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TE XT IB Ij K S3 IX 551 XD 33VBHY T II XT J&. 3 33 jOl. ST
Jiie Year (In Advance) $1.00
Six Months 50
Three Months 25
Entered at Post Ofllce, Hlllsboro,
Waste of Public Money.
Probably the greatest waste of public money in every county
is through the present system of conducting business through three
County Commissioners. Most of the county's money is spent by
the commissioners. Each commissioner in Highland county re
ceives a salary of $1121 per year, a total of $3361. What do the
people get for this money and upon what basis is the county money
The election of the County Commissioners is usually made a
sectional matter. Each section of the county wants elected a
County Commissioner who lives in that section, hoping that if this
is done their section will secure special benefits. After election
the county is divided into three sections, each commissioner being
given the section in which he lives to look after and each one try
ing to see how much he can get done for his section.
The commissioners meet regularly twice each month, each
meeting usually lasting two days. At these meetings the bills
against the county are examined. If the bills are 0 K'd by the
official who purchased the goods, they are allowed. The commis
sioners do not know whether the goods have been delivered or
whether the price charged is reasonable. At these meetings con
tracts are also let for bridge, road and l'epair work. We have no
hesitancy in saying that often bills of this kind are paid without
the commissioners seeing how the work has been done.
The position of county commissioner is usually a side issue
with the man that holds it. He generally has some other business
to which he devotes most of his time and which he does not neg
Ject to look after the county business. The average county com
missioner does not devote over four days a month to his duties as
county commissioner. Under these conditions it is impossible for
him to know all that is being done.
In our opinion it would be much better to have just one county
commissioner and require him to be on the job all the time; not
allow him to have any other business; have a commissioner for the
entire county and not a man representing some section. It would
be easy to get a man for this position at a salary of from S1500 to
$1800 a year. He would soon understand and know the county
business. He would do the buying of all supplies for the county.
In this way he would know whether goods were secured and would
be posted on prices and values. No work of any kind would be
done that he had not supervised. With a saving of at least $1500
in salary there would be increased efficiency and the amount of
money saved in this way can not be estimated.
We believe that Highland county in recent years has been for
tunate in having better county commissioners than most counties;
that they have been honest and done their best under the condi
tions. But the system is wrong and as long as it is continued it
"will result in a great deal of money being wasted each year.
Never before has it seemed so appropriate and fitting that as
a nation we should have a day of Thanksgiving as this year.
While other nations are engaged in the most terrible war in the
history of the world; while Europe is one mighty battlefield; while
these great nations are pouring out their best blood that they may
not be crushed and destroyed; while many of the people of these
nations have seen their homes destroyed, their lands devastated,
we are at peace with all the world. Our harvest was most bounti
ful. As a people we are prosperous and happy. We seem indeed
to be a favored nation, a favored people.
While our hearts are' filled with sympathy and pity for the suf
fering and stricken people of other nations, still it is well that we
should give grateful thanks that our land and our people have been
spared the horrors of war.
Today has been set aside by the President as the day on which
we as a people should cease our usual tasks and turn our thoughts
. i i 1 l -r i '
to tne Diessings we nave receivea ana are enjoying. L.et us do
this reverently and let us pray that we may continue to live at
peace with all men, striving to merit our blessings. Let us put
envy, malice, hatred and bitterness from our hearts and enthrone
honesty, fairness, charity, mercy and love.
The important thing is not what people say about you, but how
they say it.
Too many people are like Ben Davis apples, they look good but
are not really good for anything.
When it is considered that girls belong to what is popularly
known as the weaker sex it is remarkable with what ease and how
forcibly they can throw down a strong man.
When a fellow, at the insistence of his three-year-old son, gets
up about the middle of the third trick in the flight and rambles forth
to the well, with nothing much on but a grouch, he is in a position
to understand how really brave the fashionable young ladies are,
who. by actual inventory, will go cheerily through the winter with
very little more on. Wilmington Journal-Republiean. And with
out the grouch.
The Georgetown News-Democrat was selected as one of the 52
best country newspapers in the United States. Its editor last week
modestly claimed that it was not only "among the best" but the
best, because it published an abstract of the vote of Brown county,
.giving the official figures before the official count was made. If he
is correct we must admit there is
Siave never been able to tell just
clerks of the election had made until the supervisors of elections
had gone over the figures. If he wjll tell us how he does it, we
will be duly grateful.
