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We will publish the announcements
of candidates for state, district and
county olllces of any party from now
until the election. Our rate for dis
trict olllces Is $5.00 and for county of
fices $3.00. Rate for state otllces made
known upon application. All copy Is
subiect to change. Under the postal
regulations we do not believe any
newspaper can refuse advertising of
this description and be ontltled to
special postal rates given newspapers.
I am a candidate for County Sur
veyor on the Deuiocra lc ticket and
will appreciate jour support at the
election on Tuesday, Nov. 3. I have
had several years experience In sur
veying and civil engineer work, both
In a private capacity and in county
and state work.
adv Charles F. Clakke.
m m
t am a candidate for re-election as
County Commissioner on the Demo
cratlc ticket. During my first torm I
have always done those things which
1 considered for the best interest of all
the DeoDle and ask their support upon
my record, Investigation of which is
adv D. O. Matthews.
I am a candidate for County Sur
veyor on the Republican ticket, sub
ject to the will of the voters at the
election to be held Tuesday, Nov. 3.
I will appreciate your support. I have
been actively engaged In surveying
and civil engineer work for the past
ten years both In a private capacity
and in county and state work
adv H. W. Hunteh
i am a candidate for re-election on
the Republican ticket as Representa
tive from Highland county In the
SfatA r.pfflslature. During my first
term T have served the people to the
best of my ability, at all times acting
for what I considered the best inter
ests of all my constituents. I would
appreciate an investigation of my rec
ord and am asking your support upon
it. G. G. O. Pence.
Closing Agreement.
We the undersigned and representa
rip firms and Individuals engaged in
the millinery trade and business, in
the village of Hillsboro, Highland
county, O , do hereby agree to close
our respective places of business at 6
o'clock p. m , each day of the week
save on two evenings, fixed by this
agreement, to wit, Thursday and Sat
urday, beginning Sept. 22, 1914.
Josephine Roush The Elite
Mks J. S. Trop The Bon Ton
adv The Fashion
Dr. and Mrs. William Fulton and
daughter and Mr. and Mrs George
Cason, of New Richmond, were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ambrose,
Gabe He says he Is a descendant Of
a great family.
Steve Yes ; and he Is still descend
ing. Cincinnati Enquirer.
Where Quality Counts
A Show That's
Always Good
"The Million Dollar Mystery"
Episode No. 4.
"Train ot lncidents"-Comedy
"A Daring Young Person"
A show before and after concert
'Selig-Hearst Weekly No. 44"
Current Events of the World
"The Apple"-Drama.
Dorothy Kelly Jas. Morrison
"A Rich Revenge"
A Mary Pickford Reissue
"Caryl of the Mountains"
Kathlyn Williams in Title Role
"The Debt"-Two Parts.
A Drama with a Good Moral
"Doctor Smith's Baby"
A Screaming Comedy of the
Genuine Type. Maurice
tello and Mary Oharleson.
nn)f FnrflAf The Million
UUII I I Ul yd uttle Mary
September 21, 1014.
Geo. Lemon, of Hillsboro. returned
home the past week after spending a
week with his daughter, Mrs. George
Miss Mary Smith, of Marshall, dined
at the home W. R. Nolands Sunday.
Vernon Walker and two sisters, of
Flat Run, attended church here Sun
day and dined with O G Easter.
Chas. Sprinkle and wife dined Sun
day with thelatter's parents, J. A.
Easter and wife.
Mrs. Mary Williamson, of Kansas,
and Robert Dutley and wife, of Cali
fornia, have been visiting their sister,
Mrs. Chris. Hopkins.
Rev C. D. Relsch, of Jasper, will
move Into the parsonage the latter
nart nf hp. week or the first of the
Mrs. W. S. Halgh, who fell and sus
talned a bad bruise on her limb sev
eral weeks ago, had to have It lanced
one day the past week and Is now im
Halgh Cornelius and sister, Miss
Olive, attended church here Sunday
and dined with J. E. Halgh's.
