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The Million Dollar Mystery
Illustrated from Scenes In the Photo Drama of tho
Soma Name to the Thanhouser Film Company
(Copyright, 1911, b
Norton kept perhaps halt a block in
the rear of Ills man all the while, nut I
for this caution he would have wit- '
nessed a little pantomime that would I
have put him wholly upon his guard.
Turning a corner, Gregg all but
bumped Into the countess. He was
quick enough to place a finger on his
lips and motion hts head toward a
taxicab. Olga hadn't the least Idea
who was coming around the corner,,
but she hailed the cab and was off in
It before Jim swung around the cor
ner. Jones, who had followed the count
ess for something over an hour and
a half, hugged a doorway. What now?
he wondered. The countess knew the
man. That was evidence enough for
the astute butler. But what meant
the pantomime and the subsequent
hurry? He soon learned. The man
(Sregg went his way, and then Jim
turned the corner. Jones cast n wist- !
ful glance at the vanishing cab of tho
Russian, and decided to shadow the
shadower in other words, follow the
reporter, to see that nothing serious
befell him.
The lurer finally paused at a door, '
opened it with a key, and swung It
behind him, very careful, however, not
to spring the latch. Naturally Jim
was mightily pleased when he found
the door could be opened When
Jones, not far behind, saw him open
the door, he started to call out a warn
ing, but thought the better of it. If
Norton was walking into a trap it was
far better that he, Jones, should re-'
main outside of It. If Jim did not
uppear after a certain length of time, '
he would start an investigation on his
own account. '
Xo sooner was Jim in the hallway
tnan lie was set upon and overpow
ered. They had in this house what
was known as "the punishment room."
ilere traitors paid the reckoning and
were never more heard of. Into tills
room Jim was unceremoniously
dropped when Braiue found that he
could get no Information from the res
olute reporter.
The room did not look sinister, but
for all that It possessed the faculty of
growing smaller and smaller, slowly
or swiftly, as the man above at the
lever willed. When Jim was apprised
In the Case of His Watch He Saw a
Brutal Face Behind Him. '
of this fact, he ran madly about in i
search of some mode of escape, know- j
ing full well in his heart that he l
should not find one.
Presently the machinery began to i
work, and Norton's tongue grew dry
with terror. They had him tills time;
tnere was not the least doubt of it.
And they had led him there bj the
nose into the bargain.
Twenty minutes passed, and Jones
concluded it was time for him to act.
He went forward to try the door, but
this time it was locked. Jones, how
ever, was not without resource The
house next door was vacant, and he I
found a way into this, finally reaching !
mo juui. riuin uns ne jumpea to tne
other roof, found the scuttle open, and
crept down the stairs, flight after
flight, till the whir of a motor arrest
ed him.
Conspirators are often overeager,
too. So intent were the rascals upon
the business at hand that they did
not notice the door open slowly. It
did not take the butler more than
a moment to realize that his friend
and any was near certain death. With
an oath he sprang Into the room, gave
Uralne a push which sent him down
v-to Join the victim, and pitched into the
other two. It was a battle royal while
' it lasted. Jones knocked down one of
.'them, yelled to Norton, and kicked the
Vope lie saw down into the pit. One
end of this rope was attached to a ring
In the wall. And up this rope Norton
swarmed after he had disposed of
Uralne. Thn tldn of hattln thon
iffl., t..i ..... . 7. . .7
epulis uuuui iu mvur oi no Duller.
rd shortly the fake reporter and his
j. companion were made to Join their
Jones stopped the machlnerv. Ho
fti.ceu.Id not bring himself to let his en-
emiea die bo norribiy. iater he knew
he would regret this sentiment.
When he people came, summoned
by eome outsider who had heard the
racket of tho conflict, there wan no
Jftf W ii fPHHtyR fte pit. Npr wis
Harold MacOrath)
mere any visible sign of an exit.
