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"Walter Klnoald spent Sunday and
Monday In Cincinnati.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Chauncey Gross Sunday morning.
Mrs. 0. F. McCoy, of Xenla, Is the
guest of her sister, Mrs Jacob Fling.
Blair M. Boyd went to Virginia
Monday on a business trip.
Mrs. Josephine Klbler went to New
York City Saturday to visit her sis
ter, Mrs. Emily Foraker.
Mrs. W. E. Caldwell returned on
Tuesday from a visit with relatives at
Bellevue, Ky.
Miss Lena Scott, of the Point, has
been the guest of Ool. and Mrs. L B.
Boyd the past week,
Hon. and Mrs. J. J. Pugsley and Mrs
G. B. Beecher have returned from
French Lick 8prlngs, Ind.
Mrs. J. Frank Wilson has been visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Coyner, at Austin,
the past week.
Miss May Ayres, of Springfield, 111.,
lias been the guest Of hor sister, Miss
Harriett, for a week.
Burch D. Huggins, of Columbus
visited his father, Judge H. M. Hug
gins, Sunday and Monday.
Mrs. J. B. Burton is the guest of her
daughter, Mrs. H. Q. Barger, at Lees
burg. News-Hkkald and Cincinnati-Commercial
Tribune both one year for
93.00 A real bargain. adv.
Ruther Hetherlngton and O. A
Blount visited friends In Dayton the
first of the week.
Miss Anna Evans left Friday for a
weeks visit with relatives at Green
field and Columbus, on Sunday.
Miss Ellen Steele, of Cincinnati, was
the guest of her mother, Mrs. S. F.
Steele, Sunday.
-. m
Prof. C. C. Patterson returned Sun
day from Jamestown, where he had
been called to attend the funeral of an
Mr. and Mrs. H. V7. Post, who have
been visiting their daughter, Mrs.
Blair M. Boyd, returned home On
Dr. J. D. McBride Is confined to his
home with a very sore hand, which
became Infected while dressing a
Mrs. J. Willard Gore and daughter,
Miss Susan, who have been spending
the summer in Europe, returned home
Mr. and Mrs Duncan Ogden, of Ft.
McCavll, Tex., were the guests of Col.
and Mrs. L. B. Boyd, a few days re
cently. They returned home Sunday.
m -
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. John H. Walker, of Berthroud,
Col., on October 19. Mr. Walker was
a former resident of Hlllsboro.
Prosecuting Attorney Joseph T.
Doan and wife and Mr. and Mrs. Boy
Cartwright, of Wilmington, spent
Friday here.
Matthew Carey returned to his
studies at Bliss Business College, Co
lumbus, Tuesday, after a short visit
with Mr. and Mrs. 0. F. McNeil.
Mrs. Anna McMeekln, of Cincinnati,
has been the guest of her parents, Capt
and Mrs. Ezra Stevenson, since Satur
day. m
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Schumacher and
son returned from a visit with Mrs.
Schumacher's sister, Miss Mary Hus
sey, In Cleveland.
That part of the story of the Million
Dollar Mystery which will be shown
at the Orpheum tonight appears In
this issue of Tub News Hekald.
B. B. Barrett has returned to his
home in Norwood, after a visit with
relatives here and in the eastern part
of tha county.
Mr. and Mrs. d. Colvln spent Sun
day at Hyde Park, Cincinnati, the
guests of their daughter, Mrs. Carl
Miss Arnetta Gall, who is a pupil of
the Conservatory of Music in Cincin
nati, spent Saturday and Sunday with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Gall.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Eggert and
son, of Cincinnati, were guests of Mrs.
Eggert's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A.
Zlnk, from Friday until Sunday even
ing. A Hallowe'en social will be held at
Danville school house Friday evening,
Oct. 30. Ice cream, oyster soup and
pumpkin pie will be served. Proceeds
lor benefit of school.
The young men of the New Market
Baptist Church invito you to attend a
box supper and masquerade social to
be held ac the church on Saturday
night, October 31.
