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Mrs. Dick Rookhold
in Cincinnati.
spent Friday
D. Q. Morrow was a
ctnnatt Sunday.
visitor In Cin
Pipes worth 50o for 25c atHUllard's.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ray
McBrlde, Thursday.
Harry Bogers, who has been very
111, Is slowly recovering
Smoke an Abram Clark that good
Havana 5c cigar, Bold at Hllllard's.adv
Miss Sarah Rockhold left Sunday
for Oxford to enter school.
Miss Sara Thompson gave a card
party Saturday afternoon.
Try one of Hllllard's 6c Havana ci
gars, adv
Col. L. B. Boyd returned Saturday
from a trip to New York City.
Leslie Carey spent Sunday with his
father, Zlmrl Carey, at Careytown.
Miss Mario Eckraan spent Sunday
and Monday with friends in Cincinnati.
Miss Ruby Crosen Is employed at
Housh's Millinery Store for the present
Miss Lucy Edmlnston visited rela
tives In Winchester Saturday and
Mrs. Will Hogsett and Miss Olive
Berryman spent the past week in
Henry Wilkin and Lewis List went
to Marietta Thursday, where they will
attend college.
Mrs. Ibold, of Dayton, spent the
past two weeks with Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Seaman.
Misses Nina and Faith Glenn went
to Battle Creek, Mich., Thursday to
spend a week.
Wllliard Wilson and Thomas Griflln
went to Wooster Monday, where they
will attend college.
Mrs. J. S. Trop and daughter, Mrs.
Ernest Elliott, wew shopping In Cin
cinnati last week.
Stick candies the purest made, at
Hilliard's. adv
Mrs. W. A Tetor, of Loosburg, was
a visitor here Saturday.
Townsend Rldgway was a visitor in
Cincinnati Monday.
Lowneys and Dolly Varden box
chocolates. Always fresh at Hllllard's.
Joseph Carroll left Monday night for
Chicago on a business trip.
Will Ambrose spent Sunday and
Monday In Cincinnati.
J. S S. Riley, of Greenfield, was a
business visitor here Monday.
Have a heart boys, buy her a box of
those delicious chocolates, at Hllllard's.
Philip N. Hall spent Sunday
Cody's Place at Covington, Ky.
Clarence Nlckeson and John Miller
spent Sunday In Sablna with Arch
Hot wiener, ham, brick and import,
ed swlss cheese sandwiches and collee
at Hilliard's. adv
Miss Mildred Browder, of Leesburg.
visited her aunt, Mrs. John Rldgway,
Marshall Huffenberger has returned
home after spending the summer in
Ira Drennan and family, of Xenla,
were guests of his parents Sunday.
Gaddls Edwards, of New Vienna, Is
the guest of Noah Emery this week.
Harry Miglll left Sunday to enter
school at Wooster.
Arthur Rankin, of Springfield,
spent Sunday with friends here.
Get a genuine Mexican
at Hllllard's.
Hot Toraale
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richards are
spending the week at the Point.
Jas. Roads and Jacob Murphy and
sons, Ogle and llerscliel spent Sun
day at Ripley.
Miss Inez. Butler has returned home
after an extended visit with friends
In Leesburg.
W. T. Roush and wife visited their
son, Ted, and family, of Russell, Sunday.
A daughter was born to Mr.
Mrs. Georgj Lyle, of Dayton,
Kenneth Buchanan returned to
Champaign, 111., Tuesday, to enter
Ab. Stockwell, of
spent Saturday with
East Danville,
Mrs. Catherine
Mrs. J. Frank Wilson and daughter,
Miss Margery, spent Tuesday in
Mrs. Wm. Shade has returned to her
home in Taylorsville, 111., after a visit
With relatives here.
Mrs. C. W.Compton, of Mt. Sterling,
Ky., is visiting her mother, Mrs. Amos
Evans, north of town.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Hunter and son,
Paul Henry, spent Sunday with Cyrus
GriUlth, at Harrisburg.
' -
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coffman were
guests of Mrs. Coffman's mother, Mrs.
Haley, near Mowrystown.
Miss Ellen Steele went to Cincinnati
Wednesday to resume her work as
teacher in the University School.