- Editor and Manager
Ohio, as Second Glass Matter.
Be Made Known on Application.
some justice to his claim. We
what mistakes the judges and
Leaves have their time to fall
And (lowers to wither at the north wind's
And stars to set hut all,
Thou hast ail seasons for thine own, O
We know when moons shall wane,
When summer birds from far shall cross
the sea,
When autumn's hue shall tinge the golden
who shall teach us when to look for
Each da we are reminded of the
truth set forth In the above stanza, as
on every side we see those of all ages
from infancy to beyond the years of
man's allotted time summoned to pass
through the valley of the shadow of
death, but we know It is not all of
life to live nor all of death to die. "It
is appointed unto mm once to die11
but there shall be a resurrection to
eternal life. Therefore, if faithful in
this life to the duties laid upon us by
the Great Ruler of the Universe we
have naught to fear for his rod and his
stall shall comfort us.
This time the death angel visits one
in full strength of manhood, and the
news of the death of T. R Vance was
received with great sorrow on Wednes
day morning when it spread rapidly
over the county T. R Vance was
well known throughout Highland
county where be had spent all his' life
except a few years spent in Indiana.
T. R. Vance, son of Jacob and Rachel
Vance, was born near Market, June
12, 1830, and died Nov. 4, 1014, aged 64
yeirs, 4 months and 23 davs. He was
mairled to Susan Ghaney, Nov. 20 1874.
Tney were blest with 8 children, 2 dy
ing in infancy and Geo. B , at the age
of 23 years. Those left to mourn his
departure are his wife, four sons, Ells
worth C, of Highland, Walter V., of
Marion, Ind., Jesse R. and Mitchell
0., of Dayton, and one daughter, Mrs.
Alta Galley, of McKenzle, Tenn. All
were present at the funeral except
Mrs Gailey, who was unable to come
on account of sickness. He also leaves
three sisters, one brother, five grand
children, besides other relatives and a
host of friends'
Funeral services were conducted at
the New Market Baptist church where
he had been a member from early life,
by Rev. James Hollingsworth, who
took as his text Psal m 23, verse 4. The
remains were laid to rest in the Bap
tist cemetery.
We desire to thank our friends and
neighbors for their many acts of kind
ness and 'words of sympathy during
the sickness of husband and father.
May the Lord bless every one of you
is our earnest prayer. Mrs. Susan
Vance and Children.
Declare War on Rheumatism.
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nothing more painful. Don't let it get
a hold, but at the first twinges take
Foley Kidney Pills. They work di
rectly on your weakened kidneys, build
them up, make them strong rid your
blood and keep It clear of uric acid.
Keep Foley Kidney Pills on hand ready
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November 23, 1914.
Burch Garrett and wife are rejoic
ing over the arrival of a line baby
Tom Hamilton and daughter, Miss
Goldie, of East Connersvllle, spent
Saturday and Sunday with his broth,
er, R. S. Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs. Giltner, of Mt. Etna,
Ind., are visiting at the home of Mrs.
Louisa Calvert.
Miss Mabel Kerr gave a recital last
Saturday night at the Presbyterian
Church. It was for the friends of
(the members of her music class and
I was largely attended. At the close
. of the program Miss Kerr and her pu
pils received many hearty congratula
tions for their good music.
Mr. and Mrs. Giltner, Mrs Louisa.
Calvert and Miss Margaret Calvert
spent Sunday at C. C. Calverts.
Elmer Storer and wife and O. P.
Lyle and wife spent Sunday with Mrs.
Hattie Williamson.
Wendell, Harold and Mrs. Levera
Milburn spent Sunday with F. B.
Cummlngs, of Marshall.
Mrs. Mollle Sims returned home the
past week after an extended visit
with her sister.
Arch SatterQeld and wife spent
Sunday afternoon with her mother,
Mrs. GJlmore.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Newby spent
Sunday with J. W. Hurst and attend
ed church Sunday afternoon.
