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any Bcnooi course, Aiooay Hioie insti
tute, Chicago.)
LESSON TEXT-Luke 23:18-23. 6n also
Matt. 27:11-31.
OOLDEN TEXT Pilate salth unto
them. What then shall I do unto Jesus,
who la called ChrlstT-Matt. 27:22 R. V.
Tho falsa witnesses (Mark 11:55-59)
did not help to formulate charges
against Jesus. These rulers did, how
ever, make three accusations.' (Luke
23 :t$ (a) "PerVertlne the nation"
turning It to error; (b) "forbidding to
give tribute to Caesar" treason, (see
Matt 17:24-27); and (c) "that he
moketh himself Christ, a king"
e. g., hla Messianic claims. Pilate
(v. 14) seems to have dwelt upon tho
first as only worthy of consjderatlon.
I. Jesus and Pilate, vv. 13-19. This
Incident demands that we study care
fully all that the other gospel writers
have recorded. We have seen the ac
cusation recorded by Luke. Matthew
and Luke tell us of Pilate's question,
"Art thou the king of the Jews?" and
of the answer of Christ claiming that
he wa, Matthew records the silence
of Jesus to the accusations of the
chief priests and to Pilate at that
time. Luke gives us the account of
Pilate's perplexity, how Jesus was
sent to H6rod and of Pilate's Becond
report to the Jews. Matthew tells of
the offer Pilate made to release Barab
bas or Jesus and of the message from
Pilate's wife.
Trial a Mockery.
The trial before Annas and Calaphas
"was a "hollow mockery. The Sanhedfln
was fierce In its denunciation and to
add disgrace and to impress Pilate
that Jesus was dangerous, they led
him Into his presence. Pilate soon
eaw the emptiness of their charges,
and as we have suggested, dismissed
all save that of "perverting the na
tion." The Itoman government keenly
watched for Incipient rebellions. After
examination he declares, "I find no
fault In this man." He did not, how
ever, dare incur the hatred and vio
lence of a Jerusalem mob, and so he
temporizes. The fiercest light of crit
icism declares Jesus to be impeccable,
yet men temporize. After the dis
graceful and degrading treatment
Jesus, received before Herod, he again
Btands before Pilate, and this time he
Is again declared to be Innocent of the
charges preferred against him. .This
Is the turning jjoint of this; world's
greatest tragedy. Pilate should have
let him go, and would have had ho
not been a venal judge. "He who hesi
tates is lost," Is amply exemplified in
this case. Pilate wbb in a worse case
and one where it became less easy
to do right, whatever his inclinations
(Acts 3:13) may have been, by not
acting resolutely at this point It was
easy for this weak-willed man then to
yield to the determined wills of the
enemies of Jesus, v. 24 n. V. Pilate
found no fault In Jesus, neither did
Herod (v. 15), yet Pilate compromis
ingly says, "nothing worthy of death,"
hence the suggestion that he be chas
tised and released. This is typical of the
temporizing, compromising, fickle poli
ticians. These words at once sug
gested to the Jews a custom of hav
ing released unto them one whom they
chose at this .period of the year, and
tbey cried out, "Away with this man,
release unto us Barabbas." It was
thus that these, his accusers, repre
senting the nation, "denied the holy
and just, and desirable a murderer,"
Acts 3:14.
Pilate Tried to Save Christ.
II. Jesus and Barabbas, vv. 20-25.
Matthew adds to that iwful cry, when
Pilate has washed his hands in token
of lnnocency, "His blood be upon us"
(Matt. 27:25). Tho other writers
give us some suggestions as to who
Barabbas was, and makes this choice
more appajllng by way of contrast
III. The Teaching. This lesson la
Intended to center itself about Pilate.
In It we see the struggle between con
science and personal ambition. Pi
late was impressed by the words of
Christ. He told the priests and the
multitude that he found no fault In
him. It appears that up to a certain
point he tried to save Christ, and cer
tainly to the end he strove to avoid
the responsibility for his death. Sore
ly pressed be temporized and the
conversation recorded in John 18:33-38
shows how profoundly interested he
was in th(s prisoner before him.
Pilate knew whom he was dealing
-with as a politician, but did not know
this "man of Galilee." He ohose rath
er to be '"Caesar's friend" than to per
form a righteous act according to tho
dictates of his conscience, Pressed
by tho clamor of those whom he de
spised, he sacrificed hiB conscience
rather than inour their anger.
