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ku,Oi n unum, NOVLMBER 5,
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Eva Reno and Hazel Hasting spent
from Monday until Wednesday with
Ova Creed and wife
Dr. Thomas and wife, of Hlllsboro,
and Mrs Mary Edwards spent Wed
nesday with Thomas lllalt and wife.
Theodore Ookerrnan and
Gladle are on the sick list.
Mary Engle spent Saturday and Sun
day with tier sister, Mrs. Laura Jones.
Klrby Chaney and family spent Sun
day with Loren McGinn- and family.
Ella Woodell spent Sunday with
Randolph Ockerman.
G. N. Carey and wife and daughters,
Helen and Grace, and Alonzo Terrell
and family spent Sunday with Isaac
Dunlap and family.
Oya Creed and wife spent Sut day
In Berryvllle.
Hugh Purdy and family spent Sun
Say.wlth Will Wright and family.
T. B. Smith and wife and son. Law
Terice, spent Sunday with Mack Smlta
and family.
Battles In human blood between
white porpuscles and disease germs
have been photographed with the mo
tlon p(cturo camera by two French
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Nov. 2, 1914.
Wa'ter Pauch and wife and Mrs
J. tines V Guthrie, of Leesburg, spent
Tnursday night with Dewltt Calvert.
James Hamilton and wife moved
last week from the Mullenlx farm to
Dr Letherman's property.
Miss N Gladys Cummtngs, of Mar
shall, spent Saturday and Sunday the
gues. of Miss Leana Mllburn.
Rev. 0. D. Ralsh and J. E. Halgh
motored to Jaspor last Saturday.
Miss Alma Klsllng, of Marshall,
spent the past week with Mrs L. EL
D R. Cummlngs and wife and Mrs.
M. J. Cummlngs, of Marshall, took
dinner Sunday at the homo of A. W.
Miluurn Mrs. M. J. Cummlngs re
mained for an extended visit with her
daughter, Miss Mllburn.
The Hurst sisters entertained a num
ber of the young ladles last Thursday
night in honor of Miss Edna Campbell.
Miss Mabel Korr gave a masquerade
party hist Saturday night in the I. O.
O. F. Hall. Fifty guests were present
Delicious refreshments were served.
Remarkable Cure of Croup.
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It Is estimated that in London
per cont of the days are wet.
The skin of the otter is capable of
manipulation, which makes It extreme
ly difficult to detect it from that of
the seal.
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Nov. 2, 1914.
Miss Katherlne Sherry spent from
Friday until Sunday with relatives at
Wm. Thomas' and wife visited rela
tives at Danville, Sunday.
Earl Workman, who is attending
school at Athens, came Friday to 'pend
a few days with his parents, M. M.
Workman and wife.
Jesse Eenner and wife and son,
Doyle, were entertained at the home
of Frank McNlcol, near Samantha,
Chas. Workman and wife and baby
spent Suuday with his brother, Man
fold, at Danville,
Emmet Hastings, of MIddletown,
was the guest of his parents, Wm.
Hastings and wife, ifromJFrlday until
Elma Shaffer and wife and Charles
Stubbsand wife and children were
entertained Sunday at the home of
Thos. Shaffer, In Lynchburg.
Calvin Stroup and wife and Callle
Badgley, of Dodsonvllle, spent Wednes
day at the Sherry home.
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Letters sealed with white of egg
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m i i
Crawford What do you do when
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Crabslmw Find out first what she
has mado up hor mind to do. Judge.
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if-'f-'p, TiTlTICr1
"JLACA a XI lii-
Nov. 2, 1914.
Walter Tedrlck and family, of Dod
sonvllle, were guests of Gus Calley
and wife. Sunday.
Nathaniel Wilkin and wife and
daughter, of Hoaglands Crossing,
spent Saturday with B. F. Cochran
and daughter, Ethel.
D. W. Brown and family visited
relatives at Buford, Sunday.
Quite a number from here attended
the funeral of Alvln Ktrkhart, near
South Liberty, Sunday afternoon.
George Pugh and wife and Walter
Lemon and wife and little daughter,
Norma, of Hlllsboro, spent Sunday
with L. C. Stock well and family.
Floyd Roush and little son, of Cin
cinnati, are the guests of his parents,
John Roush and wife.
Elmont Donohoo moved to a farm
near Hlllsboro last week and Wm.
Smith to the Settle farm vacated by
Born to Curtis Lelnlnger and wife
on Oct. 29, a son.
C. A. Wood and family visited rela
tives in Lynchburg Sunday.
