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For Representative
Mr. Pence is a candidate for re-election to the State
Legislature on the Republican ticket. During his
first term he served the people of Highland county
honestly and well. He is the type of man in whose
hands it is safe to entrust public business. A success
ful farmer, a progressive farmer, a good business
man, a man of affairs, he brings to public life a
clear and unprejudiced mind and a desire to accom
plish those things which will result in the most good
to'his constituents.
-Those men who know Mr. Pence best have the
greatest confidence in his judgmentand integrity.
Faithful and efficient public service-, should al
ways be rewarded and the people of 'Highland county
"should' show Mr. Pence -their appreciation of his ser
vices and their confidence in him by giving him a
second term in the 'legislature which his services
. Not only does Mr. Pence deserve a second term,
butitisfor the best interests of ' Highland county,
that he be re-elected. His experience-during his first
term will make him even better qualified than before
to render the best service for the people.
Itis due him and due the county that he have a
second term. Vote for
Oct. 19, 1914.
Miss Florence Prlne was entertained
by Misses Leanna and RubyCrosen, of J
Dunn's Chapel, Wednesday night.
Mrs. Mary Klrkpatrick left Thurs
day morning for a visit with friends
at Seaman.
Aunt Rachel Purdy, of Hillsboro,
visited Starling and Sam Lemon Sat
urday and Sunday.
Miss Pearl Prlne spent Friday night
with . iss Florence Feike, of Hillsboro l
Miss Ellen Davis, of near Sharps-!
vllle, Is spending a few days with her
sister, Mrs. Jesse Griffith
Mrs. Charlel Southerland. of Green-1
field, spent a few days this week with,
friends here. j
Carey Klrkpatrlck and wife and son,
Chester, called on Charles Slmbro and
family Sunday afternoon. I
Several from here attended A. R. j
Williams' sale at Point Victory Frl-I
Joe Bartlett, Philadelphia beggar
has been caught winding his arm to
stimulate paralysis of that member.
I - '- &$&
" - . v- ' -, tm-.A
Candidate for Representative to the Legislature
on the Democratic Ticket, is a representative business
man and well qualified to represent the people of High
land county in the Legislature. He understands the
needs of the people and will support only such meas
ures as will benefit the largest number. He believes
in equal rights to all and special privileges to none. adv.
Oct. 19, 1914.
Joseph Patton and wife entertained
David Reece and wife, of Cincinnati,
last week.
Mrs. Martha Brown left last Wednes
day to spend the winter with her
daughter, Miss Gila, In Mississippi.
Born to Roy Warriock and wife last
Tuesday, a daughter.
. Joe Barnett and wife spent Sunday
with Wm. Barnett and family.
David Snider and wife had as their
guest last week the latter's brother,
Mr. Hern, of Cincinnati.
George Bayhan and wife spent Sun
day wlh John Butler and wife.
A large crowd attended the Temper
ance Lecture at the M. E, Church
Sunday night.
Mack Spargur and wife visiltd B.
M. Lucas and wife Sunday.
In Germany capons are used for
hatching eggs and raising the chicks.
They tak6 better care of the chicks
than hens do, even fighting hawks to
protect them and running with them
much longer.
-m : -,
',vV?R'A'''y K "frif
Alany Hillsburo Women are Learn
' ing the Cause.
Women often suffer, not knowing
the cause.
Backache, headache, dizziness, ner
vousness. Irregular urinary passages, weak
ness, languor
Each a torture of itself.
Together hint at weakened kidneys.
Strike at the root get to the cause.
No other remedy more highly en
dorsed than Doan's Kidney Pills.
Recommended by thousands
Endorsed at home.
Here's convincing testimony from a
Hillsboro citizen.
Mrs. Annie L. Newman, 334 N. East
St., Hillsboro, says: "I know that
Doan's Kidney Pills are all thej claim.,
ed to be- It is a pleasure to tell my
friends about thejn. As a kidney reme
dy, there is nothing better than Doan's
Kidney Pills "
Price 60 cents at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney- remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
'Mrs 'Newman had. Foster Milb urn
Co , Buffalo, N. Y atfv
October 19, 1914.
