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Fall Race Meet
Join the Crowd
Admission 25c
We will publish the announcements
of candidates for state, district and
county otllces of any party from now
until the election. Our rate for dis
trict offices Is $5 00 and for county of
aces 83.00. Rate for state otllces made
known upon application. All copy Is
subject to change. Under the postal
regulations we do not believe any
newspaper can refuse advertising of
this description and be entitled to
special postal rates given newspapers.
I am a candidate for Prosecuting
Attorney on the Republican ticket,
subject to the will of the voters at the
election Tuesday, Nov. 3 Your sup
port will be appreciated.
adv 3. W. Watts.
I am a candidate for County Sur
veyor on the Democratic ticket and
will appreciate your support at the
election on Tuesday, Nov. 3. I have
had several years experience In sur
veying and civil engineer work, both
In a private capacity and in county
and state work.
adv Ciiahi.es F. Clarke.
I am a candidate for re-election as
County Commissioner on the Demo
cratic ticket. During my first term I
have alwajs done those things which
I considered for the best interest of all
the people and ask their support upon
my record, investigation of which Is
adv D. O. Matthews.
I am a candidate for County Sur
veyor on the Republican ticket, sub
ject to the will of the voters at the
election to be held Tuesday, Nov. 3
J will appreciate your support. I have
been actively engaged in surveying
and civil engineer work for the past
ten years both in a private capacity
and in county and state work
adv H. W. Huntek.
lam a candidate for re-election on
the Republican ticket as Representa
tive from Highland county in the
State Legislature. During my first
term I have served the people to the
best of my ability, at all times acting
for what I considered the best inter
ests of all my constituents. I would
appreciate an Investigation of my rec
ord and am asking your support upon
It. G. G. O. Pence.
Marriage Licenses.
James L. McKlbben and Mary C.
Kerns, both of Greenfield.
Leonard Aber, of Fayettevllle, and
Ruth Pflster, of Lynchburg.
Grlffln Wilson, of New Martinsburg,
and Jaunlta M. Fortler, of E. Monroe.
Neal Sulcebarger and Esther Florea,
both of Greenfield.
Successful Season.
Klrby "Red" White, who has been
pitching for Sioux City, la., In the
"Western League arrived here Sunday
to spend the winter with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob White. Sioux
Cltv won the Dennant and "Red" was
one of the star twlrlers of the team,
largely Instrumental in its success.
He pitched twenty-eight games win
ning eighteen and losing ten. In ad
dition to his fine box work he was
frequently used as an out fielder and
pinch hitter. "Red" pitched good
ball all season and turned in some
sensational games. Ills friends here
are pleased with his tine showing and
would not be surprised if when the
drafts are made public to find that
some of the big league managers have
put in a demand for his services.
Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Roads and
daughter, of Leesburg, and Miss
HelenStevens have gone to N. e w York
City, where Dr. Roads will take a
three weeks course in a medical college.
The Leesburg-Highland Fair Co.
Thursday, October 1.
The Fifth Episode of
"The Million Dollar Mystery"
The greatest film production ever
presented to the public. Uuquest
ionably the biggest success ever
scored by auy Motion Picture play
in this city. Growing in interest
every week. Thrill after thrill in
every number.
Where is the 1,00,000 Now?
Where is the Millionaire? Don't
think you are too late jiiBt because
you have missed a number or so.
Read them up in the papers. If
you don't take the News-Herald,
come to us and ;et it.
REMEMBER: Showing every
Friday Night, Oct. 2.
Little Mary Pickford and Arthur
Johnson in
"The Two Brothers"
"Selig-Hearst Weekly No 46."
First European War Incidents.
"The Greater Motive"
See Little Mary every Friday
Saturday, October 3.
Matinee Night
"The Downward Path" Two Parts
A Lubin Masterpiece
"Brought to Justice"
A Western Drama with a Punch.
Monday, October 5.
Vitagraph Nlght-
"Through Life's Window"
Featuring Maurice Costello
"John Ranee Gentleman"
Norma Talmage Antonio Moreno
Tuesday, October 6.
"The Song of the Gheto"
Two Part Vitagraph Feature
"The Hireling"
Third number of Alice Joyce Ser
ies. "Snakeville's New Waitress"
Victor Potel Margaret Joslin
Five Reels, 5c and IOc
Wednesday, October 7-
"Farmer Rodney's Daughter"
Mabel Trunnelle Robert Prior
"The Squatters"
A Pleasing Story in Pictures
"Sweedie and the Lord"
Another of "Wallace Beery's"
September 28, 1914.
