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Dec. 21, 1914.
The Sugartroe lildgo M. E. church
will Rive a Christmas entertainment
including the program and also the
Life of Christ illustrated by lantern
slides, Thursday night, Dec. 24. Ad
mission 10c.
Rev.! Foust filled his regular ap
pointment here Sunday and took din
ner with Lew Igo and family.
Uuth IIoss entertained a number of
young folks at supper Friday night.
N. W. Igo and wife took dinner
Sunday with Lew Igo and family.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
The Mothers' Favorite.
"I glvelChamberlaln's Cough Reme
dy to my children when they have
colds or coughs," writes Mrs. Verne
Shaffer, Vandorgrift, Pa. "It always
helps thorn and is far superior to any
other cough medicine I have used. I
advise anyone in need of such a medi
cine to give it a trial." For sale by
All Dealers. adv
Dec. 21, 1914.
Flossie and Nellie Clyborne, of Cyn
thiana. spent Thursday night with
their sister, Mrs. Ferris Wolfe and at
tended meeting here.
Rev. Ryan closed the revival meet
ing Sunday night. More than twenty
names were added to the church.
The Willing Workers Masquerade
social will be New Years night at the
hall. Everyone invited.
Harry Uiatt and family spent Sun
day with Mr. Thornton and family.
Mrs. Geo. Gar man and daughter,
Nelle, and D. M. Frye and family
spent Sunday with M. F. Garman.
The W. C. T. U. met with Mrs. Allle
Cowman on Friday afternoon. The
next meeting will be held at the
Vhurch, Jan. 10, 1915. This will be a
Literary meeting.
Those who are sick at present are:
Mrs Dr. Ambrose, Mrs. Laura Car
per and Geo. Montgomery.
Miss Ruth Barnes is visiting at the
home of Chas. Spence.
Lon Wolfe, wife and son, Dan, spent
Sunday with Elmer Cowman.
Sick Headache.
Sick headache Is nearly always
caused by disorders of the stomach.
Correct them and the periodic attacks
of sick headache will disappear. Mrs.
John Bishop, of Roseville, Ohio,
writes: "About a year ago I was
troubled wlthjlndlgestlon and had sick
headache that lasted for two or three
days at a time. I doctored and tried a
numberof remedies but nothing helped
me until during one of those sick spells
a friend advised me to take Chamber
lain's Tablets. This medicine relieved
me in a short time. For sale by All
Dealers. adv
' Dec. 21, 1914.
Noble Satterfield and family spent
Sunday with James Satterlield and
John Gustin spent Sunday with his
father, J. B. Gustin, of 'Louisyllle,
who is ill with pneumonia.
Miss Mae Snyder spent the first of
the week with her sister. Mrs. Wm.
Mrs. Ella Courtney and family spent
Sunday with Ohrls Courtney.
Forest Gustin and wife spent Sun
day with the former's parents, J. B.
Gustin and wife.
Miss Myrtle VanZant spent the lat
ter part of last week with Roscoe Van
Zant and wife.
Clarence Satterfield was calling on
friends at Lynchburg Wednesday
Geo. Umphlet and wife spent Friday
afternoon with R. H. Streber and fam-
Ed Boatman's baby is quite ill.
ThisAnd Five Cents..
Don't miss tlils.0 Cut out this slip,
enclose five cents to Foley & Co., Chi
cago, 111., writing your name and
address clearly. You will receive in
return a free trial package containing
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound, for
coughs, colds and croup, Foley Kidney
Pills and Foley Cathartic Tablets.
For sale in your town by
adv Gakkktt & Aykks.
In the last 20 years the freight traffic
through the Suez Canal has more than
trebled, while the number of passen
gers has Increased only about 85 per
There Is mora Catarrh In this section of
the country than all other diseases put
together,, and until tha last law yiara
was supposed to bo Incurable. For a prcm i
many years doctors pronounced It a local I
disease and prescribed local remedies, and
by constantly falllns to euro with local
treatment, pronounced It Incurable. Bel-
ence has proven Catarrh to bo a constl
tutlonal disease, and therrforo requlrs
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by. F. J. Che .oy &
Co., Toledo, Ohio, 13 tho only Cc .islltu
tional euro on tho rnirlcot. It Is tal:on ln
tennliy In doses from 10 drops to a tea
spoonful. It a-ts directly on tho blood
and mucous surf-ccs r' t'.-.o Hystem. They
oTcr ono hundrcl 1 -i f-r any pso It
f-i's to euro. Send f-r c'roulara ai il tos,
Ailro -31 P. J. CUETEY b CO., Tole lo, O.
