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County Agricultural Agent.
The State Hoard of Agriculture has
adopted a plan whereby each county
can secure a county agricultural agent J
The plan requires that a County Agrl- j
cultural Improvement Association be
formed with at least 300 members'
each township having at least ten
members. This Association Is to pay
at least $1000 each jear for threeyears
towards the salary of the agent. The
State Board of Agriculture and College
of Agriculture are to provide the funds
necessary to complete the payment of
salary and expenses of the agent. This
is practically the pUn taken up last
year by local people but at that time
no assistance or encouragement was
given by the state otllclals. The mat
ter should be and no doubt will again
be taken up here and pushed through
Local Alotion Pictures.
Motion pictures of scenes in and
around fllllsboro and many of the
different activities of the village were
taken Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
day. These pictures will be shown at
the Forum Theater, Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday of next week. Pictures
have been taken of the schools and
pupils, tire department making a run,
the baud, and in fact of almost all the
different activities of the town.
VVednesday afternoon was taken a
set of pictures which will probably be
one of the most interesting and enter
taining features of the film. By the
courtesy of Mr. Robinson of the Hills
boro Auto Co., the children of the
Children's Home were taken to the
farm of Everett Patterson, south of
town About fifty Ford machines took
the trip. Pictures were taken both
going to and returning from the farm
and of the children on the farm. The
children enjoyed the trip immensely
and it will be very interesting to see
them in moving pictures.
Large crowds to see these pictures
are expected at The Forum on each
night the pictures are shown.
Americas War.
The Triple Alliance Mud, Water,
Ruts. .
The Triple Entente Drainage
Scientific Construction, Systematic,
Listen to humanity's plea for better
toad conditions.
Marlon county has sold $10,500 road
improvement bonds bearing 0 per cent.
Where Quality Counts
Episode No, 15 Episode No. 15
To-Night ItlC MILUUn
The Feature
with the Punch
Big Special Matinee at 1:30 p. m. A Big Show To-day
Special for Friday, Nov. 27.
"Belgium Shattered by German Cannon"
Shells wreck city of Termonde. Ruin and Desolation on every
side. Hosts made war prlsloners. First pictures showing German
captives. Canada sends troops to war.
Proclamation Electing New Pope, Benedict XV.
See this only in the Hearst Selig Weekly of Current Events.
Maty Plckford A Drama of Superior Merit.
Matinee-SATURDAY, NOV. 28-Night
Here Is a Program that is a Hummer Hard to beat.
A Forceful Drama in Two Acts. The work of these two Stars
in this feature is beyond camparison.
Another of our Big Jungle Pictures. The kind you like so well
that always have a few thrills In them.
Look What's Coming! Look What's Coming!
The Most Wonderful and Dramatic Story Ever Written for
the Motion Picture Screen.
MTI innDA" 3000
Tills story was written by Harold McGrath, the world's great
est Fiction writer, and Plcturelzed by Thanhauser, the man that
made the Million Dollar Mystery. The same characters as are In
the latter feature are cast for Zudora. Tills sure is some treat for
Orpheum Patrons. Watch for the date of the first number. There
are 20 episodes altogether. Each one is complete however.
Your Old Favorites coming on Saturday, December 5 Kath
lyn Wllllams-7"The Speck on the Wall." Alsofcn Saturday, De
comber 12, in a big Two Part Jungle Picture "The Leopard's
We have our Corn Crush
er in operation.
Richards Mill
Why stay north this
winter? Go to Alabama
and raise potatoes, pro
duct of one acre buys
four acres of land.
Greatest peach and
strawberry country in
United States.
Good water and health.
G. P. Brown
Loveland, Ohio.
Box 830
Attention 1 Teachers 1
School and Sunday School teachers
call at W. B. Milliard's and see the
sample boxes of Lowney 's dainty Xmas
Candles. Just the tiling for Xmas
treats and not nearly as expensive as
the old way of treating. Place your
order now as we have to order from
the Lowney Co., of Boston.
adv W. B. Hiluahd.
John Pfarr. will clean and press ancf
mend that suit until it will look at
good as new. 1 also do dry cleaning
Give me a call. Brunner's Shoe
Sho," v
The Ladles Aid Society, qf.Mt. Zlon
church, will hold a market at the
Union Grocery, Saturday, Dec. 5.
with Music
That Fits
Says it Beats
Them All.
Charles Rogers, of Greenfield, was
here on legal business Wodnesday. ,
New Nuts of all kinds at . tui
Hard's. adv
tlomor Burton, of Cincinnati, spent
Sunday with his parents, here.