The golden text focuses the personal
application of this entire lesson.!
"What shall I do unto Jesus, which 1st
called Christ?'' As this question fellj
from tho lips of Pllata it was am
appeal, to those who had asked for'
Barabbas. "What then shall I dor' wai
an acknowledgment of defeat, an'
acquiescence to the will of the people,,
and a desire to shift the responsible
lty for the shedding of Innocent blood.,
.This is the question of all questions I
Which men have to face. Men .are 'it 111 I
following the course of Pflate, eMhrj
Uiey eeasent to hla crucluxhwi 'ojr, to
W'art)WBlflK. u '' ' I
IVI 5tf '
Some People We Know, And We i
Will Profit by Hearing
About Them.
Tills Is a purely local event
It took place In Hlllsboro.
Not in some faraway place.
You are asked to Investigate it.
Asked to believe a citizen's word.
To confirm a citizen's statement.
Any arl lcle that Is endorsed at home
Is more worthy of confidence
Than one j ou know nothing about.
Endorsed by unknown people.
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November 10, 1914.
A surprise party was given at the
home of Wm. Walker last Wednesday
nighl In honor of his Bon, Carey, the
occasion being his 15th birthday.
Miss Nettle Humphrey visited rela
tives near Sinking Spring the last few
Miss Janet Hamilton visited her
brother, William, last week.
Mrs. Susan Rlttenhouse, of Hllls
boro, was the guest of her daughter,
Mrs. Haraer Lyle, and her son, James
Rlttenhouse, last week.
Mrs. Delia Morrow spent last week
at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Inez Cowman, of near Greenfield.
Mrs. Stultz, of the Point, visited
her daughter, Mrs. Joseph Morrow,
W. W. Wolfe and family, Frank
Shoemaker and family and Mrs. Mar
tha Wolfe were among the guests
who attended the dinner at the home
of Charles Hatcher last Sunday.
Mrs. Thompkln, of Washington C.
H., visited her sister, Mrs. 0. M.
Stevens, last week.
J, S. Lovett and wife entertained
last Sunday Rev. Mllner and wife,
Mrs. Delia Morrow and grandson,
Nevll Falrley, and Joe Morrow and
wife and daughter, Lettie Lee,-
Miss Dorothy Clements, of Dallas,
was a guest of Miss Mary Stevens on
Mrs. Fcrd, of Careytown, visited
her daughter, Mrs Wm Hamilton,
last week.
Miss Madge Stevens spent Sunday
with Miss Helen Overman.
Remarkable Cure of Croup.
"Last winter when my little boy had
croup I got him a bottle of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. I honestly be
lieve It saved his life," writes Mrs. J.
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November 10, 1014.
R. O. Hull and wife, of Jessup,
spent Saturday night and Sunday at
the home of J. O. Larrick.
Mrs. John Link, of Hlllsboro, spent
the past week with John Prine and
Mrs. H. M. Igo, Mrs. J. O. Larrick,
Mrs. John Link and Mrs. John Prine
spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs.
Sara Hatcher.
George Caplinger and family enter
tained thirty-five of their friends and
neighbors Wednesday night They
left for their new home at "May Hill
Mrs. H. M. Igo and daughter, Miss
Ella, called on Mrs. John Prine Fri
day afternoon.
Mrs. T. R. Vance spent Saturday
and Sunday with Mrs. John Sanders.
Amos Igo and wife were guests of
their daughters at Mowrystown re
cently. Women Suffer Terribly From
Kidney Trouble.
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examination In agriculture be passed
before a teacher may abtaln his cer
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?la and constipation weakens the
whole system. Doan's Regulets (25o
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bowels. At all drug stores, adv
November 10, 1014.
Mrs. Roscoe G.iron spent Monday
with Jesse Bumgarner and family, of
Mrs J no. Free and children spent
Wednesdiy with lilfr parents, Mr and
Mrs. 11 N. Head.
Miss Alma Keelor visited her aunt,
Mrs. D. L. Holladay from Monday
until Tuesday.
Mrs. M.iry McOappla was the guest
of tier daughter, Mrs. John Samson
Geo Henry was called to Hoaglands
Saturday by tho Illness of his father,
John Henry.
