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Sept. 28, 1914.
Mrs. Margaret Gibler spent Wednes
day with Mrs. Roberts, at New Mar
ket. Mrs. Geo. Hctherlngton, "of New
Market, called on Mrs. Wui. aonner,
Friday evening.
A. R. Williams spent Saturday and
Sunday with his family in Hill&uuio
Mrs. Ulrlc V nice .iiid to children
left Monday moiiing for uieir ho ui
In Marlon, Ind.
T. 0. Custer and daughter, Miss
Mary, spent Sunday .it Hoilowtown.
Simon Sonner, wife and daughter
were the guests of Wm. Sonner and
Wm. Stivers and wife called on Nat
Tanuehill and wife, Sunday evening.
Margaret GiDler and Frankie Vance,
of Ilillsboro, visited James Lelnlnger
and family, Friday.
Mrs. Nat Tannehill entertained the
following guests Thursday: Mrs. Mar
garet Gibler, Mrs. Ulrlc Vance and
daughter, Faith, and Mrs. James
Lelnlnger and little daughter.
Byron Reece and family, Roy Shaw
and family, of Winchester, and Mrs.
Newton Whlsler and children spent
Sunday with Jacob Saunders and wife.
James Lelnlnger made a business
trip to Macon Thursday.
Miss Amy Lemon and Howard
'Brewer, of New Market, and nirman
Vance spent Sunday evening with
Clara and Harold Sonner.
Mrs. Wm. Sonner and Mrs. Nat
Tannehill called on Mrs. Robert Farls
Monday afternoon.
Roy Harshbarger and family, of
New Market, visited Walter Harsh
barger and family, Sunday.
i. ..
It has been stated that an elenhai.r,
sleeps enly live hours each day.
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Kansas City Weekly Star
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Cl.Un No. 28
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CHID No. 29
Kansas City Weekly Star
Everyday Life
Home Life
CI.UH No. 30
Southern Ruralist
Home Life
Cl.Un No. 31
Farmer'sWkly. Dispatch(St. Paul
Home Life
Farm Life
CLUB No. 32
Rural Weekly (St. Paul)
Everyday Life
CI.UH No. 33
American Home
Woman's World
GLU11 No. 34
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Sept. 23, 19U
Mrs S S. Deardoff and youngest
daughter spent Wednesday with Mrs.
R A. Hall.
Henry Countryman and family were
gu sis of relatives in Hillsboro Satur
ri.n night and Sunday.
Mioses Jane and Grace Havens spent
the latter part of the week with their
s'stf r, Mrs. Elva Cartwrlght, at Sink
1 g Spring.
Mrs Jane Stults spent Saturday
night and Sunday with J. 0. Stults
and wife.
Mrs. Jennie Irons, of Greenfield, is
with her brother, Wm. West, who Is
seriously ill at the home of his sister,
Mrs. Martha Rhoads.
Bessie Deardoff spent Sunday with
Eva Rhoads.
Herschel Plummer returned home
Thursday, after spending two weeks
with relatives in Adams county.
John L. Reed and wife were the
guests of their son, of near Sinking
Spring, Sunday.
J. B. Turner and Edward White
spent Sunday with the latter's father,
H. C White, of near Cliff Range, wh6
Is quite sick.
Miss Edltha Holten, who Is teach,
lng school near Waverly, spent Satur
day and Sunday with her parents here.
Mrs. Jane Stults spent the first part
of the week with her daughter, Mrs.
J. J. Butler, at Sinking Spring.
Mrs. Samuel Stults, of Hillsboro,
spent a few days last week with rela
tives In this vicinity.
If you are Interested in the Million
Dollar Mystery you should read the
story as It Is published in the The
News-Herald before seeing the
pictures at. the Omheum Thursday
j night.
(By E. O. SKLLHRS, Director Sunday
School Course, Mood Bible Institute,
LESSON TEXT-Mnrk 14:1-11.
GOLDEN TEXT-Slie hath done what
she could. Mark 14:8.
Event crowds fast upon event dur
ing this the world's most tragic week.
