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(By E, O, SELLERS, Director tit Evening
Department, Tho Moody Blblo Institute,
LESSON TEXT-Mark 12:28-44.
GOLDEN TEXT "Thou slialt love the
Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with
all thy soul, and with all thy strength,
and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor
as thyself." Luke 10:27.
This lesson considers a third ques
tion asked of our Lord; two others
In this connection we studied last
week. It was not so much a ques
tion of placing one commandment in
competition with another, but rather
which commandment most clearly
epitomizes or reveals the final prin
ciple in law. It was the business of
this scribe to know tho law and to
Interpret tho commandments. Jesus
in his reply quotes from Deut. 5:4,
and from Lev. 19:18, which are both
In a sense an exposition of the Deca
logue. Love the Basis.
I. The answer of Jesus, vv. 28-34.
The scribe's question seemed to be
quite specific and so tho Lord strikes
at once at the heart and by his quota
tion reveals to us the fact that the
principle which is tho Inspiration of
the law is that of love. In passing
we have here another illustration of
the master's ready use and knowledge
four-fold summary. Man must love
God with (a) the heart, e. g., In sin
cerity and uprightness; (b) with the
soul, with the warmth of tho emo
tions, and the feelings; (c) "with all
thy mind," tho Intellect, not as a blind
devotee; (d) with "strength," viz.,
with intensity of service, with energy.
"To love God with all the heart and
soul and mind and strength is to have
Bupreme desire for and delight in
God's glory, making everything else
second to that." This statement is
but half, for the complement of our
love of God Is to love man. Man
created in God's Image waa "so loved"
by God that he gave his son (John
3:16); man can do not less and must
express that love in service to others.
To fall In the first Is to break the
greatest of the commandments and
therefore to be guilty of all, Rom.
Human and Deity.
II. The question of Jesus, w. 35
37. Our Lord's question In return
was a Messianic one and he grounds
his argument on the 110th Psalm, a
Messianic one. Jesus is inferior to
David as his son according to the
flesh but superior to him as lord of
the kingdom of which David himself
Is a subject and not the sovereign.
Christ is both human and deity; his
kingdom is spiritual and earthly sov
ereigns are honored If they are his
III. The teaching of Jesus, vv. 38
40. The word "doctrine" In verse 38
is translated "teaching" In the re
Vision. These words of warning are
full of solemn significance. The
scribes, and they have their Imitators
today, sought the places of prefer
ment, the seats of honor in the syna
gogue and the chief places at tho
feasts. The motive that governed
them was a selfish one. They de-
, voured widows' houses, and sought to
cover their covetousness and dishon
esty by long prayers and a pretense
of piety. This brought upon them tho
"greater condemnation," Matt. 24:51.
Law and love is here again In con
trast. Law must become life.
IV. Tho view of Jesus, vv. 41-44.
Jesus had one look of love and com
passion for his friends and the needy
and another that was exceedingly ter
rible for his enemies. Thus It was as
a. master teacher that he saw right
at hand an illustration for his les
son, an application of the truth in tho.
case of the widow who gave out of her
penury and because of her love for
God, supporting these carping, selfish I
scribes. She had two mites (about
fourth-fifths of a cent) and might have I
withheld one except that the rabbis
forbade the offering of a single one.
JJer love, however, went beyond the
"tenth" and she gave "all," therefore
In proportion to their means she "cast
more than they all," see n Cor. 8:12.
Offerings are needed still for the
Lord's work. Jesus is "over against .
the treasure" and "sees" who It la'
that "casts in" how much they cast
and the motive behind the gift. The
master's standard of a commendable
offering Is not according to our super
ilulty, but our deficiency, not what
'Will be missed hut what of sacrifice
and in proportion thereto. Not to
please man, but God. Read II Cor.
8:1-3. Our Lord'B valuation of gifts
cast into the treasury remains for all
time tho true standard of measure
ment The love of God unifies a man. Wo
love because he first loved us, and
In proportion as we truly apprehend
bis love, all that we have of heart,
life, strength and mind, yea, our
whole nature will unite in love. It Is
this which unifies society. To love
him that begets Is to love him that is
begotten. To love God Is to love man
and to keep all of the divine com
mands that concern our relations to
As this woman left it is possible
that she was ashamed of the small
riess of her gift but It pleased tti
Aug. 31, 1014,
F. D. Rhoads will return homo to
day after spending the latter part of
last week A lth relatives in Middle
town. Elmer Cameron and wife, of Mar
shall, were the guests of Mrs. Jane
Stults, Sunday.