Pol 1 V7 Pru lat'j, '-.
CTalia Hall' Family Pilla for eunstljwUin.
Kidney Trouble Attack Ilillsboro
Men and Women, Old
and Young.
Kidney ills seize young and old.
Often como with little warning.
Children suffer In their early years
Can't control the kidney secretions.
Girls are languid, norvous, suffer
Women worry, can't dn daily work.
Men have lame and aching backs.
If you have any form of kidney ills
You must reach the cause the kid
neys. Doan's Kidney Pills are for weak
The following testimony proves their
worth :
Mrs. I. S. Evans 538 South St., Green
field, Ohio, says: "Our experience with
Doan's Kidney Pills has been very
satisfactory. I have taken them and
they have always been used by others
of my family with great success."
Price 50 cents at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. Evans had. Foster-Mllburn
Co., Buffalo, N. Y. adv
M i
In the home In the early morning
hours, there entered Into rest eternal,
the mother of the household, Islphene,
daughter of Allen P. and Ann Harris.
She was born near the old homestead
Dec. 1, 1848, and passed out of life at
1 o'clock Dec. 2, 1014, aged OB years
and 1 day.
She was united In marriage to Perry
Moberly, May 0, 1875. God blessed
them with two children, Burch Allen
and Jennie Lee, now Mrs. Perry Em
ery, land three grandchllrden, Floyd
Raymond and Denver Earl Moberly
and Carl Cleo Emery. She was widely
known and well liked by all who knew
her. To these children this mother
was everything. She had been in poor
health for several years and was unable
to have the pleasure of life.
She united with no church but loved
the bible and was firm In her belief in
It and In God. She hath changed the
mantle of pain for the robe of peace ;
the cross of earth for the crown of
glory; so sweet be the rest of this
mother, this loved one until In some
happy clime thy face we see.
This dear woman leaves her hus
band, her children, her grandchildren
and three sisters, Mrs. Olive L. David
son, Mrs Josephine Moberley and Mrs.
Ardlll Evans, and many other relatives
and friends, far and near, who 'truly'
loved her.
Funeral services were held at the
house, conducted by Rev. Fran k
Toust, of Prlcetown, after which the
remains were laid to rest In the Barr
cemetery. O. I). D.
We wish to thank our friends and
neighbors for their kind assistance and
sympathy In our sad and sudden be
reavement of our loving wife and
mother. Perry Moberly and children.
For Every Living Thing On ' i'ht
Free -, a 500; page book on the treat
ment and care of "Every LlvlnR-Thlng
on the Farm;" horses, cattlu, dogs,
sheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' Vetlnary Specifics y also a sta
ble chart for ready refereuce, to hang
up. Free by mall on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Hoiuqo Med. Co.,
Corner Williams & Ann Sts., N. Y. adv
December 21, 1914.
Francis Edlngfleid and wife vjslied
her parents one day this week.
Jesse and Tom Ford, Floyd and
Percy Houser and Lafe McDanlel en
joyed Sunday coasting.
C. II. Murray called on his brother,
John Murray, Sunday evening.
A Xmas tree and entertainment
will be held at the Duncan school
Thursday night, Dec. 24. All are In
vited to attend.
Stella Powell visited at the McDan
iel home Monday.
Leslie, Charlie and Katharine Speel
man were guests in the Houser home
Saturday night.
Fred Carey spent Sunday night with
Harry Powell and wife.
nenry Edwards, of West Point, was
in this vicinity Sunday.
The, monument purchased by Ollle
Stephenson for her husband. Homer
Stephenson, is to be erected in the
Locust Grove cemetery near Peebles
this week. He was a son-in-law of R
A McDanlel.
.Everett Ford and sister, Inez, at
tended the taffy pulling at Chas.
Uelph'3 Wednesday night.
