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We will publish tlie announcements
of candidates for state, district and
county ofllces of any party from now
until the election. Our rate for dis
trict olllces Is $5.00 and for county of
flees $3.00. Rate for state olllces made
known upon application. All copy Is
subject to change. Under the postal
regulations we do not believe any
newspaper can refuse advertising of
this description and be entitled to
special postal rates given newspapers.
I am a candidate for Prosecuting
Attorney on the Republican ticket,
subject to the will of the voters at the
election Tuesday, Nov 3 Your sup
port will be appreciated.
adv J. W Watts.
I am a candidate for clerk of courts
of Highland county on the Republican
ticwet. Your support Is solicited and
will be appreciated.
adv E. 0. Wisecui'.
I am a candidate for County Sur
veyor on the Democratic ticket and
will appreciate your support at the
election on Tuesday, Nov. 3. I have
had several years experience In sur
veying and civil engineer work, both
in a private capacity and in county
and state work.
adv CiiAni.Es F. Clakke.
I am a candidate for re-election as
County Commissioner on the Demo
cratic ticket. During my first term I
have always done those things which
I considered for the best interest of all
the people and ask their support upon
my record, Investigation of which is
adv D. O. Matthews.
I am a candidate for County Sur
veyor on the Republican ticket, sub
ject to the will of the voters at the
election to be held Tuesday, Nov. 3
I will appreciate your support. I have
been actively engaged in surveying
and civil engineer work for the past
ten years both In a private capacity
and in county and state work
adv H. W. Hunteu
1 am a candidate for re-election on
the Republican ticket as Representa
tive from Highland county in the
State Legislature. During my first
term I have served the people to the
best of my ability, at all times acting
lor what I considered the best inter
ests of all my constituents. I would
appreciate an investigation of my rec
ord and am asking your support upon
it. G. G. O. Pence.
Probate Court Proceedings.
H. L. Wiggins, exr of Jas. W. Brown,
Sled application to fix inheritance tax.
John Matthews appointed executor
of L. D. Strain.
Kate H. Lafferty, exrx of Nelson B.
Lafferty, filed first and final account.
Where Quality
Look at these Features-Not one week, but every week
Always Three Vitagraphs
Alice Joyce Series
Snakeville Comedy
The Famous "Wallace Beery" Comedies
"The Million Dollar Mystery"
Little Mary PickfonP
' ' " ' '" 1 1 .-.. i .I .-1 1.. T ., ., .i . .i.. . i i
EVERY SATURDAY Matinee and Night
Beginning Saturday, October 24, Arthur Johnson and
Lottie Briscoe, The Beloved Adventure Series. Each
number complete.
In addition to above-a single reel Vitagraph every
night but Wednesday.
Stick to the Show that sticks to you.
Marriage Licenses.
Cleve Eyre and Olive Ladd, both of
Casper E. Abraham and Thursle
Young, both of Prlcetown.
George E. Welge, of Evansvllle, Ind ,
and Florenoe Martin Hardest y, of
Sylvester Fender and Margaret Slra
bry, both of Mowrjstown.
w ...
Real Gstate Transfers.
Ella D. Maddox to Henry U. Mad
dox, Hillsboro, lot, $1.
Samuel S Graves to Jesse Horton,
Hillsboro, lot, $1.
Arista Ulldeband to Rodney Wise,
Madison tp, lot, $1
II. II Wilson to 0. C. Little, Green-
Held, lot, $1.
. Edward Pointer to Noah Gayman,
! Whlteoak tp, la, $1.
I Llda M. Kennedy to Mary E. Edglng
jton, Hillsboro, lot, $1.
! F. B. Wolford to I. II. Anderson,
Fairfield and Greene tps, 6S $7000.
Cora N Warrick to J ames Euverard,
Hillsboro, lot, $1.
Merrell Williams to William Frump,
Penn tp, lot, $23.
Rainsboro Pair.
The eighth annual Rainsboro Fair
opened Wednesday witli all conditions
favorable. The weather was ideal and
all departments were lilled to oyer
j Opening day found the best crowd
ever on the grounds the first day. All
who were there were loud in their
praise of the entertainment furnished. I
The grounds are ideal for a country
fair. Every arrangement 'had been
made for the pleasure and comfort of
those attending. The dlsnlav of cattle.