Aunt Cynthia Jones, of near Pros
pect, who has been visiting at the
home of Charles Spence, returned
home last Saturday
Mrs. Delia Morrow is very 111 with
Hamer Lyle and wife and son,
Charles, were guests of Mrs. Lyle's
mother, Mrs Rlttenhouse, of Hills
boro, last week.
Miss Helen Cope spent one day last
week with her sister, Mrs. Charles
Robert Free and Madge Stevens
were guests of Vernon Overman and
sister, Helen, Saturday night.
Mrs. Inez Cowman has been with
her mother, Mrs. Delia Cowman, the
past wkee
Rev. Frank MUner and wife, of
near Leesburg, J. B. Cowgill and wife
and J. S Lovett and wife were pleas
antly entertained at the home of Ed
wards Roads Sunday.
Howard Morrow spent Saturday
night with Leslie Stevens.
Mrs. Wm. Hamilton and two child
ren visited her mother, Mrs. Flora
Ford, of New Vienna, three days last
Mrs. Susan Rlttenhouse, of Hills
boro, visited her daughter, Mrs.
Hamer Lyle, last week.
Joe Karnes and wife, of Illinois, are
visiting his parents, Joseph Karnes
and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Stevens and daugh
ter, Mary, and Miss Elsie Wolfe took
dinner with Mi. and Mrs. J. W. Rowe
Thomas Cope called at the home of
his daughter, Mrs. Charles Spence,
Sunday afternoon.
Positively A.asters Croup.
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
cuts the thick choking mucus and
clears away the phlegm. Opens up the
air passages and stops the hoarse
cough. The gasping, strangling fight
for breath gives way to quiet breath
ing and peaceful sleep. Harold Berg,
Mass, Mich., writes: "We give Foley's
Honey and Tar to our children for
croup and it always acts quickly."
adv Gaiuiett & Ayues.
Cotton Bats, 10c each, at Stab-
ler's. adv
Jillt lllltllf lllttlililllltllllllltilllll ticllllMllMltlllllllltllMIIIIIlllllillllMlIIIIIIIilltllXIIIIIItllllMll'tllllllltlllllillliiUEillMlIilllll!
! How to Get the Ware Free i
South Bend
All-ways Preferable
f The Only Range made
H Aluminum-Fused
B 'glSijlMBiMjBj
October 19, 1914
James Satlerlleld atid family vUired
Mrs. Satterlleld's parents, W. Q
Turner and wife recently
Rev. Kerr, of Belfast, will give a
temperance eclure at the Dunkard
Church on next Tuesday night, Oct
27. Leteverybody come.
After live hours of Intense suffering
the two weeks old child of Tnurman
and Tressla GaII. died Wednesday
night at one o'clock. She had seemed
as well as could be, when suddenly at
7 o'clock bhe took seriously ill and re
mained so until God released her from
her suffering. The funeral services
were conducted by Rev Given Keslar
Friday morning at the Dunkard
Church where she was laid to rest.
The mother was not able to attend
the services and the sympathy of the
entire community goes out to the
grief stricken parents
Mrs. Mary E. West attended the
funeral Friday of her little great
granddaughter, Mary Josephine Gall
Mrs. Wm Sattortteld returned home
Sunday after a few days visit with
her parents at Loudon
Miss Nelle Butler visited Mrs.
Thurman Gall Monday.
Mrs. Bent. Keslar took dinner last
Friday with her sister, Mrs Sallle
Wm. Steele and Rosa L wis visited
Joe Renoe and family Sunday.
Cary Carlisle and wife visited Elmer
Steele and family, of near Boston,
T. M. Frump and Cary Carlisle were
attending to business in Hillsboro on
What Would You Do?
