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By K. O. SELL13R3, Acting Dirootor Sun
day School Course, Moody Bible Insti
tute, Chicago.)
LESSON TEXT Mark 16:1-8: Matt. 28:11
35. GOLDEN TEXT Why seek ye tho liv
ing among the dead? He Is not here, but
la risen. Luke 24:5, 6.
The death of Christ made a pro
found Impression, Luke 23:48, 49. Jo
seph, who had been a secret disciple,
obtained the body and gave it burial,
Mark 15:42-47. In the lesson selected
for today we have, first, Mark's record
of the discovery of the resurrection
by the women, and, second, Matthew's
record -of how his enemies dealt with
that fact.
I. The Resurrection Morn, Mark
16:1-8. The Sabbath ended at sun
down and the shops were then opened.
Mary Magdalene then purchased
spices that they might anoint the dead
body of Jesus. They may have paid
the tomb a visit late on Saturday, see
Matt. 28:1 R. V. Starting the next
morn, "while it was yet dark," John
50:1, they came to the tomb to per
form their last sorvlce of gratitude
and love. He had no need of this serv
ice, Matt. 16:21; 20:19; however, it
was acceptable and they were reward
ed by receiving tho first glimpse of
the risen Lord.
Women's Love Genuine.
The reason they did not expect to
see a risen Jesus was in their failure
to listen to and to ponder on his
words. The men also failed to com
prehend the note of his resurrection
"which he so frequently sounded. In
deed, the report of these same women
is by these men considered "as Idle
tales," Luke 24:11. The women ap
pear in a better light than the men In
this story. The women, especially
Mary Magdalene, loved much because
he had done so much for them. The
extent and the genuineness of their
affection is found in that they went to
the tomb to serve Jesus when appar
- ently hope had fled and faith was
blighted, I Cor. 13:8 R. V. Their visit
was the fulfillment of their ministry
of love, yet It reveals the darkness of
their minds. This was common to all
of his followers.
Approacnfng the tomb they are con
fronted by a new difficulty "Vho
shall roll away the stone?" The words
of verse four are significant "Look
ing up, they see that'the stone Is rolled
back," Am. R. V. This undoubtedly
refers to the situation of the tomb and
their approach thereto, yet "the fact
remains that "looking up" .most of our
difficulties are removed. Let us be
constantly "looking unto him." It has
been suggested that God rolled away
the stone, not that Jgsus might get out,
but rather that thbi women might get
in. Mary found two angels sitting,
pne at the head and one at the foot,
where the body had lain, John 20:11,
12, and the two disciples to whom she
reported found the linen cloth and the
.napkin and "believed," John 20:2-9.
The women were overwhelmed with
.perplexity and, like Peter and John,
"knew not the Scripture that he must
Tise again from the dead." The an
gelic message, "He Is risen; he is not
here," was the sounding forth of a
message as great and as glorious as
that sounded by the angels on the
night of his birth.
Such experience and such knowledge
entails a definite burden of responsi
bility, therefore the logical message
and command of verse seven. This is
also in accord with the Savior's last
earthly message, Mark 16:15; Matt.
28:18-20. It is natural for us to lin
ger in silent meditation at the place
of our greatest revelation or of our
deepest soul experiences, but these
women are urged to "go quickly."
The message of salvation is too im
portant to brook any delay.
Spread False Tale.
II. The Watch at the Sepulcher,
Matt 27:62-66 and 28:11-15. Evident
ly the manner of his death and his re
ported prophecies as to the resurrec
tion made an impression upon tho ene
mies of Jesus. This guard is an ex
pression of the ultimate antagonism
of the priests and rulers. As this, the
morn of the first day of the week, ap
proached the guard saw the vision of
the angel and in its presence became
as dead men. When later they had re
covered they hastened into the city
and reported to the priests the fact of
tho coming of the angel and that the
stono, upon which the seal rested, had
been removed. Bribed, they spread
abroad the tale that the disciples had
Stolen his body. The falseness of
such a tale Is evidenced by the fact
that the rankest infidel has not tho
temerity to makesuch a claim today.
Tho resurrection, as Paul affirms, is
the declaration that Jesus Is the Son
of God. It is a vindication of his
supremacy and o! the supremacy of,
the spiritual over the natural. We do
well to emphasize his birth, and to
dwell much upon his death, yet both
of these have no essential value apart
from the resurrection. Apart from
this and the cross is no more than
the tragio and awe-inspiring end of a
life that failed. Connecting the cross
with this demands that every thought
ful man should study it carefully. The
resurrection demonstrates that h
finished th work of redemption.
