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1 1
Fall Race Meet
Join the Crowd-Enjoy Yourself
Admission 25c
October Specials
Dennison's Hallwe'en Novelties
Decorated Crepe Paper, Black Mat
board Witches, Black Matboard Cats,
Gummed Seals, Decorated Paper Caps,
Dennison's Witch Place Cards, Hal
lowe'en Napkins, Hallowe'en Post
October Is the month of weddings.
We have Just received a great variety
of beautiful articles suitable for gifts
Celery Sets, Nut Sets, Berry Sets,
Bread and Berry Sets, Sugar and
Cream Sets, Cut Glass, Water Sets,
Etc Prices from 25c to $5 00. A gift
coming from our store is highly prized,
its value is assured.
For the Fall Season are now in. Each
year it becomes more and more the
custom to paper in the fall. Special
Low Prices on all grades. Var
nished Tiles at 12c roll, Oat Meals at
' 12Jc. Borders cut ready to hang. Let
us assist you In beautifying your
home before winter comes on.
We carry a large stock of the various
popular colors and grades, at the low
est prices
New Books in Our Circulating
Start to read now and keep in touch
with the newest Fiction by the best
N High St.
Opposite Monument
Bell's Opera House
Matine and Night
Kibble & Martin's
$20,000 REVIVAL of
Uncle Tom's
The Grandest, most correct and Ex
pensive Production ever seen in
America. Only Version that has been
accepted by the public as a Moral In
structor. SO PEOPLE SO
Popular Prices, 25c, 35c 50c
MATINEE, Children 10c Adults 25c
The Booking Agent I can give you
a split week at the Morpheus Theater.
The Monologue Artist I can't work
at that show shop. My whole act de
pends on a line where I ask the orches
tra leader if he's a married man and
they've got a lady orchestra Puck.
m m w
In France the aeroplane has been
made a gambling instrument, a minia
ture affair taking the place of the ball
and wheel in a form of roulette in
which names of cities are substituted
for numbers.
The Leesburg-Highland fair Co.
Oct. 5, 1914.
Preaching next Sunday at 2.30.
Everybody come.
Mrs. Ed Turner and daughter are
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Henry
Beezy, of Indiana.
David Newell and Wm. Welbley and
family spent Sunday with John Newell
and family.
Stanly Frost and family, Susie Callo
way and Will Fenner spent Sunday
with Frank Sharp and wife, of New
Emma Wiley spent Sunday with
Ruby Crosen.
Clarence Kler and family entertain
ed at dinner Sunday Arthur Kler and
family, Ed King and wife, of Vienna, i Theodore Roosevelt has been speak
Jesse Fox and wife and daughter, of ing to large audiences in Ohio cities' in
Harwoo .. ' favor of Woman Suffrage, Prohibition
Ray Burton spent Sunday with Earl and other reforms
Ruth Kler visited Vivian Frost
Lewis Frost and family spent Sunday
with his brother.
Harley Ladd and wife and Mrs. Mary
Gorman, of Leesburg, spent Sunday
with F. L. Crosen.
Alex Fox and family spent Sunday
with Cal Scott and wife.
Dr. Gibson and family called on his
mother Sunday.
Dorsa Runk and wlfespentSaturday
and Sunday wl.h relatives at Lynch
burg. Mrs. Fred Pierson and children called
on Clarence Kler and family Monday.
Temperance Meeting1.
Rev. Swinehart, of Greenfield, and
the Greenfield Quartette will hold a
temperance meeting on the court
house lawn Saturday evening at 8
O'clock. Rev. Swinehart is pastor of
the Greenfield Methodist Church and
will discuss the question of state wide
prohibition. He is said to be a pleas
ing and forceful speaker. All who
heard the Greenfield Quartette at the
big meeting at the Leesburg-Highland
Fair Ground will be glad of an oppor
tunity to hear them .again and can
tell you what good singers they are.
D. K. Hempstead, of Wilmington, is
a candidate for the appointment of
United States Marshal for the South
ern District of Ohio to succeed Eugene
Lewis, of Hamilton county. Mr.
Hempstead Is now 'engrossing clerk of
the House of Representatives. Two
years ago he Was the Democratic candi
date for 'Congress in the Old Sixth
District and was private -secretary to
M. R. Denvei during his three terms
In Congress. He is well known here
where he has many friends. It Is
thought Mr. Hempstead stands a fine
chance of landing the position which
pays a salary of $6,000 a year.