Mr. and Mrs. II. 13 Lemon are visit
lng the latter's sister In Cloveland.
n S. Pulse, of Lynchburg, was here
Tuesday and Wodnesday on legal
E. L. Thornburg, of Cincinnati, was
the guest of his mother, Mrs. A. E.
Thornburg Saturday and Sunday.
Matthew Carey, who is attending
Bliss Business College, Columbus, is
at home for a short vacation.
Mr. and Mrs Hen B. Vance, of Wll
lettsvllle, spent Sunday with II. A.
Robinson and family.
II R Barrett attended a banquet
for Maxwell automobile dealers at the
Sinton Hotel, Cincinnati, Tuesday.
Special Thanksgiving Services at
Pricetown Christian church, Thurs
day, Nov. 20.
Mrs. Charles D. McConnaughey en
tertained a company of ladles with a
kenstngton, Tuesday afternoon.
Perin and James McDermott, of In
dianapolis, aro spending the Thanks
giving vacation with their parents
Mr. and Mrs. James E. McDermott.
That part of the story of the Million
Dollar Mystery which will be shown
at the Orpheum tonight appears in
this issue of TriE News Herald.
The quarantine on the Cincinnati
stockyards was raised Saturday. Stock
can not be shipped there from Ohio,
but only from states not under quar
antine. If you are Interested In the Million
Dollar Mystery you should read the
story as It is published In the TnB
News-Hekald before seeing the
pictures at the Orpheum Thursday
Dr. Blodgett, of Cincinnati, former
ly State Commander of the G. A. R.,
was here for a few hours Tuesday.
The Hillsboro Band went to the Par
ker House where he was stopping and
serenaded him.
The Hillsboro Band was not selected
to take the trip on the Boys Corn
Special to Washington D. C. The
boys bands of Hicksville and Gallon
and the girls band of Rising Sun were
chosen by Mr. Riddle, director of the
tour. Each of these bands (pald 8500
towards the expenses of the trip. The
Hillsboro Band had offered to go for
their expenses.
The Zoological Gardens at Cincin
nati may be closed It seems that
for years that this famous resort has
been losing money and that there Is
danger that It will have to be aban
doned. This would be unfortunate as
the Zoo has for years been one of the
show places of Cincinnati visited by
thousands who have been entertained
and instructed. It is believed that
the people of Cincinnati will come to
the aid of the owners with private
contributions rather than allow it to
be closed.
Miss Helen Lemon has been em
ployed as a teacher In the public
schools of East Cleveland. She went
there Thursday and will assume her
new duties at once. Miss Lemon has
been teaching in the Hillsboro schools
for several years and it was through
her excellent work here that she se
cured the position in Eist Cleveland.
The schools of East Cleveland are con
sidered the best in Ohio and that Miss
Lemon should be employed there is a
high compliment to her ability as a
teacher. Miss Christine Stevenson,
who lias been the supply for the nills
boro schools, has been employed to
take Miss Lemon's place.
Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Sprinkle, who
reside on the old Welch farm, north
west of Wilmington, suffered a consid
erable lots by fire at about 4 o'lock
Tuesday morning. The dining room
was almost entirely destoyed, with the
furniture and a large amount of cloth
lug. The origin of the lire is unknown.
There had been no fire in the stove
in the room since the previous noon.
Mrs. Sprinkle had been assisting in
the work at the grocery on Monday,
and when she went home in the even
ing she and Mr. Sprinkle did not use
the stove. It is supposed that the fire
may have been smouldering all that
time Clinton County Democrat. Mr.
Splnkle is a son of D. N. Splnkle, of
this place.
Thanksgiving- Service.
At ten o'clock Thursday morning a
Union Thanksgiving service will be '
held at the Methodist Church. Dr. I
Nellls of the Baptist church will I
preach Everyone Invited to this ser
U. B. Church.
Preaching next Sunday morning and
evening, The order of Red Men will
ha nrfifipnt, at. hh mnrnlntr uthIm In
body. O. E. services at 6 p. m. led by I
urooks White.
