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Oyster stows, 20c, at nilllard's. adv
Miss Lucille nugglnsispent Friday
In Cincinnati.
Miss Lucille Morgan spent Saturday
in Cincinnati.
Hot Tomales, hbt Sandwiches and
light lunch at flilllard's. adv
Mrs. N. Oralg McBrlde spent Satur
day in Cincinnati.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nesblt spent
Sunday with friends at Leesburg.
Miss Harriett Oonk, of Cincinnati,
was hero from Thursday until Monday.
Mrs. Sam Foley is spending this
week at Columbus Grove.
Arthur Underwood was in Columbus
last week on business.
Mrs. John MoMullen and son, C. E.
McMullen spent Sunday with relatives
at Balnbrldge.
Mrs. Charles D. McConnaughey gave
an enjoyable card party Friday after
noon for Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Jacks.
Misses Mary Evans and Mary Barroro
entertained with cards Wednesday
afternoon for Mrs. Fred H. Lafferty.
Miss Nelle Nelson, of Madlsonvllle,
spent Saturday and Sunday with her
mother, Mrs. John F. Nelson.
Miss Sara Worley returned Satur
day from an extended visit with friends
at Washington, N. J., and Cleveland.
Jloland Baskln, of Cleveland, is a
guest at the home of Judge and Mrs.
J. B Worley.
Miss Garrison is spend 1 n g the
Thanksgiving vacation with relatives
at Lancaster.
Bisslnger's French Candies cost
more, but they're worth more. Sold
only at Hllllard's. adv
Miss Mary Brown was the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Roush at Russell
the past week.
Mrs. Escoe Ervin returned home
Sundav. after a weeks visit with
friends in Columbus.
Mrs. J. W. Watts returned home
Thursday, after a week's visit at
Balnbrldge, with her sister.
Miss Nelle Van Winkle, of New
Market, is visiting her aunt, Mrs.
Frank Lemon.
Try one of those hot, steamy and
creamy butter topped Oyster Stews at
Hllllard's. adv
Misses Mary Hanlon and Myra John
son spent Friday and Saturday with
friends in Cincinnati.
Prof. E. E. Richards, of Columbus,
visited his brother, H. H. Richards, a
few days the latter part of last week.
Roland Fawley, of Dayton, was the
guest of Hugh Pnce a few days last
Mrs. Flora K. Griffith, of Wilming
ton, returned home Saturday, after a
visit with her father here.
Miss Narka Nelson entertained a
number of her young friends with a
card party Saturday evening.
Miss Josephine McMullen spen
Frlday and Saturday with friends in
Miss Catherine Penqulte, of Blan
chester, spent Monday with Miss
Mabel Lemon.
Mrs. Frank L. Lemon has been sick
for several weeks with a severe attack
of lumbago.
Dow Landess spent Saturday and
Sunday with his grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. Nathan Landess, at Dan
Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Roads and
children were the guests Thursday of
Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Roads, of Lees
Miss Ruth Rizer, who is attending
Ohio Wesleyan University at Dela
ware, is at home for the Thanksgiving
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Austin and
children, of Wilmington, were the
guests over Sunday of Mrs. Austin's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Muhlbach.
- ,
Mr. and Mrs. Neal P. Waddell and
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Waddell, of Green
field, spent Sunday with Miss Lucille
John Blount, who is an official at
the Boys Industrial Home at Lancas
ter, has been the guest of his mother,
Mrs. John Howard, since Saturday.
Harley and Earl Pence, who are at
tending college at Ada, are spending
this week with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Fence.
L. E. McCumber and Scott Worley,
of Cincinnati, were the guests of the
latter's parents, Judge and Mrs. J. B.
Worley, Saturday and Sunday.
If you haven't already subscribed to
a club of three magazines do it now.
You will enjoy reading these splendid
magazines. We will sell you three
magazines with The news-Herald all
one year for only 25o extra. adv
M rs. C. 0. Patterson spent Saturday
in Cincinnati.
I Mr. and Mrs J. E Carroll and Mi-s
Mary Shephord spent Sunday in Mil
ford I Miss Ella Leslie entertained a com
pany of young ladles with a dinner
, Friday evening.
