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We will pub'lsh the announcements,
of candidates for state, district and
county oillces of any party from now
until the election. Our rate for dis
trict oillces 19 S3 00 and for county of
fices $3.00. Rate for state oillces made
known upon application. All copy Is
subject to change. Under the postal
regulations we do not believe any
newspaper can refuse advertising of
this description and be entitled to
special postal rates given newspapers.
I am a candidate for County Sur
veyor on the Deruocra 1c ticket and
will appreciate jour support at the
election on Tuesday, Nov. 3. I have
had several jears experience in sur
veying and cl 11 engineer work, both
in a private capacity and in county
and state work.
adv Chakles F. Clauke.
I am a candidate for County Sur
veyor on the Republican ticket, sub
ject to the will of the voters at the
election to be held Tuesday, Nov. 3.
1 will appreciate your support I have
been actively engaged In surveying
and civil engineer work for tne past
ten years both In a private capacity
and in county and state work
adv H. VV. IIuntuk
1 am a candidate for re-election on
the Republican ticket as Representa
tive from Highland county in the
State Legislature. During my flrst
term I have served the people to the
best of my ability, at all times acting
for what I considered the best inter
ests of all my constituents. 1 would
appreciate an Investigation of my rec
ord and am asking your support upon
it. G. G. O. Pence.
Real Estate Transfers.
F. P. Barrett to Thos. J. Ross et al,
Whiteoak tp, 2a, $1.
Thomas Shatter to Alpheus Shaffer,
Highland county, 28a. 1.
Clinton D. Sanders to J. R. Clifton,
New Lexington, lot, $1.
John F Putnam admr to Jacob E,
White, Greentield, lot, $1783
John F. Gilllland to Harley H. Gilll
)and, Union tp, 83a, $1250
Julia J. Conrard to J. H. Irons, Dod
eonville, lots, $1.
A E. Miller to B F. Gamble, Hllls
boro, lot, $1
Maggie C.Ely et al to Arthur F.
Dunlap, Greenfield, lot, $1.
Charles D. Thompson to Clifford
Thompson, Highland and Clinton
counties, 80a, $1.
Clara Frazler et al to Clifford J.
Tnompson, Union tp, 80a, 81.
Susan Purkhiser to Margaret Wed
ding, Hlllsboro, lot, $1.
Milton Thompson to A. M. Cart
wright, Hlllsboro, lot, $1.
Joseph V. Davis to Emma Gibson,
Hlllsboro, lot, $1.
Melissa E. Rhoades to David E.
Stewart, Brushcreek tp, 23a, $600.
Harriett Davis to Sallie M. Sams,
Paint tp, 11a, $1
Saraantha E. Chaney to Zelphie
Carr, New Market, lot, $1.
J. E. Barker to W. H. Hawk, Salem
tp, 99a, $1.
John A Long to E. G. Buckley,
New Market tp, 32a, $1.
John A. Long to J. E. Davis, New
Market tp 92a, $1.
J. H. Butler to John A. Loug, Green
field, lot, $1.
Charles Sloneker to Edgar F. Cald
well, Greenfield, lot, $1.
Sarah F. Curry to Roy R. Curry,
Greentield, lot, $1
Thomas J. Cogan to Bessie Wilson,
Greenfield, lot, $1.
Edward B. Dines to John W. Evans,
Liberty tp, J int. 151a, $1.
Edward B. Dines et al to Tyre M.
Shelton, Liberty tp, 151a, $1.
Jesse V. McConnaughey to W. T.
Kelley, 90a, Washington tp, $1.
Jennie Floyd to F. B Welford, Fair
field tp, 23a, $1750.
The "Elite" Millinery Store j
J On North High Street will have Its opening on t
t Friday Evening and Saturday, September 11 and 12,
X All ladies In and out of town are most cordially invited to X
1 come In and see one of the grandest displays ever made in 1
j Hlllsboro. We have purchased a large assortment of the t
latest styled hats for Fall and Winter.
X Our entire stock is made up of all the newest designs and
j we have secured competent help so that your desires may
i be gratified. Give us a call, whether you purchase or not. f
I OUR PRIUES are as good as the best. Z
Again we Invite you to inspect our stock.
The Elite Millinery Store
September 7, 1014.
James and Charles Sherry and sis
ters, Katherlne and Margaret, at
tended the funeral of Mrs. William
McCallerty at Vera Cruz, Friday.
Manford Workman and family, of
Danville, spent Saturday and Sunday
with Chas. Workman and family.
Albert Rammel, of Hamilton, spent
the past week at the home of his
uncle, Wra. Hastings.
Mrs. Anna Spllker entertained rela
tives from Norwood Sunday.
Dr. O A, Thompson and wife, of
Hlllsboro, visited Wm. Thompson
and family Sunday.
Mrs. Luclnda Workman Is visiting
her children In Mllford.
Allen Robinson and wife, of Hllls
boro, spent Sunday at the home of J.