About twenty friends and relatives
from Batavla came up In an automo
bile truck Wednesday and spent the
day with Mrs. Ellzaboth Knauer and
The social given at the school house
by the teachers and pupils Friday
night was well attended and much
enjoyed. About five dollars was real
ized from the refreshments.
The first number of the lecture
course was held last Thursday evening
and the musical entertainment by
Prof. Conover, of Mason, was well re
ceived and a large crowd was out to
hear him. The next number of the
course will be announced in a short
(Br E. O. SELLEHS, Acting Director Sun
day School Ourae, Moody Bible Insti
tute, Chicago)
(World's Temperance Lesson.)
I.HSSON TEXT-Gal 6:1-10.
GOLDEN TEXT Whatsoever a man
soweth, that shall he also reap. Gal. 6:7,
Nowhere do the Scriptures excuBO
men from the results of their own
sins. The effects of sins, and of bless
Ings alike, are unto the succeeding
generations. France Is still paying In
the physical realm the cost of Na
poleon's ambition. Europe will have
a greater debt to pay biologically than
any which will be charged against Its
exchequers as the result of this In
human and uncalled-for war.
I. Those Who Trespass, vv. 1-5.
Jesus plainly Instructs us that "tres
passes must needs come." Our prob
lem Is (a) to avoid being the tres
passer and (b) the manner of our con
duct towards thosewho do trespass.
In this lesson the second question Is
treated first. Though a man be over
taken in the very BCt of trespassing,
those who are taught and governed by
the Holy Spirit (see chapter 5:16-25)
are to prove to the world by their
conduct that they are thus taught and
governed. They are to "restore such
an one," considering at the same time
themsolves lest they, too, stumble. To
restore Is to replace, "to reduce a frac
ture," to put a member of the body
Into Its proper place. Every believer
Is a member of the body of which
Christ is the head I Cor. 12:12, 14, 27
and one who falls (stumbles) Into sin
is a member out of place.
Man's Duty to Man.
The first step Is to help our erring
brother to bear hiB burdens (weights)
of temptation, weakness, failure and
sin, and In so doing we "fulfill the law
of Christ," Ch. 5:14; John 13:34; Rom
15:3. Jesus Christ not only gave us
this law, but he also lived it as well,
Phil. 2:5-8. The true dlBciple, who is
really trying to help his brother bear
his burden, does so with the conscious
ness not of his own rectitude, but rath
er that through the grace of God he
has been kept from a like fate. Other
wise the man who "thlnketh himsell
to be something" deceives himself, and
no one else. God knows, so does the
one whom we seek to help, If we are
animated by spiritual pride and boast
fulness. This la a measuring line
whereby we may judge ourselves
(v. 4). Pride and criticism of others
largely comes from a desire to glory
In ourselves, not so much that we
condemn the acts of our neighbor. In
verse three wo are admonished to bear
the burdens "weights" of others. In
verse flvo wo are told that every man
must bear his own burden "load," I
e., the burden of his own responsi
bility. No man can bear that load
for another, whereas all men can share
the "weights" of temptation, weak
ness, failure and sin.
III. Those Who Are Taught, vv. 6-10.
Paul clearly sets before us the re-
BPnsiu"lty of being enlightened. Being
taucht. we must nass on the knowl
edge we have been taught, uhare the
"good things" (v. 6) we. have .re
ceived, see Prov. 11:24; II Cor. 9";G.
Those who refrain, from thus aiding
thefr teachers gain no personal ad
vantage. The word "mocked" means
to sneer. Men may sneer at God and
think they escape the result of their
sin, but like still produces like. Sow
corn, reap corn; figs, reap figs; sin,
reap sin; Rom. 8:5, 6. In spite of the
"contempt men have for God and in
the face of their acceptance of this
principle in other realms they con
tinue In their sin with a strange fa
talistic persistence.
Habits Bless or Curse.
This principle has a wide applica
tion. Sow shame, reap dishonor; sow
hate, reap bitterness; sow love, reap
i the fruits of love, kindliness, affection
1 and esteem. Every act Is a process of t
sowing. Every appetite fostered, grati
fied and pampered helps to produce
a crop of habits either to bless or to
I curse. This gives color and slgnlfl-1
cance to the words of verse eight. "He .
that soweth to his own flesh shall of I
I (his own) the flesh reap corruption."
i If, however, under the leading of the ,
Holy Spirit (cf. John 6:63; II Cor. 3:6)
we bow to the Spirit, we will reap
eternal me lur hub m tjtemiu mo
that we may know him."
Sow a thought, reap an act;
Bow an act, reap a hab.lt ;
Bow a habit, reap a destiny.