There are many times vf hen one man .
questions another's actions ana mo
tlves. Men act differently under dif
ferent circumstances. The question
is, what would you do right now if you
had a severecold ? Could you do better
than to take Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy ? It Is highly recommended
by peoplb who have used It for years
and know Its value. Mrs. O. E. Sar
gent, Peru, Ind , says, "Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is worth its weight in
gold and I take pleasure in recom
mending it." For sale by All Deal
ers, adv
Oct. 19, 1914.
Sam Edlngfield and wife, of Hills
boro, and Charles nolladay and family,
of near Hillsboro, spent Sunday with
Walter Scott and family.
Spar Glaze and wife and Miss Emma
Wiley motored to Columbus and spent
Saturday and Sunday with relatives.
Clarence Kler and family spent Sun
day with Miss Adda Vance, at Gladys.
b L. Crosen and family and Mrs.
Belle Burton and Steward Burton and
faruilj spent Sunday with John Newell
and family.
Enoch Holladay and wife, of West
boro, spent Monday with Lew Frost
Why Not Publish It ?
When you want a fact to become
generally known, the right way Is to
publish it. Mrs. Joseph Kalians, Peru,
Ind., was troubled with belching, sour
stomach and frequent headaches. Sne
writes, "I feel it my duty to tell others
what Chamberlain's Tablets have done
for me. They have helped my diges
tion and regulated my bowels. Since
using them I have been entirely well.
For sale by All Dealers. adv
Sawdust and chloride of magnesium
are used in Germany to form an ex
tremely hard artificial wood.
Come to the exhibit of THE SOUTH
BEND MALLEABLE. An expert demon
strator will show you the range; tell you
all about the way it is made, and why it is
such a good baker and consumes so little
fuel. He will also show you the Patented
Aluminum-Fused, Rust-Proof Flues. No
other range made has flues of this kind of
metal. We know it is the best range made,
and you will find out for yourself that this
is true.
If you buy one of these ranges during the week of the ex
hibit, we will make you a present of a complete set of High
Grade Pure Aluminum Cooklncr Ware, worth $12.00. This
offer Is good for the week of the exhibit only, and you cannot
afford to miss it. Be sure and come early. You will see and
hear many useful things. There will be useful souvenirs
FREE. Remember the date.
J. G. Bell
v v How's This?
Wo offer Ono Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that
c-nnot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
P. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
We, tho undersigned, have known P. J.
Cheney for tho lost 15 years, and bcllcvo
him perfectly honorablo In nil business
transactions and financially ablo to carry
out any obligations mado by his firm.
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon tlio blood and mu
cous purfacrs of tho system. Testimonials
sent free. Prlca 75 cents per bottle. Sold
by ell Prusslsts.
Take Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
Oct. 19, 1914.
Mrs. H. V. Matthews, who lias been
quite sick the past week, is able to be
out again.
Wm. West, who has been seriously
ill for several weeks, is no better.
James and Chester Deardorff, who
arM Prnn!ntorl nun r W n trorltr ananf iia
latter part of the week with their
parents near here.
Benson Butler spent Saturday night
with his mother, Mrs Blanche Chap
man at Sinking Spiing
J. O. Stults and wife called on Mrs.
Maude Matthews Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Florence Eubauks spent Wed
nesday with her Qaugliter, Mrs. Nellie
McCoppln, at Carmel
Charlie Johnson and family, of
Beech Fiats, spent Sunday with Mrs.
Johnson's mother, Mrs. Louisa Law
son. Arthur Reed, Isaac Bobb, Vernon
Rhoads and Fred Waddell were visit
ors in Laihem Sunday evening.
Mrs. Jaue Stults entertained aunday
Elmer Cameron anu family, of Mar
shall, J. J. Butler and family, of Sink
ing Jipring, and C A Rlioaus and wife.
Mrs. Belle Maxwell, who was very ill
last week, is some better. Her sister,
Mrs. Mary Ray, of Belfast, was wit-i
her several uas last week.
Charlie Maxwell and wife, of Belfast,
and Mrs. Richard butler, of Lathem,
were the guests Saturday night and
Sunday at the home of T. W. Maxwell.