D. T. Holladay and family spent
Sunday with O. K Keelor and famlty.
There will be an oyster supper at
the Carmel school house Saturday.
November 28 Everyone Invited
Homer Spargur, Mrs. M. W. Spar
Kur and son, Kenneth, and Lee Lei
brock and family called on Jno. Sams
and family Sunday afternoon.
Misses Grace McCoDDln and Ruth
Eubanks and Messrs. Robart, Ray and
Ben McCoppin attended the box sup
per at Olive Branch Saturday night
and stayed until Sunday with Man
fred Lawson and fami.y.
Miss Clara Lowman visited her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Lowman, of
Harriett, from Saturday until Sunday.
Mrs. J. L. Henry and son called on
Mrs. Ed. Roads, of Ralnsboro, on
Wednesday afternoon.
m m ti
Best Cough Medicine For Children.
"Three years ago when I was living
In Pittsburgh one of my children had
a hard cold and coughs dreadfully. Urj
on the advice of a druggist I purchased
a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Kerne
dy and It benefitted him at once. I
find It is the best cough medicine for
children because It is pleasant to take.
They do not object to taking it,"
writes Mrs. Laiayett Tuck, Homer
City, Pa. This remedy contains no
opium or other narcotic, and may be
eiven to a child as confidently as to an
adult. Sold by All Dealers. adv
November 10, 1014.
Frank Evans, of Independence,
Kan., was calling on ola friends here
the first of the week.
Mrs. Arthur Carey and daughter,
Mrs. Mortle Bailey, and two children,
of Samantha, spent Wednesday with
G. B. Garey and wife.
Amelia Richards, Gettle Chaney
and Cora Alice Hastings, of Berry
ville, spent Friday at Ova Creed's.
Elmer Ockerman and wife visited
her parents at Port William Saturday
and Sunday.
Theodore Ockerman, who has been
111 with typhoid fever for the ,past
three week, Is Improving.
Wm. Levi spent Sunday with his
sister, Mrs. Frank Hunter.
M. A. Chaney and family spent Sun
day with Jacob Chaney and family.
Howard Fisher and wife and baby,
B. C. Carey and wife and son, Her
bert, motored to Harrisburg Sunday
and spent the day with relatives.
Taylor Martin and wife and daugh
ter, Dora of New Vienna, spent Sun
day with Mrs. Mary Engle.
A number of friends and relatives
gathered at the home of O. N. Cary
Sunday with well filled baskets to re
mind Mrs. Carey of her birthday. It
was a complete surprise to both Mr.
and Mrs. Carey. All had a good time.
Declare War on Rheumatism.
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nothing more painful. Don't let it get
a hold, but at the first twinges take
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adv Gakkktt & Aykes.
November 10, 1014.
Miss Hazel Bryan, of Hoaglands,
spent Sunday with Mrs. Beekman.
Miss Jessie Mullenlx, of .Hlllsboro,
was here Sunday.
L. H. Mendenhall was In Hlllsboro
Mrs. R. B. West will lead prayer
meeting next Wednesday night.
Mr. and Mrs John Brown spent
Sunday with relatives west of Hllls
boro. Miss Ladora Ream is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Anderson, at Windsor.
Harry Mullenlx has moved to the
Sadie Hatcher farm, which he pur
chased recently.
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
For Croup.
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croupy cough, choking and gasping for
breath, labored by breathing, call for
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Nov. 10, 1014
Mrs. Lottie Robinson, of Pratrlo
Valley, spent Wednesday with Mrs.
S. R. Robinson and daughter, Ethel.
Ed Pence and family visited John
Klur and family, of near Prlcetown,
Mrs. Alva Overman spent Tuesday
with her friend, Miss Zelpha Pence, of
Tile Junction.
Tom Dillon, of Hlllsboro, was the
guest of his sister, Mrs. Herman Wil
kin, the past week
Gerald and Ralph Pence spent Sat
urday with their grandparents.
Mrs Robert Ilottle, Mrs. Frank
Orebauh, Mrs. Jacob McConnaughey,
Mrs. Herman Wilkin and Mrs. Chas.
Trop spent Tuesday with Mrs. Ed
Chaney and daughter, Bertha.
