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XtXi "1-.J&'- Z -?-W. "-gCME) lfti
Mr. and Mrs. Kelson Sparks return
ed Thursday from their wedding trip.
Mrs. J. G. Bell eutortalned the D.
A. K Wednesday afternoon.
Joseph Carroll went to Union City,
Ind., Tuesday on business.
Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Russ spont Sun
day In Cincinnati.
Starling Pope has gone on atrip to
New York and Philadelphia.
Homer Salter Held visited his parents
at North Union, Sunday.
Mrs. Anna Duke visited her mother,
Mrs. E. II. Easter, at Dahas, Sunday.
Mrs. J. Willard Gore spent Monday
and Tuesday In Cincinnati.
Mibhael Brown was in Chilllcothe
last week on business
Foley spent Saturday in
Miss Myra Johnson spent Friday in
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs Stanley Rogers, Friday morning1
Miss Love Henny spent Monday and
Tuesday in Cincinnati.
Miss Edna Eothgeb, of Franklin,
was the guest of friends here from
Friday until Monday.
Mrs. Hamma and Miss Florence
Sanders, of Springfield, are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. James Burton,
Miss Sarah Thompson entertained a
number of her girl friends with a
slumber party Thursday night.
Prof. Harry Franze returned Mon
day from a short visit with his parents
at Lebanon.
Mrs. Will Reed and daughter, Miss
Mary Kinney, spent Monday in Cin
cinnati. Mr. and Mrs. E. S Kesler and Mrs
C. A Duke and son, Edwin, spent
Thursday at Serpent Mound.
Miss Josephine Collins has returned
from an extended visit at Deer Lodge,
Tenn., Indianapolis, Ind., and Sidney.
Miss Josephine McMullen enter
talned with a dinner party on Thurs
day evening for Miss Ruth Rizer.
Miner Kesler, of Barberton, has
been visiting relatives here ,the past
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bayless were
the guests of West Kincaid at Fln
castie Sunday and Monday.
Miss Elsa Johnson, of Montery, was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M.
Johnson Sunday.
Mrs. Garrett L, Wedding returned
Thursday from a two weeks visit
with relatives in Dayton.
Fred Penquite, of Lynchburg, vis
ited his brother, Harry, Saturday and
. -
Mrs. N. W. Chaney, who has been
visiting Mrs. John Conard returned to
her home in Cincinnati Monday.
. .
Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Donohoo had as
their guests a few days last week,
Mrs. Clary and son, of Norwood.
Paul Vance and family, of Chilll
cothe, were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. I. K. "Vance a few days last week.
Miss Elizabeth Henley visited Miss
Loretta Higglns, of Wilmington, last
Rev. John Howard returned last
week from a very pleasant trip through
the Carollnas and Florida.
Judge and Mrs. J. Frank Wilson and
children returned Sunday from a short
visit with relatives in Greenfield.
Herbert Hammond, John Squier and
Ovid Lowe, of Greenfield, spent Sun
day with friends here.
Ulysses Caldwell, of Westboro, was
the guest of his sister, Mrs. Joseph
Hetherington, the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Muntz were tho
guests of the former's brother, E. J.
Muntz, at Oakley, Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hlbben were the
guests of their son, Fred, In Cleve
land, last week.
Miss Florence Jones, of Leesburgi
visited Miss Mildred Russ, Friday and
Mrs. Barah A. Doggett, of Cincin
nati, has been the guest of her daugh
ter, Mrs. J. B. Worley, since Saturday.
Mr. and Itirs. H. L. Wiggins and son,
Lawson, spent Sunday with relatives
In Maysvllle, Ky.
J.J Perry, of Detroit, Mich, re
turned home Monday, after a short
visit with friends here.
Miss Ellen Rogers entertained a
small company of friends at dinner
Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Vance enter
tained at dinner Thanksgiving the
latter's mother, Mrs. Sarah Stroup,
Mr. and Mrs. Chris. Jonte, of Nor
wood, and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ban
man, of Louisville, Ky.
A very enjoyable dance was held at
Bell's Hall Friday night by a number
of the younger social set.
Lieut. Slgel Mullenlx attended a
meeting of the Ohio National Guard
olllcers at Columbus Monday and
Prof. Pearce McMullen, of Cam
bridge, spent the Thanksgiving holi
days with his parents Mr. and Mrs.
John M. McMullen.
Oren Stevens,. who has an impor
tant position with the Barnum &'
Bailey Circus, arrived here last week
to spend the winter.
Mrs. Chas. E. Haas, of Seaman, at
tended the wedding Thursday of her
sister, Miss Flora Swlssholm, to C. F.