John Kesler and wife entertained
the following guests at dinner Sunday:
Enoch Costellow and wife, of Hills
boro, Cary Carlisle and family, Newton
Ross and family and Ed. Hammond
and family.
Harley Suiters and wife and daugh
ter, Ruth, of Marshall, were guests of
T. M. Frump Saturday night and
Mrs. Sylvia Frump and Mrs. Dollle
Suiters called on Mrs. Thurman Gall
Sunday morning.
Mrs. Mary Countrymen called on
Mrs. T. M. Frump Sunday afternoon.
- Enjoy Yourself
S. A.
W. A.
Sept. 28, 1914.
Mrs Elva Schooley and son, Edgar,
and two daughters, Vay and Blanche,
visited here Saturday and Sunday.
They live at Moore's Fork, In Cler
mont county.
R. B. Davidson and family were
guests of Chas. Rosselott and family,
bund ay.
Mrs. J. W. Morgan spent Thursday
In Hillsboro, the guest of Henry Coff
man and family.
Harley Vance and family, of Union,
were callers at Wm. Laraonda's Sun
day evening.
Kenneth Ervin and Miss Myrtle
Florence called Sunday evening at the
home of Mrs. DeHass of East Dan
ville. A family reunion was observed at
Amlel Marconett's home, Sunday.
Among those present were David
Beard and wife, W. E. Fawley and
family, Wm. McLaughlin and family,
Alva Carr and family, John Stewart
and wife and Earl Marconettand wife.
J. M. Roads, wife and two sons, Otto
and Orland, and J. W. Morgan and
wife were entertained by Rev. R. C.
Davidson and family, recently.
Rev. Wilkin will give a temperance
lecture at this place Sunday night,
Oct. 4.
Matt Fawley and wife were at G. C.
Wilkins' home Sunday.
A. Q. Landess and family, John
Fender and Mrs. Lewis Emery were
guests of Mr. Fender's sister, at Win
chester, recently.
Rev. Loren II. Furstenberger will
be here Oct. 11, for preaching.
Sept. 28, 1914.
The Sunday School will study the ;
regular lesson, beginning the quarter, '
at the regular hour, 9:45, and following
at 11 o'clock will occur the temperance
program, planned by the Anti-Saloon
League, combined with a prayer ser-
i.irta In annn.ilnnia Tifff-V. D.a.lilanf '
Wilson's request for prayer for peace
between the nations.
Friday, Oct. 9, the W. C. T. U. will
render a program at the Universalist
chuch, at 7:45. A good attendance is
earnestly desired.
John Woods and family took dinner
with Hugh Wolf and wife, Sunday. ,
J. Rittenhouse was in town Sunday.
Virgil Dodds was here Sunday.
Mrs. Arza White had for a week end
visitor, her mother, Mrs. Durrant, of
Mrs. narley Davis, of the John
Banks' farm, entertained Sunday at
dinner, her father, W. J. Hamilton,
and three brothers, and the family of
one of them.
Clarence Smith and wife had for
guests Sunday the former's parents,
Thomas Smith and wife, of Leesburg.
Mrs. Milton Cowman and son were
in Chillicothe over Sunday.
Letta Lee Leaverton spent Sunday
with S. A. Turner and family.
Frank Gallup and family, of Wil
mington, called on T. J. Anderson and
K E. Anderson Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. E. R. Beeson was a weekend
visitor with her niece, Mrs Elmer
John R. Horst, of Columbus, was
here on legal business Monday. Mr.
Horst is a candidate for common pleas
judge of Franklin county on the non
partisan basis. His candidacy has been
endorsed by many of the prominent j
men of Columbus regardlessof politics,
in the list being found Republican,
Democrats and Progressives. Mr.
Horst for a number of years practised
law in Hillsboro and through Industry,
careful attention to business and his !
ability built up an excellent practice.
The people of Highland county know'
him to be able, energetic, honest and
fearless, well qualified for a position
on the bench and many will wish him
success at the coming election.
Sneak Theives.
Sneak theives have been plying
their profession In Hillsboro recently.
One night last week a set of harness
was stolen from the barn of Mrs. R.
S. Evans. An out building of Mrs.
James F. Brown was also entered and
Dome cured meat taken. ,
TURNER, Presinent
PATTON. Secretary
Probate Court Proceedings.