If you are Interested in the Million
Dollar Mystery you should read the
story as It Is published In the Tnic
Naws-HKBALD before seeing the
pictures at the Orpheum Thursday
Mr. and Mrs. Fred H- Lallerty re
turned Suuday from their wedding
Thomas Jeans, of New Vienna, has
purchased the property of Dr. I. L.
Deliaas on Collins Ave.
Mrs. and Mrs. II. A. lloblnson have
as tliolr guests, Mrs. wauae uover
and sons, of Dayton.
Miss Mary Hope, of The Point, was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Clint Dog
gett the past week.
All the Banks In Hlllsboro will be
closed next Tuesday afternoon, Elec
tion Day, on account of half holi
day, adv
Capt. and Mrs. Paul Harsha have
been visiting the latter's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John R. Horst, In Columbus,
for several days.
Big Comedy.
The cartoon show has come to slay.
There can be absolutely no doubt
about this as the success of these shows
prove that the reading public want to
see thotr favorite cartoon characters
In flesh and blood. The people of
Hlllsboro will be glad of the opportun
ity to see Oscar and Adolph on Thurs
day, Nov. 0 at Bell's Opera House.
' Oscar and Adolph" have endeared
themselves to the American people
with their foolish German antics and
surrounded as they are now by a
clever and competent company and
a Broadway chorus they have more
than made good. In fact, it Is doubt
ful If any show of all the big musical
comedy successes has the "punch"
this Weber-Fieldlan production pos
sesses. The new production this sea
son Is labeled "Oscar and Adolph as
Kings of the Movies." The music Is
catchy and brilliant and the chorus
numbers go with speed and a snap
that is refreshing. It is a fact that
over one hundred and fifty chorus
girls were tried out for this piece be
fore the producer had a chorus that
could execute the intricate dances
that Director VonGottfried worked
out for the production. The result is
a perfect singing and dancing chorus
that sbeels through the show with
speed ana precision.
With such clever and capable Ger
man comedians as Harris and Winters
playing the title roles, there certainly
will be one laugh feast. adv
Oscar and Adolph Coming.
These Inimitable German dialect
comedians, Oscar and Adolph sur
rounded by a great dancing and sing
lng chorus in their newest review is
the next attraction at Bell's Opera
House coming on Thursday, Nov. 5.
The advent "of this internationally
famous pair of mlrthmakers to the
musical comedy stage marks the re
turn of the Rogers Brothers style of
entertainment which met with such
spectacular success until the demise
of one of the famous brothers. This
year Oscar and Adolph appear as
"Kings of the Movies." A new up-to-the-minute
review entitled, "Frolics
In Filmland," affords the two advent
urous Germans unusual opportunity
for comedy situations.
"Oscar and Adolph as Kings of the
Movies" Is a real Broadway musical
review fashioned after the successes of
the Winter Garden and The Casino.
A large dancing and singing chorus
surround the two funny Dutchmen
and up-to-the-minute specialities are
introduced all through the action of
the review. The Eight Dancing Rose
buds are the feature of Oscar and
Adolph's "Garden of Glorious Girls."
Some Tax Figures.
Notices are being sent to many of
the tax payers of Highland county by
the Democratic organization showing
how much loss taxes they are paying
this year than last. These notices of
course are being sent only to people
whose taxes have been lowered. In
some of the townships the rate has
been materially decreased, in some
slightly Increased. The Democrats
give all the credit for the reduction to
the Warnes Tax Law and Gov. Cox.
This is not true. The increase In the
valuation of the personal property In
the different taxing districts of High
land county Is not of itself great
enough to make any material decrease
in the tax rate. For instance the tax
rate has been lowered in Liberty
township 4.40 mills. The increase in
valuation was $50,825. The decrease
In tax rate will mean that $10,803.23
less will be raised In the township un
der the present rate than under ihe
old rate. The Increase in valuation
will raise $317 22. Which means that
Liberty township will have for all tax
purposes $10,480 01 less money than
last year.
The writer Is a firm believer in the
Warnes Tax Law and believes that If
given a fair trial It will prove a big
improvement over the old system, but
he believes that credit should be given
where credit Is due and the increased
valuation of personal property cannot
In this county make any material de
crease In the tax rate. It will help
and every little bit helps and It Is al
ways a pleasure to see a man who has
not been paying his just share of taxes
have to come across.