1. Fennor.
John Hastings, of Chllllcothe spent
from Saturday until Monday with his
parents, Wm. Hastings and wife.
Wm. Thomas and wife visited her
parents In Danville Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Phelps, of Danville,
were guests at the Sherry home Sun
day. James Weber and wife and children
and Mrs. Ellen Tedrlck and son,
Emmet, were entertained by Robt.
Aber and family Sunday.
Charles Stubbs and wife and child
ren spent Sunday with Jesse Orebaugh
and family at Honolulu.
Mrs. Mary Roush, of Hlllsboro,
spent the past week with her daugh
ter, Mrs. J. I. Fenner.
Miss Gertrude Aber spent Monday
with her grandpareats, Wm. Hastings
and wife.
Can't look well, eat well or feel well
! with Impure blood. Keep the blood
1 pure with Burdock Blood Bitters. Eat
simply, take exercise, keep clean and
good health is pretty sure to follow.
$1 00 a bottle. adv
Marriage Licenses.
Russell Shoemaker, of Midland
City, and Mary Scott, of Lynchburg.
Jefferson New land, of Newark, and
Nina Pensyl, of Leesburg.
Fred L. Dunnagan, of Lynchburg,
and Clara Martin, of Hlllsboro.
Earl Frye and Stella McCabe, both
of Greenfield.
LeRoy Daugherty, of Greenfield,
and Margie Ilolladay, of Hlllsboro.
Willie Walker and Anlce Winter,
both of Danville.
Walter C Schwartz and Nora Reeves
both of Lynchburg.
C. Edgar Srofeand Vada Ruse, both
of Lyncliburg.
Arabsa Shelton, of Hlllsboro, and
Esther Holllngsworth, of New Mar
ket. Bert Carmean and Elizabeth Sny
der, both of Greentield.
Stephen Welker, of Rio Grande,
and Julia Moomaw, of Greentield.
Scott Butter and Mae Payton, both
of Centeriield.
Probate Court Proceedings.
Will of Susan A. Clouser admitted
to probate.
Nora Haas, adrarx. of George Haas,
filed inventory and appraisement.
C. F. Underwood appointed execu
tor of Susan A. Clouser.
T M. Watts, admr. of L. D. McCoy,
tiled first and final account.
Will of Maria Smith admitted to
David B. Selph appointed guardian
of Walter B Selph, a minor.
F. A. Weller, admr. of Charles I.
Weller, tiled inventory and appraise
ment. J. F. Chaplin, admr. of Sarah Chap
lin, tiled statement in lieu of account.
Dell S. Dewey, admr'.:. of Chas. H.
Dewey, filed Inventory and appraise
ment. Sarah E. Gray committed to Athens
State Hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Gohman, of St.
Bernard, were the guests of relatives
here from Saturday until Monday.
Local Evidence.
Evidence that can be verified.
Fact Is what we want.
Opinion Is not enough.
Opinions differ.
Here's a Hlllsboro fact.
You can test It.
Mrs Lewis Leaverton, 443 E. Main
St., Hlllsboro, says: "Two years ago
1 suffered so much from a dull pain
across the small of my back that If I
happened to make a wrong move or lift
something too heavy, 1 got a stitch In
my back. It felt as If someone had
driven a knife Into my back and 1
couldn't straighten up for 'several
minutes. In the morning I could
hardly dress m self, mv back was so
stiff and lame Doan's Kidney Pills
were so highly recommended in the
paper by a friend tint I got a box at
Garrett & Ayres' Drug Store. They
brought entire satisfaction. Now,
whenever I have any annoyance from
my kidneys or have pains In my back,
a few doses of Doan's Kidney Pills
give relief."
Price 50 cents at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs Leaverton had. Foster-Milburn
Co , Buffalo, N. Y. adv
m m
Fertilizer Demonstrations.
On Tuesday, Sept 15, at 1 o'clock,
M. A. Bachtell of the College of Ag
riculture will be at the farm of L. B.
Boyd, in Paint township on which
Homer Jones lives. On Wednesday,
Sept. 10, he will be at the farm of E.
J. Yowell, near Allensburg. Meeting
at 1 o'clock.
All persons interested In the use of
fertilizers are invited to be present.
"Fertilize the soil not the crop," Is
the slogan of the soil fertility experts
at the College of Agriculture. They
say it is a mistake to talk about "corn
fertilizer" and "wheat fertilizer.'1
Experiments show that an application
of whatever element is lacking in the
soil will increase the yield of all the
crops grown. Tne important thing,
then, Is for each farmer to And out
what his soil lacks. The object of this
meeting will be to find out what the
soils of tills vicinity lack most and
what Is the cheapest way of supply
ing this lack. Come and add your ex
perience to the discussion.
Keeps Your Liver Healthily Active.
A man in Kentucky just told a friend
that Foley Cathartic Tablets were the
most wonderful medicine that had ever
entered his system. Said ho would
not be without them. Neither would
you, if you had ever tried them. A
thoroughly cleansing cathartic for
chronic constipation or for an occa
sional purge.
adv Gabubtt & Ayres.