Miss Anne Hurko returned Sunday
from a visit with her sister In Cincin
nati. Mrs. Carey Roads and Mrs. Jacob
Uhrlg are visiting relatives In Mays-
vllle. Ky.
ft-.. U....1n DMirAiitnn Dnanf.nfie.
uifb. unarms i.n.Kuij Dfu ...-
day with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas John
son, oi uau ureoK.
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Farls spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Farls
at South Liberty.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Q. Barger, of Lees
burg, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
James Burton Sunday.
Mrs. Starling West returned to her
home In Detroit, Mich., Tuesday, after
a visit with her grandmother, Mrs.
James W. Patterson.
We have Just received from Boston
a fresh shipment of Lowney's Box
Chocolates. Buy her a box today. For
sale at Hllllard's. adv
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Johnson
attended the performance of Ben Hur
at the Grand Theater, Cincinnati,
Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Marie T. Rives and Mrs Lucy
W. Harmon returned Thursday from
Atlanta, Ga., where they attended the
national convention of the W. C. T. U.
We have the largest and best assort
ment of pipes In Hlllsboro. Give us
a call. W. B. Hilliard's Quality
Store. adv
Mrs. L. B. Boyd left Monday for
Redlands, Cal., where she will spend
the winter. Mr. and Mrs. John Can 111
accompanied her.
Frank Vance and Michael Vance.
of Hollowtown, were the guests of
Prof, and Mrs. W. H. Vance Saturday
and Sunday.
Mrs. J. W. Rogers entertained a
company of ladles with cards Friday
oveninsr for Mrs. Weaver, ofCleveland,
and Mrs. Jacks, of Chllllcothe, who
are visiting the Misses Cox.
If you will subscribe to The news
Herald or renew your subscription,
we will Include three standard maga
zines, all one year, for only 25c extra.
Misses Goldle Mauntell, Sarah Fite
and BernlceKorrand Messrs. Channel,
Penry, Herbert Pattlson and Floyd
Bright, of Wilmington, were the
guests Sunday of Miss Mauntel's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. George Mauntel.
Mr. and Mrs. J, Ed Shannon gave a
dinner Saturday evening for Mr. and
Mrs. C. W. Fairley and their guests,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Merkle and Miss
May Davis, of Cincinnati.
At the recent election the people of
Eagle township, Brown county, voted
for centralized schools There are nine
district schools which will be consoli
dated. A central school building will
be erected.
Octa, a town in Fayette county, will
vote on the wet and dry question Dec.
24. Home Rule received a majority of
2 to 1 there at the recent election and
it is thought that the .town will vote
for saloons.
Miss Harlett Mahan gave a party
Wednesday night for Mrs. Lloyd Wea
ver, of Cleveland, and Mrs. Charles
Jacks, of Chllllcothe, who have been
visiting the Misses Cox.
The fact Is, the three magazines we
sell with The News-Herald for 25c
extra, represents the biggest reading
value ever offered the public. Have
you sent us your order If not, send
it or phune us today. adv
John M. McMullen spent Sunday
with his sister, Mrs. George Free,
who Is in Grant Hospital, Columbus.
Mrs. Free Is recovering nicely from
the operation she recently underwent
J for appendicitis.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Fairley enter,
tained Sunday for dinner Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Merkle and Miss May Davis, of
Cincinnati. Miss Locla and John Davis
of Leesburg, Mr, and Mrs. Harry Boat
man, of Fall Creek, and Mr. and Mrs.
J, Ed Shannon and children.
A state Inspector has condemned the
county jail at Wilmington, as unfit for
further use. The order absolutely for
bids Its use after thirty days. The
county commissioners of Clinton coun
ty are at a loss to know what steps to
A petition has been circulated In
Midland City, calling for an election
on the wet and dry question The
village voted dry ten years ago and
this is the first attempt to vote the
saloons back,
Mr. und Mrs. George Devitt, Mrs.
George Ruble and son and Mrs. John
Coffman spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. 0 E Holladay, west of town.
To High Cost of Living- by
Plan Offered the Public
of This County.
