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One Year (In Advance) 1'
Six Months ... .. 50
Three Mouths 25
Entered at Post Office, Hillsboro, Ohio, as Second Class Matter.
What Our Reading Indicates.
In an article in the November Atlantic Monthly the head of the
great publishing house of Macmillan & Company was deploring the
present day taste in books. He stated that statistics showed that
the great demand of the public was for books of fiction and largely
for present day fiction and that the demand for instructive worth
while literature was continually growiingless. These statistics had
been gathered from the librarians throughout the country. The
writer also spoke from an experience for which he had paid dearly,
as he said that often books which were authoritative treatises on
important subjects of high literary merit would have such a small
sale that the returns would not pay the cost of publication.
We all of us know what perfect trash some of the best sellers
in recent years have been ; of no merit from a literary or educa
tional standpoint ; just slush. Still they seemed to strike a popular
chord and brought fortune to the authors and publishers. They
gave their readers a few hours of passing pleasure, but were neither
instructive nor taught a moral lesson. The articles carried by some
of the most popular magazines are, if possible, worse. i
It is indeed to be regretted if the people are losing their taste
and love for good literature, for that which is elevating and instruc
tive. A knowledge of history, a certain familiarity with the best
in literature, the classics, are necessary in the making of an edu
cated and cultered person. It is important to keep welf posted upon
current events, to keep in touch with things about us, but to really
understand these things we must also know something of history
and the effect that certain movements have had on the development
of mankind.
If the condition exists which the author of the article referred
to deplores, and we fear there is some truth in his statements our
system of education is to blame. In the-schools should be created
in the children a desire for knowledge and a love of good literature.
If this is not done our school system is a failure. It is not what
the child actually learns in the school room which is of real impor
tance, but the ambitions and aspirations that teaching inspires.
Why Do You Vote a Certain Ticket ?
Practically every man the first time he voted, voted a straight
ticket and most men voted the same ticket their father voted. Few
iirst voters know little of the principles for which the different
parties stand. From childhood they have been Republicans or
Democrats depending solely upon the political affiliations of their
fathers. This is only natural, especially if their fathers were strong
partisans. The home teaching and home environment control'their
Having selected their party most men continue through their
life voting the same party ticket. Leaders change, principles
change, but the rank and file of the parties remain steadfast to the
party name.
That at twenty one a man from sentiment should vote as his
father did is only to be expected, but that as he becomes older he
should allow that sentiment to control hjs opinion seems strange to
us. That ninety nine out of a hundred first voters, vote the same
"ticket as their fathers is a conservative estimate. That ninety per
cent of the men continue through life members of the party of their
first choice, is also a conservative estimate.
When the party leaders decide upon some course of action, most
of the members of the party concur in their decision. Whatever
one party does, the other party denounces as wrong. The members
of one party can see no good in the things done by the opposing
While there was probably a greater switching of members of
parties in the election just held than ever before in Ohio, we think
it is placing the estimate low to say that seventy five per cent.3 of
the votes received by the candidates of the Republican and Demo
cratic candidates for governor came from men who have been vot
ing those tickets for years. We also state without fear of contra
diction, that if Gov. Cox had been elected on the Republican ticket
in 1912 and with the aid of a Republican legislature had done the
things which he did, that the Republican leaders, organization men,
would have fought as hard for him as they did against him and that
almost all of the Republican newspapers in the state would have
fought for him as strongly as they have bitterly opposed him. Also
that the Democratic leaders, organization men, would all have been
against him. They would have called him the same names that the
Republicans have called him and the Democratic newspapers would
have bitterly assailed him instead of filling their columns with
matter in his defense..
Why is it that most Democrats can see no good in anything
that a Republican official does or anything wrong in the ptibiic
policy of a Demociat? Why is it that most Republicans can see
no good in the public acts of a Democrat and always praise the
public acts of Republicans ?
Is it because all men are naturally partisans ; that the partisan
ship they became imbued with as children control their action
through life ; that we are looking for things to criticize in the actions
of members of the opposite party and things to praise in the actions
of officials of our own party ?