Thero was one, however, built
against such an hour and known only
to the chiefs of the Black Hundred.
And still the golden tinted hank
notes reposed tranquilly In their hid
ing place!
The Masked Ball.
About this time that Is to say,
about tlie time the Ulack Hundred wag
stretching out Its powerful secret arms
toward Norton there arrived In New
York city a personage. This person
age was the Princess Parlova, a fabu
lously rich Polish Russian She leased,
a line house near Central park and set
about to conquer social New York.
This .was not very dlIlcult, for her
title was perfectly genuine and she
moved in the most exclusive diplo
matic circles in Europe, which, as
ever body knows. Is the most brilliant
in the woild When the new homo
was completely decorated, she gave
nn elaborate dinner, and that attracted
the newspapers They began to talk
about her highness, printed portraits
of her, and devoted a page occasion
ally In tho Sunday editions. She be
came something of a rage One morn
ing it was announced that the Princess
Parlova would give a masked ball to
formally open her home to society;
and it was this notice that first
brought the Princess Parlova under
Bralne's ejes He was at the Perigoff
apartment at the tiny5 .
"Well, well!" ho mused aloud
"What is it?" asked Olga, turning
away from the piano and ending one
of Chopin's mazurkas brokenly.
"Here is the Princess Parlova in
"And who is she?"
"She is the real thing, Olga; a real
prlnrrss with vast estates in Poland
with which the greedy Slav next door
has been very gentle "
"I haven't paid much attention to
the social news lately. What about
"She is giving a masked hall to for
mally open her lioue on the West side.
And it's going to cost a pretty penny."
"Well, you're not telling me this to
make me want to know the princess,"
said Olga, petulantly.
"No But I'm going to give you a
letter of introduction to her highness."
"And you are going to ask her to
invite two particular friends of yours
to this wonderful ball of hers."
"Indeed." ironically. "That sounds
all very easy."
"Easier than you think, my child."
"I will not have you call me child!"
"Well, then, Olga."
"That's better. Now, how will it bo
easier than I think?"
"Simply this, the Princess Parlova is
an oath bound member, but has not
been active for years "
"Oho!" Olga was all animation now.
"Go on!"
"You will go to her with a letter of
introduction no! Better than that,
you will mako a formal call nud show
her this ring. You know the ring," lie
said, passing tho talisman to the count
ess. "Show tills to her and sho will
obey you In everything. She will have
no alternative "
"Very good," replied Olga "And
then the program is to insist that sho
invite Florence and that fool of a re
porter to tills ball. Then what?"
"You can leave that to me."
"Haven't all these failures been a
"No, my dear, I was bcrn optimis
tic; hut there's a Jinx somewhere in
one of my pockets Time after time
I've had everything Just where I wanted
it, and then poof! It's pure bald
luck on their side, but sooner or later
the wheel will turn And any chance
that offers I am bound to accept
Somehow or other we may be able to
trap Florence and Norton. I want
both of them. If I can get them snug
ly away, Jones will be forced to draw
in Hargreave."
"Is there such a man?"
"You saw him that night at the
restaurant "
"I have often thought that perhaps
I Just dreamed It." She turned again
to the piano and began humming Idly.
"Stop that and listen to me," said
Bralne, not In quite tho best of tem
pers. "I'm in no mood for whims."
"Music does not sooth your soul,
then?" cynically.
"If I had ono It might. You will
call on the" Princess Parlova tomor
row afternoon. It depends upon you
what my plans will be. I think you'll
have little trouble in getting Into tho
presenco of her highness, and onco
there she will not be able to resist
"I'll go."
And go she did. The footman in
green livery hesitated for a moment,
but the title on the visiting card was
quite sufficient. He bowed the count
ess Into the reception room and went
In search of his distinguished mis
tress. The Princess Parlova was a hand
Bomo woman verging upon middle ago.