Mrs. Maxwell has Ueen quite sick.
Mrs. Artie Eubauks and son spent
Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
P. B. Cartwrlght, of Cedar Point.
Mrs. Mary McCall ana sou, David,
were the guests of T. W. Maxwell and
family, Sunday.
George Reed, of Slate Hill, called on
S. S. Deardoff Thursda) afternoon.
D. M. Rhoads was a business visitor
in Bainbridge Friday.
Miss Edith Holton, who is teaching
niar Waverly, was the guest of her
parents, Harvey Holton aud wife, from
Friday until Sunday. Her cousin,
George Sealing, accompanied her home.
Mrs. Jane Stults was the guest .1
her daughter, Mrs. J. J. butler, at
Sinking Spring, one da last week.
11. M. Countryman and wife and son,
Leon, are business visitors in llliu
noro, todaj.
Jack Butler, of Elmvllle, was the
guest of H. M. Eubauks b rlclay night.
Bessie L. Deardoff spent Saturday
night and Sunday with her cousin,
Eva Rhoads.
W. T. Hutchens, Nicholson, Ga.,
had a severe attack of rheumatism.
His feet, ankles and joints were swollen
and moving about was very painful.
He was certainly in a bad way when
he started to take Foley Kidney Pills.
He says, "Just a few doses made me
feel better, and now my pains and
rheumatism are all gone and I sleep
all night long."
adv Garrett & Ayres.
r'rojuienal (Jfrwue
Both Phonttiln Office jnd Residence
Office Short St., Opp. Court Houi,
diBunBh. aiLLSEOBO,,
Home 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone 14J
Hlllboro, Ohio.
Oroi:-In Holmei Building, North Bin
Oftioi Hodus: 9 to 12 a. m 2 to ana 3 ti
b p. m.
Both 'Phones In omee and Residence,
For Your Flo-wore.
Funeral Directors & Embalmer
!A Full Line of High Grade
Prompt Delhery. Courteous Treatment
Your ratronage Solicited
'.(Successors to J. C. Koch)
OttlceHear of Tractlor'.Vepot
Home Phone 344
You are responsible Rfor the
eyes of your child.
Watch out for frowns and
squints when he reads or looks
at a book. Does he hold it too
near or too far? These things
grow fast but can be overcome
if discovered in time.
We insist on your bringing the
children in.
No Charge For Advising You.
OF li h r3I IS
Olllce' 1 door East of Economy store.
Main Street, Hillsboro, O.
He When I was a boy I was once
thrashed for telling the truth.
She That cured you, 1 suppose.
London Opinion.
Minutes Mean Dollars
Doubtless you know the danger of dela) eJ treatment
ot colic and other diseases. You aUu realize thai
wrongly applied remedies are often worie than uo
treatment at all. In other w orils, not to dlaqnoat
a disease accurately may pro e fatal. Every owiifr
should be able to recognize an ailment anl glva
correct treatment at the first symptoms. Promf t
action Is the great aecre;
of treating horses.
Minutes mean dollars.
Of course proper trat
nicut la nlw ays necesn
Thatis Just howUun
re) a' M0 page Veur . i
Manual vrtll prove s.
uabltt to you. It 11
F. Humphreys, M D
and teaches how to d
nno ai d give prop r
This bonk will save you
liuudr iU of dollars and
cosujounothlug. Itwlil
be sent absolutely Tree
on request to any fanner
In order to lntroduoe
Humphreys' Veterinary Remedies. Heniember.lt U
absolutely free. You do sot have to order cay
remedies to secure tho book. Address, Humphreys.
Homeopathlo Medicine Company, 136 William Street,
New York City. This Is a splendid opportunity to
obtain a veterinary treatise that you shouM have
tn your library. As a reference work you will find
Itlnvaluable. To have It In the tlmeof need will ba
worth, many dollars, whereas It will cost you but s.
post card by writing (or It cow.
T 3 IE
AioWiK"S'iei'c !
i iy'"'"n"ti
V .

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