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Gbristmas will be IDere Before Jou 1knov it
Do Your Buying Now
WHEN Christmas came last year you resolved never again to wait until the last moment
to do your Christmas Shopping and be jammed, pushed and hurried all the time and
have to take "what's left" after the early shoppers had their pick.
Now is the Time to Cash in on that Proposition
Begin your Christmas buying today. Whether you buy of us or not, don't put off
gift buying until the rush and crush get here.
Practically all of our Christmas goods are now on display and if you will come in now
you can have first choice and plenty of time to look at everything. No gift carries so much
sentiment or feeling of appreciation as jewelry. Nor is it necessary to choose expensive
jewels and gems. The important thing is to make proper selections.
Our line offers you the widest range to select from of any in the city. Our prices are,
in no case, higher than elsewhere, and, in instances, you will find them much lower. Every
article in our stock is absolutely guaranted to be just as represented There is no qualifica
tion to this guaranty. We simply say, if the goods are not right, return them and we will
refund your money.
We have an expert force of salesmen, who are ready to and capable of suggesting gifts
that will suit your needs and fit your pocketbook.
Suggestions For Presents
A Watch, Ring, Locket, Pendant, Necklace, Bracelet, Cuff Buttons, Table Silver,
China, Cut Glass, Toilet Articles, Fountain Pens, Silk Umbrellas,
Mirrors, Ladies' Hand Bags, Etc.
Please bring your friends
lines are still full and complete.
along and inspect our stock today or tomorrow, while the
Dec, 7, 1014.
Miss Katherlne Zane, of Illllsboro,
lias been the guest of Mrs. Anna Bar
rett for several days.
The Aid Society will meet at the
home of Mrs Frank Austin on Thurs
day afternoon.
John Watts spent pirt of last week
In Cincinnati with his mother, who
underwent an operation for cancer.
Homer Knedler, of Greenfield, has
purchased the blacksmith shop of
Frank Waddell and will move here
with his family this week.
Miss Flo Roads Is spending a few
days In Illllsboro the guest of Mrs. C.
L. Workman.
A ion was born to Harry Browning
and wife, one day last week.
Rev. B II. Ryan had the misfortune
to lose $55 In checks last Saturday
while he was on his way to Illllsboro
to put the money in the bank and as
yet he has no clue to its recovery.
Several persons from here attended
the funeral of Wm Combs, at Cy mili
aria, on Sunday.
Tvso little sons of Dan Cameron, of
Oynthlana, are guests of their grand
parents at Spargur Hotel.
The Ladles Aid Society will hold a
bazaar at the M. E church on Satur
day afternoon and night of this week.
Light refrfshments will be served and
various useful and fancy articles will
be on sale at reasonable prices.
The Grassvllle Male Quartette that
will furnish music for our Farmers
Institute on Dec 10 and 17 will give
an entertainment in K of P. hall on
the night of the 17rh. Price of admis
sion will be 15c and 25c.
John Watts received word this morn
ing to come to Cincinnnati as his
mother'was thought to be dying and
he left for that city immediately.
Mrs Geo. Free, who Is in a hospital
Dec. 7, 1014
John Roberts and family spent
Thursday with John Larrlck and wife.
Arthur Hatcher and wife and Miss
Myrtle Hatcher spent Sunday with
Jas Warden and wife.
Stewart Burton and family and Mrs.
Belle Burton were guests of Arthur
Fawley and wife, Sunday.
Benjamin Fenner and Hazel Scott,
both of this place, were quietly mar
ried Tuesday evening by Rev. Wllsoa,
of New Vienna.
Mrs. Stanley Frost ind children and
Mrs. Frank Perrln were guests of Lem
Stillwell and wife, of New Vienna,
Benjamin Fenner and wife spent
Sunday with Walter Scott and wife.
Clarence Kler and family called on
Fred Plerson and wife, Sunday.
Jerry Mercor and wife spent Monday
with Amos Hopkins and family.
Ora Larrick spent Sunday with OIx
Miss Margaret Newell spent Monday
night with Buby Crosen.
Tliey Recommend
Honey and Tar.
