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Why do you put up with such a nuisance?
You don't have to if you furnish your house
with a
Cole's Original
Hot Blast Heater
You build only one fire each winter.
'the name
each stove.
'Cole's" on
None genuine
For Every- Living- Thing On
Free ; a 500, page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every LlvlngThing
on the Farm ;" horses, cattle, dogs,
sheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetlnary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart (or ready reference, to hany
up. Free by mall on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co.,
Corner Williams & Ann Sts., N.Y. adv
A Berlin professor estimated the
commercial value in electricity of a
flash of lightning lasting for .1000 of a
second at 20 cents.
Light Your House and Barns Cook Your Meals
With Home-Made Acetylene
, And Make Your Acetylene With a
Pilot Lighting Plant
Pilot plants make Acetylene automatically a little at
a time as you use it in your gas cooking stove and in
your lights distributed throughout your house, your
barns and out-buildings. You simply fill the generator
with the gas-producing stone "Union Carbide" and
water about once a month.
Pilot plants are approved by The National Board of Fire
Insurance Underwriters.
All told, over 250,000 country homes are using Acetylene
made the Pilot way.
A complete Pilot plant, consisting of generator, pipes hand
some light fixtures and gas cook stove, can be installed in any
country home in a couple of days time.
Such a plant is a permanent improvement and will furnish
you with the cheapest, safest and most practical light and fuel
now available for country home requirements.
Write for our illustrated catalogs and descriptive booklets
giving all the facts. 1M
Walton, Ky.
Salesman for
(Largest Maker of Country Home Light and Fuel Plants in the World)
Wow! Cold as the dickens!
It is never out from Fall till Spring.
You get up and dress in rooms
warmed with the fuel put in the night
This is not possible with other stoves.
Burns anything soft coal, hard coal
or wood.
Come in and see this great fire keeper
and fuel saver.
the feed door
without it,
Mrs.. Exe I'm going down town this
Mr Exe Shopping, my dear?
Mrs. Exe No: I haven't time for
that; just to buy a few things that I
need Boston Transcript.
The richest and perhaps largest Iron
ore mine in the world Is at Klrirna,
Lapland, as far north ss northwestern
Alaska. The climate Is milder than
that of Alaska and the mine is worked
the year around.
Russia's population is increasing at
the rate of 2,500,000 a year. It now
stands at about 147,000.000. of which
100,000,000 are peasants.
Oct. 5 1014.
I Miss Helen Overman, of Overman, i
spent from Monday until Thursday
with hor grandparents, R. R Watts
and wife.
i Mrs. Wm. Elliott and George Miller
and wife were the guests of Rev. B.
E Wright and wife, at Marathon,
Mrs John Campbell called on Mrs.
Wm. Elliott Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Guy Hunter spent Wednesday
night with Mrs Harley Suiter.
Mrs. F. M. Main and Miss Golda
Fanning were entertained Thursday
by Frank Kelley and wife.
Mrs. Wm. Frump called on Mrs. R.
L. Watts Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. John Boyd and daughter, Ruby,
spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs.
Ella Burnette.
' Dr. Mason and wife were guests of
Benton Parks and wife, Sunday.
I Mrs. Ella Burnette, Miss Grace Boyd
and little Mora Mason spent Sunday
I with Mrs Emily Carlisle and family.
Mrs. Lem Hunter and Mrs. James
' Creed and children were entertained
Sunday by Mrs Eva ine Carlisle and
family, of near Prospect. ,
I Burch Miller and family spent Sun
'day with Stanley Miller and family, of
! Berrysvllle.
Ed Shannon and family, of Hills
boro, and John' Watts and family, of
Ralnsboro, spent Sunday with Mrs R.
L. Watts and family.
Miss Grace Boyd spent Sunday after
noon with Mrs. Osa Spruance.
John Fanning and family, of Saman
tha, and F. M. Kelley and family, of
Prospect, and Miss Elva Spruance
spent Sunday with Frank Mains ard
Harley Suiters and family spent Sun
day with Carey Carlisle and family, of
Lowell Hunter and Misses Fay and
Gladys Cummlngs called on Lem Hun
ter and family Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Madison Doss and daughter,
Osa, spent Saturday with her parents,
A. W. Lucas and family.
Ed v iuimson and family and W.
R. Noland and family, of Belfast,
called on John Campbell and family,
Sunday afternoon.
R. E. Sloane, of Sclotovllle, came
Saturday to spend a few days with her
sister, Mrs. John Campbell, and family.
Ray Boyd and family called on John !
Boyd and family Sunday afternoon.
Hilton Noland, Irvln Mercer and
Guy Mauntell, of Belfast, were calling
on friends hero Sunday afternoon.
