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Christian Church Will Be Held at
Lynchburg Next Week-Excellent
Tho Seventh District Convention of
the Church of Christ will be held it
Lynchburg Tuesday and Wednesday,
Sept. 22 and 23.
The following program has been ar
ranged: O. W. 11. M. Session, Tuefday Afternoon
September 23.
Praise Service Mrs. Mary Sonner
President's Message Mrs. Kffle Cooper
District Sec'v Report
A minute message from each Aux. "What
are we going to do to make this our best
year's work"
Music Lynchburg Auxiliary
Address, Mission Study from "The Child
hood in the Midst" and "The Red
Man's Land" Miss Mary A. Lyons,
Secretary, Cleveland.
Offering Song
Why should our Board enter China?
, Mrs. Maude Farls
The Liberia Station and the Negro Work
In the U. S Mrs. Lavtna Alspach
Mrs. Kffle Cooper, Pres. Jennie Drttton, Sec
O. C. M. S. Sessions, Tuesday Evening
Devotional Service.... Loren Furstenberger
Address, "The Rest Is None too Good"
I. j, cahlll. Con Secy, Cleveland
Address Miss Mary A. Lyons, Cleveland
Wednesday September, 23 Morning Session
Theme of the Day, the Real Church of Christ
Devotion Everett p. unuon
"Its Officers, Their Training and Their
nutles" w.G.Rhoten
"Its Finances" 0. N. Winkle
fitssnlrit" FrankFoust
"It's Fellowship" S, E Wilkin
Address, "Bible School Efficiency"
, S. W. Crabtree
"Evangelism In the Bible School"
S. B. Norvlel
The Care of all the Churches B. F. Smith
Afternoon -Session
Song Service
Reports from the churches Three minute
talks on "Advanced steps we took.lastyear."
Hlllsboro, J. S. Farls; Falrvlew, O. E. Roush;
Prlcetown, M. J. Pulliam; Hollowtown, Mr.
VancejBuford.J. P. Puckett; Mowrystown,
A. A. Pettlthory; Sugartree Ridge, C. F.
Roberts; Danville Emanuel Roush; Mt.
Washington, T. M, SheltonsQreenneld, Peter
Roush; Lynchburg, J. D Bobbltt; South Lib
erty, J. O. Roush; Union, perry Surber; Mt.
Olive, Miss Jennie Brltton;Mt. Zion, Ellvell
Camnbell: Mavhill, F. M. Smart; Peebles,
Loren Furstenberger; Newport, Jason Pet.
erson; Bethlehem, C M. Morrison; Moore's
Chapel, G..T. Thomas.
"The Every Member Canvas" I. J.Cahlll
The Church It's Ministry to Childhood"
LUlle A. Farls
"It's Ministry to Youth" Cary A, Roush
It's Ministry to the Community. F. M. Smart
Address, "What this convention has Meant
for the Churches" The District Sec'y
W, G. Rhoten, Pres. L. L. Farls, Sec'y.
Marriage Licenses.
DeWitt Hart and Gladys Tannehill,
both of Belfast.
Leslie P McNicol, of Highland, and
Hazel R. Hughey, of Greenfield.
Probate Court Proceedings.
Annie C. Britton elected to take un
der will of Jonah Britton.
Isabel and Wllmer Malone commit
ted to Highland County Children's
H. L. Wiggins, exr of Jas.W. Brown,
filed inventory and appraisement.
Elizabeth Crowe, gdn of Joseph and
Bessie Crowe, filed first and final ac
count. W. H. Pence, admr of David F. Rag
land.-filed Inventory and appraisement.
Examiners appointed and report of
examination of County Treasury filed.
H. L. Wiggins, exr of Jas. Brown,
filed first account.
Samantha Soale, gdn of Maurice G.
Soale. filed first and final account.
Win. Gillespie, admr of Samuel Gil
lesDle Sr.. filed statement of newly
discovered assets
Mary A. Countryman, admrx of
Owen S. Countryman, filed Inventory
and appraisement.
Samantha Soale, gdn of Ethel F. and
John R. Johnson, filed first and final
Lincoln School Opening.
School will begin in the Lincoln
School auditorium at usual time on
next Monday. The devotions will be
in charge of the principal. Spirited
and appropriate music will be sung by
teacher and pupils. Tho opening ad
dress will be delivered, by Rev. Chas.