Real Estate Transfers.
Lang Young to OIHe Young, Hills
boro, lot. $1.
B. L. Vance to Charles L Carroll,
Hlllsboro, lot $1.
J. A. Armentrout to Homer Bruce,
Dodsonville, lots, $124.
Amanda D. Armentrout to Cora M
Bruce, Dodsonville, lot, $550.
JamesCarlteletoGlarenceE Patton,
Liberty tp, 121a, $1
John M. McMullen to Alda B. Sams
Hlllsboro, lot, $1.
Joseph C. Woods to Clarence John
son, Hlllsboro, lot, $1.
Cleo E Moorhead to L A. Gee,
Greenfield, lot, $1.
UlrlcPeterson to BenJ. F. Morton,
New Market, lot, $1.
John S Farls to Arthur Ohaney,
Hlllsboro, lot, $1.
Sarah E Stuckey to G. W. Stuckey,
Greenfield, lot, $1.
Henry M. Purdy exr. to Peter L.
Bosselot, Mowrystown, lot, $533 33.
George Cooper to C. F. McNeil,
Hlllsboro, lot, $1.
Johanna Sprinkle, Hlllsboro, Cem.
lot, fGl.20.
Charles B. Cooper to Joseph Cooper,
Jackson tp., 50a, $1500.
Lulu Barney to Mary M. Wlsecup,
Jackson tp , 40a, $100, Interest.
Frank E. Simklns to D. S. Slmklns,
Lynchburg, lot, $1.
B. W. Muntz to James Q. Setty,
Dodson tp, 106a, $1.
Miles W. Townsend, Assignee to
Laura A. Gee, Greenfield, lot, $775.
Nettie J. Miller to Milton J. Hodson
Highland, lot, $1.
C. T. Mullenix to William McClure,
Highland county, 94a, $1.
Francis Woodmansee to S. M. Grun
dy,, Fairfield tp, 12a $2233.
Samuel Peale to Wm. F. Peale,
Lynchburg, lot, $1.
Drucilla Murphy to Martha L.
Thompson, Lynchburg, lot, $1.
John McMullen, ex-sheriff to David
Zane, Hlllsboro, lot, $483 34.
N. W. Igo to H. A. Marlott, Con
cord tp, 3a, $1.
J. W. Bedkey to S. G. Chalender,
Highland, lot, $1.
Mary Cherryholmes to Robert
Cberryholmes, Greenfield, lot, $1.
M. Irwin Dunlap to W. H. Davis,
Greenfield, lot, $1.
J. E. Upp to Pearl Gray, Greenfield,
lot, $1.
S. M. Grundy to John Sharp, High
land, lot, $38.
S. M. Grundy to Thomas Priest,
Highland, lot, $79.20.
Jacob J. Harrin to Rena V. Johnson,
Highland, lot, $1.
S. M. Grundy to S. M. Syferd, Fair
field tp, lot, $75.
C. W. Johnson to R. E. Klbler,
Highland, lot, $115.
W. A. Carpenter to John B. Carpen.
ter, Liberty tp, 307a, $8000.
W. A. Teter, Auditor, to Geo. W.
McCleland, Dodsonville, lot, $1.
Elizabeth Jane Lucas to Hugh Mc
Clelland, Dodsonville, lot, $100.
ProbatejCoiirt Proceedings.
H. L. Wiggins, executor of James
W. Brown, filed distributive account.
C. L. Euverard, administrator of
Cecil Archer, tiled Inventory and ap
praisement. F. A. Weller, administrator of Chas.
I. Weller, tiled report of sale.
Evan Good appointed trustee of
Charles Good.
T. L. Barger, administrator of Isaac
Arnold, filed distributive account.
Ernest Sprague et al discharge from
Children's Home and St. Joseph
Foundling Asylum.
O. E. Bell and Cora E. Bell, execu
tors of O. S. Bell, filed fifth account.
Elizabeth Smith, administratrix of
Joseph Smith, filed first, final and dis
tributive account.
James L. Dudley et al discharged
from Children's Home.
