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The Gommekcial Tribune. ;
f . the News! I
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Noted Aviator Bests GermarvAft-
er Courageous Fight French
'tured by Kaiser's Army
YOM THt BATTLE FOtfT, Vh PrU, Utf .-
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Jut VViM, 0M iJ Fwnell iio b ttfcJ
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iMitpwl 0i pMiiNNi ef !), wtmi VoVine MctnoVJ.
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Kaisers Army Resumes Assault
on Long Line oi Forts British
and French Battle Waist
peep in Trenches.
Rl ME, VU Prb, SfrL -hili tw frMfr r UII
ft min man uAdt arttw. TU bI af thua Iroofa art In
tampa and bamcka In ) Loatif and VaMllaa
BERLIN hf War RaHanlara. St 20. TTa W
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quvttft aiaff lata kit nlfMi "Tka FraiwoAftkh foe
han hn Mil la lalta Aa aWanaWa ta alndJ porf
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'Prcparartom far an attach n th fort twahona m lh
Km aoutk f Vttdun kava bttn tompUted.
1o Abat lha Cmtdim troopa ara in tan ad aloa lb
boroW wtA (Ka Fwwcfc troopa."
SpmwI OUa to TU rtaMMrrtal TrfUttM.
AMSR3AM,rM4. pt-10.- UrpoWr
Ihallha aM j1 ( dii rf la Carwwi vrV In Fr b
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Oct. 19, 1914.
Miss Hazel Fultz, of Columbus, was
the guest of her parents,, E. J. Fultz
and wife, over Sunday.
Mrs Elizabeth Winkle was the
guest of her daughter, Mrs. Ollie
Cook, and family from Saturday until
Rally Day was observed Sunday at
the M E. church with an attendance
of two hundred and thirty. An ex
cellent program was given by the
children. The singing by the High
School boys and girls was enjoyed by
all present.
Mrs Arthur Naylor and son, Har
old, returned home Saturday evening
from a pleasant weeks visit with her
parents in Indianapolis. She was ac
companied home by her mother, who
will remain for an extended visit with
relatives here.
Miss Harriett Ayers, a returned
Missionary from Mexico, was here Sun
day and gave au interesting address on
her work in that country. Her address
was given in the Friends' church in
connection with the S. S. Convention
which was held there in the afternoon.
An interesting and instructive address
to the coventipn was made by Rev.
Mrs. Geo. Hodson, of Washington,
C. n.( spent the last half of the week
with her sister, Mrs David Sanders.
Mrs. Nora Haas has purchased prop
erty in Columbus, where she and her
family will move the first of Novem
ber. Leesburg regrets losing this
estimable family and the best wishes
of our citizens will follow them to their
new home.
Mrs- Bessie Cox and son, Robert,
now occupy room In the Farmers &
Merchants Bank hulluing.
Miss Lillian Barger has returned
home from a business trip to Chicago.
Complimentary to her sister, Mrs.
Fannie Hodson, of Washington, C. H.,
Mrs, Minnie Sanders entertained in a
most delightful manner about twenty
five of her friends with a kenslngton
Saturday afternoon from 2 to 5 o'clock.
A dainty and delicious luncheon was
tastefully served.
Little Virginia Patterson returned
Monday to her home near Blooming
burg. She was accompanied by her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Silas
Rev. Slmms, of Columbus, occupied
the M. E. pulpit Sunday evening. He
was a guest of E. J. Fultz and family,
over Sunday.
Miss Florence Jones delightfully en
tertained a number of her young
friends with a luncheon last Friday
Miss Ethel Griffith returned Mon
day to Cincinnati, where she has en
tered the Conservatory of Music.
October 19, 1914.
Miss Salome Montgomery, of Green
field Business College, was with her
parents over Sunday.
