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One Year ( In Advance) 81,0
felxMonths 50
Three MonthB 25
Entered at Post Ofllce, Hillsboro, Ohio, as Second Class Matter.
ADVERTISING RATES Will Be Made Known on Application.
Apology Not
t 1019 Wowon c HnrHino-
Thp.orlore Roosevelt for nresident
fanatic, traitor, etc. Indeed he applied every epithet that could be
published or publicly spoken to those men who had formerly been
Republicans who showed their independence by supporting Roose
velt. And we have no doubt but that in private conversation he
called them even worse names. Now he is the Republican candi
date for U. S. senator and wants the support of these men and he
is so kind hearted and forgiving that he says he will allow them to
vote for him without first apologizing. While we fully appreciate
his generous and merciful offer, we had always been of the opinion
that it was our privilege as an American citizen to vote for whom
we pleased without apologizing to or begging the pardon of any
one. However, a few times after we have voted for a man we
have felt as though we should ask forgiveness for having done so
and one of those times was when we voted for Harding for govern
or. Any Republican or former Republican who voted for Roose
velt in 1912 and will vote for Harding this year is all that Harding
called him.
What Good Will Come Of It ?
A number of times since the European War began, when we
have read of the great battles with their terrible loss of life lines
from "After Blenheim" a poem by Robert Southey have come to
our minds. In the poem "Old Casper" tells his little grandson,
Peterkin, about the battle. And Peterkin.like all small children
being of an inquiring mind asks his grandfather some questions.
The thoughts expressed in the following quotations have con
tinually recurred to us in connection with the present war :
"But what they fought each other for
I could not well make out,
But everybody said, quoth he,
That 'twas a famous victory."
'But what good came of it at last '
Quoth little Peterkin ?
Why that I can not tell, said he,
But 'twas a famous victory."
All Europe is now engaged in a fearful struggle. It is appall
ing to think of the loss of life, suffering, misery and waste which
it is causing.
The survivors of this stuggle will tell their children of the fa
mous viccories as "Old Caspar" told "Little Peterkin" but when
asked what it was all about and what good came of it, they too will
be compelled to give the same lucid and satisfactory answer as
Old Caspar, "that 'twas a famous victory."
The men who are doing the fighting, who are making the sacri
fices, who are undergoing the suffering and privation do not know
what it is about nor will they know what good comes of it. They
are going out and killing and being killed because the ruler'of their
country so commanded.
We, like little Peterkin, are asking, "Why are they fighting
ach other ?" and "What good will come of it ?" Is not the price
that is being paid too great for just "a famous victory ?"
Everyone loves a cheerful loser.
It is cruel and inhuman punishment for a man of modest tastes
to be compelled to wear a hat of this fall's style.
While she is very odious to us and we have done our best to get
rid of her, Miss Take seems to be our constant companion.
As we pride ourselves on our originality and being certain that
no one else has thought of it we hasten to ask, Where was Hillsboro
when the lights went out ?
We have solved the problem of why the salary of many "public
offices is so high. The officials are being paid not alone for the
work they do after they secure the office but also for the work they
did to secure it and figured on this basis the salaries are not unreasonable.
Sept. 14, 1914.
Alva Harvey and wife, of Taylors
ville, and Harley Parshall and family,
ef New Market, spent Sunday with
Stanley Frost and family.
F. L. Crosen and wife and Art. Hlx
son and family spent Saturday night
and Sunday with relatives near Xenia.
W. J. Bates and wife spent Sunday
with L. Callaway and wife.
Amos Hopkins and family were
guests of Stewart Burton and family,
Misses Leanna and Ruby Crosen
spent Sunday with Alice Bishop, of
Farmer's Station.
Chas. Frost and family and John
Newell and family spent Sunday with
Lewis Frost.
Tom Deck and family spent Sunday
with relatives at this place.
Mr. F.ye and Miss Mattie McCoy, of
Xenia, visited her sister Mrs. Hopkins,
one day last week.
Mrs. Stanley Frost and children
spent Thursday with Frank Crosen
and family.
i i
The cost of replacing with steel cars
all the possenger cars In use on the
yallradsof the United States Is estlm
ated at more than $600,000,000.
- Editor and Manager .
jn-xnaia.'sr txxtt:flj6i:d..y
saiH that a man who voted for
was a fool, idiot, imbecile, crank,
September 1, 1914,
School opened in our town this
morning with Miss Bond as interme
dlate and Miss Leaverton as primary
W. C. T. U. holds meeting in the
Friends Church Thursday afternoon,
Sept. 17. Large attendance desired
as plans for opening meeting In near
future must be considered.