Application for appointment of a
guardian for Noah Favvlej, an alleged
Imbecile filed.
John Q. O'Dell appointed admlnls
trator of Hannah liuhrhes
Will of Catherine Goux certified to
Common Pleas Court.
Will of Eliza Ann Kerns filed.
F. A. Weller, admr of C. I. Weller,
authorized to sell bonds.
Miles W. Townsend, assignee of W.
O. Hoyt, filed report of sale of real
Ella Tudor, adjudged Insane, com
mitted to Athens State Hospital.
In the matter of the estate of E. F.
Richards, bill of exceptions allowed
and taken to Common Pleas Court on
William A. Brewer adjudged Insane
and ordered committed to Athens
State Hospital.
John F. Link, admr of S. L. Link,
filed sale bill of personal property.
Mrs. Benham and Mrs. James
Stewart and daughter have returned
to their home In Alhambra, Calif.,
after a visit with Miss Eva Richards.
Progressive Meeting.
A Progressive Meeting will be held
at the Court House Friday night. L.
O. LUley, of Columbus, will deliver
the address. He is reported to be an
able and eloquent speaker and is
promimently Indentlfied with the
State Anti-Saloon League.
Dr. and Mrs. W, R. Lukens had as
t.hnlr mifiKt.Q nvnr Kiinrlav Fir nnrt Mm
Gardner, of Kingston.
EoU, who had Just got homo from a
week's visit with the Farrlngtona at
their cottage on Black lake, wrapped
his feet securely around tho porch
rails and started an after-dinner cigar.
"Isn't It funny," he remarked, re
flectively, after a meditative puff or
two, "what a difference a summer cot
tage makes?"
The little group on the veranda
looked at him lazily, awaiting further
exposition of his theme.
"You know," continued Bob, "I've
always been a little afraid of the Far
rlngtons, especially of Nell."
"That's because you're badly
nicked," said Sam, with brotherly can
dor. "A fellow's always afraid of a
girl when he's really nicked."
"No such thing." said Bob. "I've
never been one of the diffident, self
effacing kind that thinks he's a worm
In the dust whenever he compares
himself with a girl he happens to
"No, I'll say that for him," admitted
Sam. "Excessive modesty has never
been one of his afflictions."
"When you get through roasting,"
said Bob, pleasantly, "I'll go ahead
and tell you some more about my
"Yes, let's hear about the Farring
tens," said Jessie
"Well, what I meant by being afraid
of them was that I never felt quite as
though I could go to their house with
out making a kind of set piece of it
gloves and stick and visiting cards
and 'la Miss Farrlngton In?' with my
politest accent. It wasn't that they
were stiff or ceremonious or anything
of that sort. If they had been the
kind of people that sentenco you to
one chair when you come to call I
should never have gone near their
house They were always cordial and
Informal enough, but somehow even
their Informality always had such a
polite little finish to It that I used
to feel as though I never could be
quite so nice as they were, no matter
how hard I tried. Mrs. Farrlngton
would come In and put me at my ease
with just the correct little social
formula and Nell and I exchanged
amenities according to the precepts
she had learned at Miss Winter's
finishing school. Mr. Farrlngton was
friendly in a dignified way that seemed
to call upon me to address him as
'sir.' He would offer me cigars that
I never felt quite free to smoke until
Bert took me down to the billiard
room, though Nell and her mother al
ways Insisted that they liked cigar
smoke. Somehow I used to feel that
they would all be corking people to
know when I really got to know them
well enough not to be so polite, but
Bert was the only one with whom I
was on real comfortable scrapping
"When they invited me to go up to
their cottage last week of course they
told me tho usual story about their
informal, primitive way of living
back to nature and all that sort of
thing but I've been bluffed like that
before and wasn't prepared for the
pleasant reality."
"Was It a reality?" asked Jessie.
"I went up with Bert Saturday
night," narrated Bob. "When we got
to the place Sunday morning the first
person I saw wob Mr. Farrlngton. He
was on the dock in a bathing suit In
dustriously trying to untangle a fish
line. 'Hello, boys.' ho said. 'Hello,
Heaton! Give me a hand with this
blankety, blank line, will you? Say,
have either of you fellows got any
makings? The only thing I don't like
about life in Lonsomehurst Is that
it's so confounded bard to get a smoke
when you want one.'