We want you to get a club of three
magazines. We sell The nkws Heu
ald and three big magazines all one
year for only $1.25. Send your order
today by phone or mall. adv
Motion pictures of a bullet passing
thorugh wood show that It penetrated
completely and was on its way before
tho wood began to splinter and fall
SpecialSchool For Rural People
To Be Hold At Ohio State
University, Feb. 1-5
Experiment Station, Agricultural Col
lefle, Out-of-State and Farmer Au
thorities to Be Speakers.
Farmers of Ohio and their families
will take first place at Ohio State Uni
versity during the third annual "Farm,
era' Week," which will be held In Co
lumbus February lG, 1!15. This week
has again been sot aside by thu au
thorities of the College of Agriculture
for the especial beneilt of the fanners
of the state. It will be five duys jam
full of good talks, discussions of time
ly farm topics, and profitable and prac
tical demonstrations. Not only will
the leading authorities of Ohio's Agii
cultural College and Experiment Sta
tion take part In the program, but also
such men as Henry Wallace, editor of
"Wallace's Farmer"; Alva Agee, of
the Now Jersey Experiment Station,
and E. O. Montgomery, the famous
corn man fotniurly of Nebraska but
now of Cornell University, will be on
'the program. An equally attractive
program has boon arranged for the
women who attend.
Farmer"! who attend "Farmers'
Week" liavu an opportunity to meet
and hear ninny men that they do not
hear in their homo communities.
Think of a program that includes such
men as Director C. E. Thome, C. G
Williams, and H. E Carnuclwel of the
Ohio Experiment Station; H. C. Price,
Alfred Vivian, C. S. Plumb, Oscar Kif.
and Wendell Paddock ot the College
of Agriculuiie! The Ohio autIiorii.es
will be supplemented b men not be
fore mentioned, from other state., as
follows: .1. W T Unveil of the Uni
ted States Department of Agriculture
at Washington, who made the rades
QO yeae-j of add
for corn and who knows mote about
tho moisture in corn than any other
man In tho country; S. A. Beach, hor
ticulturist from the Iowa State Col
lege; Horace Atwood, poultry author
ity from the University of West Vir
ginia; Mrs. Virginia C. Meredith, pros,
ldont of the Indiana Homo Economics
Association, and Rose Morgan, singer
from New York City.
"Farmers Week," coming as it does
during the first week of February,
does not take people away from theii
homes In a busy season. For this rea
son It will no doubt draw a large
crowd as It did last year. Everything
during tho week is absolutely free
The only cost to those who attend will
be their board and lodging which can
easily bo secured near the University
and need not cost more than $5.00
Complete programs will be sent to any
person who writes to Clark S. Wheel
er, Supervisor of Extension Schools,
College of Agriculture, Columbus, O.
About 1,000 men anil women attend
ed "Farmers Week" last year. It wae
one of the biggest agricultural events
of tha year.
I JbftrifioriX lw
i SO reacv ofctie IW
-) ) iK3
(By U. O. ki.U-.EItS. Acting Director of
Sunday School Course.)
' (Review.)
nnADlNQ I.nSSON-II Cor. 6:14-21.
GOl.DKN TKXT Knr bo It from tno to
Klory, save in the i-rom of our t.ord Jrsus
Chrlst.-Gal. 6:14 U. V.
With the exception of the temper
ance lesson, all the lessons of tho quar
ter have to do with tho death and res
urrection of our Lord In tho first
quarter we considered Jesus as the
great Teacher; in the second, he Is
presented chielly as the seeking
Savior; In tho third, we observed him
as he acted In judgment upon Israel
and sin; In this last, he Is seen in his
supreme office as Savior and king. The
king of love, he is also the world's
Savior. Deny him his kingship, refuse
to become a subject of that kingdom
of which he Is the head and we bring
upon ourselves the condemnation of a
righteous judgment. This past quar
ter particularly reveals him In that
final ministry which resulted In the
Initiation of the new enterprise of pro
claiming his gospel, to the end that
his kingdom shall be established. We
shall consider the lessons under four
Story of Love.
I. Those of Preparation for His Pas
sion. These embrace the first three
lessons. (1) In the first, we have the
beautiful, story of the love which
anointed him for burial, which he ac
cepted and immortalized. This was
not because of the greatness of the
act, but because of the appreciation of
himself and of his words. (2) Here
we observe him presiding over and in
stituting that lusting memorial, the
symbolic feast, wherein the old passes
away and the new dispensation is
ushered in. (.1) In the third lesson we
view with awe the agony of the gar
den wherein he dedicated himself to
the coming suffering, "Not as I will,
but as thou wilt" absolute .surrender
and delight in the Father's will.
