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An amazing insight into the family life of wild birds is afforded by a
remarkable film to be presented by
Bell's Opera House
These reproductions of the sky, timid and wary creatures were secured
only by exercising infinite patience and extraordinary skill and resourceful
ness. The mother bird's solicitude for the welfare of her young, and the ab
solute confidence of the latter are shown with a fidelity and naturalness that
are most appealing. Weeks of patient waiting were necessary o familiarize
the anxious mother bird with the camera before her natural distrust of hu
man Intrusion could be overcome. Another distinct photographic triumpn of
this film is that which "caught" the kingfisher at the moment of diving for a
fish, capturing it, and then enjoying his repast though with considerable ef
fort. Then there are brightly hued woodpeckers "at nome" looking askance
out of an old tree trunk, the fascinating shrike, the astute magpie, "a singing
lesson" with young crows as pupils, young ducklings, graceful swans, and a
heron In flight. The film comprises the finest examples of bird life in natura1
colors that could be imagined.
A descent into the crater of Vesuvius, pictorial pilgrimages through
Venice, Greece, France, India and Arabia, wonders of sub-marine life, the
growth of plants and flow ers. European horsemanship and cavalry manoeuvre0,
a new ride on a runaway train are a few
entirely new animated cartoons.
46 head of choice breeding, consisting of 24 Spring
Boars, 8 Pall Boars and 4 Spring Gilts, sired by
Big Tecumseh, 185415 and Big Joe 200767. Here is
all the size and bone you want. Sale held at farm,
one mile west of Highland
Tuesday, October 6, 1914
Commencing at one o'clock.
j. P. McVEY, Highland, Ohio
of the other big features Including
Sept 28, 1014.
Mrs. A. G. Barbor and Mrs S. A.
Manlfo'd visited their sister, near
Wilmington, Saturday night and Sun
day. R L Coler and wife visited friends
In Clillllcothe Friday and Saturday.
Misses Kaibrjn Sanders and Dernice
Kent vl'lted the former's grand-parents
In New Vienna, Friday night and
Silas Sparks and lfe entertained to
dinner last Friday Mr. and Mrs.
Matthews and daughters, Mildred and
Helen, Mrs John Sparks and daugh
ter, Vesta, of Sabina, and W. U Kent
and wife.
V. T. Pavey and wife ana Mrs. D
W. Roads attended the street fair at
Clillllcothe last Friday.
Fred Robinson and John Wilkin
from near Hlllsboro, were guests of
the former's aunts, the Misses Sara
and Madge Purdy last Sunday.
Mrs Fred Terry spent the latter
part of the week in Clillllcothe, the
guest of her daughter, Mrs. Howard
After a pleasant brief visit with her
sister, Mrs. S R. Ousfey and family,)
Mrs. Jennie Holllngsworth and daugh
ter, Virginia, left Saturday for their
home in Dayton.
Miss Ethel Carey visited her par
entsnear New Vienna over Sunday. I
Prof. Elmer Nay lor, of Balnbr'ldge,
spent from Friday until Sunday at his
home here. I
S. A. Leaverton and wife were vis
itors in Clillllcothe, Friday.
Mr. Blnegar and family will move
this week from the Myers property on
East Main street to their farm near
High Top.
Silas Sparks and wife visited their
son, Henry and family, of Washing-
ton, C. H., the first half of the past
week. They were accompanied home
by their little granddaughter, Vir-'
ginla Patterson, who will remain for
an extended visit.
G L. Woodmansee and wife, of
Washington, C. H., v. ere guests of the
litter's parents, David Sanders and
wife, Thursday and Friday.
Mrs. Rice and daughter, of Green
field, were guests of I. V. Mitchell
and family Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. E. R. Beeson is visiting rela-
tives near Centerfield.
The marriage of Miss Mildred Brow
der to F. F. Malcney, of Dundas, was
solemnized in the Catholic church at
ialeskl, last Wednesday at 0:30 a m. '
Altera snort onoai in p uiey win go
to nouseKeeping in jjunuas, wuere me
groom holds a position as telegraph
operator. Both joung people are well
known here and their host of friends
extend to them their best wishes for a
happy future.
