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The News-Herald. (Hillsboro, Highland Co., Ohio) 1886-1973, December 03, 1914, Image 8

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" S'ft,'T""' 4 ,w" '"?f?7 rrrT- '-"---Tivf'JT ' "
Opening Display This Week BOWLES & CO. Begin YourXmas Shopping To-dny
' J . ' " " - - " 7gVfc ' IJEt.T fW.. , , JLinr..- '
HIM Liiifii
The Christmas Gift
You may select a box of
this stationery in white or tint
ed in Letter Paper or Corres
pondence Cards. This paper
is perfectly adapted to the re
quirements of social correspond
ence and will reflect its giver's
good taste and refinement. The
prices 35c to $2.00 a box
make it possible to choose a
gift of unusual attractiveness at
a moderate cost.
For Boys, For Girls, For
Men and Women.
Standard Works
Poets, Late Fiction, Popular
Recent Fiction, Bibles,
Prayer Books, Art Books,
Books in sets, Booklets.
Artcraft Books, Leather
bound Books, Cloth Books
and Linen Books for Chil
dren. Calendars for 1915.
and assistance given to
Book buyers.
Ghristmas Cards
An unusual display
of Christmas Post Cards,
Letters, Greeting Cards,
Folders, New Year's Cards
and Greetings from lc to
KsH MmMtB3EJKmP "''iPflSsssHsKW
111 1 f yDRESSsjf fJI
Paper Boxts, Coin Cards, Coin CasiS, Bill Hold
erf, Holly Envelopes.
Klne white or red "Wedding Cake" Paper, Im
ported Tissue Paper In whit, red or yreeu,
Plain and Decorated Crepe Papers.
Twine In reo, green or white. Tinsel Uord In
gold, silver, rea or green, Jewelers' Motions In
blue, green, red or white, Gummed Rlt bo is tn
Christmas colors and printed UlirmdS designs.
henlh, "Do pot open" Labels. Sentiment Labels,
Holly, Mistletoe, Paper PoinsettUH.
Address labels, tans.cards.Santd ClausCul-outs.
Chi iiml
Col Glass
For Christmas Gifts
Many most appropriate
gifts are to be found in these
collections of new and fancy
china and cut glass and in
several instances, through
special purchases, prices
show unusual values just
An assortment of rich
hand painted china contains
Fruit Compotes, Whipped
Cream Bowls, Cheese and
Cracker plates,Chop plates,
Nut sets, Individual Salts,
Sugar and Cream sets, Pin
Trays, Smoker's Sets, To
bacoo Jars, Wall Plaques,
Celery Sets, Dresser Sets,
Flower Vaces and ' many
other items scarcely any
two pieces alike.
25c to $5.00
To Xmas Shoppers
Visit the Children's De
partment for Dolls, Toys
and Games.
Visit the Dennison booth
for Seals.Tissue Papers and
Stop at our "Nothing
Over 26c" Counter. Hun
dreds of beautiful china ar
ticles for Gifts from 10c to
Japanese Bamboo Bas
kets of a rich mahogany
finish many unique and
quaint shapes for fruits,
flowers, nuts, sandwiches
and other things.
35c, 50c, 75c, $1. to $2.50
t - -i
f Peoples9
I Column I
-)- H- -
Farm and Town property always,
for sale. Money loaned on Real Es
tate. Wade Tuhnkr,
Merchants Rank Bldg.
Fon Sale 116 acre farm on plks
near New Market. For particulars
inquire at this ottlce. adv tf
Foil Sale Two business houses lo
cated In H illsboro. They are both wel
rented and the price asked Is low. Ben
C. Strain, IliUsboro, Ohio. (tf)
Fon Sale Dark red yearling heifer
weight about 350 pounds.
Louie Baldwin,
R. F. D. No, 2. Leesburg, O.
For Sale Farm, 151 acres, joining
East Danville, tile drained ; 25 acres
bottom, 2 dwellings, 3 barns, well
watered and well fenced. James Goth
erman, Hillsboro, R. 12. (12-3) adv
"Where duality Reigns Supreme"
Mirth, Music, Mutual Movies
Movies Presented In N. Y. Style,
5 Reels-TONIGHT-5 Reels
"FATTY" Is" With Us Today,
He makes his debut in "Sastsity"
"The Death Mask"
In Two Acts.