Edith McCoppin, of Carrnel, Is the
guest of her grand-parents James
Bobband wife.
Ova McCoppin, wife and baby, of
Carmel, spent Sunday with H. M.
Eubanks and family.
Mrs. D O. Matthews, of Greenfield,
Is the guest of her son, H. V. Matthews
and wife.
S. S. Deardoff, wife and youngest
son and daughter spent Saturday and
Sunday with Mrs Deardoff's brother,
Cecil Kepllnger and family, at Center
field. Mclva and Amy Hockman spent last '
week with their brother, Joe and fain
lly, at Cynthlana.
H. V. Matthews and wife and Ben
Butler accompanied by the former's
mother attended the Gall Reunion,
near Bell fast, Saturday afternoon and
were entertained at the home of Jack
Butler, of near Elmvllle that night.
Ocie and Bessie Deardoff spent Sat
urday night with Eva Rhoads.
Bess L. Butler called on Mrs. J. II.
Hoken Saturday morning.
Carlton West, who has been visiting
relatives in Illinois returned Wednes
day. Miss Edith Holten was the guest of
Bess L Butler Saturday night.
Grace Havens spent last week with
.' ,er ,l? r' ,
Blanche Cartwrlght,
at Sinking Spring.
Mrs. Dora Butler and son, of Sink
ing Spring, spent Thursday wltn her
motier, Mrs. Jane Stults.
The personal property of Wm.
Countryman, deceased will sell at
public auction, Sept. 10.
Lawrence Kessler and family spent
Sunday with J. L Butler and wife, at
Sinking Spring.
Mrs. Louisa Lawson is the guest of
her daughter, Mrs. Laura Johnson in
Beech Flatts.
Aug. 31, 1014.
Miss Elcie Euvards, of llillsboro, Is
visiting Miss Hazel Mink this week.
Geo. Stultz, of Middletown, visited
relatives here Saturday and Sunday.
Geo. dinger returned to his home
in Chicago Friday, accompanied by
Gus Rosselott, Jr.
Prof. Alison Earhart has moved to
Mlddleton, where he Is employed as
teacher, this winter.
Walter Predmore and wife, of Cin
cinnati, were the guests of Richard
Wallaco last week.
. v
After Dark
Chores are
Easyfor Jones ofi
Jones has a big enclosed ' L
Acetylene ngm in ms Darn.
A big, round, brilliant,
white light.
A light he calls-"the
sun's little brother."
This big light is solidly
fastened to a heavy timber,
and unlike Jones' old oil
lantern, it can't be tipped
Jones turns this high
candle power light on
without a match, by simply
pulling a little wire rod that
hangs from the light.
On cold winter nights
when its dark at 4:30.
When he gets home from
town late
Or when he has a sick"
"critter" to look after, Jones
finds his big barn tight. a
great convenience..
He says'' he wouldn't
take $i,uuu tor it.
Mrs. Jones too, shares. in.
the good thing.
She has acetylene' light
in everr room in her house,'
and her light fixtures are
handsome ornaments of brass
and bronze.
'Mrs. Jones cooks also on a big gas range
an acetylene range that furnishes heat
on tap just like millions of gas
ranges in big cities.
Tho acetylene 1 which
c Mi&mzsmk i .
,'.BP II '-":,'
Wfk rf.r Kx-r
m &m
I'm- .1 hCevimZMi v
I .
iccas uii. ra.iB , p,Ij0T LIGHTING PLANTS
ana mc ti&uis on i w
the Jones' place
is, of course,
home made.
Trmett mnlrM
it himself with the aid of a Pilot Lighting
i o o o
I He fills the light machine with UNION
CARBIDE and plain water, once a month.
