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We will publish the announcements
of candidates for state, district and
county olllces of any party from now
until the election. Our rate for dis
trict olllces Is $5.00 and for county of
fices $3.00. Bate for state olllces made
known upon application. All copy Is
subject to change. Underline postal
regulations we do not bellove any
newspaper can refuse advertising of
this description and be entitled to
special postal rates given newspapers.
1 am a candidate for County Sur
veyor on the Democratic ticket and
will appreciate your support at the
election on Tuesday, Nov. 3. I have
had several years experience In sur
veying and civil engineer work, both
In a private capacity an 1 In county
and state work.
adv Ciiaui.es F. Claukb.
I am a candidate for County Sur
veyor on the Republican ticket, sub
ject to the will of the voters at the
election to be held Tuesday, Nov. 3
I will appreciate your support. I have
been actively engaged In surveying
and civil engineer work for the past
ten years both in a private capacity
and In county and state work
adv H. W. Hunter
1 am a candidate for re-election on
the Republican ticket as Representa
tive from Highland county In the
State Legislature. During my first
term I have served the people to the
best of my ability, at all times acting
for what I considered the best inter
ests of all my constituents. I would
appreciate an investigation of my rec
ord and am asking your support upon
It. G. G. O. Pence.
Aug. 31, 1914.
Miss Elsa Shlpton was the guest of
friends at Greenfield last week.
Miss Ruth Ladd will entertain the
Gleaners at her home on Friday night.
Miss Helen Coleman left Saturday
for Akron, where she is re-employed
In the public school.
Four auto loads of people from this
place spent Sunday afternoon at Sul
phur Lick Springs.
Mrs. Llllle Badgley and son, Tom,
are spending a few days with friends
at Mowrystown.
Rev. Swlnehart delivered an Inter
esting address on the temperance is
sue at the M. E. church last Tuesday
night and at the close the voters or
ganized with J. B. Davis Pres.; J.
Horace Roads, Sec'y. and A. G. Cam.
eron, Treas
The Ladies Aid Society will meet at
the home of Mrs. Ella Garrett on
Thursday afternoon.
Miss Leona Shriver spent part of
last week with relatives at Greenfield.
Rev. J. II. Davis and wife and Rev.
"W. E. Shriver and wife spent Friday
In the country, the guests of Mrs. J.
B. Davis.
Mrs. Sam Reno Is spending a few
days with her daughter at Xenla.
There will be a home coming and
reunion at Barrett's Mill school house
on Sept. 17, at which it is hoped that
all former teachers and pupils who are
living can be present. Good speakers
will be present and also good music.
A big dinner will be one of the
features of the day.
W. T. Hodge and wife attended the
funeral of their nephew at Cincinnati
last Saturday.
Rev. w. E. Shriver spent Saturday
and Sunday among friends in Cler
mont county.
Nearly everyday we read some news
paper account of the "Third Degree"
used in this and In that case. Confes
sions false and true are wrung from
the poor unfortunates by this method.
Charles Klein, who wrote -'The Third
Degree", at Bell's Opera House, Sept.
8, says that his famous third degree
scene is an excerpt of the means used
by a famous metropolitan police officer
to obtain confessions. adv
W. A. Caldwell and family enter
tained their son, Ralph Caldwell and
wife and daughter, Eveline, Saturday
and Sunday.
Cincinnati Dentist,
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
September 17, 18 and 19
Specializing the Nitrous Oxide
and Oxygen Method of painless
1 Automobile Races and Motorcycle Events
1 Leesburg-Highland Fair Grounds, Saturday, Sept. 5
I A 25 Mile Free-for-all Auto Race. A 20 mile Auto Race for fc
I Ghaffeurs of Highland County. Five and ten mile . Motor
J Cycle Races. E
3 Everybody's Coming, You Come
August 31, 1914.
W. W. Fawley and wife, of Price
town, spent Sunday with Herman
Shaffer and family.
J. T. Thompson and family, of Dod
sonvllle, and Miss Maggie Roush visit
ed Owen Roush and family Wednes
day. Maurice, Ora and Welda Lewis
spent Sunday with James Garrison
and family, of near Lynchburg.
Owen Roush anl family entertains 1
Sunday Mr. and Mrs. James Lelnin
ger, Mr. and Mrs. Ora Leininger, of
Point Victory, Mr. and Mrs Ed.
Chaney and son, Leonard, of Russell,
Dwlght Stock well, of Norwood, and
Harry Stockwell and wife
Walter Cadwallader and son, Lee,
of Lynchburg, spent Monday with
Clark Cadwallader and family.
D. W. Fawley and wife and daugh
ter, Blanch, spent Sunday at the Cin
cinnati Zoo.