Miss Dorothy Scarborough enter
tained a company of young people with
a card party Friday night.
MissGoldle Mauntell, of Wilming
ton, spent Sunday with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. George Mauntell.
Harley' Pence, of Dayton, Is spend
ing a few days with his grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Orebaugh.
Mrs. Theodore Perln entertained a
company of ladles very pleasantly with
a bridge party Friday afternoon.
Misses Naomi Roads, Ruth Rlzer and
Mary Butler have gone to Delaware to
attend Ohio Wesleyan University.
George McConnaughey and Charles
Prine have gone to Granville, where
they will attend Dennlson College.
Miss Mary Edwards spent Saturday
Vk and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and
V Mc rfnr'ipa TiYlt arris. nt, flarnvtnwn.
M10. MVIUKV ...... M.w, , - rf
I yi Misses NotaTiiarDand Anna WrlBrtit
.$ -inrl TTarrlln VanZant and Chas. Lvle
spent Sunday with friends near Sablna.
Miss Etta Williamson and mother,
Mrs. Davidson, were entertained by
Mr. and Mrs. Will Creed, at Marshall,
John Elmore went to Cincinnati
Sunday and spent the day with his
son, Lon, who is a patient at Chrlsts
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McCon
naughey, of Cincinnati, spent Sunday
with the former's mother, Mrs. Sarah
Mrs. Lillian Fenner and sons, Carl
and Russell, have returned home after
a visit with Mr. and Mrs Burch Fen
ner, near New Vienna.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Gordon, of Nor
wood, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Chas
Miss Cora Morrow, of Fall Creek,
visited Miss Lucille Morgan, Friday
and Saturday.
Mrs. Mack Sonner entertained a
number of ladles with a kenslngton
Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. George Pugh visited
Mr. and Mrs.YVllliani Stockwell, at
Danville, Sunday.
Judge and Mrs. J. B. Worley spent
Saturday at Cynthiana at the K. of P.
and I. O O, F. picnic.
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Alexander, of
Columbus, spent Tuesday with Mr.
and Mrs. C. C. Farkes.
Jacob Wlsecup fell Friday evening
while picking grapes at.d fractured
two ribs.
Mrs Neal Wauueil, of Gieeoflsld,
has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Lyman Beecher, since Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Freeland, of
Seamen, are guests of Mr. and Mrs.
John Drennan.
Mr. and Mrs. William Fisher and
John Evans, of Roxabell, were guests
of Mrs. E. E. Linn, Wednesday.
Miss Nita Elliott, of Springfield, is
employed at the Trop millinery store
for this season.
C. N. Winkle and wife and son,
Milliard, spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. M. J. Pulllam, of Prlcetown.
Miss Sylvia
and Sunday
Young spent Saturday
with her mother at
Hugh Morrow and family went to
Leesburg Sunday to attend their
Mrs. George B. Beecher entertained
a company of ladles with a dinner and
bridge party Thursday evening.
When In Hlllsboro get a light lunch
at Hllllard's. The place where men
and women receive courteous treat
ment. adv
B O. Pratt, Mr.and Mrs. Alva Lemon
and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roush spent
Sunday in Jamestown.
Miss Josephine Rldgeway visited Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Lyle, near Marshall,
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben B. Evans, of Car
lisle, ind., have been visiting the
former's sister, Miss Mary, and other
relatives here since Saturday.
Miss Fay West entertained a num
ber of girl friends .at her home on
Clear Creek last week.
Misses Helen and Carrie Conners, of
New Richmond, are the guests of
friends and relatives here.
Charles Pence and family, of Dayton,
spent Sunday and Monday with Mr.
and Mrs. Louis Orebaugh.
Miss Mary DeHaas, of Cincinnati,
is spending the week with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John DeHaas.
Miss Gertrude Hunter returned to
her home in Madisonvllle Sunday,
after a few days visit with Miss Jennie
Mrs. E. N. Pulllam, Blaine Pulllam
and daughter, Helen, spent Tuesday
with C. C. Walker and family.
Miss Lora Underwood Is spending
the week with her sister, Mrs. Wen
dell Summers, near Careytown.
