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The News-Herald's Biggest Offer
l.( r f
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October 12, 1014. t
A protracted meeting conducted by
Tiev's. Foust and McMurry began here
Saturday night.
Henry Edwards, of near West Chap
el, called on the Hauser boys, Sunday
Electa Lowman spent Saturday
night with Rachel Michael.
Lewis Fcfreman had the misfortune
to have his foot badly bruised one
day last week by the hay ladders fall
ing on it.
The many friends of Mrs. Ollle
Stephenson, nee Ollle McDaniel, of
Peebles, were shocked on Tuesday by
hearing that her husband had his
head badly crushed while at work in a
stone quarry. Her father, R. A. file
Daniel, and son in-law, Harvey Kel
lis, left at once for Peebles. Word
came early Sunday that he had died
Saturday night. Much sympathy is
felt for Mrs. Stephenson as they had
only been married a few months.
Robert Fenner is building a new
James Sharp and wife, of Sharps
vllle, were callers In tills vicinity on
Mrs. Harvey Kellls, of Leesburg, is
with her mother, Mrs. E. A. McDan
iel, fpr a few days. ,
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- e - 'Vo v
October 12, 1914.
A pie social will be given at the
new school building for the benefit of
the church Saturday night, October
17, to which everyone is invited.
Dick Beaver and wife entertained
on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs Albert Mor
ris, Stanley Stevens and wife, Ben
Bussey and wife and Mrs G js'seti and
daughter, Anna, of Ralnsboro.
Scott Hathawd and wife spnt Sa -urday
and Sunday with O U Keelar
and family.
Miss Otie Washburn returned home
Thursday after a six weeks visit with
relatives and friends at Idaho.
Chas. Washburn and family spent
from Thursday till Sunday with P.
A. Simpson and family.
Mrs. Lulu Rhoads, of Latham,
spent 'the past week with Tom McCall
and family.
0. A. Beaver and family spent Sun
day at Ralnsboro.
Misses Llssa and Edith Spargur,
Maude Simpson andJennlo Washburn
and Joseph Spargur, Ben and Tom
Rhinehart motored to Chilllcothe on
Sunday evening.
Mrs W. C. McCoppln, of HUlsboro,
and nephew, Edwin Holt, of Illinois,
spent Tuesday at the home of O. R.
Keelor and family,
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Kansas City Weekly Star
Farm Life
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CI.UH No. 28
Woman's World
Home Life
CWB No. 29
Kansas City Weekly Star
Everyday Life
Home Life
CLUB No. 30
Southern Ruralist
Home Life
nr.un No. 3i
Farmer's Wkly. DlspatchlSt. Paul
Home Life
Farm Life
CLUB No. 32
Rural Weekly (St. Paul)
Everyday Life
CI.UH No. 33
American Home
Woman's World
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Household Guest
October 12, 1914.
F. 0. Pulse and wife entertained
several friends and relatives Sunday.
Ed. B irker and wife were guests of
Orlan Rnoades and familySunday af
u moon.
! Lewis Roush and wife and children
spent Sunday wlthCllnt Roush and
i P. F. Certier and wife andJHoward
Cochran and wife and children were
guests Snuday of Henry Swearlngen
and family.
The Priscllla Club wasjentertalned
Thursday afternoon by Mrs. S. F.
Mrs. John Drake and two sons, Wal
ter and Eugene, of Westboro, were
guests of Ruv. W. V. Milleriand wife
Friday and Saturday.
Albert Aber and wife and (children,
of Mt. Orab, were guests of Rev.
Iloggatt and family and Mrs. Jane
Aber Sunday.
Clarence Hughes, who has been in
Cincinnati for some time, returned
home Wednesday.
Rev. W. V. Miller! filled; his ap
pointment at Higglnsport Sunday and
Sunday night.
Rev. Bobb, of Lees Creek, was the
guest of W. V. Miller Tuesday night.
Charley Cadwallader and wife and
two children were guests of Herman
Shaffer and family, near Carr's Cross
ing, Sunday.
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(By E. O. SELLERS, Director Sunday
School Course, Moody Bible Institute,
LESSON TEXT-Mark 14:32-42. See also
Luke 22.39-46.
GOLDEN TEXT Watch and pray, that
ye enter not Into temptation. Matt. 26:41
K. V.
The account of Peter's boast (v.