Miss Minnie Pence and Clarence
Shaffer spent Sunday afternoon with
Miss Anna Winters.
Harry Lyle and wife spent Sunday
with his brother near Ralnsboro.
Henry Wilkin and family, Ira Cad
wallader and family and Samuel Wil
kin and family spent Sunday with
Geo. Wilkin and family.
Mabel Cadwallader spent Saturday
afternoon with Mrs. Henry Wilkin.
Aug. 31, 1914.
Charley Fowler and family and Galen
and Charley Fowler, of Sablna, spent
part of last week with Francis Lud
wig and family.
Mrs. Alva Leaverton and children,
of Milford, spent Thursday and Friday
with her mother, Mrs. Emma Shaffer.
Mrs Will Stuart and daughter, Mil
dred, of Monterey, spent from Thurs
day until Sunday with her father, H.
P. Chaney.
Mrs Lydia Wilkin, of Hlllsboro, is
visiting relatives here
Ellis Wilkin and wife, of Shackelton,
and Curtis Aber, of Dodsonville, took
supper at the Carpenter home Thurs
day evening.
George Chaney spent a few days last
week with his aunt, Mrs. Levi Chaney,
of Hoaglands.
Charley Cailey, of Norwood, spent a
few days last week with his parents,
Willlard Cailey and wife.
Wm. Runyon and family spent Sun
day with Mrs. Mary Shaffer and
Cy Chaney and family, of near Dan
ville, spent Sunday with Wm Barnett
and wife.
Preaching here Sunday night.
Aug. 31, 1914.
Frank Workman and wife, of Mil
ford, are visiting his mother, Mrs.
Lucinda Workman.
Robert Aber and family spent Sun
day at the home of Wm. Hastings.
Mrs. Michael Sherry and children,
of Chicago, are visiting at the Sherry
George Townsend and wife and
children, of Lynchburg, spent Sunday
with her father, S. M. Thompson.
Chas. Workman and wife and daugh
ter, Louise, visited his brother at
Danville, tsunday.
Richard Swlsshelm and' wife and
little son, of Hlllsboro, were guests of
Elmer Shaffer and wife, Saturday
night and Sunday; Mrs. Henderson
and daughters, of Dodsonville, were
also their guests on Sunday.
Chas. Wilkin and wife returned to
thelrhome in Chllllcothe Sunday.af ter
a two weeks visit with her parents,
Wm. Hastings and wife.
EL Thompson and family, of Mt.
Orab, spent from Thursday until Sat
urday at the home of S. M. Thompson.
Ed Stubbs and wife, of Lynchburg,
I are spending a few days with Charley
Stubbs and family.
Strange Indian Custom.
These are busy days for Iron Tall,
leader of the Indians with the 101
Ranch Real Wild West, which comes
here on Tuesday, Sept. 15. The old
Indian, be it known, is as famous
among the redman as Andrew Carne
gie or President Wilson is among the
people who now occupy the lands that
once were the sole possessions of Iron
Tail's forefathers.
To visit the redman's tepee, the
'summer white house" of the chief of
all the Sioux, so to speak, reveals to
the visitor Just how busy a real Indian
can be. Secretaries? Bosh No need
for any kind of an Amanuensis.
When Iron Tall has a proclamation
to give to his people, or anything of
ficially Indian that requires publica
tion throughout his nation he merely
shouts It out from in front of his
tepee, the stolid followers grunting
their approval or guttorally signifying
that the word has been understood.
Then Uhe unofficial secretaries get
busy, the Carlisle graduates with the
exhibition, and a letter to the Indian
Agent conveys the news. This is
spread abroad by the same system
prevalent at the 101 Ranch Wild West.
Iron Tall is sorely vexed at the new
order, In vogue for a year past, that
the various Indians under the chaper
onage of the Government be given a
section and forced to live alone and
till the land.
The old Sioux, whose profile appears
on the new five cent piece, vigorously
declares, through his interpreter, that
Indians have always lived in villages,
that they seek the companionship of
each other, and that Secretary Lane,
the new white chief of all the Indians,
should take into consideration the
plan that has been proposed to him to
reassemble the various tribes int,o
their old villages and allow them to
live in that manner.
Iron Tall has dictated a long letter
to Secretary Lane, and the 101 Ranch
Indians have high hopes that it will
bring some weight to bear upon the
decision of the Secretary.
Joe Miller, the amusement director
of the 101 Ranch, is intensely inter
ested in the subject, for he tried hard
to have the same idea worked on the
Ponca Indian reservation, and was so
successful that he has the title of
"white chief of the Poncas" bestowed
upon him by the redmen of Oklahoma.