"Then he took me Into tho boat
houso and showed me confidentially
eight black bass that he had bought
from a boy that morning and that he
was going to catch after breakfast.
By that time Nell came to the door of
the cottage.
"'Hello, kids!' she called out. 'I'm
so glad you're hre! Breakfast Is
leady, and I'm starved.'
"Collars and stiff clothes were rig
idly barred, and It didn't take me long
to get Into a sweater, where I stayed.
"After breakfast Mrs. Farrlngton
asked me in a matter-of-fact way to
turn the ice cream freezer, and as
Nell helped I didn't mind. Once,
when we were tasting the cream, wo
bumped our heads together and after
that we felt a lot better acquainted.
"Then we went In swimming and
dried in the sun on the dock, and Nell
and I stumped each other to hop over
the cracks on one foot. After that
she showed me how she could ride on
the flying Dutchman, a contrivance
that some children hod rigged in the
baok yard. It la a long board that
spins around on a pivot, and you have
to straddle It, jockey fashion, to stiok
on. When I asked Nell whether she
had learned that accomplishment at
Miss Winter's, the suggestion over
came her and she rolled off."
"I suppose when she gets back to
town you'll go around there to call
with gloves and stick and visiting
cards?" asked Sam.
Bob grinned. "Not on your life,"
said he. "After this I go around to
tha baok fence and whistle."
All Right, but
A Scotch servant shortly after her
marriage met her former mistress and
on being asked bow she was getting
on she replied: "I'm getting on fine,
mem; but ah, I canna bldo the man."
Boston Evening Transoript
On Saturday, October 31,
We are going to offer a lot
of best 50c quality Sweater
Coats for men and boys at
Remember this price is for
one day only, Saturday, Oc
tober 31.
About Storm Buggies.
Did you ever ride in a rattling storm
buggy ? If you did you probably said
to yourself "I would not give thirty
cents for this buggy." Nothing Is
more exasperating than a rattling
storm buggy.
Ours don't rattle and it is the only
one on the market that does not. See
it before you buy. Price 395 00
Tub M. F. Carholl & Sons Co.
adv Hlllsboro, Ohio.
Dr. and Mrs. J. D Garrett, of In
dianapolis, Ind., have been visiting
the former's sister, Mrs. A. H. Beam.
Dr. Garrett returned home Sunday,
Mrs. Garrett remaining for a longer
Miss Margaret Patterson and the
Mr. Fields of Dayton, weretheguests
of the former's sister, Miss Ella Patter
son, from Thursday until Sunday.
Where Quality Counts
Growing Better Every Week Is What They All Say About
How can you afford to miss a number and miss a chance of getting
SI 0,000 For 100 Words
Ninth Episode Tonight "Tho Leap From the Ocean Liner"
Always oome early and be sure of getting in. You can seo it
every Thursday at the ORPHEUM.
Little Mary Pickford in "Wilful Peggy"
Maurice Costello in "The Mysterious Lodger"
"Opening of the Panama Canal" and "European War News"
in the Selig Hearst Weekly No. 54.
Matinee SATURDAY, Oct. 31 Night
Arthur Johnson in "An Untarnished Shield"
."The New Stenographer" Vit Comedy.
This is the Great Comedy that was enacted 250 times
in the Vitagraph Theatre, New York City. A genuine
scream from start to finish. A Big Four Reel Program for
"Halloween" Night.
Our New Goods Are Coming In.
New Dates, the finest quality
New Prunes, New Peaches
New Seeded Raisins, New Mince Meat
New Citron, New Cracked Wheat
New Prepared Buckwheat Flour
New Hominy, New Pancake Syrup
New Barbadoes Molasses, 25c a jar
New Walnuts, New Filberts
New Pecans, New Brazil Nuts
New Curry Powder
4- t
Several Second Hand Buggies
These buggies have been re
painted and rebuilt to be nearly
as good as new. We will sell
them at a low figure.
The M. F, Carroll & Sons Go,
5 and lOc

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