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Sept. 7, ioi:j.
Albert Burton and family, F. L.
Set. 7, 1914.
Charles Jonte spent the latter part
Sept. 7, 1!)14
D. W Drown, wife and daughter,
- Editor and Manaeer.0ro$enand fam,,J'' Earl aud Rodmy of last week wltn Chester Harden and Bernlce, visited Ed Lewis and wife at
uu.u ...... .-., u,,n.Uo . ,iamiiy, at wumintoii, ana an at "uiu,ui "j
1 LUO U11IU11 iuccLiui:au UUIUlUUIKi UUU
One Year (In Advance) $10
Bis Mouths 50
Three Mouths 25
Entered at Post Olllce, Hillsboro, Ohio, as Second Class Matter.
ADVERTISING RATES Will Be Made Known on Application.
Mrs. Stroup and daughter, Ruth, of
Ironton, are spending several days
with Arthur Hatcher and wife.
David Newell spent Saturday and
Sunday with Frank Smith, at Pleas
ant Plain
Tom Wiley and daughter and Harry
Fenner and family attended a surprise
dinner at Frank Smith's at Pleasant
Plain, Sunday.
Arthur Fawley and wife spent sev
eral days last week with relatives at
A very pleasant surprise was given
Emma Wiley, when several young
people came In and reminded her of
her 18th birthday.
Acute Indigestion.
"1 was annoyed for over a year by at
tacks of acute Indigestion, followed by
constipation," writes Mrs. Mrs. M. J.
Gallagher, Geneva, N. Y. "I tried
everything that was recommended to
me for this complaint but nothing did
me much good until about four months
ago I saw Chamberlain's Tablets adver
tised and procured a bottle of them
from our druggist. 1 soon realized
that 1 had gotten the right thing for
they helped me at once. Since taking
two" bottles of them I can eat heaitily
without any bad ellects " Sold by All
Dealers. adv
An Invisible Clock.
An invisible clock that tells the
time with a never falling accuracy
will be shown residents of Hillsboro
when the 101 Ranch Real Wild West
comes here on Tuesday, Sept. 15, for
two performances at the Fair Grounds.
However, this timepiece is only un
derstood by the attaches of the giant
exhibition, for it has neither dial nor
hands, requires no winding up, and a
blind man could tell time by it, but a
deaf man could not. It may sound
strange to talk about telling time by a
band of music, but it is a fact. All
the employes measure time by the 101
Ranch Band directed by Prof. De
When the first strains of the bugle
are heard in the morning you will
hear some one say "The parade is
ready to leave," and from the time
the opening overture announcing that
the doors of the "big show" are open
until the musical accompaniment for
the final number of the program Is
heard which tells cooks and waiters It
is time for dinner, the band is the
only clock the wild west folk know-
It would sound strange to a laymm
to hear a groom call to another
ana asK wnat time it is, to see
the one asked stop his work, listen for
a second and then shout back "The
ropers are In the arena." Or stranger
to be around the dining tents and see
one of the stewards listen attentively
in the direction of the arena and then
suddenly call out "Bread up, the
Mexicans are on."
How do they know who is perform
ing when they are so far away? Solely
bv the musifi. Rvprv HVRiit. nn rhA
1 .1 T . .1 1 i , ml ....... I -
can De aepenaea upon to aavance tneir cause, xne wet" leaders long program has Its own particular
are told that Mr. Willis has carefully refused to state his position ' music and this tune is never changed
and that their interests are in no danger if he is elected. About ' durin the season. The various acts
all that the platform really says on the question is that two consti-' f,re so ,tle? by ? sysl?m Pecu!lar l
, . . , , ., j? it. i i i n L ' Uie exhibition alone that the time of
tutional amendments are before the people to pass upon and that lhe eventa d0 not vary one:lialf mln.
the party will carry out the will of the people as expressed upon ' ute during the entire season. The
these amendments. What position the party will take in case both i employes know what music Is played
amendments lose is not stated. All that the language used can ' for each evenfc and tne moment they
mean is that it will support the constitution of the state and it lhear " mus they-know what act is
11 i i i i . . . , ,, , , i on. and that Is their knowledge of
would indeed be unusual for a party to take any other stand. ttme. Should a stranger ask an at.
The action of the Progressive party in making its platform so tache the time he would listen until
clear that no one can doubt its position is at least refreshing, since ' lie heard the music and then would
we have so long had political platforms which were equivocal and lel1 ,),m the act He knows whether
ambiguous. The Progressive candidates can expect and will re- ' JS? Tln TeS fUrth' SiXth ?,"
.j. ,, , , ,, . twentieth on the program, and could
ceive no support from the voters who are opposed to state wide tlx the time according to thestrang.
prohibition and should receive the support of those who favor state er's way of telling it to within a few
wide prohibition and consider it of paramount importance. seconds.
