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One Year (In Advance)
b x Months
I tiree Months
Entered at Post Olllce, Hillsboro,
Civil Service.
As civil service has been extended it has proved that it results
in efficiency and economy in the conduct of public business. This
being true it should receive the hearty support of every good citi
zen. The old "spoils" system was absolutely wrong because there
should be no spoils as but one thing-should be considered in public
business, just as in private business, How can it be bestconducted ?
If appointive officials are competent they should be retained regard
less of their political affiliations.
A recent amendment to the state constitution required that the
legislature pass a civil service law. The last legislature passed such
a law. There is talk now that the incoming legislature will emas
culate this law, that the Republicans will destroy civil service,
simply because many of those holding office are Democrats. If this
is done the Republicans will show that they are unfit to run the
state's business. If the present civil service law is defective and
weak it should be remedied and strengthened. It should be so made
that a person will secure public office on account of his ability to
fill it and for no other reason. It should be made a matter of
merit alone.
For too long our public affairs have been run on the basis of
fighting over the offices, making it simply a question of who would
hold the offices and the people paying dearly for this privilege.
The increase in efficiency in postal matters since the inaugura
tion of civil service is one of the best arguments in its favor. If
when President Wilson went into office all the rural mail carriers,
all the clerks in the post offices, the city mail carriers, the railway
mail clerks, etc. , had been changed, what would have happened to
the postal business ?
If the Republicans want good government in Ohio, they will
increase the scope and strengthen the provisions of the present
civil service law and we believe they will do this. If they make of
thier victory simply the opportunity to give jobs to men whose
main qualification is their ability to deliver a few votes on election
day, they should be one termers.
Thoughts For To-morrow.
Tomorrow is Christmas, the birthday of 'Christ. It will be
celebrated throughout the Christian world, but will it be celebrated
in the spirit He would desire. He was the greatapostle, the Prince
of Love. Love is the central thought of all his teaching, of all his
Turn where you will in the gospels and you find him healing
the sick and the afflicted ; feeding the hungry ; clothing the naked ;
and not only doing these things but urging and commanding his
disciples and followers to do likewise.
As to the spirit in which we should observe Christmas and of
greater importance the principles which should control our lives,
we here quote His own words and His teachings abound with
similar directions :
"Therefore, all things whatsoever ye would that men should do
to you, do ye even so to them." n
"Give to them that asketh thee, and from him that would bor
row of thee turn not away."
"Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to
them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you
and persecute you." a.
"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."
"Woe unto you ye scribes an J Pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye pay
tithe of mint, and anise and cummin and have omitted the weightier
matters of the law judgment, marcy and faith ; these ought ye to
have done, and not to leave the others undone."
"Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these
mybrethern, ye have done it unto me."
"Wnosoever will be great among you shall be your minister;
and whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all.
For even the son of man came not to be ministered unto but to
"Father forgive them ; for they know not what they do."
"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone
at her."
"By this shall all men know
have love one to another."
"These things I command you,
Should Old Parties Die?
We have been charged with the terrible crime of wanting to
see the Republican party die. To this charge we plead guilty and
we would also plead guilty to the charge of desiring the death of
the Democratic party. We believe the passing of both the old
parties would be a good thing for this country. By this we do not
want to be understood as being opposed to political parties, but we
believe that the Republican and Democratic parties have outlived
their usefulness. The dividing line between the two parties is ar
tificial and as long as they continue the dominant parties of this
country sectionalism will exist.
Every man by temperament and disposition is either a conser
vative or a liberal. Neither the Republican nor Democrat party is
distinctively a conservative or liberal party. In each there is a
conservative and a liberal faction. These factions within the par
ties are continually striving for control. Sometimes one dominates
and sometimes the other. It often happens that one of the parties
is conservative in one state and liberal in another. Within each
party can always be found prominent leaders who have diametrically
opposite views of how the government should be conducted. In our
opinion the conservatives of the Republican and Democratic parties
should belong to one party and the liberals of the Republican and
Democratic parties should be in another party.