Bainter, of Wilmington.
Prof, and Mrs. II. II . Brader moved
to Cincinnati Friday, where Prof.
Brader Is employed as an Instructor
In Woodward High School.
Miss Cooper, who was the trimmer
at the Bon Ton Millinery Store the
past season, returned to her home at
East Liverpool, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A Zlnk and daugh
ter, Miss Anna, have returned from a
snort visit with Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Eggert, of Cincinnati.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Rockhold had as
their guests Thanksgiving Day, Mr.
and Mrs. Austin Rockhold and Mrs.
Forbes, of Dayton.
William Mason, Jr., of Lancaster,
Ky., was the guest of his sister, Mrs.
Roy A. naynes, the latter part of last
Mrs. Elgar Caldwell and children, of
Greenfield, spent Thanksgiving with
the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Ridgeway.
Prof, and Mrs. W. E. Cornetet, of
Bainbrldge, were the guests of the
latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. B.
Banks, a few days last week.
.HM. I -
Miss Madge Mossman, of Sister
vllle, W. Va , was the guest of her
brother, Prof. Lee Gutridge, a few
days the latter part of last week.
Miss Lucy Helscher, who has been
making her home with Rev. and Mrs.
O L. Martin in Zanesville, has re
turned here for the winter.
John Blount returned to his dutlea
at the Boys Industrial School at Lan
caster Monday, after a weeks visit
with his mother, Mrs. John Howard
Miss Cora Brooksbank, of Cincin
nati, spent Thursday with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. James Brooks
bank. John Hoffman, of Cincinnati, was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Car
roll and other friends here Thanks
giving. Joseph Wlnegardner, of Davenport,
la., was called here Saturday by the
serious illness of his mother, Mrs.
Gertrude Wlnegardner. '
Mrs. William Hugglns entertained a
company of young ladles with cards
Friday afternoon for Mrs. Fred H,
Norman B. Beecher, of New York
City, was the guest of his parents,
Rev. and Mrs. G. B. Beecher, Satur
day and Sunday.
Clarence Pearce has returned to his
studies at Ohio University, Athens,
after a short visit with his father,
Moses Pearce.
Dr and Mrs. W. n. Shields and
daughter, Miss Margaret, and Mrs. J.
G, Bell and daughter, Miss Bertha,
spent Friday In Cincinnati.
Ervln Evans, of the Ohio State Uni
versity, Columbus, was the guest of
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Evans'
from Wednesday until Monday.
William Morrow and son, Eugene, of
Columbus, have been the guests of the
former's sister, Mrs. Olph Doggett,
since Saturday.
Harry Mercer, of Greenfield, was the
guest of his grandparents, Dr. and
Mrs. D. N. McBrlde, from Saturday
until Monday.
Roland Baskin returned to his home
In Cleveland Friday, after a week's
visit at the home of Judge and Mrs.
J. B. Worley.
Prof, and Mrs. C. C. Patterson and
daughter returned Sunday from a short
visit with Mrs. Patterson's mother, at
"Hon. and Mrs. J. J. Pugsley went to
Pittsburg, Pa., Sunday, for an ex
tended visit with their daughter, Mrs.
Henry Graham Brown.
Miss Louie Carlisle, of Columbus,
returned home Monday, after a short
visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John Carlisle.
Mr. and Mrs. Blair M. Boyd enter
tained Thursday evening with a sur
prise kitchen shower for Mr. and Mrs,
Charles F. Clarke.
George McConnaughey and Charles
Prlne, who are attending Dennison
College, at Granville, spent the
Thanksgiving vacation with their
arents here.
OfCouncilon (Street Lights and
People Asked to Adopt
Waiting1 Policy.
In their argument against the pro
posed ordlnince for street lights
Council lilritnd that they would soon
be able to provide the town with light
from some o.uer source than the local
Company and for very much less than
is now asked. Having absolutely noth
ing real to offer In the way of light,
Council could only hope to keep tho
town In darkness by hinting at some
thing fine to come in the future that
would amply repay everyone for the
long Indefinite period of darkness.
A number of people wanting to see
some sort of light provided for the
streets during the life of the present
generation and being a little uncertain
as to what Council really had to offer,
began to ask, when will lights be fur
nished and where will they come
Council has at last decided to take
the Public Into Its confidence and
through the columns of the News
Herald answers these questions as
follows : "Council has also had up the
question of street lights with the C. &
C. Traction Co. This company Is now
In the hands of a receiver and it will
not make such a Contract as It would
lnvolveaddltlonal expenditures. Mem
bers of Council say that they under
stand the receivership will probably
be raised soon and they bollovo that
it will then be possible to make a
contract with that Company at a very
low rate."
