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Illustrated from Scenes in the Photo Drama of the
Soma Name by the Thanhouser Filtn Company
(Copyright, Mil. by Harold MacQrath)
"What are you mumbling about?" lury against Jones, who had permltteu
nsked the happy girl at his sldo. ' tliem to play with ilre. He nung out
"Win I miimhllmr? Pprhatis I was . " "" iimnBirii uncereimmwuuiy, cum
going over my catechism I haven't
been out In society in so long that
I've forgotten how to act,"
"1 believe that. We've been in here
for flvp minutes and you haven't told
me that you love me."
"Good heavens!" And his armB
went around her so tightly that she
begged for quarter.
"How strong you are!"
The splendor of the rooms, the daz
zling array of jewels, the kaleidoscopic
colors, the perfume of the banked
flowers and the music all combined
to put Florence into a pleasurable
kind of trance. And it was only when
the first waltz began that she became
mandeered a cab, and flew out to Riv-
erdale. And when Jones came to tho
I door he was staggering with sleep.
1 "What's the matter with you?" de
manded Jim roughly. "Where's Flor
ence?" "Isn't she with you?" cried Jones,
making an effort to dispel the drowsl
, liess. "What time Is it?" suddenly.
I "Midnight! Where is she?"
I "Midnight? I've been drugged!"
' Without a word Jones staggered off
to the kitchens, Jim at his heels.
! There was always hot water, and
within five minutes Jones had drunk
' two cups of raw strong coffee
i "Drugged!" he murmured. "Some
hopsoit ami HurrenHoreH in tim nrms ' one in the house! I'll attend to that
of the man she loved. , Iater- Now. tno chauffeur!"
And they were wnltzing over a vol- I B"t the chauffeur swore on his oath
cano. She knew and he knew it. i that he had left Jim and Florence on
From what direction would the blow
come? Well, they were prepared for
all manner of tricks.
In an alcove off the ballroom sat
Braine and Olga, both dressed exactly
like Newton and Florence. Another
man and woman entered presently
and Brr.ine spoke to them for a mo
ment, as if giving instructions, which
was indeed the case.
The band crashed into another
dance, and the masqueraders began
swirling hither and thither and yon.
A gay cavalier suddenly stopped in
front of Florence.
"Enchantress, may I have the pleas
ure of this dance?"
Jim touched Florence's hand. But
she turned laughingly toward the
stranger. What difference did it
make? The man would never know
who she was nor would she know
him. It was a lark, that was all;
and despite Jim's warning touch she
iMimmmmrX V :-. 1K7K2
Pmmv-'"'Qr k '
nnKw7 ESS afi'J'rftfc'SCT xl -jH
the steps of the porte cochero.
j "Get in!" said Jones to Norton, now
fully alive He could not get it out of
his head that some one In tho house
had drugged him.
I The events which followed were to
both Jones and Norton something like
t a series of nightmares In the new
home of the Princess Parlova a bomb
I exploded and fire followed the explo
sion. From pleasure to terror is only
' a step. The wildest confusion imag
inable ensued. Most of the guests
were of the opinion that some an
i archist had attempted to blow up the
house of the rich Pole. Jones and
Norton arrived just as the smoke be
gan to pour out from the windows A
, crowd had already collected.
i Then Jim overheard a woman mas-
I querader say: "The fool made the
bomb too strong. She is in the room
on the second floor. The game is up
if she suffocates " The voice
1 trailed off and the woman became lost
in the crowd. 13ut it was enough tor
the reporter, who pushed his way
roughly through the excited mas-
, queraders and entered the house. The
I rescue was one of the most exciting
I to be found in the newspaper files of
i the day.
So Braine in his effort to scare ev
' erybody from the house had over
reached himself once mnm
(To be continued.)
Dec. 4, 1914.
Emanuel Roush and wife spent Frl
day with Ed Landess and wife.
Robert Fails, of near Sugartne
nidge, visited Ills mother, Mrs. Eliza
Farls, recently.
The funeral of Harley Roush was
held at the Christian church Tuesday
afternoon, conducted by Rev. Frank
Foust. Harley had been a great suf
ferer for the past 28 months. He Is sur
vived by his father, mother, four
brothers and twoslsters. Ho wasaged
24 years.
J, E. Thomas was a business visitor
at Lynchburg one day last week.
Mrs. Elizabeth Barker, of Belfast, is
visiting relatives here.
LewisiShaffert and wife and Onley
Pence and wife, of Danville, visited
Theodore Shaffer and wife, Friday.