' sheep, liogs, horses, and all kinds of
agricultural products was superb.
I Wednesday morning was held the
boys stock judging and the girls do-
! mestlc science contests and both'
aroused great Interest. These contests
were In charge of the State College of
Agriculture and the young people de
rived great benefit from them.
The races were close and exciting
Wednesday and everyone enjoyed this
entertaining feature of the program.
No one should fall o pass through
the booths under the grand stand. (
Here will be found displays of grain,
fruit, needle work and the culinary art
and all who visit this place will find it
instructive, entertaining and enjoya
ble. If you enjoy a country fair you will
surely atteud the Rainsboro Fair, as
the displays are exceptionally good,
the races fine and you are certain to
meet your friends and acquaintances
from all parts of the county.
. m
Sixty members of the Holy Name1
Society of St. Mary's 'Catholic chuich
will go to Cincinnati Sunday to take
part in the annual parade of the organi.
zation of the Cincinnati Diocese. The
Hillsboro Band lias been employed to
assist in the parade. The members of
the society will leave here Sunday
morning at 0 o'clock on a special car
on the Traction. There will also be a
peclal car returning leaving Cincin
nati at 11 o'clock that night.
Legal Holiday.
The banks of Hillsboro will be closed
Monday, Oct. 12, Columbus Discovery
S and lOc
The Hollow
of Her Hand
"Trazton King," ic.
H Illustrations by Ellsworth Young
"Your father was as little impress
ed with my son as I was with his
daughter," said Redmond Wrandall
drily "I am forced to confess that he
was tho better Judge. We had the
better of the bargain."
"I believe you mean it, Mr. Wran
dall," she said, a note of gratitude In
her voice. "Good-bye. Mr. Carroll
will see you tomorrow." She glanced
quickly about the room. "I shall send
for for certain articles that are no
longer required In conducting the bus
iness of Wrandall & Co."
With a quaint little smile, she Indi
cated the two photographs of herself.
"By Jove, Sara," burst out Leslie
abruptly. "I wish you'd let me have
that Gipsy Mab picture. I've always
been dotty over it, don't you know.
Ripping study."
Her lip curled slightly.
"As a matter of fact," ho explained
conclusively, "Chal often said he'd
leave It to me when he died. In a
Joking way, of course, but I'm sure he
meant It."
"You may have It, Leslie," she said
slowly. It is doubtful If he correctly
Interpreted the movement of her head
as she uttered the words.
"Thanks," said he. "I'll hang it in
my den, If you don't object."
"We shall expect Mr. Carroll tomor
row, Sara." said his father, with an air
of finality. "Good-bye. May I ask
what plans you are making for tho
"They are very indefinite."
"I say, Sara, why don't you get
married?" asked Leslie, surveying tho
Gipsy Mab photograph with undis
guised admiration as he held it at
arm's length. "Ripping!" This to the
She paused near the door to stare
at him for a moment, unutterable
scorn In her eyes.
"I've had a notion you were pretty
koen about Brandy Booth," he went
oq amiably.
She caught her breath. There was
on instant's hesitation on her part be
fore she replied.
"You have never been very smart at
making love guesses, Leslie," Bhe said.
"It's a trick you haven't acquired."
He laughed uncomfortably. "Neat
stroke, that"
Following her into the corridor out
side the offices, he pushed the elevator
bell for her.
"I meant what I said, Sara," he re
marked, somewhat doggedly. "You
ought to get married. Chal didn't
leave much for you to cherish. There's
no reason why you should go on like
this, living alone and all that sort of
thing. You're young and beautiful
"Oh, thank you, Leslie," she cried'
out sharply.
"You see, it's going to be this way:
Hetty will probably marry Booth.
That's on dit, I take it. You're depend
ing on her for companionship. Well,
shell quit you cold after she's mau
rled. She will"
She Interrupted him peremptorily.
"If Challls did nothing else for me,
Leslie, he at least gave me you to
cherish. Once more, good-bye."
The elevator stopped for her. He
strolled back to his office wtlh a puz
zled frown on his face. She certainly
was Inexplicable!