Is it not foolish to allow our partisanship and our prejudices to
control us in the conduct of our public business 'I We do not allow
these things to enter into private business and our public business
must be put on the same plane as private business if it is ever con
ducted in the interest of the people.
A number of the candidates at the recent election are convinced
that the Annanias Club is theargest organization in the world.
Now that the election is over the partisan press will resume
printing the news and their readers maytbelieve some part of the
things which they read.
Editor and Manager
Made Known on Application.
Nov. 2, 1014.
Mrs. 0. 11. Dlveti and two daughters
spent part of last week with Mrs
Anna Wolfe and Mrs. Delia Morrow
Joseph Hatcher and wife, Charles
Hatcher and wife,, of Dallas, Mrs
Elizabeth Johnson, of Missouri, and
Miss Elsie Caldwell, of Hillsboro,
spent Sunday at tho home of Frank
Miss lone Troth is visiting friends
near New Vienna.
Vernon Hammond Ispent Saturday
night and Sunday with Harry Lew!!,
at Sugartree Uldge.
Ed Roads, wife and daughter, Nelle,
a id Ira Kline and famllyjwere guests
of Lewis Woods and wife, Sunday.
0. M. Stevens and family entertain
ed Sunday, Rev. Frank Mllner and
f tmily, Hert Brown and Miss Ruth
Homer Brown, of Greenfield, re
turned home Saturday after spending
a month with his cousin, Hugh Kline.
J. S. Lovettand famlly.Ientertained
Sunday, Wm. Montgomery and wife
and W. W Wolfe andjjwife and two
daughters, Elsie and Evlyne, and Miss
Mary Chrisraan.
A surprise party was given Saturday
night for Mr. and Mrs. Roy Washburn.
About thirty guests were present.
Walter Brown and family were
guests Sunday at the home of Hamer
Wm. Stethem and wife, of Marshall,
and Mrs. Delia Morrow were guests
Sunuaj at the home of Joe Morrow.
Women Suffer Terribly From
Kidney Trouble.
Around on her feet all day no won
der a woman lias backache, still swol
len joints, weariness, poor sleep and
kidney trouble Foley Kidney Pills
give quick relief for these troubles.
They strengthen the kidneys take
away the aches, pain and weariness.
Make life worth living again. Try
Foley Kidney Pills and see how much
better you feel.
adv Gamiett & Ayhes.
Nov. 2, 1914.
Geo. Hoop and wife, who have been
living north of town moved to our vil
lage last week and now occupy the
property recently vacated by Joe Fer
neau. ,
Mrs. Emma Glenn Hague, of Hills
boro, was the guest of Mrs. Ellen
Glenn from Friday until Sunday.
Mrs. D. S. Redkeyleft last week for
a visit with her mother and sisters in
Rev. B. H. Ryan delivered a very in
teresting temperance sermqn at the
M. k. chuich on Sunday night.
Mrs. Kate Redkey, who has been
visiting at the home of her son, C. L.
Redkey, returned home Saturday.
Miss Kathryn Harrington Is spend
ing a few days with friends in Hills
boro, Thos. Barrett and wife spent Sunday
with their daughter near Iloagland,
Rev. W. E. Shriver, of New Bur
lington, who was circulating among
old friends here last week was the
guest of Herbert Glenn and mother on
Wednesday night.
Mrs. Howard Hodge and little son
spent part of last week with her par
ents at Cynthiana.
The Gleaners enjoyed a Hallowe en
party at the home of Miss' Anna Tur
ner last Friday night.
The Happy Hustlers were enter
tained on Saturday afternoon by Miss
Kathryn Harrington, the Rosebuds by
Marjore Copeland, Life Gaurds by
Joseph Redkey and the Sunbeams at
the home of their teacher. Hallowe'en
games were enjoyed at each place.
N. B. Upp was exceedingly unfortu
nate last week. The granary door was
left open by mistake on Tuesday night
and horses and mules got into the
wheat and were foundered. As a re
sult, one mule and a mare and colt are
dead and several other horses have
been under the care of a veterinarian.
It Is thought however that the rest
will get well, but his loss is at least
The frost which had stayed off un
usually late this season came on Mon
day night of last week and destroyed
all the late gardens. A light snow fell
the same night.
