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(East Main St., formerly Chas. Kerns' Dry Goods Store)
Friday and Saturday, September 11 -12
We are ready to show the most complete line of Millinery in the State.
Up-to-date and latest New York styles, quality the best at low figures.
At the Opening we will have a Special Plume Sale.
$2,50, $3 and $4 Plumes at $1,48, $1.98, $2.98
Sept. 7, 1914.
C. L and F. D. Redkey spent part of
last week atS t. Louis, Mo., on business.
Harold Roads returned home Sunday
from Greenfield, where he has been
employed during the summer.
Mrs. Herbert Barrett, of Greenfield,
has been visiting relatives here.
Clarence West and family are mov
ing to New Petersburg, where he Is
employed in the public schools.
Frank and Fred Garrett spent Sun
day in Cincinnati.
Miss KathrynHarrington is visiting
relatives at Lancaster.
Ferris Wolfe and wife, of New Pet
ersburg, visited friends here Sunday.
Lee Lemon, of Hillsboro, was the
guest of friends here last week.
Mrs. Dora Lucas has been spending
a few days with friends in Columbus.
James Sams, of Carmel, has pur
chased the property occupied by J. E.
Davis and will move here soon.
Misses Grace Watts and Inez Upp
will leave this week for Athens, where
they will attend school this winter, i
The W. C. T. U. held their annual
election last Tuesday afternoon. The
new olllcers are Dora Lewis, Pres ;
Niscea Holmes, Vice Pres. ; Lillie
Badgley, Sec'y. ; Alice Hodge, Treas.
Rev. Shade, of Hillsboro, will occupy
the pulpit at the M. E. church here
next Sunday morning.
Mrs. George Free has been quite sick
the past week with an attack of appen
dicitis. norace Roads and wife entertained
Will Formally Open Its Campaign For Prohibition With a Grand Rally Meeting.
Famous Orators Convincing Speakers Whose names will be announced
A Specially Selected Band Will Furnish
Every Loyal Citizen, Every Poud
a number of their friends at their
lovely country home last Sunday.
C. A. West and family have moved
into rooms adjoining their store and
Mr. Florence and family now occupy
the property they vacated.
Supt. Growdon and wife moved here
last week from Bourneville.
At a meeting of the Board of Educa
tion last Saturday John Foraker was
employed as driver of school wagon in
dist. No. 7, John and James Evans In
Snake Corner district and Alton Mc
Coy in dist. No. 1. There will be a
meeting at New Petersburg tonight
(Monday) to employ teachers to Mil
the vacancies caused by the resignition
of Messrs. Tener and McCoppln.
Car just received at
Richards Mill
Chamberlain's Liniment.
If you are ever troubled with aches,
pains or soreness of the muscles, you
will appreciate the good qualities of
Chamberlain's Liniment. ManysulTer
ers from rheumatism and sciatica have
used it with the best results. It is
especially valuable for lumbago and
lame back. For sale by All Deal
ers, adv
You Porsret
the Music.
Parent, In Highland County Who Can, Will
Bowles' Book Store
Sept. -1914 School Books
New and second hand for town
and country schools.
Also Lunch Boxes, School Bags,
Tablets, Pencils, Penholders,
Inks, Slates, Pencil Boxes, Paste
Copy Books, Crayons and every
thing needed in the school room
We buy, sell and exchange good
second hand school books.
N. High St. Opp. Soldiers' Monument
Cincinnati Dentist,
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
September 17, 18 and 19
Specializing the Nitrous Oxide
and Oxygen Method of painless
24, 1914
In a later Issue, Will be present.
AH Papers For Later Announcements
Cornel May we Expect Vou?
"Lord, Lord!" he murmured. Then
bo BDillcd nbd chuckled. Some bright
morning he would have all Now York
by the ears, the police running round
In circles, nnd the chiefs of the rival
Ehpets tearing their hnlr. What a
ttory! Four columns on the first page,
end two whole pages Sunday. . . .