Miss Gladys Rudlslll spent a few
days the first of tne week with her
uncle, n. S. Evans, of Clear Creek.
The members of St. Mary's Catholic
Church gave a miscellaneous shower
for Father Burke on Monday night.
Rev. and Mrs. Spafford and son and
Mrs. Frances Hammond, who spent
the past week with relatives in Michi
gan, have returned home.
The Hlllsboro Band furnished the
music for the K. of P. and I. O. O. F.
picnic held at Cnythlana last Satur
day. Miss Flossie DeHaas, of East Dan
ville, spent Saturday and Sunday with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John De-Haas.
Abner Gall and family, of Belfast,
will move Into the house recently pur
chased by Miss Emma Gibson from
Joseph V. Davis.
Mrs. C. C Roush and two daughters,
Lillian and Ila, and Miss LUlle Ted
rick visited Otis Barker and family,
at Prlcetown, Sunday.
Mrs. Gertrude WInegardner return
ed home Monday after a weeks visit
with her daughter, Mrs. Walter
Brown, at Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Hetherlngton,
Mrs. Belle Osborn and Miss Elizabeth
Miller spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. David Grant, at Sugartree Ridge.
Mrs. Harry W. Spargur gave a most
enjoyable the danzant Friday afternoon
forjher granddaughter, Miss Eliza Mc
Keehan, of Cleveland. ,
Miss Zella Miller went to Indianapo
lis, Ind., the first of the week where
she will take a course of training In
teaching of the deaf and dumb.
Daniel Morgan Jr. left Monday for
Lawrencevllle, N. J., where he will
attend the Academy this j ear, prepa
ratory to entering Princeton College.
Mrs. Bert Setty and children, Paul
and Marguerite, spent the past week
with her mother, Mrs. Hannah Mc
Keehan, at Sinking Springs.
Dr. and Mrs. Chas. Farls entertained
his mother, Mrs. Eliza Farls, of Price-
town, and Misses Grace and Gladys
Smith, of Indiana, last Friday.
C. E. Haines and wife spent from
Friday until Monday the guests of
Mr. Harris' sister, Mrs. Evans, of
Washington C. H.
Messrs. Howard and Walter Bean,
of Nebraska, are the guests of their
uncle, Will Bean, and wife and
grandmother, Mrs. Agatha Bean.
When Rodney Phall Inherited the lit
tle Wcstbrook factory that had been
tho quiet, unassuming property of his
deceased uncle for two decades, ho
posted up his one order in all of tho
four working rooms of the plant.
It was: "Sing."
"What does he mean, anyhow?"
growled well-meaning but surly Jeff
Dodson, the foreman. "Is thero a bet
ter system In any shop along tho riv
er? 'Swear!' would BUit me better
when a machine breaks down."
"Maybe his advice would be good
for you, then," suggested his assistant.
"It doesn't do the youngsters much
good to hear you rip It off when you're
riled, Jeff."
Before another day, however, all
hands In the plant understood tho situ
ation clearly. The new proprietor ar
rived a rather serious-faced young
man, but with a kindly light in bis
eyes and a gentle, sympathetic voice
that attracted the eighty odd employes.
The first thing Rodney Phall did was
to call all hands into the main rest
room and make them a speech.
He told them that he felt something
more than mere enrichment In being
tho favored owner of the business a
sense of great responsibility. The
same conservative business methods
would be followed. Old and deserving
employes would be retained. His
great wish, however, was to make of
them a hapy family. He Intended to
build a club house for them, where mu
sic, lectures and entertainments could
be held to break the monotony of their
lives. There would be a good library
and a gymnasium. These faithful
workmen had borne bravely the brunt
of the Industrial battle. They should
share In the prosperity of the business.
Each year twenty-five per cent of the
profits of the concern should be dis
tributed equally among the employes.
Of course there was rare apprecia
tion evinced at the mention of this lib
eral donation. Then Mr. Phail said:
"I have put up a sign reading, 'Sing.'
I want to explain about that. For ten
years my life has been spent on a lone
ly ranch, taking care as custodian of a
piece of property In litigation belong
ing to my uncle. The solitude, the eve
ning weariness after an uneventful
day, the uneventful existence fast
made of me an unsociable hermit,
There was no sweetness in my life.