DwightirGossctt and sister, Miss
Mary, and Amanda Leinlngerand son,
Hoyt. spent Saturday evening with O.
E. Abraham and wife.
Miss Nellie Gossett, of East Dan
vllle, visited her cousin, Miss Ruth
Foust, last week.
The young people of the Christian
church will give a play, title, ''Santa
Glaus and Friends" on Xmas Eve.
Homer Emery and wife were guests
of Clif Shaffer and wife, Sunday.
Tho Sunday School teachers will
have charge of the services Sunday
morning, Dec. 27.
Rev. Simmons, of Norwood, will
preach here Sunday evening, Dec. 20
Warren Workman and wife and
baby, Helen, spent Sunday with her
parents, D. C. Winkle and wife, at
Winkle. - N
w im tmmm mm mmemmmm i ii wn in iiMinawiin T
m'H m ma m. ik mm 'H HA 1 H
m WmmW lmW mW 1 H mW
"Invite Them In; That Is All You Have
to Do."
was up and away like the mischievous
sprite that she was. Jim remained
in his chair, twisting his fingers and
wondering whether to laugh or grow
angry. After all, he could not blame
her. To him an affair like this was an
ancient story; to her it was the door
of fairyland swung open. Let her en
joy herself.
Florence was having a splendid
time. Her partner was asking all sorts
of questions and she was replying in
kind, when out of the crowd came I
Norton (as she supposed), who touched 1
her arm. The cavalier stopped, bowed '
and made off.
Norton whispered: "I have made an
important discovery. We must be off
at once Come with me." '
Florence, without the leaBt suspicion ,
in the world, followed him up the
broad staircase. What with the many
sounds it was not to be wondered at
that the difference in the quality of
voices did not strike Florence's ear
as odd. The result of her confidence
was that upon reaching the upper
halls, opposite the dressing rooms, she
was suddenly thrust into a room and
made prisoner. When the light was
turned up she recognized with horror
the woman who had helped to kidnap
her and take her away on the George
Washington weeks ago. She could not
have cried out for help il she bad
Meantime Jim got up and began to
wander about in search of Florence.
Braine played a clever game that
night He and the Russian, still dom
inoed like Norton and Florence, or
dered the Hargreave auto, by num
ber, entered it and were driven up to
the porte cochere of the Hargreave
house. The two alighted, the chauf
feur sent the car toward the garage,
and Braine and his companion ran
lightly down the path to the street
where the cab which bad followed
picked them up.
It grew more and more evident to
Jim that something untoward had
taken place. He could not find Flor
ence anywhere, in the alcoves, in the
side rooms, the supper or card room.
Later, to his utter amazement, he was
'informed that the Hargreave auto had
some time since been called and Its
owner taken home. Some one bad
taken his place!
v Hla first sensation waa impotent
Sick Headache.
Sick headache is nearly always
caused by disorders of the stomach.
Correct them and the periodic attacks
of sick headache will disappear. Mrs
John Bishop, of Rosevllle, Ohio,
writes: "About a year ago I was
I troubled withlindlgestion and had sick
headache that lasted for two or three
days at a time. I doctored and tried a
numberof remedies but nothing helped
. me until during one of those bick spells
a friend adviseJ me to take Chamber
lain's Tablets. This medicine relieved
me In a short time. For sale by All
Dealers. adv
"After all," said the editor's assis
tant, "the old jokes are the best."
"Why shouldn't they be?" demand
ed the editor; "there's no competi
tion "Philadelphia Public Ledger.
This And Five Cents.
Don't miss this. Cut out this slip,
enclose five cents to Foley & Co., Chi
cago, III,, writing your name and
address clearly. You will receive In
return a free trial package containing
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound, for
coughs, colds and croup, Foley Kldn6y
Pills and Foley Cathartic Tablets.
For sale In your town by
ad v G AHIIKTT & Aykks
Dec. 14, 1914.
A Farmers Institute will be held at
the M. E. church fc riday and Saturday,
Jan. 1 and 2, 1915. All are invited.
Mrs. MarylWaddell died at her home
here Sunday Imornlng. Funeral ser
vice wastheld at the home of her
brother, Sara'l Selzer, Thursday morn
ing, conductedjby Rev. Van B. Wright.
Interment in new cemetery.
EarlThompson;;and wife and son,
James, of Peebles, spent last week
with the former's parents here.
Mrs. V.L. Rhoads made a business
trip to Cincinnati last week.