Miss Grace Turner left Friday to
take up her years work with the
Cleveland city schools. Good luck
attend her.
Willard Larkln will be in Wilming
ton College this year.
Mrs. Ewlng Newby was visiting her
Somnnfmir naln-hhrirn nnrl frlnnHo
enjoyed some of the sessions of the '" a"f n,tlnllwa ,flr,st Calle ?
Lincoln Chautauqua at Leesburg. I Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
voa, m o ... arrhoea Remedy as much as twelve
Wold's Temperance Sunnay will be years aB0. Atthat tlme x wa8 serlous.
observed by our Sunday School Siui Iyl wltn summer complaint. One
uy, uiiiuuoi t,
John Pfarr will clean and press and
mend that suit until it will look u
good as new, 1 also do dry cleaning
Give me a call. Brunner's Shoe
Shop. adv
Sept. 14, 1014.
Miss Llllle Farts was with friends
at Wilmington Sunday.
J. L. DeLaney and wife
Cincinnati two days of last week.
Mrs. Minnie Dixon and daughter, of
New Vienna, were visitors with H.
N. Henderson and family Wednesday.
Miss Martha Carr, of Cincinnati, was
with her sister, Mrs. George Smith,
last week.
Dr. McAdow attended the M. E.
Conference at Toledo last week.
Mrs. Frank Finkerton and son were
with her sister, Mrs. Patterson, of
Blanchester, two days of last week.
T. E. Moorhead and wife and H. B.
Galllett and wife were visitors at the
Home in Xenta Sunday afternoon and
a tended the Leesuurg Chautauqua in
the evening.
Mr. Duvall, of Harwood, was with
his son, Dr. Duvall, and wife, Sunday.
James Boyd, who came In from Cali
fornia last week, was the guest of his
aunt, Aseneth Terrell, and daughter,
A basket dinner was given at the
home of R. B. Wiggins Sunday, in
iionor of their daughter, Hattie.
Perry Naylor and wife, of New Vien
na, visited relatives here last week.
H. C. Walton and wife, of South
Norwood, and Michael McCarty and
wife, of Fayetteville, were guests at
the homes of Dr. Garner and George
DeLaney, Sunday.
Isma Troth and wife were guests of
the latter's sister, Mrs. Brown, at
Cuba, Sunday.
Silas Vance and family were guests
at the home of Robert Ballentine and
family, Sunday.
A number of the members of the K.
of P. lodge were with the Martinsville
lodge Friday evening.
Mrs. S. S. Puckett and daughter,
Mrs. Tlmmons, came home Saturday
evening after a visit with relatives at
The Rebekah School of Instruction
of this District, will be held hero
Friday of this week.
George Smith and wife returned
home Sunday evening, after a three
weeks visit with relatives in Iowa.
Mr. Burnett and family are moving
into the Carlos SImpklns property on
Short street.
W. L Stautner attended the Chau
tauqua in Blanchester Thursday.
Mrs. Ellen Hatcher returned to her
home in Hillsboro Sunday, after a
weeks visit with Mrs. M. E. Sonner.
Charles Hopkins and wife are now
at home in the cottage formerly occu
pied by John Luck and wife on North
Sycamore street. Mr. and Mrs Luck
have moved into part of the Fields
property on Short street.
Mrs. L. L. Faris spent part of last
week with her husband in Columbus.
Mr. Farls and family contemplate
moving to Columbus In the near future
Tliere will be a Missionary District
Convention held in the Christian
Church Tuesday and Wednesday of
next week.
Miss Hattie Wiggins left for St.
Petersburg, Fla., Monday evening,
where she has accepted a position in
the telephone olllce.
Ferd Ratcllff and wife entertained
J L. DeLaney and wife and daughter.
J. a. McAdow and Hazel Galllett at
dinner Sunday
Mrs George DeLaney spent Wednes
day with her aunt, Mrs. Robert An
drews, of Blanchester.
Stanley Taylor and family, of Cin
cinnati, were recent guests of his
mother, Mrs. Ella Taylor.
The following young people have left
for various colleges : Norlne DeLaney,
Western at Oxford, Mary Roush, Hilda
Goddard and nulitt Troth, for Ohio
State, Columbus, Emma Martin and
Lee Shaffer, for Wittenberg, Spring
field, and Joe Kleckner, for Delaware.
Miss Mollie Ditty, of Columbus, who
is visiting friends here, will spent part
of this week with friends in Cincin
nati, Miss Hazel Galllett left for Coving
ton, Ky., Sunday, where she will teach
in the public schools this winter.
Keeps Your Liver Healthily Active.