Despondency Due to Indigestion.
It Is not at all surprising that per
sons who have indigestion become dis
couraged and despondent. Here are a
few words of hope and cheer for them
by Mrs. Blanche Bowers, Indiana, Pa.
"For years my digestion was so poor
that I could only eat the lightest foods.
I tried everything that I heard of to
get relief, but not until about a year
ago when I saw Chamberlain's Tablets
advertised and got a bottle of them,
did I find the right treatment. I soon
bepan to improve, and since taking a
few bottles of them my digestion Is
fine." For sale by All Dealers, adv
Electrical machinery enables the
newest transatlantic liner to lower Its
, largest lifeboats tilled with passengers
I from the highest deck to the water In
70 seconds.
. the A mm.' I
I oNtntTr iir I
I Itw t WiAtmtl . tmnr
m w h nvmmm uwiaunn a 7UIIU Vftaia )aw IBHimatmm
Noted Aviator Bests German Aft
er Courageous Fight French
BirdmanandaQeneral Cap
tured by Kaiser's Army
Ht bfcef Iht aJlleJ armiM rraMhteJ fooWy bijjU trtnclwt
wlfef tU ihtW trlJlcnr nchoAfW 4 fwteue nnneneeU
wkfc the Mrwttr tec' Cmw ItrUrW.
3mm WitUnt fait M mw mi ynfentwd at wtowi
peliiWjw lh LrtM rtmAng Jmi Hit Cue, IK Attn t.4
We, Tfct tttwitJ Alter beef made I JUnI p
tw f iw4htr Chimii fof
Jul VtirniM. tha ftettJ French wtor U mettwl
rkk ft iff I tout takl In MtU-a with, ft Carm avbtot
fctMi ha kmafctta earth. TV G-men wai Wtnfly rtto 1
wrtaring Iht potrttoa f tha aflWa, whan VacVfat aacancVA
Maying awaTlt opwerj ktihl h m ft the Carman VeoV
rtna (t chaaa, an! at ha air earned elon futtUeaWd tha air
a- arfch MteMik aim.
Tha Carman McMaa rMdUJ and lha anetoe I BL
W aVQmla. rtiha tTfend-XW (ft l"ftutaa from
Cincinnati Commercial Tribune--Daily
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the country. A genuine morning paper, It is able to reach the rural routes In this section on the day it is printed.
It has the full Associated Press telegraph and cable dispatches from II parts of the world, and other special war
tiews services. It's war news is reliable and unexcelled. Its market report true and complete Dr. Hlrshberg gives
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seen The Commercial Tribune lately.
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Experience. Results Tell The Tale.
Can you tloubt the evidence of this
Hillsboro citizen?
You can verify Hillsboro endorse
ment. Read this :
John W. Bayless, 40G Johnson St ,
Hillsboro, bays: -'I was troubled by
pain across the small of my back. At
one time I hurt my back overllfliug
and the pain never seemed to leave
me. Changes of the weather seemed
to bring on pain more severe than at
others times. After lying down or
sitting for any length of time, 1 could
not get up without a great deal of pain
acro--s my kidneys. I wasn't able to
net up in the morning without that
tirea feeling in ray back and limbs
My head felt dull and sometimes I had
dizzy spells. I had read of Doan's
Kidney Pills and I got a box at Gar
rett & Ayres' Drug Store. They
brought relief and I felt better all over.
Now, whenever I have the Jleast trou
ble from my kidneys, I take Doan's
Kidney Pills and they give entire satis
faction." Price 50 cents at .all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mr. Bayless had. Foster-Milburn
Co., Buffalo, N..Y. adv
Nov. 2, 1914.
James Sonnar and family and Love
Winkle, wife and daughter spent
Saturday and Sunday wlthfrlends in
M. R. Pulllam and family took din
ner with James Donohoo, at Onion,
Ira Fouch and wife, who have been
visiting the former's parents here the
past two weeks, returned to their
home in Monroe, La., Saturday.
Chas. Wiggins and wife spent Sun
day with R. R. Roush and family at
Carr's Crossing.
John Fouch and wife and daughter
took dinner with Roy Redkey, at
Honolulu, Sunday.
Bert Walker and family visited P.
