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,mV v rnvWujrit
,l4JUW.i lJfiijiteI!)PW.JI..-U-f
! Wi HfcrtALD, rtlLlw?hMO, (M(
DECEMBER 24. 1914
The members of the Commuters'
Crochet club were seated in their
lacing seats on
,,,. 7.r.r ,, ,i,
Sl7V Tt ' ,!
eon Uoily was
strong upon them
Mabel had started
out with the in
tention of making
only one which
...v. .......
should serve as an
isolated table-mat
rnr !1 nutnnt tmtta-
for a distant cous
in, but so great
was the fascina
tion of the work
that she had kept
on, and was now
putting the plcof
edge oS the flfth.
Sadie alone was
not encrossed In
work, but sat very still in her corner
by the window, absorbed in a bright
colored circular. Other circulars like
it were strewn over her lap and
peeped from her handbag.
What s that you're reading
Mary, looking up from her work.
. o u yauipiiiei on iiermuaa, salu
"Are they all about Bermuda?",
asked Anne.
"Oh, no," said Sadie. "There's one '
on Newfoundland and one on Nova!
facotia and one on the Thousand Is-'
lands and ono on the Adirondack and
another on a trip through the Canadian I
Rockies and a tour through Yellow.'
stone Park and" i
i "My, what a lot of places to choose '
(from," said Mabel. "I think it takes'
a great deal of energy to get a trip like
one of those all planned out and know
Just when your trains leave or your
boat starts and get all your connec
tions worked out and know what
clothes you are going to take."
i Sadie began to trace with a hot little
i oaaie Degan to trace witn a not little
finger an intricate route on an orange
map. It evidently led over hill and,
dale and Included a glimpse at most of
.u a . .u -i
mo nuuucia ul lue earui.
"Leaving New York at 4:33 on Fri
day, I would reach Hlllsburn at 7:43
on Saturday morning; making a quick
connection, I would get to Plainsvllle
Junction at 1:18, and from there "
"Mercy, how complicated," said Ma
bel. "Yes, that would be," assented Sadie.
"I think perhaps I would prefer tho
jsea trip to Bermuda. They say that
you can have a wonderful time there if
you go to one of the houses in the
country where they take visitors and
then hire a bicycle and see the island
for yourself.
"However, I've always wanted to see
Nova Scotia, and that gives you a fine
Toyage, too. If I do go by sea, would
you take Just a suit case, or would you
take a steamer trunk alongSL. I think
one dark suit and .a big coat and two
dark waists and. one dressy waist
'How long Is your vacation?" asked
Mabel, In her practical way.
"Two weeks," said Sadie.
"How much money are you going to
spend on your trip?"
"Not more than twenty-five dollars,
anyway," said Sadie.
"Well, I don't believe you can go to
Bermuda or Nova Scotia or Newfound
land or "
"Of course, 1 can't," said Sadie. "I
am only planning my vacation. I al
ways plan it every year, and then I
go spend two weeks with my grand
mother who lives on a farm In Mlllls,
Mass. But at least I have the fun of
making believe I'm going somewhere
With this vacation confession, the
train stopped, and the girls rolled up
their work and left the train. Sadie
inarched on ahead and, as the ferry
boat swung out of Its dock, she looked
longingly down the harbor and pre
tended she had decided on Nova Sco
tia. "I hear It said that your speech has
set people thinking," remarked the
friend of the statesman.
"I'm sorry," replied the statesman,
"It wasn't Intended for that." Phila
delphia Ledger.
After many years of effort a Berlin
Inventor lias succeeded In building a
model man that can walk, talk, sing,
laugh and whistle.
l i! ihrp
Stock of J,
A General Stock of Staple and Domestic Dry Goods, Dress Goods, Underwear Elc.
Ladies' and Children's Cloaks, Tailored Suits, Skirts and Waists, Furs, Rugs, Car-'
pets, Linoleums, Oil Cloths, Window Shades and Curtains.