November 30, 1914.
Mrs. John Rldgway and daughter,
Jane, of HUlsboro. spent the latter
part of the week with her sister, Mrs.
E R. Johnson, and family.
Vlnrll P. Sparks, of Columbus, spent .
Thanksgiving vacation with his par-1
ents here. ,
Elmer Keen, of Chicago, was the
mipt nfiiia narp.nts. O. P. Keen and
wife, the past week
Miss Edith Barrott, of Wilmington
College, visited her sister, Mrs. John
Sollars. during the Thanksgiving va
cation. Rev. A. P Smith spent the past
week near Bethel, the guest of his
Mrs. Bessie Cox and Miss Blanche
Redkey were shopping In Cincinnati
last Friday.
Mrs. G A. Pavey spent Thanks
giving week with her daughter, Mrs.
Alferd Kester, of New Carlisle.
Mrs. J. A. B. Srofe and children
were week-end guests of relatives in
Mrs. Sara Dooley has gone to Day
ton to spend the winter with her sis
ter. The Bethany Bible class will hold
its monthly social Thursday evening,
December 3, at the parsonage.
Mrs. Dora Sparks and the Misses
Sara and Madge Purdy were Cincin
nati visitors Thursday.
F. T. Pavey and family were
Thanksgiving guests of S. R. Ousley
and family.
Dr. K. Teachnor and Emll Wilson
were business visitors in Cincinnati
last Friday.
Mrs. Link will leaves this week for
an extended visit with her sons in
Washington C. H. and Akron, O.
Mrs. C. C. Redkey was the guest of
her sister, Mrs Etlle Horst and fam-1
ilv. of HUlsboro, Wednesday and
Thursday of last week.
ThnmnsFiPrirvlsvlRltlnir his daueh-
ter, Mrs. Anna Engle and family near
New Vienna.
Mrs. Jud Patton and two sons visit
ed relatives in Blanchester and Mid
land City Thursday and Friday of last
C. N. Winkle, of HUlsboro, was a
business visitor here last Friday.
Mrs. Irvln, of Greenfield, was the
guest of Mrs. Llda Dixon Saturday
and Sunday.
Arthur Naylorand family visited
relatives near New Vienna 07er Sun
On Wednesday morning of last week
the fire alarm was sounded when it
was discovered that the blaze was at
the home of Arthur Fulger near
Dewey's mill. By the heroic efforts
of the lire department and volunteer
workers the blaze was soon under con
trol with a probable loss of $200 or
$300. The furniture was damaged
considerably by handling and water.
This was the third fire Leesburg had
last week. The other two were pre
vented from being disastrous ones
only by timely discovery ; they were
extinguished without the aid of the
fire department.
Mrs. Dallas Cox and sons, Thane
and Thaddeus, visited relatives in
Columbus, the latter part of the week.
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Shot Pomm fin the t, 'or.' J.
November 30, 1914.
Cla s No. 7 or the Christian Church
will hold a bazaar inSonner's building
the first two Saturdays In Deo.
They will have all kinds of fancy work
suitable tor Xmas presents,
L. L Faris, of Columbus, was with
h,s mother Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs Whltacre entertained
on Thanksgiving Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Patterson, of Blanchester, Mrs.
Brown, of HUlsboro, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Pinkerton and sons, Harold
and Paul, Marlie VanWlnkle, Fay
Pickerell and Dana McAdow.
Mrs Amanda Henderson has been
visiting friends in HUlsboro since
'Ferd Ratcllff and wife entertained
Mr. and Mrs. Brltton, of Russell, Sat
urday. Mr. and Mrs. Patton entertained a
number of friends with a turkey din
ner on Thanksgiving.
G. T. DeLaney and sons were in
Cincinnati Saturday and Sunday.
Rev. Spurrier began a series of
meetln s at Dodsonville on Monday
Tho Eastern Star entertained the
Martinsville Chapter on Friday even
ing with a banquet.
W. h. Stautner transacted business
in Cincinnati Monday.
Mike Deinnlnger and family are
moving into their new cottage on the
corner ofPearl St. and Park Ave.
Barley Montgomery and family, of
Spring Hill Farm, entertained with a
family dinner Thanksgiving.
Mrs. Wm. Cleveland returned home
Saturday evening after a visit of sev
eral days in Cincinnati and Coving
ton. Gus Bering was with his parents in
'Covington, Ky., Thursday.