Two days before the passover oc
curred, the chief priests and other
leaders entered a conspiracy how to
rid themselves of this troublesome
Nazarene. This plot mentioned in tho
first two verses of the lesson prob
ably occurred four days later than the
anointing. Note the separating para
graph mark; also look up carefully -.
good harmony of the Gospels. Follow
itlg the Olivet discourse Jesus said to
his disciples, "Iu two days the pass
over." At that very time Judas was
scheming with the rulers for his ar
rest. John, in his Cospel, tells us that
the feast was six days before, and that
It was In connection with this that
Judas had left tho company to go to
the priests.
Judas Iscariot was angry at our
Lord and this Incident led Immediate
ly to the betrayal. Nowhere else in
all history Is there a blacker picture
of the human heart or the length of
iniquity to which It will go. Every
thing at this hour Is electric and
strange. Events rapidly converge to
wards the cross. For that, grace has
been planning and sin is plotting.
Amazed the Disciples.
I. Mary Criticized, vv. 3-5. Jesus
had his inner circle of friends and his
favorite places of abode and none was
evidently more precious than that
home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.
In this supreme hour Jesus came to
this home to bring It a confirmation of
faith and some further spiritual gift.
From that time of Peter's confession,
several months previous, the Lord has
constantly reaffirmed his statement
then made, that he must go to Jeru
salem, die, and be raised the third day.
This teaching amazed the disciples
and filled them with fear Jesus did
not, however, awaken faith and then
quench It with fear, or allow It to lan
guish and die, John 4:4G, 54. Now as
the darkest hour approaches there ap
peared this one touch of appreciative
sympathy. Bethany was of but little
dignity but there lived there a man
who had been raised from the dead
Lazarus. There also resided one who
brought comfort to the heart of Jesus
Mary. She had listened to him, she
understood him, believed and loved.
With a woman's keen intuition sho
seems to have realized that he was
really going to his death. What that
meant to the hopes and aspirations
she seems to have divined, and re
alized, more than all others, his view
point. How to tell him was her desire.
Out of that love she purchased a box of
ointment representing in value about
fifty dollars, an Immense sum and
the full extent of her treasure. Ordi
nary action will not suffice. The hour
and occasion demartded the extraor
dinary. To it sho yielded herself, lav
ishly pouring upon him tho wealth and
fragrance of that sacred ointment In
tended for kings. Sho had sat at his
feet, Luke 10:39, and was ready for
this the proper hour for anointing,
John 12:7. It was her all, but love
does not have the calculating cunning
and prudence of Judas.
"Memorial of Her."
II. Mary Commended, vv. t-9. The
story Is beautiful In the record we
have of our Lord's words. Mary's
compensation for the criticism called
for by her conduct was the commenda
tion of her Lord. We do not censure
the disciples who did not understand
but we are thankful for the words of
the Master which their criticism called
forth. Jesus realized the true mean
ing of the act and he named It when
he said, "She hath done what sho
could, she hath anointed my body
aforehand for burying." Notice that
Jesus received the true meaning of her
act as for himself, still It was for the
world, for he said, "thfs that she hath
done shall be spoken of for a mem
orial of hor." This was not merely
a reward for Mary. It was that her act
should be an inspiration to Incite his
followers to like activities and atti
tudes throughout all the ages. This
Is all that Is asked of any disciple (II
Cor. 8:12). Love forgets self, sur
roundings, cost or criticism. Love
pours out itself to the uttermost and
Its fragrance fills not nlone the house
but the whole of creation.
III. Judas Conspires, vv. 10, 11. This
tender story ends with the terrible ac
count of Judas. He had no sympathy
for Mary, primarily because he waa
not In sympathetic relations with
Jesus had revealed, called forth, tho
deepest love of Mry's heart. In tho
case of Judas ho revealed a heart of
treachery. Accepting the adoring
anointing of Mary and also perpetu
ating it, he at the same time calls
forth a revelation of that compelling
motive of selfishness in the heart of
Judas that led to his own self-destruction.
Contrast these two pictures. We
recall the crushed heart of Mary at the
death of Lazarus which brought Mary
Into the closest fellowship with Jesus.
In her shadow and sorrow she learned
to pour out her love In sacrificial
September 28, 1014.