The practical application Is In versa
nine. If there are such possibilities of
development, "let us not weary of well
doing." Our sowing is not a matter of
caprice or convenience. Nor should we,
through weariness, cease our activity.
The temperance application Is all
too plain. We must constantly sow In
the minds of the youth the "reaping1
of the flesh" for thoBe who cultivate a
taBte for .liquor. We must sow in the
minds of taxpayers the criminal waste
and folly of trying to regulate thla
traffic or seeking to tax it for the sup
port of governments. We must sow
In the minds of those poor souls now
In the clutch of this damnable eVU
that there Is a way of deliverance
the way of the Cross, a permanent and
complete cure for the one who haa
gone the farthest or sunk the deepeatl'
JL ., .
In sin.
November 2, 1014
Mrs Arthur Fawley spent several
days last week with her mother, Mrs
Overman, of Morrow.
Ina Welbley spent Friday night
with Loyd Fettro.
Earl and Rodney Burton spent Sat
urday night and Sunday with J. W.
Burton and wife, of L.wichburg.
Morella Hopkins spentSatuiday and
Sunday with Elsie Achor, of near
Several from tills place attended
the Klruhart Sale.
Miss Byrda Macldox, of Hlllsboro,
spent from Saturday until Monday
wlih F. L Crosen and family.
Will Hatcher and wife and son. Ar
thur, were Sunday guests of Clarence
Kler ard family.
Mr. and Mrs Steward Burton and
son, Marvin, spent Sunday with his
brother Frank and family.
Arthur Hatcher and wife, Ben
Vance and family, Earl Hatcher and
brother Paul, spent Sunday with rel
atives at Leesburg.
F. L. Crosen and family and Byrda
Maddox, of Hlllsboro, spent Sunday
with Arthur Fawley and wife.
Rev. Collins and wife spent Mon
day with John McCrelght and wife.
Frank Vanpelt and wife, of Col.,
spent Sunday with II. N. Frost and
Taylor Hlxson and wife and M. G.
Fenner and wife, of Lnchburg, spent
Sunday with Harry Fenner and wife.
Arthur Hatcher and wlf.j are mov
ing to their home near Danville.
Hundreds of imitations have come
and none since Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound began 40 years ago to
loosen thtlgrip of coughs and cold.'.
You can not get a substitute to do for
you what Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pound will do for coughs, colds, croup,
bronchial affections, lagrlppe coughs
and tickling throat. Buy it of your
druggist and feel safe.
adv Garrett & Avkks.
November 2, 1914.
Mrs. Ella Chaney Is a guest at the
home of Grover McCoy.
Roy Miller will lead prayer meeting
at Prospect Wednesday night
Friends from Dayton, Xenla, Sink
ing Spring, Hlllsboro ana other dis
tant cities came here to attend the
funeral of Burch Mendenhall last
Miss Amelia Richards was here Sun
day. Mrs. E. E. West spent Tuesday with
relatives in Hillboro.
.November 2, 1914.
Miss Faith Sams spent Monday
niuht with her brother, Jno. Sams
and family.
Mrs. Jennie Free called on her
mother, Mrs II. N. Head, Saturday
Miss Clara Lowraan spent Sunday
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jno.
Lowman, of Harriett,
Merrill Waddell and family were
guests of Mr and Mrs Floyd Stethem
Mr. and Mrs Samuel McCoy and
children were pleasantly entertained
at the home of Cljde Barrett and
family of Marshall recently.
Misses Maude Simpson and Jennie
Washburn called on Ruth Henry Sun
day afternoon.
Lee Lelbrock and family spent Sat
urday evenln with Jno. Sams and
Master Harold Free spent Saturday
with ids grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
II. N. Head.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Henry spent
Sunday with the latter's brother,
Leslie Miller and family, of Rains
boro. Caleb Butters, of Washington C. H.,
is visiting at the home of H. N. Head
and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Sams took dinner
with Jas. Butler and family, of Sink
ing Spring Sunday.
Miss Elizabeth Free, Mrs. Jno.
Free and children called on Mrs.
Kate Renoe Sunday afternoon.
Jno. Bobb and family, of Marshall
spent Sunday with home folks.
II. N. Head made a business trip to
Hlllsboro Monday.
Foley Cathartic Tablets.
Are wholesome, thoroughly cleans
ing, and have a stimulating effect on
the stomach, liver and bowels. Regu
late you with no griping- and no un
pleasant after effects. Stout people
find they give immense relief and com
fort. Antl-Blllous.
adv Garrett & Ayres.
There are still large areas In Panama
that are unexplored and unknown.
"Shall I announce that I am in the
race for Congress ?"
.,";, '" '",.
truth merely to state that you are a
candidate, my boy." Kansas City

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