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We will publish the announcements
of candidates for state, district and
county ofllces of any party from now
until the election. Our rate for dis
trict ofllces Is $5.00 and for county of
fices $3.00. Rate for state olllces made
known upon application. All copy Is
subject to change. Under the postal
regulations we do not believe any
newspaper can refuse advertising of
TRADE MARK fttGlSftftto'
this description and be entitled to
'The same price the world over."
special postal rates given newspapers
.i-ly JM.W -. J.-M..T-rw-m. -yZL
I am a candidate for Prosecuting
Attorney on the Republican ticket,
subject to the will of the voters at the
election Tuesday, Nov. 3 Your sup
port will be appreciated.
adv J. W. Watts.
I am a candidate for clerk of courts
of Highland county on the Republican
tlcKet. Your support Is solicited and
will be appreciated.
adv E. O. WisKCUr.
I am a candidate for County Sur
veyor on the Democra'.lc ticket and
will appreciate your support at the
election on Tuesday, Nov. 3. I have
had several years experience In sur
veying and civil engineer work, both
in a private capacity and In county
and state work.
adv Charles P. Claiikb.
I am a candidate for re-election as
County Commissioner on the Demo
cratic ticket. During my first term I
have always done those things which
I considered for the best Interest of all
the people and ask their support upon
my record, investigation of which is
adv D. O. Matthews.
J am a candidate for County Sur
veyor on the Republican ticket, sub
ject to the will of the voters at the
election to be held Tuesday, Nov. 3
I will appreciate your support. I have
been actively engaged in surveying
and civil engineer work for the past
ten years both In a private capacity
and in county and state work
adv H. W. Huktek.
t .
i4t atl
a sail
That Satisfy Your Pride
and Defend Your Purse.
The better rnJ of clothes
at a medium price! Why the
better kind?
,it ?
(i 5 i ft ( 1
f if-
1 am a candidate for re-election on
the Republican ticket as Representa-'
tlve from Highland county In the
State Legislature. During my first
term I have served the people to the
best of my ability, at all times acting
for what I considered the best Inter
ests of all my constituents. 1 would
appreciate an investigation of my rec
ord and am asking your support upon
it. G. G. O. Pkscb.
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ff$HsiiW in nnalih; anA in ni-k-fr-rlnff nnlprn5 Rr-AllQf mp srvlS
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ing where it counts. Because the under-structure the haircloth and
canvas were water soaked in a great vat over night, then dried in the
open air. When carefully shaped and securely sewn you have a founda
tion of the better kind one that makes clothes last and always look well.
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? Us
Editor and Manager
p-rjBtjisiiBr) 3Q-vr33n.-3r thuhsday
One Year (In Advance) $1.00
Six Months 60
Three Mouths 23
Entered at Post Office, Hillsboro, Ohio, as Second Class Matter.
parties and the records of all the candidates ; then votes for the
candidates of the party which comes nearest to standing for ! the
principles in which he believes, if the candidates are able and hon
est men.
The man who throws his vote away is, not the man who votes
for a candidate who is defeated but the man who votes for a party
or a candidate, when he believes. another party or another candi
date is better.
The talk of a vote for Garfield being a vote for Cox and throw
ing your vote away when you vote for Garfield is silly nonsense.
There is only one way to vote for Cox and that is to make a cross
under the Rooster or in front of his name.
Will all the people in Ohio have thrown their votes away this
fall except the ones who vote for the winning candidates ?
ADVERTISING RATES Will Be Made Known on Application.
Who Throws Away His Vote ?
Frequently we have seen the statement made in the Republican
press that a vote for Garfield is a vote for Cox. We have also
heard many Democrats advance the argument that a man who voted
the Progressive ticket was throwing his vote away. These state
ments are made upon the belief that Mr. Garfield has no chance of
For the purpose of this argument admit that Mr. Garfield is
certain to be defeated. Still we do not believe that a vote for Gar
field is a vote for Cox or that a man who votes for Garfield is throw
ing his vote away. .
Have the men who voted the Republican ticket in the South
from the close of the Civil War to the present time been throwing
their votes away or in fact voting the Democratic ticket ? Should
the Republican party have disbanded in those states ? Are the
Republicans of these states a set of fools, fanatics and idealists
as the Republicans calls the Progressives of Ohio ? The Democrats
did not elect a governor in Ohio for over twenty years and never
carried the state in a national campaign from 1856 until 1912.