It is a matter of great interest to
the people of this county to know that
through the efforts of the American
Business Men's Association, a plan
has been formulated aud put into
operation Hut will materially reduce
household living expenses. This does
not come as .i complete surprise, but
Is the result of the united efforts of an
organization numbering about 15,000
dealers in every part of the country. -
By means of this movement all the
merchants of this city will bo enabled
to buy their goods for less money, and
through the methods advanced by the
above Association, the entire adver
tising and selling expense of manu
facturers Is being eliminated. The
entire savings thus obtained, will be
given to the consumers.
In addition to the retailers being
able to make more protit, and thereby
give the consumers staple brands of
merchandise for less money, several
special Inducements will be made to
ttie consumers that should securer the
co-operation and support of every cit
izen of this county.
For instance, a Redeeming Station
for the American Business Men's As
soclatlon which will be located In the
store of E H. McClure & Co., Tholron
Clad, will have on exhibition a hand
some new 1915 Model Automobile
Touring Car. One of these cars will
be shipped by the merchants of this
city, who are members of the Ameri
can Business Men's Association. The
saving effected through the concen
trated selling of the manufacturers,
and the ooperative buying of the
dealers, will not only enable them to
give one of these fine automobiles
away, Absolutely Free, in this
city every six months, but will also
enable E. H. McClure & Co., The Iron
Clad, to offer $5.00 worth of merchan
dise free, each and every week, to the
consumer buying products jof the
manufacturers who are affiliated with
the American Business Men's Asso
ciation. Live, progressive merchants in all
parts of the country are members of
the American Business Men's Asso
ciation, for they realize thoroughly
the many benefits that accrue through
cooperation, and the presenting to the
consumers only goods that are made
by reliable manufacturers, and that
have a national reputation b9hlnd
them. They are entitled to the sup
port of any community.
A long list of manufacturers num
bering about 150, who produce some
of the best known Drands of merchan
dise, will be published complete in
the next week's Issue of this paper.
The slogan, "American Goods for
Good Americans", will be Illustrated
In such a manner that it will really
surprise everyone who is actually in
terested in the savings that will be
made possible In household and living
The sales plan that will be put into
operation In this city within a week
or ten days, Is somewhat novel. For
Instance, every time you go to your
Grocer, Drnggist, Butcher, Candy
Man, Cigar Man or any other mer
chant in this city, who is cooperating
with these manufacturers, you will be
given a Manufacturers' Special Cou
pon, for every five cents (5) worth that
you may spend for the products of
these manufacturers. Five of these
coupons may be exchanged at the
store of E. H. McClure & Co., The
Iron Clad, for one automobile ticket
To the holder of the largest number
of automobile tickets everj wtak. E.
H. McClure & Co , The Iron Clad, will
five $5 00 in merchandise out of his
store Absolutely Free of charge.
Yetyoudonothavetouurender tl ee
automobile tickets, but can hold them
for six months, as ihey vill at the end
of that period, participate in the
awarding of the automobile.
In presenting this unique method
of modern merchandising which is
actually taking the country by storm
the American Business Men's Asso
ciation a3ks for the unqualified sup
port of every consumer. This support
they rightfully deserve, because you
will not only obtain meritorious mer
chandise, but will actually help to
build up the business of our home
city, instead of sending the money out
of town, to help maintain the prestige
of the large mail order concerns in
distant cities. adv
Mrs. E. T. Sanderson will hold her
annual sale of fancy work at the Bon
Ton Millinery Store, commencing on
Dec. 5. Mrs. Sanderson does beautiful
work and it is always in creat de
mand. This will bo an opportunity
lor you to do some Christmas shopping
easily. adv
narry Murphy and J. R. Benham. of
Lynchburg, have purchased the Ber-
nard & Sons Hardware Store at Wil
mington. They also purchased tho
Implement and buggy business of J.
B.Hunter, at Lynchburg. Mr. Hunter
will be the manager of the Wilmington
Smoke an Abram Clark, tnatgoodSo
Cigar, sold only at Hllllard's, adv
i f
$fV .
joI Clothe&j 1
We want you to get a club of three
magazines. We sell The news Her
ald and three big magazines all one
year for only $1 25. Send your order
today by phone or mall. adv
Dr. and Mrs. J. 0. Larkln have re
turned from Washington City, where
the Doctor attended convention of the
American Surgical Association. Dr.
Larkln had the high honor conferred
on him of receiving the degree of F.
