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Editor and Manager
1 XT 13 Xj fi XX HiX3 J3 "V 13 JPL "ST TIITJUSDAY
One Year (III Advance) $1.00
& x Mouths CO
Three Months 25
Entered afc Post Olllce, Hillsboro, Ohio, as Second Class Matter.
ADVERTISING KATES Will Be Made Known on Application.
Waste of Public filoncy.
This will be the last of our series of editorials, at .least for the
present, on "Waste of Public Money". We have tried to pick out
matters upon which there could be no real difference of opinion,
things about which almost everyone must-agree. One reason for
discontinuing these articles is because of the danger of overdoing
Our subject this week is the office of prosecuting attorney.
The salary of this office is $1550 a year and for the work done is
entirely too large. In the last nix years there has not been a big
criminal case tried in this county and from June 30, 1913 to June
30, 1914 there was not a criminal case of any description tried. It
is true that the prosecutor is the legal advisor of all township and
county officers, but this work is not very heavy. If the office was
appointive we have no hesitancy in saying that any lawyer in Hills
boro would be glad to get the position on an annual retainer of
$600. As an elective office if the salary was cut in two there would
be no trouble in filling it.
We have made no charges of any illegal conduct in any of our
editorials in this series. We believe that public affairs should be
conducted on strict business principles and have simply pointed out
a number of places where money could be saved without interfer
ing with the efficient conduct of our public matetrs. Legislative
action would be necessary to do most of the things mentioned. The
changes suggested would save the people of Highland county about
10,000 each year and the people of Ohio at least one million dollars
each year. And these are only a few of the places where money
could be saved. Do you think it would pay you to give some atten
tion to public matters ?
The successful photographer will make you see yourself as you
hope you look and not as others see you.
The man, who says the most mean things about others, has
more and meaner things said about himself.
The present styles in women's clothes must be on the principle
that there is more evil in imagination than in seeing.
We all of us want economy in the conduct of public business,
except in our .own transactions. .
Why is it that a play or novel is supposed to have ended happily
when the principal characters get married ?
While both are badly handicapped as between the boy who
smokes cigarettes and drinks booze and the one who chews gum
and uses perfumery we are all for the former.
Do your Christmas shopping at once and leave the last day free
for editors who have been so busy urging others to do theirs early
that they have not had time to do any themselves.
December 14, 1914.
3ohn Leaverton is convalescent, af
ter a lew days of illness.
Dallas Leavertjn and wife and Ebb
Leaverton and wife and daughter
peut Sunday with their father and
mother Pauline Dudley and Esther
Lin i were also Mrs. Leaverton s
guests for dinner.
Mrs. Sarah Hudson entertained his
daughter, Mrs. John Woods and fam
ily on Sundav.
A very enjoyable afternoon was
. ., wiiurcriuv hv tlifi members of
Kairtield Farm Woman's Olub with
Mrs. Arza White and Mrs. Chilean t
Cowman hostesses at the latter's res
idence I
In preparing a list of names of resi-'
dents of this community, counting all
as such who are in any way buuubbibu
with any of Centerfleld's activities,
the number is found to be two hun
dred and sixty eight. Now If we fall
in securing audiences for our enter
tainments from time to time some
one does not live up to his privilege.
wot rr will meet, with Mrs.
Robt. Burgess Thursday afternoon, a !
Mother's meeting.
All who will help in the singing of
the Christmas music are Invited to
bring lunch next Sunday and after an
hour's rest between services we snail
practice the new songs.
December 14, 1914.
An entertainment will be given at
the East Danville school Dec. 24 In
the afternoon. Everybody cordially
John Kellura and family, of Price
town, spent Sunday with Win. Fen
der ana ramiiy.
W. B. Jack and wife spent Sunday
with Homer Burton and wife at Dan
ville. Alex. Davidson and family, of
Shackelton, took dinner with Curt
Hugglns and family recently.
Mrs. Sarah Fouch, of Blanchester,
is spending a few weeks with her son,
John, and family.
fcd. McQultty, of Taylorsvllle, spent
Sunday night with W. B. Jacks and
A B Robinson and wife visited M.
E. Pulllam and family Tuesday.
A. B. Ifawk and wife and daughter,
Margaret. D. C. Winkle and wife, C.
17. Winkle and wife and son. of Hills
boro, Warren Workman and wife and
daughter, Helen, of Prlcetown, and
Boy Euverard and family, of Hollow
town, spent Sunday with C.O. Winkle
and wife
Dec. 14, 1914.
Misses Sarah Hope. Grace Red key
and Rose Stultz, of the Point, weie
guests of Mrs Joo Morrow last week.
Ilamer Lyle and wife wore guests at
the home of Robert West Sunday.