"KAY'S BEE" Indian Drama
Meet me at the FORUM
We use the best and eliminate
the rest.
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SWA "R f what Is lt
W J JK ! AH About?
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rvffu. ihii ewy. ja-i-EviMLtt,i w trwt , i s.a wi' jja3 i6'irrvpwk cj
mt I If L Wy2. VL , A'W1 l W V3l i ' &TrZH'il'.1fiil!lr Wi IB I V -r I
f SssSsaacs&TsaKwMK, r X ri M
aiss yj&mm&;A'ife&r -w ,faws.
't rir.,:'".Aj7?v ii-: -5ajrVHf'rf!awr. -rSBKaaari
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YIi KW..k"i
tJAS the whole world gone itaik mad over a Very foolish and trivial
question? Are swords rattline. cannon rumblintr. mailed armour
glistening; just because Russia wanted to show her love for the little
brother Servia ?
Tear aside the curtain of Europe's politics and see
2lfEJjSJlX& tf. orim .in4 (initt.rmmi rf rlifc tlmt i Ki nrrnlnvi.r1
iSlSW3Ea . " 7 i. s -w..Kj..-, .
!8t8fKs occ upon ivnat a aum, yei aesperate. excuse me sacrca
njiW-4Pfi$s nvcs oi iiiijiions may dc saenncca. neau ine nuiory
v -tW oi ,ne Past one "u"urea years, as written by one ot the
iSAiZtf " FT Preatelt authorities the world has ever lennvvn. and li-arn
-AL3iA.v. y v 1ia nqkaJ lino..l ...U T... .n . ..n.. ..J -
. na.tu, oiiaiiiciut Muni. juai iu ci yuu Biancu as a
Review of Reviews subscriber, we make you this extra-
-iJj oroinary oner. We will give to you
ai' i ei' ij' t
33fSfS?ffi-22SiS?1 B ' 1 I . BT1. 1
jsu JB- . .a i
trirzmmm Diifnv' HJernw f Vi 3c.u
r v. "vj. . fy - :
rlfeii ? i lour splendid cloth volumes, full of
g?wgfW: portraits, sketches, maps, diagrams
i i oaay is tne climax ot a hundred years of preparation.
&wffl8&agfm J Kead m tn" Umely, authoritative, complete, AND THE
fSIltSBraem ONLY CONDENSED classic world histnrv of whirh nr
UfiffvafllBKiflK?) 2.OQ0-G0O rnhirl Jrjrrti hpm tnt,J tn V-nir iy !.. ! lia
fffMsMn talcen P'aec n the mner councils of Europe during the past one
fo&$&irJ!mef8Ma hundred years. Read in these entrancing narts how Russia
-SfM5y ,ias for years craftily been trying to escape from her darkness
iu k'i ytar-iuiuiu open port, wiin us economic ireeaom.
Read how Germany and Austria, fearful of the monster's
tjfLntLi &kV2'-.. . latent Rtrrntrth. Ini hpfn rvlnrr tn pli.olm.t. U ol t.A. t
3 ,liey ,iave P'nned a" in th's Jast supreme stake.
fWfW ' re esson of the Past
'$&$$&&&( 1 T"ls mxM ,lie P" llw yoo tbe story ih w Gtene'i
VwV?'risT ,nd lhe trlnlCTir ""' wu Rome'"- He roides yo tkronib the
VyjWi'Kyb, Middle Aiei. the picturesque old diyi of leudlum and the crmidei
VsSarW ihtoosh the Reniimnce uo to comrraporaneoui hlitorr. which Trot. Rorlow
!5Si24.S4SIa8 90,"",0, """P'e'M in brilliant minner. In the itory of the Mat of
ninnmP&Mli ie 'ke aecrecr, of todar. And rti will understand them better when Reriowi,
iU&itth'&kird ou set the Rerlew of Revimi for a year for the Rerlew of Re- JO Imif PL,
yf7H?SSf ' "I" tire yo aane Interpretation of the erentathat ire taklnt New York)
'1 i(58 ' &Fl P' ""ii "cb rapidity. It 1, not enowh to read the dally new. Send me. on p.