C. F. Underwood executor of Susan
A. Clouser, filed inventory and ap
praisement. Philip Weyrich appointed adminls
trator of Elizabeth Weyrich.
Mary A. Duckwall, admr. of L. R.
Duckwall, filed application to com
pound claims.
O. F. Underwood, executor of Susan
A. Clouser, filed petition to sell per
sonal property at private sale.
J. Horace Roads, admr. of Sarah
Dammann, filed first and final account
Mary E. Story, admrx. of J. W.
Story, filed first and final account.
Henry Yochum and Peter J Yochum
appointed executors of Peter Yochum.
Everett L. Britton and Leslie Brit
ton, executors of Jonah Britton, filed
inventory and appraisement
Will of L. D. Strain probated.
J. B. Elliott, guardian of Nellie B.
Martin, filed first account.
Will of Susan A. Clouser certified to
Common Pleas Court.
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin I. Kauf
mann, of Cincinnati, are rejoicing over
the hearth of ason.R'chard Benjamin.
Married Tuesday afternoon of this
week at the Methodist Parsonage Rev.
Earl R. Slutz officiating, Neal Sulce
barger and Miss Esther Florea, both
of Greenfield.
Mrs. William F. Allen and two
daughters, who have been spending
the summer with the formers's par
ents, Rev. and Mrs. George B. Beecher, r
will return to tnelr home in New York
City tomorrow.
A team and wagon, belonging to J.
Strain & Son and driven by Will
Captain, was struck by the 4:25 Trac
tion Car Thursday afternoon. The
accident occurred at the crossing on
the Willettsvllle pike, it Is very dif
ficult to see the track at this crossing
and either the motorman did not blow
his whistle or Captain did not hear it
and the wagon was right on the track
when the car struck It. Captain es
caped unhurt. The leg of one of the
horses was skinned and the wagon
badly damaged.
To Pray That War May Cease.-
In accordance with the proclama
tion of the President, there will be a
special sorvlce in the Baptist Church
next Sunday evening to pray that the
war in Europe may cease.
A special program has been prepar
ed that is calculated to deepen the
desire for peace. Three ten minute
addresses v. ill be given on the general
subject of, "Reasons Why the War
Should Cease."
The speakers and subjects are as
follows :
(1.) The Cost In Money and Human
Lives and the Suffering of the Sol
diers by Mr. Chauncy Gross.
(2) The Loss to the World in
Treasures of Art and Architecture by
Professor Patterson.
(3) The Suffering of the Widows
and Orphans by Miss Byrdle Ayres.
These addresses will be followed by
special prayer for the object specified.
The public is cordially Invited.
At the morning service, 10:30, the
pastor will speak on "The Order of
the Ordinances". The ordinance of
The Lord's Supper will be commemo
rated' at this service.
Real Estate Transfers.
N. W. Igo to W. M. Borden, Concord
tp, 5a, f 1. ,
Elma Schwartz to Walter Schwartz,
Lynchburg, lot, 31. .
James Carlisle to Carey Klrkpatrlck,
Liberty tp, 9a, $1.
E. E. Lawhead to Elizabeth Winkle.
Leesburg, lot, $1.
J. J, Plttser to Dora Ratcllff, Lynch
burg, lot, $1800 07.
A. J. Morris to Delbert R Cowman,
. Greenfield, lot, $1.
Oscar Heldlngsfeld.to A J. Morris,
Greenfield, lot, $1.
I Jane Reed et al to O. E. Robblns,
' Liberty tp, Sla, 1
L. M. D. Watts to Hendricks Sam-
uels, Greenfield, lot, 91.
I Vernon Haggerty to Catherine
Gardner, Marshall tp, 100a, 91.
Sept. 28, 1914'.
A. E, Wilkin and family, of South
Liberty, were guests of GusCalley and
wife Sunday.
C. E. Shaffer spent Saturday and
Sunday with his son, Waller, at Nor
wood. Ellis Roush. of Springfield, Is visit
ing N. P. Landess and wife.
Rov Pence, wife and baby, and Mrs.
Rachel Pence, of East Danville, were
guestsjof C. A. Wood and family, Sun
Hugh Stockwell spent Saturday and
Sunday with friends near Sardinia,
Misses Loree and Marglne Robinson
and brother, Hubert, of Shackelton,
were guests Sunday of their cousin',
Helen and Ruth Cropper.
