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I Useful Gifts are most appreciated and nothing you
1 could select will contribute more in comfort and pleasure
J than a handsome piece of artistic Furniture. A Gift of
this sort not only contributes to the happiness of the one
who receives it but affords comfort and pleasure to the
I entire family. Skan the list given below and bear in
1 mind that the Yalues at Kincaid & Son's Store are
3 Genuine.
5 PrW Suites. Parlor Tables. Piano Benches. Rockers, Library Tables,
Sectional Book Cases, Combination Book Cases, Folding Card Tables,
Ladies Desks, Morris Chairs, Hall Racks, Mirrors. Buffets, China Cabinets,
Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, Brass Beds, Davenports, Cedar Chests,
Shirt Waist Boxes and last but a most acceptable Christmas Gift the Fam
us one dollar and we will deliver the CABINET XMAS EVE.
Dec. 7, 1914.
Mrs Austin Eubanks and son were
the guests of Harvey Klssling and
wife, of near Sinking Spring, Satur
day night and Sunday.
Miss Oeie Deardoff spent Friday
night witli her cousin, Eva Rhoads.
Carlton West was a visitor Sunday
at the home of James Bobb and wife.
Mrs. Maud Matthews and sister,
Dess L. Butler, were the guests of
Mrs Blanche Chapman, at sinking
Spring, Friday.
Eva Eubanks spent Thursday night
with Faith Sams, at Carmel, and at
tended the Farmers Institute at
Marshall, Out night.
Elizabeth McCall, of Beaver's Mill,
was the guest of J. O. Stults and wife
Saturday night and Sunday,
C. M. Phillips and son, of Dallas,
were in this vicinity Sunday.
Frank Klssling and nephew, of Lees
burg, spent Sunday with Mrs. P.
Ilarry Stethem, of Mlllerstown, was
the guest of Ben Butler, Sunday.
Mrs Blanche Cartwrlght, of Sink
ing Spring, was the guest of Mrs. J. P.
Havens, Wednesday.
D. O. Matthews, of Green field, and
John Cavney, of Muncle, Ind., spent
a couple of days last week with the
former's son, H. V. Matthews.
The pie supper in Beech Flatts, Sat
urday night was well attended. Thir
teen pies brought nine dollars.
Martin Bryant and wife, of Lees
burg, were the guests of Mrs. C. A.
Rhoads Wednesday night at the home
of Mrs Jane Stultz.
(By B. O 8EL.L.ER.S, Acting Director of
Sunday School Course )
Li:SSON TEXT Matt. 28:16-20, Luke 21
GOLDEN TEXT Lo, I nm with you al
wuys, even unto the end ot the world.
Matt. 28:20. ,
This lesson consists of two para
graphs which constitute what might be
termed two commissions or two parts
of the Great Commission. There are
four distinct accounts of the final com
mands of our Lord to bis disciples,
each presenting a different phase of
the -work ho committed to his follow
ers. In this lesson wo have for our
consideration two of these aspects
which ought not to be confused.
I. The Appearance In Jerusalem,
Thomas Being Absent. Luke 24:36-49.
(1) The Resurrected Lord, vv. 36-43.
The Emmaus disciples reported to the
disciples, and thoise gathered with
them in Jerusalem, the things they
had experienced, especially in the
breaking of bread This occurred late
In the evening (see Luke 24:29, 33).
While they, and the others, wete re
hearsing the many things that had ta
ken place on that first eventful day,
Jesus himself suddenly appears in
their midst without the opening of a
door and asks them of their thoughts
i ,
Dec. 7, 1014
Nancy Berry Is visiting
Once leforo he had thus searched
Grace Havens called onj Mrs. Anna them (Luke 9:46, 47), but now the oc
casion is quite umereiu. rear 01 me
Jews had crowded them Into this room
but no closed door except that of the
West Main Street
Dec 7, 1914
Harrv Ferneau was a business vis
itor In Hillsboro last Saturday.
Mrs. Truman Murphy visited
tives In Sablna Wednesday and Thurs
Dr. J. A. B Srofe returned home
Thursday evening from Columbus
where he attended the Ohio Dental
There was no service in the M E.
church last Sunday eveningon account1
of the pastor. Rev A P. Smith, being
somewhat seriously indisposed with a
severe attack of lumbago
The second number of the lecture
course will be given Friday evening
by Judge Uoland W. Baggott, Juvenile
Court Judge, of Dayton Judge lUg
gott comes highly recommended and
wa bespeak for htm a full house
The monthly social of the Bethany
Bible was held last Thursday evening
at the M. E. Parsonage Though the
evening proved to be an extremely In
clement one many of the members'
were present The meeting was called
to order and after devotions, conduct
ed by Miss Sara Purdy, roll call was
responded to by Chrlstmasquotatlons
Following the class song, "Help Some
body Today," Christmas readings were
given by Mrs Lennie Hull and Miss
Madge Purdy, and the program closed
with the song '-The Victory May De
pend on You." After adjourning to
meet in the lecture room of the
church the tirst Thursday evening In
January, the hostess, assisted by Mrs.
