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November 0, 1014
W. C. T U. will meet Thursday,
Nov. 19, at-2 p. m. with Mrs. Puckett
Mrs. Pulse, who has made her home
with her daughter, Mrs. Grove, all
summer, has gone tostay with another
daughter at Rainsboro while Mrs
Groves makes an extended visit at
John Dutton, of Columbus, visited
his brother, Lem Dutton and family a
few days last week.
A family dinner in honor of Mr.
Fulkerson's 79 birthday was partici
pated in by thirty-seven people, fifteen
of whom were the grandchildren of
the host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs.
Fulkerson, sr. Among the guests was
a brother, P. L. Fulkerson, born Nov.
8, 1838, and who served four years in
the war of the Rebellion as a member
of the 22nd Ohio Infantry.
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November 9, 1914.
Charley Hunter spent last Monday
and Tuesday with
Ray Stultz, near
Serpent Mound.
John Everts and family, of Har
riett, James Greenfield and family,
Starling Vauzant and family. Mrs.
John Boyd and Mrs. Laura Puckott
were entertained Tuesday by Harley
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Suiters and family.
Fenton Kesler and family, of Rains
b ro. and Hampton Kesler and family,
of 1 1 niott, spent Tuesday with Ben
ton Kfsler and wife.
Clajion Creed and wife and Mrs.
A llle McConnaughey took dinner on
Tuesday with James Creed and fam
ily .
Rev B. E. Wright and wife, of
Marathon, spent a few days last week
with s m. Elliott and wife.
Mrs. O. H. Shropeand baby, of Col
umbus. spent from Wednesday until
Saturday with relatives here.
Mack Knelsley, of New London,
spent Saturday night with Ulyde Bar
rett and family.
Mrs. F M. Main and son, Roy, were
the guests of Lewis Cameron and
family, of New Petersburg, Sunday.
Harry Wright and family, Frank
Elliott and family and Mack Knelsley
of New London, spent Sunday with
M. F. Knelsley and family, of Cyn
thiana. Clarence Cowglll and family, of
Strlngtown, spent Sunday with Mrs.
R. L Watts and family.
The sick are Qulnton Dick, Mrs. L,
T. Dick and Miss Elva Spruance.
Elgar Burpette, of Dayton, came
Saturday to spend the winter with
Mrs Ella Burnette.
Remarkable Cure of Croup.
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The ants in South America have
been known to construct a tunne'
three miles in length.
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Nov..9, 1914.
Mrs. Mary Ludwlg and daughter,
Florence, spent Sunday with her sls;
ter, Mrs. Turner Hart, of Fairvlew.
J. W. Tuornburg and family enter
tained at dinner Sunday: Cy Chaney
and family and Pearce Shatler, wife
and son, Sam, of Littleton.
Dock ShalTer and family spent Sun
day with Noah Shaller and family.
Mrs. Will Stuart ami daughter,
Mildred, of Monteiey, spent Saturday
night and Sunday with her parents,
H. P. Chaney and wife.
George Chaney took dinner with
Oliver Ludwlck, Sunday.
Mrs. Ellis Wilkin, of IShackelton,
spent a few days last week with home
Miss Daisys Carpenter took dinner
with Mrs. Daisy FoulerDSunday.
Misses Leona Stroup and Georgle
Henderson, of DodsonvIlle,S!spent Sat
urday night and Sunday with Carey
Henderson and wife.
Mrs. WUHard Calley spent one day
last week with Mrs. Alva Klrkhart,
of South Liberty.
Nov. 9, 1914.
Chas. Bridges and wife, of Winches
ter, spent last Saturday with L. n.
Rev. 0, 1). Ralsch began a series of
meetings li jt Thursday night at Louis
ville. '
Miss Edna Gimplvll returned home
last Wednesday after a two weeks
visu wiui irieuuj uens. 1
The momhors t the L. A. S. were,
en'ertalned last Thursday afternoon j
by Mrs V. 3. nalgh.
Mra M. J fluinmings returned homo
);wt Friday after .1 short visit with her
Cmsl ter, firs, A V Wlhurn.
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Household Guest
Miss Letha Redkey, who has been
spending the past several weeks at the
home of J. A. Gllraore, returned home
last Wednesday.
Fred Coffrnan anduwlfe, of near
Washington, spent a few days last
week with M. A. Garrett and wife.
J. A. GUmore and wife and Mrs. Geo.
Uraphlet spent Friday in Ilillsboro.
Mrs. LoulseCalvert and daughter,
Miss Vlargaret, spent last Monday with
her son, Sam, near Carlisle Spring.
Miss Jennie Evans, of near Barnes
ville, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Wash
Misses Mary, Anna and Ruby Custer
of New Market, called on their sister,
Miss Ruth Custer, Sunday.
John West and wife and son, Joseph,
and C. T. Mullenix and son. Harrison,
took dinner at the home of J. A. Gil
more last Tuesday.
T, C. Mullenix spent a fewldays the
past week with his daughter, Mrs. J.
