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December 21, 1914.
Olen Marconnette and wife, o
Prlcetown, are tho puests of the tat
ter's sisters, Mrs. Frank DavIs ana
Mrs. Bruce Jones.
Thomas Berry is at home from the
O. S. U. for the holday vacation.
John and Edw. Knaur spent Friday
with Henry Pence and! wife, near
South Liberty, and enjoyed the day
Leonard Roush and family were
guests of J. B. Cochran and wife Sun
day. Arthur Berry and wife spent Sun
day with Clarence Holladay and wife.
Miss Luella Wood, of HUlsboro, vis
ited her mother, Mrs. Ella Wood, Sat
urday and Sunday.
Orley Shaffer and wife and Clarence
Cochran and wife spent Thursday at
the home of John Roush.
Owing to a misunderstanding with
lecture committee the Columbia quar
tette failed to fill their engag'ment
here Saturday evening, but announc
d that they would be here on Dec 29
The Reformed S. S. will hold a
watch meeting at the church on New
Years Eve. An interesting program
will be arranged with an able speaker
and also sterloptlcan views will be se
cured It possible Every one Is Invit
ed to come as a good evenings enter
tainment Is promised by this Sunday
Mrs. Fred Smith, Mrs. L. O. Stock
well and Mrs. Nancy Berry are sick.
Dr, Cropper, Casper Donnely and C.
1!. Shaffer were In Wilmington Mon
day being called there as witnesses on
a trial.
Richard Roush Is still quite sick
with dropsy.
, . ...
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If you are interested in the Million
Dollar Mystery you should read the
story as it is published in the The
News-Herald before seeing the
pictures at the Orpheum Thursday
Wine Drummer (to widow of dead
customer, a composer) May I ask how
old your husband was when he died V
Widow Only 40. Who knows how
much mora lid might have done ?
Wine Drummer Ah, jes ; and if we
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Dec. 21, 1914.
Rev. B. E. Wright and wife, of
Marathon, spent a few days last week
with the latter's parents, Wm. Elliott
and wife
A son was born to James Elliott and
wife Tuesday morning.
Miss Merle MI1W spnt Wednesday
night with Ruby Hovd.
Ilarley Spruance and wife were the
guests of the former', mother, Mrs.
Ruth Spruance, Friday.
F. M. Main and wife took dinner
Sunday with their son, Don, and fam
ily. Ilarley Suiters and family spent
Sunday with Ray Boyd and family.
Sam and Ray Bumgardner, Clarence
Miller and Glen Spruance attended
tlu Institute at Rainsboro Thursday
Rev. G. F. Callon, of Blanchester,
(Hied his regular appointments at the
C. O. church last Sunday morning and
Born to Geo Bumgardner and wife
last Sunday, a son.
I Mrs. Joshua Gall was called to the
bedside of her father, Sara Storer, last
j week, who Is seriously 111.
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Dec. 21 1014.
Mrs. Maud Matthews and sister,
Bess L. Butler spent Friday with their
sUter, Mrs. J. E. Chapman at Sinking
J P. Havens was a visitor in Hills
boro Thursday.
Lawrence Kessler, wife and baby
were the guests of relatives at Sinking
Spring Friday.
Mrs Jane Stults was the guest of
J. O. Stults from Monday till Wednes
day. Fred Rhoads was a visitor In Baln
brldge today.
Geo. Irons, of No. 5, called on S. S
Deardoll Sunday.
C. A. Rhoads and wife are vlsitlrg
relatives In Sinking Spring.
E. J. Cartwright was abuslness vis
itor in Bainbridge a couplejlof days
last week.
Miss Grace Havens spent last week
with her sister Mrs. Blanche Cart
wright, at Sinking Spring.
Dr. Chapman and Mrs. Chapman, of
Sinking Spring, were the guelts of H.
V. Matthews and wife Sunday.
Manluil Reed and wife Iwere cuests
of John L. Reed Sundav.
Mrs. Mary A. Countryman'ls sick.
m am n
That part of the story of the Million
Dollar Mystery which ;will be shown
at the Orpheum tonight appears in
this Issue Of TUKjNEWS-IlEItALD.
" My boy,"sa!d a sergeantjto a Junior
member of the force, "You can't say
that I was lay. Lookat these stripes
well, I didn't earn them by propping
up street corners or loafing about
public houses."
"No," answered the other with a
smile; "I know you didn't get them
thai way or you'de hive been a zebra
by now. "Kansas City Star.
ms "zZ fcT ZZZ "Z-JZ
"Very woll, then. We shan't kill
her, but we'll make her wish she was ,
dead. I was only trying to see how
far you would go. The basket of
peaches Is In the hallway Every
peach Is poisoned. No man In tho
Just Power Enough to Keep Herself
country knows more about subtle poi
sons than l do. Have I not written
books on the subject?" Ironically.
"And they will trace it back to you
in a straight line," she warned. "I
will not have it!"
"I can go elsewhere," ho replied
"You would leave me?"
"The moment you cross my will,"
It became nor turn to pace Torn
between her lovo of the man and tho
danger which stared lipr In the face,
she waa for the time being distracted
All the time he watched her with
malevolent curiosity, knowing that In
the end she would concur with his
ell plans.
"Very well," she said finally. "Hut
listen; we shall be found out Never
doubt that. Your revenge will cost us
both our lives. I feel ft."