Llda Dixon and Mrs Lennie Hull,
tastefully served a delicious luncheon.
Mrs. G A. Pavey returned home
Saturday from a visit lth hersonand
daughter, of Xenla and New Carlisle.
Master Willis Whiteside is recover
ing from an attack of measles and
chicken pox
A Christmas Cantata will be given
In the Friends' church by the mem
bers of tho Sunday School on Christ
mis Eve
Our stores are putting on their
holiday attire and a nice line of holi
day goods are being displayed by our
Mrs Cynthia Johnson has as her
guests, tier sister, Mrs. Patton, from
the west.
An orchestra of six pieces assisted
with the music last Sunday in the M.
E Sunday School and tills was greatly
appreciated by the superintendent,
teachers and scholars.
An attractive Christmas program is
being arranged by an etllcient com
mittee to be given in the M. E. church
Sunday evening, Dec. 20.
Hon. Coke L. Doster, of Greentield,
was a business visitor here last Friday.
Mrs. A. A. Fenner and son, of Hills
boro, were guests of C. F. Klssling
and daughter, Naome, Saturday and
Gore, Ga., P. A. Morgan had occa
I slon recently tojuse a liver medicine
' and says of Foley Cathartic Tablets :
. "They thoroughly cleansed my system
and I felt like a new man light and!
free. They are the. best medicine I
have ever takenlfor constipation. They
keep the stomach sweet, liver active,
bowels regular."
adv Gakrett & Ayrks.
Rhoads Saturday afternoon
Floyd Chapman, of Sinking Springs,
spent Sunday with Benson Butler.
James Waddel and family, of near
Cynthiana, spent Sunday witli John
Waddel and wife.
Mrs. J. o. Stults called on Aunt
Celia Grove, Friday afternoon.
The home of C. A. Rhoads was com
pletely destroyed by fire Wednesday
a out noon. Origin of tire is unknown
as Mr. and Mrs. Rhoads were attend
ing the Farmers Institute at Marshall
at the time. The property was insured.
Tiie world's cocoanut products for
1912 are valued at $350,000,000, while
the production of gold for the same
year was less than $500,000,000.
KlS5?! JJ.
The ideal entertainer
Of all the purchases you ever made, none
ever brought so much pleasure into your
home as the Victbr-Victrola.
Enjoyed by young and old gives every one
the kind of music he or she likes best.
And there's no better time than NOW to get
your Victor-Victrola.
$15 for the Victor-Victrola IV, shown in picture.
Other styles $25 to $200. Victors $10 to $100. Easy
terms, it desired,
E. VV. Muntz
"Victrola Agent"
Dec. 7, 1914.
Leota Stotler spent a few days this
week with her sister, near Snow Hill.
Oleth Rolf visited her grandparents
Thursday night and Friday.
R. A. McDanlel called on P. D.
Stotlers Sunday. Mrs. Stotler is still
very ill.
Duncan school now has 35 scholars
enrolled. Electa Lawman is teacher.
Clara Murray Is better.
R. A. McDanlel and son, Lafe called
on his daughter. Mrs. Harvey Kellis,
near Highland, mhiiUv.
We were sorry to heir of the death
of Mrs. Melva Rolf Bolar, of Mt.
Lafe McDanlel and Lawrence FIttro
called on Jess and Tom Ford Sunday.
Frances Eddlngfield and family
spent Sunday evening with her par
ents, Wm. Taylor and wife.
Mrs. Nellie Pendell called on Mrs.
C. II. Murray recently.
For any pain, burn, scald or bruise,
apply Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil the
household remedy. Two sizes, 25c and
50c, at all drug stores. adv
- m
Ormlston is a new alloy of aluminum
which Is comparable with copper for
lightness and with steel for strength.
Trains will depart from nillsboro
daily except Sunday as follows: 7:45
a. m., 3:35 p. m., 0:25 p. m.
Sunday only 8:20 a. m. and 6:25 p. m.
Trains arrive except Sunday 10:10
a. m., 0:10 p. m., 9:15 p. m.
Sunday only 10:40 a. m. and 9 p. m.
For any further information apply
to either of the following :
L. G. Paul, D. P. A., Cliillicothe, O.
Samuel Griflln, Agent, Hillsboro, O.