The angry red faded from her
cheeks as she sped homeward in tho
automobile. Her thoughts were no
longer of Leslie but of another . . .
She sighed and closed her eyes, and
her cheeks were pale.
Workmen from a picture dealer's es
tablishment were engaged in hanging
a full length portrait in the long living-room
of her apartment when she
reached home. She had sent to the
country for Booth's picture of Hetty,
and was having It hung in a conspicu
ous place.
Passing the open library door, Sara
paused for an instant to peer within.
Then she went on down the hall to her
own sitting-room. The canary was
singing glibly in his cage by the window-side.
She threw aside her furs, and, with
out removing her hat, passed Into the
bed-chamber at the left of the cozy lit
tie boudoir. This was Hetty's room.
Her own was directly opposite. On
the girl's dressing-table, leaning
against the broad, low mirror, stood
the unframed photograph ot a man.
With a furtive glance over her shoul
der, Sara crossed to the table and
took up tho picture in her gloved
hand. For a long time she stood there
gazing into the frank, good-looking
face of Brandon Booth. She breathed
faster; her hand shook; her eyes
were strained as if by an Inward sug
gestion of pain.
She shook her head slowly, as if in
final renunciation ot a secret hope or
the banishment of an unwelcome do
sire, and resolutely replaced the pho
tograph. Her lips were almost white
as she turned away and re-entered the
room beyond,
"He belongs to her," she said, un
consciously speaking aloud; "and he is
tiKo all men. She must not be unhap
py." Presently she entered tho library.
She had exchanged her tailor-suit for a
dainty house-gown. Hetty was still
seated In the big lounging chair, be
fore the snapping fire, apparently not
having moved since she looked in on
passing a quarter of an hour befora.
One of the girl's legs was curled up
under her, the other swung loose; an
elbow rested on the arm of the chair,
and her cheek was In her hand.
Coming softly up from behind, Sara
leaned over the back of the chair and
put her hands under her friend's chin,
tenderlv, lovingly. Hetty started and
"Oh, Sara, how cold your hands
She grasped them in her own and
fondly stroked them, as If to restore
warmth to the long, slim Angers which
i W- I
"Because I Love You So Dearly," Said
gave the He to Mrs. Coburn's declara
tions. "I've been thinking all morning of
what you and Brandon proposed to
me last night," said Sara, looking
straight over the girl's head, the dark,
languorous, mysterious glow Ailing her
eyes. "It is good of you both to want
me, but "
"Now don't say 'but,' Sara," cried
Hetty. "We mean it, and you must
let us have our way."
I "It would be splendid to be near
i you all the time, dear; it would be
I wonderful to live with you as you so
I generously propose, but I cannot, do
It. I must decline."
"And may I ask why you decline to
live with me?" demanded Hetty re
sentfully. "Because I love yon so dearly," said
Sara. ,
October 5, 1914.
Scott George was the guest of rela
tives In Hillsboro a couple of days
last week.
Miss Eisa Roads entertained the
Sunbeams at her country home last
Saturday afternoon.
Dr O. R. Evlar. J. A. Reaver and.
son, John, and Kenton Kesler attend
ed, tho races at Columbus last Tues
day. Asbury Campbell and family visited
friends in Adams county the first of
last week.
Miss Frances West, who is a student
in the High School at Hillsboro this
year, was home several day's last week
on account of sickness.
Mrs. W. S. Freshwater, of Colum
bus,, is the guest of her mother, Mrs.
Mary Beaver.
Mrs. Nancy Redkey has been elect
ed president of the W. C. T. U. to fill
the vacancy caused by the resignation
oi Mrs. Dora Lucas.
Rev. Roy Coleman, of New Jasper,
visited home folks here last week.
Mrs. Mary West, of Columbus, is
the guest of her parents here this
Chas. Shaw and wife and Mrs. Ulen
and children, of Springfield, are visit
ng here at the home of their parents,
A. 6. Cameron and wife.
Rev. Thos. Smith, who was appoint
ed pastor of the M. E. Church here,
resigned last week and moved his
family to Winchester. His place has
not yet been supplied.