Iron Tall and Mr. Miller will be
prominent in the parade on show day
morning. adv
Prof. W. R.Cornetet,of South Salem,
who with his family, have been visit
ing his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
L. B Banks, left Monday to attend the
Teachers' Institute, of Ross county,
held at Chllllcothe, this week. Prof.
Cornettet has been employed as a dis
trict superintendent In the Bainbridge
district at a salary of 81500. He will
move his family to Bainbridge within
a few days.
The will of Susan A. Clouser was ad"
mitted to probate by Judge Worley
Wednesday. Relatives of Miss Clouser,
who received nothing under the will
were represented by George L. Gar
rett, who put the witnesses to the will
Herman Falrley and Charles D. Mc
Connaughey through a searching cross
examination. It will be remembered
that Miss Clouser left the bulk of her
property to Dr. V. B. McConnaughey,
of this place.
Walter Head went to Chicago Tues
day for the purpose of trying out
before the Redpath Lyceum bureau
and has wired his father that he made
good and signed up. We've always
liked Walter Head and appreciated his
talent and his good nature. Here's our
hand. Keep" yourself upright, and
don't forget that "making good" Is a
continuous performance Greenfield
Republican. Mr. Head was the trap
drummer ot Price's Premier Band and
has many friends here.
Mrs. Clublelgh (as hubby leaves for
office) And you will come home early,
won't you, John?
Clublelgh Yes, dear; I'll try hard
not to be late for breakfast. Phila
delphia Ledger.
Too. Ail Candidates
August 31, 1914
Mrs. Anna B. Caspersen, of Ketchi
kan, Alaska, spent Monday with Mrs.
Margaret Burton.
Miss Lucille Roush, of Greenfield,
visited her grandmother, Mrs. Mary
Roush, the past week, and Miss Inez
Stroup on Tuesday.
Protracted meeting commenced on
Sunday. Rev. J. C. Reynolds, of Illi
nois, and A. D. McMurry are in charge.
Number In -Sunday School 117 ;
amount of offering 87.79.
Bert Farls and wife, of Springfield,
are visitors at the home of B. F.
Mrs. Henry Saum and daughter,
Mrs. Lloyd Hottle, spent Wednesday
at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Trout
wine, at Webertown.
Miss Inez Stroup was in Cincinnati
Mrs. Pearl Weibley visited Turner
Hart and wife the past week.
Visitors at the Stroup home the
past week were : Aunt Sarah Glbler,
Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stroup
and granddaughter, Inez, of Mt.
Sterling, Jean Saint, of Columbus,
and Mrs. Anna Slmpkins, of Pales
tine, Texas, Friday and Saturday,
Mrs. Mary Brulport and Phil Stroup
and family on Sunday.
Mrs. Lilly Ludwick, Misses Tessa
and Emma Shaffer and Will Ludwick,
of Cincinnati, were visitors at the
home of Lewis Shaffer Friday.
Mrs. Leah Winkle entertained from
Friday until Sunday her nephew, John
Neave, of Columbus, also Sherman
Winkle and family on Sunday.
Byron Mullenlx and wife, of New
ark, are spending a few days with rel.
atlves here.
Charley Cadwallader and family, of
Harwood, and Olney Pence and fam
ily, of Lynchburg, visited the latter's
uncle, David Kesler, Sunday.
Clarence Smith and wife spent Sun
day with Alva Overman and wife.
Mrs. Martha Haney is the guest of
Mrs. Noah Shelton at Aberdeen.
Miss Mabel Vuntz, of Oakley, Cin
clnnat, is visiting relatives here.
Miss Louise Hetherlngton Is the
guests of friends at Sablna.
Charles Anderson, of Norwood, is
visiting his sister, Mrs. Eliza West.
Rev. M. Thompson and family
moved to Perlntown Tuesday.
The Danville Band will give a con
cert at Danville Saturday night.
Miss Mary Hetherlngton has gone
to Chicago, where she will teach Do
mestlc Science in the public schools.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. McClure left
Sunday for Splceland, Ind., to visit
relatives of Mr. McClure.
Judge Cyrus Newby is in Johnson
City, Tenn., visiting his daughter,
Mrs. Beverly DeVault.
Mrs. George Pugh is visiting rela
tives in Columbus and attending the
State Fair.
Bell's Opera House,
i aHPjjKjr j:
MtilHFM .
Prices, 35c, 35c, 50c and 75c
Invited. F
Aug. 31, 1914.
Dan Carpenter, of Fairview, visited
his cousin, Stanley Carpenter, last
Miss Stella Hall has returned home,
after visiting at Sardinia the past two
The Brethren observed communion
Saturday night. Those attending from
a distance were: Van Wright, of Sink
in Spring; Rev. Blery, of near Day
ton, who held the series of meetings,
Bro. Cluff, of Shackelton; Bro Gother
man, of Sugartree Ridge, several from
Stone Lick church, and Frank Custer
and daughter.