District Supt. O. M. Vanpelt will be
here Saturday, Dec. 5, to hold the '
First quarterly meeting and on 8un-!
day he will preach at Louden, Louis
villa and Flat Run.
u,.uteu.ui uimauous nave come
and gqne since Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound began40 years agoto
loosen thelgrlp of couglu. and colds,
You can not get a substitute to do for
you whatBoley's Honey and Tar Com-
pound I will do-for coughs, colds, croup,
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aim numii.y iiuuai. uuy ib oi your
druggist and feel safe.
adv Pabbbtt & Aybk-s.
Nov. 23, 1014.
MissAustie I'atton visited friends
in Now Vienna from Saturday until
Monday. v
Henry Nesblt and wife, of Hlllsboro,
were calling on friends and relatives
here Sunday afternoon.
Mrs Silas Sparks returned home
Saturday evening from Sulphur Lick
Springs, near Chillicothe, where she
had been since Wednesday.
Miss Helen Fulger entertained in a
most delightful manner last Friday
evening at her home, her Sunday.
School teacher, Mrs. Georgia Ousley
and the members of her class, number
ing nineteen young ladies. The even
ing was pleasantly spent in music,
games and contests Dainty and de
licious refreshments were served
Mart Vanl'elt, of Tennessee, is the
guest ot his pirenls, Fletcher Van
Pelt and famllj
G. VV Kerr motored up from Cin
cinnati Sunday and was the guest of
his sister, Mrs Martha K VanPdlt.
Mrs Jud Patton and two sous vis
ited relatives in Springfield from Fri
day until Monday.
W. A Patton was abusiness visitor
in Cincinnati last Friday.
S. R Ousley was a business visitor
in Cincinnati last Thuisday.
Mrs Nannie Sanders and daughter.
Kathryne entertained to dinner Sun
day, R. T. Leaverton and wife, Silas
Sparks and wife, and the Misses Paul
Ine Patton and Victoria Hugglns.
Miss Marie McCoy entertained about
thirty-five of her young friends at her
home west of town last Wednesday
evening in honor of the fifteenth an
nlversary of herblrth.
E. J. Fultz and wife were called to
Washington, C. H., on Tuesday of last
week on account of the serious illness
and death or Mrs. Fultz's brother.
Our public schools will close for the
Thanksgiving vacation.
John W. Swift, whose Illness had
been mentioned in these letters from
time to time, died last Tuesday at 4
p. m. He had been sick for more than
two years. In the early stages of his
illness he was taken to Christs' Hos
pltal, but it was soon discovered that
only temperary relief could be given
him and he was brought home; from
that time he gradually grew worse
and was a great sufferer until death
released him. ne was aged 05- years.
Funeral services conducted by Rev. A.
P. Smith and Rev. F. B. Mllner, were
held at the home Friday afternoon.
Interment in Pleasant Hill cemetery.
Sincere sympathy is, extended to the
grief stricken wife.
for Every Living Thing On The
Free ; a OOOi page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm;" horses, cattle, dogs,
sheep, hogs- and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetinary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
up. Free by mall on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo "Med. Co.,
Corner Williams & Ann Sts., N. T. adv
Nov. 23, 1014.
H. M. Igo and family and J. B. Igo
calledon Amos Igo and wife, Sunday.
Frank Capllnger and Misses-Blanch
and May Goodman spent Saturday
night with John Capllnger andwlfe.
Curtis Rotroff spent Sunday near,
Sugartree Ridge, with his mother,
who Is quite sick.
Harley Stanforth and wife enter
tained Sunday, Mrs. Edith Stanforth
and two children, of Jesup, Miss Sadie
Bradley, of Hlllsboro, Delbert Link, of
Swine Valley, J. C. Lanlck and wile,
Ruby Calley and. Mrs. Sara Hatcher.
H Vs Igo spent the past week with
with his sister, Mrs. Clarence Gray,
near Mowrystown.
Fergus Stanforth has completed, the
building of a barn for Jesse Bloom Sr.,
and left for Ironton,. Saturday.
Alta Wilkins and wife have purchas
ed a new organ for their daughter,
Miss Elsie.
Burton Vance and wife have- moved
Into their new homo.
Miss Olive Wilkin Is quite 111.
The district superintendent, L. L.
Gall, visited the school at this place
Thursday, of which Miss Stella Bor
den Is teacher, and reported everything
moving along nicely.