v Tlr 7 reportl Yourabilitvtocomnrehend eonditinna. mnA tn itlu-n.. than. J MonL rh.T,,. n.U
Wis? ,'t-onally dependaoa true Interpretation of lhe meanlnr and the by you. Ouray'a Hla-
eiMjTMaJrVmwl reaaou uy" of etema. fn your mind you mutt brlns order y lory of the World In 4
r" vKwfw f Hiioa ma uir Keriew ol Ketlewa till do It for you. f tolumet bound in cloii.
BW""' , , a1m ner my name for
'SSsSllCtW ' Viet the lbe RctI"' ' Rerlewa for
'Wimi Review of reviews r'-J?ur''tak i
MmW YW ? 'bronSf s
Kf'U'Wdim'S Send "" ke "'r. it brinr. the . "ie f'?"1", '"', '"" ,he H1-
lmWlm4 XT wkole -' Tolumea-ch.,,,, '0''' ' W10"'I "" char,e.
&$l&Wnl Nn rrfo.U .l.nl,.l f,.. n ' X "Iherwlae I will, within 10 dara. re-
!fMl "Kl aik la that after too ret the hw X ''" b booka youe eipenae.
) ivxuney ,d nice them you lend 25 tenia
i for ablpnlnr and SI.00 a month for three moFuh. "" ; ,
topay tor the RelewolRnlewat If the books f ...
arrn'i worth more than yoa pay for books and matazine to- """ t
tether, send then back at our eipcnie. But be prom rx. The Xjv.
world w'de fame of Duruv will make ihe.c S rno .m. ,il. I vuntatlm ..
tl appear from our stock jom at once. Send yowl coupon ... r" ?,in ie "& only 11.00 and wt
jj today and be In lime. " will pay aUppinr chanea.
M The rbeautifal V leather aet coats only a few cenu
review of P.elw. C... 30 Irrb, PL, H.Y. .JSSE ab Xfi. HSTtiS SZi '
Well-Made Dummy Is Mistaken for
Sculptor's Wife by Visitor
Boy's Comical Error.
"Yen," said a man who turns out
Waxwork figures for exhibitors and
traveling shows, "the average sculp
tor In wax can relate many little tales
to make you smile. Not long ago I
made a wax figure of a beautiful
young lady tor a vaudeville actor for
use upon the stage. So long as the
face was handsome and the figure per
fect, he did not mind whether sbe was
dark or fair, and told me to turn her
out to my own satisfaction.
"On the day I completed the figure
I was called away on important busi
ness, and during my absence the ar
tiste called. Ho was shown Into my
studio by my assistant, and, seeing
the wax figure seated on an ottoman,
ho said, 'Good evening, Mrs. Blank!
mistaking it for my wife, whom ho
had never seen. As his greeting was
not reciprocated, he turned to my as
sistant and remarked, 'Poor, Mrs.
Blank! I had no idea she was deaf
and dumb! What an awful affliction!'
When he was told that the lady was
of wax, and the figure he had ordered,
his surprise knew no bounds.
"A little boy who visited a wax
work show I ran once came to the
conclusion that everybody on seats
who did not speak was a wax figure.
He stared at an aged lady, who was
seated, for several minutes, and then
blurted out, 'What an ugly old thing.'
He was greatly distressed when the
Jady rose, called him a rude boy, and
walked away in high dudgeon."
Studentfon geology expedlttonJ-Say,
professor, I can't tell one of these
rocks from another!
Professor Why, that's very queer 1
You must be stone blind. Cornell
Fortune Teller Beware of a dark
man, whom you will soon meet. He
will be a villian.
Girl How perfectly delightful!