Wm. Marconett spent Sunday with
John King and family.
Ezra Carpenter and family are visit
ing Jacob Jennings and family and at
tending the State Fair this week.
Nick Marconett spent Sunday with
John W. Morgan and wife.
W. E. Fawley and wife entertained
their parents, Matt. Fawley and wife,
and Amiel Marconett and wife, re
cently. Miss Lumma Boyd, who is making
her home at Wm. Roberts' fell from
the hen house roof recently, sustain
ing painful injuries.
H. W. Tedrlck and wife were guests
of Mrs. Geo. Evans, at Needful, Sun
day. C. E. Abraham was a business vis
itor here Monday.
John Fender lost a valuable horse
last week. In jumping a fence it
broke its leg.
Prof. Moses N. Jodry is teaching a
singing class here each Tuesday night.
Ottis Miller and G. E. Martin called
on R. B. Davidson and family Mon
B. E. Hess Is visiting his parents
Mrs. David Flte and two children,
of Elmwood Place, were the gussts of
her sister, Mrs. R. B. Davidson, re
cently. Mr. Fenro, of near Fairfax, and
Miss Flotilla Carr, of Sugartree Ridge,
spent Saturday night with Mac
Haynes and family.
Ed Smith and family were the
guests of Guy Custer and family, Sun
day. Mrs. Fannie Landess is sielr.
Mrs. Maggie Gossett and son, Ward,
and Mrs. Rachel Shaffer were the
guests of Lewis Mock and family, Sun
day. Burch Moberley and family spent
Sunday with R. B. Davidson.
Iva Fender spent a few days last
week with her cousin, Addle Euver
ard. Mrs. Josie Ludwick has returned
home, after spending a few weeks
with Mrs. J. W. Bennington.
A. Q. Landess and R. B. Davidson
have purchased new Ford automobiles.
Stephen Welker, of Rio Grande, and
Mrs. Julia Moomaw, of Greenfield,
were married at the Probate Judge's
office Tuesday morning, Rev. B. F.
! officiating.
Tuesday, Sept. 8
I Peoples9
I Column
Farm and Town property always
for sale. Money loaned on Real 'Es
tate. Wadk Turner,
Merchants Bank Bldg.
D. Leadbetter, real estate, nre In
surance and pensions. Office 134 S.
High street.
For Sale 110 acre farm on plks
near New Market. For particulare
inquire at this office. adv tf
For Rent Six room cottage house
centrally located. Paul Harsha.
Do you have headaches?
Do your eyes water?
Do they ache?
Does print run together?
Do thing's become dim or
Are your Eyes inflamed?
Do your eyes tire after read
ing awhile.
Dr. C. F, Faris
Office 1 door East of Economy store.
Main Street, Hlllsboro, O.
Popular Excursion I
Columbus 81.40
Washington O. H 1.10
Sablna 1.10
Wilmington 85
Leave Hlllsboro 8:20 a. m.
Arrive Columbus 11:15 a. m.
Returning train leaves Columbus
7:00 p. m.
Arrive Hlllsboro 10:25 p. m.
For Further Information
Call on or address S. G. Griffin,
Agent, Hlllsboro, O. ' L. G. Paul, D
P. A., Chllllcothe.
A car just received at
9 25
Aug. 31, 1914.
Misses Amelia Richards and Iris
Reno, of Cincinnati, Harry Chaney
and Roy Miller spent Wednesday with
Ova Creed and wife.
Miss Helen Brown, of New Vienna,
spent Saturday night and Sunday
with Ethel Carey.
Mrs. P. E. Slep and daughter, Mrs.
Ottls Miller and two children, of
Adams county, Stella Borden, of Sug
artree Ridge, and Ethel Smith, of near
Wilmington, spent Wednesday and
Thursday with T. B. Smith and fami
ly. W. D. Carey and T. B. Smith spent
Saturday and Sunday with T. L
Carey and wife, of near Wilmington.
Donald Carey, of Cincinnati, Is home
for a two weeks vacation.
A number of Mrs. Mary Edwards
relatives gathered at her home Sun
day with well filled baskets and gave
her a surprise. All report a good
Not a moving picture. "The Third
Degree", at Bell's Opera House, Sept,
8, Is a regular scenic production, with
its beautifully colored stage settings,
richly gowned ladies and correctly
dressed gentlemen, whose voices give
your tired eyes a rest from the flicker
ing llfc'ht of & machine. No not a
moving picture. adv
-,r -

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