I o o o
I 'This Pifor Lighting Plant gives Jones
I the safest and most practical light and cook
ing fuel available for country home use.,
W. A. Teter and wife and Mrs. I
Mary Miller, of Leesburg, and Craig '
McDrlde, of tllllsboro, were among
the guests at the Buford Hotel, Fri
day. Nelson Ilugglns and wife, of Mt
Orab, and Mrs. Flora Catlln, Misses
Laura and Zira Ilugglns and Miss
Currle, of Cincinnati, were guests of
Miss Mary Jones, Saturday.
Mrs. Ellle Alderman and children,
of Dayton, are visiting Mrs. N. Coif
man. Martin Haley and wife were
also their gutsts at dinner Sunday.
Lait Sunday closed the Conference
year of Rev. Ryan, at this place. Rev.
Ryan goes to conference with the best
wishes of the people of this commun
ity, as he has proven himself a worthy
Cost.Kept Down-Quality Kept Up,
No better medicine could be made
for couphs. colds. croiiD. lioarsenets.
tic ling throat, bronchitis, etc., than
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound,
That's why they can't Improve the
quwvj,iunu...vn..l .... ...v.Q
remains the same. No opiates. Don't
takesubstltutes,for Foley's Honey and
Tar is the best.
adv Garrett & Ayres.
Aug. 31, 1901.
Earl and Rodney Burton spent the
latter part of last week with relatives
at Bowersvllle.
Walter Scott and wife spent several
days last week with relatives at Reece
vllle. Wm. Welbley was called jo Altonla,
Pa., by the serious illness of his fath
er. Mrs. Llda Burton and daughter,
Laura, spent several days last week
with Mrs. Ida Obery, of Lynchburg.
Arthur Kier and family and Mrs.
Frost and daughter, Belle, spent Sun
day with Stanley Frost and family.
Fred Pierson and family spent Sun
day with Clarence Kier.
Mrs. Harley Ladd, of Leesburg,spent
from Wednesday until Friday with F.
L. Crosen and family.
Mrs. Anne Burton and son visited
Stewart Burton several days last
John Newell and family and Chas.
Ifrost and family spent Sunday with
John McKamey, of Hoagland.
Ruby Crosen was the guest of rela
tives in Leesburg over Sunday.
Arthur Fawley and wife are visiting
relatives at Sablna and attending
Camp meeting.
Mrs. John Vance is spending the
week with Mrs. B. B Vance.
Arthur Hatcher and wife
the funeral of the latter's
uncle at
Mowrystown, Friday.
Elsie Micheal visited Ina Welbley
several days last week.
These Pilot
Lighting Plants
Are not storage tanks.
They make Acetylene a
very little at a time as the
burners use it.
The Pilot is one of hun
'dreds of patented Acetylene
All built on diff :rent prin
ciples to do the same work.
The test of time has
brought "Tho Pilot" out on
The principle on which it
worKi hai proved to be thi
correct one.
Today vc sell more Light
'machines than all other man
ufacturers in this country
put together.
We sell these Pilot plants
complete through three fac
tories and 3,000 local repre
sentatives. ,
We have a big eastern
factory in Newark n big
central factory in Chicago and
a Western Warehouse in L,os
o o o
A complete plant""iriV
eludes the machine, gas pipes;
light fixtures and the cook-.
Ing range.
Such a plant costs much
less than a water or heating'
system. It Is as permanent
as either, and as necessary tcj
make your home modem.
Our 3,000 representatives
are residents in the districts they serve.1
Each one established in. a permanent
growing business.
They are on the grounds to see to
it personally that purchasers
oi ruoi piunis gee
"value received"
for their money.
In your district
we are reprcienU
Walton, Ky.
, Stltnu for
From a llillsboro Citizen.
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Does it ache especially after exer
I Is there a soreness in the kidney
These symptoms suggest weak kid
neys. If so there is danger in delay
Weak kidnejs get fast weaker.
Give jour trouble prompt attention.
Doan's Kidney Pills are for weak
Your neighbors use and recommend
Read this llillsboro testimony.
S. Ravenscroft, N. High St , Hills
boro, Ohio, says: "I have used Doan's
Kidney Pills for several years and have
always found them to be all that is
claimed of them. Traveling seems to
have a bad effect on the kidneys, which
at times is very annoying. It only takes
a few doses of Doan's Kidney Pills to
rB eVB tho trniihltv '
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
Aug. 31, 1914.