A man in Kentucky Just told a friend
that Foley Cathartic Tablets were the
most wonderful medicine that had ever
entered his system. Said he would
not be without them. Neither would
you, if you had ever tried them. A
thoroughly cleansing cathartic for
chronic constipation or for an occa
sional purge.
adv Gakubtt & Aybes.
D.arrhoea Cuied
dose of this remedy checked the trou
ble," writes Mrs. O. W. Florence, Rock-
flolH fwA L'...li inn i j
no, xuu. ui oaicu) ah xjohliohi.
In a new incubator the eggs are so
supported that the movement of a
lever turps all of them at once the
proper distance to produce the best
Sept. 14 1014.
Roy Bpck and family moved to
Bournesvtlle last week.
George Brown and family moved to
the house vacated by Roy Beck.
Miss Ruth Carey Is attending col
lege at Wilmington.
Gettle Amy and Louise Cnaney, of
Berryvillo, spent Wednesday with Ova
Creed and wife
G. B. Carey and wife and son, Glenn
took Sunday dinner with Chas. Pow
ell and family near New Vienna.
Lawrence and Ruby Carey spent
the latter part of the week in Cincin
nati. Ellis Cook and Helen Woodruff
spent Sunday at the Caves.
. Mrs S. E. Michael and d.iuifhter,
Rose, spent Saturday and Sunday
with L L Carey and wl'e, of near
For Every
Living- Thing- On
H'ree ; a 500 page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every LlvIugThln,'
an the Farm :" horses, cattle, dogs,
iheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetlnary Specifics ; also a sta
ole chart for ready reference, to han
up. Free by mall on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co.,
Corner Williams & Ann Sts., N. i" acn
"Oh. I'm In such trouble 1 My little
Willie's got lost!"
"Well, well, he'll be alright. Every
one in the neighborhood knows him."
"Oh nobody'll know him today, be
cause I've Just washed him 1" Kansas
City Times.
. - .,
Chamberlain's Liniment.
If you are ever troubled with aches,
pains or soreness of the muscles, you
will appreciate the good qualities of
Chamberlain's Liniment. Many suffer
ers from rheumatism and sciatica have
used it with the best results. It is
especially valuable for lumbago and
lame back. For sale by All Deal
ers, adv
Austrian doctors prior to the war
were so numerous that few could make
a respectable living.
"My child was burned terribly about
the face, neck and chest. I applied
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil. The pain
ceased, and the child sank into a rest
ful sleep." Mrs. Nancy M. Hanson,
Hamburg, N. Y. adv
That stove of yours has
but you have let things drift
IflHfiT3 COAX 00.
Meanwhile, you have been losing HALF of every hod
Of course, you knew it, but you did not think of it that way. You know that half
of every lump is gas. Fail to burn that gas and it is like throwing into the ditch half
of every dollar you spend in coal. t '
Rather extravagant? Yes?
The ordinary stove made of a lot of separate castings leaks air. They leak air at
the wrong place. Places you can not control.
RESULT the best part of your coal the 14,000 cubic feet of common illuminat
ing gas that is in the average ton of $3.00 soft coal goes up the flue unburned.
You have lost it. It has gone up in smoke.
This is the heater that is a joy and comfort to the housewife. It makes no dirt or
smoke in the house.
This is the heater that saves labor fix it in the morning and at night and Forgeh
It the Rest of the Time.
This is the heater that gives a steady, constant heat from soft coal or lignite.
This is the heater that will hold its fire untouched for a day and a half.
This is the heater we sell you unde'r a guarantee that is as "good as old wheat at
the mill." Burns soft coal, lignite, slack, hard coal or wood.
It is just the kind of a heater you want.. Come in and see it.
c See the name "Cole's" on the feed door of each stove.
None genuine without it
Septomber 1, 1014.
Mrs. H. N. Head called on Mrs. Geo.
i Henry Monday afternoon.
I Jos. Ferneau and wife, of Rains
boro, and Jesse Patton and family, of
Marshall, took dinner witli F. B.
Shlnkle and family Sunday.
Mrs. Nina Henry spent Tuesday
evening with Mrs. Ella Beaver.
Mr. and Mrs. II. N. Head are visit
ing their son, James Head, of Barber
ton. Geo. Miller and family were Sunday
visitors of their daughter, Mrs. J. L
Mrs. Lee LelbrocK called on Mrs.
McCoy Friday afternoon.
Miss Elizabeth Free, of Bainbrldge,
spent the past week witn her urotiior,
J ho. and family, of this pkco
Mis. Mary McCall and son, Divld,
spent Sunday afternoon with Roscoe
Garon ana family.