And all of a sudden he ceased to
smile nnd chuckle.
In the living room of the Princess
Olga Perlgoff's npartrnent the mistress
lay reading on the divan. There was
no cigarette between her well -shaped
lips, for she wob not the accepted type
of adventuress. In fact, she was not
nn adventuress; she was really the
Princess rerlgoff. Her mntden namo
had been Olga Pushkin; but more of
that later.
When Bralno came In ha found her
dreaming with half closed eyes. Ho
flourished nn evening newspaper.
"Olga, even the best of us make
mistakes. Hero, Just glance over
The Russian accepted the newspa
per and read the heading indicated:
"Aeronnut picked up far out at sea.
Slips ashore from tramp steamer. Had
five thousand in cash in his pockets."
"Hargreave escaped!"
"Not necessarily," she replied. "If
It was Hargreave he would have had
more than Ave thousand In ha pock
ets. My friend, I believe It an at
tempt to fool you; or it Is another
man entirely." She clicked her teeth
with the tops of her polished nails.
"There are two young women In
the house. What the deuce can that
"Two young women? O! then ev
erything's as simple as daylight. Kat
rlna Pushkin, my cousin, had a child."
"Child? Hargreave had a child?
What do you mean by keeping this
fact from me?" he stormed.
"It was useless till this moment. He
probably sent for her yesterday; but
In his effort to escape had to turn her
over to his butler. We shall soon
learn whether Hargreave Is dead or
alive. We can use Che child to brlns
him back."
The anger went out of his eyes.
"You're a wonder, Olga."
"But you should have gone with
Vroon last night. He does everything
Just as you tell him. When they re
ported that Hargreave had visited
Ort's hangar you ought to have pre
pared against such a coup as flight
through the air."
"I admit It. But a daughter! Well,
I can bring him back," with a sinister
laugh. "By the Lord Harry, I have
him In my hands this time, that Is, if
this girl turns out to be his daughter.
A million? Two, three, all he has In
the world. I want you to pay a visit
right away. Watch the butler, Jones.
He'll lie, of course; but note how ho
treats the girl; and If you get the
chance look around the walls for a
secret panel. He might not have car
ried away the cash at all, only enough
for his immediate needs, which would
account for that five thousand on the
man picked up at sea. If I could only
get Inside that house for an hour!"
"I believe I'll call at once. Leo,
was Hargreave tho man's real name?"
Braine laughed. "That Is of no vital
consequence. He will be Hargreave
till the end of the chapter, dead or
alive. You can tell me the news at
dinner tonight."
So, later, when the butler accepted
her card at the door, loath as he
might be, there was nothing for him
to do but admit her.
"Whom do you wish to see,
madam?" stepping back Into the shad
ow. "Miss Hargreave. I'm an old friend
of her mother's."
"There Is no such person here."
"To whom, then, does this hat be
long?" she asked quietly. She waved
her hand indolently toward the hall
Jones' lips tightened. "That belongs
to Miss Gray, a kind of protege of Mr.
"Indeed! You have no objections
to my seeing her? My maiden name
was Olga Pushkin, cousin to Katrlna,
wife of Stanley Hargreave. I am, if
you will weigh the matter carefully,
a kind of aunt."
To Jones It was as if Ice had sud
denly come into contact with his
heart's blood. But as he still stood
in the shadow, she did not observe
the pallor of his face.
"If you will state exactly why you
wish to see her, madam."
"You seem to possess authority?"
"Yes, madam, absolute authority."
Jones produced his document and
presented it to her.
"There is no flaw in that," she
agreed readily. "I wish to see the
child. I have told you why."
"Very well, madam." Why had
they not telegraphed the child, even
on tho train, to return to Farlow's. Ho
knew nothing of this woman, whether
she was an enemy or a frlendi He
conducted his unwelcome guest Into
the library.
"How did you know that she was
here?" suddenly.
