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I Do Your Christmas Shopping Now I
1 Read these lists over and you will find something useful for each of your friends. Shop at the best store-Kerns f
fffT i-'T TTT
Dress Goods
Fancy Ribbons
3000 Handkerchiefs
Silk Hose
Long Kid Gloves
Short Kid Gloves
Silk Gloves
Corset Covers
Crepe Gowns
Gossard Corsets
Mesh Bags
Leather Bags
Silk Bags
Laundry Bags
Fancy Combs
Fancj' Barretts
Bar Pins
Fancy Fans
Neck Beads
Neck Wear
Silk Scarfs
Auto Yeils
Children's Coats
Misses' Coats
Ladies' Coats
Ladies' Suits
Ladies' Skirts
Silk Petticoats
Crepe Kimonos
Silk Kimonos
Bungalo Aprons
Fancy Aprons
Knit Goods
Sweater Coats
Auto Hoods
Baby Hoods
Knit Skirts
Knit Mufflers
Knit Petticoats
Raby Sacques
Baby Bootes
Baby Mittens
Baby Stockings
Table Linens
Fancy Linens
Round Cloths
Square Cloths
Table Scarfs
Centre Pieces
Guests Towels
Fancy Towels
White Quilts
Wool Blankets
Cotton Blankets
Cotton Comforts
Wool Comforts
Silk Comforts
Lace Curtains
Small Rugs
Large Rugs
Couch Covers
Robe Blankets
Come in to this big store, stroll around and see all the beautiful gifts displayed in our nineteen big glass show cases.
It is truly a pleasure to do your Christmas shopping at this store where shopping is made so easy for you. Everything
displayed for your convenience. Plenty of aisle room in this big store Every convenience for ladies. Make this your
shopping place. I
South High
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A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. John
Duncan, Saturday.
Mr and Mrs. John R. Ilorst, of Co
lumbus. were the guests of their
daughter, Mrs. Paul narsha, Saturday
Mrs. N. R. Barrett has returned and Sunday,
from a visit with relatives in Oolum-
kus Mrs. Sarah L. Hatcher and family
. I were entertained at the home of the
Mrs. Isaac Conn and daughter, Miss Huff sisters to a turkey dinner on
Lillian, are visiting relatives in Cincln- Thanksgiving Day
Mr. and Mrs John Newby, of Marion,
vere the guests of their parents here
over Sunday.
Charles F. Whlsler purchased the
Fallon property on the corner of Main
& West streets Monday at public sale.
I The price was $5615.
.Mrs. J. D. McBride entertained the
Twentieth Century Club Monday
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stabler were
the guests of relatives in JCincinnatl
over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Conwell, of Xenla,
who have been visiting their son,
James, returned home Monday.
Mrs. Clifford Elllfrltz entertained a
ompany of ladles with a kensington
on Wednesday afternoon. i
Samuel Williamson returned Satur
aay from a two weeks visit with
relatives at Seamen.
Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Rogers will leave
Saturday for Biloxi, Miss., where they
will spend the winter.
William McMullen left Tuesday for
Florida where he will spend the winter
on account of his health.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Holmes spent
Thanksgiving in Cincinnati, the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Holmes.
Miss Louanna Ambrose returned to
her home in Cincinnati Saturday, 'after
a weeks visit with her sister, Mrs.
Ova Ballentlne.
Just Had to Lay.
A quaint little story is told of the
early days of Miss Inez Milholland,
"the most beautiful suffragette In
America," as she has been called.
According to her father, it seems
that even as a baby she was very
strong-willed. One day her nurse
came In despair to Mrs. Milholland
and announced that Bhe had found
Inez on the top of a haystack and
that tlio child flatly refused to come
Mrs. Milholland sallied forth to see
what she could do in the matter, but
all her coaxing was in vain. '
To her mother's entreaties Inez re
plied, firmly: "There's a nasty old
hen up here that won't lay her eggs,
and I'm going to make her do ltl"
Spencer Calvert and family, of
Washington 0. H., visited the former's
brother, N. E. Calvert, Sunday.