Mrs Ruth Waddell called on her
sister, Mrs Grace McOoy, Tuesday
Mrs Geo. Henry and daughter,
Ruth, called on Mrs. Clias. McCoppln
Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Ella McUopplnand dauglr.er,
Kvelyn, and Mrs II. N. Head spent
Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Lee
Mr and Mrs J. S. Henry and son,
George, spent Sunday with Harry
Kolley and family, of Marshall.
Elmer Sams and wife, of Hillsboro,
took dinner with his father, James
Sams, recently.
J L. Keech, of Carmel, called on
Geo. Henry Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Mary Bobb, of Fort Hill, spent
Sunday with her daughter. Mrs.
Chas. McCoppin.
rank Garen and family spent Sun
day with Elmer Garen and family.
Miss Ruth Henry spent Saturday
night and Sunday with her cousin,
Miss Grace RedKey, of Hillsboro.
September 28, 1014.
A. C. Fling and wife were guests of
Burch Hott and family Sunday.
J. L. Mercer and wife attended the
temperance rally at Leesburg Thurs
day afternoon.
Miss Nancy Murphy and mother
visited at the home of J. n. Beatty
Neal Collins and family, of Hills
boro, visited at the home of his broth-
er, Charles, last Sunday. Also Mrs.
. Miss Leone Hopkins, who has been
visiting tier sister, Mrs Bert Walker,
of East .Danville, returned home last
Wm. C. Campbell and wife, of Hills
boro, were guests of O. H. Kelley and
family Saturday. They all visited
relatives near Belfast on Sunday.
I September 28, 1014.
D. B. Hogan and wife, of Brown
county, were guests at the home of
Isaiah Shaffer over Sunday.
Mrs. Sarali Grilllth and Miss Luclle
Lewis, of Ilillsboro, visited Mrs. Lewis
Shaffer on Thursday.
Charley Roush and family spent
Sunday at the home of Charley Brew
er. Mrs. Maggie Davis, of Lynchburg,
visited over Sunday at the home of
Andy Runion.
J. W. Gibler, of Pricetown, visited
his mother the first of the week.
Cyrus Shaffer lias completed the
building of an addition to his house
which adds much to its appearance
and utility.
Mrs. Leah Winkle spent Wednesday
with her daughter, Mrs. Saddler, who
removed to Hamilton the past week.
Mrs Ralph Smith and little son, of
Blanchester, spent Tuesday at the
home of her parents.
B. F. Farls and W. E. Burton at
tended the Fall Festival at Chilllco.
the Friday of last week.
Uncle Robert Burton is visiting at
Frank Gibler's iu Pricetown, this
t A. A. Klrkhart is quite sick at his
home near the village.
Mrs. Margaret Hart visited her
daughter, Mrs. Bettie Winkle, Sun
day. ! Check Kidney Trouble at Once.
I There is sucli ready action In Foley
i Kidney Pills, you feel their healing
from the very first dose. Backache,
weak, sore kidneys, painful bladder
and Irregular action disappear with
( their use. O. Palmer. Green Bay,
I Wis., says: "My wife Is rapidly recov
ering her health and strength, due
solely to Foley's Kidney nils."
adv Gakkktt & Ayres.
September 23, 1014.
Some wheat will be sown this week.
Miss Edna Summers spent part of
last week with relatives at Bourne
vllle. She also visited in Chllllcothe.
Misses Grace and Stella Foreman
spent Friday afternoon at the homa
of Geo. Brown, at Careytown.
Will Parker and family, of Wllletts
vllle, spent Sunday evening with D.
T. Holladay.
Lee McDaniel made a trip to Cin
cinnati last week.
Ella Holladay spent Thursday even
ing with Mrs Will Allen.
Alice Richards, of Lynchburg, is
visiting at the home of her brother,
Addison Hodson.
Will DeAtley and family spent Sun
day with Robert Pendel and wife.
Mrs. James Spielman was called to
Ogden Saturday by the illness of her
John Pfarn will clean and press and
mend that suit until it will look u
stood as new. I also do dry cleaning.
Give me a call. Brunner's Shoa
Shop. ady
A., - &Ai$

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