A special meeting of Council was
, called Friday afternoon and Clarence
Dean was appointed marshall to
the unexpired term of J. w
Harry Murphy and wife spent
Thanksgiving with friends at Hart
well. Frank Hill and wife, of HUls
boro, were guests Sunday of Mr. and
Mrs. Murphy.
W. L. Stautner Is a business visitor
in Cincinnati today.
Walter Montgomery left for Lake
Worth, Florida, Monday morning. He
was accompanied as far as Cincinnati
by hid wife and son, Lawrence.
V. C. Duncanson and wife and son,
Lowell, were with L. L. Faris and
family, of Columbus, Thursday and
Mayor Ruble and wife and W. L.
Stautner and wife visited John Klb
ler and family, of Martinsville, Sun
day. Mrs. Lizzie McKenzie returned
home Sunday evening after several
days visit in HUlsboro.
Mrs. Sam. Griffin, of HUlsboro, is
the guest of Mrs. W, L. Stautner to
day. Miss Lulu Wajker was called to
Fayettevllle Wednesday to attend the
funeral of her grandmother, Mrs.
Miss Margaret DeLaney entertain
ed a number of the young people on
Thursday evening with a Puritan
Mrs. M. E. Sonner entertained at
dinner Sunday the following guests :
Miss Lucille Roush, of Greenfield,
Harry Brown, of Columbus, Salome
Montgomery, Marian DeLaney, Mrs.
Lizzie Archer and Edwin DeLaney.
George Smith and wife have moved
into the house vacated by J. B. Hun
ter and family.
J. B. Hunter and family are moving
to Wilmington this week, where Mr.
Hunter have charge of a large hard
ware store. Their daughter, Miss
Nolle, who is a Senior in High School,
will remain here until (he close of
school. The people of Lynchburg are
sorry to lose this excellent family.
Rev. Luck, of Massachuetts, lectur
ed In the Christian Church Sunday
evening to a large and appreciative
audience. His subject was "Love".
John Luck and wife entertained Rev.
Luck while here.
Miss Stella Brewer, of this place,
and Mr. Norris, of Cincinnati, were
married In Covington, Ky., Friday.
Isma Troth was a business visitor
In HUlsboro Tuesday.
O. W. Roush and family and H. B.
Galliett were in HUlsboro Saturday.
Leo Parker, of Cincinnati, was with
his mother, Mrs. Ella Parker, part of
last week.
The Farmers Institute will be held
In the school auditorium Dec. 4-5.
Joe B. Kleckner, of .Delaware, was
with his father, Dr. Kleckner, last
The Women's Missionary Society
Clark Ogden and wife, of HUlsboro,
visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Dumenll Thmsday.
Miss Norlnne DeLaney, of Oxford,
Anna Boosveld, Wendol Perry, of
Cincinnati, Hazel Galliett, of Cov
ington, Ky., Hilda Goddard, Marietta
Kellis, Mary iRoush, Gertrude Pfister,
Floyd Sonner and Lewis Pence, of
Columbus, were with their parents
for Thanksgiving vacation.
Mrs. Chas. Linton will entertain
the O. W. B M. Thursday afternoon.
Mesdames Garner and DeLaney
were In Blanchester Saturday.
Dr. Terrell and wife were with her
mother, Mrs. Powell, of New Vienna,
H. N. Henderson, and wife enter
tained Ferd 1U tell II and wife, J. L.
DeLaney and wife, Amanda Hender
son and J. A. McAdow for dinner on
Mrs. Srofe entertained with a fam
lly dinner Thursday.
Mrs. Harry Murphy will entertain
the Ladles Aid on Thursday afternoon
of this week.
August Erke and family are with
relatives in Cincinnati.
Isma Troth and wife entertained
about forty relatives on Thanks-
g vlng.
At the annual election of the
Lynchburg Industrial Club held Fri
day evening, Nov. 27, the following
' officers were elected : President, W.
A. Saylor, Vice President, J. R. Ben
ham, Secretary, Dr. AcAdow, Treas
urer, W. L. Stautner, Trustees for 2
year, H. S. Pulse, H. B. Galliett, M.
J. Jones. Trusteej.for 1 year, C. E.
Nov. 30, 1914.
Enos Eubanks, whose illness has
been previously mentioned, died Fri
day afternoon with kidney trouble.