Ora nartraan, of Frankfort, Is visit
lug his sister, Mrs Harry Karnes.
Sylvester Smith and wife, of Dallas,
spent Sunday with Mrs. Emtru Iiussey.
Herbert Falrley and son, Wilbur,
and Laton Wright were guests of Mrs.
Delia Morrow, Sunday.
Wm. Rbwe and wife, Mrs. Pleunae
Tompkins and J. Sv Lovett and wife
were guests at the home of J. L.
Montgomery Sunday.
W. W. Wolfe and family spent Sun
day at the home of H'rank Shoemaker.
Mrs. Win. Rowe spent two days last
week with Mrs. Lew Workman, at
Mrs. C. M Stevens and daughter,
Mary, spent Saturday with Mrs. Arch
Brown, of Hillsboro.
. m
Checks Croup Instantly.
You know croup Is dangerous. And
you ought to know too, the sense of
security that comes from having Fo
Jej 's Honey andjTar Compound in the
house. It cuts the thick mucous and
clears away the; phlegm, stops the
strangling cough andglves easy breath
ing and quiet sleep. Every user is a
adv Gakhktt & Ayiies.
Dec. 14, 1914.
Will Wood, who has been the guest
of relatives here the past month, lei l
Friday for his home In Colorado.
Mrs. Samuel Leaverton returned
home Saturday from a week's visit
with relatives In Newark.
F T. Pavey was a business visitor
in Chllllcothe Friday.
Miss Ora Ladd is assisting in C. E.
Slaughter's store.
Horace Johnson and wife, of Mem
phis, Tenn., spent the past week with
his mother, Mrs. Cynthia Johnson.
Rev Zleger, of Highland, occupied
the M. E. pulpit Sunday morning and
delivered an excellent sermon.
Rev. Van Pelt, district superintend
ent, was here Saturday to attend the
quarterly conference.
I. V. Mitchell was a business visitor
in Hillsboro last Friday.
Rev. Joel Wright, a former resident
of our town, died Tuesday at the home
of his daughter, Mrs Evan Good, near
Careytown. Funeral services were
held here in the Friends church Thurs
day morning, Rev. Ellison Purdy, of
Wilmington, otliciatlng. Burial In
Pleasant mil cemetery.
J. H. Wright and wife, of Greenfield,
were the week-end guests of their son,
Charles, and wife.
Arthur Naylor received a message
Friday morning announcing the seri
ous illness of his sister, Mrs. Larance,
of near Wilmington. He and his
family left immediately for her home,
where she died on the afternoon of the
same day. Funeral services were held
Monday morning at the Fair view
church, Interment at Antioch.
David Hunt and wife, of Martins
ville, attended the funeral of Rev. Joel
An attractive Christmas program
has been arranged by an efficient com
mittee and will be given next Sunday
evening in the M. E church by the
members of the Sunday School You
are invited to attend this service.
The W. C. T. D. will meet Thursday
afternoon with Mrs. Corda Reece.
Judge Baggott, of Dayton, was
greeted by a large and appreciative
audience Friday evening. He is an
Interesting and forceful speaker ana
the close and undivided attention giv
en him is the greatest compliment
that can be bestowed upon a public
speaker. The third number pf the
Lecture Course will be given by a
Concert Company on the evening of
Jan. 10, 1015
Tho Farmers Institute will be held
in the Jonsonia Hall Friday and Sat
urday of this week. Good speakers
have been secured. The vocal music
will be furnished by our High School.
Dec. 14, 1914.
Miss Elsie Dakin, of Hillsboro, spent
Tliurs ay night with Miss Pearl Prlne.
The friends and nelgfibors of Chas.
Simbro gathered at his home Thurs
day night, Dec 10, to remind him, of
his 50th birihday. 45 were present.
Miss Florence Prine spent Friday
night and Saturday with friends in
Glenn Ladd called on George Prine
Thursday afternoon.
Howard Pence, of Hoaglands, spent
Sunday with Jesse Grllllth and wife.
Wm Wllllson is spending a few
days with his brother, Frank.
Clarence Justice, of Hillsboro, spent
Sunday with Wm. Setty.
Glenn Swisshelm and wife, of near
Hillsboro, spent Sunday with Walter
Powell and wlie.
Carey Kirkpatrick and wife spent
Sunday afternoon with Chas. Simbro
and family!
. '
Why They Recommend Foley's
Honey and Tar.
P. A. Eflrd, Conejo, Oallf because
"it produces the best results, always
cures severe colds, sore chest and lungs
and does not contain opiates or harm
ful drugs." Dr. John W. Taylor, Lu
thersville, Ga because "1 believe it
to be an honest medicine and it satis
fies my patrons." W. L. Cook, Nel-
hart, Mont because "it gives the best
results for coughs and colds of anything
I sell." Every user Is a friend,
adv Gaiikett & Ayhes.