A. GUmore.
W. S. Halgh and wife spent Friday
and Saturday with the latter's sister,
Mrs. Hill, of Careytown.
BUlie Williams has moved from Dr.
Roberd's farm to Edgar Roberd's farm
near HUlsboro.
i Despondency Due to Indigestion.
It is not at all surprising that per
sons who have indigestion become dis
couraged and despondent. Here are a
few words of hope and cheer for them
by Mrs. Blanche Bowers, Indiana, Pa.
I'lfnr vars mv llll'flqnnn was sin nnnr
j U)at r cou,d onIy eat the Rhtest foods
j tr,ed everything that I heard of to
g(jt re)lef) but nQt untU about ft year
ago when I saw Chamberlain's Tablets
advertised and got a bottlo of them, I
did 1 And the right treatment. I soon
began to improve, and since taking at
few bottles of them my digestion is
floe." For sale by All Dealers, adv
(By B. O. SELLERS, Acting Director Pun
day School Course, Moody Bible Insti
tute, Chicago.)
LESSON TEXT Mark 14:27-31, 63, 61, 66
72. GOLDHN T,nXT Let lilm that thlnketh
he standeth take heed lest he fall. I Cor
The record of Peter's failure is a
lad. story. Mark, who received his
Gospel from Peter, gives It in clear
outline. This suggests that Peter did
not spare himself.
I. After Passover Feast, vv. 27-31.
On the way to Olivet Jesus warns the
disciples that all would be "offended"
(caused to stumble) because of what
was about to occur. Not one escaped,
Matt. 26:56, Zech, 13.7. Peter, assured
In his own mind, denies that this
should be true of him, so confident
was he of himself and of his devotion.
Over against this warning Jesus
sounds the note of his resurrection,
and It was chiefly in their Inability
to catch, or comprehend this note, that
they stumbled. Particularly is this
true of Peter. That Jesus could found
a church on the vulgar tragedy of a
criminal's death was beyond the range
of his understanding. This self-confidence
was the beginning of his fall,
Prov. 16:18. It is pride like this
which men have In their own strength,
that is the chief reason why they are
not saved. If they are able to care
for themselves, why do they need the
help of another?
Peter's Denials.
Peter trusted his own heart. A man
is a fool who will trust siich a deceitful
member, Jer. 17:9, Prov. 28:26.
Peter's loud profession Is answered by
a definite prophecy of his utter fail
ure, v. 30. "Before the cock shall
crow twice, thou shall deny me
thrice." Again Peter contradicts the
Lord, "I will not deny thee." Peter's
later denial of the person of Jesus In
the judgment hall is prefaced by a
denial of his master's assertions on
the way thither. He had to learn wis
dom and humility In the bitter school
of experience. Peter is quite like us
all, but he did learn and profited there
by (I Peter 5:5), which cannot be
said of all of us.
II. Following Afar Off, vv. 53, 54.
Peter "followed afar" into the court
of the high prieBt's palace. We have
suggested (Lesson of Nov. 1st) that
zeal and affection prompted Peter, yet
he was expressly forbidden and fore
warned, John 13:36-38. Some one has
said that the development of Peter's
weakness began in the garden when
he ceaBed to pray. That courtyard
and Us brazier of coals was a danger
ous place for any disciple of the Lord.
The servants and soldiers of the pow
ers against Christ were congregated
about that first. It is never safe to
warm oneself at the enemies' fire
though we see It constantly being
done, Matt. 6:13: Ps. 1:1.
III. "I Know Not This Man," vv. 66
72. While at the fire, a serving maid
looking at Peter said, "Thou also wast
with the Nazarne, even Jesus" Im
mediately and without any seeming
hesitancy Peter denied, and declared
his ignorance both of the man and of
understanding what Bhe said. Peter
did not sympathize with what was be
ing done to Jesus, biit at heart he was
not bravo enough to separate hlm
celf from the enemies of Jesua thereby
to draw upon himself some sort of
censure or condemnation. Thus con
forming to the world about him made
It easy for Peter to utter his first
note of denial. Having done so he
passed on into tho porch and heard
the first crowing of the cock. The
apparent contradiction between Mark
and the other writers over the ques
tion of the number of maids seems
to be solved by John 18:25, where
reference is made to several who
spoke at the same time. Doubtless
the words of the first maid are re
enforced by those of another on the
second occasion; they both brought an
accusation against htm.
Speech Betrayed Peter.
This second maid addressing the
onlooking spectators said, "This is one
of them," and again Peter denies the
accusation. He had escaped one pre
dicament only to be plunged Into an
other and perhaps more dangerous
one. To deny afresh seemed to be
the only way of escape, James 4:4; I
Cor. 15:32 R. V. A few words of a
serving maid filled Peter with dis
may but a second denial did not de
liver him from his predicament. After
a little those standing with him de
clared ho must bo one of the follow
ers of Jesus, for his speech betrayed
him to be a Galilean. Then Peter
touched the bottom, for he accom
panies his denial with curses.