A. W. Lucas and family and Mrs
Madison Doss and daughter, of Locust
Grove, were entertained by L. T. Dick
and family, Sunday.
What Would You Do?
Tliere are many times when one man
questions another's actions and mo
tives. Men act differently under air
Iferent circumstances. The question
' Is, what would you do right no w If you
had a severe cold? Could you do better
than to take Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy ? It Is highly recommended
, by people who have used It for years
and know its value. Mrs. O. E Sar
gent, Peru, Ind , says, "Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy Is worth Us weight In
'gold and I take pleasure in recom
I mending it." For sale by All Deal
' ers. adv
Oct. 5, 1914.
Geo. Prine, wife and daughter, Miss
Pearl, spent Sunday with Clayton
Larrick and family, near Miller's
Wm. Wllllson returned to his home
in Wilmington, Saturday, after spend
ing a fortnight with his brother here.
Mrs. 'James Harris spent Tues
day afternoon with her sister, Mrs.
FxanK Willison.
Chas. Pence and wife, of Dayton,
spent Thursday afternoon with Geo.
Prlne and wife.
Miss Gertrude Hoop entertained
Sunday Miss. Ruth Borden, of Clear
Creek, Miss Winkle, Clarence and
Roy Justice and Willie Gammell, of
Arthur Lucas, of Boston, spent Fri
day and Saturday with H. .G. Powell
and family.
Mrs. Ralph Sprinkle and Mrs. Chas.
Slmbro called on Mrs. Geo. Prine
Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Oliver returned home Thurs
day, after visiting her daughter, Mrs.
Ralph Sprinkle.
Luther Campbell and wife spent
Thursday with Mrs. Joe Campbell
and daughter, Miss Emma.
H. G. Powell spent Sunday after
noon with Chas. Slmbro and family.
Miss Olla Johnson spent Saturday
and Sunday with Miss Delia Johnson,
of Buford.
It Always Does the Work.
"I like Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy better than any other," writes R.
E. Roberts, Homer City, Pa. "I have
taken it off and on for years and It has
never failed to give the desired re
suits." For sale by All Dealers adv
Questions Put to Applicants For
County Certificates.
Prepared by the State Superintendent
of Public Instruction to Test tha
Mental Qualifications of Those Who
Seek Position! as Teachers In the
Public Schools.
Following Is the list of questions
as prepared under direction of tho
state superintendent of public in
struction and submitted at the coun
ty examination for teachers Oct. 3
for elementary Bchool certificates:
1. Should old wood be allowed to rot
or be burned? Why? What elements
of fertility does it contain?
2. At what time is it best to trim
orchards? Why?
3. One farmer's'buttcr is too white;
another's does not taste sweet; another's
has big salt crystals in it. What are some
suggestions you would make to remedy
each defect?
4. What would you raise in a school
garden and why?
5. what are the principal points to be
nlcf .mrj in fyrnrl.tifr fin ..fir nf mrnr
6. Through what stages of life do in-'
sects oass? Mention some most injur-
ious in the first stage, and others most
injurious in the third stage.
7. What would be a good daily win
ter feed for a horse?
8. What elements of soil fertilityara
most frequently deficient in your neigh
borhood? How are they supplied?
fTake two of the croups helow entire.)
Group A. (Based on Pearson's The Ev- .
olution of the Teacher.) I
1. Explain and illustrate, "Skill does
not come by doing alone."
2. What aid is secured from books
by one seeking professional growth? I
3. How can a teacher prevent "waste" i
by skill in assigning a lesson? I
4. What are some of the things we
should keep in mind if we would have
a child really learn?
Group B. (Based on Betts and Hall's
Better Ritral Schools.)
1. What is one of the best ways of
measuring the efficiency of a school?
2. Why is the town school not usu
ally the best school for pupils living in
the country? ,
3. Show the need of teaching hy
giene in rural schools.
4. What is one of the worst faults of
the "old" school curriculum?
Group C. (Based on no particular text.)
1. Why has the frequency of pun
ishment in schools diminished? Should
it diminish still more? Why?
2. What is correct theory and prac
tice regarding reviews?
3. How s ould a teacher get his en
rollment and classify pupils the open
ing day? (( State what sort of school
you teach.)
4. Why should a teacher welcome the
visits of the district superintendent? If
he gives no criticisms or suggestions,
what should the teacher do? Can the
teacher get value from the district su
perintendent in other ways?
1. Mention some occasions on which
our country has shown its intenfion to
avoid foreign entanglements?
2. Upon what terms did we take the
Philippines? Hawaii?
3. What interests have usually op
posed duties on imports and why? What
was the source of agitation in favor of
free silver in 1895 and 1896?