II. Those That Preceded His Pas
sion. These next five lessons lead us
through those dark shadows, yea,
through a darkness which is yet un
fathomable and which ended in the
total darkness of Calvary. ( 1) In this
lesson Judas is presented, tho incarna
tion of evil, and the agent of Satan,
who betrayed his Lord and "Friend"
by a kiss. Here we see the utter ruin
of a soul which chose private ambition
instead of fellowship with Jesus. (0)
This is a presentation of the greatest
and most appalling travesty of justice
the wot id has ever seen Humanity
never descended to any lower depths,
yet he is serene, calm, dignified and
strong (G) The Temperance Lesson.
(7) This lesson considers the heart
breaking rashness of Peter. (8) This
is the story of the ignoble failure of a
weak, vacillating, time-server.
Story of the Cross.
III. His Passion. (9) This brings
us to the story of the cross itself, as
considered in this sequence of lessons.
Heforo that awe-inspiring, wonder
creating event we stand with bared
head. Here sin was unmasked and did
Its utmost Her also we behold grace
unveiled and active.
IV. The Post-Passion Lessons. We
are now in a new atmosphere and
light, a new glory is to be seen. (10)
In this lesson we behold the empty
tomb, for "He could not be holden ot
death." We share with them the glori
ous, the joyful consciousness that ho
whom we have just seen die in ig
nominy and shame and suffering is
now alive and "ever liveth" to be our
advocate and ever-pre3ent friend. This
is a glorious fact, that of the literal,
bodily resurrection of Christ from
among the dead. Hallelujah! (11) In
lesson eleven this same thought Is
again emphasized and with the sugges
tion of its accompanying obligation, in
that "wo are witnesses of these
In "Tarboll's Teachers' Guide" Is a
good suggestion for review Sunday,
viz., that a series of elliptical phrases
bo written upon a board or chart, that
will fix the chief Idea or serve to re
call the lessons, as follows:
(1) Let her alone ... (2) For
ye have tho poor ... (3) Where
soever this gospel shall bo preached
. . . . (4) Verily I say unto you,
Ono . . . (B) For the Son of Man
goeth ... (6) This is my blood
... (7) Take ye . . . (8) My
soul Is . . (9) Father, all things
. . . (10) Watch and . . . (11)
My God, my . . . (12) Why seek
yo . . . (13) Yo shall be my . . .
These phrases may be written upon
cards or slips of paper and distributed
to classes or Individuals, the entire
sentence to bo recited when called for.
It would also be well to make men
tion of the two years' work in the
Synoptic Gospela. Define what the
gospel Is (I Cor. 15:1-4), what tho
word synoptlo means, and wherein
these Gospels differ from tho Fourth
Drill the school in giving book and
chapter of tho following: The Lord's
Prayer, the parable of tho good Samar
itan, the mustard seed, the leaven,
the prodigal son, the great command
ment, the last supper, Gethsemane,
the trial of Jesus, the crucifixion, the
resurrection, the great commission,
the ascension.
Free Koc'lrnl l3ook In cal
L.v -l-:i f cij-ty yc .. j v. hnv
published n revised edition c
Dr. Humphreys' Manual of nl
dlsaaso3, fjivinrj in mlnu'o dotal'
tha cjro n"d treatment oi
tho nlcl: with Humphreys
roil rrlr
!wr, Cn-vrMtlTi', Inflammations '. '
Worm. i orm t put .. . 2.
folic, Crying ami Wokcrulnrr of Infants i
.I Dlnrrhcn.i'f Children and Adults
7 I iiiicii'. Cold'. Ilro'ii-bm 5
H Toottinrhc. KoclmcJh Neuralgia ... . Ui
9 llcndu.'lii-, M klu.lacl.p, VordVo. . , 2.j
1(1 l))ipri !i, I.i.i. -(- .un, V.oitc S:omach. ui
13 t'fiiup, I!o.iro Co j h, Laryngitis . .2.''