Judge and Mrs. T. M. Watts have
gone to Lynchburg, Va., to visit
their daughter, Mjrs J. Edgar Ware
Mrs. Stanley Holladay is very seri
ously ill with brights disease. It Is
thought she can live only a short time.
Ten car loads of fat hogs were
shipped from here Saturday, the first
since the quarantine went into effect.
For any pain, burn, scald or bruise
apply Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil the
household remedy. Two sizes, 25c and
50c, at all drug stores. adv
Miss Eckman, who has been the
trimmer at the Elite Millinery Store
the past season, returned to her home
at Youngstown, Monday.
Doan's Regulets are recommended
by many who say they operate easily,
without griping and without bad after
effects. 25c at all drug stores, adv
Dr. H. M. Brown went to Chicago
Sunday to attend the meetings of the
executive committees of live stock
breeding association.
Mis. W. N. Bean and Mrs. Howard
Tolle gave a brilliant reception Tubs
day afternoon for their guests, Mrs.
Jesse Fersinger and Mrs. Harley Wil
kin, of Washington, C. H. The beauti
ful Bean home was attractively decq
rated with yellow chrysanthemums.
Delicious refreshments were served.
Knots In Harness.
To loosen knots In harness, straps,
cords, ropes, or even shoe strings,
hammer the knot on all sides with a
mallet or a piece of woqd, turning
the strap or rope around, then dip in
boiling water, holding it there a min
ute or two, according to size of knot
to be loosened. Before doing so add
a. little eoap to the water, then with
a sharply pointed instrument pick the
knot loose. It can often be done with
the fingers. Knots that have been
pulled in harness, or ropes for month
or years can be loosened readily.
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I Christmas Buyers
Mrs. Norval Marchant, of Boouton,
2J, J., was the guest of Mrs. M. B.
Yoeman, a few days the first of the
Special Notice.
The Sarah L. Richards Altruistic
Association will meet Friday after
noou, Dec. 4, in tho home of the Missea
Murphy, on N. High St.
Hunting Quarantine Raised.
The quarantine on hunting In High
land county was raised Tuesday by
State Veterinarian Fischer and Game
Warden Speaks. Following the ials
lng of the quarantine Gov. Cox stated
that he contemplated issuing a procla
mation extending the hunting season
until the middle of this month.
To lessen the smoke and gas in tun
nels, Swiss railroads are equipping
their locomotive stacks with lids, tJbe
closed when a tunnel is entered, steam
being exhausted beneath the engines.
"Boots by Smith, costumes by Rob
inson, wigs by Jones, scenery by Ding
bat," mumbled the man in the end
"What are you drlvlngat?"
"I'm trying to dig up who wrote the
play." Louisville Courier-Journal.
Qame of Chance.
"There la nothing more uncertain
than a horse race," exclaimed the man
with a tendency to talk loud.
And the melancholy friend re
sponded: "You never worked in a mtooo
logical office, did your'
Ecuador's Large Cacao Crop.
Some idea of the magnitude of
Ecuador's cacao crop may be gained
rom the fact that the main streets of
Quayquall are at present almost
wholly occupied by cacao beano,
placed there to undergo the necessary I
curing process, and the wharves are
covered to a height of soveral feet
with the beans in bags ready for ex
port The enormous yield is tho re
sult of the increased acreage and
fTAttlor tinmTiov- nf trnAft nlnntAil In thit
last few years. So long as the cacao ,
crop continues to be so bounteous, the
republic will occupy an Independent
financial position.
I closed out from one of the lar
gest clothing manufacturers a
lot of fine Suits and Overcoats
at prices less than cost to make.
This is Your Time to Save Money
Useless Bother.
Young Man I have called, sir, to re
quest the hand of your daughter la
Grumbells Hsa she accepted you?
Young Man Yea, sir.
Grumbells Then what do you want
to come around and bother me wltk
your.troubles for!
. - ?--' ,J

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