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Where Quality Counts
Epslode Number Eight
This is the Great Serial That has Set Fllllsboro Theatre Patrons
Talking as They Never Talked Before.
Always Thrilling Exciting Fascinating Interesting
Special Notice to Patrons On account of our
streets being in darkness at night and to accommo
date those of our Patrons that do not care to venture
out in the evening at the present time, we have de
cided to run a
Its up to you to make these Matinees a Success. We must have
your Co operation or we can not continue them. .lust the same show In
the afternoon as at night. Two Performances 2:.'!0 p m. and 3:45 p m.
Coming WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28, Coming
Singing Dancing Laughing Movies
Renfax is not a song Illustrated by Moving Pictures but the actual
Reproduction by the Marvelous Ranaphone A chance to see the most
Startling Invention since the Introduction of Moving Pictures.
Big Special Matinee at 2:30 p. ra. Sciiool Children 5c.
Don't Let Anything but sickness keep you away.
1 Every FricUy-LrETIiE MARY
Stick to the Show
I Peoples9
Farm and Town property alwayt
for sale. Money loaned on Real Es
tate. Wade Turner,
Merchants Bank Bldg.
Foit Sale 116 acre farm on piks
near New Market. For particulare
inquire at this ofllce. adv tf
House Fob Rent Inquire of O. S.
Lemon. adv (3t)
For Sale Two business houses lo
cated In Hlllsboro. They are both well
rented and the price asked Is low. Ben
C. Strain, nillsboro, Ohio. (tf)
Fok Rent Large barn with 3 large
box stalls, two common stalls and
plenty carriage room. R. L. Boulware,
225 S. West St.
For Rent Farm of 112 acres, near
East Danville, on the halves. Address
with reference, L. A. Moberly, 1136
Wyoming St., Dayton, Ohio. adv
For Sale Ell Hay Baler andNlch.
ols and Shepherd Engine, both in good
condition. Apply to Harry Wright,
Marshall.lOhio. (10-15) adv
For Sale Farm, 151 acres on pike,
tile drained, 2 dwellings, 3 barns, well
watered, well fenced. James Gother-
man, Hlllsboro, R. 12. adv (11-5)
For Sale Plymouth Rock Cock
erels. Mrs. Emerson Swlsshelra, Bell
Phone 234-W1. R 3, Hlllsboro. 2t adv
For Rent fclve room bungalow.
Inquire of Chas. Carroll. adv.
About Storm Buggies.
Did you ever ride In a rattling storm
buggy ? If you did you probably said
to yourself "I would not give thirty
cents for this buggy." Nothing Is
more exasperating than a rattling
storm buggy.
Ours don't rattle and it la the only
one on the market that does not. See
it before you buy. Price $95 00
The M. F. Carroll & Sons Co.
adv Hlllsboro, Ohio.
A Car load of Superior Fencelng.
Taylorsvllle, O.
MMM" " ""
5 and lOc
PIOKFOUD - Blogrupli Keissuea
Belovtd Adventure
that Sticks to You.
Oct. 19, 1914.
The Ladles Aid of the Christian
church will serve a chicken dinner and
supper to the public on election day,
Nov. 3 in the K. of P. Hall.
The friends of Harley Weaver and
Miss Marie Martin were surprised
when it became known they left for
Cincinnati Saturday where they were
quietly married Their friends oiler
A grand Temperance Rally was held
last Sunday In the Presbyterian church
when all the churches held a union
meeting. Rev. Melton and Rev. Har
ter conducted the services.
Dr. and Mrs. Funk entertained a
company of friends at dinner Sunday
after the services.
The W. C. T. U. held a very inter
esting meeting last Friday afternoon.
The next meeting will be held on Oct.
30 In the Presbyterian church.
Mrs. Elise McCann and two children
and Miss Katy Lods, of Columbus, are
visiting their parents, Peter Lods and
A crowd of young people from Bu
ford attended services at the Presby
terian church Sunday night.
Mrs. Lena Kuverard, Mrs. Mollle
Druhot, Mrs. Margaret Gulllermdii,
Mrs. Berger and Mrs. Rllda Roberts
were entertained at dinner Friday and
enjoyed a social time at the home of
Ell Martin and wife, at Taylorsvllle.
James McQuitty and family of the
Buford community, will soon move to
Whlteoak township and take charge of
the farm where YVm. Windom now
Work on the business rooms to re
place the ones destroyed by tire last
last Spring is progressing again, after
the heavy rains of the past week.
Julius Tlssott and family were the
guests of Miss Jennie Young Sunday.
Owing to the heavy rains of last
week some of our farmers have not
finished their wheat sowing.