Zentare Kawase, professor of forestry
at the Imperial University of Tokio,
Japan, has been making a tour of the
national forests of this country to learn
the government's methods of selling
timber and of reforestation.
WhyiNot Publish It ?
When you want a fact to become
generally known, the right way 'is to
publish It. Mrs. Joseph Kalians, Peru,
Ind., was troubled with belching, sour
stomach and frequent headaches. She
writes, "I feel it my duty to tell others
what Chamberlain's Tablets have done
for me. They have helped my diges
tion and regulated my bowels. Since
using them I have been entirely well.
For sale by All Dealers. adv
Mrs. Exe I'm going down town this
Mr. Exe Shopping, my dear ?
Mrs. Exe No; I haven't time for
that; just to buy & few things that I
need. Boston Transcript.
It Always Does the Work.
"J like Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy better than any other," writes R.
E. Roberts, Homer City, Pa. "I have
taken it off and on for years and it has
never failed to give the desired re
J suits." For sale by All Dealers, adv
S. A.
W. A.
Suffrage News.
Mrs. Myron B. Vorce, of Cleveland,
Ohio, addressed large audiences In
Hlllsboro on Thursday, Oct. 1 There
was much disappointment on account
of the sickness of Miss Livingstone
making It Impossible for her to appear
' at the woman's meeting at the Wash
ington school building in the after-
. noon. Mrs. Vorce having traveled with
Miss Livingstone and heard her lecture
1 was able to tell of her tragic history
and of her present work of rescuing
children from the white slave life.
I Mrs. Vorce receives no salary. She
takes collections for her expenses and
I all over goes to the cause She received
' liberal collections at both meetings in
A treasure chest loaded with gold
and precious metals, the sacrifice of
Illinois suffragists to gain the ballot
for women in seven struggling sister
states, was sent September 28 to the
Philadelphia mint by Mrs. Medlll Mc
Cormlck, chairman of the National
American Woman's Suffrage Associa
tion, to be melted for the $50,000 fund
which is being raised for the campaign
states. The box weighed 200 pounds
and other boxes will be sent each week
until the election in November. Chi
cago Herald.
"The political outlook In Ohio Is
good for suffrage,' says Miss Florence
Allen, after a tour of a large part of
the states In the interest of votes for
"The sentiment in favor of political
equality has increased in the last two
years in Ohio," says Mrs. Vorce. "In
oider to win, however, we propose to
show the men of every county that the
women of every bounty want the bal
lot. Every individual woman who
wants suffrage should come out openly
tor It,
Are Ohio women as wDfthy as their
sisters in ten other states ? This ques
tion will b bne which Ohio voters
must answer in November for to deny
Ohio women the right to vote under
the present circumstances can only
mean one of two things, either that
Ohio women fall below the moral and
mental standard of western women or
that suffrage for western women Is a
mistake that ought to be corrected.
No Ohio opponent of suffrage raises
any particular question about the pro
priety of suffrage In the West. It
seems to be conceded that the suffrage
states are governed as well or better
than those of the East and that they
are governed at least as well to day as
they were before the right of suffrage
was granted.
It, therefore, remains for Ohio mens
to give their opinion of Ohio women.
Are they as good as western women ?
Are they as intelligent? Are they as
patriotic? N. M.B.
Binks Here's a German scientist
who says it requires 8,000,000 years-for
a deposit of hard coal to form. What
do you think of that ?
Jinks Why, I think it ought to get
right at it. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"I'm going to learn the deaf and
dumb language,"
"What for ?"
"So's the next time Igo after abribe
no meas y little dictograph can catch
me." Detroit Free Press.
Kidney Trouble at Once.
There is such ready action In Foley
Kidney Pills, you feel their healing
from the very first dose. Backache,
weak, sore kidneys, painful bladder
and irregular action disappear with
their use. O. Palmer, Green Bay,
Wis., says; "My wife is rapidly recov
ering her health and strength, due
solely to Foley's Kidney Pills.1'
adv Garrett & Ayres.
A patent lias been granted a Chicago
man for a device by which wireless re
ceiving apparatus will automatically
attune itself to the wave length of a
message coming within its range.
TURNER, President
PATTON, Secretary
Mary Margaret Prlngle Emery,
daughter of Philip and Cathollne
Prlngle, was born October 10, 1851 and
departed this life September 15, 1014,
aged 62 years, 10 months and 29 days.