Clarance Roads and wife entertained
relatives from New Market, Sunday.
Alex Davidson h is moved from the
farm of Allen Robinson and Will
Haines moved from Lewis Orebaugh's
farm to the place vacated by David
Sterling Roads and family, of New
Vienna, were entertained Thursday
at the home of Chas. Trop.
Mrs. Herman Wilkin and Mrs. Jacob
McConnaughey were callers at the
home of G. G. O Pence, Wednesday.
Miss Bessie Easter spent Sunday
with Miss Ethel Robinson.
Chas. Jonte spent Wednesday with
his sister, Mrs. Geo. Culhan, of Rus
sell Alva Overman and wife entertained
for dinner Sunday: Mr. Murry and
sister, of near Hlllsboro.
The death of Uncle Noah Fawley
occurred Sunday morning after a ling
ering illness at the home of his son,
Wright Fawley. He wasaged 90 years.
Funeral services will take place at Mt.
Zlon Tuesday, Nov. 17, at 10 o'clock.
Bear In mind that Chamberlain's
Tablets not only move the bowels but
Improve the appetite and strengthen
the digestion. For sale by All Deal
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Nov. 10, 1014.
Mrs. Amanda Pulllam spent one day
last week with her mother, Mrs.
Nancy Cochran.
John Newton and family, of Hllls
boro, spent Sunday, with Jacob Stultz
and family.
The School Board was in session last
Wednesday evening and Saturday
Lew Roush and family have moved
from the Aunt Nancy Cochran farm
to a farm In Clermont county.
Mrs. Eliza Faris and grand-daughters,
Misses Gladys and Grace Smith
spent Saturday with Dr. Pratt and
family, near Dodsonville.
Miss Ethel Cochran, of Danville,
was a guest of her sister, Mrs. Ora
Workman, Friday.
Charley Donohoo and wife spent Sat
urday night and Sunday with their
parents here. a
Leslie Warman is remodeling his
Miss Lulu Burton, of Falrview, Is
visiting Frank Glbler and family.
The Christian church will give a
Cantata on Christmas Eve.
Wm. Turner and wife entertained a
number of their relatives Sunday.
Alva Emery, of Danville, spent from
Friday until Sunday with his broth
er, Homer, and wife.
Ervln Leinlnger and wife had as
their guestsiiunday: P. C. Robinson,
wife and sous, Ralph and Hubert, of
Lynchburg, and Ben Brown.
Dr. Cropper, of Danville, was a caller
at this place Sunday morning.
Mrs. Ed Landess spent last week
with her sister, Mrs. Emanuel Roush.
J. O. Landess and wife are visiting
their daughter, Mrs. Ed Lyons, near
Mesdame America Robinson and
Alva Robinson, of Winkle, visited
Mrs. C. E. Abraham, Thursday.
Warren Workman and family spent
Sunday with Mrs. Workman's par
ents, D. C. Winkle and wife, at Win
kle. "Our community thinks your rail
road oughter furnish a couple more
trains per day. We're going to take
the matter to the legislature, too "
"But very few people In your commu
nity ever travel."
"Maybe not. Butnve like to see the
cars go by." Judge.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
fry local applications, as they cannot
teach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
(Mid that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is caused by an lntlamed condi
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chian Tube. When this tube Is Inflamed
Irou have a rumbling sound or Imperfect
hearing, and when It Is entirely closed,
Deafness Is the result, and unless the In--tLammatlon
can be taken out and this
tube restored to its normal condition,
hearing will bo destroyed forever; nine
loses out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
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Son of the mucous surfaces.
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Nov. 10, 1014.
John Newell and family spent Sun
day with James Newell and wife, of
Protracted meeting has been post
poned indefinitely.
Clarence Kler and family spent Sun
day with Mrs. Kier's brother, of
Frank L. Crosen and family and
Mrs. Amos nopklns spent Friday with
relatives at Leesburg.
Lewis Frost and family visited John
McCarney and family, of JHoaglands,
Chas. Ayres, wife and daughter,
Pauline, of Wilmington, spent Sun
day with Amos Hopkins and wife.
F. L. Crosen and family and John
Fawley and wife spent Sunday with
Arthur Kiei and family, of Hoagland.