Fact the Entire Stock afaPrice to Close Out Quickly
Inscription on Runle Stone Seems to
Prove Claim That Has Been Mat
ter of Contention.
London antiquaries have the oppor
tunity of Judging for themselves
whether Christopher Columbus dis
covered or rediscovered America, for
at Charing Cross the celebrated
''"siKiirr rumc sione, uiscovercu near
Yarmouth, N. S.. by Doctor Fletcher
nvm mm I. tt . .1 n.l ...-.
On this stone strange characters
can be seen, which, it Is stated, for
over fifty years, baffled the loading
scientists throughout the world. II
was left, to Henry Phillips, Jr., of
I'lilladelphln, to decipher the mysterl
0UB ln8cr,pt,0n. hIcn he foun,, r
,.,...... i ,1 , ..t, ,.
resorted the words. "ITnrkiiHspn Mm
To..- ,i...ii. ,. : 'huuui HDom two uiuusanu reet or
ar.i (Ilarkls son addressed the , the sulnlnit of Mount gt Eas wh,ch
a Vn .. u , ., towers 18,000 feet above the sea. TIiIb
m Punl , V". wC e,lt WU1"K Pi,rty ,,d l,robab,-v have faeeif sue
; ' v-TIS f""'1 th.a.t 'n,aIl "ppdI- "Mful In reaching the summit had nst
:", I Vi, Vn "inn" "
"? '" o", 1 !. " "'
nn!.ilnv of inn ,.. . .. ......
......... ...n tinu in . t yj OlllJJO
under the leadership of Thorfinn
Karlselfne and Bjorne Grimolfsen,
took all kinds of livu stock with them
for the purpose of establishing a
colony In Vinland (Massachusetts).
But On their vn- tlinv lnnrlnrl nnrl
partially explored Nova Scotia (Mark-
I land).
To celebrate thl3 event, IlarkI, ono
of their chlpftalns. addressed his fol- .In Wisconsin there is a clamshell
towers, and apparently this stone was bucket dredge in use which at each
inscribed in commemoration of the shovelful removes an amount of ma
event, terial much greater than the size of
nucu mm onnin r-An r.An-f
Unhappy the Maid Whose Lover I.
Capable of Thinking of Filthy
Lucre When She Smiles,
ii. ,
Missouri is changing its marriage j
laws and a St. Joseph clubwoman is '
trying to Insert a provision requiring '
all couples desiring to marry to show '
at least $200. "Poverty, shlftlessness
and a failure to save cause rnoie di-
lluro to save cause tno.e ,11.
vnr-pq thnn n,,vtMni.,o'o, ,
'7 ", ."" v., ul6UC.
? '' . ""; the chances are
"' lL U,B m,,,e "'Seu Eoa is not wor- ,
rlnS ove,r1tlle aei"Pt to weight his
arrows with a few nunpes nf irnlrt. ro.
! arrows Uh a few ounces of gold, re-
marks the Philadelphia Press. It may
no luuiiBu to rusn inio mo responsioiu-1
ties of matrimony minus cash, but the
world has grown on such foolishness. .
Shall thoughts turn to saving of money
when the most glorious girl of the ages
when the most glorious girl of the ages
smiles and gently Intimates a de
sire for flowers or candy or pic
nics or trifles; when a simple "Yes"
makes a unlverso too small a gift
in return for that confidence; when
the generosity of soul Is bound
less and only credit limited? La
ter it is true that $200 mleht como
in handy. Later life may become more
i,i f . i.... .1 i .
a thing of commerce but the glory .of
real love is that It doesn't stoD to
count pennies or calculate costs. If it
did if this had been its habit in tho
ages past precious few of us would bo
here today, either to love or to carry
on trade and make and save money,
and heaven long forefend' the day
when Cupid shall be caught stealthily
figuring up bis bank balance!