Hart Skeen, D. D., pastor of the A
M. E. church. A large enrol'ment of
now pupils Is expected. We kindly
ask the Barents of these children, to
gether with the ministers of the city,
and friends to be present at these open- declaration of war, I left Paris, and
ing exercises to encourage our boys the ieaV6 taking may be of some inter-
and girls. S. 8. Hougii, Prln. Jest,n Bhowlng how aliens, in that
- . . J ..nnu,, ,r ofiwLfiri hu ti. nnws.
Miss Myrtle Skeen, of Millwood, nas
returned from Mlddletown, alter sev
eral weeks
visit with Miss Addle
Levi Colin, died at his home In Chi-
rtm Wp.dnesdav. Sent. 0. He was the
oranrifather of Miss Lillian Cohn, of
this place, who was with him at the
time. He frequently visited here be-
fore the death of his son, Isaac.
Gives Interesting Account
of His Experience in
Belgium and France
For War in His Opinion and He
Accuses Her Soldiers of Bar
baric Conduct-The Con
ditions in Belgium.
The following article by Dr. H. M.
Brown on the European War is cer
tain to be read with interest. Dr.
Brown has just returned from Europe
and writes of what he has seen. He
always has decided views on every
subject and gives his opinions force
fully and clearly :
Editor News Herald In response
to your request I am very pleased to
writedown some of my experiences
recently in Europe and some conclu
sions anent the great war raging In the
continent between Germany and Aus
tria on one side and the allied forces
of England, France, Belgium and Rus
sia on the otherand in SO doing I
take this opportunity to absolve you,
and your paper, from any Inference
that might be drawn from what 1 may
say, tending to embroil you as enter
taining any opinions In consonance
with those of mine. Having been on
the grounds and having observed the
methods of both parties to the con
troversy one can but become In some
degree opinionated relative to the
rights and wrongs granted and per
petrated respectively unless one
chooses to blindfold ones perceptions
and become callous to outrages that
should condemn for all time any na
tion that would permit them to be
visited upon another by a ruthless and
blood-thirsty soldiery.
As all know, who have carefully fol
lowed the history of Germany, since
the present Kaiser ascended the
throne, the cause of the great war
must be attributed to the arogant and
intolerable militarism of the German
war machine which has reached such
perfection in Its murderous and de
structive efficiency that it lias become
the marvel of the age. indeed so per
feet is it that it has regarded itself as
Invincible and that its God-given mis
sion is to subjugate all Europe and
extend the power of the Kaiser and
the transcendent culture (?) of his
people so as finally to embrace all
Western Europe, even though it lose,
a million of its best young men anMtolocateurseveS)asklnKtliat a,lorse
snreads death and devastation over
the whole of the several people who
dare to oppose it In an attempt to up
hold the dignity and honor before the
world, of the terms and conditions of
certain conventions entered into in
solemn faith and good intentions by
all except Germany who, neverthe
less, was one of the slgnltarles to
those conventions.
I was in Laferte Bernard when war
was declared against Russia anl in
Paris when declared against France
The effect upon the people of France
was not such as one would expect
under such tremendous circumstances.
There was not much to notice in the
way of change In the conventional do
ings of a people e-cept the maneu
vering incident to mobilization of
armies. It was soon to be observed
that most of the positions, at hotels,
banks, railroad stations, restaurants
and all other places of activity, that
had hitherto been occupied by young
men, were now vacated and that bus-'
iness was at a standstill yet, there
was no excitement, no blatant display
of vainglorious gingolsm, nor anything
of that sort. j long past the date they had set for
The real effect appeared to be a ser- themselves to be at the gates of
ious sobering of all the people as if, Paris.
knowing the tremendous task before They finally entered the country In
them, they must go about it with a overwhelming force, but not until
deliberate purpose and determination more than thirty thousand of them
that would brook no failure for this had been killed and countless num
time, and at last, the supreme mo- bers more or less rendered hors de
ment had come and it must be a j combat.
struggle for the very life of a nation ' For that magnificent and unpreced
arrayed against the intolerable condi ented effort to uphold the honor of his
tlons sure to be Imposed in the event people, the subjects of the King were
of German supremacy over Europe. J subsequently made to suffer such pen
On Aucust 1st. the day of the allies, at the hands of the German sol-
"""'"j; '" . .,.!.. r3.,i
- , 7;
... ..i. n, .., .,.,. ,,.,
thousand people about the place,
clamoring to get passage out of the.
