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Irwin ' -"1i!jvVi,,,a5 iltiiJJLil
We will publish tlio announcements
of candidates for state, district and
county onices of any party from now
until the election. Our rale for dis
trict oQlces Is $5.00 and for county of
fices$3.00. Rate for state offlces made
known upon application. All copy Is
subject to change. Under the postal
regulations we do not believe any
newspaper can refuse advertising of
this description and be entitled to
special postal rates given newspapers.
I am a candidate for Prosecuting
Attorney on the Republican ticket,
subject to the will of the voters at the
election Tuesday, Nov. 3 Your sup
port will be appreciated.
adv J. W. Watts.
I am a candidate for clerk of courts
of Highland county on the Republican
ticKet. Your support Is solicited and
will be appreciated.
adv E. 0. WisECur.
I am a candidate for County Sur
7eyor on the Democra'lc ticket and
will appreciate your support at the
election on Tuesday, Nov. 3. I have
had several years experience in sur
veying and civil engineer work, both
in a private capacity and in county
and state work.
adv CiiAni.ES F. Clarke.
I am a candidate for re-election as
County Commissioner on the Demo
cratic ticket. During my first term I
have always done those things which
I considered for the best interest of all
the people and ask their support upon
my record, investigation of which is
adv D. O. Matthews.
Pleasant Social.
The Ladles Aid Society of New
Petersburg M. E. Church gave a so
cial at the beautiful country home of
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Uarman Thursday
Oct. 1. The meeting was called to or
der by the president, Mrs. D. S. Illatt.
A program of music and recitation
was given, after which refreshments
of ice cream and cake were served.
Those present were D. S. Hlatt and
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Cummlngs. Mrs. Toune and grandson,
Joseph, Jesse Spence and family, Geo.
Hire, Leslie and Hazel Shivers, Leslie
and Sara Wise, Marjorle Ellatt, Nor
val Bailey and family, Lon Wolf and
family, J. M. Caldwell and family,
Mrs John Wise and son, Laurence,
Mrs. Cora Taylor, Mrs. Flora West,
Mrs. Harry Wise, Miss Delia Wil
liams, Mr and Mrs Elmer Cowman,
Alvle Barrett, William Taylor and
family, Mrs. Anna Park and sons, D.
M. Frye and family, Nelle Garman
Et..el Flttro, Ferris Wolfe and fam
ily and Mrs. Frank Carter.
nat feathers 10c to 25c at Stabler's-adv.
Miss Mary Feike, of Put-In-Bay, is
the guest of her sisters, here.
Miss Mary Russ visited friends in
Cincinnati Sunday.
Miss Florence Harsha returned Sun
day from a visit with Dr. and Mrs. W.
B Robinson, at Mt. Gilead.
News-Herald and Cincinnati-Commercial
Tribune both one year for
$3.00 A real bargain. adv.
Mrs Sarah Purdy visited her daugh
ter, Mrs. Allen Pence, at Shackelton,
several days last week.
New Dates, Raisins, Cocoanuts, Ap-
I ricots and Peaches at Selph's Cash
I am a candidate for County Sur
veyor on the Republican ticket, sub
ject to the will of the voters at the
election to be held Tuesday, Nov. 3.
I will appreciate your support. I have
been actively engaged In surveying
and civil engineer work for the past
ten years both In a private capacity
and in county and state work
adv H. W. Hunter.
Frank Evans.of Independence. Kan ,
Is visiting his brother, D. M. Evans,
and his mother.
Miss Ella Bartley has been visiting
her niece, Mrs. Bessie Cox, at Lees
burg, the past week.
New Crop of old time Orleans Mo
lasses in bulk, now on sale at Selph's
Cash Grocery. adv.
1 am a candidate for re-election on
the Republican ticket as Representa
tive from Highland county In the
State Legislature. During my first
term I have served the people to the
best of my ability, at all times acting
lor what I considered the best inter
ests of all my constituents. I would
appreciate an investigation of my rec
ord and am asking your support upon
it. G. G. O. Pence.
Real Estate Transfers.
Jos. W. Watts to Oscar C. Bennett,
Union tp, 8a. $1.
Emma D. Creek to William Kllse,
Hillsboro, lot, $1.
Phebe Emery et al to Cary B. Emery,
New Market tp, 141a, 81.
Mary A. Keller to Cora N. Warrick,
Dodson tp, 50a, $3000.
Anna Wood to Lloyn Wood, Hamer
tp, lot, $1.
Lloyd Wood to C. A. Wood, Danville,
lot, $1.
Frances A. Hamilton to C. E. Holla
day, Liberty tp, 40a, 91.
C. W. Price to R. W. Price, Green
field, lot, 81.
Harry F. Cleveland et al to Elizabeth
Pfister, Lynchburg, lot 91.
E. R. Mills to Ben Adelmen, Lynch
burg, lot, $100.
Noah Roads to Philip Rowley, Lib
erty tp, 7a, 81.
Frances E. Murphy to L. C. Fergu
son, Sinking Spring, lot, 9500.
D. L. Dunlap to Pearl Ely, Green
field, lot, 81.