Tom Wright and wife and daughter
and two sons, of Jacksonville, were
guests of his brother, Joe Wright, and
family, a few days last week.
Prof. P. B. Woods, of Pleasantville,
Iowa, is visiting his parents, John
Woods and wife.
A. L. Miller finished sawing the lot
on I. N. Fenner's farm last Thursday
and moved his mill to the farm of
Chas. VanZant east of Prospect.
G. M. Burton and wife and daughter,
of Sablna. were guests of C. W. Den
ham and wife from Saturday until
Harry Carey and wife and children,
of Careytown, were guests of John
McCoy and family, a few days last
Milton Fenner, of Dayton, was the
guest of his nephew, I. N Fenner, of
Onion Chapel, last week.
O. H. Baker and family, I. W. Beets
and wife, of Bunker Hill, were enter
tained by Dennis Murphy and wife, of
Golar, last Sunday.
August 31, 1914.
Mrs. Sarah Purdy, of llillsboro,
spent a part of last week with her
daughter, Mrs. Allen Pence and fam
ily. Mrs. Ed. Chaney and son, Leonard,
of Russell, were the guests of Harley
Cluil and family Friday.
John Lemon and wife spent Sunday
with the latter's sister, Mrs. Eliza
beth Cochran, of Danville.
Alva Overman and wife spent last
Thursday night at the home of Clar
ence Smith and wife, of Dodsonvllle.
,Ed. Pence and family were guests
of relatives near Danville Sunday.
Ellis Wilkin and wife visited
home folks at Allensburg Thursday
and attended the Stroup reunion.
Albert Pence and wife, of Hoagland,
spent Friday with tlis latter's par
G. G. O. Pence spent Friday and
Saturday in Cincinnati.
Austin Robinson and family were
guests Sunday of John Robinson and
wife, of Tile Junction.
Oharles Orebaugh is spending this
wuek with relatives at Norwood.
Aiva Overman and wife entertained
to dinner Sunday Clarence Smith and
wile, of Dodsonvllle, Dorsie and Zel
pha Pence, of Tile Junction, and Nelle
Van Winkle, of New Market.
Elmore Dillon, of Hlllsboro, spent a
part of last week with his sister, Mrs.
Herman Wilkin.
P, W. Charles and wife and Ben
Cox and wife visited Cary and .Mary
McKee Friday.
Charles Trop and wife are guests of
Chester Hardin and family, of Wil
mington. Mrs. Walter Lemon and daughter,
Norma, of Hillsboro, visited John
Lemon and wife last week.
Jonte spent Saturday at
Harry Hlestand and family, of Pike
Chapel, and Dorsie Hlestand and fam
ily, of Hillsboro, and Hon. Louie
Capelle and wife, of Cincinnati, were
guests Sunday of General Pence and
State of Ohio, city of Toledo, I
w Lucas County. lw
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he It
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Chenej
& Co., doing business In the City of To
ledo, County and State aforesaid, ani
that said Arm will pay the sum of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and ev
ery case of Catarrh that cannot bo cure!
Sworn to before me and subscribed It
my presence, this Gth day of December
A.D. 18S8.
(8eal) A. W. GLEASON,
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken lnternallj
and acts directly upon the blood and mu
cou surfaces of the system. Send to;
testimonials, free.
-, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, a
8old by all Druggists, 75c.
Sake Ball's Family Pills tor constipation.
When Billy Durham waa at school
he was the butt of his companions,
Decause ne believed everytning tnai
he was told. As he grew older, how
ever, instead of jeering at him the fel
lows used to go to him with their con
fidences. He had that captivating
frankness and belief In human nature
that, when genuine, proved irresistible.
It was just the same when Billy was
discharged from the insurance office.
Mr. Somers, the manager, had been or
dered to lay off some of the employes.
He thought Billy was not cut out for
the Insurance business. "You'd better
lay off for a while and look round to
see If you don't llnd something more
suited to you," he said.
He never expected to see Billy again, I
but, five weeks later, Billy was found
at his desk one morning. "I didn't see
anything I like better, so I came back," (
he said. Billy stayed and was pro-
moted to be assistant manager by old
Hayden, who had taken a fancy to the ;
young man.