Mrs. I, E. Davis is in Columbus for
an extended visit with relatives
Mrs. Zack Jamison still remains
quite ill.
Charles Teter was a business visitor
in Chllllcothe, Friday.
Harry Wilson is erecting a modern
residence on the lot which he recently
purchased of Mr. Lawhead on South
Fairfield street.
W. T. Hutchens, Nicholson, Ga., I
had a severe attack of rheumatism. . Wallace, of near Serpent Mound, call
His feet, anklesand joints were swollen ed on friends here Sunday afternoon,
and moving about was very painful. I John Bobb and family spent Sunday
He was certainly in a bad way when with John Mackelwee and family, of
he started to take Foley Kidney Pills. Sinking Spring. '
He says, "J ust a few doses made mej Harry Boatman and family, of Fall
feel better, and now my pains and Creek, and Mrs. C. O. Cowgill and
rheumatism are all gone and I sleep
all night long."
adv Garrett & Ayres.
September 28, 1014.
Mrs. Charley Calley and children, of
Norwood, are spending several weeks
with Willlard Cailey and wife.
John Winkle and family, of Hllls
boro, and Pearce Shalfer and son,
Samuel, spent Sunday with J. W,
Thornburp and famllv.
Tttf. . . . . , .
"K!.?2f!SJ?.. ' "rj
D1,V..U 40U .B.V M... .iD4 (JIWUIUUU,
H. P. Chaney.
Noah Shaffer and family entertain
ed at dinner Sunday Mr. Williams T
J. Screechfield and Dema Ludwick.
Allen Fowler and wife and son,
John Henry, Oliver Ludwick and
George Chaney took dinner at the Fow
ler home Sunday.
Preaching here Sunday morning' and
Elmer Foster and wife and sons,
Hubert and Kermlt, spent Sunday
with relatives at Dodsonvllle.
Foley Cathartic Tablets.
You will like their positive action.
They have a tonic effect on the bowels
and give a wholesome, thorough clean
ing to the entire bowel tract, Stir the
liver to healthy activity and keep
stomach sweet. Constipation, head
acho, dull, tired feeling never allllct
those wjio use Foley Cathartlo Tablets
Only 25c.
adv Garrett & Ayrks.
Fairfax What kind of a pi ant Is the
Virginia creeper?
Harrison ft Isn't a -plant ; it's a
railroad The Club Fellow.
Sept. 28, 1014.
Mrs. Ellen Slerman and daughter, of
Dayton, are visiting her brother, II.
L Fite. i
lladford Davidson and wife, of Hoi
lowtown, were guests of O F. Rosse- ,
lott and family Sunday. j
Mrs. Ellen Poore, of Madison, Wis.,
is visiting her mother, M rs. A. J . Tolle.
Mrs. May Fellslnger, of Cleveland,
was the guest of Mrs. Louise Minke
last Thursday.
A. J. Fry and wife, of Hlllsboro,
spent Saturday and Sunday here.
Mrs. May Sanderson and Miss Ella
Collins were guests of Mrs. Lawrence
Ilugglns, at East Danville, Friday.
Mrs. Margaret Hundley and daugh
ter, Anna Belle, of Flncastle, visited
Mrs. Motile Davis Wednesday.
The people of tills community were
truly glad to see Dr. 11. M. Brown and
know he was safely home. He spent
' Sunday at ills farm near here.
I E E. Osoorn and Chas. M. Spence,
of Blanctiester, called here Sunday.
Frank Doason and wife.of Pricetown
spent Sunday with Mrs. Chas. Puckett. I
Jesse Edgingion and wife, of Alt-
Orab, visited homo folks Sunday. i
Mrs. Stella Kaisenand little daugh
ter, of Cincinnati, visited Mrs. Anne
Fite the past week. i
Ed Boardman and wife and little
sou, of Macon, were guests of A. A.
Davis and wife Friday. I
I After the church services Sunday
morning 20 young people found their
I way to the home of Ed Lyons, where a
surprise dinner had been prepared in
honor of his son, Albert's 17th birth- f
day. Those present reported a sump
tuous dinner and a pleasant time.
' The school board is to be congratu.
latdd upon the new side walk just put
down and improvements made in the
building. Prof. Vance vltlted the
school here last week and reported
when inibrview good order, well graded
schools and wide awake teachers.