Those who are opposed to state wide prohibition have their As a11 t,rae around a bIK exhibition
choice between the Republican and Democratic candidates, choos- """ "l?. J?11 '""A"
ing the one whom they think will best serve their interests. IffSw"? . ? ZTlt
The Republicans and Democrats also claim that the liquor t could not have been invented. In tin
question is not a political question, but we cannot see why a matter ! loading the three trains, erecting the
which excites the interest of more people than any other and which tents and tearlDff them dwn and
more vitally affect their welfare than any other should not be a lllZTJTJ'ZL
v rt It 4-irt - 1 miAnf-invt i mw iu is J.1JO TV Win
A Satisfying Philosophy.
The philosophy of one of the characters in a novel which we
recently read was the most satisfying we have ever found. He
was not one of the prominent characters, but he was one to whom
all of the other characters came in times of trial and stress for ad
vice and counsel.
Why did they come to him and what was his advice?
He was an elderly man, modest and unassuming. He was not
the type of man to impress particularly the casual acquaintance.
His strength of character and his wisdom were realized only by
those who knew him very intimately. He was good; that was his
strength and his wisdom. His creed was to always do your duty,
to give careful study to every question that arose; to determine
what was the right thing to do, then do it and all would then be
well for everyone concerned; that we should satisfy ourselves of
what was right and then what people generally thought was not
important. He never decided the questions of those who came to
him for advice. He only told them to find out, to satisfy them
selves what was the right thing to do and then do it and all would
be well.
His was the doctrine of being true to one's self. It was a
practical application of true Christianity, as true Christianity is
doing our duty, which is to do right. And we all know that if we
do right that we will practice the virtues of charity,, justice, love
and fidelity, and thus do as Christ would have us do.
The Temperance Plank.
Two proposed constitutional amendments, dealing with the
liquor question, will be presented to the voters of Ohio this fall.
One of these amendments provides for state wide prohibition and
the other provides that Ohio shall never have state wide prohibition
and that the township and municipality shall be made the unit for
local option elections, thus repealing the present county local option
The fight on these two amendments have already aroused great
interest among the people and will undoubtedly be the main issue
in the election this fall.
What stand did the political parties of Ohio take on the tem
perance question ? As usual the two old parties, Republican and
Democratic, failed to take a stand. The Progressive party came
out emphatically in favor of state wide prohibition.
The Democratic platform does not directly refer to the matter.
It does, however, unreservedly endorse the legislation passed by
the last legislation, thus approving the liquor license jaw, and as
serts that the party advocates a short session of the next legislature
and the consideration of such matters only as are of general commu
nity interest. The inference may be drawn that the party stands
for no change in liquor legislation and is opposed to both of the
proposed amendments. No one, however, doubts but that to "dry"
Democrats one interpretation will be given and to "wet" Demo
crats another.
The Republicans used a good many words in handling the
temperance question, but took no decided stand. Already this plank
has been given one interpretation to"wet"Republicans and another
to "dry" Republicans. The "dry" leaders are assurred that Mr.
Willis, the Republican candidate for governor, is a "dry" man and
tended the lMr.
Will Charles and wife und son, Jos
eph, were the guests of Herman Wil
kin aud wife, ThursJay evening.
Louis Orebaugh and wife, of Hills
boro, visited their son, Frank, and
family, Wednesday.
Austin Robinson and family attend
ed the all day picnic at ttie Presby
terian chinch, suncuy.
Mrs. Clark Hunter and son, Clyde,
of Hoaglauas, spent Saturday uigni
and Sunday with Kills v. nkin and
MlSbts Fanny and fclj.ia Trop, u!
Hillsboro, were gucsiboi Unirie, nop
.UHl wile bunda.
.irs..-;aft'tfieOieiMUgti, oi Tennessee,
Is hpenuing ale.'. Uuis ituuc
sun, Charles Orebaucn, a
General Pe.iCct and t'amliy tuuK din
ner with U. A. Pence aim fain. I), at
tluaglands, siiutUj.
Aiiss Rosa Road?, ol lllllabjru, spent
the latter pa.it o. last Aeeit witu .diss
Bel Ilia, oliilu)
Theodore Clull' is vUitlug his sun,
Harley, and family.
Jas Wilkin and family, of Berry
vllle, were guests of Herman rt llkln
and wife, Sunuay
General Pence aud family and Chas.