I TO bOy your I
I bought from one of the largest
manufacturers a lot of Suits n
and Overcoats at brices less
1 than the cost to make. 1
(Gome In and Buy Now, I Will Save You Big Money 1
IflftUfllf ElIIIIillllflfFIlIillillf if flltliililtf Illlf illlflf MltMlf If KIM i C 1 1 i '11 f 1 1 1 1 f f 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J ( E I ! f f 1 1 f 1 1 f f 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 f III 1 1 1 1 B 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 fllfS
yilll IlllilllllllUf III1IMI1IIUIIII UlllflllllfllllllllllfffllfillJ flilitlllMJiwiIIlf f rilllf Iff fltlillltlllllf llfliirif filitlliJ) filltftlL
The largest, the finest, the cleanest, the best store of its kind in the !
county. Here's where you can get full value received. I guarantee 5
every article that leaves the house to be first class or money refun-
H ded. Remember, we handle Oysters by the wholesale and we retail H
Ej them in any quantity. We are not fighting for monopoly, but strug- J
gling for existence. Call and see us. Help us along and WATCH
HIDER, The Florist and Fruit Man
illilillllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllil Illllllllll)llllllllilll!lii!tli,l
November 23, 1914.
Lawrence Kessler and wife and
baby called on Mrs. James Bobb Sun
day afternoon. ,
Dr. J. E. Chapman and wife, of
Sinking Spring, spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Matthews.
David M. Rhrads was the guest of
Button Rhoads and wife Sunday.
S. S. Deardoff and wife and young
est child spent Sunday afternoon with
Mrs. Deardoff 's mother, Mrs. R. A.
Wllllard Eubanks, of Springfield, is
the guest of relatives in this vicinity.
Mrs. Rebecca Stults, who was quite
sick last week with Indigestion, is
much better.
Mrs. Jane Stults spent last week
with her daughter, Mrs. J. J. Butler,
at Sinking Spring.
Mrs. Anna Rhoads and two daugh
ters called on Mrs. J. P. Havens Sun
day afternoon.
David White, of Kansas, was called
here Monday by the death of his wife
Mrs. Florence Eubank spent Sunday
with her daughter, Mrs. O. W. Mc
Coppln, at Carmel.
Bess L. Butler spent Thursday
with her sister, Mrs. J. E. Chapman,
at Sinking Spring.
Miss Katie Lawhorn spent the past
week with Mrs. Burch Wolfe.
Mrs, James Bobb spent Saturday
with her sister, Mrs. J. J. Butler, at
Sinking Spring, and was accompanied
home by her mother, Mrs. Jane Stults.
Miss Grace Havens was the guest of
her sister, Mrs. Blanche Cartwright,
at Sinking Spring recently.
Casslus Eubanks and daughter, of
near Locust Grove, spent Sunday with
the former's father, Enos Eubanks,
who la serldusly ill.
n. V. Matthews, accompanied by J.
P. Havens and Clyde Eubanks, at
tended the lidrse sale at Washington
O. n. Friday.
Isaac West and sister, Miss Jennie,
returned to their home in Greenfield
Of r
Tills year, as never before, it will be to your advantage to buy
your Dolls, Toys and Holiday Goods early. Ic will be almost Im
possible for us to obtain any moro goods In these lines after our
presentsupply Is sold. So it is to your Interest to select the Toys
and Dolls for your children NOW. We will lay away any selec
tion you may make and hold until Xmas upon payment of 20 por
cent, of cost price. Otherwise we will lay nothing away and first
come first served. Toyland and our Basement Department were
never better prepared to serve your every want In our lines than
they are this year. Make our store your headquarters' and meet
your friends here during the next month. Come here first.
Stabler's 5 and IOg Store
We teach your $ $ $ to have more cents
Friday after spending some time at
the home of their sister, Mrs. Martha
H. V. Matthews and wife and Bess
L. Butler called on J. P. Havens and
family Wednesday.
Ed. Rhoad and wife and Elva Cart
wright and wife, ot Sinking Spring,
accompanied by Mrs. Will Overhult
zer, of Springfield, took dinner with
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Eubanks.
L. M. Kelly and wife, of Cynthlana,
spent Sunday with J. O. Stults and
Wm. West, whose illness I have
previously mentioned, died Monday
morning at 3 a. m at the home of his
Bister, Mrs. Martha Rhoade. The
burial services were held at the home
at 2 p. m. Tuesday, conducted by Rev.
rutTrignt,or Binning Spring, in
terment was made in the West cem
etery. He is survived by three sisters
and two brothers.
A lazy liver leads to chronic dyspep
3la and constipation weakens the
whole system. Doan's Regulets (25o
per box) act mildly on the liver and
bowels. At all drug stores. adv
m ,
Practically all the corncob pipes used
In America are produced by six facto
ries, all of which are in 'Missouri.
- i ,.
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Stanforth and
daughter vlslte.d friends in Norwood
Dr. and Mrs. D. N, MoBrlde have
had as their guest for several days,
their granddaughter, Miss pleta Mer
cer, of New Vienna. '
Ml l
--, Vr
. v
inn " Jfc T
Kmwmyvmif L'mV!-V

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