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Oct 5,1014.
Caleb Rutters, of Washington, Is
the guest of his sister, Mrs. II. N.
Chas McCop in, wife and daugh
ter, Evelyn spent Thursday with
Harley McCoppln and family, of Fort
Mrs. Nina Henry spent Wednesday
with her parents, Geo. Miller and
wife, of Marshall
Merrill Waddell and family visited
home folks Sunday.
Sam Gatea and wife took dinner
Sunday with their son, Roscoe, and
Frank Head, wh'o has been spending
the summer In Barberton, returned
home Saturday
Mrs. Ella nenry and daughter,
Ruth, called on Mrs. Ella McOoppin
Saturday afternoon.
H. N Head and wife entertained at
dinner Sunday: Mrs. John McMullen
and son, of Hlllsboro, Miss Elizabeth
Free, of Bainbrldge, and Mrs. Jennie
Free and children, Clarence Miller, of
Marshall, and Geo. Henry and family.
Glenn Huff and family have moved
onto the farm of J. A. Burnett, of
Marshall, and Alonzo Easter and fam
ily have moved Into the house vacated
by Mr. Iluff Monday.
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Oct. 5, 1914.
Mrs Alva Leaverton and children,
of iMilford. spent Sunday with her
mother, Mrs'. Emma Shaffer.
Ortha Ludwlck and John Ludwlck
and daughter, Mae, of Cincinnati,
Milton Ludwlck and wife, of East
Danville, and Lorabelle Roush, of In
dlanopll, were the guests of Mrs.
Lucinda Ludwlck a id children,
Mrs. Will Stuart and daughter,
Mildred, of Monterey, are spending a
few days with her father, II. P.
Mrs. Ortha Ludwlck and daughter,
Hattle, Tessle Shaffer and Peter Lud
wlck, of Cincinnati, spent Sunday with
Noah Shaffer and family.
Abe Aber and family, of Danville,
and Charley Hauk and family took
dinner with Elmer Foster and' family,
Mrs. John Kesler and daughter, of
Lynchburg, spent Saturday evening
with her sister, Mrs. Willard Cailey
T. J. Screechfleld and wife and Ar
villa CI arbour n and family spent Sat
urday and Sunday with Joseph Faw
ley and family, of near Danville.
Charley Fouoh and wife, of Colum
bus, are spending several days with
his parents.
David Michael and wife spent Sun
day with Ellis Wilkin and wife, of
Ulric Carpenter spent Saturday in
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Oct. 5, 1914.
Centeriield, the beautful, the scene
of mucli Sunday festivity. Honest
injln, there is no prettier location here-a-bouts
seen by the writer.
Sunday's services at Friends church
were enjoyed by a goodly number of
I ,1"VUU "'"" u.iu
wioiuaciToaou vviy wcu iuau we suau
surely be asking them to give us
further pleasure
Don't foreet that next Frldiv. Oct I
9, at 7:45 p. m. the W. 0. T. U. hope
to be greeted by a full house to hear
their fine program.
Lyman Turner and wife, Ruth An
derson and Dorothy Dutton dined at
S. A. Turner's Sunday in honor of Miss
Elizabeth Turner's 11th birthday.
Chas. Anderson had a narrow escape
Sunday morning whenihls auto went
astray near Sugartree Ridge Mr. An
derson sustained no Injury and slight
to the machine. ,
Joseph Larkin and family and Mrs.
E. E. Anderson motored to Wilming
ton Sunday and called on Willard Lar
kin and Miss Edith Barrett.
S. A. Turner received a painful in
jury last Thursday when acow pressed
him too close to a fence.
Joseph Larkin had a fine colt kicked
to death Sunday night.
Mora Puckett, who Is HI with pluro.
pneumonia, is some better.
Elmer Anderson, who was injured
about the eye Sunday evening, is rest
ing easier.
Woman loves a clear, rosy complex
ion. Burdock Blood Bitters Is splendid
for purifying the blood, clearing the
skin, restoring sound .digestion. All
druggists sell it. Price, $1. adv
More than 370,000,000 feet of lumber
are yearly used ln New York state in
making boxes.
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CLUn No. 30
Southern Ruralist
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cr.cn No. si
Farmer's Wkly DispatcMSt. Paul
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CI.CIl No. 32
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Everydaj Life
CI.UB No. 33
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Household Guest
Oct. 5, 1914.
A subscription was raised at the
Prospect church last Sunday of about
$30 for the temperance campaign and
i a committee of three appointed to re
ceive more subscriptions from this
tow nshlp Those appointed were David
Sprinkle, H. C. Hunter and W. T.
Mis James Wlllman entertained a
number of ladles Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Bates and daughter, who spent
the past ten weeks with the former's
tister, Mrs. Shannon Z returned to
their home in Kansas City, Mo., last
T. B. Cunningham and family and
Miss Amelia Richards spent Sunday
with Mike Kelly and wife.
Miss Alice Lafferty, of Hlllsboro,
spent several days last week with her
sister, Mrs. E. E. West.
Born to Dr. Noble VanZant and
wife on Sept. 27, a son.