Despondency Due to Indigestion
It is not at all surprising that per
sons who have Indigestion become dis
couraged and despondent. Here are a
few words Of hope and oheer for them
by Mrs. Blanche Bowers, Indiana, Pa.
"For years my digestion was so poor
that, rrviiild nnl v pat. thn lltrhtnat. tnnAa
I tried everything that I heard of to
get relief, but not until about a year
ago when I saw Chamberlain's Tablets
advertised and got a bottlo of them,
did i flnd the right treatment. I soon
Um t0 improve, and since taking a
few bottles of them my digestion Is
.. . . - -
fine," For sale by All Dealers, adv
The eight-hour movement In the
United States began In 1808.
Public Sale
I will sell at Public Sale at mv farm 11 miles south of SARDINIA, O.,
on the Sardinia and Arnheim road, on
Tuesday, Dec. i,
Commencing promptly at 10 o'clock, standard time.
The following property to wit: 104! acres of line laying land, well fenced,
plenty water, timber to bdild with; 1 pedigreed Percheron Stud, 7 years old,
weight 1700; there will be some of his colts on the ground to show for them
selves. One 10 year old black Spanish Jack, is a good breeder and up-to-date
in serving; 1 bay mare, 9 years old; 1 gray mare, 8 years old, InfoO; 2 yearling
mule; 3 Jersey cows, one 3 jears old giving lots of milk one 4 years old be
fresh toon, and one 0 ieir old be fresh soon-'t hmnri cm., -...i -. ,.i....i- i
some good farm Implements and other
while to attend this sale As I have
stock, thoy must go. Lunch sorved on
TERMS Six months time on $5 and over. Five per cent, discount for
cash. Will give good teims on p. lug for the farm. For iruorraation call
me over the telephone.
People from adNtance will be taken care of Will meet them at darilnia
and take them out to the farm
'i'nla f.Lrm shIIs xt. irtnVlnnl. roir irrilocc nt n.i. o .. . ...
sale .-i
Nov, 23 1014
H. N. Henderson and wife enter"
talned Dr Rublnson. or Cincinnati,
and Rev. Superrler and l-uilly Sunday.
J. W. Townsend and family were
visitors In Norwood Saturday and
G. T DeLaney was in Cincinnati
Sunday and Monday.
Eldo Morris and wife, of Columbus,
came Saturday to remain for Thanks
giving with her father, Isma Treth.
Dr. Murphy, of Grper.Beld, was a
guest of Ford Ratcliu and wife for
dinner, Tuesday.
O W. Roush, of New York, Is with
his family for several weeks.
John Williams was with his wife
and children over Sunday.
Marlie Van Winkle vlslled-Mrs- Pat
terson, of Manchester, the latter part
of last week.
Marlie Van Winkle, Fae Pickerel,
Harold Hodson and Dana McAdow
were entertained by Wra. Laymon
and wife, of New Vienna, Sunday.
Rev. Surrier and family will spend
Thanksgiving wltii her parents at
Lewis Bills and wife of Westboro,
were with Robert Grisham and family
A new furnace is being installed in
the Lutheran church.
Oliver VanZant and family, of
Hlllsboro, were guests of Mrs Sarah
Charles, Sunday.
Mrs At. W. Hare and daughter,
Cecil, and grandsons, Alvln and Isaac
Pltzer, returned to their home in
in Brooklyn, Ind., Monday.
The Home and School Association
will meet at the school building Fri
day afternoon.
Warren Morrow and wife visited
their daughter, Mrs. Chas. Terrell, and
family,, of Martinsville, Sunday.
Mrs. Mary Henderson, formerly of
this place, now living at Cincinnati,
is the guest of friends here this week.
Dr. Frank Terrell and wife and W.
L. Stautnerand wife were visitors at
the borne of Joe Stabler and wife, of
Hlllsboro, Sunday.
J. R. Benham has purchased a half
Interest In the Hardware Store of
Harry Murphy.
Chas. Morrow and family and Dr.
Ed. Srofe and wife were entertained
at the home of Dr. John Srofe and
family, of Leesburg, Sunday.
W. L. Stautnerand wife entertained
the Hunter family at a six o'clock
dinner, Monday.