H&8 wai 9. DUtrlPhjni nieft'ft km hyb
discerned that Instantly She camo
into the reception room with that dig
nified serenity which would have Im
pressed any one as genuine Sho hold
the card In her fingers and smiled In
quiringly toward her guest.
"1 confess," she began, "that I re
call neither your face nor your name.
1 am sorry. Where have I had the
honor of meeting you beforo?"
"You have never met 1110 before,
your highness," answered Olga
"You came on a charity errand,
"That depends, your highness Will
you be so good as to glance at this?"
Olga asked, holding out her palm,
upon which the tnllsiuan lay.
The princess shrank back, paling.
"Where did you get that?", sho
panted. '
"From the head," was the nnswer.
"And you have followed me from
Russia?" whispered the princess, her
terror crowing.
"Oh, no. The Black Hundred Is as
strongly organized here as in St Pe
tersburg. But wo always keep track
of old members, especially when they
stand so high in the world as your
self." "But I was deceived and betrayed!"
exclaimed the princess ''They urged
me to Join on the ground that the
organization was to attempt to bring
about the freedom of Poland '
Olga shrugged "You wore rich,
highness. The Black Hundred needed
"And you noed it now?" eagerly,
believing that she. saw a loophole
"How much? Oh, I will give a hun
dred thousand rubles on your prom
ise to leave me alone. Tell me!"
"I am sorry, your highness, but I
have no authority to accept such an
offer. Indeed, my errand is far from
being expensive. All the Black Hun
dred desires is four invitations to
this ball which you are soon to give.
That should not cause you any alaim.
We fehall not interiere with your so
journ in America In any way what
soever, provided these invltatioiiE are
Issued "
"You would rob my guests?" horri
fied. "Positively no! Here Is a list of
four names Invite them; tiiat is ail
you have to do. Not so much as u
silver spoon will he found missing.
This is on my word ot honor and I
never break that word if vou please. '
"Give me the list." said the princess,
wearily. "Who gave jou th.it ring?"
"The head."
"In Russia?"
"No; here in America" Olga dipped
into her handbag and produced a slip
of paper Tills she handed 10 the
princess. "Here is the list Highness.'
"Who is Florence Hargreave?"
"A friend ol mine, ' evasively.
"Does silo belong to the organiza
tion." "No."
"Then you hrive some ulterior pur
pose In having me Invite her?"
"I nave," answered Olga sharply;
"but that does not concern your high
ness in the least."
The princess bit her lips "I see
your name here also; a man named
Braine, and another, Norton."
"Say at once that you do not care
to execute the wishes the commands
of tho order," said Olga coldly.
"I will do as you wish. And I beg
you now to excuse me But if any
thing happens to any of my persoual
"Well?" haughtily from Olga.
"Well, I will put the matter in tho
hands of the police."
"But so long as your personal
friends are not concerned '"
"1 shall then of necessity remain
deaf and blind It is one of the pen
alties I must pay for my folly I wish
you good-day."
"And also good riddance," mur
mured Oiga under her breath as she
rose and started tor the hallway.
Thus it was thai when Norton went
to the ofllco the next afternoon he
found a broad white envelope on his
desk, lndllferently lie oppned the
same and Ills eyes bulged. "Princess
Parlova requests" and so forth and so
on Then he shrugged. The chief had
probably askec, for the Invitation and
ho would have to write up the doings,
a phase of reportorial work eminently
distasteful to him. He went up to
tne city desk
"Can't you find some one else to do
this stuff?" he growled to the city
The city editor glanced at the card
and crested envelope. "Good Lord,
man! Nobody In this office had any
thing to do with that. What luck!
Our Miss Hayes tried all manner of
schemes, but was tebuffed on all
sides. How the deuce did you chance
to get one?"
"Search me," said the bewildered
"ir I were you I'd sit tight and take
It nil in," ndvlsed the editor. "It's
going to be .the biggest splurge of Its
kind we've had In years We've been
working every wire we know to get
Miss Hayps Insidn. but it was no go.