Of course this might be accomplished and the old names re
tained by one of the parties becoming distinctly conservative and
the other distinctly liberal. But custom and habit have a strong
Editor and Manager
"sr TiiTrnsx)A.Y
Ohio, as Second Glass Matter.
Made Known on Application.
that ye are my disciples,
if ye
that ye love one another."
hold on all of us, and as long as the old names are retained many
will vote the ticket with the old familiar name at the head.
Sectionalism is injurious to any country and we believe will
exist in this country as long as the parties retain the names Re
publican and Democratic. Why do we have the Democratic "solid
south?" Why do thousands in the northern and middle western
states vote the Republican ticket? It is because of the passion and
prejudice created by the Civil War. Men are still voting as they
shot, or as their father's shot. And in the south there is the ad
ditional fear of negro domination and there the Republican party
is considered to stand for just one thing, negro domination. Both
north and south are voting the Democratic or Republican ticket on
issues settled fifty years ago.
As long as we have the Republican and Democratic parties we
believe that the parties will be divided on artificial lines and the
country will be cursed with sectionalism. We would, therefore,
be glad to see both of the old parties die and two new parties take
their palce.
The "Tin key Scramble" having been called off there is not
even a chance for the editor to have turkey on Christma3.
We noticed in an exchange recently the headline, "Lawyers
Agree." And while it may have been true it sounded to us like a
Garry Hermann is a great man in baseball during' the winter,
but the fans would rather have some one president of the Cincin
nati team who would get a decent team for the summer even if he
was not so much in the winter.
We thought of a paragraph the other day, or dreamed we did
which we considered good enough to be a companion of that great
paragraph which the editor of the Ohio State Journal intends to
write soon and send echoing and re-echoing, verberating and re
verberating, ricoheting and re-ricocheting down the corridors of
time. After you have glanced over this column it not will be neces
sary for us to tell you that we have forgotten it.
Harley Howard, second son of A. 0.
a.d Elizabeth Roush, was born April
15, 18!K), departed this life Dec 0, 1914,
i'ed 24jears, 7 months and 21 dajs
He united with the Unurch of Christ!
at Priceton in August 1003. Harley
was first a student in the church, then
a teacher, fulfilling that part of the
great commission, "teaching them to
observe all things whatsoever I have
commanded jou." While able he was
alwajs found in his place doing what
he could. Sickness In youth left the
body weak and finall disease laid hold
upon the more vital parts and all that
loving, patient hands and skilled physi
cians could do, the body became weak
er and finally death came to relieve
his suffering. Lying upon his hack
for 23 long months, being relieved as
well as loving hands could do, a suffer
er for yars yet he murmured not. A
vacant place, an empty chair that can
never be fllltd is in the home.
He is survived by his father, mother,
4 brothers, 2 sisters, a grandmother,
who would not leave him during his
sickness, and numerous friends. They
mourn but not as those wiio have no
nope for la had made ready. The
family can say a9dld David, "We can
not call him bieK but we can go to
him "
Why do we mourn and weep for one,
Whose pain and suffeiinj; all are done t
Foreer sale tromsln and harm,
Safe In the E-verlastlng Arm.
He trusted In the Savior's might.
And He has washed him pure and white,
And fitted him for that bright home
Where pain and sorrow cannot come.
We weep for one w ho ne'er again
Shall weep or sigh atgrlel or pain.
Whose voice now joins the throng above,
In songs ot Christ's redeeming love.
Why do we linger round the bier ,
And drop the bitter, burning tear.
Why do wc notrejolce that he
Is now from pain and borrow free f
We can but weep, e'en as Jesus wept
When Lazarus His beloved, slept. '
The Bcaldlng tears will bring relief
Unto the heart o'er whelmed with grief.
Through the columns of this paper
we wish to thank our friends and
neighbors who so kludlyj assisted us
during the long illness and death of
our loved one. We wish to thank Revs.
Foust and Miller for their kind con
soling words and;also Mr. Bobbltt for
the efficient manner Jin which he con
ducted the burial. Also the Sunday
School for the beautiful llowers The
Mrs. McClain's ExperienceWith
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was subject to croup, and Ii was always
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any other for this trouble. It always
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without it in the house for I know it
is a positive cure for croup," twrltes
Mrs. W. R. McClain, Blairsvllle, Pa.