Mrs. John;Frye, of Devil's Lake, N.
Dakota, andj;VlnnIfred Waddell, of
Oklahoma, .were called here by the
death of Mrs. Mary: Waddell.
Wilbur Smith and wife, of Spring
field, are spending a few days with the
latter's parents, Ellas Ferguson and
Sick Two Years With Indigestion.
"Two yearslago.l was greatly bene
fited through using two or three bot
tles of Chamberlain's Tablets," writes
Mrs. S. A. Keller, Elida, Ohio "Be
fore taking them I was sick for two
years wlthlndigestion." Sold by Al
Dealers. adv
Box Candies from 15c to $10.00 Box.
Dolly Varden Chocolates. . . .50c lb.
Lowney's Chocolates 50o lb.
Ramer's Chocolates ...50olb.
Bantas' Chocolates 50c lb.
Sch rati t s Chocolates .... 50c lb.
Snlder's Chocolates 25c lb.
Bulk Candles all prices.
Small Jars of Candy for Xmas trees
Fruits and Nuts.
New Figs in bulk and packages.
New Dates in bulk and packages.
Oranges, Tangerines, Grape Fruit,
Cigar from 15c to $8.00 per Box.
Counselors, Havana Ribbon, Chas.
Denny, Tommy's, White Ox, San
Felice, and Bank Note. 5o Cigars
in Boxes of 25 and 50.
Sonada, LaPreferencia, Wra. Penn,
Wilbur Wright. lOo cigars in box
es or 10s, 12. 25, and 50s.
Smoking Tobacco in i lb. and 1 lb'
Jars with big flags for pillow tops.
Smoking Sets from 31.25 up to 83
Pipes in Cases, All Prices from 50c to $15.00
Fresh Oysters all the Time.
Lunch at all Hours.
Come in and leave your packages and
make this place your headquarters.
Tne Center of Town.
Barber Shop in Connection.
Everything from this store just right or your money back.
120 South High Street.
Next Door to Hillsboro Bank.
Business Men's
oo dip Tiioirv PODirnp oo
do Dlb iyiw! bUoLtrib do
Turned Loose From the Top of
vl aw EH n&
EC. 22
At 1 O'clock -Rain, Snow or Sunshine
M Corp i( By
iw Mm Mi
BOYS, GIRLS, MEN and WOMFLN from everywhere and any
where are invited to comn prepared to enter this FREE-FOR-ALL
SCRAMBLE. There -will be fences, trees, houses, barns and tele,
phone poles to climb as these big, fat, juicy Goblers are going to run
for their lives, knowing that the t crambler catching him will surely
eat him for Christmas Dinner.
To the neck of each Turkey will be fastened a rd tag, showing
merchant giving it away. Dogs and guns barred. There will be suf
ficient police to prevent any roudyism or rough treatment of the birds.
Scramblers making a catch will please report the same, giving
the number of the turkey to the secretary, W. B. HILLlARD.
The following Hillsboro business men invite everybody, and
especially the school children, to take part in this holiday frolic :
Stabler's 5c & 10c Store
J. B. Spencer & Co., Dry Goods
E. H. McClure & Co., Iron Clad
Clothing House
Frank Emmerling, Jeweler and
Optician 1
Sam R. Free, Clothing
Forum Theatre, Mutual Movies
Hider, Florist and Fruit Man
"Hilliard's Quality Store
Conard's Grocery
Kincaid & Sons, Undertakers and
Furniture Dealers
Hillsboro Gazette, Publsher? and
Job Printers
Hillsboro Auto Co.
M. F Carroll & Sons Co., Carriage
Merchants National Bank
Model Bakery
Model City Mills, Flour and Grain
Hillsboro Dry Cleaning and Pressing
News-Herald, Publishers and Job
Ervin & Dragoo, Automobile Garage
Dan Morgan
Van B. Miller
Selph's Cash Grocery
McKeehan-Hiestand Gocery Co.,
Wholesale Groceries
Feibel Bros., Clothing, Dry Goods
and -hoes
Kelly & Kelly, Wholesale Cigars
and Tobacco
Underselling Store, Clothing, Dry
Goods and Shoes
Union Grocery Co.
Farmers & Traders National Bank
Miller, The Druggist
S. E. Hibben & Son, Dry Goods
E. W. Muntz, Jeweler
Spargur & Co. Dry Goods and Shoes
Hillsboro Dispatch, Publishers and
Job Printers

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