W. H. Surber to Susan M. Surber,
Liberty tp, la, $1.
Harry II. Hallam to Evallne Mat
lack, Greenfield, lot, 81.
C. F. Whlsler to W. L. Gibson, New
Market tp, 84a, 31.
Barge Peterson to Janette Work
Men, Hamer tp 20a, $1.
Jesse Horton to Leslie R. Zlnk,
Hillsboro, lot, $1.
Eliza J. McGuire to George McGuIre,
Hillsboro, lot, 81.
L. B. Banks to Thomas W. Hanna
ford, Hillsboro, lot, $1.
Jesse Horton to Sarah E. Mullenlx,
Hillsboro, lot, 81.
Base Ball Fans who saw the Hills
boro team defeat the fast Cincinnati
"Muldoons" last Sunday 2 to 1 will
tell you that next Sunday's game will
be the best Vr. Both teams will
have a stron.br line-up at a much
greater expense, therefore we need
ypur support and for this one game we
will charge 10c admission for ladles.
Men same as usual, 25c. Don't miss
it. See our chango in line-up. "Red"
"White will pitch. adv
Stabler's are improving their Base
ment Department by having the
walls cemented and new shelving
built in. adv
Blair M. Boyd has gone to Virginia
on business.
Now on sale at Selph's Cash Gro
cery the 1914 catch of Herring and
Mackerel. adv.
MIss'Ruth Dawson will give a bridge
party and tea this afternoon.
Buy Stove Pipe and Elbows at
Stabler's. adv.
K tli No
Tribute to Rev. J. W. Klise.
John W. Kllse, (there never was but
one,) with that massive brain and
physique, tongue of fire and heart soft
and loving as that of a child, an
educated mind that fitted him to enter
the halls of oratory and of fame, yet
In Its simplicity, stooping in sympathy
to the level of the unlettered and un
talned. John W. Kllse! the name that
will go down through the history of
Christian Union emblazened upon her
escutcheon In letters that glitter and
gleam and stand out so prominently
that, as Christ said to the woman who
anointed His feet, "wherever this
gospel Is preached, this that; he has
done shall be mentioned." John W.
Kllse, whose human body had an abid
ing place he called home, at Hillsboro,
Ohio, but who lived Inthe hearts of
thousands of Christian Union de
votees, "though deadj yet speaketh."
His words, oral and written, are still
burning upon the memories of the
thousands who have heard him and
who have read his words of wisdom
and counsel. Is John W. Kllse dead?
No! The body, that for more than
seventy-six years has beeri the house
In which dwelt onejfof the greatest
minds of his day, has been laid off,
as a mortal coll, and that old,
time worn body laid to rest In
the lonely city of the dead. '
But John W. Kllse Is not dead. He '
will not die. I heard him say so (and
I believed his words, for I hear the ,
Savior say,) "He that believe th in me, '
though he were dead, yet shall he'
live; and whosoever llveth and be-1
lleveth in me shall never die." And
he believed. Therefore, I say, he is
not dead. He will not die. I shall
meet him again, on the sunny banks'
of sweet deliverance, where through-1
out the endless ages of eternity we all
will sing together, "Saved by Grace.'
W. H. Baker.
Christian Union Messenger.
Stabler's will have a new supply of
Gold Fish In a few days. adv.
Ladies' Goats
$5.00, $7.50 $8.50
10.00, 12.50, 13.50
15.00, 17.50, 20.00
22.50, 25.00, 27.50
I guess your price
is here.
Every new style.
Every new cloth.
Every new color.
Goaf Suits
$10.00, $12.50
15.00, 17.50
20.00, 22.50
25.00, 27.50 30.00
I guess we have
Every new color.
Every new style.
Every new cloth.
Misses' and Children1
$1,50, $2, $2.50 $3
3.50, 4.00, 5.00 $6
7.50, 8.50, 10.00
12.50, 15.00 17.50
I guess these prices
will please you.
Every new cloth.
Every new style.
Every new color.
It Pays to Trade at the BEST STORE
j& Why Not be StylisK! It Costs No More j&
& Dress Goods, Silks, Trimmings
Of course every one knows that Kerns' store has always
been headquarters for Stylish Silks, Dress Goods and Trimmings.
This fall I have a better line of these goods than I have ever
The New Fall Shades are Glorious.
New Materials for Street Dresses.
New Materials for Evening Dresses. V
New Materials for Goat Suits.
New Trimmings to match all Materials.
Santa Claus, In his work at Stabler's ,
Toyland, says he will have a large and .
Vfra Cj itTmt Inn r9 Xtr mnt rllnnn '
than ever before for the "kiddles".
Losiv-Sunday morning either be
tween 140 W. Beech street and South
street or In M. E. Sunday Sehool room
gold pin lettered Woman's Foreign
Missionary Society. Valued as a keep
sake. Finder return to Byrdle Ayrea
and receive reward. adv.
Every Convenience for the Ladies at this Big Store. Ask the
Salesladies Meet Your Friends at Kerns'.
South High Street,
Hillsboro, Ohio
v '.

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