But she was ready. "1 did not But
the death of Mr. Hargreave brought
me. And that youthful hat In the hall
was a story all its own. Later I shall
show you some papers of my own.
You will have no cause to doubt them.
They have not the legal power of
yours, but they would find standing in
any court."
Jones turned and went In search of
The princess lost no time In begin
ning her investigations, but she wast
ed her time. There was no secret
panel in evidence.
"Who is she?" asked Florence as
Hhe looked at the card. "Did my fa
ther know prlnoeeseB?"
"Yea," said Jones briefly. "Da very
auetul what you say to hr. Admit
nothing. She claims to be a cousin of
your mother. Perhaps."
"My mother?" Without waiting for
any further advice from Jones, whom
Florence In her young years thought
presuming upon his authority, Bho ran
downstairs to the library. Her mother,
to learn some fact about tho mother
of whom she knew nothing!
"You knew my mother?" she cried
without ceremony.
He heard tho princess Bay: "I did,
my child; and heaven Is witness that
you are the exact picture of her at
your age. And I knew your father."
Jones straightened, Ills hands shut
"Tell mo about my father!"
The princess smiled. It was Katrlna
Pushkin come to life, tho same Impul
siveness. "I knew him but slightly. I
waB a mere child myself when he used
to pinch my cheeks. I met him again
the other night, but he did not recog
nize me; and I could not find It in my
heart to awaken his memory In a pub
lic restaurant."
Presently Jones came In to an
nounce that two detectives requested
to see Florence. Tho two men en
tered, informing her that they had
been Instructed to Investigate the dis
appearance of Stanley Hargreave.
"Who are you, miss?"
"I am his daughter."
One of the detectives questioned
Florence minutely while the other
wandered about the rooms, feeling the
walls, using tho magnifying glass,
turning back the rugs. Even the
girl's pretty room did not escape his
scrutiny. By and by he returned to
the library and beckoned to his com
panion. The two conferred for a mo
ment. One chanced' to look into the
mirror. He saw the bright eyes of
the princess gazing intelligently into
"I'm afraid we'll have to ask you to
accompany us to the station, miss."
"Some technicalities. We must have
some proof of your right to be in
thle house. So far as we have learned,
Hargreave was unmarried. It will
take but a few minutes."
"And I will accompany you," said
tho princess. "We'll be back within
half an hour. I'll tell them what I
Jones, In tho hall, caught sight of
the reporter coming up the steps.
Here was some one he could depend
"Why, Mr. Norton!"
The reporter eyed the princess in
"You look surprised. Naturally. I
am a cousin of Miss Florence's moth
er. You might say that I am her
aunt. It's a small world, isn't it?" But
if wishing could poison, the reporter
would have died that moment.
"Who are you and what are you
doing here?" one of the detectives de
manded. "I am going to ask that very ques
tion of you," said Norton urbanely.
"We arej,from headquarters," replied
one, showing his badge.
"What headquarters? What are
they asking you to do?" he said to
"They say I must go to the police
station with them."
"Not the least In the world," laughed
the reporter. "You two clear out of
here as fast ns your rascally legs can
I tt' tM.(cVi '
"Tell Me About My Father."
carry you. I dont know what your
game Is, but I do know every repu
table detective in New York, and you
don't belong."
"Good heavens!" exclaimed the
princess; "do you mean to say that
these men are not real detectives?"
"This girl goes to the police station,
young man. So much the worse for
you if you meddle. Take yourseltoff!"
"All in good time."
"Here, Jenner, you take charge of
the girl. Ill handle this guy. He
shall go to the station, too."
What followed would always be viv
idly remembered by Florenoe, fresh
from the peace and happiness of her
school life. Norton knocked his oppo
nent down. He rose and for a moment
the room seemed full of legs and arms
and panting men. A foot tripped up
Norton and he went down under tho
bogus detective. He never suspected
that the tripping foot was not aod
dental. He vw too busy.