P A. Efird, Conejo, Calif because
"it produces the best results, always
cures severf pojds, sore chest and lungs
and does nbt contain opiates or harm
ful drugs." Dr. John W Taylor, Lu
thersviUe, Ga because "1 believe it
to be an honest medicine and It satis
fies my patrons." W. L. Cook, Nel
lurt, Mont because "Itgives the best
results for coughs and coldsof any thine
1 sell " Every user is a friend.
adv GAUKETT& Ayues
December 7, 1014
MiSS Amelia. RlflnrHo liac ntiimtrl
at Columbus, is Improving rapidly and from WashlnBton c where h
la ovnadforl t r hu a Vila rn nntnj hntna I ...
o CA(,EUbCU ue .. - w . - undea the wedding of a friend.
uie laiier part ui mis wee.
spending a few days In this vicinity
with relatives and friends.
E. H. Edwards and wife spent Sun
day with H. C. Sanders.
Lettle Smith spent from Friday un
til Monday with relatives at New
Dec. 7, 1914.
Miss Mary Engle Is spending a few
days In Wilmington.
Isla Edwards spent Saturday with
C. N. Carey and family.
A number of friends gathered at the
homeofE. H.Edwards Saturday even- Sick TWO Years With Indigestion,
ing to remind him of his birthday. All j Tw0 years a(J0 r was R reaty bene.
had a good time. ated tnroU(,n uslll, two or threo fat-
Thomas HIatt and wife spent Tues- ties of Chamberlain's Tablets," writes
day with relatives at nillsboro. Mrs. S. A. Keller, Eilda, Ohio "Be-
Mrs. George Brown and Mrs. Hugh fore taking them I was sick for two
Purdv were shoDDlne in Hlllsboro vears wlth Indigestion." Sold by Al
Isaac Dunlap and family spent Sun-1 par value in 1913 of capitalization of
day with C. N. Carey and family. ' railroads In the United States was
Joseph Smith, of Pleasant Plain, is 819,700,125,712.
Dec 7, 1914.
Mrs. Will Smith and son, of Spring
field, are the guests of her mother,
Mrs. L D McCoy.
Miss Pauline Head, of Barberton,
spent Monday night with Miss Faith
Roscoe Garen and wife and son,
Leslie, took dinner with Frank Hay
wood and family, Sunday.
Miss Clara Lowman spent Saturday
and Sunday with her parents, John
Lowman and wife, at Harriett.
Miss Eva Eu banks was the guest of
Miss Faith Sams Thursnay night.
Miss Drusy McCoy and sister, Mrs.
Will Smith, and son, Milton, spent Sun
day with John Burnett and family.
Mrs. J. L. Henry and son returned
home Friday, after spending several
days with Geo Miller and family, at
Mrs Grace McCoy and children spent
I Sunday with Jesse Bumgarner and
family, at Marshall.
James Head and family, who have
been visiting relatives here, returned
to their home In Barberton, Wednes
John Sams and family called on D.
T. Holladay and family Sunday even
ing. Mrs Grace McCoy and children and
Miss Jennie McCoy spent Monday with
the former's sister, Mrs. Jas. Waddell,
of Cynthiana.
I Choice Up-to-Date I
i Trimmed Hats I
E "3
I Extremely stylish shapes, for strejet or
t dress wear; delightfully trimmed in the new-
f est of styles. You will find abundant oppor-
tunity for a thoroughly satisfactory selection
and be sure of a bargain besides.
Hair Goods
If sister or mother has been wearing a
Switch that does not match, why not give
r her a new one for Christmas?
T -
We have nice, soft, natural-looking
switches, also a beautiful line of Transfor
mation, that will make her look young and
Sick Headache.
Sick headache Is nearly always
caused by disorders of the stomach.
Correct them and the periodic attacks
of sick headache will disappear. Mrs
John Bishop, of Roseville, Ohin,
writes: "About a year ago I was
troubled with indigestion and had sick
headache that lasted for two or three
days at a time. I doctored and tried a
numberof remedies but nothing helped
me until during one of those sick spells
a friend advlseJ me to take Chamber
lain's Tablets. This medicine relieved
me in a short time. For sale by All
Dealers. adv
Dec. 7, 1914.
Chas. Fenner and family, of East
Danville, and P. Q. Fenner ana wife
spent Sunday with Ovid Gosseft and
Guy Custer and family were guests
of Edward Smith and family, Sunday.
Starling Smith accompanied them
Mrs. Perry Moberly died at her home
last Wednesday morning with heart
trouble. Funeral, services were held
at the home Thursday.
B. Moon and wife, of Lynchburg,
and .lacoh Ulrilnrra anrt wHfn nf Mt-.
' .. ...,w, vt ..- - . , . . ......