F. J. Kelley and family, of Hills
boro, spent Sunday with friends here
DeWltt Hart and Miss Gladys Tan-
notiin wnrfi nuietlv married at the
home of the bride on last Wednesday
evening by Rev. T. C. Kerr.
M. J. Cummlngsand daughter, Miss
Mary, spent last Tuesday at the home
of A. W. Mllburn.
The W. C. T. U. met Thursday at 2
p. m. at the church. The union
gladly welcome any one to meet with
The corn In this section Is an aver
age crop and the farmers are busy put
ting their corn In the shock.
Mrs. L. H. Mendenhall spent the
past week with her sisters in Greene
and Clermont counties.
Miss Mabel Kerr dined Sunday at
the home of W. R. Nolands.
There will be a temperance address
at the Presbyterian Church here next
Fridav niirht September 2d by Rev. r
n. K rr and a Droirram by the child
ren. Everybody come. That the ad'
dress may be of benefit In the cam
paign that Is of such vast Importance
September 21, 1914
Corn cutting is in fu 1 blast.
Mrs Carrie Selph and children
ited at Berryville on Wednesday and
Mrs. James Speelraan spent part of
last week at Ogden with her sister,
who Is quite sick.
The many friends of Mrs Lizzie
Hodson will be pleased to know she is
able to ride out and call on her neigh
bors. Electa Lowman spent Thursday
night with Rachel Michael.
Mrs. George Rolf and children spent
Sunday with her parents, R. A. Mc
Daniel and wife, of near Round Head.
Catherine and Florence Speelman
spent Sunday evening with Vera and
May Houser, of Round Head.
m .
Japanese are producing more than
K.nnn.nno tons of coal a year from
mines in Japan and South Manchuria
A House With
Fixed Pictures
This is Vitagraph Night
"Detective and Matchmaker"
William Duncan Margaret
"Bread Upon the Waters"
Lillian Walker and Harry
Northup. A Sterling Drama in
two parts.
"Lillian's Dilema" Two Reels
A Refined Comedy of Merit.
Lillian Walker Wallie Van
"Slippery Slim, Diplomat"
An S. & A. scream. Another
Two Reel Feature will be added
to program.
"The Last Assignment"
Last number of "Dollle Series'
"His Fight"-Drama,
Surprising Story of Heart In
terest. "Money Talks"
S. & A. Com. Wallace Beery
Dollar Mystery Every Thursday
Pickford Every Friday,
Fess For President.
The Xenla Herald published an arti
cle last week, stating that Congress
man S. D. Fess, of Yellow Springs,. Is
candidate for the Republican nomina
tion for president In 1910. The follow
ing extract Is from the article : I
Dr. Simeon D. Fess, president of the
Mann Institution, Republican Con
gressman from the Sixth district and
next to Mann, of Illinois, tne noori
leader of the House Republicans, has I
fired his ambition with desire to go to '
the White House.
Boiled down, condensed, succinctly
stated Dr. Fess Is candidate for the
Republican nomination for President
in 191G. This candidacy, too has passed ,
the embryo stage. I
It has begun to seethe and roar and
has already gained the size and vigor
of a spring freshet rolling down the
Shawnee's bed.
Dr. Fess has developed Into an ar
dent protectionist. He has been mak
ing high protective speeches, and
castigating the wicked Democrats.
Deaf-Blind-Mute Enters College.
Leslie F. Oren, the deaf-bllnd-mute
boy who is so well known, not only here
at his home, but everywhere, has ef
fected plans whereby he will be able
to enter Ohio State University for a
course of study. Superintendent J ones,
of the State School for the Deaf, has
secured the services of a young man,
who has completed the course at the
University, who will give young Mr.