The other mn draffed Florence
toward.the ball, bt ttosra Um peaoaM
butlor entered into tho field of action
with a very unattractlvo automatic.
Tho detective threw up his hands.
The struggle went on In tho library.
A trick of Jlu-Jttsu brought about the
downfall of Norton's man, and Norton
ran out Into the hall to aid Jones. He
searched tho dotoctlvo's pockets and
secured tho revolver. The result of
all this wns that the two bogus de
tectives soon found themselves in
charge of two policemen, and they
were marched off to tho station.
"Your advent was most providential,
Mr. Norton," said Jones In his usual
colorless tones.
"I rather believe so. Why don't
you pack up and clear out for a while?"
"I am stronger In thle house than
elsewhere," answered the butler enig
matically. "Well, you know best," said the re
porter. The princess was breathing rapidly.
No, on second thought she had no
wish to throw her arms about the re
porter's neck and kiss him.
Peoples' I
Column I
Farm and Town property alwavs
for sale. Money loaned on Real Es
tate. Wade Tubnbb,
Merchants Bank Bldg.
D. Leadbetter, real estate, nre In
surance and pensions. Office 134 S.
High street.
Fob Sale 110 acre farm on piks
near New Market. For parttculare
inquire at this ofllce. adv tf
Fon Rent Six room cottage house
centrally located. Paul Habsha.
Lost White setter dog with brown
ears. Had on collar on which was en
graved J. Eddy Richards, Boston,
Mass. Return to J. C. Richards, Hills
boro, and receive reward.
Boys Wanted
From 12 to 16 vears of age to enter
Boys Live Stock Judging contest at
Ralnsboro Fair. Open to Highland
county only.
The following premiums are offered :
1st, $5 ; 2nd, $4 ; 3rd, $3 ; 4th, 2;
5th, $1. Entries close Sept. 28, 1914.
Leslie Geokge, Sec'y.
R. L. West, Pres.
A car just received at
Teachers' Examination.
The Highland countv Board of School Ex
aminers hereby gives notice that examina
tions ol Applicants for County Teachers
Certificates will take place in the Washing
ton School Building. Hillsboro. on the first
Saturday of September, October, January,
March, April, May and the last Frldav of
June and August.
As prescribed by law, the fee for these
examinations will be 60 cents
H. B. Oalliett, Lynchburg, Pres
J. Ed. Shannon, Hillsboro, Vice Pres.
W.H.Vance, Hillsboro, Sec. adv
Sept. 7, 1914.
The Danville band will give a con
cert at this place nexCTuesday night,
and will continue on each Tuesday
night as long as the weather will per
mit. Everybody is cordially invited
Mrs. I. L. Fouch and two children,
of Monroe, La., are spending a few
weeks with J. A. Fouch and family
Mrs. America Robinson spent a few
days last week with her son, Alva.
Miss Mary Chrisman, of Barretts,
is spending a few days with her sister,
Mrs. Wm. Ludwick.
School commenced here Monday with
Raymond Fawley, teacher in charge.
Miss Lestie Blshlr was a business
caller in Hillsboro Saturday.
L. A. Fenner and family and Wm.
King and family spent Sunday with
Chas. Walker and family at Sardina.
A. R. Hawk and wife and daughter,
Margaret, called on John Fouch and
wife, Sunday.
A Lame Back-Kidney Trouble
Causes It.
And it will give you even worse If
not checked. Mrs. H. T. Straynge,
Galnesville.lGa., was fairly dowh on
her back with kldnev trouble and in.
, flamed bladder. She says : "I took
, FoleyJKidney Pills and now my back
is stronger than in years, and both kid
ney and bladdertroubles are entirely
adv Gabbett & Aybks.
. .'
A layerjof sawdust spread on a floor
before oilcloth Is laid will increase the
latter's lasting quality and provide a
soft tread.
- iT.f
fiX LtjiifU . , ,J &.. fW wjjrif 'v& '.
aaitiy -. ,te ,.

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