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One Year (In Advance) $1-00
fcix Months 50
hree Months 25
Entered at Post Otllce, Hillsboro,
What Temperance People Should Do.
The suggestion by temperance leaders to submit again next
year the proposition of state wide prohibition is foolish. The over
whelming defeat of the question this year shows that the people of
Ohio are not ready for it. To resubmit it next year would mean
certain defeat. It would also mean a lot of hard work, the expen
diture of a lot of money and no advance in the temperance move
ment. We also believe that until there is a change of sentiment in
the larger cities that state wide prohibition would be a mistake in
Ohio. As long as the people of Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo and
Dayton are so overwhelmingly in favor of the saloon it would be
farcical to attempt to enforce prohibitory laws in these places.
The sensible thing for the temperance people to do is to sub
mit next year a constitutional amendment making the county the
unit in local option contests, that is restoring County Local Option.
This we believe can be carried, if not linked with state wide pro
hibition. If only the question of county local option is submitted
the cities will not make the strong fight they did in the recent elec
tion. The cry can not be raised about the confiscation of property,
raising taxes and throwing people out of work. The people resid
ing in the large cities will not feel that there is any danger that
they will be interferred with and will therefore not give the huge
majorities against the proposal which were rolled up inthese places
at the election last week.
If the temperance people want to secure results the thing for
them to do is to make their next fight for county local option. If
they want to make a sensational campaign and suffer defeat the
thing for them to do is to again submit the proposal for state wide
Waste or' Public Money.
During the campaign just closed one of the issues was the ex
travagance of public officials and the waste of public money. It
nearly always happens that during the campaigns promises of econo
my in the administrations of public affairs are made but it is seldom
that anything is done to carry out the promises by the candidates
A large amount of public money is wasted each year, legally
wasted. Laws have been passed which require the expenditure of
large sums each year which in no way benefit the general public.
We have decided to point out to our readers some of the ways
in which the public money is wasted. In doing this we will proba
bly offend a number of people who profit from this needless expen
diture of the taxpayers money. That no one can think we are doing
this because of ill will towards these people we will first call atten
tion to a waste of money from which we, as newspapermen, have
often benefited.
By law the county commissioners are required to publish each
year in two county newspapers an itemized account of their expen
ditures. The publication of this report costs the people of Highland
county from 425 to $450. This money in our opinion is absolutely
thrown away. It is not full enough to show whether the money
"was well spent. It is set in small type and the items are numerous.
"We doubt if anyone reads the report. The purpose in publishing
the report is to keep the people advised as to how their money is
spent, but we do not believe that anydne even if he studies it
can tell.
The county treasurer is also required to publish each year for
six weeks in two newspapers in the county the "Rates of Taxa
tion,," The publication will be found in another column. It costs
the county for the two papers from $450 to $475. We are not in
favor of entirely doing away with this publication but the form is
entirely wrong. If it is published at all only the total rate in each
township should be given and only for one week instead of six.
This could be done for $25.
Twice each year the probate jndge appoints two men to examine
the county treasury. They are paid $5 a day and it takes them at
least two days to make the examination. Their examinations are
simply formal, the treasurer and deputy really making out their
reports. The reports are published in two newspapers of opposite
politics and costs each year about $100. Here is $140 absolutely
thrown away.
The expense of these three publications cost the people of High
land county each year about $1000 and no one benefits from them
except the newspapers. All of the expenditures are legal, in fact
required by law.
There can be but one reason why the laws were passed and
that was to throw a sop to the newspapers of the state and cause
them to use their efforts to elect candidates of their party to office.
The only reason the laws requiring these publications are not re
pealed is because the members of the legislature are afraid of
incurring the enmity and opposition of the newspapers, which ai'e
looking for this easy money. The taxpayers of Highland county
give the newspapers of the county, without receiving any benefit,
at least $1000 and in the eighty eight counties it means a waste of
at least $125,000.
As long as these reports must be published, we of course are
anxious and glad to jjet the easy money which comes from publish
ing them, but the laws should be repealed.
You will never get into trouble by keeping your mouth shut.
There is never a silent partner
Most of us are not overburdened with brains, but
trouble is that we don't use what little we have.
While we are in full accord
permen in selecting the News-Herald as one of the fifty two best
country newspapers in the United States, we are afraid there will
be a person here and there who
Editor and Manager
Ohio, as Second Glass Mattor.
Made Known on Application,
in a matrimonial partnership.
with the decision of the newspa
will think the decision wrong.
After a careful study of the election returns we have secured
the impression that some of the people in Cincinnati can not bo said
to favor state wide prohibition.
Please bear in mind when you speak of the Progressive Party
that you should always speak kindly of the dead and the critically
ill, and the Progressive Party is at least critically ill.
One of our kind friends told us the other day that he had heard
that the trouble with the Bull Moosers on election day was that they
had been quarantined because they were suffering with the foot
and mouth disease and we don't know but what there may be some
thing to the mouth disease part
Nov. 0, 1014.