Mrs. II. N. Henderson and sor,
Howard, left for Uellefountaltjo Ft
da to be guests at the home of her
sister, Mrs. O. O. Peale for ten da)
Warren Morrow and wife were visi
tors off M r. and Mrs Wm. Thornburg
W. A. Bird and family entertained
C. A. Michael and wife and daughter,
Mrs. Booth, of Klnmore, and Loralne
Troutwine and wife, of Webertown,
Rev. Morton Is attendi-g the Synod
in Cincinnati this week.
Mrs. A. D. Wise and guests, Miss
Lizzie Murphy, of Dayton, and Mrs.
Tlllle Troutwine, of San Francisco,
Cal,, spent Wednesday and Thursday
with relatives at Webertown.
B. E. Archer and family moved into
the Swartz property on Pearl street
this week.
The Famous Welsh Singers will
sing at this place on Friday October
23 at 12.05 p. m. Speaking by Mr
Gilbert on state wide prohibition.
The body of Mrs. Louise Miller,
whodieaatthe home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. Wm. Barker, of Pricetown,
was brought to this place Sunday for
Dr. McAdow delivered a temper
ance lecture at Folsom Sunday after-
noon. '
Rev. Miller and J. H. Duvall, of
Harwood, were at the home of Dr.
Duvall and wife Sunday.
Mrs. Baldwin and grandson. Law
rence Frye, of Blanchester, were en
tertained by Mrs. Anna Noble Sun
day. Mrs. Odls Hopkins and daughter,
Pauline, returned to their home at
Mlddlerleld Saturday morning, after a
week with Wm. Hopkins and wife and
Harley Pulse and family.
Dr. Duvall and H. C. Pulse were
business visitors in Hlllsboro Monday.
Mrs. Joseph Townsend and son,
Johnson, were with relatives in
Frankfort, lnd., a part of last week.
Mrs. Wm. Cleveland spent last
week with relatives in Covington and
Cumminsville, Ky.
Born to Robert Brown and wife, a
son, Thursday, October 15.
Dan Turner and wife were with his
mother at Martinsville Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Pltzer, of Farmers
Station, were at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Ferd Ratcllff Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Muiphy enter
tained a company of friends at a six
o'clock dinner Friday evening.
Mr and Mrs. Al. Felke and son,
Harry, and W. L. Stautner were In
Greenfield Friday.
Harris Garner and family are with
relatives in Blanchester.
Mrs. Claudia Booth, of Kenmore, is
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carey
Booth, for a ten days visit.
Mrs. Naomi Farls returned home
Sunday, after spending a fortnight
with relatives in Cincinnati.
Rev. Martin and family returned
home Saturday evening after a weeks
visit in Alliance.
James Bisher, of Des Moines, Iowa.,
Is visiting his mother and sisters at
this place.
Misses Inez Morrow, Hilda Goddard
and Manette Kellls, of Columbus,
were with home folks over Sunday.
C. L. Badgley and wife, of Marlon,
lnd , were week end guests of H. B.
Galliett and family.
Norine DeLaney, of Oxford, was
with her parents Saturday and Sun.
day She was accompanied as far as
Cincinnati by her parents Sunday
Mrs. Lizzie McEenzie returned
home Saturday after two months visit
with relatives In Gary and Frankfort,
Mrs. Daxid Simpklns and Birch
Reams and wife were with Chas. In
girsol and family, of Madisonville,
three days of last weeic.
1 Frank Terrell left for Germantown,
Thursday to which place he has been
assigned oy the revenue department.
Oct. 19, 1914.
Ira Tlce and wife were guests Sun
day of Herman Wilkin and wife. ,
Mrs Ann Pence spent the latter
part of last week with her daughter,
Mrs Harry Holden, and family, of
New Market.
Mrs. General Pence, Mrs. S. 5. Pence
and Stel a Orebaugh visited Wright1
Fawley and wife, of Tile Junction, '
Alva Overman and wife spent Tues- j
day evening with S. R Robinson and
family. I
Mrs. Sarah Purdy, of Hlllsboro, vis-1
lted, Allen Pence and family, Wednes- i
day and Thursday.
Ed. Bales and family were the guests
of Albert Pence and wife, of Hbag
land, Sunday.