He was aged about 74 years. He is
survived by his wife, three sons, Joe,
of Greenfield, C. M., of near Locust
Grove, and Charlie, of Akron, and
three daughters, Mrs. Nola Head,
Mrs Cora Kessler, of Barberton, and
Mrs. Mae Burley, of Washington, O
H. All were present at the funeral,
except Mrs. Kessler and Charlie, who
were unable to come on account of
sickness. He also leaves 20 grand
children, one igreat grandchild, one
brother and one sister. Funeral ser
vices were held In the Carmel church,
where he had been a member all his
life, conducted by Rev. Clyde Howard,
of Cincinnati. Interment InCynthlana
J. P. Havens and son are building
a barn for Austin Eubanks.
Mrs. Florence Eubanks and youngest
daughter and son were the guests of
Mrs. Tena Seamon, of near Locust
Grove, over Thanksgiving.
Miss Reah Eubanks, of Greenfield,
spent the latter part of the week with
her parents, H. M. Eubanks and wife.
Mrs. Jane Stults took dinner Sunday
with her sister, Mrs. Rebecca Stults.
Miss Edith Holten and Geo. Seal
ing, of Waverly, spent the latter part
of the week with the former's parents,
Harvey Holton and wife.
Mrs. Jack Butler, son and daughter,
of Elmvllle, were the guests of H. M.
Eubanks and wife Saturday night
and Sunday.
James and Chess Deardoff, who are
employe! near Waverly, spent the
latter part of the week with hojne
Mrs. John Nace and daughter, Mrs.
Covan, and little daughter, of Sinking
Spring, spent Thanksgiving with Mrs.
Permella A. Kissling.
John Washburn and wife, of Dallas'
were the guests of J. P. Havens and
family Saturday night and Sunday.
David White returned to Kansas
last week.J
H. V. Matthews entertained at din
ntr Thanksgiving; Dr. Chapman and
family, of Sinking Spring, Frank Carl,
of Winchester, and Fred Rhoads and
O. A. Rhoads and wife, of this
place, and Sherman Crum, of Sinking
Spring, took dinner Sunday with J as
Bobb and family.
11. V. Matthews and wife, Bess L.
Butler and nephew, Benson Butler,
were the guests of J. D. Stults and
wife, Sunday.
Fred Rhoads entertained S. S. Dear
doff and wife, Sunday.
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Nov. 30, 1914.
Miss Bertha Chaney spent the fore
part of the week with her sister. Mrs.
Albert Pence, of near Lumberton.
Will Charles, wife and son, Joseph,
were guests Sunday of Herman Wil
kin and wife.
Mrs. Ruth Cropper, of Danville, vis
ited Austin Robinson and family, Frl
day. Unas. Trop and wife entertained at
a Thanksgiving dinner; Geo Culhan,
wife and two daughters, of Russell,
Chester Harding, wife and son, Don,
and Mrs. Glen Hill and children, of
Wilmington, Dan Welty, of New
Market, and Stella Orebaugh. Also
Chris Jonte and wife, of Norwood, and
Herbert Bamson, of Louisville, Ky.,
were their guests Thursday night and
Master Ralph Pence spent Saturday
with his grandparents.
Mrs. Louie Orebaugh was the guest
of Mrs. Robert Hottle Tuesday.
Joseph Siddons and wife, Walter
Lemon, wife and daughter, Norma, of
HUlsboro. and Frank Orebaugh and
wife spent Thanksgiving with John
Lemon and wife.
Mrs. S. J. Pence called on Mrs. Har
ley Cluff Friday afternoon.
P. W. Charles and wife are visiting
Prof. L. W. Warson and family, of
General Pence and family visited
S. R. Robinson and family Sunday
Mrs. Allen Pence and Miss Willa
Robinson spent Friday in Cincinnati.
Earl Pence, who is attending school
at Ada, spent Thursday and Friday at
the home of G. G. O. Pence.
Guy Roush and family, of WUming
ton, have moved In with Uncle Than
Lewis Orebaugh and wife, of HUls
boro, Chas. Pence and wife, of Dayton,
were entertained at dinner Friday by
Frank Orebaugli and wife.
Mrs Dillon, of HUlsboro, spent
Thursday with her daughter, Mrs
Will Charles.
Austin Robinson and family enter
tained Rev. Reelman, of Michigan,
Saturday night and Sunday.
Mrs. S. J. Pence and Chas. Orebaugh
were the guests of Wm. Pence and
family Sunday.