- .
country. I had with me an interpre
ter, who had traveled with me i
in the
horse districts of South France. He
carried two bags I carried one a'
bottle of wine, some lunch and an ebony
Death of Rev. J. W. Klise.
Rev. J. W. Klise, aged 77 years, died
at his home on S West street Satur
day morning. Death resulted from
heart disease. Funeral services were
held at the home Monday afternoon
conducted by Rev. Johnson, of Bethel.
Burial was made in the Hlllsboro
cemetery. Five children, three
daughters and two sonssurvive him.
For fifty-years Rev. Klise had re
sided in Hillsboro and was widely
known throughout the county. He
was a prominent minister of the
Christian Union Church and served
several years as National Moderator
of the organization, its highest olllce.
At the time of his death he was a
justice of the peace of Liberty town
ship. He was a veteran of the Civil
Rev, Klise possessed great natural
el Us as a sneaker and writer. He was
eloquent, forceful and logical, keen of
wit and quick in repartee. He had
been a close and deep student of the
Bible and his knowledge of its con
tents was remarkable. On all public
questions he was always well posted
and discussed them clearly and enter
tainingly. In public speaking he was
at his best, as he had that most essen
tlal quality of a successful public
speaker, getting in touch with his.
auditors and securing their good will
and sympathy. The death of Rev.
Klise marks the passing of a man of
marked talent and ability and wide
walking stick, which I had just pur
chased for Theodore Murphy that I
intended to present to him on arrival
We fought like demons to get
through to the train but our progress
r was slow as all the others were at
tempting to do the same thing my
hat was broken, knocked off and lost
the bottle of wine was smashed
upon the stone floor, my lunch flew in
all directions and an officer promptly
divested me of Murphy's stick yet,
we reached the train wliich was filled,
to suffocation, with German subjects,
American tourists, Englishmen and
Belgian laborers, and the weather was
very hot.
When the train finally emerged from
the building there came immedlatly
into view a patrol of French soldiers,
doing railroad duty, marching up and
down the tracks, with guns on their
shoulders, and from there, all the way
to the Belgian frontier, we never
were out of sight of them ; the won
der was how could such effective dis
position of the soldiery be accomplish
ed in so short a time.
After many exasperating delays we
reached Roullers in Belgium, only
twelve miles from our propose 1 desti
nation ; here we had to wait about an
hour during which period we tele-
nlmneH tr t.hp firm linnsH near the
t, . vlH,,n-,,,pr(, wn oxnfi(.tfid
and carriage be sent for us at the
We were informed that it was not
possible as the Belgian government
had commandeered every horse, bicy
cle and automobile In the whole
country. It then dawned upon us
that the Kaiser was making good his
threat to violate her neutrality and
that the treaty guaranteeing such
neutrality was to be disregarded. It
also dawned upon us that a terrible
war, which up to thin time, even in
the face of the declaration, it was
hoped might yet be averted, was sure
to bo an accomplished fact for we
knew that the brave young King of
Belgium had declared he would defend
the honor of his country, in living up
to the agreement to the utmost of the
power of the people so to do.
The very next day a great army In
vaded the country and your readers
know what followed.
The little army, under King Albert,
by such heroic effort, as will go down
in history as one of the greatest, if
not the greatest feats of warfare, de
layed the hosts of the Invading enemy,
dlers, as would put to shame anything
in tlie way of savagery, known to the
Huns and vandals long before we lived
. under such an exalted civilization as
the German Kaiser would force upon
the benighted people of Europe.
In this connection It might be said
that one of the Ka ser's unre uted
Preachments to his soldiers in direct-
tnn,At,Hannrr.mant tnuuarn anv ana.
- . 1U "" "- "" j J -
mJ ,la "OOIlDAUUll-oiiun tuiiiauKuiuic
a reign of intimidation and striKe ter-
(Continued on Page Four)
One New Case Filed Last Week
Grand and Petit Jurors for
October Term.