Dec. 14, 1914.
This community was greatly shocked
to hear of the death of Mrs. R. L.
Watts, who died at the Jewish Hospi
tal at Cincinnati on Monday. The
funeral was held at the M. E. church
Mrs. Byrl Mason was shopping in
nillsboro Saturday.
Mrs. Burch Miller spent Thursday
and Friday with her parents, Frank
Main and wife.
Mrs. Osa Spruance spent from
Wednesday until Saturday with Sam
McCoy and wife.
Miss Ruby Boyd took dinner Thurs
day with Miss Merle Miller.
Mrs. Byrl Mason spent Monday with
her parents, Benton Parks and wife,
of Berryvllle.
Protracted meeting will begin at
the C. U. church on Sunday, Dec. 27.
Paul Elliott and sister, Pearl, spent
Saturday night and Sunday with their
grandmother, Mrs. Ann Elliott.
Ray Stultz and sister, Clara, of Ser
pent Mound, were tue guests of Lem
Hunter and family, Saturday night
and Sunday.
Geo. Miller and family, F. M. Main
and wife and Harold Reed were enter
tained Sunday by Burch Miller and
fan Ily.
Willie Murphy, of Belfast, spent
Saturday night and Sunday with Wal
ter Bell and family.
Hampton Kesler and family, of Har.
riett, spent Sunday with Benton Ke3"
lor and wife.
Ray Stultz. Charley and Lowell
Hunter and Misses Blanche Hunter,
Clara Stultz and Mary Bell called on
Glen Spruance and sisters Sunday
Witch Hazel Oil
For Piles or Hemorrhoids,
External or Internal, Blind or
Bleeding, Itching or Burning.
One application brings relief.
Two sizes, 2Bc. and $1.00, at
all druggists or mailed.
end Free Saipple of Oil to
I!nmphrj Ilomeu. Medicine Co, 118 WIMan.
CL, Kow York.
Sick Animals
The treatment of diseases of Rones,
Cattle, Sheep, Dogs and Fowls, is given in
Dr. Hompbreys' Veterinary Manual, mailed
free. nnmpbrfyB Veterinary EeineJiea,
156 WlUUm St., New York.
jiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(Tiiiiiifuiiiijiiiiiiiciiiiiiifaa.i.-iiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii CfiaflE
"i"i'iiw"BMii"ii,i,a!Mia n
Cap .
Night Robes
Sweater Coat
Half Hose
Suit Case
j$rr i m &
tamL qls&
Everything is ready for your inspection. Fruits direct from Florida and Flow
ers from the green house by the wagon loads.
Christmas Decorations, such as Holly, Laurel Festooning, Holly Wreathes, and
in fact everything that will make appropriate Christmas Gifts.
Wreathes for the Cemetery a Specialty
All this you will find at HIDER'S at prices that will meet with the approval of
We wish to call your attention to our line of candies. Not the best, but as good
as the rest.
Call and see us. Help us along. And remember our motto "Watch us grow."
HIDER, The Florist and M Man
West Main Street
Hillsboro, Ohio
December 14, 1914. ,
Albert Roads and family removed
last week from the O. W. Roush farm
to the Roads farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Shaffer and two
children spent Sunday with Thomas
Aber at Dodsonvllle.
Rev. H. N. Faulkner, formerly of
Hillsboro, will make an address here
January 4.
Mr. and Mrs, Claude Lndwlck are
entertaining a fine son at their home
since December 4.
Mrs. J. M. Orr and Mrs. L. E. Han
ley spent Monday in Cincinnati.
Next Sunday, Dec. 20, Rev. Sim
mons, of Chrlttendon, Ky., will preach
here, also Saturday night, and Sunday
night at Prlcetown. The S. S will
give the annual treat at this time.
Number in Sunday School December
13,73. Offering $1.01.
Mrs. Mary Shaffer and little son
spent two days the past week with her
parents, Mr, and Mrs. Enoch Costel
low, In Hillsboro.
Mrs. Robt. Dalsley visited at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. A. V. .Lemon
near Satnanths the past week.
A. C. Shaffer and family were en
tertained at the home of Cy. Shaffer
Great Reduction of Millinery
We are bound to sell all of our- Fall and
and, Winter stock. Therefore, make these final
special low prices.
All Trimmed Hats up to $4.00 at i$1.98
All Trimmed Hats up to ,$8.00 at $2.98
All Ladies' untrimmed Hats in house 98c
Children's Hats at . 39c and 79c
All other goods cut down to less than cost.
These goods are all this season's stock and will
be sold as advertised.
The Fashion Millinery

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