Tills princess is not onto the game
yet. In this country you get Into so
ciety or you don't through the Sun
days." ,
"Hanged If I know who wished this
tiling on me."
"Take It philosophically," said tho
editor sarcastically. "The princess
won't bite you. She may even have
seen your picture " ' v
"Get out!" grumbled Norton, turn
ing away. x
Ho woul'J go out and see Florence.
On the way out to Rlverdale he came
to the conclusion that the llHt of the
princess, fell short nnd some friend of
hla who was helping the woman out
suggested his name. It was the only
wny ho could account for It.
At, DECEMBER 0, 1914. '
Everything Is ready for your inspection. Fruits direct from Florida and F16w-'
ers from the green house by the wagon loads.
Christmas Decorations, such as Holly, Laurel Festooning, Holly Wreathes, nnd
in fact everything that will make appropriate Christmas Gifts. ' ''
Wreathes tor the Cemetery a Specialty
" All this you will find at HIDER'S at prices that will meet with the approval of
We wish to call your attention 'to our line of candies. Not the best, but as good
as the rest.
Call and see us. Help us along. And remember our motto "Watch us grow."
HIDER, The Florist and Fruit Man
West Main Street
had an Invitation exnetly like his own
nnd that she received It that morning
he became suspicious.
"Jones, what do you think of It?"
he questioned.
"I think It was very kind of the
Countess Perigoff suggesting your
name and that of Florence," said the
butler urbanely.
"Olga?" cried Florence, disappoint
edly. "It is the only logical deduction 1
can make," declared Jones. "They are
both practically Russians,"
"And what would you advise?"
asked Norton.
"Why, go and enjoy yourselves.
Forewarned Is forearmed. The thing
Is. bo very careful not to acquaint
any ono with the character of your
disguise, least of nil the Countess
Perigoff. Besides," .Jones added smil
ing, "perhaps I may go myself,"
"Goody! I've read about masked
balls and have always been crazy to
go to one," said Florence with eager
ness. "Suppose we go at once and pick
out some costumes?" suggested Nor
ton. "Just ns soon as T can get my hat
on," replied Florence, happy ns a lark.
"But mind," warned Jones; "be sure
that you see the costumer alone and
that no one else Is about."
"I'll take particular care," agreed
Norton. "We've got to do some hus
tling to find something suitable. For
a big affair like this the town will be
ransacked. Ail aboard! There's room
for two in that car of mine; and we
can have a spin besides. Hang
Florence laughed, and even Jones
permitted a smile (which was not
grim this time) to stir his lips.
A happy person is generally un
observant. Two happy persons to
gether are totally unobservant of
what passes around them. In plainer
terms this lack is called love. And
being frankly in love with each other,
neither Norton nor Florence observed
that a taxicab followed them into
town. Jones, not being in love, was
keenly observant; but the taxicab
took up the trail two blocks away, so
the matter wholly escaped Jones' eye.
The two went into several cos
turners', but eventually, discovered a
shop on a side street that had been
overlooked by thoso invited to the
masquerade. They had a merry time
rummaging among the camphory
smelling boxes. There were dominoes
of all colors, and at length they agreed
upon two modest ones that were
evenly matched In color and design.
Florence ordered them to be sent
home. Then the two of them sallied
up to the Rltz-Carleton and had tea.
The man from the taxicab entered
the costumer's, displayed a detective's
shield and demanded that the pro
prietor show him the costumes se
lected by the two young people who
had Just left. The man obeyed won
derlngly. "I want a pair exactly like these,"
said the detective. "How much?"
"Two dollars each, rental; seven
apiece If you wish to buy them."
"I'll buy them."
The detective paid tho bill, nodded
curtly, and returned to his taxicab.
"Now, I wonder," mused the cos
tumer, "what the dickens those inno
cent looking young people are up to?"
He never found out.