A. Anderson and wife and daughter,
of Lebanon, are guests of V. R. Gar
rett and wife.
Mrs. C. L. Redkey has been quite
sick for the past few days.
Miss Grace Glenn, of Columbus, Is
spending the week with her mother,
Mrs. Ellen Glenn.
Miss Kathryn Harrington, who has
been visiting relatives at Lancaster
for several weeks, is expected home
Mrs. Emily Shipton, of Hillsboro, is
spending a few days with friends
I The displays for the fair are coming
In rapidly today. The fair board has
made several needed improvements on
buildings this year, the W. O, T. U.
I has provided a rest tent for the com
I fort of the people and indications are
that we will have the best and largest
fair ever held here.
Rumbling noises in hot water boilers
lust after fas heaters are lighted, sorae-
j times startling in their intensity, are
I due to the cold water rushing up from
' below to displace the expanded water
Yes, on the walk in front of our store, next
Thursday, October 15, we will prove to you and
our neighbors that the King Clermont Heater
does everything we claim it will do.
We want you to be in the audience even though
you may not need a heater at this time. We want
you to see for yourself this real merit test of the
Triple Flue, Hot Blast, Air Tight
the heater that burns any and all
of the cheapest kinds of fuel
Burns anything with marvelous results. It is
so constructed that it delivers to your rooms every
degree of heat generated by the fire and is every
bit as clean in use as a hard coal heater.
Come and learn why no heat escapes up the
smoke-pipe with the King Clermont. Don't let
anything keep you at home on
We'll Expect You.
Oct. 5, 1914.
H. V. Matthews and mother, J. O.
Stultsand wife and Bess L. Butler
motored to Serpent Mound Sunday
Clyde Penn and family spent Sunday
witn H. C. White and wife, near Cliff
Fred Rhoads and family spent Sun
day with S. S. Deardoff and family.
J. P. Havens and wife entertained
Elva Cartwrlght and wife and Fred
Klssllng, of Sinking Spring.
C. C. Winkle, of Prlcetown, was the
guest of H. V. Matthews, Saturday.
Laura Johnson and two sons, of
Beech Flatts, spent Sunday with her
mother, Mrs. Louisa Lawson. .
Mrs. D. O. Matthews is spending a
few days with her son, H. V. Mat
thews. Miss Carrie Lowman, of Marshall,
was the guest of her grandmother,
Sallle West, Sunday.
Mrs. J. O. Stults called on Mrs. H.
V. Matthews, Sunday afternoon.
Frank. Pommert and family, of Pet
ersburg, spent Sunday afternoon with
H. M. Eubanks and family.
Mrs. Rebecca Stults spent a few days
last week with her sister, Mrs. Jane
Bess L. Butler spent two days last
week with her sister, Mrs. Blanche
Chapman, at Sinking Spring.
D. M. Rhoads was the guest of his
daughter, Mrs. Noah Garman, of near
Cedar Chapel, Monday.
Edward White and wife were the
guests of their father, H. O. White, of
near Cliff Range, Friday.
James Irons and wife, of Middle
town, were called here Monday by the
serious illness of the latter's brother,
Wm. vfest.
"Why is a man's skull made in sec
tions, Instead of all In one piece ?"
asked Johnny, who had just taken up
''So that it will stretch at the seams
and not burst when he gets the 'swell
head,' " answered father. Sudgn.
Under direction of
Miss Spills
A Professional Dancing Teacher
from the Cincinnati Acad
emy of Music.
Bell's Hall, Monday, Oct. 12,
at Eight O'Clock p. m.
50c per couple or 25c single ad
mission. For particulars apply to
The Hillsboro Bank
and Savings Co,
pays 3 per oent. interest on sav
ings accounts. On money deposi
ted on or before Oct. 10th, inter
est will be calculated from Oct. lst
Interest payable semi-annually.
Next interest paying period Nov.
Direct Shipment from
Baltimore twice each
Standards, per pint,...,... 20c
Selects, per pint 25c
TEbe Smohet;
Both Phones 120 W. Main st.
Portable houses that can be carried
in an automobile and set up in a short
time in any convenient camping place
havii been Invented in France.
V -jr-mij
" .1
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