Only one new case was tiled in the
Common Pleas Court during the past
Clarance Yochum, as a devisee un
der the will of Peter Yochum, asks
for the partition of 97 acres of land In
Clay township. He says that he is tho
owner in feo simple of the. undivided
one eighth part of the premises. Henry,
Peter, Lewis and Sylvester Yochum,
Mary Bornller, Katie Bales and Lu
clnda Brown are the defendants ai.d
the plaintiff says that each owns the
undivided one eighth part of the prem
ises. He asks that the premises be
divided among the parties and that If
this can not be done that they be sold
and the proceeds divided.
The grand and petit jurors for the
October term of Court were drawn
Monday. The grand jurors are sum
moned to report Monday, Oct 5, and
John L. McElwee, Brushcreek; Gad
dis Henry, Madison; Henry Sanders,
Peun; Jotin Greathouse, Penn; Jona
than Adams, Liberty; Joseph M. nib
ben, Liberty; J. L. Carlisle, Madison;
George McCllntock, New Market; John
Conway, Liberty; R. E. West; Wash
ington; Frank Pearce, Paint; Arthur
Gibson, Union; J. W. Campbell, Lib
ert ; Henry Deafner, Madison; Joslah
Polk, Union
The petit jurors are summoned to
report Monday Oct. 12, and are:
Martin Tracy, Madison; Rufus Hire,
Madison; A. E. Sexton, Washington;
T. J . McCormick, Liberty; C. N. Carey,
Penn: Blaine Pulliam, Salem; S B.
Reese, Fairfield; C. E. Turner, Liber
ty; J. L. Mercer, Jackson; Peter Weis
haupt, Dodson; H. E. Tedrick, Dod
son; Henry Ervln, Liberty; Frank
Vance, Fairfield; George Banks, Mad
ison; G. E. Roush, Hamer; Frank B.
McCann, Madison; Jacob Stultz,
Salem; A. II. Hull, Marshall.
Shut Out.
Deakyne was in form Sunday and
Hillsboro easily defeated Cincinnatus
at the Fair Grounds. The score was
7 to 0. The visitors only secured six
hits and the fifth was the only Inning
in which they secured more than one
hit and eleven strike outs were marked
up to Deak's credit. The only time
the visitors really threatened to score
was in the first inning when Farley the
first man up 'ed off with a three bag
ger but was caught out at home on an
attempted double steal.
Hlllsboro made twelve hits off Lleb
ing, several for extra bases. The home
boys having learned that it is not how
many hits you make, but when you
make them that counts, very smartly
bunched theres. Hill, who was play
ing his first game for Hillsboro, cinched
the contest In the fourth when with
two on he smashed a three bagger to
right and later scored.
The score by Inning :
Hillsboro 10130002x7 12 ll
Cincinnatus 0000000000 6 3'
Batteries Hillsboro, Deakyne and
Emery ; Cincinnatus, Liebing and
Zlmmer. Two base hits Emery,
White, Moorhead, McCarty, Leibing.
Three base hits Hill and Farley.
Base on balls off Deakyne 2.
Engagement Announced.
The engagement of Miss Margaret
L Barrore anil Fred VV. Lafferty was
announced Monday afternoon at a
three course luncheon given by Mrs.
Roy S. Rogers, The wedding will take
place the latter part of October. They
will then co to housekeeping In the
new home which Mr. Lafferty Is build
Inc on W. Waluut street
The luncheon was pefect in its ap-
polntments. Just after the sixteen
young ladles were seated at the table
there was a ring at the door and a
telegram was delivered to Mrs. Harley
Wilkin. Mrs. Wilkin read the tele-
cram, which was from Dan Cupid and
cleverly announced the approaching
marriage of Miss Barrere and Mr.
r.iirrf-.T lloirtv and enthusiastic
were the felicitations extended Miss
Barrere In the excitement which fol-
Foll'owing the luncheon 500 was
Miss Barrere is the only daughter,
of Mrs. Lula Barrere and for the last
seven years has been a deputy In the
probate judge's office.
Mr. Lafferty is a son of Mrs. Nelson
B. Lafferty and a trusted employee in
the clothing department of Fulbel
Brothers' Store and has a wide circle
of friends.
Prof. Lee Gutrldga, who has been
spending the summer at Newark, has!
returned to resume his duties as teach
er in the High School.