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sink', . .-M-.fc.-k-S'i&i
December 21, 1014.
H. W. Carrier, of Canton, was the
guest of James Leinlnger and family
Wilbur Wilkin and wife returned to
their home at Akron Saturday.
B F. Morten and family, of New
Market, spent Thursday with Wm.
Sonner and wife.
Richard GIbler calledon Wm. Son
ner Sunday morning.
Nellie and Elsie Whlsler and Verda
and Dorthea So.iner spent Sunday
evening with Mary and Anna Custer.
Lawrence Reel, of Wilmington,
spent a few days last week with Lewis
Lelninger and wife.
Walter Harshbarger and family and
Alva Harshbarger called on Mrs. Wm.
Harshbarger and daughter, Venii, re
Earl Brewer and bride, of Clarks
vllle, arrived Saturday for a visit with
Elbert Brewer and wife.
John Wilkin spent Saturday night
and Sunday with friends at Greenfield.
Doan's Regulets are recommended
by many who say they operate easily,
without griping and without bad after
effects. 25c at all drug stores, adv
New York's postolllce reports that
of 80,000 parcel post packages received
a day It has complaints of damaged
condition averaging only four a day.
d tha News!
r b lWh ',
Noted Aviator Bests Oerman Aft
er Courageous Fight-French
BirdmanandaGeneral Cap
tured by Kaiser's Army
W byfe W tfc - trnu nIm4 Udt ta A Innchc
l-.t wttk It-rif rtJWy ! d fwiaut cmmmmJ
vl A Mfi)y fUci Cmm UttwU .
Sm bilLwl fU t mtm wm ptt1aml trieot
panto tf LrtM tln4g ofi i!m Oim, tk Am 4
Wvt TV wnwuJ Altar 1 1 9p mi pOutl
ton f C i Uf.
JulM Vin, Um ol4 Fa tm-l-k t ert
Villi uvraiMtu ftM I" wMt Ciww wlrt
wttMBUhMMifctUMtk. TUfWMvM tMtyrK
tp- tl potion W rtn , fc i V n Mwi
fcUvkf twtfdr wpwwd wrt3 1m wm ) Cmm Vd
Um f . MkJ m 1m AummU ! hW4 It- ft
4 witk wot oltii fiM.
TW Cwmui wm rOJW Mrip u ktfU.
"W 0m1m V BWt 5W ! mauim Inm
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f BifiHilJv 1 E uK IfBSrHi! nP r trio ft-!'. fHWr'T M Mm i ir (Vwk
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Up-to-Date Farming, Twice a Month
(r F ami 1 Il - -jr S - IVfl . 4.-. i .
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Dec. 21, 1014.
A box supperwlll be held at the
Carmel school house, Saturday, Dec.
J. L. nenry and family spent Sun
day afternoon with George Henry and
wife. jq
D. T. Holladay took dinner with O.
R Keelor and family Sunday
Wesley Jenkins and brother, of
Cynthtana, spent a few days last week
with sister, Mrs Merrill Waddell.
Miss Ruth Henry called on Mrs. H.
N Head Sunday afternoon.
Roscoe Garen and wife entertained
at dinner Sundiy Roy Watts and wife
and Curtis uumgarner, of Marshall.
Mrs. Lee Lelbrock is sick.
Elmer Garen and wife and Frank
Garen and wife and son, Richard, were
guests' of Samuel Garen and wife,
Mrs Grace McCoy and children spent
Sunday with William Waddell and
J. L Kecuh and II H. Head called
on George Henry Wednesday morning.
Rlch-rd and Ularwice Waddell and
sister, Florence, spent Sunday and
Mondiywith their brother, William
A addell.
Checks Croup Instantly.
You know croup Is dangerous. And
you ought to know too, the sense of
security that comes from i.avlng Fo
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adv Gauuktt & Ayiiks.
Dec 21, 1014.
Mrs. Stella Simpson and daughter.
Maud, called on Mrs. Ella Holladay
Friday afternoon.