British Royal Family.
Onn nnnrirpfl vptiro ncrn Vntfl.n,! tid.l
n nntlnnnl iiiiiiai in noiohratir... n .
centenary of the accession of the
House of Hanover to the English lmPance nave been made in the ex
throne. Tho first of the Hanoverian! cavat,ons a Allse Sainte Relne the
line was George I. who succeeded to ' ancent stronghold of the Gauls which
the throne of Great Britain and Ire
land on the death of Queen Anne, Au
gust 1, 1714. George's succession to
the throne came through his mother,
the electress Sophia of Hanover, who
was a granddaughter of James I. The
most conspicuous figure in the reign
of George 1 was Sir Robert Walpole,
who was the first prime minister of
England. The fact that George could
speak no English, while his ministers
could speak no German, taken with
the other fact that the king preferred
to spend much of his time in Hanover,
gave to the office of prime minister,
that Walpolo wua the first to hold, tho
character that It has since retained.
Mrs. Rural I want you to kill &
couple of chickens for dinner.
New Cook (late from the city) Yes,
raa'm. Which car shall I do It with t
- - - t. , - .
"Haven't seen you since we left col
lege. I hope fortune has smiled on
you, old chap.',
"Ye?, sarcastically." Chicago Herald.
Work Has to Be Done Quickly or Party
Is In Grave Danger of Being
Frozen In.
North of the Porcupine river, on the
upper section of the Alaska-Canada
boundary survey, the geodesistB as
signed to this work by the two gov
ernments found that only 100 days
elapsed from the first navigation up
the river in May until It was time to
retreat rather than take the risk of
being frozen in.
The highest and most difficult
climbs on the work were probably
made this last season, when one of
the Canadian topographical parties
occupied Mount Natazliut, 13,000 feet
high, and a joint American and Cana
u""' '""'J "ucceeueu in gelling up
. , . ... . . .
dian party succeeded In getting up
'our days' snow storm depleted their
8 to such an extent that they
- '""-eu to retreat to tneir base. 40
miles away over the Glaciers. En-
gitiperlng Rec.ord.
Dredge Employed to Dig Channel
Through Cranberry Marsh a Credit
to Deslaners.
the bucket Itself. The reason Is that the
outfit is beine- nsl tn rtiir nw,.i
through a cranberry marsh, where the
"""al l ? c'red away varies
f" he Wiy, from weeda t0
h.ardpan- "" eventual object of this
channel, which is 30 feet wide and 6
dp!''' ,l tdraln 1,5 acr??f
"ff"17 ,a?U' l? ,ne Wtlon of this
"V. u a,. a k,6' the WaterS '
'hl? m"st ,be dstriuted throughout
lao bb ounng certain (seasons of the
-' eilr. lne use 0I tn,s P0 "r "uckot.
w inch, besides digging into hard
. .,
' J lJ l
hancIn from ,ta ,.. , "trp'
c" Bof J" (00 ?o the
u'.arl.VI au"Png the tool to the
"'9 a "? "aptlng the I
"--Popular Mechanics.
, Angleworm "Farm."
There are "filJis," it seems, the
Products of which bear no relation to
.rannlnS .a8 ordinarily pursued. The
latest addition to the list is an angle
worm "farm," conducted by Mr. W.
Urton Moon, who lives near Grand
Rapids, Mich. Hie farm is one of the
curiosities of Michigan. It consists
of 25 palls, pots, pans and old crocks.
Each receptacle, or "field," contains
from 40 to 500 angleworms.
During the last three years his pe-
crop has netted him $1,000 an-
nually. He delivers hie worms in oiled
paper packages, one dozen to the pack
age, at ten cents each. Here is his
way of rearing angleworms:
Get several good angleworms. Place
them In an ordinary pall, or granite
receptacle, with two double handfuls
of earth. Feed the worms twice a day
on coffee grounds and corn meal. They
Will thrive and multiply. Youth's
Fine Archeoloalcal Stieclmena
Archeological discoveries of great
was riefpnripfl ncnlnat fcinon Viv v..
was defended against Caesar bv Ver.