4. Mention the occasions of threeof
the worst Union defeats in the Civil
5. What are some of the definite
helps that have beert given by our gov
ernment to the construction and im
provement of rail, water and wagon
6. What financial measures estab
lished our government on a firm basis
during Washington's first term?
7. Describe the dealings of the
United States with pirates.
8. What states were in the Union in
18S0? Who was the President? What
were the methods of transportation?
What questions 'were interesting the
people? Were the telegraph and tele
phone in use? The reaper? The type
writer? Where was the center of pop
ulation? ARITHMETIC.
1. If a tax duplicate of $2,800,000 will
produce a certain sum on a rate of .015,
at what rate will a duplicate of $12,
400,000 produce the same sum?
2. A soldier with a full outfit carries
these weights: rifle, 20 lb.; blanket, 15
lb. ; food, 10 lb. ; water, 2 lb. ; empty
luggage, 8 lb. Of a command of 1000
men, 6 per cent, have no rifles, 25 per
cent, no blankets, 50 per cent, no food,
80 per cent, no water and 10 per cent,
no empty luggage. What is the average
weight carried per man?.
3. Water flows thriMch a 5 in. pipe
at the rate of 1700 gallons per minute.
What js the speed of movement of the
water in the pipe?
4. A farmer finds 10 per cent, net
profit in raising onions, 20 per cent, in
watermelons, 5 per cent, in wheat and
15 per cent, in corn. One fourth of his
net income, which is $7,000 per year,
comes from each source. Find the out
lay in raising each.
5. A triangle has a base of 11 in. and
an altitude of 8 in. By how much more
is its area increased if 3 in. is added to
its altitude than if 3 in, is added to its
6. A feed-merchant found that one
of his scalcswas giving 2 per cent, more
than the indicated weight, and the other
2 per cent, under the indicated weight.
The 'ash registers adjacent to them in
dicated that 72 per cent, of his sales
were over the underweight scale. His
total receipts for 9 months were $86,
324. If this had been the condition of
the scales, how much did he H!n tfr ?
7. Telephone experts say that tho
cost of service per phone increases IS
per cent, for caih additional 1C0 phones,
service in a city with JOO phones is at
;2.C0 per month, What should be the
rate in a city where there are o00U .
8. Knhn St Co. hid 102J4 for some'
bonds; Pittsburg Trust bid 103 J4. What!
per cent of the par value is caiived by
accepting the latter bid? If $666.00 is
gained by accepting the latter bid, what
was the amount issued?
. Tn what different ways may the
prnder of masculine and feminine nouns
b shown? Give examples.
2. (a) What adjectives and ad
verbs are never compared? (b) Give
an example of a phrase which is com
pared. 3. What participles are there? Use
all the participles of some verb.
4. Give an example each of an ad
jective, adverbial and noun clause. Can
a relative clause be used in each o.f these
ways ?
5. Diagram (a) My father built
the house in which I was born, (b) The
servant, angry because he had been re
buked, slammed the door as he went
6". State the exact construction of
each word italicized in these sentences:
A carriage drawn by half a dozen
horses came driving at a furious
rate, the postilions smacking their
whips like mad.
Miss Matty cared more for the
circumstance of her being a very
good card-player.
7. Change the following statements
to the form of indirect discourse after
"He said that":
(a) I shall sail for Naples next
(b) I am not fond of poetry.
(c) The enemy is retreating.
8. Write to a friend in Columbus ac-
i cepting an invitation to stay at his or
"" house, during the holiday meeting
V' '"5 cuuiainm.ii a-suLiauun, aim Biv
ing time of your arrival, etc
1. A grammar gives 10 rules for the
use of capital letters; give six such
rules. ,
2. When does a suffix cause the word
to which it is added to drop or change
its final letter?
3. Illustrate the use of those diacrit
ical marks which are used with e.
4. Accent and mark the vowels of
mischievous, fusillade, parsimony, con
fluence, dirigible, reenforce.
5-6. Spell and define: puppet, clois
ter, foment, frustrate, salubrious, soci
ology, wreak, reek, ratio, euphony.
7-10. Spell: practitioner, superinten
dent, excelsior, until, replete, communi
ty, languid, recruit, epileptic, electricity,
detachment, raillery, aeroplane, shroud
ed, malign, vaccinate, exclusive, consec
utive, league, tungsten.
1. What reasons arc there for be
lieving that Ohio's population will al
ways exceed that of Nevada? (Nevada's
present population is equal to that of
2. What three water routes offer out
lets for Canada in summer? How can
Canada ship abroad in winter?
3. What mountains are there in Aus-
ctria-Hungary near the Russian frontier?
What rivers are there in north-eastern
France and north-western Germany?
What one in north-eastern Germany?