Wro Keelor attended the Institute
at Ralnsboro last week.
Miss May Stethem was shopping in
Hillsboro Friday.
Miss Jennie Washburn spent Satur
day night with Mrs. Mac Spargur.
D T. Holladay spent Sunday with
O. R. Keelor and family.
Miss Maud Simpson called on Mrs.
Tom Mcuall Saturday evening.
Fnrest. diarlpQ ami Onv Wallai-n
wrR nailers in this vi.-.inirv s,,,,,,
. ... . . ,
There will be a box supper given at
., . ,. -, . . r , "
the school house Saturday night, Dec.
26, for the benefit of the school.
Why They Recommend
Honey and Tar.
P. A
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results, always
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Its name Implles-a fortnlorhtlv ulda
farm. This combination offer is only
Dec. 21. 1014.
On account of the Inclemency of the
weather Rev. Simmons did not fill his
appointment hero Sunday evening.
Curtis Leinlnger, of Danville, spent
one day last week with his brother,
Ervin, and wife. ,
The Y. P. S. O. E will render a good
program on next Sunday evening, Deo.
Bert Young and wife and baby were
guests of her parents, A. M. Stevens
and wife, at Hillsboro, Wednesday.
Clarence Roush and sister, Miss
Mary, of Littleton, visited their grand,
parents, Jacob Stultz and wlfe.Sunday.
Theodore Shaffer and wife spent
Saturday evening with Bertsyl Mc
Laughlin and wife
Orlle Teboe was unl'ed In marriage
to Miss Doris Ludwlck. of Fairview,
Wednesday evening, JVc. 10, at the
residence of and by Rtn B.F.Smith,
of Hillsboro
Olon Marionette ani wife spent
from Saturday until Mnmliv with
Bruce Jones and family, at Danville.
Aunt Nancy Cochran entertained
her children Thursday.
Misses Gladys and Grace Smith had
as their guests Sunday, Misses Ruth
Foust, Mary Gossett, Stella Shaffer
and Ben Brown, Iloyt Leinlnger,
Worth Foust and Claude and D.vight
John A Young and wire and daugh
ter, Sylvl t, P. n. Shaffer and wife and
son, Harley, Elsie GIbler and children
and John GIbler spent last Sunday
' with Bert Landess and wife.
I Program for the Bible Fchool Sun-
1 day, Dec 27 :
Song Service 0 o'clock
Scripture Reading, 2 Cor. 5:14, 21 Psalm
Recitation Gladys McLaughlin
, PaperJesus Birth and Prepration for
i his Ministry Hovt LeinlngeJ
I Song Primary Class
Christ's Ministry .-.W J. Pulllara
'Song JuniorClass
Arrest and Trial of Jesus
I Claude Gossett
Male Quartette
Oru -111x1011 and Buriil..B N. Pulliam
Solo Llz.ie McLaughlin
I Resurrection W. S. Barker
Quartette 1 Surrender All
The Great Commission.. J. Workman
Christ's Appearance to His Disciples
i and Ascension C.E.Abraham
i Recitation "Quit Your Meanness"
n,ii Bjm
uwlgnt Sanderson
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Flo Mr. Brown has become so i 're
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the choir. Stanford Chaparral.
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I Tr.-.,n. 7iU,, llnlm.. .tj
Being atiacked
Kaiser s Army Resumes Assault
on Long Line of Forts-British
and French Battle Waist
Prep in Trenches.
rrALY wax mr areo.
P l ME. V- PtrU, Spt 20- luly fcu r-r -r tH
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cairp ftnJ UrtK I U. ! Lm4 bo4 VwatM
prtv c .
B1RUN. ht W.j f R-t--, SL ttTU W
kwinf o I MIhmM wm wd ftf t Cwm k m t
urtw itf bit Ltt ftlfhti TU f-ncJrilUl ttnm
fc-va Um cUlt- to Uka lU Mm iv U totth- po
Imm, Ik -lUdu upon which tr Iow rul.
"PrwfriM f i alt i m tha fort--
t towih ! V4i ktt ton wmpbta-
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