At the spot known as Saint Pere
cemetery, near the sixth-century Chris
tian basilica discovered last year, M.
Pernet, Svho is directing the searchee,
has exhumed the skeleton of a warrior,
having at his right side a splendid Iron
sword and at his left side a dagger of
similar metal, with the worm-eaten re
mains of a wooden sheath.
At a short distance away three an
cient hunting knives were found, to
gether with a bronze ornament a
marvelous piece of work, repreeenting
the head of an animal. This latter Is
considered the fines specimen of Its
kind unearthed so far in the excava
tions, and has been placed In the
Alesla museum at Sainte Relne.
frate Colonel (to his daughter) Eliz
abeth, how could you be so Inhospitable
to that young man who called last
Bess Inhospitable I Why, dad
Pater You should by no means have
let him go without asking him to
breakfast. Philadelphia Record.
Hidden Secrets of Disease. MAKING OR SPOILING SALE
Although measleB and chlckenpox -
are about the most common diseases Frequently Opening Expression Used
in every household, their germs havo, by Clerk Determines Whether Cu
eluded the most elaborate attempts at , tomer Purchase or Not.
uetecuon. Hack In the elchteenth
century Jenner conquered smallpox
with vaccination; but the most indus
trious search for 30 years has dis
closed nc trace of the smallpox mi
crobe. Mpdlcal men deal with an un
known agent today, Just as Jenner did
100 years ago.
need and Carroll showed how to
conquer yellow fever; no one, ho'w
.. ...,
ever, has succeeded in Imprisoning
.. -" -.a-....,. Ul iuo uiauaae.
Scarlet fever, one of tho most con-
tagious diseases known, has also sue-
cessfully hidden its secret. Pasteur,
VJL 'lscvere'1 r J contro1
hydrophobia, searched patiently for
its organism, but did not find it
Typhus fever, the scourge of Amer-
can cities 50 years ago, still prevails
n attenuated form; but no one has
Isolated its agent Trachoma, a dis-
easo introduced chiefly by immigra-
llltl' Jan,!!"0 B COncealc " defl
His Charge.
A darky down in Georgia, in a
thickly-settled colored district, was
holding court as a magistrate for tho
flrst time, with a jury before him.
This was his charge to the jury:
"Genelemen ob de Jury: Me beln' a
new squlah, dis am de fustest occasion
on which I has been exqulred to dellb-
ber a chawge to a jury ob my peeahs.
It am not unnachered, deahfoh, dat I
should be at some loss as ter what I
ivuiiy ougui ier cnawgs yer. nut
after listenln' adhesively tell all ob
de testimony, an' de able arcrvflmenta
ob counsels on bofe sides ob de case,
I has excluded dat I reckon erbout do
bes flng dat I c'n do is ter chawge
yer about a dollar apiece an' dat am
de vehdick ob do cote. You on take
de case." Pathfinder.
Sloepy Guest Sues Hotel.
Should hotel keepers be held re
sponsible for losses Incurred by their
patrons because of the failure of hotel
servants to wake them In time?
This question has been brought be
fore the Berlin courts in a suit by a
commercial traveler, who declares that
he missed a number of important busi
ness appointments because a hotel por
ter failed to call him.
The case has not yet been settled,
but the Berlin hotel keepers have de
cided to protect themselves by post
ing in every room a notice that the
management declines respon&lbllty
for late rising by its patrons.
Sheffield Cutlery Lags.
Sheffield is famed throughout the"
world for its cutlery, but this is no
longer the city's chief or even second
ary industry. In the finest clasa of
cutlery Sheffield probably still excels,
but good scissors from Germany are
now sold in the English town for less
money than the grinding of tho com
peting article alone costs in Sheffield.