29-30), a common but highly signifi
cant story, forms tho connecting link,
in Mark's Gospel, between this and
last Sunday's lesson. After singing
the hymn v. 5 (the Hallelujah),
Jesus and his disciples left the up
per room.
I. Into the Garden, vv. 32-35. No
other passage In hiBtory so moves the
human heart with reverential awe.
Somewhere outside Jesus left eight
disciples. He took three, his closest
friends, and resolutely entered the
darkness. Our record tells us that he
was "amazed and sore troubled" and
there is a hint of his humanity sug
gested by the fact that he should con
fess the same to the disciples. These
three had been with him on the Mount
of Transfiguration there to behold his
glory. Now they are to see the depths
of Divine self-abnegation. He trod
the winepress alone, however, for
he "went forward a little" (v. 35),
The Master's Prayer.
Jl. Praying, vv. 36-38. The Mas
ter's prayer was in reality a prayer
of triumph; a prayer which enables
us to apprehend, In part at least, his
buffering and a suggestion of his com
ing glory. It 1b easier to appreci
ate and to understand his prayer
than it is to comprehend his glory.
Tho resolute abandonment of himself
to the will of his Father is one of tho
awe-inspiring facts of history.
Jesus asked for this cup, drank it
and passed on to Calvary. In tho
midst of his agony he is strength
ened, Luke 22:43. Returning, ho
found the three disciples sleeping. Pe
ter, who had made such boastful avow
als of fealty (vv. 29, 30) and who is
about to undergo, and to fall, is ad
dressed in tender reproach, "Simon,
sleepest thou. Couldest thou not
watch one hour?" Then addressing
the three, he said, "watch, and pray
that ye enter not into temptation;
the spirit indeed is willing, but the
llesh is weak."
Found No Comforters.
III. Again praying, vv. 39-42. Again
he passes into the loneliness of that
midnight hour. Again we hear his tri
umphant paean of prayer. This time
he returns and finds the disciples
heavy with deep sleep. This is a
fulfillment of Ps. 69:20, "I looked for
comforters and found none." His
gentle reproach goes unanswered. For
a third time ho enters the trial and
returning commands the disciples to
sleep on and take their rest.
There is little doubt that between
his permission "sleep on" and the
declaration "It is enough" that the
Savior, in wakeful loneliness,
watched over the sleeping disciples.
At last he roused them for the en
emy, headed by Judas, were at hand.
Their dearly bought sleep was short
and we can imagine the confusion
caused by tho torch-bearing mob. Tho
Man of sorrows is calm in this hour
after his victory in prayer. The dis
ciples, not likewise strengthened, See
The Supreme Valuo of this story lies
iu the effect it may produce upon
each one who comes to know it. To
one It does not speak at all, to an
other, it melts the heart and brings
tears to the eyo.
While he felt the sense of all through
which he was passing, yet ho did not
once hesitate, John 12:27, 28, never
for one moment faltered In his co
operation with the complete will of
God. Again we are compelled to bow
the head wfth reverence before his
marvelous patience with the disci
ples. Nowhere else have we found a
record that will surpass this picture,
especially the latter end, as we see
him patiently waiting and watching
while they slept. The words of the
Psalmist are brought to mind:
Like as a father pltleth His children.
So the Lord pltleth them that fear Him.
For He T.nowcth our rrame.
He remembereth that we are dust.
Conscious of his approaching pas
sion, conscious of the strain of the
coming hours of that fateful last day,
halting on the pathway of his sorrows,
he gives his disciples tlmo for repose.
While we contrast his self-aacrifico
and their selfishness, yet, when wo
study our own lives, we hardly dare
to criticize. We are, however, Im
pressed with the marvelous privilege
they allowed to slip from them.
The Golden Text was fpoken after
the first period of prayer. These
words were spoken in tender compas
sion and In full recognition of the
weakness of the disciples. He knew
them altogether, the whole truth about
each one. That they desired fellow,
ship with him we feel confident, yet
they, even as we so often likewise,
failed. Let fls then endeavor to ob-
flnrvn and nhev hla tnlnnrHnn "KApn
' awake, and pray ye enter not into
I temptation." Not that we shall be
' kept from temptatloti, but as in the dis
ciples' prayer, wo should pray. "Lead
us not into temptation."
Oct. 12, 1914.
Rev. Martin and family left Monday
afternoon for Alliance to spend the
week with their daughter, Mrs. Lulu
Davidson, and sons. Enroute they will
visit relatives In Columbus.