Loree Robinson visited Homer Cat-
lln and famllj, of New Market, Thurs
Mrs. Herman Wilkin spent Monday
the guest of her parents at Hlllsboro.
Aun. Kate Wood spent a part of
last week with relatives at Hlllsboro.
Alva Overman and wife were guests
Sunday of James Burnett and wife, of
Roscoe McConnaughey spent Satur
day night with his parents at New
Chas. Jonte and Mrs. Chas. Trop
spent Wednesday and Thursday with
Geo Culhan and family, of Russell.
General Pence attended the Knight
Templer Conclave at Columbus last
Ed Chaney, wife and daughter,
Bertha, were entertained to dinner
Sunday by John Robinson and wife,
of Tile Junction.
Oct. 10, 1914
Jesse Orebaugh and family and Rev.
Spurler were guests of R. II. Ore
baugh and wife, Sunday.
Osca.r Baker and family spent Sun.
day with the lattet's parents, David
Ludwlck and wife, of Uoaglands.
Fred Miller, wife and little son,
Turner, of New Jersey, are the guests
of the Mrs Miller's parents, Frank
Strieker and wife
Harry Henderson returned home
last week, after spending a few months
In Kansas.
Leo A ber and wife' and little
Hilda tshaffer spent Sunday with
Wm. I'fister and family, of Lynch
burg. Earl Stroup and family, of near
Allensburg, and John Pratt and fam
ily spent Sunday with M. E. Stroup
and family.
Orland Roads and family, of near
Buford, spent Sunday with his broth
er, Matt. Roads and family.
T. E. Aber and wife spent Sunday
with James Phlbbs and fatally at St.
Carey Henderson "and wife, of Al
lensburg, spent Friday with Allle
Henderson and family.
Frank Hester and wife and Henry
Naylor and family, of Hlllsboro, and
John Tedrlck and family spent Sun
day with Frank Tedrlck and family.
Oct. 19, 1914.
The Ladles Aid of the M. E. church
will serve lunch on Election Day.
Your patronage is solicited.
Anna Park is entertaining relatives
from Indiana.
Clarence West and family have
moved Into the property of Mrs. Nancy
The Ladles Aid will meet at the
home of Anna Park on Thursday of
next week and arrange for the election
lunch. All members are requested
to be present
Miss Glenna Garman spent Sunday
with Grace Ohrlsman
Mrs. Cecil Cherry Is visiting at the
home of her parents, John Montgom.
ery and wife.
A temperance meeting will be held
at the hall Friday at 5 o'clock. There
will be fine singers with the speakers
so do not fail to attend.
Rev. Frank Mllner, of Leesburg, will
occupy the pulpit at the M. E. Church
next Sunday night. Everyone invited.
Lon Wolfe and wife and son, Dana,
and Dan Frye and wife were guests of
Elmer Cowman and wife, Sunday.
Chas. Hamilton and family enter
talnee D. S. Hiatt and family Sunday.
E. O. Hetherlngton and Judge Wil
son, of Hlllsboro, and Rev. Lawrence,
of Columbus, each delivered a temper
ance talk at the Presbyterian Church
last Sunday.
Mrs Delia Morrow and Wilbur
Fairley are sick.
Glenna and Nelle Garman spent
from Tuesday until Thursday with D.
M. Frye and family.
Don't forget the Ladies Aid lunch
on Election day.
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Fct 19, 1914.
Mrs. Ray Winkle and son, Robert,
of Mowostown, spent the past week
with her parents, Amos Igo and wife.
Mrs. John Prine spent the past week
with relatives at Hlllsboro and Lynch '
Fergus Stanforth spent Sunday with
home folks.
Lew Igo and family, of Sugartree
Ridge, and J. C. Larrick and family
spent Sunday at the home of II. M.
The box supper, which was to be
held Oct. 10, was postponed on account
of bad weather. It will be held Satur
day night, Oct. 24.
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1 pan and the turkey
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into the room.
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It can't. It's ruid ' way.
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Hillsboro, Ohio

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