Oren all his time, acting as interpreter
Leslie will be the first student of the
kind ever In the University, or for that
matter, perhaps, the first blind-deaf-mute
student in any regular college
anywhere. As local people know, he
was given full courses In special schools
for the training of students deficient
in sight and hearing, and last year
spent several months in Wilmington
College, where a cousin, Oren Dickin
son, served him as interpreter. He ls
of course, an unusually bright young
man, and has done wonders In over
coming the natural barriers to an edu
cation. His career In the big State
School will be watched with great
interest by everybody Wilmington
The Music of Married Life.
Sunday evening at the Methodist
Church, Dr. Slutz will begin an unu
sual series of sermons on the following
subjects. There will be six sermons In
the series as follows :
1. The Solo.
2. The Duet.
3. The Trio.
4. The Chorus.
5. Discord.
0. Harmony.
Some of the sub-heads for the ad
dress this coming Sunday evening are
as follows. "The Banner of Love",
"Thou Shalt Not Flirt", "The Profit
and Loss of Matrimony," "Taxing
Bachelors", "Eugenic Marriages."
Nearly half a hundred letters have
been sent out to local bachelors and
bachelor girls asking them the follow
ing questions.
1st. In your estimation why are
there so many who never marry, and
why do so many marry rather late in
2nd. Do you believe that it would
be just for the government to levy a
special tax upon the unmarried f
3rd. Do you believe that laws
should be passed in all the states en
forcing eugenic marriages ?
Most of these letters will be ad
dressed to bachelors and bachelor
girls and some of the replies will be
read during the address.
There are a good many in and about
Hillsboro who have been singing a
matrimonial solo for some time, and
it is safe to say that there will be a
large crowd on hand to hear them
"get theirs." There is a rumor to the
effect that Dr. Slutz will perform all
marriage ceremonies at half price
during the time he Is dellving this
The "Ways of a Wet Town" and
"Paciflcatlng Mexlcanno" the latest
comedy farces produced by Charley
Gano with Coburn's Greater Minstrels
next Friday, Sept. 25, at Bell's Opera
House and assisted by that prince of
comical black face impersonators
"Nlcodemus Glynn" and a big com
pany of singers, dancers and comedians
Is said to be the greatest numbers ever
presented by Joe Coburn and his mer
ry minstrel men. This is the biggest
and nest company he has ever carried
and positively an all new production
throughout. A clean, clever, guar
anteed attraction which never disap
points. Progressive, enjoyable and
positively fulfilling every promise
every season. Seats on sale at Van
Group Four oi the Ohio Hankers
Association will hold its annual meet
ing in Chlllicothe October 22. Group
Four comprises the banks located In
Adams, Brown, Clinton, Fayette,
Gallia, Highland, Jackson, Lawrence,
Pickaway, Pike, Ross, Scioto and Vin
ton counties and 59 out of 09 banks In
the district are members of the associa
tion, O. N, Sams, president of the
Merchants National Bank, is president
of the group and attended a meeting
of the executive committee at Chllli
cothe last week when arrangements
were made for the annual meeting.
Combines the conservative management and ripe
'' age with the progressive spirit and success
The Merchants National
Bank in entering upon its 49th
year, has installed a new elec
tric Burroughs adding-sub-trauing
machine. One book
keeper now does all the post
ing on the four individual
ledgers, enabling the bank to
promptly care lor its increasing
volumn of business with neat
ness, accuracy and dispatch.
It prints dates adds deposits
to old balances subtracts
checks computs and prints
new balances and automatic
ally detects and designates'
overdrafts, if any, without any
mental effort on the part of
the operator.
There was a time when a
bank was little more than a
place to safe-guard money.
To day nine-tenths of all the
business of the country is tran
sacted through the banks.
New methods of business call for hew equipment, and this bank
takes pleasure in presenting to our customers this latest invention
for successful bank service and management.
OlSfltllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllflllllliiailllltlllKIKIllltBlflBIIItltfillfllllflllflllftltilttlllliitl -.()!i,illli;ilil!lillllllllllllllH
OCTOBER 6, 7,f8 AND 9
Three Good Daysf Racing
$30.00 in premiums is offered! for the Boy's Live Stock Judging
Contest and Girl's Contest in DomesticS Science, which- is under
the supervision of a representative of the O. S. U. on Wednesday
at 9:30 a. m.