September 28, 1914.
Gurney Wright and wife, of Wl!
mington, spent from Monday until
Tuesday with J. J. A
Gall and fam-
Miss Ruby Boyd spent Tuesday
night with Miss Merle Miller
John Evertts and wife, of Harriett,
were the guests of Harley Suiter and
family Friday.
Mrs- N M Overman
and son,
Roberti of Overman, spent Sunday
wlth ner parentS) R. Ri Watts and
Tom Spargur and wife, of Ralns
boro, called on Gatch Spruance and
family Sunday afternoon.
Arch Cameron and wife and James
Simpson and daughter, Martha, were
entertained Sunday by Ed. Cameron
and family.
Ed. Hunter and wife, of Prospect,
spent Sunday afternoon with John
Campbell and family.
Mrs. L. B. Poore, of Madison, Wis.
was the guest of Lem Hunter and
family Saturday night and Sunday.
Kav blnil3 orest varies anu uuy
daughter, of Overman, spent Sunday
with Mrs. R. L. Watts and family.
Mrs. Scott Mason and children and
Mrs. J. W. Mason, of Adams county,
spent Friday with Dr. Mason and fam-
September 28, 1014.
Clark Cadwallader and family enter
tained Sunday the following guests :
Mr. and Mis. James Burnett, of Mar
shall, Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Roush and
daughter, Josephine, and Ersyl Walk-
er,M Hillsboro, Misses Carnie Landess,
- ,,,1...
Maggie Saum, Edna
Hadley, Minnie and Mary Pence and
Elizabeth Wikoff and Maurice Lewis.
Glenn Kesler, Rayburn Chaney, Ar
nold Wilkin and Clarence Shaffer.
J. T. Thompson and wife and grand
daughter, Ruth Thompson, Bpent Sun
day with O. L. Roush and family and
In the afternoon Ruth and Mozelle
Cadwallader and Carl and Daniel Car
penter were their guests.
Miss Carrie Garrison, of Lynchburg,
Is visiting friends here.
Mrs. Herman Shaffer and daughter,
Margene, spent one day last week
with Mrs. Charley Cadwallader, of
Mrs. Webster spen,t part of last week
with Ira Cadwallader and family and
Saturday and Sunday with Henry
Wilkin and family. ,
A. E. WHkin and family spent Sun
day with Gus Cailey and famllv, of
David Kesler and wife were the
guests Sunday of Peter Saum and
The gold fields' at western Australia
are the largest known. They cover
224,000 square miles.
The little stenographer shuffled a
pile of filing cards with languid air
and looked dreamily at the bookkeper.
"What a lot of romance there Is!" alio
said. "I mean what a lot of possibili
ties for romance! Now suppoBO a gust
of wind should como In and carry dno
of these cards down to the street, and
a girl should pick It up and see the
name! Here's a card with tho name
and address of Thomas Carlylo, a fas
cinating name, I think. I seem to havo
heard It somewhere, but no matter.
What If this card should be blown out
through the window?
"Why, that little girl down there
would find it, and sho'd say, 'It's suiely
fate!' And ehe'd take It home to her
bedroom and dream over It! Yes, I
guess Bhe'd carry It around in her
purse and snatch it out whenever she
was alone, fancying how he looks and
wondering what he'd say If she should
write him!
"Then, maybe, she'd actually de
velop the courage to do what her heart
dictated, and she would write him!
"And when he got the note 'way off
there in his little western town, he'd
Bit down and picture to himself what
the girl who w'rote it could be like!"
The little stenographer spoke dream
ily and the bookkeeper smiled with
patient condescension as he listened.
"Then what did this Thomas Car
lyle, ranchman, do?" said the book
keeper, as the little stenographer
"Why," said the little stenographer,
"he went up to his little shack and
sat down and wrote her a delightfully
breezy western letter, telling how glo
rious it was out there! How his
ranch was paying, and how he needed
some one to share the enjoyment of it
all with him! He told how the fruit
was ripening and the flowers growing,
and how the bungalow was progress
ing up on the hill! Even as he wrote
he could feel her sympathy, and knew
that she was counting on his letter!