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Nov. 10, 1914
Miss Hazel Fultz, of Columbus, was
the guest of her parents, E. J. Fultz
and wife, over Sunday.
Mrs Harvey Davis spent Wednes
day in Greenfield, with her brother,
John Long and family.
Mrs. Alice Hale was called to Wil
mington last Wednesday on account
of the serious illness of her father-in-law.
Mrs. Mary Barrett substituted
In our schools during Mrs. Hale's ab
sence. Clarence Pavey and family arrived
here Friday morning from Seattle,
Wash. Mr. Pavey and family expect
to make Ohio their future home and
will locate on a farm north of town. I
Miss Austie Patton was the guest of
B. II. Barrett and family, of near
Bridges, over Sunday.
Mrs. Srofe, of Lynchburg, Is the
guest of her son, Dr. J. A. B. Srofe
and family.
Steven Woollard, who has been em
ployed In Chicago Is spending a vaca
tion with relatives here.
S. Dewey, of Blanchester, was a
business visitor here last Friday.
S. A. Leaverton and wife were vis
itors in Hlllsboro last Wednesday.
Mrs. Mark Beard and son, of Day
ton, were the week-end guests of rela
tives here.
Mrs. Hlgley and baby returned
home Saturday from a visit with rela
tives In the northern part of the state.
Mrs. Nell B. Jones has returned
home from a visit with relatives In
O. P. Keen and wife entertained to
dinner last Friday, Mrs Laura
Daniels, R. L. Leaverton, wife and
daughter, Hazel.
Mrs. Denson Morris and daughter,
Mrs. Truman Murphy, were guests
of the former's sister, Mrs. Bert Van
Pelt and family, Friday
Mrs. M. A. Williams removed Ust
week from this place to Detroit, Mich.,
where she expects to engage in busi
ness. R. T. Leaverton is still suffering
from symptoms of blood poisoning
caused from a bunion.
Miss Lydia Barrett has gone to
Philadelphia for an extended visit
with relatives.
The opening number of the season's
Lyceum Course will be given by the
great Dunaway Concert Companj,
Monday evening, Nov. 23.
. .
Despondency Due to Indigestion.
It Is not at all surprising that per
sons who have indigestion become dis
couraged and despondent. Here are a
few words of hope and cheer for them
by Mrs. Blanche Bowers, Indiana, Pa.
"For years my digestion was so poor
that I could only eat the lightest foods.
I tried everything that I heard of to
get relief, but not until about a year
ago when 1 saw Chamberlain's Tablets
advertised and got a bottle of them,
did I find the right treatment. I soon
began to Improve, and since taking a
few bottles of them my digestion is
tine." For sale by All Dealers, adv
November 16, 1914
Mrs. Frank Calley, of near Hoag
lands, was the guest Tuesday of Mrs.
Henry Wilkin.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Crarapton spent
Sunday with the latter's parents, A.
E Wilkin and wife.
Mrs. O. L. Roush and daughter,
Una Dell, enjoyed Monday with J. T.
Tompson and family, of near Dodson
ville. Miss Mary Pence was the guest on
Wednesday night of Miss WUda
Ira Cadwallader and family enter
tained Sunday Mrs. Elizabeth Coch
ran. Miss Ethel Cochran spent Sunday
with Ora -Workman and family, of
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Lewis and daugh
ter, Lora, were the guests Saturday
and Sunday of Austin Sams and fam
ily, of near Boston,
nerman Shafler and family spent
Sunday with Perry Fawley and family
at Prlcetown.
Ed. Lewis and family spent Friday
with O. L. Rousli and family.
Miss Mary Cochran spent Thursday
night with her grandmother, Mrs.
Elizabeth Cochran.
Ray Carpenter spent Sunday with
his parents, Agee Carpenter and wife,
Lee Walker and family entertained
part of last week Mrs. Walker's sis
ter, of Seaman, and on Sunday Solo
mon Walker and family, of Danville.
O. L. Roush and wife called on
Nathaniel Roush, of Mt. Zlon, Sun
day afternoon.
Miss Anna Carpenter spent Sunday
afternoon with Wllda Lewis.
Arthur Hatcher and wife, of WIN
letsvllle, have moved to their farm re
cently vacated by Harry Lyle and
B. F. Cochran spent Sunday with
I his son, Joe, of Danville.

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