signs on the other two.
A fringe of flowers and shrubs orna- j
ment the outer edge of the infield
next to the track. I
The Flag of Ohio and "Old Glory"
will be In evidence. i
Aug. 24, 1014.
Andy Frost and family and Clarence
Smith and wife spent from Friday
until Monday with relatives at Spring
field. Lewis Orebaugh and wife, of Hllls
boro, visited Frank Orebaugh and
family, Wednesday.
Mrs. Nelle Cluff and sons were the
guests of the former's parents, Thurs
day. Aunt Kate Wood spent Wednesday
afternoon with Mrs. Wesley Pence.
Chester Hardin and wife and son,
Donald, of Wilmington, spent the lat
ter part of last week wltii Chas. Trop
and family.
Daisy Carpenter, of Allensburg,
spent last Thursday with her mother,
Mrs. Ellis Wilkin.
Carey McKee and sister entertained
Joe Barnett and wife, Sunday.
Harry Holden and family visited Ed
Pence and family Thursday.
Robert Polk and family were visit
ors at f . W. Utiarles' Friday evening.
Mrs. Wesley Pence and Stella Ore
baugh and son spent Friday afternoon
at C. A. Pence's.
Mrs. Herman Wilkin spent Wednes
day under the parental roof.
Ben Cox enteriained his brother and
wife, of Harden, at the home of P. W.
Charles, Sunday.
Lillle and Monta Vance, of near
Union, are spending a few days with
tuelr cousins, BUncne and Edgar
Earl Robinson, of Hlllsboro, spent
one day recently with his cousin, Hu
bert Robinson.
Mrs. Louesa Yeakle, of Bloomington,
111., is visiting friends here.
Charles Jonte and Stella Orebaugh
spent Sunday with the former's broth
er, and wife, of Norwood, Sunday.
The Twenty Year Test.
"Some twenty years ago I used
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy,"writesGeo. W. Brock,
publisher of the Enterprise, Aberdeen,
Md. "1 discovered that it was a quick
and safe cure for diarrhoea. Since then
no one can sell me anything said to be
'just as good'. During all thesd years
I have used it and recommended it
many times, and it has never disap
pointed anyone." For sale by All
Dealers. adv
Aug. 24, 1914.
Aaron Musgrove, of Cincinnati, vis
ited relatives here recently.
Jack Walker and family and David
.Ijmple and wife took dinner with
Joseph Few and wife, Sunday.
I Miss May Lewis spent the past week
in Hlllsboro and attended Chautauqua
J. H. Bojd and wife and daughter
spent Saturday and Sunday with rela-
I tives here and attended the Wilkin
. Reunion.
I Misses Kathleen and Ruby Billings
ley, Maude Larroll and Miss Brown
spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs.
C. M. Igo.
Miss Amy Igo has been assisting at
the Telephone Exchange the past
Louanna Faris and Flotilla Carr
spent Saturday night with John Shaw
and family.
N. M. Forsythe and wife and Ellis
Igo and wife and mother took dinner
with Lew Igo and family, Sunday.
Mrs. Hazel Mullenix, of Hlllsboro,
has been visiting her cousin, Miss
Faith Chaney.
Mrs. Frank Borden, Mrs. H. W.
Chaney and daughter, Faith, and Mrs.
Hazel Mullenix attended the North
Liberty Fair, Saturday.
H. E. Marlott spent Saturday In
For Every
Living Thing On
Free ; a 500 1 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm;" horses, cattle, dogs,
sheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetlnary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hany
np. Free by mall on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co.
Corner Williams & Ann Sts., N. Y. adv
"I bite. Why do motorists talk of
taking a spin?"
"Because they go at top speed."
Yale Record.
He What's that you've got on?
She A hat, of course
He I thought it was a spite fence,
Columbia Jester.
Relieve that after-dinner distress, re-
INDIGESTION, take nature's remedy
d TT 7T ". T I4 quickly clears
l V r" li th system by its
kJX-A Jf JLjJL 1 natural tonlo no
tion on the bow
els. nd restores
vigor to a weary
i stomach. Clears
If theTblood and eradicates Urio Acid.
" Price 50 cents a bottle at all drug
gists or from the proprietor,
Lyman Brown. S Hurray SL, New York City.
. mmamammmmmmmmtmmm
Aug. 24. 1914.
Miss Ellen Hatcher, of Hlllsboro,
spent Wednesday and Thursday with
Walter Smith and family.
Helen Purdy returned home Satur
day, after spending a few days in
Hlllsboro with relatives.
Robert McVey and wife spent Sun
day with T. B. Smith and family.
Elmer Lewis and wife, and Rosco
Conklln and son, Roy, of Wilming
ton, spent Sunday with Walter Smith .
and family.
Isaac Dunlap and family spent Sun
day with C. N. Carey and family.