Resolutions of Respect.
Hillsboro, O., Aug. 29, 1914.
To The Central Mutual Fire Associa
tion, C. O. Muhlbach, Pres :
We, Your committee, appointed to
draft resolutions of respect upon the
occasion of the deatli of our beloved
secretary and treasurer, Mr. Otto F.
Horst,!and member of this Association
submit the following:
Whereas, the Great and Supreme
Ruler of the Universe, has, in His infi
nite wisdom removed from among us
one of our most worthy and esteemed,
fellow laborers, Otto F. Horst, and
whereas, the long and intimate rela
tion held with him in the faithful
discharge of his duties in the Associa
tion, makes it eminently befitting that
we record our appreciation of him.
Therefore, be it
Resolved, That the wisdom and
ability which he has exercised in the
office of our Association by service and
counsel, will be held in grateful
Resolved, That In sympathy with
the bereaved family and relatives of
the deceased, we express our sincere
hope, that even so great a loss to us
may be overruled by good by Him,
who doeth all things well.
Resolved, That a copy of these reso
lutions be spread upon the minutes of
this Association, a copy be furnished
to the bereaved family, and a copy be
published in the local papers, J. D.
Van Winkle, Grant McConnaughey,
Frank Austin, Committee.
Don't be Bothered With Coughing.
Stop It with Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound. It spreads a soothing,
healing, coating as it glides down the
throat, and tickling, hoarseness and
nervous hacking are quickly healed.
Children love It tastes good and no
opiates. A man in Texas walked 15
miles to a drug store to get a bottle.
Best you can buy for croup and bron
chial coughs. Try it.
adv Garrett & Ayrks.
Fire losses and the cost of fire pre
ventlon costs the United States more
each year than the total value of Its i
production of gold, silver, copper and
The magnolia has a more powerful
perfume than any other flower.
Italy takes the lead In the traffic In
' hair,
Coat Suits, Dress Goods,
Silks and Trimmings I
The early buyers will be the wise buyers
this fall. i
We have just put on sale 150 Goat Suits.
We have just put on sale a complete line 1
of Fall Dress Goods, Silks and Trimmings.
All my goods were bought before the big
advances. -
1 C. M. KERNS 1
SteiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiEfiiiiiiaifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiEi iiiirifliiiiiifiiiifif iifiiifiiiiiiniiHis
Head, Fluttering
Floating Specks.
These are signs of kidney and bladder
trouble. You'll have headaches too,
backaches and be tired all over. Don't
wait longer, but take Foley Kidney
Pills at once. Your miserable sick
feeling will be gone. You will sleep
well, eat-well and grow strong and ac
tive again. Try them.
adv Garrett & Ayres
Mr. and Mrs. James Carlisle went to
Toledo Monday to attend the wedding
of their son, Dr. GlennCarllsletoMiss
Edith Chesney, of Bucyrus. The wed
ding occured at the home of an aunt
of the bride in Toledo. Dr. Carlisle is
a graduate of John Hopkins Univer
sity and for the past year has been on
one of the stalls of the University.
He has located at Bucyrus for the
practice of his profession.
, , , Til
We have a large assortment of all the newest mod
els in Millinery for Autumn and Winter. Just the
styles that meet the requirement of good taste.
Come in on and after Friday and Saturday, Septem
ber 11 and 12. We will be pleased to show you our
early showing of advance styles for Fall and Winter
We also have a full line of Fancy Feathers and Mil
linery Novelties. Give us a call.
Trap's Millinery Store
Hollowtown Church of Christ.
There will be preaching services
both morning and evening conducted
by Loren Furstenberger, Christian
minister of Peebles. Subject, 10 a. m
"A Picture of the Church." 7 p. m.,
Sermon Lecture, "Mountain Peaks in
Church History." Come to these ser
vices. For Every
Living Thing On
Free ; a 500 1 page book on the treat
ment andcare.of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm ;" horses, cattle, dogs,
heep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Yetinary Specifics ; also a sta,
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
up. Free by mall on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co.,
Corner Wllliams&AnnSts.,N.Y. adv
Bowles & Company
September 1914
Begins this week with a com
plete stock of all grades of papers
Our stook Includes English, Ger
man, American, Oat Meal, Panel
effect, Stripe, Floral, Cut out Bor
ders, Binders and everything to be
found in a first class wallpaper
stock. The newest styles and Ideas
for the correct decoration of every
room In the bouse.
Pretty light papers at 4o a roll.
Good papers with 18-lnch borders
5c to 7c a roll. Special induce
ments in price to persons buying
for store rooms, churches or entire
Bowles S Company
Tbe Leading Wallpaper Dealers,
N. Ulgb St. Opp. Soldiers' Monument
John Pfarr. will clean and press and
mend that suit until It will 'look u
good as new, I also do dry; cleaning.
Give mo a call, Brunner'a Shoo
Shop. adv
France and Its colonies occupy
area of 4,372,000 square miles.
w, VAi,

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