H. Hopkins and family, near Folsom,
Mrs. Mary Robinson was the guest
of her sister, Mrs. Dr. Pratt, at Roos
ter Peck, Thursday.
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
For Croup.
Croup scares you. The loud, hoarse,
croupy cough, choking and gasping for
breath, labored by breathing, call for
Immediate relief. The very first doses
of Foley's noney& Tar Compound will
master the croup. It cuts t,he thick
mucus, clears away the phlegm and
opens up and eases the air passages,
adv Gaukett & Aybes
HeI gave a poor man $1 yesterday
and told him to come around and let
me know how ho was getting on,
She That was good of you; like
casting your bread upon the waters.
HeYes, something like that. Any
way, he .came baok this morning
"soaked." Boston Transcript.
Commercial - Tribune.
W k mWi
its name 1 null- i fortnl "i
farm. This com tin aion o f
Nov 2 1'I4 I
Thos" enternliifd In 'u Rotiniis
and f.iinil iifnUt' w re W. R Kiwley
and wlfeandhuii, Ramu, n i, A. D. Heis
and wife and son, O is Aim John K'ngl
and family.
It C DiviiKon mil !aniil .ind Miss
Madge Roebuck and George Linc and '
family attended love feast at Stone
t'mmllWBQ.'m J, i!
Light Your House and Barns Cook Your Meals
With Home-Made . Acetylene
And Make Your Acetylene With a
Pilot Lighting Plant
Pilot plants make Acetylene automatically a little at
a time as you use it in your gas cooking" stove and in
your lights distributed throughout your house, your
barns and out-buildings. You simply fill the generator
with the gas-producing stone "Union Carbide" and
water about once a month.
Pilot plants are approved by The National Board of Fire
Insurance Underwriters.
All told, over 250,000 country homes are using Acetylene
made the Pilot way. ,
A complete Pilot plant, consisting of generator, pipes hand
some light fixtures and gas cook stove, can be installed in any
country home in a couple of days' time.
Such a plant is a permanent improvement and will furnish
you with the cheapest, safest and most practical light and fuel
now available for country home requirements.
Write for our illustrated catalogs and descriptive booklets
giving all the facts. u-I
Walton, Ky.
Salesman for
CLarsMt Maker of Couatry Home Light and Fuel Plant la the WorkO
1 ,. '1 -1 O 7
ytATH-f. M-r "Vi"
Tmn.iri juiirdfi Mto V
II ii M.
g; wai
Kaisers Army Resumes Assault
on Long Line of forts-British
and French Battle Waist
Pfep in Trenches.
tUVE.VnP.rU.SHJ 1- ' fcaa1rMdyrr0f
enJlK.,4 anffl wider ftrnw. fa J lha tree at m
Cftmpa and lamcka ft. U t-awfcardf ami Van. m
province. .
BERLIN if Way f R Jam, Sapl 20 Tit fat.
towtni aftcUl elatement wa l if lha Canaan ned
cjuarten tl.(T tela Ut nirfet ha Franea-BHUJi fore
hart hten tfitJ to tela tha it nmv bl Mtrenchad aoai
tiew, lha attach poei wtucS Bra ahtw hi reawka.
"Prvparariona fat an attach ei H fnrt ficeliona a tha
tin aauth at Vatdun he heen tMnft) i'
If Abaca th Came trees an uuxU a-a" h
hardaf with lha Fmch traafM."
Spaaal Cahle t Th CwmawieJ Ttwna.
AMSTTRDAM, Haflaml. ..apt. 2h h rtfrai hara?
thai tha flfftara) rib 4 la & atrav U Fnnc t
1 All on.. Y.-nr For
l .id Suwf
( i
ty guide to the most up to date ideas aniL
is only for paid in advance mall subscribers.
Lick Saturdiy evening and remained
over SuiirlAv,
William LiMonria entt-ri lined liar
If Vmce aim famiij of Union, Sun
day. Mr-. Hes Euverard and sn, Ernes
went to Washington C. H , with Fen
ton Roller and wife, Sunday.
All over the world 07 people die
every minute, or 96,480 every day.
' -jjBfej.)-J1t. Hi-

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