On the night of trie ball Norton
dined with Florence for the first time;
and for once In his life he experienced
that petty disturbance of collective
thought called embarrassment. To
talk over war plans with Jones was
one thing, but to have Jones serve
soup was altogether another. All
through dinner Jones replied to ques
tions with no more and no less, than
"Yes, sir," and "No, sir." Norton was
beginning to learn that this strange
man could put on a dozen kinds of
armor and always retain hla individ
uality. And tonight there seemed
something vaguely familiar about
the impassive face of the butler, as
If he had eeen It somewhere In the
past, but could not tell when or
where. As he and Florence were
leaving for the automobile which was
to take them to the princess', the truth
came home to him with the shock of
a douche of ice cold water. Under
his breath he murmured: "'You're a
wonderful man, Jones; and I take .my
hat off to you with the deepest admira
tion. Hanc me!" . ,
(To bo continued)
FgyptUn cotton 'is being profliahl
ifrcQ cfl In jpted fruqa jn Arlzoi) t
Rainsboro Farmers Institute.
The Halnboro Farmers Institute
will be held on Wednesday and Thurs
day, December 10 and 17. The follow
ing excellent program will be given:
' WrWNKSDAY, 9:30 A. M.
Invocation Rev. B. E. Itynu
Music Grassville Male Quartet
Welcome A dilrosH ,
Supe. 0. H. Growdon
Lecture Cultivation and Bacteria..
- ...Frank Blackford, Eldorado, Ohio
Music Quartet
Lecture Uho and Abuse of Com
mercial Fertilizers ...
O. F. Green, PataRkla, Ohio
WiihIo - Quartet
Lecture Sanitation in the Country
Home and School
Mrs. Ida A. Durbin, Fredricktown O
Appointment of Committees.
l:0()i m. MuhIo Quartet
Lecture Corn Frank Blackford
Music Quartet
Loci in e -Mother and the Girls....
Mrs. Ida Durbin
Music Quartet
Lecture Hillside Farming
,....C. F. Groon
Music Quartet
7:00 p. m Music Quartet
Lecture Tho Modern Yard Stick
O. F. Green
Music Quart et,
Lecture Social Side of Farm Life
Frank Blackford
Music Quartet
0::i0 a. m Music Quartet
Lecture Relative Importance of
Live Stock............. ..0 F. Green
Music Quartet
Lectuitn Pork Production
Frank Blackford
Music Quart et
1 :00 v. M.Music Quartet,
licpoit of Committees
Electing of Ollieers
Music Quartet
Lecture Milk or "Bt of Production. .
U. F. Green
Music Quartet
Lecture Drainage. .Frank Blackford
Music Quartet
Boned iction
.1, A. Bhavkk, Pics,
LkhIjIK Bkown, Vice Pres.
W. T. IIouoe, Treasurer
MH8. Nihoka Hoicks, Sec.
.T. C. Mason F. IJ. Redkey
Giuci: Coi.eman
Dec. 7. 1914.
Clarence Kowler.of Cli.clnnatl, spent
Saturday night and Sunday with his
mother, Mrs. Idia Fowler.
Miss Florence Ludwlg returned
home today, afier spending several
weeks with I. er hrot.her, Ilarley Lurt-
wig, and family, of Sablna.
I Mrs. Allen Fowler nnd ion, John
Henry, and brother, Joseph Chaney,
5-pent last Monday with their sister,
Mrs. Will Stuarl, of Monterey.
j Rev Johnson, of Bethel, took dinner
wlih Carey Henderson and wife, Sun
day. I Walter Itlsli, of Hamilton, Is spend
ing a few days with his mother, Mrs.
Luch.da LudulcU'.
Ml-s D;il-y ( arpenter took dinner
with Ocle Chaney Sunday,
1 Jas McCrelRlit' and family spent
Sunday with Wn. Runyon and family.
Alfred Shltl Is, nf Lynchburg, spent
Sunday with his' Mister, Mis. Mozelle
Elmer Shaffer and wife, of near
Ljnoliliurg, spent Sunday with her
uncle,. I. W Thornhurg, and family.