Lewis Pence and wife left Friday
ior a visit with their son, Ira and wife, '
In Springfield
Miss Sylvia Young, of Prlcetown,
spent from Saturday until Monday
with friends here.
Lenard Roush and family visited
Ed. Cochran and wife north of town
Mrs. Geo. Kesler and Mrs. Walter
Lemon and little daughter, Norma,
of Hillsboro, Homer Rurton and wife,
Mrs. L. C. Stockwell and Mrs. Edward
Knauer and children spant Friday
with Mrs. Elizabeth, Knauer. and
daughter, Anna. I
The Misses Emery, of Lumberton,
were guests of Miss Veda King Sun
Mrs. Addle Smith, W. F. Roude
bush, Walter Riley and Frank Knauer
motored here from Batavla Sunday
and spent the day with the latter's
mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Knauer.
Mrs. Homer Burton Is spending the
week with friends in Cincinnati and
attending the fall display.
Mrs Mack Stanforth, of Hillsboro,
was a guest of Mrs. C. E. Burton part
of last week.
Clarence Roads, wife and baby, nt
Shackelton, visited his grandmother,
Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, Sunday.
Mrs. Nellie Brown and Mrs George
Brown spent Friday with relatives in
Mrs. Armeior Stroupand daughter,
Anna, visited friends at Dodsonville,
Walter Lemon, wife and daughter,
of Hillsboro, G. G. O. Pence, wife and
two sons and his mother, Mrs. Susan,
Pence, Stella Orebaugh and son, Chas.,
of Shackelton, and C. C. Winkle and
wife, of East Danville, were enter
tained at dinner Sunday by Joseph
Cochran and wife.
A meeting was held at the township
house last Friday evening to make ar
rangements for a number of lectures
to be given here the coming winter.
There will be five numbers during the
season. Those desiring season tickets
should apply to either Hugh Stock-
,well, Dr. Cropper or Bruce Jones.
Season tickets are $1 or single tickets
25c. The first lecture will be held
about the middle of October. The en
tire program will be announced later
This range pays rent
s to &J&
cost no more than common kinds. If you
will visit our large display of beautiful
ranges, and replace that worn-out, wasteful,
bothersome stove now in your kitchen with a new
Favorite, it will positively save from $5 to $15 worth,
of the fuel you have been burning every year.
Figure out for yourself the short time in.
which a Favorite will pay for itself. More
than that, it rarely requires repairing, and
possesses so many labor-saving conveniences that
it saves about one-quarter, of the time you usually
spend in the kitchen.
This is the home of Favorite Ranges. Our
experience ha3 taught us that none are as
good. You will find a large variety of the
leading styles and sizes here. Call and
see them.
Peoples9 . ' I
Column f
Farm and Town property always
for sale. Money loaned on Real Es
tate. Wade Turneb,
Merchants Bank Bldg.
For Sale HO acre farm on pike
near New Market. For particulare
inquire at this office. adv tf
t House For Rent Inquire of O. S.
Lemon. adv (3t)
FoR Sale-Two buMness houses lo-
cated in Hillsboro. They are both well
. rented and the price asked is low.-Ben
C. Strain, Hillsboro, Ohio, (tf)
For Renta six room house with
bath, roomy closets, summer kitchen,
wood and coal houses all under same
roof. Inquire of Paul Harsha. adv
For Rent Modern dwelling house
on W. Soutli street. Call at 402 W.
Walnut street. adv
For Sale Choice
Fred Hill, Bell Phone
For Rent Large barn with 3 large
box stalls, two common stalls and
plenty carriage room. R. L. Boulware,
225 S. West St.
Bell's Opera House
October 6
I Seats at Van Zandt's, Saturday Oct. 3
Coming Oct. 12, Martin? "Uncle Tom's
Cabin" Co.
Positively Masters Croup.
Foley's noney and Tar Compound
cuts the thick choking mucus and
clears away the phlegm. Opens up the
air passages and stops the hoarse
cough. The gasping, strangling fight
for breath gives way fp quiet breath
ing and peaceful slpep' Harold Berg,
Macs, Mich , writes: "We give Foley's
Honey and Tar to our children for
croup and it always acts quickly.''
adv Garrett & Ayres.
r:er rjjr.'
It's a real Favorite
Will give a life time
of efficient service and
appetizing cookery.
At less cost per year
than any other range
ever built.
1. Runaway
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f HAA. r-. I ! II. ! I
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