Is this answer satisfactory ?
Do the words understand, proba
bly, soon, believe, possible on
which this answer is based seem to
offer Immediate, certain, steady lights
for the streets, or do they simply hold
out an Indefinite hope. "Some day,
some way, perhaps."
So far as the Traction Company Is
concerned In the light question the
facts are these. Last Spring the Coun
cil asked the Traction Company to
make a proposition for furnishing
street lights for so much money. The
amount offered being too little to
justify the large expenditures neces
sary to enable the Traction Company
to furnish street lights nothing has
ever been done by the receiver.
Now Council Is asking tho town to
get along without light until the
traffic between Norwood and Hlllsboro
grows to such a volume that the Trac
tlon Company can earn enough money
to raise the receivership, and then to
wait until the new management will
come to look upon the street lighting
business here as very profitable and
justifying the expenditure of a large
amount of money, and then to wait
still further until the State Depart
ment will change the Traction Com
panies charter so they can enter into
the lighting business, and then to wait
again until The Public Utilities Com
mission will recognize the necessity of
having the C. & C. Traction Company
engage In the lighting business in
Hlllsboro and will give them permis
sion to issue and sell tho necessary
securities to raise the money to pur
chase the equipment for lighting the
town, and then to keep on waiting un
til the investing public will purchase
the securities issued to furnish the
money to buy the many things that
will be needed before the town could
be successfully lighted from Perln
town. If the convenience and prosperity of
the people depend so little on well
lighted streets that they are willing to
' do without them until all these things
come to pass, then street lights are
truly of little value and uie town
might as well remain in darkntss. If
on the other hand street lights are
essential and can be secured here under
conditions as favorable as in any other
place in the State why hhould the
town be asked to wan uuleiluiiely lor
this dream to come true. adv
Judge J. W. Mooney, of Columbus,
and J. L. Cole, of Cincinnati, were
here on legal business Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Moberly have
returned to their home in Dayton,
after spending the week with friends
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown and Mr.
Miller, of Cincinnati, have been the
guests of Mrs. Brown's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed. Colvln, since Sunday.
Harley and Earl Pence have return
ed to school at Ada. They were ac
companied as far as Dayton by their
mother who will visit in Dayton,
Hamilton and Cincinnati.
Mrs. Marie T. Rives, who attended
the National W. 0. T. U. Convention
at Atlanta, 6a., will give a report of
the convention at the M. E. Church
on Thursday evening at 7 o'clock.
A representative of the Edison Co.
will demonstrate one of the new dia
mond point machines before the High
School at the Washington building on
Thursday afternoon from 2:30 to 3:30.
The concert will consist of -a mixed
classical and popular program, to
gether with a talk on the develops
mentof phonograpks by the demon
strator. The public Is invited.
CKfjltbAfr I
All V oJl tVothj-j I
That part of the story of the Million
Dollar Mystery which will be shown
at the Orpheum tonight appears in
this Issue of Tub News Herald.
Mr. and Mrs. Emerv HMUnrrcicT n,i
children, of Seaman, were the guests
manKsgiving uay of Mr. and Mrs.
W H. Pence.
Mr. and Mrs. Hamlin Smith nnrt
children moved to Wilmington Friday
wnere ir. smith has formed a part
nership with his brother in the dry
cleaning business.
Starling Montgomery, of Dallas, and
niissuoiaie uarnett. or West Carroll.
ton, were married Friday afternoon at
me m. a. parsonage,Rev. Slutz offi
ciating. A son, Richard j Patton jr., weight
9 pounds, was born to; Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Patton, of Columbus, Satur
day. Mr. Patton Is a son of Mrs. S. N.
Patton, of this place.
Mrs. Frank Durnell and son, Donald,
James Elliott and. Sheldon Shepherd,
of Columbus, were the.' gueots of Mrs.
Durnell's mother, Mrs. D. F. Scott,
from Wednesday untlli-Monday.
Miss Pearl Carlisle, who Is attending
Ohio State University, Columbus,
spent the Thanksgiving holidays with
her parents, Mr. and .'Mrs. John Car
lisle. We want you to get a club of three
magazines. We sell The news-Heb-ald
and three big magazines all one
year for only $1.25. Send your order
today by phone or mall. adv
Glenn Swlsshelm and Miss Mabel
Ersklne Powell, bothlof Hlllsboro. R.
F. D., were married by Rev. John
Howard, Thanksgiving Day at the
Children's Home.
Harry M. McCall and Mrs. Frances
Thomas Bell, both of.Leesburg, R. F.