"And then she would get it! And
immediately she would begin to feel
that life was entirely worth while
again, because somebody needed her!"
She sighed gently with a degree of
sentimentality that irritated the book
keeper. "Oh no intermissions for tearful
music!" h commanded. "If you want
mo to sit through it, hustle along the
next reel!"
"Well," obediently continued the
little stenographer, "they'd correspond
of course, and they'd learn all about
each other. Ho would find that 6he
was getting only $15 a week, and
hadn't any home. Immediately he'd
write that she had lived this way long
enough, and he was coming right up
after her!
"And when ehe,'d write back she
would not tell him that she wasn't
ready or anything so silly, but she
would be frank and say that she'd
be waiting for him! And" Again
the little, stenographer paused, over
come by the affecting vision.
"Well, well!" the bookkeeper delib
erately descended from his stool. Ho
strode over to where she sat. He
put a paternal hand on tho head that
was held restfully on her hand. And
he smoothed her hair, as he spoke.
"Did she have it so bad!" he said
soothingly. "Well, and why didn't she
Just write to her Tommy Carlyle, and
begin things? Why doesn't she sit
her right down and prepare for ranch
life! Think of tho romance you're
missing, my child, while you pine away
here, when hero's Tommy's address
plain as ink!" He lifted tho card until
it was at a level with her eyes, but
edo shook her head.
"No," she sighed. "It cannot be.
You see, I'm Just sorting out tho cards
of the down-and-outs those who can't
pay thejr bills even if wo go to law.
This name Carlyle heads tho list!
This romance I've been spinning
wouldn't do for me, because I. know
all about tho names. I'll have to get
mine oomo other way I' Sighing; she
shuffled the cards. Chicago Dally
Smokeless Chimneys.
A smokeless chimney may be pro
duced by flooding the Are with air, but
this' entails a heavy increase in tho
chimney loss with a consequent waste
of coal, according 'to Engineering
Magazine. This does not mean that it
pays to make smoke, although for a
given furnace and set of conditions it
may be so. In other words, there are
cases when the losses due to incom
plete combustion as Indicated by
smoke may be less than the losses due
to the admission of sufficient air to
"kill" the smoke. This is the weak
point of many so-called "smoke con
sumers." The science of the matter
lies in the production of perfect com
bustion, which is necessarily smoke
less and which at the same time in
volves a correct proportioning (neither
an excess nor a deficiency) of air to
the fuel. The production of such com
bustion is not entirely controlled by
the simple matter of air admission,
but to as great an extent by the intel
ligent design of the furnace Itself. This
involves the maintenance of high tem
perature and the thorough mixing of
tho air with the combustion gases and
with the carbon, and constitutes a
science In itself.
Kllllno Two Birds.
"Here comes Bjinks, the bore. But
till tide I'll get even with him."
"Let you entertain him." J
leacliers Examination.
roUlKbland count lu.rdoi scbuo Ex
atnlnernnureio .its notice Uidt exam iiJ
to not ppmauts lot louni Ttacners'
1 1 NlUiilm . .1, ,. bijceiD ili.r wstlng
lo i ctn j Uuliultii Hils')rro. on the Urst
-titi'davuf September, October, January.
March Airll ,- i, u it., in., i.i,,.i. ni
Juui and .Uf,u-t'
A" tiuHcninil l. law tup ue lot" tuese
tfAamlnatious will be 5u ceuts
H. U. 'lAi.imr Lvi c. lung. I'res
J I han.nu.n uliij'i vlcePres.
tv .Vt.Mk, (ltllf.1) ro. mo adv
91 Shoe Polishes -
"CUT EDGE." tho only ladies' Bhoo dressing thrt
poithclw contain! OIL BlackSrPolisIics uiil'n.
serves ladies' and children's shoes, shines wiOionl
rnbblng,isc TBEMCH CtOSS." 10c -
"STAR" combination for cleaning and pollihlm U
klndsor russet or tan shoes, IOC "DANDY" ' 4c
"QUICK WmTE"(lnllqnIdformwHheponECjquick.
Ijf cleans and whitens dirty canvas shoes, loc. sac.