"Bah! The law will have no hand
in my end. I always carry a pellet;
and that ring of tours would suffice a
regiment She will not die She will
merely become a kind of paralytic;
the kind that can move a little but
not enough. nlwnjK wheeled about In
a chair. I'll bring in the peaches;
rosy and downy. One bite, after a
given time, will do tho trick If they
suspect and throw them out we havo
lost nothing but the peaches. A
trusted messenger will carry thorn to
the Hargreave house. And then we'll
ait down and wait."
Meantime, in the library of the Har
greave house, Florence and Jim were
puzzling over the blank sheet of pa
per. "Ill wager," said Jim, "the water
washed all the writing away. The
fire does not seem to do any good.
We'll turn It over to Jones. Jones'll
find a way to solve It. Trust him."
"What are you two chattering
about?" asked Susan, who was arrang
ing some flowers on the table.
"Secrets," said Jim, biniling.
Susan puttered about for a few min
utes longer, then crossed to the recep-
He Went to the Telephone.
tlon room, intending to go upstairs.
At that moment the maid was ad
mitting a messenger with a basket of
"For Miss Hargreave," said he. He
gave the basket to the maid, touched
his cap awkwardly, and swung on bis
heel, closing the door behind him. He
was in a hurry to deliver another
"O, what lovely fruit!" cried Susan,
pausing. "I'm going to, steal one,"
she laughed. She selected a peach
and began eating it on the way up to
her room.
The maid passed on into tho library.
"What's this?" Inquired Florence, as
the maid held out the basket. She.
selected a peach and was about to set
her white teeth Into it when Jim In
terposed. "Walt a moment, dear." Florence
lowered the ppuch. Jim turned to the
maid. "Who sent it?"
(To be continued.)
Dec. 21, 1914.
Miss Hester Snyder, of Columbus,
Is the guest of T. B. Evans and family.
Miss Florence Hadley, of Wilming
ton, visited friends here from Friday
until Monday
Dr Herman HoiKon and family and
Miss Estella Hodson arrived home last
Thursday evening from Columbus to
spend the l.ollda vacation with their
Miss Leanore Guthrie, of Delaware
College, Is spending her vacation with
her parents, J V Uuthrlo and wife.
Miss Ethel Gtilllth, of Cincinnati,
came home Friday evening for tl.o
Christmas vacation.
C. C. Muhlbach, or Hillboro, at
tended the Farmers' Institute last
Friday and was the guest of the Mh&es
Prof. Otho Jackson, of Illllsboro,
was a business visitor here Friday
Prof. C. II. Lewis, of New Vienna,
was a visitor heie Saturday afternoon.
The M. E. church was filled to its
utmost capacity last Sunday evening,
when the young members of the Sun
day school rendered a Christmas pro
gram in a manner which reflected
great credit upon the committee who
did the training. lhe oecaslon was
made more brilliant by the beautiful
electric lights which were turned on
that evening for the first time.
A cantata entitled "Chippers in
With Santa Claus," under the direct
ion of Mr. and Mrs L. V. Denius, will
he given Christmas evening by the
membersof the FriendsSunday School.
Attractive Christinas Drourams will
be re-.di red b the school children of
tlie difTerunt grades in their respective
rioras Thursday afternoon, beginning
at 1 o clock. All patrons of thu sclm 1
and their friends are cordially invited
to be present.
Each session of the Farmers' Insti
tute was attended by an Interested
and appreciative audience. Many
country people were prevented from
attending on account of the Inclemency
of the weather. The State speakers
wore all present and gave instructive
addresses and those who attended felt
well repaid for so doing. The vocal
music furnished uy the High School
was especially tine and enjottd by all.
V P Sparks will arrive home this
week from Columbus to spend the
Christmas vacation with his parents,
Silas Sparks and wife.
Messrs. Roy Kelly, Aaron Head and
Richard Barrett, of HUlsboro, attend
ed the Farmers' Institute at this place
last Friday. Mr. Head gave a talk on
the matter of a County Demonstrator
for Highland county.
Concerning- School Case.
Euitok News-Heuald-A wrong
Impression may be secured from an
article in your paper of Dec. 10. In
the Court News concerning W. P. Cor
drey against Board of Education of
Marshall Township, an action in con
nection hauling my children to Mar
shall, jou said I asked that the wagon
be compelled to pass in front of my
residence. I only asked that they
come on the public highwaj to the end
of my road which connects with tho
pike which is over J of a mile from
my residence and which is the nearest
and only available road by which my
children can get to tlie pike.
W. P. Coiidrey.
m ii n -.
The fact N, the thretmagazlnes we
sell with The News-Heuald for 23c
extra, represents the biggest reading
value ever offered the public. Have
j ou sent us i our order? If not, send
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I could make some money.
Dawson-How much could you make?
De Faque Why, $1000 Boston
If jou will suiscrlbi to The news
nEitALD.or renew you- subscription,
we will include tlneestvidard maga
zines, all one year, for only 23c extra.
Mrs. Newlyrlch I didn't know Ti
tian jvas a painter.
Miss Caustlque What did you think
he was V
Mrs. Newlyrlch I thought it was a
halrdye Philadelphia Public Ledger.
ii m e
There are 23 pounds of blood in the
body of an average adult and 10 pounds
are moved at every pulsation of the
Dealers Wanted
ALLKN "37" $803
WH WAM' a wWr-awaVc l)i:U.Ut In each
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for an csUbH-lml Auto Deulor to tjlc on
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Into a Art c!j inniiey-nul In r '"J In". Wuta
quick fur pnrtluibM to the 1 ictor lie, n , p.
MdUi St., Uuclnuati, Ohio.
r g
j !
7 i
'f h

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