Miss Lvdla Conn, of Washington, O.
II., spent last week with her cousin,
Mrs, O. A. Lemon and attended the
funeral of her uncle T. R Vaece.
Otto Faw ey and family, of Belfast,
were the guests of relatives here last
U Noftsger has sold his farm and
he and his lamlly will move to Hills
boro, this full.
Mrs. G W Carr has returned from
a visit with relatives at Portsmouth.
G. H. McConnaughey and wife spent
Sunday with Frank Orebaugh and
family, at bhackelton.
Verd Sonner, of Point Victory,
called on lien Morton and family Sat
urday. '
Stella Garen entertained her mother
Mis. Caplinger, of near Sngartree
Riige, last week.
Joseph Strain and wife, of Lumber
ton, spent Sunday with the laiter's
parents, I T. Vance and wife.
Miss Elsie Mu hi bach visited her
sister, Mrs. E. E. Austin, at New
Vienna, the past week.
D E McFadden, of Alton, III., and
Mrs Willis McFadden, of Sardinia,
were guests of G. L McClintock and
sister, Anna, last week. John Dick
and family, of Marshall, Were their
guests Monday
Isaac Stanforth and daughter, of
Willettsvllle, spent a couple of days at
their home here last week.
Chas. Tlce and family are moving to
a farm near Uuford, Harry Ilolden
and family will move to the Tlce farm.
Pence's Shredder, of Tile Junction,
and Smith's Shredder, of Danville, is
in this neighborhood this week.
Mrs. C. A. Lemon spent Sunday with
J. O. Vance and family, at Hillsboro.
Jennie Wood and .two children, of
Danville, were guests at the Harsh
birger home recently.
Mrs. F. L. Lemon, of Hillsboro,
spent several days with J. B. Van
Winkle and family.
Tom Custer and daughter, of Illinois,
were guests of L. B. Custer and family
last week.
Hazel Carrier spent Sunday with
Amy Lemon,
Forest Emery and wife had as their
guests Sunday, Burton Vance and
wife, Homer Sanders, wife and daugh
ter, Helen, of Harrlsburg, and John
Eyler and family.
L. B. Custer Is sick.
Mrs. Ambsla Shelton, of near Bos
ton, spent Monday with her parents,
J. H. Holllngsworth and wife.
This community was shocked to
hear of the death of T. R. Vance,
which occurred at his home last Wed
nesday morning after a short illness
with gall stones. Funeral services
were held at the Baptist church here
Thursday afternoon, conducted by
Rev. J. II. Holllngsworth, interment
In Baptist cemetery.
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November 0, 1914.
Rev. Spurrier is holding a series of
meetings at this place.
Stewart Burton, wife and son, Mar
vin, spent several days visiting rela
tives near St. Martins?
Clarence Kler and family spent Sun
day with Clarence Walker and wife.
of Westboro.
John Pond and wife are visiting H.
M. Frost and Wife this week.
Frank Sharp and family spent Sun
day with Stanley Frost and family.
Henry Frost and wife and Frank
Vanpelt spent Sunday with Sam Van.
pelt and wife, of Hillsboro.
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November 9, 10H
Wilsi.n Chmey spent Thursday
morning with George Prlne.
Clarence Patton, of neir Hillsboro,
was a caller here Monday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs Edgar Portd-, of near
Bainbridge, spent Saluidiy night aud
Sunda with the latter's parents,
Chas. Siinbio and wlfn
Leslie Motty, of biew Petersburg, is
spending a few days with his sister,
Mrs. Walter Powell,
i Mr. Oliver, of Hillsboro, spent last
Thursday night with Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph bp.lukie.
i Mrs Chas. Simbro and sons, Charles
Beam and Leslie, spent Wednesday
with her sister, Mrs. J. O. Harris, at
George Prlne and family called on
George Stubbs and family Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Robblns have
moved to their new home east of
Mrs. Walter Powell and Mabel
Powell' called on Mrs. Chas. Simbro
Tuesday afternoon.
The friends and neighbors of Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Willson gave them a
surprise Thursday night.
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and digestion, sleepsoundly and enjoy
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family system tonic. Price, $1. adv
There are 10 bridges formed by. na
ture in the United States. Their
formation is caused by the current of
streams running through rocks.
Nov. 9, 1914. I
Mrs. J. C. Taylor and son, of Mem
phis, spent Thursday with her brothi r,
D. M. Frye, and family. I
Mrs. E V. Barnfis, of Xenla IsvMt
ing her parents, Abe Mercer and wife, j
Mrs. Alta Wise and father, Hfnry,
Taylor, visited relatives at Lyncon
the latter part of the week. j
Harry Pommert and wife are rrovlng'
into Wm. .Taylor's property.