Of West Ohio Methodist
Conference Made by
Bishop Monday
Dr. E
R. Slutz Returns to Hills
boro Willis is Endorsed for
Governor and Heralded
as Dry Leader.
The West Ohio Conference of the
Methodist church came to a close at
Toledo Monday. The conference will
be held in West Central church, Spring
field, next year.
The assignment of pastors for this
year was made on Monday. Dr Earl
R. Slutz returns to Hillsboro, which
pleases his congregation and the people
of the community generally.
The assignments for the Hillsboro
District follow.:
C. M. Van Pelt, Superintendent:
Aberdeen, J. N. Becket; Amelia, J. F.
Laird; Batavla, Edmond'' Burdsall ;
Belfast, C. V. Raisch ; Bethel, J. F.
Young; Blanchester, B. E. Stevens;
Ohllo, to be supplied; Clarksville, A.
J. Walker; Decatur, J. T. Yochum;
Dunkinsvllle, O. C. Chaney ; Felicity,
D. S. Every : Georgetown, G. W. Math
son; Goshen, J. D. Simms; Greenfield,
F. M. Swinehart; Hamersville, A. C.
Porter; Highland, H. F.Zlerer; Hills
boro, Earl R. Slutz; Laurel, E. C.
Shambiugh ; -Leesburg, P. P. Smith ;
Lynchburg, W E. Spurrier; Manches
ter, A E Huntington ; Marathon, B.
E Wright; Martinsville, Joseph Shep
ard; Milford, V. F. Brown; Moscow,
B H. Ryan; Mt. Orab.JohnC. Martin ;
Mulberry, C. S. Thomas; New Bur
lington, W E Schrel er; New Rich
mond, J. F. Richardson; New Vienna,
G. P. Austin ; Owensvllle, C. H. Jen
nlngs; Peebles, L. A. Washburn;
Pleasant Plain, E. J Arthur; Rains-
boro, T. F. Smith; Ripley, W. H.Spy
bev ; Sabina, D N. Stafford ; Sardinia,
II. C. Geran ; Seaman, Luke Davis ;
Sinking Spring, W. S. Dipert; Sugar
tree Ridge, C. N. Fisher ; SummerMUe
to be supplied; West Union, H. II.
Compton; Williamsburg, W M.Pat
ton; Wilmington, J J. Richards;
Winchester, S. W Melz
Other assignments which will be
of Interest to the people of Highland
county are: Dr R O. Matthews, St.
Paul's, Toledo; Davis W Clark, Avon
dale ; J. L Duckwall, Price Hill; Dr.
J. R. Colley, Westwood ; D. S Fergu
son, Seven Mill and Darrtown ; Marlon
Lsourd, West Carrollton ; W. A. Dea
ton, Bryan ; J. W. Patton, Cedarvllle;
H. G. Curless, Mechanicsbueg ; R. B.
Coleman, New Jasper.
Frank B. Willis. Republican candi
date for governor, was endorsed and
hailed as the dry leader In the earning
campaign. Dr. A. A. Smith, president
of Ohio Northern University, present
ed the resolution endorsing Mr. Willis.
Dr. Smith was enthusiastically ap
plauded when he highly extolled the
personal qualities of Mr. Willis.
Prohibition was held to be the main
issuein the coming campaign.
New Market Baptist Church.
This old church Is enjoying great
prosperity, and has attained its largest
membership under the present pas
torate. When the old men drop out,
young'men step in and more than fill
, the
hrparfi. Rpiriilar snrvlnes nRxt
Sunday morning and evening, with
preaching by the pastor. Subject in
the morning, "Drawing Near to God "
In the evening, '-Getting Back God's
Banished Ones" will be the theme,
Many young people are interested In
the evening service aswell as the Sun
day School, which is the largest organi-
zatlon of the kind In the township
Make Up Examinations
Make up examinations will be given
in high school branches Saturday from
8:30 until 12 o'clock; in the grades on
Friday from two until 12 o ciock and
I from 1:15 untU o'clock. All exami-
nations will be held in the Washing
ton Dunning, acuooi win uegin next)
Monday, Sept. 21.
C. C. Patterson, Supt.
Notice to Odd Fellows j
All Odd Fellows are cordially In
vited to the Home Coming of Lafay
ette Lodge No. 25 I. O. O. F. at their
hall on Monday night, Sept. 21. Re
freshments will be served.