Klrby Chaney and family spent Sun
day with Loren McCune and family.
Ova Creed and wife spent Sunday
with the former's parents, of Marshall.
Roy Beck and family are visiting
relatives near Peebles.
Aug. 24, 1914.
Mart Igo and family, Cavey Tlce
and wife and Dave Gorman and wife,
spent Sunday with II. M. Igo and
Miss Emma Vincenhaller, of May
Hill, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Geo.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Miller and
daughter, Madge, called on Frank
Bennet and wife Sunday afternoon.
Miss Anna Gibler, of Hlllsboro,
spent the past week with Harley Stan
forth and wife.
I. C. Larrick and wife and niece,
Ruby Caley, spent Thursday with
Max Stanforth and family, at Flat
Jim Troute and wife, of Berryvllle,
spent Sunday with Charles Igo and
Aug. 24, 1914.
Mrs Wm Newman and daughter,
Miss Virginia, have returned to their
home in Toledo, after several weeks
visit here. i
Mrs. S. W. Spargur and son, Gordon,
left Monday for Cincinnati, where
they will spend several days with her
brother, T. J. West and wife, before '
returning to their home In Houston,
J. V. McConnaughey has sold his
farm to W. T. Kelly.
Herron Newby and wife were in
Hlllsboro Snnday.
Mrs C. C. Eakins entertained the
Sewing Club Thursday. i
Miss Cora Hockenberger, of Hamil-'
ton, Is the guest of her parents here
for two weeks.
Mrs. Alta Shannon and guest, Mrs.
Etta Bates, of Kansas City, Mo., were
in Hlllsboro Sunday.
Mrs. Martha Lemon, Mrs. West and
Mrs, Spargur were guests of Mrs E.
E West last Wednesday.
Mrs. Martha Eakins, Mrs T. Bloom
ington and daughter, Miss Martha,
and Mrs. I e lton Parks called on Mrs.
Spargur one day last week.
Aug. 24, 1014.
Arnold Massie, wife and daughter,
of Springfield, are the guests of Mrs.
Massle's mother, Mrs. Sallie West.
C. A. Rhoads and wife were guests
of J. P. Havens and family, Sunday.
Mrs. Blanche Chapman, of Sinking
Spring, took dinner with her sister,
Mrs. Maud Matthews, Sunday.
Elmer Rhoads, of Wilmington, is
the guest of his father, F. D. Rhoads,
at Butler Springs.
Mrs. Jane Stults returned Sunday,
after spending the most of last week
at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Elmer Cameron, of near Marshall.
Her grandson Harry Cameron accom
panied her home and spent the day.
Glenn Countryman is the guest of
his parents in Mlddletown.
Mrs. J. O. Stults has been quite
sick for several day, but is better.
Miss Osa Deardoff spent a couple of
days last week with her grandmother,
Mrs. R. A. Hall.
Locust Grove and Sinking Spring
played ball as Butler Spring Sunday
afternoon; score 3 to 4 i i favor of the
Harvey Holten and daughter, Miss
Edltha, attended church at Smith's
Chapel, Saturday night and Sunday.
Mrs P B. Cartwright, of Cedar
Forks, spent a few days last week
with her daughter, Mrs Artie Eu
banks. Miss Maud Simpson, ef Carmel,
spent Sunday with Mrs. Wm. Wad
del. Willie Fullerton, wife and daugh
ter, of Greenfield, were the guests of
H. M. Eubanks and family Wednes
day and Thursday.
II. V. Matthews, wife and nephew,
Benson Butler, accompanied by Simp
son West and wife, attended the Fair
at Washington, C. n., Thursday.
Sam Stults, of Hlllsboro, was the
guest of J O. Stults ani wife Satur
day night and Sunday.
Duluth has 382 acres of parks
playgrounds, valued at $826,100.
People You Know
Hlllsboro Citizens.
The greatest skeptic can hardly fail
to be convinced In the face of evidence
like this It Is impossible to produce
better proof of merit than the testl
mony of residents of Hlllsboro, of
people who can be seen at any time.
Read the following case of It:
Mrs. Lewis Leaverton, 443 E. Main
street, Elillsboro, Ohio, says: "Two
years ago I suffered so much from a
dull pain across the small of my back
that If I happened to make a wrong
I move or lift something too heavy, I
got a stitch In my back. It felt as If
some one had driven a knife Into my
back and I couldn't straighten up for
several minutes. In the morning I
could hardly dress myself, my back
was so stiff and lame. Doan's Kidney
Pills were so highly recommended In
the paper by a friend that 1 got a bcx
at Garrett & Ayres' Drug Store. They
brought entire satisfaction. Now,
whenever I have any annoyance from
my kidneys or pain in my back, a few
doses of Doan's Kidney Pills give re
lief." For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster Milburn Co , Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the Onlted
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
August 24, 1914
Mrs R. R. Watts accldently fell on
Monday morning and hurt herself so
badly they had to carry her into the
house. Fortunately no bones were
broken. She has been confined to her
room since
Mrs. Manimus Yarger and daugh
ter, Ruth, and son Harold, ol New
London, have been visiting friends
and relatives for several days.