David Archer and wife were with
relatlvts in Xenla from Friday until
Miss Hazel Galllett, of Covington,
Ky , was'tha weekend guest of her
Mrs. Naomi Faris Is visiting rela
tives In Cincinnati
Wm PQster and wife spent Saturday
and Sunday In HUlsboro,
George Hamrlck, who has been with
his daughter, Mrs. Minnie Miller, for
two months, returned to his home in
Canton, Kas , tho first of the week.
Mrs John Huffman, of St. Martins,
visited her daughter, Mrs. Rose Arch
er, last week
Mrs. Al Shannon and daughter, Ma
bel, of Castalla, were with Mrs. Shan
non's brothers, Granville -and Gus
Thompson, last week Mr. Shannon
and family are moving to their farm
near HUlsboro.
Dr. John Murphy, of Greenfield, was
a recent visitor here
Mrs. S. S. Puckett and daughter,
Mrs. Clara Tlmms, who have been
here for the summer, left for Buffalo
Friday, to spend the winter.
Mrs. Jas. Roush, accompanied by Dr.
Chaney, took her little son, Lawrence,
to the HUlsboro hospital Saturday to
have a needle removed from his foot,
w hich had been in there since Monday.
Ttie little boy is doing nicely.
W. B. Ruble and wife spent the past
week witn relatives and friends In
Columbus and Delaware
W. B. Ruble and wife spent the past
week with relatives and friends In
Columbus and Delaware.
Dr. Beecher Terrell and Mrs. Barn
hill, of Indianapolis, Ind., are guest
of their mother, Mrs Aseneth Terrell.
Mrs. Ray Murphy and three children
were with her sister, Mrs Dove, of
New Vienna, from Friday until Sun
Forty six of the old people of the
town were entertained by the different
churches In the M. E. church on Thurs
day afternoon. After a very interest
ing program refreshments were served.
Mrs. Addle Boyd, of New Vienna, is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Jas. Roush.
Dr. Swinehart, of Greenfield, will
deliver a temperance lecture here on
Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs Hogan.of Blanchester,
visited Dan Turner and wife Sunday.
Misses Hazel, Marcella and Mary
McCann shopped in Cincinnati Friday.
Mrs Q. W. Roush and son, Marshall,
Mrs. Perry Whitacre and Frank Pink-
erton and wife were guests of William
Patterson and wife, at Blanchester,
j Miss Marian DeLaney is with her
1 sister at Western College, Oxford.
I The funeral services of Walter
Wright were conducted from the
Christian church on Tuesday after
noon. The Wright familv were former
residents of this place but have lived
in Wichita, Kas , for several years.
Mrs. Wright and daughters have the
sympathy of their friends.
Supt. Galllett and C. E. Haller were
business visitors in HUlsboro Satur
day. Miss Nelle DeLaney and Ivan Staut
ner were guests at the Galllett home
Harold Hodson is with friends In
Columbus this week.
Dr. Duvall and wife and J. L. De
Laney and wife were in Cincinnati
two days of last week.
The W C. T. U. met with Mrs. W.
L. Stautner Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. J. D. Bobblt and Harry Oesert
were callen to Wichita. Kan., Wednes
day by the death of their brother-in-law,
Walter Wright.
W. L. Stautner and wife were with
her brother, Mr. Noel, at Glenco, Ky.,
from Sarurday until Monday.
Miss Marlle VanWinkle, of New
Market, came Sunday evening for an
extended visit.
Wm. Behymer and wife, of New Vi
enna, were guests of her sister, Mrs.
Anna Kellls, Tuesday.
Mrs. Chas. Bateman was In HUls
boro Friday.
Miss Gertrude Pfister, of Columbus,
was with her parents over Sunday.
Mrs. Freda Martin and baby, of Dan
ville, Ind., are visiting her parents
Ed. DeLaney and wife.
Mrs. Mary Nolder is visiting her son
In Dayton for a month.
m i i
"I want to Improve my language,"
said the conscientious man, "so I
bought a book entitled '1000 Words
Often Mispronounced.1 "
"You didn't need the book. You
know more than 1000 now." Wash
ington Star.
m mm m
Mrs. Dick Rockhold and Mrs. Will
Kibler have been visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Austin Rockhold in Dayton
since Monday. They will return noma
the latter part of tho week.

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