Should the Democrats of Ohio have given up and not had either a
state or national ticket in Ohio ? Did the men who voted the Demo
cratic ticket in Ohio all those years throw away their votes ? Did
the Republicans who voted for Freeniont in 1856 throw away their
votes ? If these men had said, ' Freemont has no chance to be elected
we will vote for Buchanan", would Lincoln have been elected in
We have very little respect or regard for the man whose main
object; is to get on the winning side. If you desert the candidates
who stand for the principles in which you believe those principles
have very little chance of ever being adopted.
We believe that the only man who has done his whole duty this
fall, when he votes, is the man who studies the platforms of all the
Who Will Decide State Wide Prohibition ?
You men who drink and can control the habit, will you look at J
the question of state wide prohibition without prejudice ? You know
the evils of the saloon and drinking better than any theorist. Any
defense you attempt to make for either is simply begging the
. When you see a bright clean cut young fellow making a fool
out of himself through drink, does not the slight pleasure you get
from a social drink seem unworthy of consideration.
Is not state wide prohibition a step towards the suppression of
a great evil ?
Do you not believe that it will mean that less intoxicating
liquor will be sold in Ohio ?
If prohibition means that people will drink more than they do
now, why do the people who profit by the increased sale of liquor
fight it ?
Mr. Moderate Drinker take you own case. Admit that you
have had some most enjoyable times when drinking. Admit that
you can control the habit and have suffered but little' from it.
Even these things being true is you will be honest with yourself
has not even moderate drinking injured you ? If you will not admit
that it has, we ask you to place the pleasure great or small which
! you derive from drinking or your friends derive from it on one side
1 of the scales and place on the other side the evils which mankind
; generally has suffered from it and the injury which it has done
' your friends and neighbors ? Which way will the scales tip?
If Ohio goes dry men who drink must help. The total abstain
ers can not do it. If every man who occasionally takes a drink
votes against state wide prohibition Ohio will go wet by ah over
whelming majority. No man of experience or knowledge of the
world doubts this. t
You men who drink we ask you to look at the matter without
prejudice and then vote as your conscience dictates.
Good Roads.
If the proposition to make a special levy of one mill in taxes for
the construction and repair of roads in Highland county carries it
means that $32,000 additional will be available for five years to be
spe'nt on the roads of Highland county. Indeed it probably means
that $64,000 additional will be available as for every dollar
raised in Highland county another dollar can be secured from the
state. Would not the expenditure of $64,000 more j;han otherwise
will be on the roads of Highland county -each year for five years
mean a big improvement in our roads ?
Whether this special levy carries depends entirely on whether
the people of Highland county will vote for it because of the general
benefit the county will derive. If a man is not willing to vote for
it unless he is sure some part of it will be spent in front of his
house it will lose.
All of the five hundred and twenty five miles of pike in High
land county can not be repaired or rebuilt in a year, nor for that
matter in five years. It must necessarily be a slow process and
the people must be patient.
We frankly admit that it Deems to us that when the roads are
built under the direction of the state highway 'department that
they cost too much money. Still we realize that when the state
builds a road it is well built and that the men who are doing the
work know a great deal more about road building than we do.
Another thing which appeals to us is that when a road is built by
state aid that the maintenance of that road is assumed by the state ;
also that the people of Highland county will pay their proportion
for the maintenance of state highways, whether any are built in
this county.
We firmly believe that if Highland county is ever to have a
good system of roads that we must co-operate with the state ; that
Highland county will never have good roads if every man votes
against the raising of money for them, unless that money will be
expended how and where he thinks it should be.
To say that you are in favor of good roads, but that you will
not vote to raisei the money to build, them unless you know how and
where the money will be expended is really saying that you are
against them. You know that the amount of money you will pay
will not build and maintain a road all along your property. Still
unless this is done you are against good Toads. Be frank, is not
this your position ?
Every mile of good pike built in Highland county benefits every
citizen in Highland county. Vote for the good roads levy' it may
be that the first; of this money that is spent will be in front of your
property and even if it is spent in another part of the county it
will indirectly benefit you.

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