Old Rayden, being a millionaire, was
not the man to pick up an insignificant
subordinate and take him into his
home. However, Billy had been to the
Madison avenue mansion once or twice
with important papers. He bad seen
Elsie Rayden thero and had at once
fallen In love with her. With his sim
plicity of mind, It did not occur to him
that there would be any difficulty
about marrying her, provided he could
make her love him. I
That summer he brooded over his
work, hoping against hope that the
occasion would arise for him to go to
Mr. Rayden's house again. But he was
not summoned, and presently he dis
covered through the papers that Eleie
Itayden was spending July at Atlan
tic City.
Billy took his vacation In July and
went there. He met Miss Rayden on
the board walk and, taking off his hat,
reminded her who he was. Elsie Ray
den was at once amused and inter-
ested. he was tired of society life,
and she had begun to suspect that she
waa In love with Mr. Gerald Lomax,
wno uaa oeen reponea m ine newupu i
pers several times as paying ner at
The result of that conversation was
that Billy was Invited to call at the
hotel. Miss Elsie had a plan in mind.
She wanted to discover whether Ger
ald loved her, by the simple process oi
trying to make him jealous.
She timed Billy's second visit so that
It should coincide with Gerald s regu
lar Sunday trip to Atlantic City, and
for an hour the two men sized each
other up, while Miss Elsie chatted
amiably and Impartially with each In
turn, and both together.
Billy was the first to leave and some
thing which might have been called a
"scene" in less exalted circles hap
pened afterward. The next time Billy
called Miss Elsie was more encour
aging than ever. That wae the begin
ning of a w eek of ecstacy for the young
fellow. They went for long country
walks, they swam and drove, they pat
ronized theaters and all the amuse
ments. And presently the inevitable
society Item found Its way into the
New York papers.
"Rumor has it that Mr. William
Durham and Miss Elsie Rayden will
shortly announce their engagement."
Billy read the Item and turned white
with Indignation. He went straight to
Miss Elsie's hotel and slapped the
newspaper down on the table before
"I don't know what cur put that In,"
he said, "but I want to make It true.
Will you, dear?"
"My dear boy, you don't under
etand," she said. "I am engaged to
marry Mr. Gerald Lomax."
Billy stared at her Incredulously.
"But you have gone for walks and
drives with me," he exclaimed.
"O, go away, Billy, and learn some
thing of the world," Miss Elsie an
swered. .
Billy went away to learn. ' Then she
regretted her words. The fact was
that she had received a letter from her j
father that morning demanding point
edly to know "what she was doing '
fooling with one of his clerks at At
lantic City." He also demanded that
ehe go home.
Elsie went home, and a hard week
followed. There was Mr. Lomax, ex-j
postulating and Indignant, and her fa-
ther, furious at the publicity. Three
days later, when Billy got back to his '
lodgings, he found a letter stating that
ms services would no longer be re
quired in the Insurance office.
Now ninety-nine men out of a hun
dred would have whistled and gone out
j to look for a job. But Billy's absurd
faith took him right round to the
' house on Madison avenue. As Mr.
Rayden had no expectation of seeing
him again, ho had left no Instructions
with the butler concerning him. So
Billy, walking in, found himself in the
midst of an animated family scene.
"I beg your pardon," sold Billy to
Mr. Rayden. "It's about that letter,
you know. Why don't you want me?
Isn't there some misunderstanding
"Yes, there has been a misunder
standing," growled Mr. Rayden, who,
being a self-made man, had not much
tact. "I misunderstood your sense of
honor when you went to Atlantic City
and got my daughter talked about."
"But I wanted to I mean, i O,
Elsie, won't you think It over?" stam
mered Billy.
And Elsie did.
(Copyright, mi, by ,W. 0k Chapman.)
j Aug. 31, 1014.
I ' Mrs. Katharine Stockwell, of Hills
J bore, Is visiting her daughter, Mrs.
Edward Cochran
Edward Settle and wife, of Clncln-
'n..H -..... II. . . ., ...i.v. t.i
uon, mn s-jcuuiiiK a. low uays wim ins
mctheI-( Mrs Noah SfJttIe
Mrs Sarah Carr, of llillsboro, was a
guest of relatives here part of last
Dr. Cropper and family spent Thurs
day and Friday with his parents near
Manchester. Howard Miller and wife,
of Sugartree Ridge, were guests at
the Cropper home Sunday
Mrs Sarah Foucli, of Blanchester,
is visiting friends here.