SUEDE, and CANVAS SHOES. In round white tikes
,nckeuln z tie boxes, wtlh sponge. Hie. In bund
soaio, large aluminum boxes, with sponge, S5c
If TonrdealH- dun not Vren Hie hind voa-rt.te-id d
-He lirlw In utainpn tor f ullslie juikacv. c Luj-l"us lii.
, , WHITTEMOPE Br03. A Cfl., .
'0-b Albany Street, CamtrKco, 'is.
The Olitfl anil f.tri;et fifanvfrr'.irtts a
blioc Pohiun in II r ior'l.
These remedies tiro scientifically an I
.arefully prepurod prescriptions; used i .
mnnyyears by Dr.Ilumpkroysinhispriva i
practice, and for nearly sixty years by ti.
people v.-ith satisfaction.
Medical Book mailed free.
So. for Prl' t
1 I'evrrs, Congestion. Inflammations
3 Worms. Worm I'ccr i.
3 Colic, Crying and Wakefulness of Infants -
4 Dlnrrhcn.'ot Children and Adults
7 Couclis. Colds, Bronchitis
8 Toothache, l'accncfio. Neuralgia '.
9 Ueudaclio. SIci Headache, Vertigo ;
lO Dyspepsia, Indl,je.!tlon, Weak Stomach
13 Croup. Hoarc Cou-h, Laryngitis
14 8nlt Ilheutn. Eruptlom .
15 Rheumatism, Lumbnco a
1G Fcter end Akiic Malaria i
17 Piles, Blind or Bleeding. External. Internal.:;
19 Catarrh. Indreuza, Cold In. Head Z
20 Whooping Coil-!i , '.
21 Asthma, OppriSbcd.DlfficultBreatblne
27 Kidney Dlccntc
28 Kcrvous DcbHHy. Vital Wcaknes l.C
HO Urinary Iliconllncncc, Wetting Bed i.
31 6oro Throat. Quinjy , Co
77 La Gripps-Crlp 2J,
Bold by firusElets, or sent on receipt of prloe.
William nud xn Etreitn,NM7 York.
September 28, 1914.
J E. Davis and wife moved last
week to their farm near New Market,
which they had recently purchased
Mrs. Nlecea Holmes returned last
week from a visit with her sister at
Mrs. Smith, of Winchester, Is spend
ing a few days with her son and fam
ily at the M E Parsonage.
Mrs. A. J. Knedler will entertain
the Aid Society at her home south of
town on Thursday afternoon.
Howard Horiue and wife spent Sun
day with the latter's parents at Cyn
thlana. l?loyd Clj borne and Miss Esther
Cameron we're guests of friends at
Marshall on Sunday.
The Sunday School class known as
the Sunbeams gave a surprise party
at the home of Mibs Blanch McNary
last TuesdayC'night in honor of Miss
Lrona Shrlver, who left on Thursday
for her home in;New Burlington.
The W. C. T. U. will hold their reg
ular meeting at the M E Church to
morrow, Tuesday, afternoon instead
of next week as previously announced.
Eev. Smith land family moved here
lust week from Owensville and are
now at home to their paijshc nsrs lb the
M. E. Parsonage.
This community was well represen
ted at Chllllcothe the past week dur
ing the street festival.
Robt. H. Lucas has been spending a.
few days in Columbus at the bedside
of his wifejwho is a patient in Grant's
Mrs. Elizabeth Garrett, or Hllls
boro, was the guest of V. R. Garrett
and wife over Sunday.
L. Kelley Jand wife, of Cynthlana,
attended church here on Sunday.
The room in K. of P. Hall which
has been;tltted, up for school purposes
Is now ready for use and part of the
grades will be moved there this week.
A horse belonging to J, H. Ivers be
came frightened at an automobile
last Saturday evening and plunged in
front of the machine and broke its
The annual Balnsboro Fair will be
held here next week and promises to
be the best one yet. Thero will be
several new attractions and all the old
departments are expected to be up to
their usual high standard. Anyone
desiring a day's outing can scarcely
find a better place than .the fair
ground where good music, good rac
ing, good crowds and (we hope) good
weather will be found.
Japanese are producing more than
25,000,000 tons of coal a year from
mines in Japan and South Manchuria.
tJitJ. " " ' Vil-jJ&Ai
-1 - 'fcAsafea.ujLi.

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