Mrs. Norman Overman and son,
Robert, spent Tuesday with relatives
Mrs. Fannie Spruance called on
Frank Kelly and wife, of near Pros
pect, Wednesday evening.
Robert HIgglns, of Nebraska, was
calling on old friends here Wednes
day. Mrs. Lem Hunter and son Charley,
spent from Friday until Sunday with
friends in Winchester.
Miss Jenevive Carlisle, of George
town, came Friday to spend several
days visiting friends and relatives
Rev. Scarll and wife and son and
Henry Smiih and wife, of Spring Val
ley, spent Saturday night and Sunday
with William Elliott and wife.
Mrs. Loyal Dick is sick.
Miss Blanch Steel, of Berryvllle,
spent Saturday night and Sunday
with James Elliott and family.
Rev. Scarf preached Sunday morn
ing and at night at the M. E Church.
Mrs. A. W. Lucas and Mrs hlroy
Lucas spent Friday with Loyal Dick
and family.
Harry Wright spent Saturday with
M. F. Kneisley and family. Mrs.
Wright and children returned home
with him Sunday.
F. M. Main and wife visited Frank
Kelly and wife Sunday.
Tom Armstrong and wife and
Harve Carlisle and wife were guests
of Harley Suiters and family Satur
day night and Sunday.
Thomas Watts and family, of Iowa,
arrived here Sunday for a visit with
friends and relatives.
John Watts and Roy Watts and
wife were guests Sunday of Mrs. R L.
Watts and family.
Nate Dunhum and wife, of Boston,
visited James Creed and family Sun
day. "Stay-at-Home" Sufferers of Hay
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Bottle of Foley's Honey
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take Foley's Honey and Tar. It spreads
a healing soothing coating as it glides
down a raw tickling throat, and stops
irritating coughs and summer colds,
adv Garrett & Ayres.
'She Is having a perfectly lovely
now so?"
"She Is engaged to one of twins.
They both call on her and she can't
tell them apart." Kansas City Jour
nal. For dyspepsia, our national ailment,
use Burdock Blood Bitters. Recom
mended for strengthening digestion,
purifying the blood. At all drug stores
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D The newest battleship building for
t e United States will be 1400 tons
larger than Japan's largest, 3400 tons
larger than Germany's, 3000 tons larg
er than Great Britain's and 0500 tons
lajger than anything France plans.
Books can be protected from mildew
by sprinkling oil of lavender on their
Jprofmianal $r&$.
Beth Phontnln Office and Rtudcnct
Office Short St., Opp. Court Bom
4'enn Big HILL8BOBO,t,
Some 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone 14J
HlllBboro, Ohio.
Orrioi: In UolmeK
Building, North Hlri
Orrioi Hours 9 to 12 a
8 D. m.
tto and e v
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For Your Flo-wore.
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Your Patronage Solicited
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againstldeath from any cause.
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Aug 24, 1G14.
Lawrence Euverard, of Dayton,
Tenn., visited relatives here last week.
Grandma Kelly celebrated her Such
birthday on Aug. 21. Those of her
children who came and enjojed the
day with her were Mrs. Adallne All
man and family, of Ash Ridge, Jame3
Kelly and son, James, of Lima, Louis
Kelly and family and Mrs. Louisa Tls
sott and family, of Mowrystown, and
Mrs. Sophia Druhot and family, of
Protracted meetings will begin in
the Presbjterian church on Aug. 27
Supt. Mack Badgley and family, of
Kansas, are spending a short vacation
with relatives here. They will leave
soon for Oklahoma where he will be
engaged in school work.
Jude Winkle and wife motored to
! Danville Sunday tospend the day with
their daughter, Mrs Everett Roush.
The little daughter of Starling Badg
ley and wife, who was severely burned,
is slowly recovering.
Chas. McQultty, of Oklahoma City,
Okla., who spent the past two weeks
with his relatives here, started back to
his Western home a fiw days ago.
M. E. Hunter and wife and little
son, Lee, went to Cincinnati Saturday
to spend a few days with relatives.
Mrs. Nina Galllett entertained at
dinner last Wednesday at her home
south of town. The guests were Mrs,
Ell Martin, of Taylorsvllle, Aunt Kit
Fender, Mrs. Can Cotterlll, Mrs. Mary
Galllett, Mrs. Rilda Roberts and Mrs
Hannah Galllett, of Mowrystown
, Glenn Martin celebrated his birth-
day recently.
The W. C T. U. villi hold their next
meeting in the D". B. Church Sept. 4.
I ,- u- S.

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