She was united in marriage to Wil
liam G. Emery October 14, 1869 and to
this union were born three daughters
and two sons, of whom two daughters
and one son with nine grandchildren
survive her. She also leaves five
brothers, two sisters, a loving husband
and a host of relatives and friends who
will miss her cheerful smile and tender
care more than tongue can tell.
She was a loving, helpful wife and a
kind mother ever ready to minister to
their wants and cares. Sho was a good
neighbor, always ready and willing to
lend a helping hand in the hour of
need and sorrow.
She united with the Methodist
Church in early girlhood and was ever
steadfast tn her vows to the church
and so earnestly endeavored to live in
that manner so that when the sum
mons came she would receive the Di
vine approval.
"Well done thou good and faithful
servant." Although her suffering was
Intense and her agony great, no word
of complaint fell from her lips, her
faith in Christ Jesus remained firm as
a rock. She expressed her readiness
willingness to go if such was the Al
mighty's will. And while we weep
with hearts that are weary and saa,
we mourn not as those who have no
hope but rest and abide in that blessed
assurance that though she can not
come to us we can go to her. Thy
virtue and thy worth shall fond re
membrance cheer and ease the aching
heart that drops the falling tear. W hy
should we weep while the weary one
rests on the bosom of Jesus. Supreme
in the beautiful city prepared for the
dead. For death is no more than a
gaud of thanks.
We desire to thank our friends and
neighbors for their kindness and sym
pathy shown to us In our sad bereave
ment by the death of a beloved wife
and mother.
Mm. G. Emery and Children.
Times For Holding Courts
peals, A. D., 1915.'
of Ap'
State of Ohio,
Fourth Courts of Appeals
It Is ordered that the time of the beginning
of the terms of the Courts of Appeals of the
several Counties In said Judicial district for
the year 1915, be fixed as follows, to wit ;
Washington County on the 6th day of Janu
ary and the bit: day ot October.
Athens Countv on the 12th day of January
and the 12th day of October.
Hocking County on the 10th day of January
and the 10th day of October.
Vinton f ounty on the 26th day of January
and the 26th day ot October.
Meigs County on the 2nd day of February
and the 28th day ot October
G alia County on thesth day of February
and the 3rd day of November.
Lawrence County on the 16th day of Febru
ary ana me via a ay oi rnovemDer.
Scioto County on the 2nd day of March
and the 16th day of November.
Adams County on the 16th day of March
and the 23rd day of November.
Urown County on 23rd day of March and
the 25th day of November.
Highland County on the 30th day of March
and the 30th day of November,
Pickaway County on the 6th day of April
and the 7tu day ot December.
Ross County on the 13th day of April and
the 0th day of December)
Pike County on the 27th day of April and
the Hth day of December,
Jackson County on the 4th day of May and
the 16th day ot December,
Bald terms to begin at 0 o'clock a. m.
September 15th, 10M.
Festus Walters, 1
Edwin D. bathe, V Judges,
Thomas A, Jones, )
The State of Ohio, Highland County, ss :
L W. Q. Uocsett. Clerk of the Court of Ap
peals within and lor the County and State
aioresaiu, uo nereuy ceriuy iuai me auovc
and foregoing Is a true and correct copy of
the original now on nle tn my ofllce.
In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto sub
scribed my name and affixed the seal of said
Court at the Court House in Uillsboro, Ohio,
this 28th day of September, A D. 1914.
W. G HoasETT,
(seal) adv (10-22) Olerk.
By allowing its inmates perfect free
dom and employing them at useful
occupations an insane asylum in Prus
sia effects about 20 per cent of cures
Telllnglthe people through newspa
pers and in other ways of the 160 or
more species of blrd3 to be found in
their home town is the task which the
Sioux City Bird Club has set Itself.
Take Advantage of a llillsboro
Citizen's Experience.
When the back begins to ache,
Don't wait until backache becomes
chronic ;
'Till kidney troubles develon :
'Till urinary troubles destroy night's
Profit by a Hlllsboro citizen's expe
rience. Fred Patterson, 305 E. Main St.,
Hlllsboro, says : "Three years ago my
kidneys were in a pretty bad way. My
back bothered me and I couldn't do
anything without an effort. It was
the same way when 1 tried to straight
en up. Occasionally, I got a stitch in
my back that nearly crippled me. " My
kidneys were weak and I had to get up
five or six times during the night to
pass the kidney secretions. My head
felt dull at times and I was sick all
over. Nothing seemed to give me any
relief. I was persuaded by a friend to
give Doan's Kidney Pills a good trial
and I got a box at Garrett & Ayres'
Drugstore. In three days I felt like
a different man. Doan's Kidney Pills
put my kidneys in good shape and I
have had very little trouble since "
Price 50 cents at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mr. Patterson had. Foster-Mllburn
Co., Buffalo, N. Y. adv
Oct. 5, 1914,
T. J. Lowman took dinner with
F. Lowman Thursday.
Joseph Gilll'and, wife and son, Wen
dell, spent Sunday with Ed. McDaniel
and family, of St. Martins.