Miss Jennie McCoy, Mrs Samuel
McCoy and children, Opal and Oak
ley, took dinner with Jas. McNary
and daughter, of Cynthlana
Mr and Mrs. Geo nenry spent Sat
urday night and Sunday with the
farmer's parents, Jno. Henry and
wife, of Hollands
Master Geo. Henry spent Wednes
day with his grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Henry.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Garman and
daughter, of Rainsboro, and Miss
Ethel Fettro, ot Indiana, called on
Mrs. Emma McCoy and family on
Thursday evening.
Miss Osa Leibrock, who has been
visiting her uncle, Lee Leibrock, of
this place, returned to her home in
Hillsboro Tuesday.
A Lame
'Causes It.
And It will give you even worse If
not checked. Mrs. H. T. Straynge,
Galnesville.'Ga., was fairly down on
her back with kidney trouble and In
flamed bladder. She says : ''I took
Foley,KIdney Pills and now my back
Is stronger than In years, and both kid
ney and bladdortroubles are entirely
adv Gakubtt & Aykes.
"Isn't Morton something of a
"I should say so. Why, he's too
tight to risk a suggestion." Lippin-cott's.-
One-half of your coal and
it did you no good. Hard luck
that. But there is a way to fix
it. Here's how:
seen its best days. You need a
bave that gas mix it properly with air and you have the hottes.
kind of a blue flame.. But there is only one way to do this
Buy the only heater that is made tight holds tight stays tight.
Cole's Original
Hot Blast Heater
Tt leaks no air.
This is the heater that mixes the gas and air and gives you all
the heat in the coal.
This is the heater that burns any kind of coal and makes a ton
of $3.00 soft coal do the work of $8.00 hard coal in a high priced
base burner.
Theso remedies nro scientifically an
carefully prepared prescriptions; used fo
many years by Dr. Iluinpliroyo in his privat i
practice, and for noarly sixty yeara by th
people witn satisiaction.
ledical Book mailed free.
roa rww
Perers, Congestion, Inflammation 2
Worms, Worm Fever 3
Colic. Crying and Wakefulneia of Iafants.2
Diarrhea, of Children and Adults S
Coughs, Colds, SronchlUs.. ....2
Toothache. Faccaehe, Neuralgia , 2
Headache, Sick Ilcodacho, Vertigo ...2
Dyspepsia. Indigestion, Weak Stomach 2
Croup, Hoarse Cough, Laryngitis
Bait llhrum. Eruptions 2
IS Rheumatism, Lumbago 2
16 Ferer and Asun. Malaria 2
17 Piles, Blind or Bleeding. External, Internal.2
19 Catarrh, Influenza, Cold In Head 2
20 Whooplne Couch 2
91 Asthma, Opprcssed,DlfflcultrcaUilng 2
27 Kidney Disease 2
28 Nerrous Debility, Vital Weakness l.O.
0 Uriuury luconllnrncc. Wetting Bed 2
31 Bore Throat, Quinsy ....2S
77 la Grippe Cip 25
Bold by druggists, or sent oil receipt of price.
lYUllem and Ann Ltrcota.New York,
Ft Shoe Polishes -
sUIbi I IfHsJH&Jfl
-. . -----
"CILT EDGE." the only ladles' oboe dressing that
positively contains Oil. Blacks, 1'oUsbes ami l're
serres ladles' and children's shoes, stunts without
rubbing, 25c TRENCU GLOSS." 10c
"STAR" combination for cleaning and pollening all
klndsof russet or ton shoes, 10c "DANDY" size, 15c
"QUICK WIllTE"(ln Ilontd form with snon?c)aull..
ly deans and whitens dirty canvas ehoes. Wc & 25c
"ALBO" cleans and whitens BUCK. NUBUCK.
SUE2E, and CANVAS SHOES. In round white cakes
picked In z lie boxes, with sponge, inc. In hand
some, large aluminum botes, with sponge, 25c
If vourd"Aler dopf. not fcppn the kind you wnpt.ncnd ns
tbe pi ic In stamp for f ul I site paikace. cbai cts iwld.
ZO.20 Albany Street, Cambrldga, MJaa.
The Oldft art Ijtrsr't Manufacturers of
Sioe hititltn in the World.
"This plant belongs to the begonia
"Ahl And you are taking care of
it while they are away." Boston
Hives, eczema, Itch or salt rheum
sets you crazy. Can't bear the touch
of your clothing. Doan's Ointment is
line for skin itching. All druggists sell
it, 50c a box. adv
new one. You know it
of coal you have put in it.
AWM llflJliWl W l-Wll
tfAf ?
B"g. &y 3Wl'b-,",lw'!HS1WlkK&mB
mmwirvm J")n-imi.

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