1-1 halt lilic-nm, Liv' nm sj
15 KiiriiiiiiitUin. LuLf i ,o
IS lu r niiil Acne, !;.i!.ula ,. ;-
17 I'llrn, llllnilorr.!ccdIn,LMTnal,Iiiteriial.ri
l' l'nlarrli,Influcn7H,C'oiaiiilii.l . s--
!() hooping ('ouch 2
41 Allima, Oppressed, Mftlcultllrcathln Z
' 7 fllihicy Illii'ine ... ."
IH Itrrwins Del.llltv. Vital Y?r --u i l.(,"
0 Urinary Iiicontlnriicr, Wt'it.ngl.ul 2,
It horn TliroDl. Quinsy . s,
77' LaCrippe Grip......... . 2.
Sold liy dnicnlit or i nt on rwvlnt of jirlce.
MPiinnyn" roo. 3ii:iiu:n: co., c-orn
Vllltain ajd Ann Ulruti.Kuw York.
Dec. 21, 1914
A S. Welty, of Point "Victory, took
dinner with Frank Willlson and wife,
Miss Florence Trine spent Thursday
night with her cousin, JIIss Hazel
Mrs. Oliver, of flillsboro, is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Ralph Sprinkle.
Miss Gracer Slmbro spent Sunday
afternoon with Miss Florence Prine.
Wm. Willlson returned to his home
In Wilmington Saturday, after spend
ing a fortnight with his brother,
Frank.iand wife.
Cary Klrkpatrlck and wife spent
Sundayafternoon"wlth George Prlne
and family.
Mrs HarrviAndrews, of Cincinnati,
came up Saturday to visit her parents,
Geo Griffith and wife.
Glenn Ladd returned home Sunday,
after spending a few dajs with his
grandfather, A M. Stanforth, at Mt.
Geo. Stanforth called on Wilson
Chaney and family Sunday afternoon.
Misses Florence and Pearl Prlne at
tended U. C. T. A. In Ilillsboro, Sat
urday, i
Cljde Donohoo spent Sunday after
noon with Harry Hathaway.
Miss- Eva and Clara Slmbro and
brothers, Raymond and Charles Beam,
spent Sunday afternoon with their
aunt, Mrs. Frank Willlson.
December 21, 1914.
Supt. Galllett, C. K flaller, Miss
Ruthana ;Hadley, Miss LeOra Bird
and Miss Sylvia West were the teach
ers from here that attended the H. C
T. A. Saturday In Hlllsboro.
Miss Frances Troth returned home
Sunday evening after a fortnights
visit with her sister, Mrs. Joe Stabler,
in Ilillsboro.
Mr. and Mrs.; Russ Slmpklns and
Miss Nelle DeLaney were in Cincin
nati two days of last week.
Mesdames Garner ai.d DeLaney
shopped In Cincinnati last week.
.lohn Wi))lamsas with his family
over Sunday.
Mrs.. Addle Penqulte and little
grandson,;Jack, were visitors at the
Ayers;: Dobbit and wife and little
granddaughter, of Covington, are
withihlsiparents until after Xmas.
Mrs. Sadie Cleveland spent Sunday
with Lewis" Dewey and famllv at
1 Blanchester.
! Mr. and Mrs. , Geo. Smith and Miss
Nelle Hunteriwere with J. B. nunter
and family, of Wilmington, over Sun
i W. L. Stautner and wife entertain
ed Rev.iMeachem, of Cincinnati, Sun
Mrs. t Lizzie McKen.le returned
home Saturday evening aftar an ex
tended fcvisit with her son, Albert
Townsend, andjfamlly, of Greenfield.
1 Mrs. CarolineKleckner is seriously,
ill at the home of her son, Dr. Kleck-'
i MIssNorlne DeLaney, of Western
College.tOxford.iHllda Goddard, Mary
Itou h and Lewis Pence, of Ohio
State, Goodsell and Percy Spurrier
and Joe Kleckner, of Delaware, are
with thelrlparents for the holidays.
W. W. Dean, of Blanchester, at
tended the K. of P. banquet Wednes
day evening and was entertained by
his son and wife Thursday.
V. C. Duncanson was a business vis
itor in Cincinnati Monday.