What is the chief river in Austria-Hungary?
4. What are the principal things
shipped from South America to the
United States? From where does the
United States secure its sugar supply?
5. Why is freight traffic on the Great
Lakes suspended before November?
Why are snow sheds required in Ne
vada while they are not required in
Kansas? Compare the value to com
merce of the rivers west of the Missis
sippi with that of those east of it.
6. What is the form of government
of each of the four principal political
divisions of Asia?
7. Give the location of each of the
following: Yosemite Falls, Mt. Vesuv
ius, Ceylon, Petrocrad, The Falls of the
Ohio, Raleigh, Cape of Good Hope,
Thames River, Antwerp, Guam.
1. What is the cause of nose-bleed?
What is the treatment and the reason
for its effectiveness?
2. Describe the lining of the stomach
and its action.
3. What conditions of the body make
it easily subject to disease? What can
be done to improve them?
4. What arrangements as to temper
ature, moisture and ventilation will
make colds less frequent? What direc
tions to the children, if followed, will
aid the same purpose?
5. What is the position of the pan
creas? What is its function?
6. How are the bones articulated and
bound together at the knee joint?
7. What two kinds of muscle are
there in respect to their character and
control ?
8. What organs are located in the
chert? How is the chest bounded and
lined? What diseases of the chest oc
cur outside of the organs? How is the
capacity of the chest increased?
1. In what ways can the nitrogen
supply of a soil be improved?
2. How is a silo filled and how is the
daily supply of silage removed from it?
Explain fully.
3. Describe methods of propagating
strawberries, raspberries and sweet
potatoes. 4. What are grade cattle? What is
the practical way to improve the stock?
What principles are applied in producing
improved breeds?
5. What is the nutritive ratio of this
ration1 Corn silage, 40 pounds; clover
hav, 10 pounds; wheat bran, 8 pounds?
(Theycontain respectively .9 pound pro
tein and 12.9 pounds carbohydrates and
fat x 2'4 ; 68 pounds protein and 39 6
pounds of carbohydrates and fat x 2A ;
12.2 pounds protein and 45.3 pounds car
bohydrates and fat x 2J4, in 100
.6 Describe the planting and tillage
of corn. Discuss the question of weeds
in the corn.
7. What is meant by winter wheat?
How should a field be prepared for
wheat? What conditions of weather
favor large winter wheat crops?
8. Discuss the uses and values of
three kinds of clover. How can you
determine the value of sample of
clovir iced?
$Tof8ional $id
Both Phontstln Office and Rc.idcnc.
Office Short St., Opp. Court Eouit
iiionn BIK HILL8BOBO,,
Bfiire 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone 143
Htllatooro, Ohio.
Orrioi: In Holmes
Building, Nortn HUu
Orrioi Hod lis. B to it a. m., I to
and a ta
up. m.
Hotb 'Phones in Office and Residence,
kiincid:& son
Funeral Directors &. Embalmers
!A Full Line of High Grade
Vrumpt Dclhery. Courteous Treatment
Your Patronage Solicited
(Successors to J. C. Koch)
I'tltceRtar ot TracticnVepot
Home Phone J44
You are responsible for the
eyes of your child.
Watch out for frowns and
squints when he reads or looks
at a book. Does he hold it too
near or too far? These things
grow fast but can be overcome
if discovered in time.
We insist on your bringing the
children in.
No Charge ForAdvising You.
Or. C. F. Fans,
Ouice 1 door East of Economy store.
Main Street, Hillsboro, O.
Stop Early Bronchial Coughs.
They hang on all winter If not
checked, and pave the way for serious
throat and lung diseases. Get a bottle
of Foley's Honey and -Tar Compound
and take it freely. Stops coughs and
colds, heals raw Inflamed throat, loos
ens the phlegm and is mildly laxative,
nest for children and grown persons.
No opiates.
adv Garhett & Atbes
Sawdust and chloride of magnesium
are used in Germany to form an ex
tremely hard artiticlal wood.
Beware of Ointments for
Catarrh That Contain Mercmy
aa mercury will surely destroy the s isa
of smell ana completely derange ia
whole system when entering It through,
the mucous surfaces. Such articles shoali
never bo used except on prescriptions
trom reputable physicians, as the damagi
they will do is ten fold to the good you
can Dosslbly derive from them. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
i Cheney & Co,, Toledo, O.. contains no
mercury, and is taken Internally, actinff
I directly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. In buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be sure you get tho genu
ine. It Is taken internally and made irt
I Toledo. Ohio, by P. J. Cheney & Co. Tes
timonials free.
RMd bv Druggists. Price 75o per bottle.
TaVe DaU'B Family Pills for constipation.

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