Eczema spreads rapidly; itching al
most drivesyou mad. For quick relief,
Doan's Ointment is well recommended.
50c at all stores. adv
John Pfarr- will clean and presa ana
mend that suit until it will look u
good as new. 1 also do dry cleaning
Give me a call. Brunner's Shoe
Shop. adv
Jardlneer Sale Saturday, Oct. 31.
Choice 70c, at Stab'.er's. adv
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after each rain from our front gate to
our neighbors front gate In the direc
tion of town? Something we could do
at almost no expense, while walttng
for our fields to dry off so that we
could get on them. My experience In
trying to start this kind of a move
ment didn't meet with much encour
agement Now as the state will take
over for maintenance each mile of
road they help build, I am for state
aid even though It costs morn. Then
we can get this $100 per mile mainte
nance to help build more miles in
some other part of the county.
1 know that some of the counties In
the northern part of the state are of
fering the State Highway Commis
sioners as much as $3 for $1 to have
, htm spend the main market money on
their roads. This is the $15,000 of
Highland County's money that is ro
ing to the state under the Hite bill
laud unless we put up at least dollar
I for dollar we get none of it The
State Highway Commissioner is only
human fie Is like you. He is like
me. He wants to make as good a
showing a1? he can. Where would you
put the money? Where would I put
it were we In his place? Why where
we got the most so our reports would
show the greatest number (A miles
constructed. Can you blame him?
And friends did you ever stop to
1 think that the Hite bill Is for only 5
years ? What at the end of 5 years ?
Why the Northern counties will have
tin greater part of their roads recon-
' structed and then do you suppose for
an instant that they will send their
' representative to the legislature with
instructions to vote for state road
building In Highland county ? Not on
your life. Would you ? This year the
state had $28,000 for Highland county
, and while I have been, and am yet,
opposed to Bond issues, I tried to get
the County Commissioners to issue
$30,000 of bonds and lake up the $28,
090 state money. And 1 did so on the
I fact that the state would have the
I roads to maintain once they are con
structed. I figured these bonds to
bear 6 per cent. Interest and I feel
sure we could have sold them at 5 per
I cent. 1 tlgured a low estimate of
maintenance less than $100 per mile
I and showed the Commissioners that
they could retire the bonds In 10 years
I and that the maintenance of the road
this money would build even at the
low estimate I had put on them
would pay the interest on the bonds
and leave something over $1,400 in the
treasury. Therefore I am for state
aid In the construction of our high
ways. I think we should arrange It
so our Commissioners could take up
every dollar that is allotted Highland
county each year, and thereby have a
voice In where the money should be
spent. You all know that unless the
Commissioners make application for
this money by putting up dollar for
dollar. What I mean by dollar for
dollar is In agreeing to spend as much
on a piece of road as the state does
the state highway commission comes
into the county at the expiration of
the year and spends either by con
tract or force account the sum allot
ted to the county. But he spends it
where he chooses. We have no voice
in the matter. While on the other
hand if we are putting up, we select
the road or roads the money is to be
used on and I think our County Com
missioners know where this money
can be used to the advantage of the
citizens of Highland county better
than the State Highway Commis
sioner does. I trust you will all go
away from this meeting enthused for
good roads and that you will explain
to your neighbor who is'nt fortunate
enough to be present this afternoon,
what the levy of I mill is for . How
much it will cost htm ? How it is
going to be spent ? And urge him to
vote for it.
Bale of Cotton.
What is probably the first bale of
cotton ever In Hlllsboro Is on exhibi
tion in the Merchants National Bank.
It has attracted a great deal of atten
tion. The Bank purchased the bale to
help out In the "Buy a Bale of Cotton"
movement. This movement was
started to help out the cotton growers
of the South who have b3on so hard
hit by the European War. The Hllls
boro Bank & Savings Co. has also
purchased a bale.
Presbyterian Market.
The women of the Presbyterian
church will hold a Market atParshall's
Hardware Store Saturday, opening at
11 o'clock. Bread, cakes, pies, chick
ens, In fact all good things to eat will
be on sale, The proceeds will go to
the Benevolence Fund.
Mrs. Overton Ballentlne is visiting
relatives in Columbus.
Fob Rent nouse of
Apply to Bell phone 161.
"Haven't your opinions on this sub
ject undergone a change?"
"No," replied Senator Sorghum.
"But you views, as you expressed
them some time ago"
"Those were not my views. Those
were my Interviews."
JIIII!llllll!lll!lllllllllllillillllil!llllllll!l!lllllilll!lllll!llllll!!IIIIIIIMIIIIIIIII!!lllll!l'llllllllli, iilllliiliiiKiiliimillllillllMi
Jtozl 1 'III I "
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