The leading cutlery firm, doing a
world export trade, operates without
the uee of a telephone, and another,
of equal fame, occupies quarters of
the most primitive character. It is
in the production of armaments and
ship material that Sheffield now
stands to the fore.
New Zealand Wireless.
Two high power wireless stations at
Awanui, In the extreme north of New
Zealand, and at Awarua, in the ex
treme south, have Just been ODened
for business. Testa made have indi-
. - .. . .
cated that messages may be sent and
, . . . , . ,
-I.!: "" ?WU"U1 "" awarua over .
t": "T1 nusd miles.
B "" nwt " ,r,lleB8J BUJU,on8
J.nl TTl ?10,n,n,0Tn'
3 1 ! at ,Chf.m .
Sekln wanu'' W "nfton.
Auckland postofflce, and Auckland ex-
r . , "
"I .??r.a.li IT' u
1 assure you, madam, these kltch-
en knives represent the greatest value ,
ever offered nt the price." I
"They certainly look nice and seem
very cheap. The only question is--'
will they cut?" ,
"Ah, madam. If you ask me that '
I'm bound to say that they will not.
but that la their one fault"
... ."""."
'And are the divorce laws so very .
liberal In your section?"
T.fhar'll 9 Rnv 1 IHiatr va en IIKaaI
M...w.. . u j . ..Mj hu ov iniciai
that nobody ever heard of a woman
crying at a wedding out th-ere."
Detroit Journal. '
BrOi, H
illsboro, Ohio.
In a little talk to his salespeople
not long ago a successful merchant
"One most harmful habit indulged
in by many salespeople is the repeat
ing of some meaningless term to any
visitor who comes to the store. Wo
will take an expression, for illustra
tion, that you have all heard, 'Some-
llulJ( umt JUU nave an nearu, 'Home'
thing for you?' We hear it in tho
store, In the cafe, in tho cafeteria, in
, it i.n r
i-.i-j unii. v v v;uiiiiui, KUl uwuy
from it, yet everybody is tired of hear-
ing tt
"Tliis term with others, 'What do
you wantr .Aliythlng for y0U?. .What
,B ltr .lB that all?' 'Nothing more?'
'Nothing else, is there?' 'You didn't
want this, did you,' etc., are disgust-
ng t0 the customers. They mean
nothing and kill sales rather than
get business
! "The first thing you do or say when
I approaching a customer usually do-
s cides whether you will be able to niako
a sale or not. Every day wo see pro-
speclivo customers who havo stopped
at some counter really interested in
some line of goods, when they are ac-
costed with 'Something for you?' im-
mediately lose all their interest. Yes,
there is surely something they want,
but what is It? On a real hot day
it may be a cooling, refreshing drink
or wliat not, but then your question
did not create a desire to purchase
dry goods', nor did it suggest any
wants along that line.
"If salesniaushlD is eolna to ha vonr
profession, bay something that will
bring out a reply In your favor, make
some positivo suggestion, give some
kind of information, give some kind
of selling talk that will be educating,
th.it will make your customer see tho
benefits of the purchase the same as
you do;"
Particles Shot From It Aro Declared
to Travel Through Atmosphere
at Speed of Light.
The energy, or power, of a moving
object is proportional to Its weight
and Its velocity. A motorcycle run
ning at 80 miles an hour will striko
as hard a blow as a two-ton truck
moving at three miles an hour. A
small caliber high-power rifle bullet
will striko as hard as a ton weight
traveling at slow spded. Microscopic
bodies traveling at high velocities
have an energy equal to that of much
heavier bodies traveling slowly.
This is tho reason radium possesses
bucIi enormous energy. The particles
shot out from it are microscopically
small, but they travel with the speed
of light, or 186,000 miles a second. It
has been well said that a spider's web
running ever pulleys at the speed of
light would give enough energy to run
all the machinery in England. A small
stream of water under great pressure
will tear down a mountain more rap
idly than a slow-running river.