Mrs. Evallne McCoy entertained
relatives from Greenfield Sunday.
John Hamilton and wife spent Sun
day at Belfast.
An) event looked forward to with
more than ordinary Interest theatric
ally Is the coming of Kibble & Mar
tin's world greatest revival of Harriet
Beecher Stowe's lovable story of
"Uncle Tom's Cabin." Kibble & Mar
tin's reputation as a promoter of big
productions is well-known by theatre-1
goers, but few are aware that the com
ing event is one of the most gigantic
and elaborate that has ever been at
tempted in America. Not only does
Mr. Martin promise to bring a com
pany of over fifty people, but a car
load of scenery, ponies, horses and
bloodhounds In the piece. "Uncle
Tom's Cabin" will hold the boards at
Bell's Opera nouse, Oct. 10. Matinee
and night. adv
(By U O SELLERS, Director Sunday
School Course, Moody Blblo Institute,
LESSON TEXT Mark 14:12-25, see also
Lulfo 22:14-23
GOLDEN TEXT-As often ns ye eat
this bread, and drink the cup, e proclaim
the Lord's death till He come. I Cor.
11:20 n V.
I. The Preparation, vv. 12-15. The de
tails of the preparation here remind
one of tho like detailed preparation at
th outset of this week when the two
disciple wero sent for and procured
tho colt "whereon no man had sat."
Tho "Teacher" had i2d of the colt,
lie ah? had need of this guest cham
ber and some unnamed one was ready
to answer his call, to supply his need.
What a host of such unheralded and
unknown, but loving friends he has.
Passover has now come, the time ap
pointed and predicted, Matt. 2G:2.
Jesus directs the disciples to the room
of his own choosing; they were to And
It following a man bearing a pitcher.
This is suggestive of our following
the leading of the Holy Spirit.
Remarkable Occasion.
II. The Passover, vv. 17-21. Here at
eventide Jesus and the twelve sat
about the Passover board. As we
look back over the pages of history it
is iruiy u. reiimrKuuiu uix'usiuu. mo
Pssover was a perpetual memorial of I
the Exodus. Now, In the dispensations
of Divine economy, this Is to be Its
last observance. Jesus had been look
ing forward to this occasion, John
6:70, 71, yet In the midst of the feast
his soul Is filled with anguish, John
The perfidy of Judas was the bitter
ness of the cup, but Jesus only let him
go when he must and then only with
great sorrow Judas was disappointed i"mem anu wire spent Jjunday even
In his dream of a material kingdom ' ing with J. S. Galllett and wife, of
and his desire for the possession of Sardinia.
carnal pleasures. Greed had grown j, R WlMlams James Lemons,
because given food. Hate st fled con- Ffed Weldeman andT. L Pence ar
science, spurned love, a thief, a mur- ,.,.. .. . 1 , '-"" aro
derer, Judas was guilty that moment tending the races in Lexington, Ky ,
as he was the next night. ( this week
III. The Parable, vv. 22-25. From all A number of the members of the
the records we believe that Judas left Eastern Star met at the home of Dr.
the company as soon as he was Identi- Duval! and wife on Tuesday evening
fied, and before the feast was instl- to remind Mrs, Duvall of another
tuted. Jesus ever tausf.it by symbol, birthday anniversary.
We hear mucli about objective teach-1
ing, Jesus anticipated us all. From Mrs- Je Townsend and son, John
the Passover board Jesus took-bread, son. were with her parents at Nor
and after offering thanks, he brake it, wood over Sunday,
saying as he did so, "Take ye, this is ( Mr. and Mrs. Frank Terrell are vis
my body" This dot not mean the iting relatives in Indiana for ten days
breaking of his body on the cross, for J
not a bone was then broken, John I Warren Morrow and wife were with
19:3C; I Cor 11-24 It. V. It does sig- their daughter, Mrs. Chas. Terrell, of
nify the distribution of his body among Martinsville, Sunday,
all who shall feed upon him. This Floyd Sonner, of Columbus, was
does not mean the actual physical wlth home folks Saturday and Sun
transformation of the bread into his (j
body The bread represents his body, '
r d like as bread beeomes a part of Dr- Srofe and family, of Leesburg,
the phjsical body, so to eat thus in were visiting with relatives the latter
symbol, he become a part of us. part of the week.
There is no question, however, of the Mlss Ruth Dumenll was a business
actual spiritual presence of Christ in vlsitor ln Cincinnati Wednesday,
the elements. "Discerning the Lord s1 '
body" there Is a real feeding upon ' J- stabler, of Hlllsboro, spent
Christ, John 6:50, 51, 53, 55. To par-, Sunday with his wife and son, who
take unworthily is to be "guilty of tho ' are guests at the home of Isma Troth
body ana blood of Christ," and we eat
and drink "judgment" to ourselves, I
Cor. 11:24-26. Jesus commands that
the observance of this rite shall be
continued. It is a covenant which
his disciples are to perpetuate "till
he come," I Cor 11:24. The ground of
this covenant between a holy God and
sinful men, is the shed blood, v. 24,
see Heb. 9:18-23. As the blood Is the
life poured out, so he poured out his
life that where sin Is, there may bo
forgiveness and remission, Lev. 17:11.