Miss Sara Rockhold has gone to Ox
ford to take a course In domestic
science in Miami University.
VOL. 79. NO. 23
Of Hillsboro United Brethern
Church is J. W. Emerich-
Other Assignments.
The Southeast Ohio Conference of
the United Brethern church closed at
Bremen b'unday. The assignment of
preachers was made Sunday.
Rev J. W. Emerich Is the new pastor
of the Hlllsboro church. He comes
from Galloway and he and his wife
arrived here last night He has the
reputation of being an able and earnest
Rev G. D Spaflord, who has been
pastor here for the last year, was or
dained at tills conference, buthlsname
does not appear in the list of assign
ments. Rev. W. V Harter was assigned to
Mowrystown. He was pastor on tho
Enterprise Circuit last year.
Other assignments which will be of
Interest trf Highland county people
are : Crooksville, E E. Harris; Cynthl
ana, A. Chailin ; Harrlsburg, L. L.
Harris : Jackson, George Geiger ; Rev
J. H. Harris, Grace Church, Columbus.
Rev. C. C. Alton, for many years at
Mowrystown, and Rev. W. W. Rymer,
former pastor here, retired. Rev
Rymer expects to devote his time to
work for the homeless children of Ohio-
Temperance League Offcers.
The following executive committee
has been selected for the Highland
County Temperance League: C C
Muhlbach and C. F. Huggins, Hlds.
boro, W. I Barr, Greenfield, Rev
Frank Milner, Leesburg, hev S. E.
Wilkin, Mowrystown The committee
organized by electing Mr. Muhlbach,
president, Rev Wilkin, secretary, and
Rev. Milner, treasurer. Headquarters
have been secured in the Traction
building and will be opened at once
with the secretary in charge. Dr
Neil B. Jones, of Leesburg, was ap
pointed publicity manager.
m m i .--.
Death of John A. Collins.
Mrs. C. H. Collins and son, Frank,
and daughter, Miss Nelle, were called
to Delaware Friday by the death of
the former's son, John A. Collins. The
following account of his death Is taken
from the Delaware Gazette :
John Albertson Collins, for the past
three years a resident of this city,
passed away at his Ute home on Gris-
wolu street at o o'clock Friday morning
following a lingering Illness with can
cer. He was o4 years of age. Mr Collins
was born In Waverly, Mo., from which
place he removed to Hillsboro, Ol lo,
where he took up the practice of .aw
in lbi-i. Mr. Collins remained in that
place until 17, when he removed to
Pueblo, Colo., where he remained unti.
his removal to this city. He was in
uuusually successful attorney until i.ls
health failed him, necessitating I.ls
giving up his practice. He is survived
by his wife, a mother, Mrs. Mary E.
Collins, of Hillsboro, two children.
Miss Louise Collins and John Collins,
at home, a sister, Miss Nellie Collins,
of Hillsboro, and two brothers, Frank
A. Collins, of Hillsboro, and George
A. Collins, of Los Angeles, Cal.
The funeral services will be held
Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at his
late home at ltk Griswold street. In
terment will be made at Oak Grcvo
County Temperance Rally.
The campaign for state wide prohi
bition will open in Highland county
at the Leasburg-HIghland Fair
Grounds next Thursday. Two speak
ers of national reputation, Ex-Gov
' ?,an!eon ndlana' and MrSl Nannie
" DU" u.lis, ui im, nave ueeii se-
cured for the occasion. Gov. Hanley
is peer of any public speaker in Amer
lea today and is at his best when dis
cussing the temperance question. No
one who heard him at the Hillsboro
Chsutauqua a couple of years ago will
need to be urged to hear him again
It will only be a question of whether
they can possibly arrange to do so
Every person who is interested in
temperance or desires more knowledge
of this vital question should attend
this rally.
s. s.
The Trl-Township Sunday School
Convention will be held at the Dan
ville Christian Church Sunday, Sept.
30, at 2 p. m., standard time. This la
to be a Temperance meeting and ail
who are interested in the cause are
urged to be present.
The following program will be ren
dered :
Song Service
Scripture Reading
Reading of Minuter LenaDagg-
Openlng Addre'ss. . Aunt Margaret Stevens
Address Kev E. M. luff
II, C. Emery, Pres.
.. 4-

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