Wright Fawley and wife, of Tile
Junction, were calling on their daugh
ter Thursday night.
Quite a number gathered at the
Glendale school house Friday after
noon to hear the songs and recitations
given by the school. The school is
progressing nicely with Ulrlc Roush,
as teacher.
The "Willing Workers," of Mt.
ZIon, will hold a market at the Union
Grocery on next Saturday, Dec. 5. All
good things to eat, such as pies, cakes,
chicken etc.
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Nov. 30, 1914.
Mrs. llobt. McLaughlin and son,
Woodrow, and daughter, Lucille, spent
Thanksgiving with Theodore Mc
Laughlin and wife, near Danville.
Mrs. Margaret Faris lias returned
home, after an extended visit with
Frank Remley and vylfe, at Hamilton.
Willie Hawk and wife entertained a
number of relatives at dinner Sunday.
Theodore Shaffer and wife were
guests of Willie Turner and wife,
Mrs. Janie Ruble and little son spent
several days last week with Mrs. Nancy
J. M. Foust and wife entertained O.
E Barker and wife, Mrs. Mary Haw
thorne and John Smith and sons, Her
man and George Thanksgiving.
Mrs. Anne Ouster, of HUlsboro,
spent several days last week with her
sister, Mrs. Margaret Faris
Ervin Shaffer and wife were guests
of relatives near Harwood, Sunday.
T. C. Duncan and wife and two sons,
Lyman and Guy, of Lynchburg, were
guests of D. A. Pulllam and wife,
George Burkett and wife and daugh
ter, Georgia, were guests of Bert
Young and family Sunday.
Charles Donohoo and vife, of Mt.
Washington, spent Saturday night and
Sunday with the lattor's parents, W.
A. Dodson and wife.
Ozro Barker and wife and baby,
Kermit, spent Thanksgiving with her
parents, W. T. Wardlow and wife
J E Barker and wife entertained
Friday W. E Dale and wife and
daughters, Pauline and Wllma, of
Washington U. H.
Mrs. D. A. Pulllam was a guest of
her mother, Mrs. Nancy Cochran, ou
Mrs. Bertsyl McLaughlin and son,
Doyle, spent Thursday with her par
ents, W. A. Dodson and wife.
Ed Barker and wife and granddaugh
ter, Vonda Duncan, visited relatives
at Buford. Saturday.
Jesse Barker, of Mlddletown, visited
his brother, W. S. Barker, several days
last week.
Velma and Faye Williams, of Dod
sonville, spent last week with their
grandparents, Orvllle Ruble and wife.
Miss Nellie Stultz Is visiting rela
tives at HUlsboro.
Miss Dorothy Hartman was a guest
of her cousins, Misses Sarah and La
Verne Barker, Sunday.
Herman Charles and wife, of near
Danville, were the guests of her par
ents, Orvllle Ruble and wife, Sunday.
Mrs. Perry Fawley and sons, Edwin
and Herbert, were guests one day last
week of her parents, Clint Roush and
Lewis Roush and wife and daughters,
Faye and Margene, of Clermont county,
were guests of relatives here several
days last week.
Miss Lizzie McLaughlin entertained
about fifty of her friends with a party
Friday night.
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Nov. 30, 1014.
Mrs. James Beets entertained a com
pany of ladles at her home last Thurs
day afternoon.
Mrs. Jane Patton and Mrs. Brown
and daughter, Louise, called on Mrs.
E E West, Thursday.
Wm. Miller and family entertained
a number of guests Thanksgiving day.
T. B. Cunningham and family enter
tained with a dinner for their friends
Chas. VanZant and family enter
tained a number of guests Sunday.
Mrs. Alta Shannon entertained a
number of guests Thursday.
Mrs. Ella Chaney and Dan West
were guests of Mrs. Evallne McCoy
last week.
Mrs. Mattle Eakins and Mrs. Thos.
Cunningham and daughter, Miss
Martha, called on Mrs. Elizabeth
West, Thursday.
Al, Shannon and family entertained
friends from Lynchburg Tnanksglvlng
Mrs. Lib Kelly called on Mrs. West
Herron Newby and wife were in
HUlsboro Thursday.
E. E. West and wifoere In nilla
boro Sunday.
Mrs. Clayton (at the opera) The
opera seems to be boring you terribly,
Paul. Why, you look absolutely dls.
Mr. Clayton (an efficiency expert)
The opera's all right, Emma, but that
fool conductor is making. hundreds of
unnecessary motions Puck.

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