With this in mind it is easy enough
to understand how electricity travel
ing at the rate of 186,000 mllos a sec
ond is capable of transmitting thou
sands of horsepower over a copper
wire no larger than a lead pencil.
Stable Boy Named Horse.
Commenting on the curious names
often given to racehorses, a writer In
a London daily recalled the historio
moounuiuuuuuuuu. 1IIO Clin Ul HJ-
remont had a horse he intended to
twuiiui uau a nuruo no luienueu
caii Potatoes, and in going round the
Stable one evening he gave the stable
- boy In charge of the horse a piece of
chalk, and told him to write tho name
n th0 com bin. The boy wrote Pot
and ttto evidently in some doubt as
to the correct snelllnir. flnUhed thn
. . :, " ' - . . .77
wuru oy repealing xno teuer o eigne
times. This so amused Lord Egre-
mont and hla Wenda that the horse
waa BO namGd forthwith
named forthwith.
,,,. , , .
.nyv .h "nM Arc Busy'
T? , ' y?" aD8Wer m Whm
X ca,,ed UP today?"
'X co,u,dn,t Mary the Becond Elrl.
wa8,UB,nS tna 'Phone. Her young man
works In a livery stable and when he's
cleaning a horse sho has to wait quite
a while before he can come to the
"She didn't talk forever, did she?
Va,i Imam T vnnj .... i
audi, a nauvou lu rwwu yuu.
Why didn't you call me when Mary
Bot through?
MI couldn't Delia, the cook, was
I Column
Farm and Town property always
for sale. Money loaned on Real Bs
tate. . Wade Tcbnkb,
Merchants Bank Bldg.
Pou Salk no acre farm on plks
near New Market. For partlculare
Inquire at tbla office. adv tf
Fou Sale Two business honses lo
cated In Hlllsboro. They are both wel
rented and the price asked is low. Ben
C. StraInHillsboro, Ohio. (f
DFOIl SALK8 Horse Internatlnn!
Gasoline Engine. First class eondl-
tlon. John A. Kesler, Lynchburg, 0, K
Fok Sale or trade for property
near Hlllsboro, a farm of 30 acres at
Sinking Spring, 5 acres inside the
corporation. Six room house, front
and back porches, barn, wood house,
fruit house, smoke house, chicken
houses and other out buildings Good
orchard and some timber. Price rea
sonable. Call on or address L. D.
Stewart, Sinking Spring, Ohio.
$10.00 Glasses
8.00 Glasses
6.00 Glasses
5.00 Glasses
4.00 Glasses
3.00 Glasses
You will only have one
pair of Eyes, don't neg
lect them.
Or. C. F. Fails.
Office 1 door East of Economy store.
Main Street, Hlllsboro, O.
Trains will depart from Hillsboro
daily except Sunday as follows: 1:45
a. m., 3:35 p. m., 6:25 p. m.
Sunday only 8:20 a. m. and 0:25 p. m.
Trains arrive except Sunday 10:40
a. m., 6:10 p. m., 9:15 p. m.
Sunday only 10:40 a. m. and 9 p. m
For'anyjfurther Information apply
tD either of the following:
L. G. Paul, D. P. A., Chilllcothe, O.
Samuel Griffin, Agent, Hlllsboro. O,
A famous German physician proved
that infantile paralysis Is often carries
from one household to another by do
mestic animals, such as chickens, cows
and ducks.
Student(on geology expeditlon)-Sy,
professor, I can't tell one of these
rocks from another.
Professor Why. that's very aaeerl
You must be stone blind Cornell
There are 41.064 miles of electric
railway track In the United States.
Doctor You have a bad case of tk
gout. The best course for you Is to take
no wine, no beer, no alcohol In ay
forms, no cigars .
Patient Hold on. doctor: wifn
next beet ? Boston Transcript.
-A '
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