D., were united in marriage Thanks
giving Day, Rev. John Howard offi
ciating. John Briggs has sold his general
store at Russell to Howard Keller, of
Martinsville. Mr. Keller took charge
Tuesday. This Is the only store in
If you will subscribe to The news
Uehald or renew your subscription,
we will include three standard maga
zines, all one year, for only 25c extra.
Mrs. Charles W. Scott entertained
with a small bridge party and tea
Monday afternoon for Mrs. Harley
Wilkin and Mrs Perslnger, of Wash
ington, 0. H., who are the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Bean.
Hilton Noland, of Belfast, and Miss
Mary Smith, of Marshall, were mar
rled at the home of the bride's parents,
in Marshall, Thanksgiving afternoon.
They went to Muncle, Ind., on their
wedding trip.
Misses Ruth Rlzer and Sara Boat
man entertained with a luncheon and
miscellaneous shower Saturday after
noon for Miss Josephine McMullen,
who will become the bride of Wilbur
Hilliard, this month.
If you are interested In the Million
Dollar Mystery you should read the
story as it is published In the The
News-Herald before seeing the
pictures at the Orpheum Thursday
L. L. Farls, of Columbus, secretary
of the State Civil Service Commission,
spent Monday here on business. Mr.
Farls is an applicant for appointment
as United States Marshall for the
southern district of Ohio. The other
applicants are Michael Devanney, of
Cincinnati, and D. K. Hemstead, of
To visit our store
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Suit or Overcoat,
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The Ladles Aid Society of the Rains
boro M. E. church will hold a market
at J. G. Bell's Hardware Store on
Saturday, Dec. 5, commencing at 10.30.
Chickens, pies, cakes, salt rising bread,
doughnuts, cookies, sauerkraut, cot
tage cheese, butter, cream, eggs and
jellies will be on sale.
We can't
1 m mm
Where Quality Counts
Episode Number Sixteen
Orpheum Patrons are due for some surprises tonight. Every
foot just teems with action. It Is so thrilling at times that
you just want to get In the fray yourself. Only a Few Numbers
Left. Get Your Answers Ready.
A Drama thats bound to tug Here is one of the greatest
at the heart strings. Featuring novelties you ever looked at,
Richard Travers and Gerda nothing but the feet of the
Holmes. actors can be seen. Full ofjfun.
Come early tonight. Before the basket ball game
You Must Not Miss The Two Big Features TONIGHT
Showing a portion of the
World's Championship Series.
Many War Scenes.
Come tonight before the show atthe Opera House
Real Features SATURDAY, DEC. 5. Four Reels
Look who's here today-KATEILYN WILLIAMS in
A Big Thrilling Detective Story in Two Acts.
Here is a chance of enjoying
some youthlfylng laughs.
NFYT ATIIRIIAY Kath'yn Williams In a Big Animal Picture,
I1LAI OHIUnUHl "Tub Leopards Fouudllnfr"
Saturday. Dec. 19, "Tue Chip of the Flying U"
Saturday, Dec. 20, "In Tuuo With the Wild"
Eich of these Is In 3 acts. Featuring Kathlyn Williams
The Atmosphere of
the Ancient nindu UJ(fo H)
iuybiiu nab ueeii re
vived. Thanhouser's
Greatest Play.
Watch for the date. Same characters as in ttie Million j Dol
lar Mystery. Said to be better however.
At the request of the Holy Name Society of this City we will
present in addition to our regular program
"The Holy Name Rally" and "The Corner Stone Laying
of St. George School" Taken in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Showing close up views of Archbishop Moellerjand other Notables.
The Military Band and Holy Name Society, of this city, was in the
Monster Parade preceding the ceremonies at the Ball Park. The
Pictures show all of the ceremonies at Ball Park. Arrangements
has been made for just ONE NIGHT ONLY.
rlAUlr r.ff1 r'l lY'S fit
11181 tUM
ySwwfr lipLoiWMF-yJif
John Pfarr- will clean and press and
mend that suit until It will look aa
good as new. 1 also do dry cleaning.
Give me a call. Hrunner's Shoa
Shop adv
Miss Nelle Nelson, of Madisonvllle,
was the guest of her mother, Mrs.
John F. Nelson, the past week. Mrs.
Nelson has been confined to the house
with a severe cold, threatened with
A Story of the fisher folks
taken mid beautiful surround
ings. Featuring Little Mary
A Story of the West taken In
mining country atmosphere.
Is com!i n g a girl
whose keen wit and
dazzling beauty have
made her the most
talked of girl in
.... 1-

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