Bowles! Company
Suggestions to Xmas
If YouSHave Not Yet Decided
on the gifts you wish to give at
Christmas why not come to our
store and spend some time look
ing around? Our store is now
a"Cnrlstmas sore hoiutl'ul,"
where you can giln any number
of ideas. We show gifts at mod
erate prices for min, women and
Dinner Sets .
We call special attention to
our Christmas sale of open stock
Dinner Wares, a, number of dis
continued patterns in Haviland
and German China lo be closed
out at this sale.
Dinner Set Special
Small Dinner set of 43 pieces,
a delicate pink spray design
with gold trimmings. Set con
sists of 12 cups and saucers, 12
dinner plates, 1 covered sugar
bowl, 1 cream pitcher, 1 meat
platter and 2 vegetable dishe
for $3.75
Our stock Is very complete
now with gift books of all kinds
at the same prices they are sold
In city department stores, sav
ing you the transportation
charges. Any book not in stock
will be ordered promptly.
Xmas Post Cards
A fine display from 1 to 10
cents. Christmas seals and gift
cards 5 to 10 cents a package.
Christmas holly and. decorations
for schools, churches and stores.
Do not fall to visit our Store.
, human heart can keep out the risen
Lord. Simon's report (ch. 24.34) and
that of the Emmaus disciples were not
I sulflcient to allay their fear Fear at
I this visible evidence of tho supernat
ural Is true of us all, but when Jesus
truly is present there Is peace no
matter what may be the turmoil with
out, or the fear within
I Man of Flesh and Bone.
This appearance was a demonstra
tion that it was he himself, and to add
proof upon proof Iip first showed them
, his pierced hands and feet, and then
I called for fish and ate it before, and
doubtless with, them Jesus is today
a man of flesh and bone as much es
when he walked Galilee's hills His
blood he poured out upon Calvarj
i The evidence of the literal, physical
I resurrection of Christ is so overwhelm
ing that the unbeliever does violence
to his reason not to accept it
(2) The Ascended Lord, vv. 44-49.
This coming of Jesus and his message
of peace and assurance brought also
a commission that this great fact bo
told to others The event recorded in
these verses did not occur In Jem
salem but upon Mount Olivet and con
stitutes the final appearance of Jesus
As he had done otten before, so now
he sets his seal upon the Old Testa
ment, expressly speaking of its books
under their accepted three fold divi
sion (v. 44) In these there are be
tween three and four hundred -lirect
not to speak of the indirect, prophe
cies concerning him What we need
is to have the Holy Spirit that we may
"understand" (v 45), the purpose of
his life and death Jesus taught his
disciples what that purpose is (v. 47),
viz , the "remission of sins," based on
the sure ground of his finished work
This, and this alone. Is the gospel and
ttves In Cincinnati,
Alfred Stroup and family, of near
Hillsboro, were guests of his parents,
Armenor Stroup and wife, recently.
Richard rtoush Is sick.
D. W. Brown, who has suffered a,
severe attt ck of quit 7y the past week
Is slowly improving
Mrs Samuel Winters has returned
home after a visit with her son, Clyde
and family, at Samantha
Mrs Katharine Stockwell, of Hills
boro, is spending the week with her
daughter, Mrs Ed Cochran.
The Columbian Male Quartette Co.
will furnish the next entertainment
of our lecture course at the Reformed
church on Saturday evening, Dec. 19.
This musical number should be well
attended as it Bis something unusual
as three of the men composing the
quartette are blind.
Miss Silvia Young, operator at the
telephone exchange spent from Satur
day until Monday with her parents,
John Young and wife, at Prlcetown.
Mrs. Alsalda Fawley is the guest of
her daughter, Mrs. Ella Wood.
Mrs. Robert Roush has returned
home after spending sometime with
her mother, Mrs. Chas. Wiggin, at
East Danville. Mrs. Wiggins, who
has been seriously sick Is improving
slowly. Frank Hill, of Dayton, was a recent
visitor of his father, J. H. Hill.
The many friends of Ed Phibbs, of
VTlddletown, formerly of this plact,
wore saddened to hear of the terrible
accident that befell him in that city
Ust week, and all hope that lie may
eventually recover.
Wm Knauer and wife and John
and Edward Knauer attended the fun
eral of their aunt, Mrs. Marj Poll I,
at Williamsburg, Tuesday.
Oacar King and family were recent
visitors of relatives at Brouse Chape'.
C. E. Shaffer spent Saturday and
Sunday with ills daughter, Mrs. John
Williams, near Dodsonville.
Mrs. Henry Purdy, of Hillsboro, was
a guest of her daughter, Mrs. D. W.