Kaeh year the Import of oplom from
India Intt) CJilna in retlupeil by OHM)
, V.
Hillsboro, Ohio
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Rachel Deck, Deceased.
V A' Pi",!e'. has 1)een appointed and quail
Bed as Administrator of the csiate of Itachcl
A. Deck, late of Highland County, Ohio, de
ceased. Dated this 3rd day of December A. D , I9H.
J II. WoiiutY.,
adv Probate Judge of Said County.
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Noah Fawlev, Deceased.
Wright Fawley has been appointed and
qualified as executor of the estate of Noah
Kawley. late of Highland County. Ohio,
Dated this aoih day ot November A. D inn
Probate Judge of Said County.
H. I,. Wiooins, Attorney. adv
Teachers' Examination.
The Olgliland countv I'oard of School Ex
aminers hereby gives notice that examina
tions of Applicants lor Count Teachers'
Certificates will take place Iu the Wasting
ton School Building. lilllsbi ro. on the Hut
Saturday ot Si ptrmber, Octolier, January.
March. April, May ana the last Fildav of
June and August.
As prescribed by law, the fee for these
examinations will be 60 cents
H. B. Qai.liktt. Lynchburg. Pres
J. tn. t-HANNON. Hillsboro, Vice Pres.
W. H. Vance, IillUboro, Sec. adv
Legal Notice.
James N Warlautnont who e place of res
idence K unknown, will take notice that on
the pith day ot November, 101 1, the under
signed Elizabeth E Warlaumunt as plaintiff
II led In the Common Pleas Court ot Highland
county. Ohio, her petition for a decree of
divorce aealiiKl him ou tne grounds of ibree
years wilful absence, and that Hald cause
wlllbe lor hearlneln ,sald court alter the
21th day of Dec inhtr, IBM.
Dated this IHth day ol November, 1911.
Elizabeth E. Warlaumont.
Br Wii.ron A McUiniiM, Iter Attorneys.
13-21 adv
Notice of Election.
Notice Is hereby given that In tursuance
ol ,i HKOiiiilmi n the i ouni'llof the Village
ot llilMioiu. put.Mil in the 12th day of
Nuvi'Uilirr. I9M. llivrt' l l, ml mltted to
lln iU.ililled Hectors ot said Village ut a
xpicidl i It cIkiii, on the
15th Day of December, 1914,
:it the usual vol Ins places, tie question or
Wsuing lioi risol salo Vlildge in the sum ot
Twrity Thousanos Dollars lor the purpose
ol paving i If thp certiorates of lndebted-)oh-
ol s.ild Village lit-retolnu' IsKUed by the
i out i II halo Village and of the Indelited-nef.-
orrhe i lllsbi-ro Light A. Fuel Company
against said Village.
Those who vole In lavor ot the proposi
tion ot ismliig the bonds as aforesaid shall
have wltten or printed ou their ballots the
words "For the Issue I bonds." and those
win. oie agalii tne same hall have writ-
i ii nrpr iumI on their ballots the words.
I'Airaillsl the if-NUe of bonds."
Mivi'inner 1:1111. mil.
.1 auks A, Wii.kinh,
$10.00 Glasses - - - $8.00
8.00 Glasses - - - 6.00
6.00 Glasses - - - 4.85
5 00 Glasses - - - 3.85
4.00 Glasses - -, - 2.85
3.00 Glasses - - - 1.85
You will only have one
pair of Eyes, don't neg
lect them.
Dr. C. F. Fans.
OUIce 1 door East of Economy store.
Main Street, Hillsboro, O.
A tullrt prfpw-ltlgn of lilt-rlt.
llolim to eradicate dandruff.
For Restoring Color and
ivv. auu iiHfui i-irui'irilll.
nil II. lllUlllll. Illl 111 I
vA ,

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