R. W.JDltty and sister, Miss Mollle, '
of Columbus, were business visitors
nere last wteK. miss ftiome was en
tertained by Mrs. Ilodson.
The Community Xmas tree on the
public square Is being decorated. The
tree will be lighted every evening
during the holidays. There will be a
short program on Xmas eve, after
which all (children that are present
under ten years of age will receive a
box of candy.
Mrs. Green Do you ever flatter your
husband ?
Mrs. Wyse Yes, I sometimes ask
his advice about things Transcript.
JproftstioncxZ Qrdt
Both Phontnln Otflcc'ir.d Residence
Office Short St., Opp. Court fcru
W. CrtRET,
(ilenn Big.
Home 'Phone .140
Bell 'Phone 141
HlllBboro, Ohio,
Ornoi: In Holmes
llullaing, North H,t,
Owriom Hours:? to it a. m
2 to and i it
Both 'Phones In Onlce and Residence
For "Your Flowera.
Funeral Directors & Embalmors
(A Full Line of High Grade
Prompt Delltcry Courteous TreetmeBt
Your ratrnnagv Solicited
(Successors fo J. C. Kochl
Ottlcekear ot TractlonlVcpot
ttome Phone 34
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Noa'u Fawlev, Deceased.
Wright Fawley has lieen appointed and
qualified as executor ot the estate ot Noan
Fawley, late ot Highland Count). Ohio,
Dated this scth day ot November A. D v t
J. U. Woiii.il,
Probate Judge of Said County
H. L. W iogins, Attorney. adv
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Rachel Deck, Eeceased.
P. A. Daulel has been apiolntedandquah
tied as Administrator of the estate of Itacfel
A. Deck, late oi Highland County, Ohio, de
ceased. Dated this 3rd day of December A D . IH
J. B. Woiiley
adv Probate Judge of Salrt Count
Teachers' Examination.
The Highland countv L'oard of Schoo, i v
amlners hereby gies notice that examim-
nun oi .applicants ior county Teacher-.
Certificates will lakt place in the W'astiog-
ton School Buildliu- Hlllsboro. on the tttit
Saturday of Si ptunber, October, Januarv
March Ajrll, Maj and the last I'rldav .'.f
June and August.
, As prescribed by law, the fee for thc-t
examinations will lie fio cents
H. B, Gai.liett. Lynchburg, Pres
.1. Eu. Shannon, Hlllsboro, Vice Pres.
V. H. Vance, Hlllsboro, Sec. au
Leg-al Notice.
James N Warlaumonl who e place of res.
ldence Is unknown, will take notice that mi
the 12th day of November. 1914. the under
signed Elizabeth E Warlaumout as plaintiff
Hied in the Common Pleas Court of Highland
county, Ohio, her petition for a decree of
divorce against him on tne grounds of three
years wilful absence and that said came
will be for hearing In , said court after the
24th day of December, ion.
Dated this ISth day of November, lull
Elizabeth E. Warlaumout,
Bv Wilson & McUhide. Her Attorneys
12-S1 adv
tdztteSQi t i
?Jf , , v -, ,
tattoo jrci&ZQ
3 rr i i ' i '
I HESTcart.
"GILT EDGE" tho onir ladiLS' nLooil ,.
prwithcly contains Oil. Blacks, I'ollalin , , v
ervia ludlre' and clilldrcu's chocs, tiiuns , ,. ,,.-i
rulInff,c. -FitENCll ClOSS." ICc
"STrtR"comWnatlonforcleaalniiliiiclp'.lV '1
klncluof rUMHitor tan shoes, 40c "D.iUiji . .
"QUICK WniTTMnllr.uld form wlirifpc-j . ,.
lycltinsua J whitens duty cam as dux . Il
"Aiao- c'fais and whitens CL'CS. "
SUEDE, and CANVAS Snors. In m,ird wl .
lucked in no h ixrt, wl h cpunp1, i i.
eome, lji'j; umuiluum bic:, Wi.-i . ;ic ", .
If Tonrtt-l-rrt-i I -,,,. I;'- v. -. , t
tbpriveltitiuiiMrr t it ..'"-i-.
whittcmo-:: cr.o".
20-ra Albany rr-t, n--
TJU QMft ct-t lirK, I ,
SUM rJUtt.'StK t jr , .
'" 'i i .I
J ,

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