Brown, last wtek
Mrs. Mattle Watklns, of Pleasant
Plain, returned home Friday after a
visit with her sister, Mrs Margaret
I Dow Landess, of Hillsboro, is visit
ing ids grandparents, N. P. Landess
and wife. Wm. McLaughlin, wife
j and baily were guests at the Landess
home Sunday.
December 7, 1914.
Delbert Williamson and wife spent
Sunday witli the latter's parents, J.
H. Miller and wife.
Starley Reno and wife and baby
took dinner witli George Rhoades
Mr. and Mrs. William SatterUeld
spent Sunday at Louden.
Roscoe Variant and wife and
daughter, Nina, spent Saturday night
and Sunday with his mother, Mrs. II.
C. Vanzant.
Harvey Sattertield spent Sunday
evening with Noble SatterUeld and
I Forest Gustin and wife were the
guests of the former's parents, J. A.
Gustin and wife Sunday.
i Everett Van.aut was a business
caller in Hillsboro Saturday evening.
It Is to be preached in bis name unto . Robert Streber moved last Thursday
all nations a missionary suggestion frora tbe nurst and Kelly farm to
"The Xmas Store Beautiful."
N. High St
Opp. Soldiers' Mod.
but beginning at home, in Jeiusalem
Verse 49 tells us of that other needed
preparation to make us effective wit
nesses, the enduement of the Holy
Some Disciples Doubted.
II. The Appearance to tho Eleven
In Galilee, Matt. 28:16-20. This event
took place much later than that men
tioned in the first part of the previous
section. As we carefully read this
section it suggests that Jesus was
somewhat removed from the dis
ciples, yet their vision was so clear
that they worshiped him, though some
doubted. Drawing near to the dis
ciples he first of all emphasizes his
supreme authority, "all power Is given
unto me," and on that authority he
commissioned them to their work of
dlsclpling "all nations." Mark's ren
dering of this commission (16:15, 16)
is more inclusive, "to tho whole crea
tion," including all of man's welfare,
social hb well as spiritual. For Jesus
thus to claim authority and to send I
forth his ambassadors and still not be
"the very God of the very God" is to
stamp him either as an impostor or a
lunatic. Because all power is his,
therefore the obligation and the ac
companying Holy Spirit who will en
able us to teach the things he has com
manded. There Is back of the com
mission "all power" and accompany
ing it a blessed fellowship, "Lo, I am
with you all the days"
The sad thing is that after nearly
two thousand years we have carried
out so poorly the great commission.
And lastly the disciple is not to go
in his own strength or wisdom. His
parables describe fully the age upon
which the disciples were entering. As
they went forward and as we "follow
in their train," to devote ourselves to
the enterprises of his kingdom, he de
clared that he would be with tbem and
with lis until the time of tho cor.sum-
' matlon of the age.
"When we go his way, he goes our
way; but If we go our own we go it
11. Gaii'a iarin. William Sattertield
will move into the house vacated by
Mr. Streber.
Mrs. Sarah Sattertield called on
Mrs. Mary Gall Sunday afternoon.
Dec. 7, 1914.
Frank Willison and wife spent Sun
day afternoon with A. S. Welty at
Point Victory.
James Tucker, of Fayettevllle, spent
Wednesday night with Chas Robblns
and family.
Miss Florence Prine spent Tuesday
night with Miss Audra Quickie and
Wednesday night with Miss Marie
Lleurance, near Dunn's Chapel.
Raymond and Charles Beam Simbro
called on Elva Barker Sunday after
noon. John Q. Roades, of Hillsboro, was a
caller here Tuesday.
Lewis Pence spent the latter part
of the week w ith Cms. Robblns and
Luther Campbell, wife and daughter
spent Sunday afternoon witli Carey
Will Johnson and wife spent Sun
day afternoon with Lewis Orebaugh.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local appltcaUons. as they cannot
.K-acli the diseased portion ol the ear.
there is only one way to euro deafness,
ind that Is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an lnllamed condi
tion of the mucous fining of the Kusta
Jhlan Tube. When this tube is lnllamed
rou have o. rumbling sound or imperfect
bearing, and when it Is entirely closed,
Oeafness Is the result, and unless the in.
'lamination can be taken out and thltt
tube restored to Its normal condition,
bearing will bo destroyed forever: nine
tases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
rhich Is nothing but an Inflamed condi
tion of the mucous surfaces.
Wa will kits One Hundred Dollar for anr case of
foafnesi (caused bjcatarrh) that cannot be cured bf
liWt Catarrb Core. Bend tor circular, free.
I F.J. CHUNKY, A CO .Toledo, Ohio,
I Bold brDmsirtsta, 75c
Taxe Hall faaiUj Ui for coasUpaUon.
- jULioi g!t
fV 4. J. A-.t-rti. 4 (J, ?a
1J fk ,. -

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