Jonte attended tuts auttiiuoolle races
at Leesourg, Saturday.
Ben Cox and wife, after spending
their vacation with P. W. Charles and
A liar very seldom gets away with it, he just thinks he does.
Ing system is so perfected that every
minute Is occupied, and when there is
work to do, the time of day never
Did you ever try to crank an automobile when the switch plug bothers the working man, for he Is
was not in? If so, you will agree with us that it is not only hard , re tod0 a11 he can' and whether
but impossible to start the engine under such conditions. erfis noTuch SfS 2 be
As this is a family journal, every word of which we hope can ing a'iead,of Ume with the 101 Ranch,
be read by avery member of any household without bribing a ST.? T UX'Sta
blush to the cheek of the most modest and innocent, in the future the performances. They utilize every
we win careiuny reirain irom maKing any mention of the present , minute. adv
styles in woman's clothes.
Along about the first of each month the financial war which
it seems that we must continually wage against the universal al
lies, appears much more important to us than the European war.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
"I advised the 'boys' when they en-
AfninUimMnnmn.iuu: n .-i listed lor the Spanish war to take
"--"" "" " -uuuhbui, icMJuicea mtu ac- Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and DI-
tion, but our lines are always forced back with heavy losses, al- arrhoea Remedy with them, and have
though so far we have been able to keep them intact. Desultory received many thanks for the advice
fighting will then continue for the remainder of the month, stren- lven" writes J. H. Houghland, Eldon
uous efforts being put forth by us at all times to secure a point of Iowa' 'No pe.rso? whether traveling
vantage, whereby we can repulse the vicious onslaught that will $"& Sle'by All Dei?,
be made the first of the next month. ere. adv
Mrs. Albert Gossett and baby and
Mrs. Win. McLiiigtilln and little son.
Leroy. Irft Saturday lor a islt with
ihrlr mother, Mrs, Cora Roush, In
Geo Wood and wife, Mrw. Albert
Wood and son, Otis, and family motor,
ed over from Martinsville Sundj and
spent tie day with John Roush and
wife. Orley Slnfler and wife, of liar,
rlsburg, and Kdw. Fawley and family
were also gueHs at the Roush home
Mrs. F. L Pence and two sons, of
Lynchburg, were guests of relatives
here Thursday and erlday.
Dr. Cropper and family attended
the all day meKiini; at "lie Presbyter
Ian church at New Market Sunday.
EMIRj Donna mt-ti iJ PltlnAn
e, grand- -"" "v' ,gl'ullreu u'"iiu
i .i,rMouday after a lew days visit with
his parents, L"ts Pence and wife.
Mrs. Eiu Wood vi-JiUd ..art of last
wiek wltti relatives at Btst Danville,
i Mrs. Jpnnle Kvns ind son, of Hills
bjro, veru viusts ut tfit former's Ms
U-r; lrs Geo. B'own, Sunday
li. Ltwls tttiik.' a'i I three cnildren
visllil imr sKtt-r, Mrs. Win King, at
East uanvliie, Weiiiiesdaj
1 -us. E'l.i Ponce spent Sunday with
M rin hi aualfer and wife, near South
EdvvarJ Coc.irnii and wife and son,
Clarence, and wife visited Mrs. Cath
arlne ritocKwell in Hillsboro Sunday.
' Mrs. Walter Lemon and little
daughter, Normi, aud Mrs. Charles
Minutes Mean Dollars
Doubtless you know the danger of delayed treatment
of colic and other disease. You also realize that
wrongly applied remedies are often worse, than no
treatment at all. In other words, not to diagnose
a disease accurately may prove fatal. Every owner
should be able to rcooinlze an ailment and give
correct treatment at the first symptoms, prompt
onion is the great secret
of treating horses.
Jllnutos moan dollars.
Of course proper treat
ra"nt Is always necessary
11m .Ii Juet how Humph
Kja' WO pogo Votcrlnary
llanual will provo so val
uub'o to you. It U I).
F. II umphrcyn, M D.. V.I
anl ttii be) bow to dlos
m ? d give proper
ft- is t-oit will gave yoa
Inn; It U of dollars and
cosijjOJnothlng. Itwlll
bo sent nhiolulely free
on request to any farmer
In order to Introduce
Humphreys' Veterinary Itomcdlcs. Remember,ltU
absolutely free. You do iiot havo to order any
emcdles to secure ths book. Address, Humphreys'
Homeopathic Jledlclno Company, 154 William Street,
.'lew York City, This Is rt splendid opportunity to
obtain a veterinary treatise that you should have
n your library. As a reference work you wilt find
Invaluable. Tohavoltln the tlnieof need will be
crtli many dollars, whereas Itwlll cost you but a
vt card by wrltlnjj for It row.