Only One Recourse.
Tho first Passover was the prelude
of the exodus; this is the prelude of
that of which Jesus spoke in convers
ing with Moses and Elijah on tho
Mount of Transfiguration. The blood
of Christ was shed unto the remission
of sin, Matt. 26:'28. It is the ground
of God'T forgiveness, tce Matt. 20:28,
I Rom. 3:25 R. V., I John 2:2, Eph. 7:7,
and many other passages. There is
none other ground for our forgiveness
than the shed blood. It may be old
fashioned but it is scriptural and
leaves us no other recourse.
I The sjmbollsm of this holy ordi-
I nance is simple, yet sublime. It is to
be a perpetual proclamation of his
I resurrection. His death Is the central
fact of redemption, the way of liberty
for the captives of sin. The supper is
meaningless apart from this element.
It is true that In its observance we
remember his grace and glory, the
beauty of his person and the wonder
and wisdom of his teaching, yet the
supreme significance) of tho act is his
In that upper room wms the Messiah
and a Remnant. Thero tho true pur
pose of God was fulfilled and the He-
brew nation, as God's Instrument,
came to an end. Jesus bad told the
' rulers in the temple that "the king
dom of God shall be taken from you
given to a nation bringing forth
the fruits thereof." By the old Pass
over Israel passed from Egypt. By
this feast a new transference takes
place, a new dispensation Is usherad
in which shall abide "till be come."
The lesson committee has elected to
close this lesson with verse 25, but
Vftrso 26 is also Illuminative.
October 5, 1914.
Mr and Mrs. J. R. Benham were
visitors In Chllllcothe Sundiy.
Mrs Ireland, of Washington 0. II.,
Is with her brother, Win. Alexander,
for an Indefinite visit.
II N. Henderson left last Tuesday
for a trip through Kansas and Okla
homa John Parker, of Owensvllle, Ky.,
left Monday evening after a week
with his wife and son
James ltoush and family were the
guests of Clias. Frost and wife, of
Hlllsboro, Sunday.
Miss Salome Montgomery left for
Greenfield Sunday evening, where she
t-xpects to enter Business College.
The Ladies Aid of the M. E. Church
will give a Dutch supper Thursday
evtning October 20
W. A. Saylor, W. B. Ruble trans
acted business at Madlsonville Satur
day. J. B. Hunter and family were the
guests of Mr. Leaky and family at
Blanchester Sunday.
M. E. Sonner and family and C. E,
Haller and family were with Mr. Hal
ler's parents, T C. Haller and wife at
Mrs. Fay Himes spent two days of
last week with her parents at Mt.
Mr. Martin, of Hlllsboro, was with
his daughter, Mrs. Fred Dunnegan,
G. T DeLaney and wife, Mrs. A.
utrnerana Mrs Stella Srofe were In
Cincinnati Monday
,, ..
Mrs- "a l arker and son. Leo, were
Kuests of Mrs- Henry and daughter, of
Dallas, Texas, at the Sinton Hotel.
Cin , Tuesday and Wednesday of last
Mrs Ferd Ratcllil received the sad
news of the death of her sister-in-law,
Mis. Jesse Pltzer, at St. Petersburg,
Fla , on Friday morning, October 2.
W. R. Ruble and wife and II. B.
and wife.
Miss Mary Lyle, of Hlllsboro, and
Mrs. Elmont Donohoo, of Danville,
were guests of Mrs. W. A. Saylor on
Homer Patton, of Williamsburg,
was an over Sunday guest of Lynch
burg friends.
Mrs. Russel Slmpklns and son are
with her.parents nearFayettsvillethi3
Mrs. II. N. Henderson and two sons
were dinner guests of J. L. DeLaney's
Rev. Martin and wife and Mrs.
Grace Baumgarner and daughter were
guests of Mrs. Turner at Webertown
last Wednesday.
Ed. Lemons and wife and son, of
St. Paris, were at the home of Rev.
Martin Saturday and Sunday.
J. E. Dowd and wife, of Wellington,
Kan., was entertained Monday and
Tuesday by B E. Archer and family.
Mrs. Ann Archer, Mrs. Josle Lemons
and Mrs. Floyd Archer and children,
of New Vienna, were their guests on
Miss Pearl Chaney was with her
friend, Miss Virgla Alexandria, of
Greenfield, the latter part of tho
L. M. Robinson and wife, of Sablna,
were dinner guests of Chas. Morrow
and wife Sunday.
Edwin and Lewis DeLaney and
William Dumentl attended the auto
mobile show in Cincinnati Saturday.
Miss Emma Martin and friend, Miss
Barr, of Springfield, were with her
patents, Rev Martin and family the
latter part of the week.
A famous German physician proves
that infantile paralysis is often carried
from one household to another by do
mesttc anl mals, such as chickens, ducks
and steers.
American civil war cost the lives of
110,000 federal soldiers who died of
wounds, and 19,000 who died of disease,

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