Then, one day, a wonderful bird took
up its home just above my cabin door.
It sang from morning until night It
filled the air with rare, beautiful mu
slo, and my soul with delight. When
it flew away to sunnier climes with the
approach of winter I missed it great
ly. Then a new idea came to me: 1
would sing myself. My friends, you
do not know how his companionship
of music cheered and refined me."
This was the text, and further upon
the subject "the new boss" briefly
descanted. He showed them how, es
pecially in the work rooms where the
assembling of the plant was done at
long tables, the hours could be enliv
ened by music, the vocal organs exer
cised and rhythm, poetry and good
cheer engendered.
There was so much promise to the
plan, the girls especially so eagerly re
sponded to the music suggestion, that
Rodney decided to go a step further.
He advertised In a near city newspa
per for a cultured lady to undertake an
orderly educational superintendency of
a group of sixty young factory girls.
One especially neat, terse and com
prehensive reply from a Miss Mabel
Durant pleased him. A week later the
young lady in question arrived upon
the scene with her aged mothor. Rod
ney had a neatly furnished cottage
near the works all ready for them. For
the first time In his life a woman's
face attracted him in anew way. With
in a week he was ardent in his appro
bation of the system pursued by the
quiet, refined young Jady, who entered
with zest into taking charge of the girl
Rodney left all the details of man
agement and training to Miss Durant.
He heard great reports of her sue-
Where Quality Counts
A Theatre with a Reputation for good Shows.
Episode No. 3
"The Million Dollar Mystery"
"The Countess"
With Francis Bushman
"The Old Maid's Baby"
World's greatest actress
"Little Mary Pickford"
"The Smoker" and "Never
See her every Friday night.
Selig Hearst Weekly No. 42
"The Little Captain"
Bobby Connelly Teft Johnson
Saturday, Matinee and Night
"The Shattered Tree"
A pleasing Drama in two
parts. Ben Wilson Gertrude
"Within the Noose"
A Thrilling Western Drama
Dolly Larkin Tom Forman
"The Circus and the Boy"
Your little favorite again
Bobby Connelly as the boy
"Fogg's Millions"
Two Part Vitagraph Feature.
Norma Talmage -VanDy ke
"His Kid Sister"
Western Vitagraph Comedy
Drama. Every Monday night
is "Vitagraph Night"
"The Show Girl's Glove"
No. 2. of .the Seriea Featuring
Alice Joyce. Complete in two
"The Toll"
James Morri s on D o r o t h y
Kelly. Two Part Vitagraph
"Sophie Gets Stung"
Another S. & A. Western Com
"Across the Burning Trestle"
Thrilling R R. Drama. Mabel
Trunnelle Bigelow Cooper.
"The Little Hobo"
An intensely interesting Drama
"Sweedie the Swatter"
A Side Splitting Comedy with
the famous Comedian, Wallace
Beery in title role as "Sweedie".
Phaeton Seat Buggy
It is light and graceful with snappy lines. Ex
actly right for the young man. Very few manufac
turers have discovered the art of eliminating "clum
siness" from their Phaeton Seat Buggies.
We use the Ton Don Axle with case-hardened
steel spindles they cannot be scratched with the
sharpest file. The boxes are lined with phosphor
bronze like your electric motor or cream separator.
We have a farge stock and can supply you today.
The M. F. Carroll & Sons Go.
An unusually strong attraction comes
to Bell's Opera House Friday, Sept. 18.