Orab, were called here by the death of uuo m IUOBO C1UUKB ,or imriy uol"'n
Mrs Mobarlv. . CUC trom
Little Denver Earl Moberley is sick.
Mrs. Catherine Morgan spent one day
last wee'f with her brother.Poke Strat
um, of Buford.
Mrs. McClain's Experience With
"When my boy, Ray, was small he
was subject to croup, and 1 was always
alarmed atsuch times Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy proved far be ter than
any other for this trouble It alwas
relieved him quickly I am never
without it in the house for I know it
is a positive cure for croup," writes
Mrs. W. R McClain, Blairsvllle, Pa.
For sale by All Dealers. adv
Dec. 7, 1914
May and Irene Rotroil have been
keeping house for their grandfather
since the death of Mrs. Rotrotl
Chas Emmons, of Ottawa, returned
home Tuesday after several dajs visit
with friends and relatives here
Mrs D. C. Askren spent Sunday
afternoon with Mrs. Jas Houston
Lewis Igo and Lee Malott have been
cutting wood for Martin and Clarence
Gray, of near Mowrystown.
Henry and Stanley Frump look din
ner with Lew Igo and family, Sunday
Chas Boyd and Miss Lillian Askren
spent Sunday afternoon with Amy
Cut and
Commencing Dec. 15th we will give
The funeral of Mrs Anna Anderson
was held at Prospect last Tuesday
morning. She left a husband and
seven children to mourn their loss
Our sympathies are extended to the
bereft family of this good woman.
Mrs. Lulu Eaklns entertained quite
a large company of ladies last Thurs
day afternoon.
E E. West was In Illllsboro Satur
Miss Martha Cunningham was In
Hlllsboro Wednesday.
Miss Cindrella Richards spent Sun
day with her mother, Mrs N. W.
Al. Shannon was In Hlllsboro Sat
, Mrs E la Chaney has returned to
her home near Greentield, after a
short visit with her mother, Mrs
Elizabeth West.
I Mrs Harry Shannon and daughter,
Vivian, were guests of the formr s
parents Frank Kelly and wife, in
Hillsboro Tuesday.
, Fred Patton w ill lead prayer meet
ing next Wednesday night.
, Mrs. Evahne McCoj is having a new
roof put on hr house.
Hurron Newby and wife entertained
a number of friends at dinner one d ij
last week.
I E. E Eaklns has had a new verant
added to the front of his honse.
Mr. and Mrs. Illnkle, of Hamilton,
were guests of the latter's parents,
Frank Ilochberger and wife, ia5t
Lile Smith
friends here.
Mrs. Louise West called on I.
Evallne McCoy Saturday afternoon
spent Sunday with
Checks Croup Instantly.
You know croup is dangerous. At.d
you ought to know too, the sense of
security that comes from having Fo
ley's Honey andjTar Compound In the
house. It cuts the thick mucous and
clears away the phlegm, stops the
strangling cough and gives easy breatl -ing
and quiet sleep. Every user is a.
adv Gakuktt & Ayhes
ThisAnd Five Cents.
Don't miss this. Cut out this slip,
enclose five cents to Foley & Co., Chi-1
cago, 111., writing your name and
address clearly. You will receive In
return a free trial package containing
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound, for
coughs, colds and croup, Foley Kidney
Pills and Foley Cathartic Tablets.
For sale In your town by
adv Gaukbtt & Ayubs.
National Flour Sacks
Not only do you got the Best Flour
on the market when you buy NATION
AL, but valuable presents besides, and
the price la no higher, and not so high,
as soma not so gocd. We have many
other beautiful premiums.
Save the Goupons
and come and see. If your grocer
can't supply you come to
Richards' Mill
December 7, 1914
Harley Roush, of near Pricetown,
died last night after an illness of two
years Funeral will be held at one
o'clock Tuesday. Burial in the Salem
cemetery. (
Clifford Shaffer is quite sick with
John Griffith and wife, of Norwcod,
are visiting relatives here.
Wm. Fender and wife, of East Dan
ville, called on John Kelluin and fam
ily Sunday.
Humphrey Stevens Is calling on otd
friends at East Danville and Price
The visitors at the Panama-Pacific
Exposition are not to be annoyed by
any realization of the flight of time.
Clocks are not to enter Into the archl
tecture of any of the buildings.
"Procrustes had a bed and evory mm
who came along had to fit it."
"He must be building flats now "
Kansas City Journal,
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