Wm. Alexander had as his guesti
Sunday, Rev. Hudson and wife, of
Martinsville. Ethel and Florence
Achor, Bessie and Mary Burton,
Lillian Lowman, Eva Ranklns, Cor
rlnna and Celeste Lowman.
Ray Rankin and family took dinner
with Charley Malone and wife, of
Lynchburg, Sunday.
Philip Stroup and wife, Ruth Bird
and daughter, Thelma, Kay Laymon
and family and Ralph Michael spent
Sunday with L. E. Ohaney.
John Michael and wife, of New
Vienna, and Mrs. Catherine Sharp
called on Frank Sharp and wife Sun
day. James Hixon and family took dinner
with Mrs. Sadie Achor, Sunday.
Stanley Brewer and wife entertained
Walter Fawley and family and Lester
Fawley and wire, Sunday.
James Polk and wife and Orland
Polk and wife spent Sunday with the
'atter's parents, near Carlisle Springs.
The FIRST Price of a Range
Doesn't Matter MOST to YOU
It is what the range costs you before it goes
to the scrap heap that does matter.
You who buy ranges have learned by bitter-'
experience that some are made that don't stand up.
We have staked our hope of business success on the be
lief that you are looking for the range that will stand up.
That's why we sell the
Portsmouth Range
The Portsmouth isn't the lowest priced range you can
buy meaning first price.
But its purchase
does represent the
value that you can
for the money.
We are backed in
statement by the wise
housewives in this com
munity,, who have placed
Portsmouths in their
homes. They will tell
you that these ranges
save $5.00 a year on fuel
bills repair expense is
practically nothing. They
will show you the per
fect baking the Ports
mouth Ranges turn out
day after day, with un
varying success.
Don't fail to see the Portsmouth before you buy your
Range. You will lose money if you do.
W. H. Ballentine
Farm and Town property always
'or sale. Money loaned on Real Es
! tate
Wadk Turner,
Merchants Bank Bldg
For Sale no acre farm on pike
near New Market. For particulars
Inquire at this ofllce. adv tf
House For Rent Inquire of O. S.
Lemon. adv (3t)
For Sale Two business houses lo
cated in Hlllsboro. They are both well
rented and the price asked is low. Ben
C. Strain, Hlllsboro, Ohio. (tf)
For Rent Modern dwelling house
on W. South street. Call at 402 W.
Walnut street. adv,
For Rent Large barn with 3 large
box stalls, two common stalls and
plenty carriage room. R. L. Boulware,
225 S. West St'.
For Rent Farm of 112 acres, near
East Danville, on the halves. Address
with reference, L. A, Moberly, 1136
Wyoming St., Dayton, Ohio. adv
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of L D Strain, deceased.
Jobn Matthews has been appointed and
quallDed as executor ot the estate of L D.
Strain, late of Highland county, Ohio, de
ceased. Dated this 2nd day of October, A.
D. 1014. J. B. WORLEY,
D. Q Morrow, Attorney. Probate Judge.
Oct. 5, 1914.
R. C. Davidson and wife, Joseph
Gomta and wife and Tim Burns were
guests Sunday of Ed Burns.
Dexter Carpenter Jr. spent Sunday
with Roy Lance.
Dexter Carpenter and wife are visit
ing in Cincinnati.
H. W. Tedrlck and wife were guests
of John D Tedrlck, of near Dodson
vllle, Sunday.
The parents of Pearl Marconett re
ceived the sad news that his little
daughter Is dead.
J. W. Morgan and wife were visitors
at T. P. Hall's Sunday.
Mrs. Malinda King and family en
tertained Amos Robblns and family
and Elbert Donohoo Sunday evening.
A. J. Landess and family were at
Wm. Fenders home Sunday.
Miss Ora Vance Is visiting A. J.
Loren Furstenberger, of Peebles,
will preach Oct. 11, both morning and
evening. Sermon subjects 10:30, a. m.
"The Child in the Midst," and at 7 p.
m. "The Bible Barber Shop." You
are invited to these services.
.2Z T JfeAv I

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