Misses Clara and Minnie Cosley, of
Tro, are the guests of relatives h-re.
Elinont Donohoo and wife spent
Sunday with relatives near Hl'lsboro.
Mrs. Ann Pence, of Shackelton,
spent Sunday with her sister Mrs.
Eliza Pence.
Harry Holden and family, of near
New Market, were guests of Lee Wal-
ker and wlf Thursd1
Jonn Lemon and wife, of Shackel-
ton, ana josepn aiauons and wife, of
I HII ehnrn vloltcri VI ro
Cochran and daughter.
Mrs. Allle
Roush, Sunday.
Mrs. Austin Robinson and children,
of Shackelton, spent Thursday and
Friday with her mother, Mrs. Wm.
Edward Fawley and family, of near
Taj lorsvllle, and Orley Shaffer and
wife, of narrisburg, were guests of
John Roush and wife, Saturday.
H. W. Stockwell and family, ot
Norwood, spent Sunday with his par
ents, Wm. Stockwell and wife.
Abraham Stroup, of Middletown,
visited relatives here Friday.
Mrs. Samuel Roads and children, of
Harrisburg, were guests of her moth
er, Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, part of last
Ira McLaughlin and wife and Theo.
McLaughlin and family spent Sunday
with John Knupp and wife, at South
Sanderson, of Kansas City,
Mo., was a recent visitor of Ed.
Knauer and family. ,
Mrs. Chas. Hill and little son, Joe,
of Middletown, visited Geo. Mann and
family, Friday.
i There will be preaching services at
the Reformed church Sunday evening
Sept. 0 by a minister who Is being
considered for a regular pastor of this
cnurcii. au memoers are urged to ue
' present at this service.
J. B. Murphy attended the Blan
chester Fair Thursday.
Ellis Roush, of Springfield, is visit
ing N. P. Landess and wife.
Aug. 31. 1914.
Chas. Utman, of Hillsboro, and
Chester Klrkpatrlck spent Wednes
day afternoon with Herbert Lemon.
B. A. Barrett, wife and son, of
Bridges, spent Thursday night with
II. G. Powell and family.
Miss Pearl Prlne called on Miss
Florence Feike in Hillsboro Wednes
day afternoon.
Mrs. W. E Noftsger and children
spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs.
Chas. Slmbro and family.
Mrs. Walter Powell, Miss Mabel
Powell, Mrs. Carey Klrkpatrlck and
son, Chester, spent Thursday after
noon with Mrs. Starlintr Lemon.
Several from here attended John
Long's sale at New Market Wednes
day. Wilbur Slmbro spent Sunday with
Glenn Ladd.
Mrs. B. F. Smith and daughter,
Mrs. W. J. McCann, who have been
visiting relatives here, left Tuesday
for their home In Olney, 111.
Lewis and Georgle Prlne and Ches
ter Klrkpatrlck spent Saturday after
noon with Raymond and Charles
John Ellison and Mr. Vanzant, of
Hlllsboro, called on Carey Klrkpat
rlck and family Sunday afternoon.
Carey Klrkpatrlck, wife and son,
Chester, and Mrs. Mary Klrkpatrlck
called on Geo. Prlne and family Sun
day evening.
James Setty, wife and daughter, of
Hlllsboro, spent Sunday with Wm.
Setty and wife.
Harry Hathaway spent Sunday with
the Robbins brothers.
Chas. Slmbro and family spent Sun
day with Frank Willlson and wife.
Mrs. Joe Forsellle and children re
turned to their home in Springfield,
111., Saturday, after spending a few
days with her parents, Chas. Robblna
and wife.
A. S. Welty, of nillsboro, spent
Sunday with Frank Wlllisonand wife.
Geo. Prlne called on Wilson Chaney
Sunday morning.
Don't use harsh physics. The reac
tion weakens the bowels, leads to
chronic constipation. Get Doan's
Regulets. They operate easily. 25o
at all stores. adv
The United States. has 246,573 miles
of railway.

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