Freckles", one of the real successes
of last, season, will he thp. nfTfirinir.
cess, he did not wonder when he met,m,, nrnf.I1PMnn u,,nHor H. Hirar-Mnn
her daily that she had wound herself f Q rater, whose staging of
around the hearts of the girls. Then , . . '. . . A ., ,,
; . Ma h, !,, hrtii-rt .. h popular novels, notably "Quo Vadls",
I paused In his work to listen to a touch- "?r,ausrk"' , "Beverly'' and "The
ing ballad she was singing in the work, 'rlnP Line" has established him as a
. ... . nnnnlnllnt t - Knnlr nlnnn II DaimlrtnnM
room. It was in tne rear worK room on ""' uuu (jijb, i? iconics
the fourth floor of the plant, but every j was the best of the "best-sellers" for
Mrs. Henry Brown and daughter,
Miss Llda, returned to their home in
Chicago, after an extended vls.lt with
Mr and Mrs. Mike Brown. I
Miss Pearl Carlisle, Harry Roads and
Brvln Evans have gone to Columbus, '
where they will attend Ohio State
University again this year. j
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. McOlure and
on, Doyle, and Miss Ruth Cole, who
have spent the past two weeks with
relatiyea In Indiana, have returned
home. I
Direct Shipment from
Baltimore twice each
Standards, per pint 20c
Selects, per pint 25c
TLhe Smoker
Both Phones 120 W. Main st.
James Ramsden and wife and sons,
Russell and James, spent Sunday
with Geo. Robinson and family west
of town.
A Tempeiance Rally will be held at
Falsom M. E. church on Sunday, Sept.
20, at 1:30 o'clock, sun time. A good
1 program has been arranged and good
M.l.A.n ...111 lu nvaoont
BlJUatkOia mil ug (jioodiiv.
Dr. H. M. Brown arrived home Fri
day from Europe, where lie had gone
to purchase Belgian and Percheron
horses for the firm of Brown & Ayres.
On account of the breaking out of the
war he was unable to bring over any
! horses, both the Belgian and French
governments prohibiting their being
note was borne to his wistful hearing
strong and clear.
Suddenly a Jarring crash shut out
the mellow harmony that so charmed
him. He turned to view a great up
heaval of an isolated stone building
where explosive varnishes were stored.
There was a blast of flame. The main
building had caught. In an Instant
dense clouds of smoke rolled upwards.
"Fire I"
The direful shout, echoed and re
peated, rent the air. There was a
rush from the building. A chill struck
the heart of the anxious Rodney as he
thought of the girls on the fourth floor.
"Those narrow stairs!" he gasped,
and then, thirty voices strong, thero
came to his ears the steady, rising
notes of a song accompanying the
footsteps, as clearly timed as though
a company of trained soldiers was on
the march.
And so, in splendid order, the last
one of the girls got safely out of the
building. The structure was destroyed,
but soon to be rebuilt
But not until Rodney Phall had won
loving bride who had sane her gqp
Ue way into his heart ot hearts.
(Goprrlfht, Wit br W. a. Crncman
several years, and still ranks high in
popular demand. One can scarcely
hazard a guess as to the number of our
theatre patrons who have read the
novel, but it must be very large, and
in consequence more than ordinary
interest is aroused over the next
attraction. The play Is said to follow
the book story closely, every character
being faithfully reproduced in the
stage version, and in this form posses
sing an even wider appeal to lovers of
nature than as a novel.
The Freckles Show plays the War
nut In Cincinnati the week of Sept
20. adv
Mrs. II. n. McKeehan and daughter,
Miss Eliza, of Cleveland, have been
the guests of the former's parents, M
and Mrs. Harry W. Spargur, the past
Atlas JJement
A car just received at
Richards Mill
50 Acre Farm For Sale
6 room house, good. Good
Barn. This is a good little
farm near Danville, O.
Address ROBT. D. McCLURE.
Hillsboro, O.
R. F. D. Lynchburg, O.
Hon. and Mrs. J. J. Pugsley very
delightfully entertained with a dinner
Friday evening for Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam F. Allen, of New York City.
Covers were laid for twelve. After
I dinner bridge was played.
Fertilizer demonstrations will be
held on the farms of H. E. Wilkin and
Thomas E. Berry, near East Danville,
by M. A. Bachtell, of the State College
of Agriculture on Tuesday, Sept 22.
The demonstration on Mr. Wilkin's
farm will be at 0 o'clock in the morn
ing and at Mr. Berry's at 1 o'clock in
the afternoon.
II. A. Kent and mother and sisters,
Ruth and Lena, John S. Farls and
family and Miss Lucille Ridge way
were guests ot Ben Kent and family
at Leesburg Sunday.

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