How soon will I meet ihim? New
York Globe.
ggW1sFfl I beg to announce that I have the agency fTTTtot
YfjVJ.VY'l for the Exclusive Sale in Hillsboro of the 3-AvT-i
V vY isi Westlnehouse and Hot Point J J LHv
Electrical Appliances
These two companies are in a class by
themselves In the manufacture of Electrical
Goods. Ifjouhuy an appliance buy agood
one. Your" Xmas worries will end with your
first visit to our
Demonstration Booth
at Stabler's store. You will find here a com'
plete line of these appliances on display
Electrically prepared refreshments served
each afternoon from 2 to 5, Dec. 15 to 24 In
clusive. Call and Fee these wonderful de
vices in operation. No obligation to buy.
Xmas Special, Westirghcuse Electric Per-
colator, Highest Quality Westing-
house Guarantee Holiday Price S5
Such Was Voltaire's Explanation of
Flagrant Contradiction 8o Fre
quently Noticed.
Voltaire, a precursor of the French
Revolution, asked "why the same man,
who has seen with a dry eye the most
atrocious events, and even committed
crimes with sangfroid, will weep at
the theater at the representation ot
similar events and crimes? It is, that
he sees them not with the same eyes;
he sees them with those of the author
and the actor. He is no longer tho
some man; he was barbarous, he was
agitated with furious passions, when
he saw an Innocent woman killed,
when he stained himself with the
blood of his friend; he became a man
again at the representation of it."
The question is much more interest
ing than the answer, which is truly
theatrical. Perhaps there isn't an ex
planation. Carlyle does not explain,
but states the fact that Robespierre
of the Terror refused to take part in
a legal proceeding that might havo
resulted in capital punishment.
M. Anatole France, Socialist, has
said that a danger in loving your fel
lowraen Is that it is likely to insplro
a disposition to kilt your fellowmen.
That may explain Robespierre. But
the explanation remains unexplained.
K --- Tn B fft
Par value in 1013 of capitalization of
railroads in the United States was
Doctor Yomhavelalbadjicase of the
gout. The best course for you is to take
no wine, no beer,!l no '.alcohol in any
forms, no cigars
Patient Hold on, doctor;; what's
next best? Boston Transcript.
An English colonel,i:at,klt inspec
tion, said to PrivateCFlanigan :
"Ha I Yes, shirts, socks, flannels, al
very good. Now, you can assure me
that all the artlclesjof your kit have
buttons on them,?"
"No, sir," said Private llanlgan,
"How's that, sir ?"
"Ain't no buttons onj the towels,
sir 1"-London Tit- Bits.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
The Mothers' Favorite.
"I give Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy to my children when they have
colds or coughs," writes Mrs. Verne
Shaffer, Vandorgrlft, Pa. "Italwajs
helps them and is far superior to any
other couh medicine I have used. I
advise anyone in need of such a medl
qlne to give It a trial." For sale by
All Dealers. adv
A paper chimney, 50 feet high and
fireproof, Is a curiosity to be seen at
Breslau, Germany.
Trains will depart from Hillsboro
daily except Sunday as follows : 7:45
a. m., 3:35 p. m., 6:25 p. m.
Sunday only 8:20 a. m. and 6:25 p m.
Trains arrive except Sunday 10:40
a. m., 6:10 p. in., 0:15 p. ra.
Sunday only 10:40 a. m. and 0 p. m.
For any further information apply
to either of the following:
L. G. Paul, D. P. A., Chillioothe, O.
Samuel Griffin, A'gent, Hillsboro, O.
'I have seven wives," explained the
unspeakable Turk to the Interviewer.
"Great Caesar 1 How ao you manage
to pay your dressmaker's bills ?"
"I married dressmakers, son of an
infidel." Philadelphia Ledger,
Flo Mr, Brown has become so Irre
ligious 1 I haven't seen him at church
since he married.
No Well, you see, his wife sings In
the choir Stanford Chaparral.
Sawdust and chloride of magnesiui
are used in Germany to form an e;
tremely hard artificial wood.

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