Miss Ruth Barnes, of Greenfield, is
visiting her slstprs MUs Ethel and '
Mrs. Chas. Hamilton. I
Anna Park and sous spent Sunday
with Frank Carter and wife. i
Mrs. Emma Gossard, of Frankfort,
and bpurgh lilaser and family were
entertained Sunday by R. E. Shivers
and wife.
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Nov. 0, 1014.
Mrs. J. J. Amen, of Cedar Rapids,
is tho gueit of her sister, Mrs. O, O.
The W C. T" TJ gave a temperance
program at the M. E. church, Sunday
Carl Phillips, wife and children, of
Boston, spent Saturday and Sunday
witli home folks.
Mrs. Dora Tolle and children have
returned home after an extended visit
with relatives at Blanchester.
Mrs. Elva Cartwrlght took dinner
with Mrs Dora Butler, Friday.
Miss Martha Eylar, of Hillsboro
spent Sunday with home folks.
Gordon McClure Is the guest of his
mother, Mrs. Jane McClure.
Mrs Frank Ayers and Miss Bertie
Johnson were business visitors at
Bainbridfce, Friday.
John Thompson and family hae
moved Into their property recently
vacated by James Rhoadi.
Mrs. Irene RiiusUb aud Miss Cjrolyne
Fry bpent a few da& last week with
relatives at Norwood and Cincinnati.
Miss Mabel Kuiiei lecently started
for North Dakota.
Dr. Mason and wife, James Sams
aud wife and Elmer Cameron aud fam
ily, of Mar hall, spent Sunday with
James Butle and wife.
j James RhoaJ nnd iifi- recently
moved in witli Mrs. Mahloi Fry.
Miss Mary Butler, of R ..ibrldge, is
' visiting relatives here.
Mrs Saloraa Rhoads took dinner
with Mrs Jennie Porter Friday.
T. C. Weaver and wife spent a few
days last week with their daughter,
Mrs. Faris Cu minings, at Marshall.
I Mrs. Johif Tolle, living east of town,
spent Friday with Mrs Dora Tolle.
Mrs. Hannah MclCeehan has been
very ill.
Miss Bertie Johnson called on Miss
Ocie Porter, Thursday evening
Mrs. Harley Nace and son, of Pike
ton, are visiting relatives here
Prayer meeting at the M E church
every Wednesday evening. All are
Henry Smith, wife and children, of
Locust Grove, spent a una ay witli
James Rhoads and wife.
Mrs Mary Foster spent Sunday w th
r ilathes at Nacevllle.
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Nov. 0, 1014.
n. A. Pence and wife spent Sunday
at Frank Tedrlck's.
Number in Sunday School Sunday
was 05; offering 31 51.
Mrs. Francis Ludwlck and daugh
ter, Miss Flora, visited at Jesse Welb
ley's, Sunday
Warren Hayes and wife, of Lynch
burg, called on Mrs. Elizabeth Hand-,
ley, Wednesday.
Mrs. John Webster is sick.
Misses Isma Farls, Hazel and Ethel
Shaffer and Emma Burton attended
the show In Hillsboro, Thursday night.
Lewis Shaffer and family, Mrs.
Hand ley and Mrs Burton attended
the lecture at Allensburg, Saturday,
Mrs. Mary Brulport. of Kayettevllle,
visited here the past we-k.
Mrs Dora McDaniel aent the past
week with Joe Frost avl famlly-
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Nov. 0 1914.
John Dulllxld, aged 48 years, died at
his home .ast Tuesday after a long Ill
ness with cancer. Funt'tal services
was held a the house Th irsdaylmorn
lng at Hi o'clock and tne body was
taken to Good Hope for Interment.
Ira Kline and family moved to Upper
Fall Creek last week and on Monday
night 43 of the neighbors went in and
give them a complete surprise. The
evening was spurn in music A most
enjoyable time was had.
W. W. Wolfe and wife and Wm.
Rowe and wife attended the funeral
of Mrs. Ellzaketh Carson, at Lees
burg, last week.
Stanley Stevens and wife commenced
housekeeping last week in their now
home ariu a nu mber of friends gathered
in and gave them an old fashioned
Mrs Martha Wolfe and Mrs. Eliza-
Lbeth Johnson, were guests of W W.
Wolfe last week.
John Miller and wife, of Pleasant
View, recently visited at the home of
John Turner and sister.
Wm. Hamilton and wife and two
children were guests of the latter's
mother, Mrs. Ford, near Careytown,
Jas. Rittenhouse and family took
dinner Sunday at the home of Vernon
J. S Lovett and wife spent Sunday
with Hamer Lyle and wife.
Wm Rowe and wife spent Sunday
with Frank Adams and wife, at Rains
Vernon Hammond and Clarence
Turner spent Saturday with the lat
ter's aunt, Mrs Whorley, at Greenfield
The Ladles Aid of the Presbyterian
church at New Petersburg will give an
oyster supper and a bazaar on Nov. 20,
Thanksgiving eve. Everybody invited.
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