A. C. S. from the American College of
Miss Edna Rothgeb, who was the
director of the home talent entertain
ment, "The Captain of Plymouth",
recently given here, spent Saturday
and Sunday with friends here. She is
now at Sablna where she has charge
of the rehersals for the play which
will be presented there soon.
John W. Swift, aged 05 years, died
at his home in Leesburg last week,
after a long illness. Funeral services
were held Friday afternoon at the
home. Mr. Swift was one of the promi
nent and influential citizens of the
northern part of the county. About
twelve years ago he was a candidate
for county commissioner on the Re
publican ticket.
Don Scott and Stanley Jordan re
turned home Sunday. They have been
working for several months for the
Scarborough Map Co., gathering data
for the Scarborough Motor Guide.
They were In the state of New York
most of the time. Mr. Scott was in
Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut
and Canada for a few weeks and Mr.
Jordan spent several weeks in Penn
sylvanla and New Jersey. They trav
eled on motor cycles. The Scarbor
ough Motor Guide will be the official
guide of the New York Automobile
Association noxtyear. Both of the
boys enjoyed this work very crauch
and expect to be with the Scarbor
ough Co. again next year.
We have just made a pur
chase of a big lot of Overcoats
at manufacturer's cost and are
going to put all of these coats
on sale at prices that will ap
peal to every one who is in need
of a coat.
One lot of extra good qual
ity $5.00 and $6.00 Overcoats
will go at $3.95.
A lot of $7.50, $8.00 and
$8.50 coats while they last at
Best quality $10 Overcoats,
all wool, will be sold at $7.45.
$15.00 Overcoats, in all
styles and very finest qualities
at $12.45.
Special low prices on Boy's
and Children's Overcoats.
Remember this is a sale of
strictly first class merchandise,
the kind we always sell.
E. H. McClure & Co.
Mrs. Garrett L. Wedding and son
are visiting relatives in Dayton.
James Puckett spent Sunday with
relatives at Buford.
Do I not forget the Thanksgiving
Book Shower for the Public Library.
Mr. and Mrs. Ruby Vance visited
Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Holladay, of Car
mel, Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Sallle Butler, of North Union,
has been the guest of her mother,
Mrs. Margaret Gall, for several days.
Frank Parsons, of Cincinnati, is vis
iting his grandmother, Mrs. Eugene
Miss Cora E. Bell went to Dayton
last week for a two weeks visit with
Mrs. Goodhue.
Miss Ellen Steele, of Cincinnati, is
spending the Thanksgiving vacation
with her mottier, Mrs. S. F. Steele.
Mrs. James Henley, of Martinsville,
who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs-
Lewis Vance, has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Campbell have
as their guest, Mrs. Alice Ellison, of
Indianapolis, Ind.
Mrs. S. W. Edminston and daugh
ter, Miss Lucy, went to Harrison on
Tuesday to attend the wedding of a
Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur Roads and
daughter spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. John Q. Roads.
William Price and daughter, Miss
Mabel, spent Sunday afternoon with
L. H. Mendenhall and family, of Ber-
Mrs. May Mendenhall. of Berrvvlll.
received a box of flowers on Monday
irom her brother, of Edna, Tex., the
box containing some fine roses and
lemon and orange buds in good condition.
Hillsboro, Ohio
Cures Colds in
24 Hours
How easy it is to take cold
dampness, wet feet, sitting in a
draft, exposure to winds and the
unpleasant results soon follow.
The head becomes clogged, It's
dllllcult to breathe, the membranes
of nose and throat become irrita
ted, inflamed, and a catarrhal con
dition manifests Itself.
But with proper treatment a
cure is coraparativly easy.
cures a cold in the shortest
time possible
It acts directly on mucous mem
branes, relieves Irritation and In
flammation, opens up the pores of
the skin and acts as a tonic laxa
tive. Prompt and Effective
the action of but a few tablets
results in relief. Nothing simpler.
25 cents for 35 tablets
Whatever a good drug store
ought to have and many things
that other drug stores don't keep
you'll find here. Come to us first
and you'll get what you want.
N. nigh St. Hillsboro, Ohio
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Terrell and Mr.
and Mrs. W. L. Stautner. of rvni,.
burg, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs,
j. ja HtaDier sunaay.

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