Ql,,",," I
1 .Ql4 Z3 " v .Tv
tf MUf7 U Wie "
.. LUlit
7 f l ii! j
Bit MI? fWlfj)1
wife, returned to Howe, Iua., Wednes
day. Mrs. S. J. Pence, Mrs. Maggie Ore
baugh and grandson, Charles, spent
Saturday with Lewis Orebaugh and
wife, of Hillsboro. i
Ed Chaney and, wife spent Friaav '
and Saturday at Sardinia.
"My child was burned terribly about
the face, neck and chest. I applied
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil. The pain
ceased, aud .the child sank into a rest
ful sleep." Mrs. Nancy M. Hanson,
Hamburg, K. Y. adv
Muntz, of Hillsboro, Mrs Homer Bur
ton and Miss Anna Knauer spent
Wednesday with Mrs C. Winkle at
East Danville. They were entertain
ed at dinner on Thursday at t lie home
of Mrs L C. Swickwell wet of . i .n.
Wm. Walker and Miss auco Win
ters were mil ltd in m irrlah'e by Rv.
, Howard in llillsl.oro Kntla, Tlw-e '
popular yiUfig people nae tile best
wlsiits of their .u my inn, is
"CILTEDCE."tho only ladles' shoe dressing thai
pOEitlvclycontalnsOII. Blacks, relishes nud 1'riv
serves ladles' and children's shoes, shines .vldoiil
ruhblna.KC TRENCU GLOSS." 10c.
"STAR-comblnatlonforcleinlngand pollstilnnaU
klnasofrussotortan shoes, 10c "DANDY" size, J5c.
"QUICK JVIIITE"(ln liquid form wllh sponccjqulck-!y-!eans
and nhllens dirty canvas shoes, iocs 45c.
o.';1!-0' cleans and whitens BUCK. MJBCJCK.
SJLJF and CANVAS SnOES. In round white enkca
: . J.cd i n zinc boxes, with sponge, inc. In homl
so.uc, large aluminum boxes, with Bpone, Me.
Ifveiirdniler don not keep I be kind von v'tit.ufndos
tiitflHtMaKtHiiipilurriitlBUtf h.ikaui.tljHit:.aiiil(t-
20r3 Albany Slrcal, Ccmbrlttai, r ;.
rhe Oldft art Isirntt .irantif- ,
siioe foiisn.'t ia I is'or '
'trcrs vf
Thecus'om lias oeen luaiuur fc-1
In some Western cities of printing lha
maiden name of a woman after tint
of her husband in the directory.
1 " "" "
i Co'k s'alwcoimrMd from a thick
ness of 14 inches to half an inch, are
belnn tried uut for flooring In railroad
Only Show Coming Largest in Existence Hillsboro's One Big Holiday.
, 1 LOtf RATES 0N ALL LINES T0 HIHSB0R0-h-'" " ' -4
Vm ' .in, " g f- Mure tit w tin wis ui.d henMlliins i C i "y
teCztB BROS T than wl.hiny .tl.ersh.w. fj9 J f ioiWQTWCP
LI -v REAL j& tl
Greater America's
Its record of growth without parallel
in the history of amusements.
More and greater variety and mul
tiplicity of novel, original and solidly
worthy features than any other
solely western institution in existence
Representative Show
The wondrous West of story and
tradition. The West of the Indian
and the Buffalo, of the Cowpuncher,
the Pioneer and the Homesteader.
The West that is passing and has
almost passed
Direct and intact from the great Oklahoma Ranch, whose name it bears and whose fame
it proudly conserves
i ??d -Hound-up. Snatching from oblivion and reviving for public profit and pleasure the romancea. Derils.
hardships, chivalries and spectacular routine of the Great Western Outdoors
VSfo,ri?e tha roll.of t,ie sto"W a?d convulsive history of the Vanished Border and descending, step by step,
setUement r6Sen exemPIlfiei1 on -the 101 Ilanch, which still resists the encroachments of advancS
The West depleted of Its champions. Every name renowned for skill cr daring io avocations of tha ranim
.l.l.ir...tH, .
Only man who ever battled, barehanded, with a Spanish bull, a positive feature of every exhibition
A prodigious papeuut different and distinct from any that ever traversed the city's thoroughfares and
iiuro.iucim,' mciy character aud paraphernalia of the great on'rnrha
Reserve Seat Sale Down Town
Show Day at Van ZanJt's Palm
Restaurant, South High Street.
Prices the Same as at Show Grounds.
1 fcl
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