Great Display in ail Departments. Big Exhibit from the Ohio State
Company D, O. N. G., of Hillsboro, will camp on the grounds
during the week and give exhibition drills each day of the fair.
Everybody invited to contribute to the success of the Fair by
making Displays in any and all departments.
1 R. L. WEST, President LESLIE GEORGE, Secretary j
IJiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinn iiii(iii!ii)UE!iiimiii!iHiiif mini
Public Sale.
I will offer at public sale on Thurs
day, Oct. 1, 1914, at my residence at
Gath, Ohio, 3J miles west of Mowrys
town, Ohio, the following property
to-wlt :
Four head of horses, two milk cow,
one 18 month old heifer, one spring
calf, eleven head of hos, weight from
100 up to 150 pounds.
One mower, one riding cultivator,
two double shovel plows, one breaking
plow, one single shovel plow, one hay
rake, one 1-horse corn drill, one scraper
and sleds, one wheel barrow, one wag
on, two buggies, one as good as new,
one surrey, as good as new, one surrey
harness, two buggy harness, two work
harness, one wheat fan, one fruit
evaporator. Also about 5 tons of hay
in barn, 75 bushels of oats, 115 bales of
straw and one half of 20 acres of corns.
Also household and kitchen furni
ture, one range, one cook stove, one
heating stove, one cupboard, chairs,
one Beatty organ, one graphaphone
and discs and many other articles too
numerous to mention here.
Sale commences at 0 o'clock.
Terms made known on day of sale.
adv James Euverabd.
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Beard, of Saline,
Kas., were the guesta of Mr. and Mrs.
John DeHaas, Friday and Saturday.
Mr. Beard was a member of the 175th
O. V. 1. and will remain In this county
until after the reunion of his regiment
on Thursday.
At the meeting of tiie county com
missioners Monday the board reorgan
ized by selecting O. O. Kesler, as
chairman. W. O. Cowman and David
Leadbetter were appointed on the
Bursal Commission for Liberty township.
Report to Comptroller of Cur
rency. September 12, 1914
Loans and Dlic tints $447,108.28
Overdrafts 64.72
U.S. Bonds , 100,000.00
Municipal Bonds... 106,700 00
Banking Houm) 14,09100
Ridcinptlrn Fund 5,000 00
Ouit trum Bands $143,447.99
Cash on Hand $46,691 72 190,139.71
Total S863.I03.7I
Capital Sin k . $100.000 00
Surplus . 30,000 00
Undivided Profits 19.965 02
emulation . 98,800,00
DEPOSITS 594,438 69
Total ... $863,103 71
Tills Bank with Its Capital of $100,
000 00, Surplus and Undivided r ro
of $69,965 02 and Resources of
$863,103 71, atlnrils Its patrons
every favor and service that safely
and good manaqera nl permits.
Scenic Display "Land of The Nyad's" with Coburn's Greater Min
strels, Bell's Opera House, Friday, Septemb6r 25.
Notice .
John Pfarn will clean and press anc i
mend that suit until it will look it ,
good as new. 1 also do dry cleaning '
Give me a call. Brunner's Shoe .
Shop. adv j
The servant girl In asuburban fami
ly was taken to task for oversleeping
"Well, ma'am," she said, "I sleep
very slow, and so it takes me a long
while to get a good night's rest."
Boston Transcript.
Hives, eczema, itch or salt rheum
sets you crazy. Can't bear the touch
of your clothing. Doan's Ointment Is
fine for Bkln Itching. All druggists sell
it, 50o a box. adv
of youth.
Direct Shipment from
Baltimore twice each
Standards, per pint 20c
Selects, per pint 25c
ICbe Smofter
Both Phones 120 W. Main st.
A Berlin professor estimated the
commercial value in electricity of a
flash of lightning lasting for ,1000 of a
second at 20 cent.

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