From his high and exalted state of
mind, his high hopes as to Jesus, he
sees himself a traitor and Jesus about
to be crushed by the hand of man.
Peter was passionately devoted to
Jesus and had felt that he could go
with htm to the limit. Once before
at Caesarea-Phllippl Peter had been
warned. He had been mystified by
what Jesus said about the cross and
hafl protested- He had hlgh and nob,e
aspirations but they carried him be-
yond the limits or his permission into
danger and defeat.
, e l8 aly' V10 gr?Te8t ,seI
In ambition that Is not controlled.
Nov. 9, 1914.
Mrs. Srofe Is with liersoa, Dr.Srofe,
at Leesburg, for an extendei visit.
The W. C. T. U. met at the home of
Mrs. II. N. Elenderson Tuesday after
noon. J. A. McAdow was the guest of
Chas. Richards and wife, at Ilillsboro,
over Sunday.
Mlsslli.'il Galllett, of Covington,
Ky , was with her parents Sunday.
J A. Bobblttand wife entertained
friends from Cincinnati over Sunday.
Misses Bessie Hunter and Leone
Pilster visited friends in Ilillsboro two
djjs last week.
Mrs. Wid. Rehymer and children, of
New Vienna, with several other rela
tives, assisted In celebrating the birth
day anniversary of Mrs. Anna Kellis,
Wm. Dumenil entertained anumbor
of the young people at his home east
of town, Friday evening.
Mrs. Garner and daughter, Mrs. G.
T. DeLaney, are In Cincinnati.
Mrs. J as. Kesslnger and son, of Cin
cinnati, are visiting George Kessinger
and wife
Chas. Morrow and family were guests
of Chas. Roser and family, of near
Leesburg, over Sunday.
Misses Hazel McCann, Madelon
Montgomery, Mae and Florence Pick
erel shopped in Cincinnati Friday.
Mrs. Caroline Kleckner and daugh
ter, Mrs. Bertha Linton, left last week
for Carrollton, III., to spend the winter
with her daughter. Mrs. Rafferty.
Harley Tedrlck and family moved to
Plain City last week where he will be
engaged in the Hardware business
Mayor Ruble and wife were guests
or lier brother, Mr. Barrett, at Leeh-
burg, over Sunday.
Mrs Delia Wiggins is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Harry Hale, and faml-
ly, at Wilmington.
John Bering and wife, of Covington,
Ky., were guests of Mrs. Sadie Cleve
land, from Friday until Monday.
Miss Manetta Kellis, of Columbus,
was with tier mother, Mrs. Anna Kel
lis, Sunday.
Miss Armacost, of Hyde Park, is
visiting Miss Lltta Reeves.
A daughter was born toLanta Kirk
hart and wife, Tuesday, Nov 3.
W. A. Saylor and wife were in
Cincinnati Friday.
Russ Simpson and wife were guests
of her parents, Tom Lafferty and wife,
of Fayetteville, over Sunday.
G. T. DeLaney was a business visitor
at Lima Wednesday.
Miss Delia Thornburg left Friday
St. Petersburg, Fla., for the winter.
Dan Murphy and family returned to
their home In Bridgeport, III., Wednes
day. Gus Bering and Mrs. Win. Cleveland
and their guests, J. Bering and wife,
visited friends in Wilmington over
Mrs. Byron Carr, of Ilillsboro, spent
Saturday and Sunday with her son,
Everett, and wife.
Mrs. Sallle Pegan has moved Into
part of Mrs. LUzIe McKenzIe's proper
ty. Mrs. Lemons and family will
move into the house vacated by Mrs.
W. L. Stautner and family took din
ner with Frank Terrell and wife,
Those who attended the funeral of
Mr. Murphy from a distance were Dan
Murphy and family, of Bridgeport,
111 , Horace Murphy, of Delaware, Dr.
Murphy and son, John, of Greenfield,
Mrs. Lola Stanley, of HUlsboro, and
Mrs. Lacy, of Sablna.
Supt. Galllett, Prln. C. E. Haller and
Miss Ruth Anna Hadley attended the
Central Teachers Association at Co
lumbus, Friday and Saturday.
t-'or Every
Living Tiling On
Kree ; a 500j page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm ;" horses, cattle, dogs,
iaeep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetlnary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hantf
up. Free by mall on application. Adj
dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co.,
Corner Williams & Ann Sts. , N. Y. adv
- "Pa, how do you like my map of
Europe ? I drew It for the prize com
petition next week."
"It doesn't look much like the map
of Europe as I know it, my boy. But
who can say that it won't be all right
next week?" Pittsburg Post.
Hundreds of imitations have coma
and gone since Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound began 40 years ago to
loosen thelgrlp of coughs and colds.
You can not get a substitute to do for
you what Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pound will do for coughs, colds, croup,
bronchial affections, lagrlppe coughs
and tickllrig throat. Buy It of your
druggist and feel safe.
adv Gabiiett & Aykes.
France continues to give assurances
of unimpaired participation at the
Panama-Pacific International Exposl.
. t

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