C. E. nailer and family will spend
the Thanksgiving vacation with his
parents at,TaylorsvIHe.
J. B. Hunter and family were with
relatives at Cuba Sunday.
Rev. Chas. Luotc will preach at the
Christian church next Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. August Erke are en
tertaining friends from Cincinnati.
Miss Lillian Chaney shopped In Cin
cinnati two days last week.
Mrs. Lillian Myers has returned
home, after an extended visit with her
brother in Ada. She was accompanied
home by her nephew, who will make
an Indefinite visit with her.
James Laymon and wife entertained
their two sons and families, Sunday.
James Hunter and family expect to
move to Wilmington this week.
Mrs. Harry Murphy visited relatives
In Columbus last week.
Mrs. U. S. Shank was In Cincinnati
two days of last week.
Mrs. John Benham has returned
home after a visit with relatives In
The Ladles Aid, of the M, E. church,
will have their annual Thanksgiving
market Wednesday,
Al. Felke, wife and son, Parry, are
with Horace Murphy and family, of
Delaware, this week.
articles. It will be well worth our
Door hpultii nnH t ,.... i.,,i'..
- . - - .o Ui imw. obb ib ueiore tne uay on
I Dr. Robinson, financial secret iry, of
Christs' Hospital, uelivere-l an address
'at the M. E. church, Sundiy morning.
Hazel Galliett, of Covington, Ky.,
was with her parents Sunday.
Nov. 2J, 1914
O C Snider and wife were guests of
Willie Snider and family. In Brown
county, Friday
Mrs Lou Rutflinvi spent Thursday
with Wm. Morgan and wife, at South
Rev A J. Howraan an i wife, of
Georgetown, spent from Saturday until
Mondav with J C. Snider and wife.
Stanley Mitchell and George Hog
gott were guests of Orland Rhoades
and family, Sunday.
Clarence Hughes and wife moved to
Clinton county Wednesday.
Raymond Gomiaand Clarence Moore
and daughter, of Middletown, were
guests ol Nancy Moore last week.
Protracted meetlngjwlll commence,
at Harwood Dec. 6i
Rev. W. V. Miller is holding a pro
tracted meeting at Higginsport.
m i -
The personnel of the navy of the
United States is more thanJGS.OOO
Nov. 23, 1014.
Mrs. Leota Wise and ;son, Johnson,
and Mrs. Rose Shaw spent Wednes
day with Ed. Hunter andwlfe, of near
Mrs. Benton Kesler called on Mrs.
Fannie Spruance Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Oi H. Hughes jjcalled on Mrs.
John Campbell Tuesday afternoon.
Miss Elva Spruance &took dinner
Thursday with JameaCreed.and. fam-
Mrs. Hannah. Neil, ofj Winchester,
came last Monday to spend a few days
with Lem. Hunter andfamily.
Harry Stanforth and family, of Cln
clnnatij spent from Thursday until
Saturday with Milton Reed and wife.
The Farmer's Instltutejwill be held
at the C U. church, Dec. 2 and 3.
Lunch will be served at the K. of P.
Hall by Joe VanZant J and Harry
"Ray Boyd and family and Harley
Suiters and family s,pent Sunday with
Elmer Garen and family.
Benton Parks andj wife, of Berry
vllle, took dinner Sunday with Dr.
Mason and family.
Fenton Kesler and family, of Rains
boro spent Sunday with Benton Kes
ler and wife.
Clate Creed and wife took dinner
Sunday with their son, James, and
Clyde Barrett and family, Elmer
Cameron and family, Arch Cameron
and wife, Mrs. Anna Elliott and Miss
Maude McCoppln were entertained
Sunday by Ed Cameron and family.
Itch I Itchl Itchl Scratch 1 Scratchl
Scratch 1 The more you scratch, the
worse the itch. Try Doan's Ointment.
For eczema, any skin itohlng. 50c a
box. adv
To the Public:
Messrs. Earnest Selph and Sam
Raines, two of Hlllsboro's expert
butchers, are now ready to butcher
hogs and cattle at your own home.
Give them a call.
Bell Phone 195 R
Ants have been found In Dalmatla
that actually make bread by chewing
seeds .into pulp, forming it in loaves,
baking them In the sun and then stpr.
Ing them away for future vee.
.' V:

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